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Spring Semester 2014 Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 1110: Gender, Sex and Power Tu and Th h!0pm"#h 0pm Pla$e: %ournalism &uilding 2'4

(ni)ersity *o$umented *isa+ilities

Students with a university documented disability certified by the Office of Disability Services should discuss with me any special accommodations needed for the course. Please make me aware of your needs as soon as possible. The office of Disability Services, located at 15 Pomerene !all, offers services for students with documented disabilities. "ontact the ODS at #$%% &, #'#$ ' 1( http)**www.ods.ohio$*
,nstru$tor: Sara +odr,-ue.$/r-0elles -..i$e /o$ation: 1niversity !all %& 2mail: rodri-ue.$ -..i$e 3ours: Tuesdays %h pm$5h pm or by appointment 0e1uired Text: +eadin- 2omen3s 4ives Pearson "ustom Publishin"ompiled by Sara +odr,-ue.$/r-0elles -ther Texts: 4 will be posted on "armen

5ourse des$ription 6ender, Se7 and Power is desi-ned to introduce students from diverse back-rounds and disciplines to the interdisciplinary field of 2omen3s, 6ender and Se7uality Studies. This course draws on a variety of films and literatures to analy.e -ender, race, se7uality and other dimensions of identity( and places the study of women and -ender roles in broader transnational conte7t. 26SS 111 satisfies three 6eneral 8ducation re9uirements) "ultures and :deas( Social Sciences) :ndividuals and 6roups( and Social Diversity.


6$ademi$ ,ntegrity7Plagiarism

Students are e7pected to maintain complete academic inte-rity. 5lass Parti$ipation 208 Please become familiar with the departmental statement on pla-iarism) 9idterm 2xamination 208 /s defined by 1niversity +ule %%%5$%1$ #, pla-iarism is ?the :inal 2xamination 208 representation of another3s works or ideas as one3s own( it 6$ti)ism 6$tion 108 includes the unacknowled-ed word for word use and*or Writing 6ssignments 208 paraphrasin- of another person3s work, and*or the inappropriate Group Presentation 108 unacknowled-ed use of another person3s ideas.@ Pla-iarism is one of the most serious offenses that can be committed in an academic community( as such, it is the obli-ations of this There will be a midterm e7am and adepartment and its instructors to report all cases of suspected final e7am. Students will be -iven apla-iarism to the "ommittee on /cademic Aisconduct. /lways study -uide two weeks prior to eachask 9uestions +e.ore you turn in an assi-nment if you are e7am. uncertain about what constitutes pla-iarism. /lways see your T/ or professor if you are havin- difficulty with an assi-nment. To /)1 $'%( /$)'#$' ( ;<) ='$=&( ;)=>$=%(preserve the inte-rity of OS1 as an institution of hi-her learnin-, to ;$)=#$= ( "<)&'$&&( ")&>$&%( "$)&#$& (maintain your own inte-rity, and to avoid your D<)>'$>&( D)>>$> ( 8)5'$ future, *- ;-T P/6G,60,<2=

2 5ourse /earning -+>e$ti)es 1? (nderstand the ways in whi$h gender, ra$e, $lass, sexuality, disa+ility and other $ategories o. identity mutually in.orm and $onstitute one another? 2? 5omprehend .oundational .eminist theories a+out sex, gender, sexuality and ine1uality? !? 0e$ogni@e the importan$e o. the $onstru$tion o. gender, sex, $lass, ra$e and a+ility in shaping oneAs li.e, so$iety, and the experien$es o. people all o)er the world? 4? *is$o)er the importan$e o. .eminist a$ti)ism in the struggle .or womenAs li+eration and e)aluate past and present attempts at dissol)ing systems o. domination? ? /earn to use gender as an analyti$al tool .or so$ial, $ultural, politi$al, e$onomi$ and s$ienti.i$ assumptions?

