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The ELI mission, goals, and objectives will be achieved through the following strategies: Reinforce essay writing skills Carry out class discussions and presentations Encourage team work and friendly competition Identify appropriate and substantial courses of study Conduct workshops for ELI faculty members and students Employ audio and visual aids to enhance the learning process Design lecture programs appropriate to the needs of the students Provide an appropriate intellectual, social and physical environment Hire qualied and experienced teaching staffs to achieve high standards of teaching quality Incorporate necessary technical knowledge and resources to offer quality research-driven courses DETAILS Placement Test Weeks Hours per week Total hours per semester Midterm Exam Final Exam BEGINNER In House Placement Test 12 10 120 IEP Exam In House Final Exam LEVELS INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED In House Placement Test In House Placement Test 12 12 10 10 120 120 IEP Exam TOEFL Exam In House Final Exam TOEFL Exam TOEFL In House TOEFL Exam 12 5 60 TOEFL Exam TOEFL Exam

ELI Levels and Courses

Students who are unable to meet the specied Admission Requirement regarding the TOEFL PBT/iBT, IELTS test score should attend the Individual English Program (IEP) offered by the English Language Institute (ELI) on the condition that they meet the required score. 1. ELI Levels are as follows: Level of Study in the ELI / IEP Number of courses to Attend Pooled Number of courses to choose from TOEFL Preparation Three Courses CIT 100, CIT 105, MAT 100, ISC 100, PSY 200, Study Skills 100 ADVANCED Two Courses CIT 100, CIT 105, MAT 100, ISC 100, PSY 200, Study Skills 100 INTERMEDIATE Two Courses CIT 100, CIT 105, MAT 100, ISC 100, PSY 200, Study Skills 100 BEGINNER One Course CIT 100, CIT 105, MAT 100, ISC 100 2. Progress from one level to the next will be based on overall performance across the ve components: reading, listening, writing, speaking, and grammar 3. During their enrollment in the ELI, students are allowed to register in the university credit courses according to the table below: 4. Students who score 500 on the TOEFL PBT, 61 on iBT, or 5.0 on IELTS during the IEP levels are eligible for an exemption from this program and admitted directly into the chosen academic programs 5. All ELI students who pass advanced level are required to score 500 TOEFL PBT, 61 on iBT, or 5.0 IELTS before they are admitted to their chosen academic programs 6. If they fail to achieve the required score, students are admitted to a 12 weeks TOEFL preparatory course and register for 3 credit courses 7. If they fail to achieve the score of 500 TOEFL PBT, 61 on iBT or 5.0 IELTS, students are allowed to repeat the 12 weeks TOEFL preparatory course without registering to any credit courses until they meet the admission requirements of the 500 TOEFL PBT, 61 iBT, or 5.0 IELTS 8. ELI Level/Beginner Students nal examination is the in-house nal exam, while Intermediate and Advanced ELI Level students nal examination is the PBT TOEFL itself 9. ELI Intermediate and Advanced Level students PBT TOEFL scores below 500 are calculated with the coursework and midterm marks to get a total of 60% and above for eligibility of promotion to TOEFL Preparatory Course

The AUE English Language Institute (ELI) offers Individual English Programs that prepare and qualify students to use correct English in their studies and practical life. Communication is the key to success in the modern world. Studying at the AUE promotes global channels of communication through an immersive English environment. Our programs are based on contemporary English language teaching techniques and tools that support students in developing English as second language. English language classes are offered to prepare the students to use English in specic ways, such as within an academic context and across the global community

Mission Statement
The mission of the ELI is To open a door to the wider world. Underlying the mission is the promotion of enhanced ability to understand, read, communicate and write in English uently. For students who seek help from ELI before applying to AUE, the center aims to bring the students to the level 500+ or 5.0+ on the TOEFL Exam or IELTS test respectively

Support AUEs mission of delivering high quality of learning to students at all levels Aid new students in achieving a level of 500 or 5.0 or above on a TOEFL or IELTS test respectively Provide a wide range of contact and open-enrollment courses to meet the need of both academic and professional communities Provide professionally continuous support and guidance to all students during their studies at AUE Provide high quality support and assistance to students who need help in the area of second language learning

ELI enhances the ability of students to: Write papers exams using proper academic conventions Understand fuclties and take comprehensive and structured notes Speak more uently in class discussions, seminars and presentations Follow the class reading lists and explore additional written resources such as journals, and academic texts


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