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Dr. rer. nat.

Helmut Richard Goetting

He is an analyst of satellite images by training

with a master‘s and a doctor degree from Tübingen and
Freiburg universities, Germany. With two published
science books as his entrance ticket, he got an invitation
from Stanford University, California, which was the
beginning of a typical emigrant‘s career from scientist to
window washer.

After two years at Stanford he rented a warehouse

in pre-Google Mountain View, hand-build a seventeenth
century design wood-burning brick oven and baked crusty
bread for 8 years. In the following decade he didn’t fall
from an upper-story window while cleaning windows in
Silicon Valley. For 23 years he lived in California; 20 of
them as an illegal alien because as a baker and window
washer his academic credentials were useless to get a
green card.

In 2001 there was an amnesty for illegal aliens,

followed up by twin-skyscraper nosedives of America‘s
self-esteem. He got to know the CIA Chief of global
contract university espionage through a Tai Chi class. The
Chief hired him 1) to set up the CIA contractor's, i.e. the
university supplier's official archive for an upcoming
anniversary book; 2) that Goetting would qualify for the
amnesty; 3) to "spend some quality time together".
Goetting's mood in hindsight can be called disgusted since
he turned into the Chief's gay rent-boy. The Chief must
have been thinking that Goetting was trying to make a
sale of myself in exchange for the green card.

His billion dollar pillow interviews with the whisky

swilling Chief put the spotlight on American intolerance
and megalomania. In a story as fresh as tomorrow's
headlines he is packing shocking confessions and the ugly
mores of the CIA Chief together with his often hilarious
comments in a Teutonic accent. This German-American
ensemble will cause you, the reader, raised eyebrows,
incredulous laughter, angry scowls, sporadic bursts of
full-blown rage and occasionally deadly serious jeers.

Goetting lives in Tübingen together with his

handsome and lovely Korean husband in a civil
First RentBoyBooks Edition, October 2009

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72026 Tübingen

Copyright © 2007, 2009 by

Dr. Helmut Richard Goetting

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of Dr. Helmut Richard Goetting.
Printed in Germany
For Songky!
The CIA has ended up as America‘s global
Education Ministry and universities around the world have
little recourse!
Behavioral science teaches that small changes in a
man’s sex-life can have large effects on keeping secrets!
This book is based on man-to-man pillow
interviews with Walt Blair Paterson, a source of untreated
and disease-laden sewer language and behavior, stranger
than fiction!
He is the inheritor of a globally operating
university supplier, which doubles as a CIA espionage
University espionage is closely related to power,
and abuse of power is the central theme of this book!
The interviews will plunge the reader into the
murk of the abnormal psychology and mind boggling
career of Walt Blair Paterson from taxi driver to
The interviews are often filled with foggy details,
given while the Chief wobbled back and forward like a
drunken Japanese tip-over doll!
This book is investigative rent-boy reporting at its
best, telling the whole truth about America’s university
espionage from the bedside!
Following each quotation from the Chief, I turn -
figuratively speaking - into the howling quarterback of a
gay football team bursting out of the locker room, looking
for a pretext to verbally assault the Chief and the new
America - the can't do nation!
The pillow interviews are off the record; Walt
Blair Paterson’s real name, company, position and location
were changed and rendered anonymous for legal reasons!
CIA espionage contractors such as Paterson Inc.
are NOT SUBJECT to the Freedom of Information Act!
An obscure law allows the CIA to block all
congressional and public inquiries into contractor Paterson,
the recipient of vast amounts of U.S. government money!
The secret files, the budget, the number of agents
and the entire power structure of the Shadow Company
will never be opened to the public for scrutiny and are
beyond the reach of the U.S. judicial process!

About the Author


1. Introduction

What a Name can do for a CIA Espionage Contractor

2. Coming Out

3. From Rags to Riches

4. Part and Parcel of the huge American
Espionage-Industrial Complex
5. Paterson Inc., the Shadow Company

6. The Dinosaurs went Two by Two on Noah’s Arch

CIA & Paterson's Aggression reaches from Argentina to

7. Politically Motivated Assaults on University

Students in Argentina
8. The Role of U.S. Private Security Contractors at
Brazilian Universities
9. Subversion and Treachery Paterson Style at
Mexican Universities
10. A Paterson Plot in Venezuela worthy of Judas the
Rape is the precise Word for what CIA & Paterson are
doing in Europe

11. Paterson Inc. uses Mobile Spying Vans in Austria

12. Belgian Students Chant ‘How many Paterson

Products are we buying? Zero’
13. Plundering and Looting Denmark by all the Rules
of American Civilization
14. Perfidious Stalkers and Troublemakers from
Paterson Inc. in France
15. Synergy between Industrial and University
Espionage in Germany
16. Cold-War Spying Attack on Academic Freedom in
Great Britain
17. CIA & Paterson's Information Warfare in Holland

18. A Subtle Vestige of Criminal Spying floats in the

Atmosphere above each Paterson Product in Italy
19. Organized Gangsterdom in Poland Paterson-Style
20. The Light of Science in America is a Borrowed
Light from Russia
21. Scandinavian Students Recoil from Paterson
Products and call them Evil
22. Paterson’s Tactics are not unlike Planting Bombs
in Spanish Commuter Trains
23. De-Americanization of Swiss Universities is
Crucial to Liberate Higher Education

Project for the new totalitarian American Century

24. The Chief introduces a new Line of Edible

Canned Learning Tools for the African Market
25. An Arrogant Message of Power from the Spy
Chief for Arab Students
26. The Chief Confirms Extraordinary Renditions in
27. There was only one Way for the U.S. to get its
Bloody Hands on Iraq’s Oil
28. An inflammatory Message from the Chief to the
Palestinian Students of the Third destroyed
29. U.S. Wild West Methods in Saudi Arabia

30. Cold Turkey Spying Operations

American neo-Fascism comes with a Smile to the Far

31. Top-Secret Spying with a Vengeance in China

32. Vandalizing, Burning, Looting Japan and the

Chief’s Sense of Justice
33. For how long can American Occupiers Deceive
the Korean People?
Paterson Inc. is a Dirty Name at Universities in South-
and Southeast-Asia

34. Paterson Agents are on a Fishy Expedition in

35. Untouchable Paterson Products Offend India’s
Sense of Sovereignty
36. The Worst Thoughts of the Americans are
Unleashed in a Sort of Neo-Colonialism in the
37. Paterson’s Agents are more Insensitive than
Singapore’s Censor

For their customers at universities around the globe

Paterson Inc. is a reliable supplier. For the CIA it is a
high-value spying contractor which is dispatching
salespeople as university spies to do their shadowy work.
Now this business is falling apart as this Shadow
Company is accused of being an enemy of the many
foreign states where it operates and of defrauding its
shareholders. An investigation by the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission will find out who sold shares in
Paterson Inc. since the beginning of October 2007 on
insider information, when I mailed an early edition of this
documentary to Paterson Inc. and encouraged its chairman
and its CEO to publish this book in a sort of

The true extend of the global CIA university espionage
will leave students and scholars in shock. It’s a murky
realm that I am lifting the lid on; a vast spying system
looting university laboratories and computers in more than
hundred countries. Taking a page from the movie script
of ‘Charlie Wilson‘s War‘, the horny and whisky guzzling
Chief-of-spies Walt Blair Peterson acts from behind the
scenes. The Chief of the clandestine services confessed in
the pillow interviews to a career of espionage spanning
two generations, spectacular in its reach and longevity. As
we shall see the following pages offer a sharp, vigorously
framed analysis of this state of affairs.

