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11am 3pm

Jasmin Malone 202-277-9109

Piedmont Park, 10th & Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30309

HLN Digital Fingerprinting for Kids

Digital Fingerprinting for Kids (DFK) event is a child safety program offering FREE digital fingerprinting for kids around the country. Its mission is to provide parents and guardians with helpful tools to protect their children in case they ever go missing. Thousands of children have been fingerprinted since the programs initiation in 2002. HLN has given the DFK activation a fun, new look with advanced fingerprinting technology! Information and fingerprints are strictly for the privacy of the families, and no information is stored or held. Utilizing custom built iPad kiosks and advanced biometric scanners, each family receives an 8.5x11 printout with photo, fingerprints and space for parents to fill in personal information later such as height, weight, and hair color. The reverse side of the printout offers cobranded safety tips. Also available at each event are 500 fun and educational DFK premium giveaways available to parents and children.


Local Comcast store locations will be pre-merchandised with DFK/XFINITY in-store POS, promoting the date and time of their DFK event. Not all events will be held at local markets store Staff are required to arrive in kaki shorts or pants and a plain white t-shirt. DFK polo's will be provided on site (staff sizes will need to be provided at least 48 hours prior to event) DFK event staff should arrive onsite 2 HOURs BEFORE the event time listed for setup Upon arriving at the event (indoor or outdoor), parents/kids will be greeted by DFK and Comcast event staff Kids will be encouraged to enter the DFK tent and create their very own DFK Personal Profile. Parents will have the opportunity to learn more about Comcast and sign-up for services. DFK branded giveaways (jute bags, stickers, puzzle magnet, match game) will be handed out at the DFK table to help engage conversation with staff and provide a giveaway to participating children Two DFK iPad kiosks are located inside the tent, and supervised by event staff. Parent/Guardians are able to interact with user-friendly DFK app to create a profile printout of the child in attendance. Profiles are printed wirelessly to onsite airport printers located behind the DFK activation table. Profiles are collected by DFK event staff and handed to parent/guardian.





DFK is a child safety program offering free digital fingerprinting for kids around the country As a strong advocate for children, Nancy Grace gives children a voice and stresses to parents the importance of protecting their children. Nancys website provides information to help locate missing children as well as links to important web sites for keeping children safe.


Pre-Event Preparation (Havit Event Manger) Confirm equipment rental PICK-UP/DELIVER (1 six foot table, 2 chairs, ground/floor fan) Confirm pre-merchandise has arrived at store Confirm branded event materials arrived at Havit Pre-stuff premium bags with giveaways Fill out inventory checklist Confirm iPads and scanners are fully charged Confirm local staff Confirm polo sizes Digital camera Router Confirm travel itinerary Confirm power source onsite Shipment tracking # list Onsite check-in and Preparation Confirm arrival of all shipped items Check-in with CC Event Rep Confirm onsite location of DFK activation area Confirm access to 20amp circuit Confirm setup/function of router Confirm Furniture arrived Confirm local staff arrived Event Setup / Execution Train local staff on setup/execution and talking points DFK/XFINITY tables are merchandised w/ giveaways Legal sign prominently displayed Test iPad kiosks and airport printers iPad logged onto WiFi Photo booth setup and running Pictures and video taken of event activation (store pre-merch, setup, kids with kiosk, kids at event table, consumers talking with staff, kids with profile print out, perimeter shots) Collection of event KPIs Post-Event Breakdown/collection furniture and equipment Collect extension cords, plugs, tools, misc. Post-event inventory checklist Package all even materials to ship back to Havit DC Send quick recap and pictures to Havit immediately after event Send shipment tracking numbers to Havit


# of people in attendance: # of impressions: # of profile printouts: # of premiums giveaways:

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Event Manager Havit Jasmin Malone 202-277-9109 Expo Contact: Expo Phone: - Comcast XFINITY-

- Brand Ambassadors

Event Supplies Shipping Address: Angela James 2925 Courtyard Drive Norcross, GA 37001 - 770-559-2842

Merchandising / Footprint Mounted posters Banner Tented area Poster Table Tent Flyer Window cling Tent iPads Fingerprinting machine Printers and routers Banner Table Cloth Activation Poster Safety Tip sheets Overall activation Event Execution Pictures with large crowds of consumers whenever possible Brand Ambassadors talking with consumers Consumers signing up for fingerprinting Consumers using iPad