5lass Parti$ipation"208: Cou are e7pected to be an active participant in your own learnin-. +eadin-s and assi-nments are intended to inform class discussion, so you are e7pected to have read all the re9uired readin-s done for each day. Please brin- one 1uestion from each readin- every day of class. : will ask some of you for those 9uestions Ddifferent people on different daysE and we will discuss them in class in order to clarify the readin-s. Auch of what we will cover in this class addresses some of our most revered beliefs about -ender, se7 and power. :t is essential that we listen and respond respectfully. Cou all have the ability to think deeply about them and contribute your knowled-e to class discussions, your opinion is important. : will try my best as an instructor to create a respectful and thou-htful environment that stimulates and facilitates class discussion. :n order to do so, we, as a -roup, will establish some ?-round rules@ for class discussion that we will abide by in order to ensure a safe, stimulatin-, and respectful environment. Cou are permitted one D1E absence without penalty and without Bustification. 8ach additional absence will subtract points from your attendance*participation -rade. :f you miss a class when an assi-nment is due, please know that this is not an e7cuse to turn in your assi-nment late? , will not a$$ept late assignments unless you have made arran-ements with me prior to the be-innin- of the class in which the assi-nment is due. P/26S2 be on time for class. /ll your class mates will benefit from your presence and your participation.

3 Writing 6ssignment 1"108: /naly.e your own positionality, focusin- on encounters with oppression, privile-e, and knowled-e. 8laborate on at least two aspects of your identity, one that has privile-ed you and one that has disadvanta-ed you. Aore information will be posted on "armen two weeks before the due date, and : will also post an e7ample of this assi-nment to help you focus the task. Due Fan % th. Writing 6ssignment 2"108: "hoose a popular culture artifact Dmovie, TG show episode, blo- article, music videoE. 87plain how the -ender representations enforce -ender norms, or -ender binaries, and maintain patriarchy Dmale system of ruleE. Aore information will be posted on "armen two weeks before the due date. Due Heb #5th. 6$ti)ism 6$tion"108: :n order to help you connect the course material with real life, you are re9uired to participate in at least one activism action, inside or outside the 1niversity. This action will take place outside of class time and you will write a #$pa-e paper on it. :n the paper you have to detail your e7perience and connect it to the coursework. This activity can vary from attendin- to a protest, volunteerin- for a non$profit, to writinletters for a political demand. Please let me know what you plan on doin- prior to your action. Start thinkin- about this activity asapI Due Aarch # th. Group Presentation"108: Cou will be split into -roups and will be e7pected to present on any topic of your election connected to the class themes. 8ach -roup will be e7pected to -ive a 15 minute presentation on the topic. The -roup is welcome to video, handouts, and power point presentation in their presentation. 8ach -roup member should participate in the presentation. Due /pril 1st. 2xtra $redit: Two possibilities for e7tra credit are -iven. :f you decide to do either of them, please let me know before Sprin- ;reak. Cour -rade on the total of the paper assi-nments, activist action and -roup presentation will increase one step Dfor e7. from "< to ;$, from ; to ;<, etc.E Hilm Series) if you choose to do this activity you have to attend to J of the movies shown on the Hilm Series and write a #$pa-e reflection paper on each of them where you connect the film with the readin-s and lectures from class.

4 /typical -ender act) if you choose to do this activity you have to carry out a -ender atypical act and write a reflection paper about it. 4et me know if you are interested so : can -ive you proper instructions. 2mail eti1uette: Please check your email daily and reply to emails within #J hours. This is an important professional habit. : will only respond to emails that include a subBect line, opens with a salutation DDear Sara, !i Sara, etc.E and ends with a closin- statement DSincerely, ;est, etcE. This is also a very important professional habitI