These are the rarest of the rare interviews with an

American espionage twist to an old-fashioned gay sex
scandal at the workplace! The pillow interviews took
place in the Chief’s office while he was drunk and
sought homosexual favors from me, his part-time
employee. There are many intelligence agents operating
under the disguise of the U.S. Department of Agriculture,
or as businessmen, students or scientists. But Walt Blair

Paterson‘s confessions shed a rare light into a world of
spying, blackmail, kidnapping, subversion and American
private security guards roaming the educated world of
universities like a bunch of cowboys. In a moral
equivalent of Abu Ghraib, CIA & Paterson have
worldwide universities in their grip like an otherworldly
swarm of krakens.

"Private security contractors are the vanguard of our

operations", was one of the Chief’s many chilling
statements. American private security companies operate
worldwide for various U.S. government agencies or
contractors and get their funding from the American
Congress worth billions of dollars. "These guys do not
just provide security for my agents; some of them are
used for special operations". Let’s echo that for a
moment. The American CIA spy contractor Paterson Inc.
has their dirty-tricks spies protected at foreign universities
by private American security forces. In other words,
American mercenaries mingle with students and scholars at
foreign universities to give protection to CIA spies acting

as American salesmen for an American university supplier.
It’s scary, very scary!

I would describe myself as a well-brought-up person with

a master’s degree from Tübingen University and a doctor
degree from Freiburg University in Germany, specialized
in the analysis of satellite images. I followed up my
magna cum laude doctorate by doing research at Stanford
University for two years. In the mid-80, while at
Stanford, I realized that I was not satisfied with academic
life, and began building a wood-fired brick-oven and soon
baked award-winning breads. It turned out making bread
for 8 years did not completely provide the fulfillment I
needed otherwise. After an extensive time-out from work I
began with the most pleasing venture I ever started: a
window cleaning company in Silicon Valley.

For 23 years I lived in California; 20 of them as an

illegal alien because I had chosen to open a small
business after Stanford. As the owner of a small business
my academic credentials would be useless to get a green

card and my investments where too small to qualify for
an investor’s visa. After spending thousands of dollars on
an immigration lawyer just to find out it is impossible to
get a H1-B visa, the category given to highly-skilled
people, I ignored the unwieldy U.S. immigration

In the year 2001, fourteen years into living without valid

papers, one of the last executive orders by President
Clinton was to give amnesty to all illegal aliens. I got to
know the CIA Chief Walt Blair Paterson through a Tai
Chi class and he invited me to work in his company and
"spend some quality time together". This job was
supposed to provide the required employment to qualify
for the amnesty. But in the U.S. some Americans think
that if they want sex, they need to simply sponsor an
illegal alien, and to get the green card, the alien must
have sex with their sponsor.

The Chief’s invitation was soon turning into a chilling

tale of homosexual abuse and how greed and high-risk

taking can wreck a family and a company. The
psychological adjustment in the new working environment
was difficult for me, comparable to peeling off the layers
of a rotting onion while inhaling deeply. With every layer
I peeled back of Walt Blair Paterson, I found his identity
upended. The Chief turned into the alcohol drenched
source for the 101 pillow interviews this book draws
upon. For me to know that my green card sponsor and
his company had flipped over to the CIA and operate as
a spying contractor was a horrible trap of no escape. I
was quite dependent on him for my immigration papers
that I didn’t dare to rock the boat, although I could have
left the U.S. at any time. The Chief looked sometimes at
me with a rage in his eyes that made me want to scrap
my amnesty application. Keeping the secret in my heart
gave me countless sleepless nights while nameless
anxieties crept up.

Keeping quiet was a form of self-preservation under the

humiliating circumstances. Why? For an illegal alien there
was always the scary risk of arrest and spending up to a

year in overcrowded jails before deportation - with no
access to friends, a lawyer or even basic medical

While acting as a family-man, the Chief was also holding

up his pretense as a liberal. But when he came drunkenly
out of the proverbial closet, he would shout his stunning
revelations with a demagogy usually reserved for Adolf
Hitler. The pages of this book turn his blaring mouth into
short stories investigative reporters usually enter into
contests. The contract spying history of Paterson Inc. is a
hot scoop that could make me the toast at universities
around the globe. The pillow conversations with the Chief
offer not just a cloud of suspicion, but give an intimate
portrait from an ‘embedded’ rent-boy’s view of the CIA

I made hand written records while the spymaster talked

shop with me, since I didn’t want to go down the path
of former U.S. President Richard 'Dick' Nixon, who
cold-heartedly switched the tape recorder on. One day

Walt Blair Paterson noticed me taking notes and said
coolly "All yours, my dear". The mudslinger chirped like
a mocking-bird while laughing bitterly with his puckered
lipstick-red mouth. Was he trying to put lipstick on the
hideous legacy of his Shadow Company?

With that "all yours" statement he is ‘on record’, and he

is going to find out the price for free speech. Further, he
didn’t declare his homosexual escapades or his spying
confessions on ‘background’, and he didn’t say that he
was operating under the ‘Chatham House Rule’, in which
I could use his comments, but not attribute them to his
name. In addition, no confidentiality agreement was ever
signed by me. His espionage confessions, his homosexual
assaults on me and his lewd behavior as well as the
doppelgänger-world of his Shadow Company are therefore
public record. The intimate interviews could encourage
former and current Paterson Inc. agents to come forward
and report their clandestine work to the editor in chief of
this book, Yours Truly.

Despite all this, as long as I don’t have a written
agreement with the spy Chief, I cannot tell his name or
the name of his corporation, nor make any other
incriminating details public. Therefore Walt Blair
Paterson’s real name, company, position and location were
changed and rendered anonymous for legal reasons!

While I was scribbling frantically notes when the Chief

was drunk, horny and talkative, my arm was often sore
and cramps stiffened my fingers. Years later, sentences
had to be reconstructed from my notes during the editing.
Often the notes recorded only key words from him to lift
the curtain into his secret spy-world. My own handwriting
was barely legible sometimes, and the Chief’s drunken
and slurred ‘message in a bottle’ had to be decoded,
reminding one more of a sputtering Ford-T-model engine
than a human being. His speech had often no manners
since he was a connoisseur of racial jokes and spewed
hatred against religions other than his own, therefore
censoring was sometimes applied to his quotations. What
is "printed between apostrophe marks" is the best of

translation of his drunken hieroglyphs, where I as editor
used my own clear mind as template. The reader won’t
help being perplexed by the pillow interviews.

Only the courage and commitment of a few friends who

pitched in as cheerleaders made this book possible, since
I am a hopeless procrastinator. With their help I took on
the awesome responsibility of connecting the dots between
the belly of the beast and its tentacles in foreign
universities. Before I edited the sofa-talks to make them
ready for publication, they were a big pile of unorganized
papers in a shoe-box containing only my hand-scribbled
notes. The pillow confessions were like a puzzle and I
had to link everything together, from blood-money to a
family fortune to Paterson Inc. products flushed down the
toilet. I enjoyed the given editorial independence and took
the liberty of arranging statements from the Chief’s
various intimate discussions under one page-header at

I tried to report word by word what I had penciled down
during the intimate ‘interviews’. I also played the devil’s
advocate by brainstorming and debating the tongue
wagging of the spy Chief. I am giving at times satirical
interpretations to the unfolding pillow interviews. I use the
method of dramatizing and narrating the pillow-talks by
expanding the monologues of Walt Blair Paterson.

