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Justin Manango Wazute Munganga Contact : Email:; Address : Department of Mathematical Sciences P.O.

BOX 392, UNISA 0003, South Africa Tel +27 11 6709156 (W) +27 83 9912531 (Mobile) EDUCATION (a) PhD in Applied Mathematics: University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1998-1999, Degree awarded in June 2000. (b) MSc in Applied Mathematics: University of Cape Town, South Africa, from April 1997 upgraded to PhD in 1998. (c) Licence en Sciences Mathmatiques (Hons. in Applied Mathematics), Universit de Kinshasa, DR Congo, from 1992-1994, Degree awarded in June 1995 with Distinction. (d) Graduat en Sciences mathmatiques (BSc in Applied Mathematics), Universit de Kinshasa, DR Congo, from 1986-1990. PUBLICATIONS 1. JMW Munganga and LN Manya, Un problme daffectation gnralise par approche graphique, Unikin, Ann. de la Fac. des Sciences 3, 261-267 (1997) (In French). 2. JMW Munganga, BD Reddy and JK Diatezua, Aspects of Thermodynamic Stability of Fibre Suspension Flows, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Vol 92, Nos. 2-3, pages 135-150, 2000. 3. JMW Munganga and BD Reddy, Existence and Stability of Solution to the Equations of Fibre suspension Flows, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, No 8 pages 11771203, 2002. 4. Cockayne, E. J., Grobler, P. J. P., Grndlingh, JMW Munganga and W. R.;van Vuuren, J. H., Protection of a graph. Util. Math. 67 (2005), 19--32. 5. JMW Munganga and R. Maritz, A Stability results on the Orientation of Red Blood Cells in Large Arteries. J. Math. Fluid Mech. 13 (2011), 155172. 6. JMW Munganga, Existence and Stability of Solutions For Steady Flows Of Fibre Suspension Flows. Math. Fluid Mech., 15 (2013),197-214. 7. R. Maritz, JMW Munganga and S. Fayele On Boundary Permeation through the Walls of Blocked cerebral Capillaries -A Non-Linear Model, J. Math. Fluid Mech., 15 (2013), 567581. 8. JMW Munganga, Continuity Stability of flows of Suspended Particles in dilute and semi-dilute regime, Advances and Applications in Mathematical Science, 12 (3), (2013), 157-178. 9. J.M.W. Munganga, J.N. Mwambakana, R. Maritz, T.A. Batubenge and G.M. Moremedi, Introduction of the differential transform method to solve differential equations at undergraduate level, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, (in press) RESEARCH INTERESTS My research interests lie in some or all of the following issues: The formulation in mathematical terms (generally as partial differential equations) of problems in continuum mechanics; studies of the well-posedness of such problems (specially Fibre Suspension Flows), Mathematics of epidemiology: Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases and its aspects in epidemiology; application of fuzzy set theory modeling uncertainties and fuzziness when a more realistic scenario is considered. Numerical Analysis: Application of Differential Transform Methods to solve nonlinear differential equations. The use of functional analysis techniques to prove wellposedness of such problems;

Establishing existence, uniqueness and other qualitative features of solutions; Optimisation problems and the mean to solve these problems by numerical approach. Modelling of flow of fluids in human body. Computer Programming, Matlab and Java.