1* &*# 1%

Topi$ Women's studies and .eminism Women's studies and .eminism

:ntroduction) 2hat is HeminismK ?2hat is the Heminist AovementK@ Fane Aansbrid-e ?/in3t : a 2omanK@ SoBourner Truth ?:3m Lot a Heminist, ;ut...) Popular Ayths /bout Heminism@ Penny /. 2eiss ?Aen in Heminist Stru--le@ The Lecessary Aovement@ bell hooks ?/ ;lack Heminist Statement@ "ombahee +iver "ollective ?:s 89uality :ndi-enousK The 1ntold :ro9uois :nfluence on 8arly +adical Heminists@ Sally +oesch 2a-ner M ?"lass and +ace in the 8arly 2omenNs +i-hts "ampai-n@ /n-ela Davis M ?2omen in the /rab Sprin-) Lew and distinct forms of political participation@ Dalal al$;i.ri $ Hilm) :da ;. 2ells ?O) / Habulous "hild3s Story@ 4ois 6ould M ?The ;erdache Tradition@ 2alter 4. 2illiams ?The five se7es revisited@ /nna Hausto$Sterlin?:ntroduction to the Second Se7@ Simone de ;eauvoir M ?Skirt "hasers) 2hy the Aedia Depicts the Trans +evolution in 4ipstick and !eels@ Fulia Serano ?: 4ost it at the Aovies@ Fewelle 6ome. M ?2hat is Slut Shamin-K@ Hinally, / Heminist 1 1 ;loM ?The Tou-hest :ndian in the 2orld@ /le7ie

1* '*# 1%

1*1J*# 1%

Women's mo)ements

1*1>*# 1%

Women's mo)ements

1*#1*# 1%

Sex and Gender

1*#%*# 1%

Sex and Gender

1*#=*# 1%


5 *ate
1*% *# 1%

Topi$ Sexuality

?;ite meI Dor don3tE@ "hristine Seifert ?1ses of the 8rotic) 8rotic as Power@ /udre 4orde $Hilm) Paris is ;urninPaper 1 *ue

#* J*# 1%

?Oppression@ Aarilyn Hrye ?2hite Privile-e) 1npackin- the :nvisible ;ackpack@ Pe--y Ac:ntosh 3ierar$hy and -ppression ?Aappin- the Aar-ins) :ntersectionality, :dentity, Politics and Giolence /-ainst 2omen of "olor@ PimberlQ "renshaw M ?The 1ses of /n-er) 2omen +espondin- to 3ierar$hy and -ppression +acism@ /udre 4orde M ?The Other ;ody@ Cnesta Pin-

#* >*# 1%

#*11*# 1%

The &ody

?Theme :ntroduction) The ;ody@ Galerie 4ee ?The ;eauty Ayth@ Laomi 2olf M ?/ll 4ocked 1p@ Famia 2ilson $ Hilm) Dream2orlds % ?Same Shit, Different 2orld@ 4auren ;ans M ?4ove Cour Hat Self@ "ourtney 8. Aartin ?2hile : was -rowin- up@ Lellie 2onM ?Aauritania stru--les with love of fat women@ /ssociated Press ?The 3+ape3 of Ar. Smith@ 1nknown M ?: 2ant a #J !our Truce :n 2hich there :s Lo +ape@ /ndrea Dworkin M ?Delhi is different from Steubenville@ Samhita ?Domestic Giolence) 2hat3s love -ot to do with itK@ D.6 ?Aen "han-in- Aen@ +obert 4. /llen and Paul Pivel Paper 2 *ue

#*1%*# 1%

The &ody

#*1=*# 1%

Gender Biolen$e

#*# *# 1%

Gender Biolen$e

#*#5*# 1% #*#&*# 1% %* J*# 1%

0e)iew 9idterm

?: 2ant a 2ife@ Fudy Syfers ?Heminist class stru--le@ bell hooks Women, WorC and Politi$s M?The Hemini.ation of /usterity@ Aimi /bramovit. $ Hilm) Aiss +epresentations ?Title :O) The 4ittle 4aw That "ould@ Denise Piernan Women, WorC and Politi$s M ?The Thin- /round Cour Leck@ " L-o.i /dichie M ?Don3t Cou Fust 4ove Cour R:nsert 8thnicityS LannyK@ 4atoya Peterson

%* >*# 1%

%*11$ %*1%

Spring &reaC

6 *ate Topi$ 0eadings

M ?Se7ual and +eproductive +i-hts@ /mnesty :nternational M ?/nd so : choose@ /llison "rews M ?The "olor of "hoice) 2hite Supremacy and +eproductive Fustice@ 4oretta F. +oss M ?They should not breed) Heminism, Disability and +eproductive +i-hts@ Sayce and Perkins M ?3One child3 policy leaves "hina with hu-e shorta-e of women@ Fustin Ac"urry and +ebecca /llison 6$ti)ism 6$tion *ue