As editor I was not only participant in reconstructing the

intimate talks, its perverse drama of unwanted homo-sex
and the Chief’s alcoholism, but also commentator of
Paterson Inc.’s ugly history. It is an opinion-driven book
that has an interview basis, in which I tried to get
answers from the Chief of university spies. The book is
investigative reporting at its best, telling the whole truth
about university espionage from a firsthand CIA
contractor. The Chief’s quotations are mixed with a
collage of interpretations to the best of my ability and
become a political weapon.

As editor I focused on maintaining ethics as I built a
prosecutorial brief against the CIA contractor, its foreign
espionage activities and against the U.S. itself. I am
presenting the pillow interviews as evidence to make the
whole masquerade of Walt Blair Paterson and his Shadow
Company come tumbling down. I describe a rogue U.S.
company empowered by CIA money, its methods,
prejudices and technology that threatens overseas
universities with impunity. They steal research results and
crush any organized opposition against the U.S.
kleptomaniacs. Kleptomaniacs are what they call it when a
rich country steals something from smaller and poorer
countries. The CIA contract spies are instruments of U.S.
foreign policy and Walt Blair Paterson is their triumphalist

In an unorthodox format, the man-on-man interviews are

always embedded into my enlightening, mocking or
sarcastic undertones and fall under the protection of the
First Amendment. It’s a new kind of book-writing, where
obsolete rules from other times where thrown out. I use

an intermediate standard for publishing, since the
international espionage of the Shadow Company does not
lend itself to firm corroboration. Voyeurism is the world’s
great pastime and the seedy homosexual-tinged spy
scandal surrounding the spy Chief, the CIA and Paterson
Inc. will top even the soccer world cup as a spectator

The American spy-troopers made playthings out of

universities to a degree almost too complex for an
individual’s comprehension. Especially the Chief betrayed
the university supplier system with his Gordon
Gekko-style greed and American arrogance. This book
with the gay interviews will turn into an obsession at
universities worldwide, since it has the full menu:

- American spy thugs at most every foreign

university hidden behind Paterson Inc.
- Paterson Inc. is stockpiling spy data on
millions of students and professors and is and
compiling lists of ‘the usual suspects’

- Homoerotic acts worthy to be published in Hustler

- The founding family’s spying on the global

workforce of Paterson Inc.

- Paterson Inc. is stealing research results at

universities worldwide

- Worldwide criminal investigations dealing swiftly

with the American undercover agents from Paterson

- Financial disaster for the shareholders of Paterson

The question of censorship came up several times while I
was editing this book. The Chief often stammered
bloodcurdling curses inciting racial and religious hatred
and revelations which would cause Fatwas to be issued
against him and his cronies if I was to publish all his
statements. He escalated his war of words to an almost
suicidal degree; as much as CIA & Paterson had escalated

its spying on universities since 9-11. The original edition
of this book contains all his brutal statements ready for
publication. Even in its censored form the book will
certainly put to test the CIA contractor’s propaganda arm.
The treacherous contractor stands also accused of unethical
and illegal business practices because it failed to file
mandatory forms disclosing its offshore spying business
and faces class action law suits.

The U.S. brand name has unmistakably suffered from the

global economic depression for which the world blames
the U.S. Its damaged image will take a nosedive around
the world after this book has been published, adding
clearly to the long-term harm of America’s reputation.
Since the spying contractor is engaged as a
front-organization for the U.S. government’s strategic
interests, the relationship between foreign universities and
the contractor has turned poisonous and is beyond repair.
It is outrageous and unbelievable that supplies for higher
education were used by the U.S. crooks as a disguise to
enter secretly the lives of tens of millions overseas

students and researchers and spy ruthlessly on them. The
contractor’s tyranny strips students and professors of their

The university espionage of the inglorious CIA bastards

fits seamless into other high crimes Americans perpetrated.
Like barbarians at the gate, the U.S. wages one brutal
war of aggression against much smaller countries every 18
months on average - but America has lost all the wars.
These newly minted ‘enemies’ keep America’s industry on
a war-footing. The wars put to work scores of
functionally illiterate Americans. 50% of Americans can‘t
read or understand a simple text message longer than two
sentences and they are easy to manipulate. America has
stationed with bloody ‘hurrays’ its semi-literate military
occupation forces and its secret police in 150 countries
out of 193 on our earth. But they still can’t find their
own country on a world map. Before America invaded
Iraq, who carried out the key tasks like working out
where Iraq is and point the U.S. soldiers in the direction
towards Baghdad? Anyhow, a new war is overdue for

America as much as the BIG earthquake in San
Francisco, since the invasion of Iraq happened already 72
months ago.

The treacherous CIA contractor Paterson Inc. and its

"USA-USA" yodeling Chief were as opaque as a
brick-wall, but the interviews managed to trickle some
light into this forbidden zone and crack the code of
silence. The pillow talks in the Paterson case are
comparable to the evidence for which special prosecutor
Kenneth Starr was hunting unsuccessfully in the Monica
Lewinsky oral affair with former President Bill Clinton. In
due justice, the pillow-confessions are the first ‘poetic
shot’ in a battle with the CIA contractor, in which a
world-coalition of students and intellectuals will join. The
palm-of-the-hand reports will put things back into balance
between Walt Blair Paterson on one side and universities,
academics and Yours Truly on the other side.

The spy-in-Chief acts also as a higher-up for the better

known side of Paterson Inc., which has taken its

profession to an all-time low. The U.S. secret agents of
this company, who go in and out at universities
worldwide, are comparable to the notorious religious
police in the streets of traditional Muslim countries. Does
the American spy contractor, just like the Bush
administration, subordinate science for religion, faith and
ideology? This would seem befitting for a corporation of
mass deception and its fundamentalist Chief, who is at
heart a religious zealot and often claimed "I am on fire
for my God". Amen! The rotten pig often invoked God
but never went to church. Will the spy Chief go on the
religious website ‘Post Secret’ and confess his spying-sins
online so that God can download his guilt from him? He
certainly had earned each gulp of whisky he took by
memorizing bible verses. "I have a true biblical character",
the Chief proclaimed. One should not underestimate the
combined and often overlapping strength of top U.S.
espionage personnel and the religious right.

Drunken NASA astronauts fly the space shuttle which has

a technology dating back to the 1960s as if it is an old

hippie VW bus. Bush might as well have ordered the
2003 annexation of Iraq just before he fell drunk from
the White House sofa. Why should the spy-in-Chief Walt
Blair Paterson be different? The Chief replenished his
emergency supply of whisky bottles in his office quite
frequently, as often as he threw an empty bottle into the
trash bins outside of the office building.

After the closeted homosexual Chief had plenty of

Kentucky liquor to drink for brunch, he would sit
gorilla-like au natural at his office desk, stroking his
flaccid penis absentmindedly. Forget about gorillas. Let’s
get primeval! The Chief hadn’t removed the dirt and
grime of years from his desk. He seldom did a lick of
work, since all his scoreless efforts were swept out the
window anyway. I was treated to the view of two bulges
growing out of his milky white chest, like little protruding
breasts with sagging nipples. Sometimes he would run
half-naked out into the hallway, and when he came back
a few minutes later from the men’s room he grinned
sheepishly. Exposing himself under the bare afternoon sun,

he liked to play with his index finger inside his piss slit,
while his other hand gave him way too much whisky to
drink. Predictably enough the bare facts are: he was drunk
most of the time and he was, to say the least, temporary
impotent. Although the Chief would have loved to boner
up, he is just one more American gone soft. Living
mostly on whisky destroyed all sense of good behavior in
the homosexual delinquent.

