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Monthly Newsletter April 2014

2014 Gala - A Night Of Delight

By Ann Aubrey Hanson, AmSoc member It was a dark and sultry night. Tabletop candles blazed, their reflection dancing among the crystal and silverware. The sweet aroma of tropical flowers gently wafted on the breeze, scenting the evening with the promise of enchantment. This was the night of the 2013 AmSoc GALA. The guests arrived, chauffeured or taxied, glittering in their gowns and tuxedos, air-kissing and greeting the known and unknown, anticipating the evenings festivities. Rockefellers and Rothchilds would have felt at home chatting among the glitterati. And then, as champagne and spirits were sipped, the battles began. Slowly at first, almost unnoticed, and then with more intensity, as around the room lines were drawn and silent challenges issued. One battle in particular waged hot and heavy, with first one side ahead and then another. This campaign concerned, as throughout history, a ladya beauty in a red dress, the simplicity of her attire gilding her natural beauty. She was approachable. She was desired. Helen

In This Issue
Page 7: New columnist Patricia de Lunas helpful advice on settling or re-settling in Brazil.

News Roundup
Page 8: International news on Brazil has been heating up. Read what has been making global headlines.

Blog Of The Month

Page 16: Culinary advice from The Salty Cods Mallory Ferland.

of Troy had spurred no greater lust. And so the battle proceeded throughout the evening, until, at last, one contender walked away victorious, the Red Lady in his arm. Other skirmishes, perhaps less notorious but no less fierce, were waged and won that night: over glittering jewels, exotic vacations, and works of art by renowned artists. Each victory was sweet, each loss a tribulation. To the victorsthe Silent Auction spoils. And yet, there were still more battles to be fought, these coveted items declared by (continued on page 10)

Easter Egg Hunt

Hop to it! Celebrate Easter with AmSocs Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Chapel School on Sunday April 13th from 11 am to 1 pm. The Easter Bunny will be hopping around hiding eggs and posing for pictures. Children will receive Easter baskets, cupcakes, and, of course, Easter eggs. Members and non-members are welcome. Entry fee is per child. Members R$30 per child; Non-Members R$45 per child. Please contact the AmSoc office at 5182-2074 or at br to confirm your presence so that the Easter Bunny brings enough baskets. Happy Easter!

Our Mission
The American Society of So Paulo promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy and volunteerism.

Presidents Corner
I hope everyone had a great Carnaval vacation. I have heard of several people who went to the Sambodromos in So Paulo and Rio and also some who actually participated in the By Frank Pierce, AmSoc president parades. I have never actually participated but did go to the Rio Sambodromo back in 1992 and I am sure it has changed a lot. I remember one of the floats nearing the end of the parade, sometime around 4:30 in the morning, getting stuck under an overhang it was too tall. They actually had to cut off part of the top and lean it sideways to get through. Needless to say, that club didnt win. This year, we went to Rio and stayed in a great hotel, in the Santa Teresa neighborhood. Our Carnaval excitement consisted of standing by the pool, caipirinhna in hand, and looking down on the blocos (parades of people dressed in costumes dancing and singing) as they passed by on the streets. Completely organized with designated routes and start and stop times. Each day the music was different one day it was Beatles music with Samba rhythms. Impressive. I was also amazed at the number of people we met at the hotel who came to Brazil only for Carnaval (Americans, Europeans, Asians, South Africans). Check out Santa Tereza Hotel and the restaurant Aprazivel in Rio both worth a visit. In addition to the annual Childrens Field Day and Easter Egg Hunt events in April, we have a very special event on April 23, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Cocktail Party at the home of the American Consul General in So Paulo. This is actually a short AmSoc Board meeting, where we will review highlights from 2013 and the year-end financial results and what to expect in 2014. Well also present the annual Eric Poliak Award. Eric Poliak was a former AmSoc Governor and President, community member, and friend to many. After his untimely death in 1984, the Board of Governors established this tribute to be given to a person in the So Paulo community who has unselfishly given his or her time and effort for the good of the entire community. This award represents AmSocs highest honor. The AGM is also a great opportunity to see the beautiful home of the Consul General and mingle with other AmSoc members and guests. The AmSoc Annual Gala on May 9 is fast approaching. We are deep in the planning and organizing stage and seeking more volunteers to help with decorating, set-up and clean-up, auction coordination, and other activities. Proceeds from the Gala go to two very special charitable organizations and we need your help to once again make this a very special event helping some very special children. We hope you can make this great event! Another special event coming up quickly is the FIFA World Cup here in Brazil. Teams from 32 countries will descend on Brazil, with the first game scheduled for June 12 and the Championship game on July 13 in Maracana Stadium in Rio. The USA team, coached by the famous German striker Jurgen Klinsmann, will play its first game on June 16 against Ghana, followed by games against Portugal and Germany on June 22 and 26. The team will be based in So Paulo and travel to the games in Natal, Manaus and Recife. This may look like a difficult travel schedule, but its not much different than traveling cross country in the US for games. The only difference here is the intense heat they will be exposed to. Along with the players and team management, families, friends and supporters will also come to So Paulo. The team has a highly experienced group organizing all the travel plans, logistics and activities for game and non-game days. Tours, museums, famous sites, shopping, restaurants, etc., for several hundred family members and VIP guests. AmSoc is assisting with the planning and we are looking for individuals in So Paulo who are interested in helping out by accompanying tour groups, spending an afternoon interacting with families and children, etc. The opportunities are limitless. If you are interested in participating, please contact the AmSoc office.