%*1=*# 1%

0eprodu$ti)e 0ights

%*# *# 1%

0eprodu$ti)e 0ights

%*#5*# 1%

M ?Lative /merican /ctivism) 8nvironmental :ssues Take Priority@ ;en 2hitford Women and 2n)ironment M T"orporate Plunderin- of Third 2orld +esourcesT +obert 2eissman M TThe Story of StuffT short documentary

%*#&*# 1%

Women and 9igration

M @The !ouse on Aan-o Street@ Sandra "isneros M ?!er Aother@ /nBana /ppachana M ?+ape and domestic violence follow Syrian women into refu-ee camps@ Phoebe 6reenwood ?4a "onciencia de la Aesti.a@ 6loria /n.aldUa M ?Do women have more to lose if immi-ration reform diesK@ Gon Dia.. Group Presentation

J* 1*# 1%

Women and 9igration

J* %*# 1%

Women and S$ien$e

M ?2hy /re There So Hew 2omen :n ScienceK@ 8ileen Pollack TThe Smurfette principleT Pollitt M ?Scientist, Technolo-ist, Proto$Heminist, Superstar@ +o-er A. Aacklis ?The "omin- of 4ilith) Toward a Heminist Theolo-y@ Fudith Plaskow M THeminist theolo-y as a critical theolo-y of liberationT 8lisabeth Sch0ssler Hioren.a T6ender, "ulture and +eli-ion) /n :slamic PerspectiveT /mina 2adud M ?Slutwalks Sweep the Lation@ 4aura Stampler M ?Slut2alk) / Stroll Throu-h 2hite Supremacy@ To the "urb M ?The ;addest 2oman in :ndia@ /mana Hontanella$Phan M ?!eteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of 2hite Supremacy@ /ndrea Smith M ?/bolitionist /lternatives@ /n-ela C. Davis M ?Today3s Student /ctivism@ Fay Aandle

J* =*# 1%

0eligion and Gender

J*1 *# 1%


J*15*# 1%


7 *ate
J*1&*# 1% J*##*# 1%

Topi$ 0e)iew :inal 2xam


*is$laimer: :nformation on the syllabus should be accepted as accurate. The syllabus

is subBect to chan-e by the instructor, in which chan-e in dates, assi-nments, and policies will be revised in syllabus and stated on "armen.
5ounseling D Support 0esour$es General

OS1 "ounselin- V "onsultation ServiceWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... D>1JE #'#$5&>> OS1 Student 2ellness "enterWWW..WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... D>1JE #'#$J5#& Student !ealth ServicesWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW D>1JE #'#$J%#1 Aulticultural "enterWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..WW.... D>1JE >==$=JJ'
5risis7Sui$ide Pre)ention Ser)i$es

OS1 "ampus Suicide Prevention ServicesWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. D>1JE >==$5=#' Suicide Prevention #J$hr !otline D"olumbusEWWWWWWWWWWWWW. D>1JE ##1 5JJ5 Suicide Prevention #J$hr !otline DLationalEWW WWWW............................1$= $#&%$=#JJ Trevor ProBect D46;TX$specificEWWWWWWWWWWW.WWWWWWWW.1$=>>$J==$&%=>
0ape D Sexual Biolen$e

"/P D"ampus /dvocacy Pro-ram for survivors of rape and se7ual violenceEWWWWWWWWWWWWW..D>1JE #'#$J5#& Se7ual /ssault +esponse Letwork of "entral OhioWWWWWWWWWW.. D>1JE #>&$& #
/G&TE 3otlines

Lational 46;TX !elp "enter Danonymous, confidential counselin-, info on safer se7*se7ual health, and referral to local resourcesEW...................................1$===$=J%$J5>J Trevor ProBect Dsuicide preventionEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...1$=>>$J==$&%=>