Preoccupied with his addictions, the Chief was focusing

on alcohol, drugs and his often non-performing sex-organ.
On top he expected acclaim from Yours Truly for his
espionage and power. Acting like an idiot, the Chief
always declined to discuss his lewd behavior, expecting
obviously more bang for the few bucks he was paying
me. When he was drinking alcohol, he would never just
take a sip but instead would guzzle the whisky from the
bottle, like a hungry dog going after a pile of shit, and
then lick the last drop from it. Afterwards the Chief
would talk raw, even savagely, since whisky put him in

talkative mood, but not a good mood. He is a freak with
a monstrous temper!

The Chief’s snout squealed the same thing, again and

again, as if suffering from a pathological disorder: "We
are the richest country in the world". In fact America has
a crumbling infrastructure of main roads and backstreets,
bridges collapse regularly schools fall apart. America is
unraveling in many ways and didn’t have a penny to
spare to replace its 70 years old electrical grid, built by
President F.D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration
(WPA) program during the Great 1930s Depression.
Maybe the American electrical grid will be renewed
during the Great 2009 Recession with money borrowed
from China?

The potholes in the streets of America are meanwhile so

big – often craters the size usually left behind by Iraqi
car bombs aimed at Americans - that the spy-in-Chief can
celebrate his gay coming-out party inside a big pothole
before a backdrop of homes with foreclosure notices,

abandoned storefronts and drunks lying on crumbling

The ‘outing’ of Walt Blair Paterson shouldn’t be

compared to Mike Roger’s hit list at the website
‘Blogactive’, since I wasn’t asking horny questions such
as: ‘Are you gay?’ Instead the Chief abused me
homosexually and psychologically while I was his
employee. He disguised himself as my "good friend" in
that urgent green card matter. But he was always a mean,
heartless peasant slob with bloodshot eyes, reminders of
the anger inside him. Although the Chief’s behavior was
certainly influenced by alcohol and drugs, he must have
rationally planned and carried out his homosexual assaults,
since he was not affected by any severe brain disorders.
Sexual-assaults such as involving Andrew Warren, the
CIA’s station Chief in Algiers, are nothing unusual within
the CIA. He drugged and then raped Algerian women
before he was hastily recalled by his CIA spymasters. The
pillow-interviews read depressingly like a pre-view for an

Abu Ghraib-inspired documentary involving American
abuse of power and sadistic sexual violence.

When will the drunken Chief-Romeo admit guilt in

beguiling his employee? At times his cold fingers would
move claw-like up and down on my rather slim body,
squeezing my buttocks and pinching my genitals. He
sodomized me and committed countless lewd acts,
suggesting a hormonal problem of the Chief. "I don’t just
want to sit in my tree house like a case of cabin fever
and dream about it". Alcohol together with his suppressed
homosexuality must have made him crazy with desire for
a man’s slender body until the Chief was lying physically
drained on the sofa, his belly spotted with whitish
glistening droplets. He must have considered the
possibility of blowing his spy cover but figured my uncut
penis was worth the risk.

To make matters worse the Chief had a hygienic odor

problem, and his hygienic faux pas might easy become a
source of humor and satire beyond this book. He seemed

always weary about changing into fresh-washed underpants
and the questions lingers why did he not switch to edible
lingerie? That way the pervert could have munched on his
own underwear, including earthy streaks and yellow stains,
turning the repulsive matter into a snack to go with his
gallons of whisky.

The homosexual victimization caused me intolerable stress,

anger, emotional pain, suffering, humiliation, and at times
tickling feet, indicating a strange dynamic in the
semi-professional relationship between the Chief and Yours
Truly. I was for the longest time estranged from his
homosexual advances and encroachments. Once used to it,
I kind of debauched him and, as soon as he made
unwanted advances, subtly enticed this monster of
homosexual yearning to lure ever more confessions from
him without letting his dull senses grasp my intention. To
make the best out of a bad situation, I was closing like a
Venus fly trap around his homosexual craving.

Being gay myself, my behavior fell far short of the sting
operations common among the U.S. men’s room
undercover police. Not surprising the U.S. has a secret
police for almost everything, from the morality police
inspecting public toilets at airports to CIA contractors
working as undercover agents at foreign universities.
America is a police state, but its airplanes still do not
arrive on time.

At any rate, neither tolerance nor patience for more

homosexual abuse existed finally in me, and I still suffer
from post-traumatic stress disorder. But I lived on to tell
the story and edit this book. The Chief, in contrast, is
going to suffer from pre-traumatic stress disorder. He will
go down in history as Mr. Bush’s (and my) little
ass-licker. Reading his songbird-interviews must be for
him like breathing his own waste. Every time he opens
his mouth during the pillow interviews, someone will hate
him. He will rival George W. Bush as a hate figure not
only among students and academics. He has nailed his

name and the name of his family-business to the pages of
ugly U.S. history.

The book does not contain any judgment before the

evidence came from the Chief’s smelly mouth. One point
should be made clear and that is I haven’t lived a life of
purity and would be pleased to have my personal history
published in a book. But the Chief is not a harmless or
innocent source. It is he who is at the center of
investigation for spying and homosexual assault. "I give a
damn about exposing somebody’s life, but I regard my
own sexuality as a personal matter", was his ugly mantra.
Racism and sexism must be encoded in his DNA, since
the information contained in the pillow interviews is at
times racially, religiously and sexually highly offensive to
a reasonable person. But it was even more offensive for
my self, since I suffered through his perversions and
witnessed the dirt of the closeted homosexual spy Chief.

I don‘t have a natural storyteller’s narrative command, but

this book will plunge the reader nonetheless into the murk

of Walt Blair Paterson’s abnormal psychology. The pillow
interviews are best described as a less-than-therapeutic but
more sarcastic inquiry into the reckless and impertinent
personality of the spy-heir. He often behaved like a
cartoon figure with a tragic character. During the
couch-talks I would sometimes sit like a psychologist at
the head of the sofa. Resting it on my knee, I carried a
small clipboard in my left hand and a pen in my right,
writing at a frantic pace. Almost like Freud, but Freud
was only an expert in fcuking his sister-in-law in Swiss
hotels. I became an expert in the shadowy world of
university espionage and the workings of a CIA contractor
and America’s war on foreign universities.

I would also become an authority in the up to this point

suppressed homosexuality of the Chief, known since then
in gay America less than kindly as Walt ‘Chiquita’
Paterson. Chiquita – formerly known as United Fruits, so
San Francisco! The United Fruit Company was part of the
American Shadow Government and influenced U.S. policy
toward Guatemala in the early 1950s. United Fruit owned

huge plantations in Guatemala and habitually crushed labor
unions there. One day United Fruit asked the CIA to
overthrow the country's first democratically elected
president and this request fell on eager CIA ears. The
CIA selected the next Guatemalan president, who had to
promise not to nationalize United Fruit’s operations.