Forum is published monthly, with the exception of February and July, by

About Forum

Lynn Cordeiro, editor and layout Ernest White II, staff writer Julie Herrmann, Coordinator Forum is printed by EGB. ( Views expressed in Forum do not necessarily reflect those of the American Society board of governors, members, or staff. Forum reserves the right to edit content for brevity and/or clarity.

The American Society of So Paulo Rua da Paz, 1431 04713-001 Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 Fax: (11) 5182-9155 email the editor:



The American Society of So Paulo

Welcome to Our New Members

Last Name BARRETO BERTHOLO JUNIOR BRITT BURNS COSTA NETO Name Camilla Roberto Muzette Heather Antonio Michael BRITT Michael BURNS Spouse Nationality Brazil Brazil USA USA Brazil

Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support! Membership Single Membership Junior Membership Family Patron Membership Family Patron Membership Single Membership Morgan Stanley Fischer Company Twitter Brasil Foods S/A

Meet Our New Members

Name: Irene Patricia Ferrero Where you were born: Manhattan, NY Length of time youve been in Brazil: 8 months. Why Brazil? Work sent me here. Family with you or at home? Single. My mom is still in NY. Best things so far: Weather, beaches and discovering a new country Biggest frustration: How inconvenient everything is to get to and the difficulty of finding interesting activities in a city that offers a lot but communicates terribly. What you miss back home: Ease of transport, peanut butter, reasonably priced shopping. Progress with Portuguese: I spoke Spanish before so this hasnt been an issue Favorite place to hang out: Vila Madalena and Jardins. Pick a caf . Places you plan to visit: Bonito, Salvador de Bahia, Fernando Noronha, Ilha Belha, Recife. Santiago, Chile (if I can go to the Chilean Patagonia) and Montevideo Uruguay Reading/sports/music/travel, which do you prefer? I do all of it. Although in group settings I really enjoy sports and travel, rock climbing, scuba diving, surf, skiing you name it. Reading & music are more of a solitary activity and not something I would need the society for.

Your New AmSoc Office Staff

Isis Gomes

Victoria Schulsinger



Consulate Corner: Consulate Reminders For World Cup Attendees

By Kris Morrissey, American Consulate With the FIFA World Cup expecting to attract over 600,000 foreign visitors , and 3 million Brazilians likely to travel around Brazil to attend the games and events, life in So Paulo State may be a bit more complicada than normal for Americans living and traveling here this June and July. The U.S. Consulate So Paulo would like to remind everyone that we will continue to provide regular and emergency services to American Citizens in the city at: Rua Henri Dunant, 500 Chcara Santo Antnio So Paulo- SP, 04709-110 Phone: (55-11) 3250-5000 After hours emergency: (11) 5181-5373 Our website for regular appointments is: http://brazil. Also, during the World Cup, we will send special consular teams to site cities to assist with emergency services. However, please continue to direct your inquiries to the Consulate in So Paulo. For those traveling: Ensure you have a valid U.S. passport. If your passport will expire before or during your trip, renew it now. Dual American-Brazilian Citizens must enter and exit Brazil with their can be found at one of the Brazilian Consulates in the United States. Here is a full listing: Check your overseas medical insurance coverage to ensure you are covered abroad and that you have coverage for medical evacuation should medical evacuation be necessary. Enroll with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This will enable the Consulate to keep you up to date with important safety and security announcements, and help your friends and family get in touch with you in an emergency. Travellers can enroll online easily at: Visit the State Departments Country Specific Information page on travel to Brazil at http://travel. country.html. This page is updated frequently and provides current information about traveling in Brazil. We wish safe travels to all and best of luck to our Team U.S.A.

Brazilian passport. U.S. citizens are required to have a visa to travel to Brazil. 2014 World Cup ticket holders may obtain a visa free of charge. However, travelers should make travel plans and apply for visas in advance. Information on the process

CAC NEWS May-Please support the AmSoc Gala, May 9. Associacao Crianca Brasil and Lar Tia Edna will be the benefiting charities. See details in the Forum. May -World Cup Day, US vs Brasil, a soccer game with little league children vs children from our supported charities. Details to follow. June- blanket and jacket campaign. During the cold winter months of Brazil, this is one of the biggest needs of our charities. Watch for further details or contact AmSoc office.



