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A few common errors in Reflective Journal Writing

Typical language errors: 1. Careless errors abound in unproofed work. Draft and redraft to clarify ideas and then spell check, grammar check and carefully proof read. A useful checklist for language errors can be found pp200-202 Ng Effective Writing (H62 .N338 2003). Common areas to check include: Spelling errors? Contractions?-eliminate as not acceptable in academic writing (cant etc) Verb forms-especially checks and ed endings and irregular verbs. Verb tenses:-first check for consistency and then ask yourself why you have used perfect, past, continuous etc Subject-verb agreement-especially for collective nouns like group Do words correctly refer back and forwards in terms of number? Check for complete sentences-where is the verb? Articles cause concern. Refer to a grammar reference book or to Ng (2003), Appendix 4. Typos or transposed/missing/extra letters (form-from, dinning-dining, Odysseus-Odysseus etc) Original: we only consider that love only exits commonly assumed that love exists only between those in love with > Improved: it is

in the context of lovers and loving relationships

2. Referring to a source, or expressing uncertainty about a source: Original: ..which I think it is actually given by... More academic versions: ..which was given by.., or if uncertain, which seems to have been given by.., which might have been given by.., given (it is assumed) by... 3. Use of personal pronouns is not usually common in academic writing. Try to reduce usage. For example: Original: Usually, when we talk about love, we only consider... More academic version: Love is generally discussed as... When considering the concept love, it is common to... Some more (careless) errors and corrections: Original: love somehow likes his mother: he is tough and shrivelled.

Correction: Love is rather like his

mother: tough and shrivelled.

Original: what a lover desire are

beautiful things

Correction: what a lover desires are...

Original: Therefore love can never complete Correction: Therefore, love can never be complete. never compete. What type of errors are these? Or if it was a typo, Therefore, love can

Would you agree that the above errors appear to be caused by rushing to meet a deadline?
Try correcting the following: Original: love is lack of resource Correction: love lacks... (wrong form of the word) (wrong form of the word)

Original: it seems contradict

Correction: It seems to be ... it seems contradictory their

Original: when people notice that the pursuit of good is more important than just satisfy desire... (wrong form of the word) Correction: when people notice that the pursuit of good is more important than...........

Original: it is actually what

love helps us to become a better person (wrong question word?)

Correction: it is actually how love helps us to become a better person