The Chief seemed to know by heart many of the terrible

things his CIA contractor agents had committed in the
past 50 years, reciting their acts, crimes and goals like a
monk chanting scripture. He must have followed some
kind of CIA slogan menu as he spoke. Despite his
monk-like chanting, superficiality pervaded his slurred
speech. Phrases he had heard of or must have read before
dropped out of his mouth like a waterfall. Longing for
his infamy to become fame, the Chief was obviously
basking in a false glory during the sofa-interviews while
sowing the seeds of calamity for himself and his Shadow
Company. Behavioral science already teaches that small
changes in a man’s sex-life can have large effects on
keeping secrets. Unwittingly he was proving behavioral

science right with his disjointed and rambling confessions,
which read not unlike headlines in tabloid newspapers.

The reader should not get enticed to look for a scientific

analysis of university espionage in this book. I present
snapshots of a misfit and malcontent, and my focus is on
the often shocking and sometimes hilarious absurdities of
his life. Following each quotation from the Chief, I turn
– figuratively speaking - into a howling quarter back of a
gay football team bursting out of the locker room, looking
for a pretext to verbally assault the Chief – and America.

As time went by, our tête-à-têtes turned increasingly

contentious – more into pillow fights instead of pillow
interviews - with moments of icy tension vibrating in the
office and he warned me "You will pay a price if you
talk back to me". Close combat, office combat! The Chief
often spoke like a hooligan, with no dignity, and he
would lob names, curses and fresh remarks at me, calling
me "Inquisitor" and "Comfort Faggot". He loves
humiliation, in his privacy and in public settings. He also

loves, just like his "daddy" Walt B. Paterson, to pass
denunciations around. He lives in a fabricate-and-smear
cycle. He spreads denunciations with a straight face. Of
course, this is not a sensible thing to do, but he is not a
sensible person to begin with. But in the end, what he,
the CIA and Paterson Inc. do is not a question of skill,
but may be compared to clumsily throwing an egg at a
university library.

The Paterson Inc. predators feed on the openness and the

free flow of ideas at foreign universities. They abuse
technology to spy on most every overseas university
campus and sell the loot not only to the CIA, but also to
U.S. venture capital companies. In addition, Paterson Inc.
is feeding off the CIA’s contract for so long already that
they might refuse to leave the campus. Their spying
madness shakes universities at their foundation. For almost
50 treacherous years the spies from Paterson Inc. seemed
invincible. They bribed telephone companies, internet
providers and financial institutions to look unashamedly
into the private sphere of students and researchers. The

outrage over the alcohol and marijuana induced
confessions of the spy Chief will make sure that Paterson
Inc. will never again spy on even one person. Millions of
students and academics from around the globe will keep
this book on their bookshelves as a reminder of U.S.
perfidy. Paterson Inc. has outstayed its welcome at foreign
universities, which will become restricted territories for the
spy contractor.

Brand identity means everything for a company. Toyota is

hybrid since 10 years. The brand identity of America’s
car industry is restructuring! The greatest innovation of
the American car industry in the past decades was the car
cup holder. For years overweight U.S. car critics and
customers alike marveled about the technological
breakthrough to hold a can of coke. It’s a diabetes thing!

Of America’s ‘Big Three’ car companies, let’s take a

closer look at General Motors, one of the troubled
industrial zombies, which is in the super-duper
restructuring business for gas-guzzling clunkers since 30

years. GM will have successfully restructured from
583.000 U.S. employees in 1986 down to 38.000 by the
end of 2009. Japan's revenge on America. Having
successfully fired 545.000 employees, GM came up with
the ultimate restructuring plan to keep its business
grinding. Why? GM received a total of $70 billion in
freshly printed government money to get in and out of
Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, leading to GM’s
nationalization and name change into ‘Government
Motors’! The basket case GM is symptomatic for the
fundamental economic problems of both, private and
government sectors in the U.S. Both sectors are propped
up with inflation dollars recycled from China. No wonder
Americans are in love with the acronym ‘GIGO’: Garbage
in, Garbage out.

And what is Paterson’s brand identity? Theirs is spying

for the CIA; since 50 years. Happy Anniversary!

The brand Paterson Inc. is tarnished as academic

customers grow wary of its very name. It is an

illegitimate company doing a shadowy business with
universities. Paterson’s legal employees, its academic
customers, its stockholders and foreign governments all
will have a total loss of trust in this company. The
international public opinion these days just demands the
professional ruin of the main perpetrators, and since the
CIA cannot be any more ruined, that leaves only two
fall-guys: Walt Blair Paterson and his CIA contractor
company Paterson Inc. Under the circumstances there was
only one person who could bring down Paterson and that
was its spy Chief himself. After reading his own
pillow-interviews, his already limited confidence in his
own cerebral faculties must falter completely. ‘Paterson
Inc. is dead. Long live the CIA!" is the appropriate
working title of a new theater play premiering soon.

This all happens at a time of unprecedented

anti-Americanism, the best marketing tool this book can
hope for in the global market place. Why? According to
Washington D.C. based Pew Research Center,
anti-Americanism around the world actually increases with

social status and higher education, exactly the
demographic this book reaches out to. Anti-Americanism
has been fashionable and promotes the ugly image of the
American troublemakers abroad. The book will hit the
Zeitgeist right-on, bluntly identifying conspiracy theories
and facts, grim statistics and doomsday predictions of
failing men and women in America! This book is
appealing not only to the educated hard-core of
anti-Americanism, but also to everyone who’s
anti-Americanism was up to this point just a diffuse
feeling. It takes only a small book to broadcast Paterson’s
ugly secret to the world and pronounce the sofa-interviews
to global gossip.

Chauvinism in the U.S. and a genuine sense of outrage in

the rest of the world will point its finger at the book
time and again for additional media coverage working as
free advertising. My goal is to have the book translated
into several major languages to make Paterson’s
misadventures known far and wide. Translations will

undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for this book to find its
global customers.

Although this book is so far an un-established entity, this

will change overnight. The roving guerilla marketing
campaign on five continents will bring the homo-erotic
spy interviews into the game and usher in an end to
Paterson’s violation of higher education. The marketing
campaign from mild to wild for the book and its package
of movie deals and merchandise will aim at publishers,
stage theaters and studios alike who are clamoring more
and more for book manuscripts. Even un-framed
screenplays have a chance of being committed to film.

Unlike the best selling non-fiction work in U.S. publishing

history (26 million copies sold) by California bible
preacher Rick Warren, this book will reach a cross-over
market. As they say, there is always a million more! I
will list seven segments of the cross-readership for the
U.S. and ten segments for the world. Quotations from
Walt Blair Paterson are attached to each cross-over

segment as a feedback loop to indicate the Chief’s
megalomaniacal soliciting for the pillow-interviews.

U.S. cross-over markets and the Chief’s related feedback


1) U.S. religious fundamentalists: "Cave children played

with dinosaurs".
2) Flag waving U.S. chauvinists: "USA! USA! USA!"
3) U.S. Congress members: "We organize them male or
female prostitutes".
4) U.S. armed forces, U.S. crippled war-veterans and U.S.
war-criminals: "We went into Iraq to take revenge for
5) U.S. Homeland Security and its contractors: "We are a
covert operations contractor for the CIA".
6) U.S. private security companies: "Private security
contractors are the vanguard of our operations".
7) U.S. alcohol and sex offenders anonymous: "I should
go voluntarily on the sex offender registry".

