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Dear Friend,




On November 8, 2013, the strongest typhoon ever recorded made landfall and caused widespread destruction to the Visayan region of the Philippines. The public and private sectors, individuals and multinational corporations in the United States, the Philippines and all over the world responded swiftly to the call for action to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the biggest, widest and greatest manifestation of the KAPWA spirit.

Today, FilAm ARTS (Association for the Advancement of Filipino American Arts and Culture) and the Organizing Committee of HOPE AFTER HAIYAN come to you with an appeal as we invite you to a dinner at the beautiful home of Edwin and Lani Raquel, in Hancock Park, 56 E. Fremont Place, Los Angeles, (formerly Mary Pickford Estate), on June 1, 2014 at four oclock in the afternoon.

Months after the initial surge of giving and as media coverage tapers off, we are yet faced with the most critical phase as efforts transition from relief to rehabilitation. It is in this premise of sustaining long term rebuilding that the concept of HOPE AFTER HAIYAN was hatched.

KAPWA is a Tagalog term that depicts togetherness to help in the hour of need. It is a sense of being; an inherent sensitivity in the Filipino to think of others or their KAPWA in doing things together for the common good. No direct translation could fully capture the essence of selfless compassion and nobility in being a KAPWA.

The Missionary of Benedictine Sisters was founded in Germany in 1885 and arrived in the Philippines in 1906. At present, they run 11 schools all over the Philippines and a hospital in Tacloban, Leyte. True to their guiding principles Ora et Labora (Pray and Work), the Benedictine Nuns operated the only hospital that remained standing in Tacloban, Leyte amid the Haiyan ruins, and providing medical assistance to the typhoon victims. Their school was leveled to the ground, displacing the nuns and hundreds of health sciences college students who are now holding residence and classes in temporary lodging and classrooms, without the benefit of medical laboratories that are of utmost importance to the studies. But, these setbacks have only intensified their commitment to healthcare and education for the underprivileged.

The dinner is for the benefit of the Missionary of Benedictine Sisters of Tacloban Leyte, Philippines. Under the auspices of FilAm ARTS, and embracing one of its core values of KAPWA, the benefit dinner aims to help.

As a non-profit organization, FilAm ARTS supports this undertaking in the midst of tragedy as Filipinos in the homeland pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild. A formal invitation will be sent to you in the coming days. Please watch out for it as you partner with us in support of this humanitarian cause and purpose. The evening will showcase artistic installations and performances. The organizing committee thanks you for your attention and your selfless generosity.

Rocio C. Nuyda Chairman, FilAm ARTS Chairman, Hope After Haiyan

Hope After Haiyan - FilAm ARTS c/o Rocio Nuyda P.O. Box 16594 5805 White Oak Avenue Encino, California 91316 310.592.0336 www.