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Geometry Project:

Polygon Computer Graphics

By Irvin Safavi

Pixar, Dreamto loo! nice ith its Computer Generate" Images, #ut ho "o these almost life-li!e $D mo"els happen% &ell, #y using 'hir"-Dimensional Polygon mo"els( 'his ay of animating is not only in movies #ut in vi"eo games as ell, an" is also use" in live-action movies, so the person can illustrate special effects that coul" never #e "one( So, ho "o straight polygons, ma!e up a roun"e" character li!e Shre!, or &oo"y%

Intro"uction or!s, an" countless other animating stu"ios, all seem

-arly .ses It "i" not start perfect loo!ing) the

first uses of computer polygons ere Super Mario 64 an" Toy Story. In S*+,, the mo"els all loo!e" #oxy, an" nothing li!e hat it is no ( 'his is #ecause the polygons ere larger than they are no ( Because of that, it is easier to fin" out hat ma!es polygon computer graphics thir" "imensional(

/ust a#out everything in this picture is ma"e of polygons(

3elating Geometry
0o "oes this all tie into hat e are learning right no % -ach mo"el is #asically a really complex $r" "imensional shape( 1ll of it is ma"e of planes, all connecte" at "ifferent angles, creating that shape, just li!e pu22le pieces put together(

Going further
4o let us examine the *ario *o"el further an" ta!e any o#servations a#out the planes( It appears that it is ma"e up triangles, an" just a#out all of them are scalene an" acute( 'he graph in the corner states that the mo"el has 567 faces, or in"ivi"ual planes( It also states that the mo"el has 8,777 e"ges, an" 69$ vertices(

4e er *o"els
&e sa ho ol" mo"els or!, #ut hat a#out ne ones in ':% 'he same rules apply, #ut much more complex ith much more planes an" instea" of it #eing ma"e of triangles, it is ma"e of ;ua"rilaterals( 8+,6,, is the amount planes, or faces this mo"el has( 'hat is 77 times the amount of the last one( 'he mo"el also contains $$,96, e"ges, an" 8+,<<9 vertices( 1nother "ifference is that the ;ua"rilaterals are slightly curve" to give that roun"e" loo!(

&hy Does Irvin care%

Irvin has gone through this entire presentation, ithout saying hy this interesting( 'he ans er is simple: Irvin loves animate" movies an" vi"eo games( Super *ario +, is one of Irvin=s favorite vi"eo games, an" Irvin very much loves 'oy Story as ell( But the entire i"ea of these mo"els #eing ma"e up of geometric shapes, it really intrigues Irvin(

&hen searching into the orl" CGI, an" vi"eo game mo"eling, it as foun" that it as nothing more than a geometric shape ith many planes attache" at "ifferent angles, much li!e our unit( -ven ith ama2ing-loo!ing effects that movies an" games #oast, it is just some s;uares or triangles( 0o ever, analy2ing the amount of the planes, it sho s that it is a lot of har" or! that the animators put, to give entertainment to the au"ience(