International cross-over markets and the Chief’s related
feedback quotes:

1) Africans: "Edible canned learning tools for the African

2) Asians: "Bucktoothed Asian nerds".
3) Latin-Americans: "Unwashed, lazy asses"
4) Muslims: "Demon worshipers".
5) Gays and lesbians: "Comfort faggot".
6) S/M crowd: "She fist-fucked me".
7) Spying fetishists: "Fetishized act of brutality".
8) Conspiracy aficionados: "Air America played a crucial
9) Competitors: "We collect massive intelligence on our
10) Students and scholars from around the world:
"University people are late-term abortions who crawled out
of classrooms".

Although the Chief must have become notorious inside

the CIA for being a drunkard and a blabbermouth, it is

remarkable that he always remained silent when asked
about their hidden agenda in Canada, the largest trading
partner of the U.S. Why did he play ‘hide and seek’ with
me on the subject of spying in Canada? Nobody knows.

There is still much left to say in the introduction, since

so far the reader has been introduced only to a small
portion of the Paterson Inc. mystery, which is part of a
highly classified program. There is one problem and that
is Paterson’s shadow-role in the CIA off-shore contract to
spy at foreign universities is concealed and will always be
denied by the perpetrators. In other words, the American
secret services and Paterson Inc. have a proven capacity
for lying on an epic scale – and lying about the
non-existence of the CIA contract to spy at universities is
not wholly beyond their range of dishonesty. Why? A
spying contractor working for the CIA such as Paterson
Inc. is NOT SUBJECT to the Freedom of Information
Act. The secret files, the budget, the number of agents
and the entire power-structure of Paterson’s Shadow
Company will never be opened to the public for scrutiny!

In a perverse move the CIA managed to place politically
embarrassing espionage secrets beyond the reach of the
U.S. judicial process. The facts which this book discusses
and which will be known throughout the world can be
treated as private property of Paterson Inc. Both the CIA
and Paterson will uphold their secrecy claim similar to the
Pentagon Papers after their publication, which the U.S.
government refused to declassify. That means even when
overseas universities report espionage, and their lecture
hall or their laboratory is a crime scene, the known
perpetrator, that is the U.S. secret services and their
contractor, will refuse to cooperate.

But no matter what the Paterson Inc. muckrakers are

going to do, and no matter how much they are going to
actively deny their "total fishing operation", whitewash it
or turn it into another Iran-Contra cover-up, the fall-out
from the spying debacle is so massive and unmanageable
that not even huge amounts of money paid to public
relations companies for advise on spy-crisis management
is going to clean it up. In its frustration, Paterson Inc.

might turn to one fellow CIA contractor, a Washington
D.C. public relations company known for its CIA tactics,
and demand to have the playing field tilted in their favor:
‘Give the universities back to my spies’.

Under the circumstances, selling the book might cause

Paterson Inc. to sue me and pre-trial media coverage will
follow. Although I as editor dislike litigation, the case
might resound in the press, at least partially, not unlike
the ugly case of former British Petroleum BP CEO John
Browne and his homosexual boyfriend. As editor I can
argue in court that every Paterson Inc. product bears the
chill of a torture whip on the back of a kidnapped victim
in a secret CIA jail anywhere around the world. Yet the
CIA flatly denies the existence of the jails as it denies
the spying-contract with Paterson. The pillow interviews
focused on a scandal that no traditional journalist
previously touched, and not just because Walt Blair
Paterson rarely speaks to journalists.

Paterson’s business and its products in the peculiar
environment of universities are as fragile as a raw egg,
but Walt Blair Paterson hit that egg rather carelessly
against a whetstone. Should he be celebrated or ridiculed
for bursting the spy bubble? The homosexually and
politically charged pillow interviews, like spit on academic
values and a slap in the face of students, will spread like
a brush fire through universities, class rooms, talk radio
programs, political websites, spilling into the blog world,
Twitter and create a media storm. Students will find their
own voices beyond the pages of this book. Especially
blogs will put mega-watt loudspeakers to the mouths of
students and any whisper will become a global shout.
Universities will be safer because of it. What a fall from
fabricated grace for Paterson Inc. and its products
condensed into news headlines.

Students and scientists will speculate over the question

how the vicious Americans came up with the idea of
spying on their academic freedom with a university
supplier doing the dirty business? The world is ready for

an answer amidst class cancellations forced by students
worldwide to protest the presence of Paterson Inc. on
their campus. Higher education is ready for a carefully
orchestrated campaign of mass disruption. For almost 50
years Paterson has taught the academic community a thing
or two, but now pfffft…. They fooled overseas academics
for a long time and make intellectuals feel a little stupid.
The contract spies were biting the hand that feeds them.
For intelligence-challenged Paterson Inc., this will be
‘Apocalypse Now’! So far the superpower mentality has
nourished the spy-merchant, but now overseas student and
scientific communities ("dangerous thinkers") will flex
their cerebral muscles. U.S.-Americans have brute military
force, but not the brains to manage their own sub-prime
country or an overseas situation in Iraq, leave alone an
outraged academia.

Is Paterson Inc. a real power or a paper tiger at

universities around the globe? The CIA has certainly a
paper tiger by the tail here! The spy contractor will be
punished beyond recognition if students and professors

demand a ‘product’ change. Avoiding Paterson’s products
will starve the beast into a low-calorie beggar. Students
might suggest that the Americans dump their ‘products’ in
the ocean and go to hell. Angry scientists worldwide will
make a kink in the lifeline of Paterson Inc. by turning to
other suppliers. Doing business with the American
company will be compared to giving loot to an African

In a coalition of the willing, students will put in

all-nighters to study options and to draw up lists of stern
and un-compromising punishments to defang the CIA
monster. The winds of free speech by iron-hard students
will not just carry teeny-weeny rules for itty-bitty
university spies. Paterson Inc. is an anti-academic outfit
whose organizing principle is hatred of anything
non-American. Their racial profiling is based on a
‘bogeymen-theory’ of students all over the world.

The ferocious court of academic opinion will turn against

the CIA contractor. Not only Chinese students will knock

this American class enemy to the ground and then step
on it. Fiery students will wager bets on what is ‘morally
justifiable’ to punish Paterson Inc., who besmirched their
integrity, and no mercy can be expected from students.
But even closing the overseas subsidiaries of Paterson
does not justify the illegal and disastrous decision by
Walt B. Paterson ("daddy") to invade with his
spy-troopers foreign universities five decades ago. The
closure of Paterson Inc. will put an end to the U.S.

But it will take not long for the US government to work

out a rescue plan for the dysfunctional espionage
contractor, including bonus money handed out to Paterson
intelligence manipulators. During the pillow interviews it
became clear that the ‘intelligence’ Paterson Inc. delivers
doesn’t have to be solid, especially since it never gets
presented to the public. In other words, Paterson’s
‘intelligence’ gives a false sense of intelligence and
involves dubious, possibly cooked intelligence. Even when
America was trying to make a case before the U.N., U.S.

government officials engaged in cheating when presenting
‘evidence’ for threats to their ‘homeland’. Americans are
so morally bankrupt they are cheating on television game
shows. The spy Chief admitted that "We often present
murky intelligence as facts". It would be considered bad
business for a spy contractor to admit the limits of their
spying. But one has to keep in mind that it is Paterson
Inc. which delivers the ‘intelligence’ from overseas
universities before the CIA or the Pentagon dispatch their
special operations teams to hunt for ‘high-level’ targets at

My homosexual tormentor opened the door to the

anticipated student and professor reactions, and he has to
take full responsibility for the public response. The
spooky Chief is responsible for Paterson Inc. going poof
faster than he could say ‘espionage’. In his few years of
tenure Walt Blair Paterson was presiding over two
significant failures: First, disclosing one of the best kept
spying secret of the CIA and second, pushing Paterson
Inc. head first over a cliff. The resulting crashes caused

by the spy Chief will be bookmarked in the annals of the
CIA and the purses of the stockholders as god-awful.