The American Society of So Paulo

Become A Corporate Sponsor

We as part of the Corporate Sponsorship Committee are glad to announce two new Corporate Sponsors: Grant Thornton and Victus Tecnologia da Informao. Together with our current annual Sponsors they will help us meet our goals for 2014! We would like to take the opportunity to remind all AmSoc members that for our signature event of the year, the Gala on May 9, we will need Corporate Sponsors as well! The funds will help cover part of our administrative costs, but most importantly will give us the chance to allocate a major portion to the two charities selected this year: Associao Criana Brasil and Lar Tia Edna. Associao Criana Brasil will use the funds for teacher training, sending 2-3 teachers to a specialized training program to learn to teach art, music and reading to the children. The second charity Lar Tia Edna will use the funds to help remodel the facility to comply with current Brazilian regulations, including building repairs, exhaust fans in several rooms, and screens on the windows. We encourage you to become a Corporate Sponsor - you will make a difference! Contact RRUBEIZJR@TERRA.COM.BR or


Cognitive weaknesses are a result of ongoing learning struggles. Fortunately, obstacles can be overcome and improved signicantly. Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modication.

Comprehensive Evaluation
In-depth pre- and post testing for the following areas:
Expressive Language Mathematics Phonology Reading Written Expression

Initial and Follow-up Consultations include:

Identication of strengths and areas for improvement Recommendations for follow-up treatment and/or support Homeschooling available

Dr. Wendy M. Smith

Credentialed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [oce] 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile]



Lar Tia Edna Painting Day

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! We couldnt have done it without you: Alina Fonteneau Regina Alcantra Sue Sileci Ashley Archibald Donna Fischer Eileen Tasso Liam Fitzgerald Francoise and Everett Wakai Frank Pierce Annie Kiiskila Sharon and Eliza Knode The Herr Family, George, Heidi, Christian and Mitchell Renata Palmaka Fabiana Faria Natalie Cruz Woody and Gussie, Guen and Harry Dunstan Kathyrn Hoffman Regina Alcantara Keep your eyes open for future volunteer activities. Next: April 5, Childrens Field Day at the US Consulate!



The American Society of So Paulo

The Art Of Adaptation

By Patricia de Luna, Forum Columnist Three continents, four countries, six cities and at least twelve residences that I can remember, and still I am trying to figure out where home is. My story is hardly unique and I am certain most of you can relate. Not surprisingly, my earliest childhood memory takes place on an airplane. We were heading for our familys first expat assignment in Mexico City. I explained to the stewardess that we were moving to another country far away, where I could not speak the language and did not have any friends and, thus, would likely go without a birthday party. The nice lady in the pretty skirt was moved by my dilemma and decided to take matters into her own hands, moving from one passenger to the next and whispering in their ear, then patiently unwrapping individually packaged cakes and skillfully putting them together to make this little girl a big birthday cake. Soon enough, all the passengers around us were singing Happy Birthday in two languages and the captain gave me my very first Varig pin. My mother was completely embarrassed, but my party was complete. Thats the thing about TCKs third culture kids, as those of us who spent a significant number of our formative years outside of our parents home country are called we have a natural ease transitioning between cultures and adapting to new and challenging situations. Some aspects of cultural differences come naturally and become a part of our daily lives. Others are not as easy to adjust to. As adults, we are much more resistant to change, and how we deal with cultural differences can be what ultimately determines the success or failure of an expat assignment or acceptance of repatriation. Upon arrival in So Paulo, we revel in the differences. We fall in love with po de queijo and welcome the calm of unrushed meals. We are amazed at how welcoming Brazilians seem, quick to provide their number and plan to get together soon. We learn the expression tudo bem, tudo bem, and make the decision to live life to the fullest and leave stress behind. The honeymoon phase is quickly over and soon enough the very things that drew us in become the source of anger and frustration. Maple syrup runs out and at R$60 a bottle breakfast is no longer the same. Spending hours over lunch is no longer entertaining and we conclude that must be because restaurant services are inefficient. The people we met never follow through on their invites for coffee, the housekeeper fails to show up after a long weekend and the plumber who was supposed to arrive never does. And its certainly not tudo bem. Here are my four favorite tips becoming a master in the art of adapting: - Learn Portuguese. It can be a daunting task, but even beginner language skills will allow for communication. - Dont limit yourself to the expat bubble - make Brazilian friends too, so you can immerse yourself in local activities and better comprehend the intricacies of the local culture. Its easy to become frustrated with what we are not familiar with. - Feel like life is giving you lemons? Get out the glasses and make yourself a caipirinha! In other words, get creative and make do with whats available, instead of focusing on whats missing from your home country. - Find something thats important to you to become involved with. It could be a sport, a hobby or even a charity. Not sure whats available? AmSoc has plenty of opportunities so just ask! Successful adaptation involves being respectful and humble in your new country and, above all, being patient with yourself.



