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Christ the Healer

Personal Testimonies - General Instructions on Faith -Last week, we started looking at some of the healings in the ministry of Jesus -!gain, our purpose in looking at these healings, is TO POINT OUT what the "eo"le in the #i$le did, to get healed -!nd then, if we do %&!T T&'( )I), we should get the same results -Last week we started $y looking at the fact that I* +,)', T+ #' &'!L'), we need to ha-e a re-elation of $oth, God.s ABILITY, and God.s WILLINGNESS to heal -/I think we "retty much co-ered the su$0ect 1 -2o, today, I want to go on, and gi-e you some BASIC INSTRUCTIONS concerning walking in faith -*ow, I know that most of us, ha-e heard the $asics /concerning faith1 #ut, sometimes, it.s 0ust a little thing that.s kee"ing us from recei-ing -2o, I want to take some time, and redefine some of the $asics of walking in faith HOW DO WE USE OUR FAITH? There are 34 "ersonal testimonies of healing recorded in the Gos"els In made a reference to the indi-idual.s faith of them, Jesus

-/%ith the other cases, it was the gifts of the 2"irit in o"eration, and remem$er, you don.t ha-e to o"erate your faith, when the gifts are in manifestation 1 5The sim"le fact is6 If you want to recei-e healing from God, it.s going to $e on the $asis of your faith -2o, we need to know the $asics of how faith o"erates

(1 H!" #! "e $et %aith? -Faith doesn.t come $y "raying, wishing, ho"ing, or trying Faith comes $y hearing God.s %ord

-R!&a's 1()1* -That.s the +*L( way faith comes -/!gain, faith doesn.t come $y "raying for it7 Faith comes $y hearing God.s %ord 1 -That.s 2PI,IT8!L L!%7 Faith comes $y hearing God.s %ord -2o, if I need faith, I know where to get it7 -ILLUSTRATION) +,!'e- .!&eth /- 0e'1 5I.m $roke7 I ha-e no money, and my $ills are coming due7 I ha-e nothing7 5/#ut then, I stum$le onto a law - that works e-ery time 9oney cometh $y :en 1 That Law 2tates6

5%ell, "raise God, there.s the answer to my "ro$lem7 ,ight now, I.m $roke, $ut 9oney cometh $y :en 5That.s a law that works e-erytime, !nd, I ha-e a need 2o, if I.m smart, I.m going to go to the source7 ;.mere :en7 /Take out your $illfold 1 /9oney cometh $y :en 1 5Gi-e me some money, :en - one $ill at a time 5This is a great law7 I had *+*' #ut, then I a""lied the law, and got <3= == 5I can use this on a <3= == need 5#ut, what if my need is >= ==? I.m out of luck 5#ut, wait a minute7 /9y momma didn.t raise no nuts7 9oney cometh $y :en71 5This is wonderful7 I $elie-e I.ll 0ust stay hooked u" the source 5/!ny$ody else want to "lay? &e ain.t got no more71 5)id you notice that '@',( TI9' I !PPLI') T&' L!%, 9( 9'!28,' I*;,'!2')? 5The same thing is true, concerning our faith 5The only difference is6 :en runneth out, $ut the %ord don.t7

(2 Whe' -!3 hear the W!r#4 %aith a3t!&ati.all- .!&es5 -(ou don.t ha-e to stri-e, or try to $elie-e God.s %ord -%hen you hear the %ord, faith !8T+9!TI;!LL( ;+9'2 /Just stay in the %ord 1 (6 Whe' 7e!7le %ail t! re.ei8e their heali'$, "e te'# t! attri/3te it t! a la.9 !% %aith B3t, that:s '!t al"a-s the .ase -2ometimes "eo"le ha-e 9+,' T&!* '*+8G& faith They 0ust ha-en.t released any of it -ILLUSTRATION) There.s a force in my $ody, called strength !nd, I can use that force to mo-e things /Pul"it 1 -I know how strength comes 2trength cometh $y '!TI*G ,IG&T, G'TTI*G P,+P', 'A',;I2', and '*+8G& ,'2T -I.-e $een doing all of those things, so I.m going to mo-e this "ul"it -/%alk u" to "ul"it, and 0ust stare at it, from different angles )on.t touch it 1 -Gee, I guess I must not ha-e enough strength -2o, I eat, eBercise, and rest /Go $ack and do the same thing 1 5%hat.s the "ro$lem, here Is it that I don.t ha-e enough strength? -*o I 0ust ha-en.t released any of it, against the "ul"it

52!9' thing is true with faith -The "ro$lem isn.t necessarily that I don.t ha-e '*+8G& faith 5I 0ust 9!( *+T #' ,'L'!2I*G any of it against the "ro$lem

(; Faith is release# thr!3$h WORD a'# ACTION W!r#)

,ar9 11)26 - 2!( - is mentioned C times -Faith is released against the mountain /"ro$lem1 through %+,)2 -9ost "eo"le don.t 2P'!: to the 9+8*T!I* They s"eak to God !#+8T the mountain -&ow many "eo"le ha-e you heard, ha-ing a con-ersation with the flu? 5If you want to the mountain to mo-e, you ha-e to 2P'!: T+ IT That.s how faith is released against the "ro$lem7 A.ti!') A.ts 1;)* < %hat ha""ens when "eo"le hear the %ord? Faith automatically comes =erse ><? < Push the "ause $utton on the @;,7 *otice, the #I#L' 2!(2, that this man had enough faith to $e healed, yet he.s sitting there cri""led7 -%hat.s the "ro$lem? -&e heard the %ord7 &e &!2 the faith7 #ut, he hasn.t released any of it, against the "ro$lem -Faith is released through word and action =erse ?<1( < !nd he /the man - he "ut forth effort1 lea"ed and walked -&e could ha-e 0ust as easily said, #ut, Paul, you don.t understand7 I can.t walk7 -!nd, he.d ha-e died in that same condition -Instead, he "ut !;TI+* to his faith - ,'L'!2') &I2 F!IT& !G!I*2T T&' P,+#L'9 - and was set free7

52o, faith is released in %ord and !ction -Let.s look at some other eBam"les of healings in the ministry of Jesus

Let.s stay on this theme of F!IT& #'I*G ,'L'!2') $y action6 !nd, look at6