The spy Chief’s tenure has been marked by ineptitude

and scandal, and some colleagues at the CIA will accuse
him of incompetence. A CIA ‘truth commission’ might
force the pervert to read his own interviews until he cries
and the pages are slipping through his trembling fingers.
This book will reconnect the Chief with an employee out
of his past he had de-friended and would rather forget.
Maybe the foreskin-challenged prig wants to write the
preface for his biography?

The most likely outcome for the blabbermouth will be to

spend more ‘time with his family’, just as U.S. senator
and family-morals man David Vitter first denied
prostitution accusations in Washington before he decided
to spend ‘more time with his family’. Or is the
homosexual Chief going to abandon his wife and children
and flees his house before CIA agents knock on his door,
intent on bringing him in for revealing the secret

university espionage? An alternative for the spy master is
the alcoholic rehabilitation as his favorite retreat.

Having all that time on his hand, Gestapo-face Walt Blair

Paterson can team up with the imprisoned ex-football star
O.J. Simpson to write their tandem-biography ‘If we did
it’. In his book ‘If I did it’, Simpson explains how he
would have gone about murdering his ex-wife and her
boyfriend, if he would have been the madman killer. In a
package deal, the little-league author Walt Blair Paterson
and the cutting edge ex-football player O.J. Simpson will
invite, in a nod to the Humane Society [an animal
protection organization], dog-man and ex-football player
Michael Vick to contribute one chapter on his pit-bull
fighting operations. Why? Recipes and cookbooks have
long been a favorite of the Paterson family and that is
why Walt Blair Paterson dons a professional chef hat and
presents a whole chapter with recipes for barbecued dog
meat in the tandem-biography.

The spy Chief is a blood-sport lover and has picked up
that favorite dish of him in the cock-fighting circles of
the U.S. West, where the cock-man finds entertainment
and where grilled dog flesh is served to fill hungry
spectator’s snouts. The Chief was obsessed with "watching
the dogs mate" before they were slaughtered and grilled
for human consumption. "The Mexicans make delicious
barbecue dog meat". He opened his mouth to let out a
long and loud burp. "I wolf it down, it improves my sex
drive". Suddenly he went down onto the carpet on his
hands and knees, rolled around on his back and was
flapping with his elbows and knees. His tongue was
clucking like a chicken. The crazed grin on his face
reminded of images from ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s

Dear reader, we are heading into nut country today: In

March 2009 in the California city of Oakland 69 people
were arrested, 100 roosters seized and more than $4.000
confiscated in a big cockfighting bust. "I love to go to
cockfights, it’s a bloody show". What the spy Chief loves

compares for other people to child pornography – it is
illegal. "It’s a freaking slaughter". Is the torture of
animals - the terrible suffering rooster, bitten, ripped, torn
and screaming in pain - sexually stimulating for the
Chief? "It has an untamed artistic quality to it". The
Chief’s rank underwear is spotted with urine and shit, just
like the feathers of a frightened fighting cock. In the
illegal subculture of cockfights bets on favorite cocks can
be placed and the spy Chief likes to bet money for
animal blood. Imagine all the eyeballs the authors-trio will
get among the dog- and cock-fighting crowds for their
literary contribution ‘Cockfighting for Morons’. The trio
can certainly expect to hear some ringing cash registers
from the sale of their reference book.

How will the inferno surrounding the Shadow Company

be kept from spreading to every corner of Paterson Inc.?
Teetering at the precipice, the company might start selling
its remaining products at extra low, distressed prices to
the disgusted folks at universities around the world. But
as customers, students and teachers will have zero

tolerance for the U.S. dirty-tricks company. Will it come
to the point that the conglomerate literally can’t give
away its products? Will its business value cave in and the
company quit its business? In a cost cutting move
suggestive of tomorrow, big institutional investors might
demand that the company’s headquarter be reduced to a
voice-mail box and a ghostly website. Tomorrow might
have already begun to run its course. Financial predators
might propose to carve up the remnants of the company
and eliminate its name. This will not be in the best
interest of unsuspecting shareholders, but far better than
the savage and dangerous Paterson Inc. the interviews
helped depose of. Paterson could go bankrupt, but it‘s
Shadow Company might not go out of business.

Others might suggest putting the cynical cowboys from

Paterson Inc. out to Midwestern pasture. Board,
management and former CIA agents will make a
breath-taking, pitchfork-wielding used farm equipment sales
mob in the remote hinterlands of the U.S. The Chief will
love to smoke meth with hollow-cheeked bareback

cowboys behind rotting grain silos in the Brokeback

The court of public opinion doesn’t have much patience

and demands that Paterson Inc. takes a bow, asks its
victims for forgiveness and switches its lights off. The
Chief’s spy confessions will irritate not only the academic
customers of its products, to say the least. The
competitors of Paterson Inc. were just waiting for them to
screw up. But it remains questionable whether U.S.
competitors of Paterson Inc. will have any credibility left
after the espionage at universities is known far and wide.
Students and professors are forced to recalibrate U.S.
companies in general and toss out whoever doesn’t deliver
what is expected. In other words, business schools define
American university suppliers not as a cover-up for the

Will the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission finally

be forced to look into Paterson’s business practices? Only
an old hand at the Internal Revenue Service will figure

out Paterson’s shadow accounting practices. Did Paterson
Inc. break the ‘fair disclosure’ rules requiring the
dissemination of important information to all investors?
Paterson Inc. shareholders might lose their investment in
the Paterson Inc. fraud of becoming secretly a CIA
contractor. It is interesting to note that U.S. federal
sentencing guidelines link the length of a possible prison
term for the spy-in-Chief to the size of the financial loss
to the public. Once in jail the Chief can write a
first-hand experience essay about the philosophical
question of arch-conservative Senator John Ashcroft of
Missouri: ‘Do you believe there’s a constitutional right to
homosexual conduct by prisoners?’

By the time this book is published Paterson Inc. and Walt

Blair Paterson might be guilty on another criminal count:
obstruction of justice. They might have taken out through
back doors any remaining evidence of the CIA contract.
Rules don’t work if people have no fear of them.
Obstruction of justice is a common practice at the CIA.
The agency destroyed nearly 100 tapes of torture

interrogations to protect the identities of CIA questioners
in 2009.

This is the story of Walt Blair Paterson, whose name has

become shorthand for an American era of espionage,
greed and deceit around the world. Would a reasonable
person want to know what drove defrocked Paterson Inc.
to take such cruel actions against its very customers at
universities? The answer is money and power. Americans
will do anything for a dollar progressing their bank
account and to project U.S. power.