Roundup: Brazil In The News

By Ernest White II, Staff Writer aircraft movements on approach and at the airport. Aside from GRU and GIG, communication between cockpit crews and control towers currently happens by way of an overloaded VHF radio frequency. Brazilian air traffic control commission (CISCEA) says that the system should be implemented in its entirety by the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. Any avid reader lamenting the sad state of in-depth, investigative journalism today would be glad to know that some of Brazils journalists arent merely standing by as established media outlets turn increasingly into tweet havens and glorified content farms. As reported by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, the fledgling Indie Journalism project, organized by four Brazilian reporters and a French engineer, is tackling the crisis in traditional journalism headon. Reporters Breno Costa, Felipe Seligman, and Fernando Mello with Folha de S.Paulo, Andrei Netto of Estado, along with Mark Sangarne, the groups business manager and resident non-journalist, have developed a digital newsroom for independent journalists to self-publish their longform stories, aggregated, filtered, and edited for quality. The idea is not to sell advertising but to earn money through reader subscriptions based on topic interest; readers will pay for whichever particular stream of subject matter that interests them. The founders believe that the readership will offer a fair price for the type of high-quality, in-depth journalism that was once a staple of the grand daily newspapers. The project is expected to be launched by the middle of 2014. Of course, the World Cup is still front and center in the international media, and BBC News reports that FIFA, the governing body of world championship soccer, wont be planning any speeches to open the event this June. In an interview last month, FIFA president Sepp Blatter discussed his concern about social unrest and protests in Brazil leading up to the cup, especially in light of protests last June at the opening of the Confederations Cup, a dry-run of sorts for the main event, in which Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was booed by fans during her official welcome speech in Braslia. Blatter himself was booed when he intervened on behalf of the president and implored the crowd for civility and respect. Fans joined other protesters in repeated displays of discontent regarding the amount of money spent on the tournament, unaddressed infrastructure and social issues in Brazil, and the selection of future host countries with spotty human rights records, such as Russia and Qatar, among other issues. Blatter didnt elaborate on the decision to cancel all speeches, but expressed his hope that the event would help in calming down the protests. The run of downbeat news continues with US News and World Report publishing a lengthy piece about poor planning, waste, and the attendant anger surrounding World Cup preparations in Brazil. Seven years after first being selected as host of the tournament, Brazils high hopes for using the cup as a coming-out party have been reduced to interminably delayed or canceled infrastructure projects, hastily finished stadiums, high-level corruption, and a general feeling of pessimism that has flared frequently into violence. With three months left before the competition, Belo Horizontes planned subway stadium was scrapped in favor of new bus lines and a new international air terminal canceled, construction on Salvadors long-promised subway system was handed to a private firm and wont begin until after the event, the new runway at Galeo airport may not even be built in time for the Olympics, the much-lauded monorail system proposed for Manaus was canceled last year when the project was deemed not viable. In fact, FIFA President Blatter was quoted earlier this

As the countdown to the World Cup enters its final trimester, international news outlets are abuzz with stories from Brazil, both positive and negative. Reports of infrastructure upgrades and greater journalistic freedoms are juxtaposed with dire economic forecasts and complaints of misplaced priorities, but these dispatches are at least a respite from the stream of unflinchingly grim stories of World Cup construction woes and violent protests. With a mix of good, bad, and ugly, the articles featured in our latest international news roundup reflect the constant tug of affection and frustration citizens and residents of Latin Americas most interesting nay, exhilarating country experience regularly, and serves as a wake-up call on the cusp of its most high-profile event to date. For all you technology and aviation geeks out there, travel tech website featured a review of Brazils most recent upgrade to its decrepit air traffic control system, launching a nationwide improvement program that has already begun at So Paulos Guarulhos and Rio de Janeiros Galeo airports. The technology includes a departure clearance system (DCL) that delivers a smoother departure schedule by connecting pilots to the control tower via datalink, which enables the pilot to request departure clearance by text message and the controller to respond in kind. A second system, the Digital-Automatic Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS) sends real-time operations data to pilots, allowing for safer, more efficient



The American Society of So Paulo

year saying that Brazil is further behind than any host he had dealt with during his four decades at FIFA, despite the country having more time to prepare. Concerned medical experts are hoping the government will increase awareness of the danger so city residents can help reduce standing water, the primary breeding area for the mosquitoes, and so event attendees can avoid being bitten. Meanwhile, Bloomberg is reporting a potential water shortage in So Paulo due to the worst drought the city has suffered in 40 years. As of last month, the Cantareira basin, which supplies about half of Greater So Paulos 20 million people with water, fell to 15 percent of its capacity, the lowest rate since the government began tracking water levels in 1982. Going into crisis mode, the city of Guarulhos, which borders So Paulo to the northeast, shuts off water to its 850,000 residents every other day, encouraging them to take shorter showers and refrain from washing cars. The city reports that its lowest rainfall amount in 84 years is made worse by higher temperatures, causing increased water usage. presidential election in October, in which sitting president Dilma Rousseff is expected to win handily. Whoever the next president is, he or she will be forced to make serious budget cuts and raise taxes to staunch increasing financial imbalances. The article quotes economist and ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardoso as calling 2015 a difficult year, worse than many believe, as modest gross domestic product forecasts (1.68 percent in 2014, 2 percent next year) are estimated based on computer models which dont completely take into consideration what steps the government will take after the election. Since Rousseff is not expected to make any unpopular cuts before the election, deeper cuts will have to be made come January, when the next presidential term begins. During the countrys most recent economic boom, too much of the money went to consumption and not enough towards investment, resulting in too many cars and not enough roads, symbolizing Brazils infrastructure bottlenecks and diminished productivity. Calls for austerity in an effort to regain fiscal credibility are becoming louder, which will undoubtedly not sit well with the general population. Additionally, Rousseffs current policy of keeping fuel prices and bus fares artificially low, along with the countrys expansive pension system, creates pressures that must be relieved sooner rather than later, though, obviously, not during campaign season.

