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Title of the project Development of a feature-rich, practical Patient Billing Software (PBS) for a hospital.

Abstract of the project This project is aimed at developing a patient illing software s!stem that is of importance to a hospital. The PBS is a local software s!stem. This s!stem can e used to maintain the location ( ed no.) of each patient either in the ward or the "#$. "nformation a out the patient and the charges to e paid is also stored. Keywords Generic Technology keywords Data ases, Programming Specific Technology keywords %S-S&' server ( )racle, *isual Basic +.,, )DB# for )racle #onnectivit!. Project type keywords -nal!sis, Design, "mplementation, Testing, $ser "nterface Functional components of the project .ollowing is a list of functionalities of the s!stem. %ore functionalit! that !ou find appropriate can e added to this list. -nd, in places where the description of a functionalit! is not ade/uate, !ou can ma0e appropriate assumptions and proceed. 12isting patient information is alread! stored in the data ase. -n! new patient information can e stored in the data ase via a patient information input screen. The screen will ta0e as input all the details of the patient along with his health condition, the disease he is suffering from, the amount to e paid, the registration num er, case num er, etc. The hospital data entr! operator should e a le to3 'ogin to the s!stem through the first page of the application #hange the password after logging into the s!stem 1nter ( edit the organi4ation code and address. 1nter the ward num er for the patient either in the general ward or the "#$.

#op!right 56,,7-6,,8 "nfos!s Technologies 'imited

Settle all ills pending to discharge.

e paid

! a patient

efore the patient9s

:eep a trac0 of all eds occupied ( free in oth the ward and the "#$. :eep a trac0 of all transfers of patients from the general ward to the "#$ and vice versa. *iew information of all patients details, their admit time and the amount to e paid ased on the treatment given and the ward selected. $pdate the ta le fields (patient details, the amount to e paid ( an! alance remaining, the ward num er, the ed num er, the registration num er, case num er, etc.) as soon as a new patient is eing admitted into the hospital or eing discharged from the hospital.

Steps to start-off the project %icrosoft platform3 The s!stem is developed using *isual Basic +., as the front end and S&' Server ( )racle as the ac0 end. The following steps will e helpful to start off the project. ;. Stud! and e comforta le with technologies such as *isual Basic +.,, S&' server ( )racle and )DB# #onnectivit!. Some lin0s to these technologies are given in the <=uidelines and >eferences9 section of this document. 6. Decide on the num er of wards and the num er of eds in each ward. ?. %a0e a data ase of all ta les and fill some sample data in the ta les which can prove helpful for running ( testing of the project. 7. -ssign a hospital data entr! operator who will enter all the patient details, ma0e updations to the ta le entries via front-end screens as and when a patient is eing admitted to the hospital, transferred from a general ward to the "#$ and vice versa and discharged from the hospital. 8. Since the real-time project needs to e tested in real-time, !ou can ta0e <hours9 as <da!s9 for testing the s!stem. @owever, the displa! will still e in <da!s9 onl!. +. #reate the front-page of the PBS s!stem giving a rief description a out the s!stem and a login o2

#op!right 56,,7-6,,8 "nfos!s Technologies 'imited

A. #reate the help-pages of the s!stem in the form of &B-. This will help !ou also when implementing the s!stem. C. #reate other su -s!stems li0e screens for various functions (new patient entr!, viewing e2isting patient details, transfer of a patient etween ward and "#$, etc). e!uirements "ardware re!uirements #umber $escription Alternati%es &'f a%ailable( ; P# with 8,, %B hard-dis0 Dot--pplica le and ;6C %B >-% Software re!uirements #umber $escription ; Eindows FC(6,,,(GP with %S-office 6 %S-S&' server ( )racle ? *isual Basic +., )anpower re!uirements 6 to ? students can complete this in 7 H + months if the! wor0 fulltime on it. )ilestones and Timelines #umber )ilestone #ame )ilestone $escription Timeline emarks Alternati%es &'f a%ailable( Dot -pplica le Dot -pplica le Dot -pplica le

>e/uirements Specification

Eee0 no. from the start of the project #omplete 6-? -ttempt should e made to specification of the add some more relevant s!stem (with functionalit! other than those appropriate that are listed in this assumptions) document. including the framing of transfer polic! of the patient etween the ward ( "B$, the pa!ment ( alance to

#op!right 56,,7-6,,8 "nfos!s Technologies 'imited

Data ase creation

@igh-level and Detailed Design

"mplementation of the front-end of the s!stem

"ntegrating the front-end with the data ase


e made ! the patient etc constitutes this milestone. document detailing the same should e written and a presentation on that e made. - data ase of atleast 68 entries of patients with some patients admitted in wards and the remaining in "B$ should e entered. 'isting down all possi le scenarios (li0e new patient, transfer of a patient etween general ward and "B$, some alance remaining to e paid at the time of discharge etc) and then coming up with flow-charts or pseudocode to handle the scenario. "mplementation of the main screen giving the login, screen that follows the login giving various options, screens for each of the options (shifting of patients, usage of eds). The front-end developed in the earlier milestone will now e a le to update the data ase when a patient discharges. "n short, the s!stem should e read! for integration testing. The s!stem should e


"t is important to finali4e on the data ase at this stage itself so that development and testing can proceed with the actual data ase itself. The scenarios should map to the re/uirement specification (i.e., for each re/uirement that is specified, a corresponding scenario should e there).



During this milestone period, it would e a good idea for the team (or one person from the team) to start wor0ing on a test-plan for the entire s!stem. This test-plan can e updated as and when new scenarios come to mind.



-nother 6 wee0s should e

#op!right 56,,7-6,,8 "nfos!s Technologies 'imited


.inal >eview

thoroughl! tested ! running all the testcases written for the s!stem (from milestone 8). "ssues found during ;+-;C the previous milestone are fi2ed and the s!stem is read! for the final review.

there to handle an! issues found during testing of the s!stem. -fter that, the final demo can e arranged. During the final review of the project, it should e chec0ed that all the re/uirements specified during milestone num er ; are fulfilled (or appropriate reasons given for not fulfilling the same)

Guidelines and eferences http3(( (S&'-server tutorial) %SDD li rar! for *isual Basic +., -ll relevant stud! materials from oo0s and we sites.

#op!right 56,,7-6,,8 "nfos!s Technologies 'imited