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Youll remember that, after the time of Solomon, Israel split into 2 sections: The Northern Kingdom of Isreal (1 tribes!, and the Southern Kingdom of "udah (2 tribes!# Israel actuall$ fell into sin first# "udah loo%ed on Israel &ith en'$, and follo&ed her into sin# (ecause Israel sinned first, she &ent into capti'it$ first (to )ss$ria!# "udah e*isted a &hile longer, but e'entuall$ &ent into capti'it$ (to (ab$lon!, for + $ears# ,hile in capti'it$, a fe& people of the Southern Kingoms ("udah! rose up and repented# So, -od deli'ered the Southern Kingdom, and again it flourished# (That ta%es us right up to the time of the 1st )d'ent#! )s "esus &as born, "udah had become .Israel/ again# (ut, after the$ re0ected "esus, the$ &ere ta%en o'er b$ the 1omans, and dispersed# THE BOOK: )mos is one of the fe& boo%s directed at Israel# (2ost &ere &ritten to "udah#! 3osea is a parallel to the boo% of )mos# THE MAN: .)mos/ means .burden bearer/# 3is message &as simple: 1epent4 )mos &as not educated in the school of the prophets# 1ather, he &as a la$man sent forth b$ -od (+:15!# Since he came from the countr$, man$ of his analogies and illustrations reflect his bac%ground# )mos did not li'e in the North, (as did 3osea!# 3e li'ed in the South, and prophesied to the North# 3is messages &ere deli'ered from (ethel (the residence of the %ing of Isreal, and centre for idolatr$!# THE CONDITION OF THE NATION: The boo% of )mos reflects the lu*ur$ and ease of Israel during this time# 6ommerce 7 trade &ere good, and the land &as prosperous# 8nfortunatel$, the people didnt &al% in -ods &a$s# The poor &ere oppressed# Some &ere o'er fed, &hile others star'ed# The morals of the people declined# 3$pocris$ &as pre'alent, and &orship a shame# 8nclean hands and unhol$ hearts &ere attempting to offer to -od# )mos came to &arn them of their sins, and to call them to repentance# THEME: 3is message &as reflected the coming capti'it$ of Israel, and her total fall (9:11:1;< =:>!# The boo% can be di'ided into 5 sections# (1! > ?1@?3A6IAS for > 6@8NT1IAS: (S$ria, ?hilistia, ?hoenicia, Adom, )mmon, 2oab, "udah, Israel!# (2! 9 SA12@NS: )ll begin &ith the &ords, .3ear the ,ord/# B9:1 : "udgement because of iniCuit$ B5:1 : The crimes of the people B;:1 : 6all to 1epentance# (9! ; DISI@NS: of 6@2IN- "8E-A2ANT: (These are all progressi'e: Focusts, fire, plumbline, rotten summer fruit, door posts!# (5! ; ?1@2ISAS of IS1)AFS 1AST@1)TI@N#

(1! ?1@?3A6Y: In this section, -od is pointing out heathen nations &ith ob'ious sins# In each case, -od sa$s, .I &ill send a fire/ (referring to militar$ ta%eo'er!# Israel agrees &ith each 0udgement# (ut, finall$, in 2:G, its Israels turn# -od cant ignore her sin either4

(2! 9 SA12@NS: Themes: Sermon H1 : "udgement that &ill come upon Israel because of sin# Sermon H2 : -ods protection remo'ed# -ods protection is al&a$s remo'ed b$ degrees# ,hen protection is remo'ed in a certain area, it is to ser'e as a &arning# Sermon H9 : Dengeance belongs to -od# Those that are still follo&ing -od, should not get puffed up# (9! ; DISI@NS @I "8E-A2ANT: In this di'ision, the prophet ga'e a fi'e:fold 'ision of 0udgement# The first four began &ith the &ords, .the Ford -od sho&ed me/# The last 'ision &as of "eho'ah 3imself# (5! 1AST@1)TI@N: )mos, as do most of the prophets, tells of a bright future for -ods chosen people# The &hole land &ill once more be a %ingdom under the house of Ea'id (=:11:12!# The tabernacle of Ea'id, no& torn do&n, shall be rebuilt# Israel shall be restored to the land, and prosper (=:19:1;!, and the$ &ill ne'er be scattered again#

1# EA6F)2)TI@N : (eginning &ith the nation farthest from Israel, the prophets &arned of -ods 0udgement upon them for their sins# The sin of S$ria had been that of cruelt$ (1:9!, and -od said 3e &ould sent 0udgement, and the people &ould go into capti'it$# The sin of ?hilistia had been that of sla'e trade, and