The story centers on Cuiab, capital of mostly rural Mato Grosso state and one of twelve World Cup tournament venues in Brazil, the most venues any host country has ever held. There, an unfinished light-rail project bisects the city, severely impeding traffic, hurting businesses, and creating unnecessary blight, residents say. In light of sub-par schools and hospitals, the reported $11 billion spent by the government on the World Cup, a figure flying in the face of ex-President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silvas promise that no public money would be spent on the event, helped fuel the fires of protest in 2013. Bruno Boaventura, a lawyer and head of an anti-corruption organization in Cuiab, voices palpable concerns echoed nationwide: [State officials] lied when they promised to finish the light-rail system before the World Cup, even though any serious engineer could see that there wasnt enough time. They lied about the real cost of the system, which has increased and I think will get even worse. Now, theyve started to lie about getting 100 percent of the lines done by December. According to Britains Independent, Brazil may also have a health crisis to contend with: dengue fever. The mosquito-borne disease causes severe headaches and bone and joint pain, and can occasionally be fatal. In three of Brazils cup host cities Salvador, Fortaleza, and Natal dengue will be at its most prevalent during the event. Currently, no vaccination against dengue exists, though So Paulos Butantan Institute, a world leader in tropical medicine, reports being in the human-testing stage of a vaccine.

Finally, Reuters predicts that the country will face a severely troubled economy after the World Cup and the

2010 2014


AmSoc Gala 2014

(continued from front page) new, and win fabulous prizes, is also a chance for us to give back to the society where we live, helping the needy children of So Paulo. A good percentage of the money raised from the live and silent auctions will go to support projects at two of AmSocs charities: Associacao Crianca Brasil (ACB) and Lar Tia Edna (LTE). Specifically, ACB, a charity that provides educational daycare and afterschool programs for more than 500 children, ages 6 months to 15 years, has requested funds to send two or three teachers to a specialized training program to learn to teach art, music, and reading to the children. LTE has requested funds to improve their facilities so that they can qualify for government aid. This childrens home houses 12 children, ages 5 to 20. Tickets for the 2014 GALA are now on sale, for R$375 per person, R$3000 for a table that seats 8. We expect the event to sell out at 320 guests, so dont delay. Call 518202074, or email

Edmund Fleetwood Woody Dunstan, whose rapid-fire auctioneering kept all parties focused and animated, lest they lose the item of their dreams: a wine country getaway, two BUSINESS CLASS tickets on American Airlines, an Amazon adventure, a ski vacation in Aspen, a trip to Bahia, or that cherished painting by local artist Spanish painter DAVID DALMAU. When the action had concluded, and no items remained to be challenged, victors were congratulated by those they had bested. Dancing and dinner eased the last traces of competition, and the congenial evening continued into the early hours of the following day. But in their hearts, each guest knew that next year, victory could be theirs! And now approaches the 2104 AmSoc GALA, replete with new victories to be won, new treasures to be secured. On May 9, 2014, the auctions will feature exotic trips, stunning jewelry, memorabilia, and coveted works of art. The event will be held again at the lovely Buffet Colonial in Moema, and the evening begins with cocktails and the silent auction, followed by dinner and the live auction, concluding with music and dancing. The evening, while certainly a wonderful chance for us to socialize, renewing old friendships and creating

How is seating determined? If you purchase and reserve a table for eight, you can select your table location, you can request to be seated with friends or simply allow us to assign you to a table with other guests. Who will attend? American Society members and non-members are welcome. We expect 320 guests. What is the evening schedule? 7:30 Cocktails and silent auction 9:30 Presidents welcome and live auction 10:00 Buffet dinner, dancing and open bar (Serving scotch, red, white and sparkling white wine. New for this year, caipirinhas!) 10:30 Silent auction results What is the attire? Dress to the nines and put on the dog, the attire will be classy and elegant. Ladies will be comfortable in a long gown or a cocktail party dress and the men will dress in tuxedo or their favorite suit.

