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Micah lived in Moresheth-Gath, approximately 25 miles south-west of Jerusalem and about 17 miles from e!oa, the home of "mos# $e prophecied in the rei%ns of Jotham, "ha& and $e&e!iah 'Micah 1(1)# Jotham and $e&e!iah were %ood !in%s, but "ha& was extremely wic!ed# hus Micah witnessed the apostasy of the people and their recovery under $e&e!iah# *erhaps a %reat deal of the success of reformation under $e&e!iah was the result of Micah+s messa%e# $e was contemporary with ,saiah and $osea# ,saiah preached in Jerusalem and $osea preached to the northern !in%dom of ,srael# Micah+s messa%e was %iven to both ,srael and Judah and addressed primarily to their two respective capitals, -amaria and Jerusalem '1(1)# he three main thrusts of his messa%e was their sins, their comin% .ud%ement and their restoration# his boo! contains the prophecy of the birthplace of the Messiah - '5(2 cf# Matt# 1/(05,01)# Micah+s e2uipment for this prophetic ministry was the anointin% of God+s -pirit Micah 0(3 ,n this boo! Micah prophecies( a) b) c) d) he doom of -amaria he doom of Jerusalem he exile of both !in%doms he restoration e) he period of absolute peace f) he comin% shepherd to be born in 4ethlehem %) he future hope of restored 5ion

OUTLINE OF THE BOOK: 1. THE CHARGE AGAINST SAMARIA AND JERUSALEM - '1(1-11) - God was a witness to their sins '1(2-0)# he .ud%e of the whole earth pronounced them 6%uilty+# heir crownin% sin was idolatry '1(7)# 7or over 2// years they had worshipped idols in the northern !in%dom# hey had been warned by 8li.ah, 8lisha and "mos but all had %one unheeded# 9ow it was .ud%ement time upon -amaria '1(1)# $istory records that the "ssyrians came and carried away ,srael and utterly destroyed -amaria# Jerusalem and Judah repented in the days of $e&e!iah and were miraculously delivered from the "ssyrians '2 :in%s 1;(05) and continued for almost another 12/ years# 2. THE LEADERS CONDEMNED - '<hapters 2 and 0)# Micah condemns the leaders for their oppression and sins# ,n chapter two verses one and two he char%es the rich and powerful with the oppression of the poor# $e char%es them with covetousness and violence# $e denounces their ill treatment of their women - '2(;)# $e li!ened the devourment of the poor to cannibalism - '0(2-0)# hey were people who loved evil and hated %ood - '0(2)# he nation was ready to collapse and he char%ed the leaders as bein% responsible# $e flayed the false prophets for causin% the people to %o astray - '2(5)# $e char%ed the .ud%es with ta!in% bribes - '0(11) and the princes for havin% no sense of fairness - '0(;)# $e char%ed the priests and the prophets for usin% their office as a means of ma!in% money - '0(11)# hey had a false sense of security because they belon%ed to the 6chosen people+# '0(11)# 4ut, God said $e would .ud%e 6therefore shall 5ion be plou%hed###= - '0(12) and the temple destroyed# '-ee also 7(1-1)# 3. THE RESTORATION OF ZION - <hapter > - a vision of 6the last days+ when there will be a warless '>(0), happy, prosperous '>(>), God-fearin% world '>(5) with 5ion as its head# he re%atherin% of ,srael is here prophesied - '>(1-7)# 4. THE SHE HERD KING FROM BETHLEHEM - '<hapter 5) - he Messiah who will be the !in% of 5ion would be born in 4ethlehem# $e is yet to be the Great deliverer of $is people# he Jewish nation !new that his was a prophecy of the Messiah - 'Matt# 2(5-1)# !. GOD"S CONTRO#ERS$ %ITH ISRAEL FOR THEIR SINS - '<hapters 1,7) - God is pictured as one brin%in% a lawsuit a%ainst $is people '1(2)# hey had i%nored $im and so $e reminded them of $is

%oodness to them and how $8 had !ept $is covenant with them '1(0-5)# he people, conscience smitten as!ed how they could please God# hey wondered if burnt offerin%s would do '1(1-7)# Micah showed them what God re2uired '1(3)# <hrist said essentially the same thin%- 'Matt# 20(20 and Matt, 22(07->/)# heir wron% relationship with each other was an indication of their wron% relationship with God# '-ee also ?eut# 1/(12@ 8ccl# 12(10@ Aom# 10(1/@ ,sa# 1(10-17@ *rov# 22(0)# he boo! concludes with the prayer and intercession of Micah and the promise of ultimate restoration# $e closes with a vision of the future when God and $is people shall be supreme, and the promise to "braham will be fully accomplished#