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Warehouse KPIs

1. % of vehicle unloaded with 24 hrs of reporting of vehicles at main gate. 2. % of SKUs for which GRN in the system was created within 12 hours after the unloading of vehicle. 3. % of SKUs inspected within 7 days after creation of GRN in the system. 4. % of SKUs moved to warehousing locations within 24 hours after inspection. 5. % of rejections for which suppliers were intimated within 24 hours after inspection. 6. % of Material request/Pick orders served within 12 hours of request raised. 8. Material request fill rate. 9. Service Level Maintained. 10. % of PRs against with action was taken within 24 hours. 11. Inventory Turn over Ratio. 12. ARV/ERV ratio for the inventory (for MRO SKUs in Process Industries). 13. % of A, B, C, X, Y & Z class item counted within specified target. 14. % Discrepancy found during cycle counting (By Value and By Nos of SKUs). 15. % of Incorrect/Damaged SKUs issued/despatched from warehouse. 16. Space Utilization by Nos of SKUs/Value per Sqft. 17. Warehousing cost per SKU/Value. 18. Obsolete inventory as a % of Total Inventory Value. 19. Slow Moving inventory as a % of Total inventory value. 20. Surplus Inventory as a % of Total inventory value. 21. % reduction in obsolete inventory value YoY. 22. % reduction in slow moving inventory YoY. 23. % reduction in surplus inventory YoY.