How do I buy a ticket? Contact Victoria or Isis at the AmSoc office Email: Phone: 5182-2074 Or Committee Member Eileen Tasso Email: What is the cost? R$375 per person or R$3.000 for a table seating eight.

Can I help? Absolutely! You can donate an item for the silent or live auction or volunteer for one of the following committees: auction donation, auction logistics, fundraising, marketing, ticket sales and decorations. On the day of the event volunteers are needed to assist with setup, and all phases of the silent auction. Contact Judy at for more information. Your contributions and gift of time help us reach the goal to benefit the childrens organizations Lar Tia Edna and Crianca Brazil.




The American Society of So Paulo

Board Bio - Tara Wozniak

My name is Tara Wozniak. My husband, Bill, and I arrived is So Paulo in 2012. We have relocated over 12 times in our 30 years of marriage. We have lived in Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Arizona, Oklahoma, Montreal, Canada, Derby, UK, and most recently in northern California. Our children are grown now: our son is a sophomore at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA, and our daughter is working for Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, TX. My husbands career is responsible for all of these moves and we all seem to have weathered the changes and challenges well over the years and have made wonderful friends all over the world. I have entered a new season of life as an empty nester here in So Paulo. In some ways, I have more time than I used to. Thankfully, I have found many things to do, in addition to taking the recommended Portuguese lessons. It is a privilege to be able to volunteer at the American Society as a new Board member. I also enjoy attending the International Newcomers Club events and am excited to be able to attend the BSF International womens group that meets here in So Paulo, which I have participated in for over 10 years while living in various cities in the US. My favorite places we have visited in Brazil so far are: Foz de Iguazu and Ouro Preto. The falls are the most amazing force of nature, and to get to take a motorboat and ride underneath them was spectacular, and I am not even a nature person. The bird park, was especially delightful with the friendly and colorful toucans. When we traveled to Ouro Preto at Easter to see the wood-chip mosaic carpets, they were incredible. The entire town works together all Saturday night long. The parade of biblical characters travels from the Igreja de So Francisco through the town right after the sunrise service and then the street sweepers are cleaning it all up by 10 am. One of my favorite things has to be the friendly people in So Paulo. I am not sure if they are laughing at me or with me, but at my age I really do not care. It also feels like an oasis of ex-patriots, as there are many globally mobile residents here in So Paulo, a very nice surprise. I enjoy sharing all the stories of the obstacles and successes as they happen with others who are experiencing the very same things.




AmSoc Sports
By Paul Groom The American Society Youth Sports Program Little League is alive and well..... We are now three sessions into the first Semester, 2014s ASYSP program, and the Saturday mornings of many children of AmSoc members are dedicated to one of the four sports on offer. This semester we have a total of 80 children, with 90 registrations (some children are registered twice for two sports) from 53 families. There are approximately 25 girls, mostly concentrated in tennis and soccer (I say approximately as my son, Etienne, is classified on the AmSoc list as a girl!). For those of who remember our erstwhile basketball coach, David Owens, who was always trying to increase enthusiasm and reach 7 players to make a class worthwhile, we can now say that under the regime of Phil Bloomer and Marcio Serafini, basketball has come of age, and we will probably have over 20 children playing this semester once registration (which continues) closes. Our sincere thanks and congratulations to David, Phil and Marcio. In overall terms, we have 42 children registered in soccer, where we have volunteers Arthur Wong, Vitor Resende and Leonardo Kim working with the under 8s, and Paul Groom and Camila Kohatsu training the older kids; 18 children are registered in tennis, being trained by Julia Carlos; 18 currently registered in basketball; and 12 registered in baseball, where Roberto Medeiros is leading the training. The registration process, and its success this semester, was marked by a welcome and much more active participation by AmSocs board, led by Judy Zanchi and Tara Wozniak. For the administration of the sign-up process, AmSocs new Office Manager, Victoria Schulsinger and her team deserve loud applause! The areas where we could have done better - and we need to think more about the exact efforts we need to attract more participants - are relations with the non-American foreign schools in So Paulo. This semester we contacted St. Francis, St. Nicholas, Lycee Pasteur and a couple of others. What we have learned is that even gaining the co-operation of these schools, the manner of presentation of the relevant information to parents and children is not consistent, and thus the results are less than desired. Perhaps we could highlight the support given by St. Francis as a school that ensures significant penetration. The ASYSPs efforts to provide a level of soccer training that would both attract and maintain the interest of children as they get older was also less successful than we would have liked. We have upgraded our equipment and quality of coaching, but the options available elsewhere of soccer schools that offer training for serious child athletes more than once a week, with professionally qualified coaches are our competition, and most children with soccer interests, once they reach the age of 11 or 12 find that ASYSP does not fit the bill. Nonetheless, ASYSP continues to provide a significant service to the American community by providing activities in sports such as baseball and basketball that are not fully embraced in Brazil, or where access to training is not necessarily easily available to Americans. It also provides an introduction to all of the sports available to children between the ages of 5 7 (40% of our participants) on a relaxed basis with limited competitivity focusing on foundation skills. Furthermore, it gives parents, newcomers, children and indeed coaches the opportunity to meet, make friends, share experiences and enrich their experiences in Brazil.

U.S. Soccer Federation World Cup Volunteers Needed U.S. Soccer Federation is looking forward to making So Paulo their base for the family and friends of U.S. Soccer during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Plans are still coming together but we are seeking potential volunteers to assist locally with program events and

operations. Help could potentially be used for the following: stuffing goodie bags for guests, assisting with airport welcoming of guests as they arrive into Brazil, joining a small group in an excursion or outing in So Paulo, etc. Dates, times and exact needs are still to be determined, but anyone who might be interested in volunteering during the June 11 - June 27 period please email, and as plans and needs are confirmed we will reach out to all those that are interested.




The American Society of So Paulo

AmSoc Travel Club Kickoff Meeting

trend entered a number of countries, including Brazil. This created a waiting list for art ,with collectors eager to add to their collections. The nature of collecting art moved from a focus on buying because of beauty and interest to one of investments and returns. The profile of the buyer also changed. Young, upwardly mobile collectors wanted to boost their collections and started entering the art market. The market exploded as prices started to reach stratospheric limits. For example, a work by Adriana Varejo sold for R$551,000, a remarkable price rise of 5,000%! Given these conditions, Daniele shared her thoughts on how we could to various phases of an artists work and checked the provenance and documentation while buying. However, I believe her most valuable advice was to buy according to personal taste and what you love! Daniele then gave us a good overview of what to expect at INHOTIM. She gave us some background on how the park was developed with the input of artists and collectors. She also suggested some not to miss galleries and artworks. They were: 1. Galeria Praa Work of Luiz Zerbini curated by Eungie Joo. 2. Galeria Lygia Pape Showcasing a special work Ttia 2002. 3. Galeria Cildo Meireles His most important works are here. 4. Galeria Rivane Neuenschwander Housed in an old farmhouse originally on site. 5. Galeria Adriana Varejo Contains an entire collection from one exhibition and integrated with the park through a tunnel. This installation was one of the first to be site specific. 6. Galeria Folly Valeska Soares Contains a mix of video from the Venice Biennale 2005. 7. Galeria Psicoativa Tunga He was the principal advisor to Bernardo Paz the founder and the gallery was conceived to be an experience. 8. Galeria Cosmococa Contains the work of Helio Oiticica and others. The event was sponsored by the Atelier Patricia Centurion. Patricia graciously hosted the group, who enjoyed champagne and juices and a lovely spread of salgados e doces, Attendees took full advantage to browse through the collection of jewelry, and a few even left the event with a new acquisition.

The AmSoc Travel Club kicked off its inaugural trip to INHOTIM with a very special event. On Tuesday, March 11, many of the participants and their friends attended a talk on Contemporary Brazilian Art by Daniele Dal Col. Daniele is an art advisor to several private art collections in Brazil and abroad, with over 12 years of experience in the art marketplace. She also is a coach and works with artists, advising them on their careers. Judy Zanchi, Vice President of AmSoc, welcomed everybody and along with Charita Thakkar spoke about the newly formed Travel Club. She also introduced Lynne Logullo of Top Level Turismo, who would be organizing the travel arrangements. Claudia Kiatake, the So Paulo sculptress who organized this event, played a wonderful video on INHOTIM as well as instructing us on how to correctly pronounce the word INN YO .. TEEEEN! Daniele gave us a brief update on the art marketplace. She referenced the historic change that has taken place in the art world today, specifically with reference to prices of works of art. She mentioned that about 25 years ago, American contemporary artists started to sell at high prices, and this

start a collection. She stressed that this would not be easy, as it required some amount of study and effort to train ones eye. She suggested visiting exhibitions regularly, not buying on impulse, checking artists references and comparing prices. She also said that it made sense to diversify the medium choices by purchasing photographs, paintings, sculptures and drawings. She brought a smile to everyones faces when she confessed that she did not always stick to this piece of advice as she mostly bought drawings! She also suggested that one paid attention




H ousing
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Personal Trainer I will come to your home, office, or workout facility and create an exercise/fitness program tailored to your health concerns, fitness goals, and schedule. For adults and children, individuals or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. For more information please contact Daniela Franco at (11) 99739-6191 or Piano and Keyboard Classes Beginning music classes for piano or keyboard. Special method for children 4 years and older, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. Classes in Portuguese or English. Contact: Suely Azevedo 98456-5365. Years of successful experienceI Class in your house in Morumbi or south area. Dr Virna Teixeira English-speaking neurologist. Clinical Neurology, Sleep Medicine and Addiction. Masters from Edinburgh University. Rua Itapeva, 366 Cj 102 So Paulo-SP. Fones: 3262 1348/ 99232 3705 email:

A classified of up to 350 characters costs R$75 for AmSoc members and R$90 for non-members. To place a classified please call (11) 5182-2074 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., or send an e-mail to assistant@

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Childrens Field Day at the Consulate Easter Egg Hunt at Chapel Happy Hour at Bos BBQ

Time: two shifts for volunteers. A: from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. B: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. At the U.S. Consulate in So Paulo (Chcara Santo Antonio) Time: from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. At Chapel School. Entry Fees: Members: R$ 30 per child. Nonmembers: R$ 45 per child. R.S.V.P. to (11)5182-2074 or Time: starting at 6 p.m. Address: Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 559, Itaim Bibi. OPEN EVENT

Annual General Meeting and Cocktail Time: starting at 7:30 p.m. For AmSoc members only. R.S.V.P. required party at the Consulates residence AmSoc Adult Basketball Tournament Slow Pitch Adult Softball Saturdays begins More information on our website at

We Need You!
Membership Committee Help Make phone calls to welcome new members, attend PTA breakfasts and AmSoc social events to sign up new members, assist with updating current member records, call for member renewals. If you can spend one or two hours per week helping out, please contact contact@ AmSoc 4th of July celebration co-coordinator Work with last years coordinator to put together a celebration to remember for our members at the US Consulate here in So Paulo! From arranging the music, to organizing the food, to taking rsvps. The date of the event is Saturday June 28. Contact if you can take the lead role! GALA dinner/auction prize coordinator If you are a whiz with a spreadsheet, we need you! Coordinate and keep track of all gifts donated by sponsors to be auctioned off at May 9 gala. Work with committee head to get prize registration forms, format write ups for the tables, prepare bid sheets, and write thank-yous after the event. Email if you can help.

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Blog Of The Month: The Salty Cod

Every month, the Forums last page will introduce you to a blog about life and living in Brazil. This month, we feature Mallory Ferlands blog The Salty Cod, Everyone knows that life abroad can be very difficult at times. Aside from the driving complaints, bureaucratic frustrations and never-ending social differences, the quintessential misery of the expat in So Paulo is finding oneself, alone on a Tuesday night, craving real taco seasoning, a bowl of Pho, Indian takeout, or a chocolate chip cookie made with actual chocolate chips. These are the moments of dark despair, when our eyes well up with tears and we contemplate Skyping home to tell Mom about how difficult life in So Paulo is without corn tortillas for our midnight quesadillas. Great news, Gringos: your chocolate chip cookies, corn tortillas and Chinese dumplings have been here the whole time, you just dont know where to find them. As far as international gastronomy is concerned, So Paulo is the place in Brazil to be. There are no limits on home cooking in So Paulo. For three years I lived in the countryside of So Paulo, where non-Brazilian ingredients were very limited, but in So Paulo city the choices are endless. If you are craving French, Moroccan, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Peruvian, Turkish, or Chineseyou can have it in So Paulo, all you need to do is get off your behind, chop an onion, light a burner and cook. Many high-end grocers and super market chains offer imports from all over the world, from Colemans mustard to Pepperidge Farm cookies. Such supermarkets include Sonda, St Marche, the infamous Casa Santa Luzia, Zafarri, most Pao de Aucars, and countless import shops scattered throughout the dozens of shopping malls in the city. However, if you want real food rather than over-priced packaged packets of taco seasoning, I suggest you shop around a little more locally. Liberdade is the place to go for Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese groceries. While you wont find everything under the sun, you will find everything you need for a home stir fry, ramen, curry or dumpling. My favorite grocery hubs in Liberdade are right off of Metro Liberdade at Praa da Liberdade. The bustling shops stock nearly every product you could want ,including tamarind paste for Phad Thai, red and green curry pastes for any variety of Thai or Malaysian curries, fish sauce, rice noodles for pho, bean curd, affordable tofu, mushrooms, fresh ginger, bok choy, rice paper sheets, glutinous rice flour, nori, Sriracha and an endless amount of other products, including Poky sticks. As for making homemade buttercream and brownies like Grandma used to make, there are many baking supply stores that stock pure cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and even real chocolate chips. A few shops to check out include Central do Sabor in Centro and Bondinho in Pompeia. The key when shopping for baking supplies in So Paulo is to read the labels carefullyif you are looking for real chocolate and not candy melts, be sure the package reads chocolate and not cobertura de chocolate. Big difference. If you are craving a taco night at home with the family and actually want to turn on the stove, finding fresh tortillas can be tricky. Luckily, JL Massa Mexicanas exists and will fill private orders on request. Unfortunately, there will always be items that you cannot replicate perfectly. One item people struggle with is sour cream; all the recipes out there just dont seem to be right. The truth of the matter is that the sour cream we buy in the US is an industrialized product, and even if you made it at home there, it would not taste the same. Instead of succumbing to the void, the best remedy is to make your own version. Greek yogurt is similar in consistency, and if you want to add the acidity hit it with a squeeze of lime or cider vinegar. You might be surprised to find that some of your hacks actually turn out better than the original.