The U.S. is spending on their spying agencies with

combined 100.000 employees [not counting contractors]
more than the rest of the world together. They spend
fifty-thousand million dollars, or in other words, 50 billion
dollars annually on their spies. Almost three quarters of
the 50 billions are going to spy contractors. This
tremendous pile of money is for a CIA contractor such as
Paterson Inc. a real gold mine. A numeric example
explains a billion dollar pile this way: Picture a million

dollars as a four-inch stack of thousand dollar bills. A
comparable billion-dollar stack is 333 feet tall. A 50
billion-dollar stack of thousand dollar bills stands 5 km or
more than 3 miles high. The contractors’ zeal for a few
yards of thousand dollar bills is understandably very high.

That enormous money incentive explains why the U.S.

government and U.S. business are working together in
their claim to fight what they call terrorism, formerly
know as communism. In a real twist, money once used to
fight terrorism is now shifted under the Obama
administration to fight financial fraud in the U.S. Nobody
knows how much of this ‘terrorism’ and ‘financial fraud’
is actually fabricated by the alliance between U.S.-agencies
and the privately owned American Shadow Government?
And the longer the U.S. military presence in Iraq is going
on, the more government money is flowing into
contractor’s pockets. U.S. contractors in Afghanistan are
given stacks of thousand dollar bills as incentive to search
for but NOT to ‘find’ the alleged terrorist Osama Bin

The U.S. Patriot Act was enacted after the 9-11 World
Trade Center conflagration was blamed on Islamic
terrorists, quite similar to the Ermächtigungsgesetz Hitler
enacted in 1933 after the conflagration of the German
Parliament Building, which was blamed on communists.
To protect the German homeland from further attacks,
Hitler waged pre-emptive wars just like 43rd President
Bush waged pre-emptive wars of aggression against
Afghanistan and Iraq.

The secret provisions of the American Patriotic Act

include almost certainly attacks on foreign universities.
The hired guns from CIA & Paterson are focusing their
attacks on students and intellectuals and fight a hidden
war at universities around the earth. Are secret U.S.
government squads silencing their academic enemies? In
2007 four handcuffed Iraqis in Baghdad were shot in the
head by U.S. military police and then dumped into the
Tigris after the Americans were frustrated over lack of
evidence after they had been attacked.

The Shadow Company within Paterson Inc. operates for
money and outside of any national laws. The various
backgrounds of the spy-operatives are befitting for their
awful intentions: "Former Army Delta forces; Marine
snipers; U.S. Army rangers; special operations officers."
This is sort of a white supremacist recruitment policy of
military personnel - gunslingers for hire - into the CIA
contractor Paterson. Just like their military counterparts,
the CIA contractor Paterson could have a moral waivers
program to admit convicted felons, with allowable offenses
ranging from murder to kidnapping. Spying is a
consequential and deadly business.

Nobody knows if the spy contractor’s agents were not

lending disguised support for extraordinary renditions, as
the U.S. calls abductions. The Chief whacked his meaty
fist into his palm - thwack! - as he explained the hardball
tactics of his American espionage goons: "We take them
out" - thwack! thwack! thwack! - was one of the
alarming lines from the whacko Chief about the
"student-enemy in the classroom". At these moments the

Chief had the face of a devil and only lacked horns.
According to him, the campus gunmen from CIA &
Paterson have a script for Virginia-Tech-style massacres at
foreign universities. Even the mass-murderer from Virginia
Tech had written a paper detailing the deadly shooting
long before his murderous rampage. Will there student
bodies be found behind overseas university buildings one
day? More than a few students and scientists at overseas
universities can be considered a theoretical threat to U.S.
interests. A U.S. Senate committee that once investigated
assassination plots judged murder to be in keeping with
the ideals of their grotesque nation America.

How should the University Enemy No. 1 be treated? The

global outcry over the CIA & Paterson university
spy-troopers will demonstrate the depth of academic
resentment toward the U.S. in general and against
Paterson Inc. in particular. Everyone at Paterson Inc. must
be regarded as morally unfit to be even indirectly
involved with supplies sold to universities and colleges.
With the Paterson university infiltration forces, academic

freedom moves in the direction of Afghanistan. American
‘freedom’ is a sort of super-ideology which justifies every

Under the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan there was not an

ounce of heroin exported from that country. Now under
American occupation Afghanistan turned into the largest
exporting nation of heroin. Air America is retching up its
cargo capacity!

It’s a strategy! "The security of my country comes way

before the personal freedom of students; we don’t operate
on the presumption of innocent until proven guilty."
Americans are very cruel. As an answer to the Chief’s
provocations, students can rip a page from the playbook
of Reverent Al Sharpton, who often calls for boycotting a
company’s products. It is highly unlikely that students and
professors will reach out with their money to grease the
sewage plant of Paterson Inc. by buying their products.
Most students and intellectuals would rather be attacked

by wild dogs than take a Paterson Inc. product into their

The world witnessed the vicious re-branding of

‘democracy’ through the U.S. war of aggression against
Iraq. ‘Democracy’ is America’s radioactive code for
overthrowing regimes by force that America does not like
(anymore). It’s hidden mission was the unashamed attempt
by America to steal Iraq‘s national oil wealth. This brings
to focus the ruthlessness with which Americans brutally
enforce their interest.

The Chief is a heavy-drinking, completely cynical egoist

and an uncivil tongue. "Revenge is marching alongside
our intelligence force into foreign universities, whether it
pleases the university mob or not" is one of the spy
Chief’s horrific statements. The pro-gun spies from
Paterson Inc. are a clear and present danger at foreign
universities. They operate in an ethics-free zone. Will
students the world over carry concealed weapons to
defend themselves against arms bearing spies from

Paterson Inc.? U.S. students are already blazing the trail
and holster handguns in the wake of the Virginia Tech
killings. Lawmakers in Texas and in a number of other
states are discussing laws to allow concealed guns on
college campuses. Guns in American universities will
become as ever-present as laptops and cell-phones.

As of 2009 a Kentucky pastor is welcoming handgun

owners to wear their firearms inside the church. The
pastor‘s sermon focuses on his strong belief in God and
firearms. Ken Pagano, the pastor, argues that recent
shootings inside churches and universities highlight the
need to be always armed in America. Also in 2009 the
House of Representatives passed a law with an
overwhelming vote in the 90-percent range to allow
Americans to carry pistols in National Parks. That makes
National Parks much safer places for paranoid Americans.
What a difference a half-Muslim African-American
President can make to America!

The brutalized overseas universities need parliamentary
hearings that educate and illuminate their academics.
Hearings like the Watergate hearings. There must be
hearings that will pursue every single legal avenue and
actually help the victims to get their personal data and
research out of the American paws. Its findings will
shock every affected university department. Victims must
demand thorough protections for the future and insurances
there will be no other copycats and parasitic freeloaders.

Do I as writer risk too much in the face of CIA

kidnappings and torture interrogations of America’s
enemies in secret CIA jails? It remains to be seen if free
speech will be trampled by America’s secret services. The
executive order of American President Obama to stop CIA
kidnappings and torture and close secret prisons gives me
the extra needed courage to publish the interviews in

The interviews tear away the mask of Walt Blair Paterson

and make everyone see what is inside the foggy brain of

the Chief. Paterson Inc. appears to be an all-source CIA
contractor which not only plans university intelligence
operations, but also supports and collects human and
electronic intelligence, analyses, writes and stores reports
for the CIA. Unfortunately, Walt Blair Paterson would not
go beyond the big spying picture, would not give names
and numbers or shed light on the chemistry between
Paterson Inc. and the CIA. The Chief didn’t disclose any
living agents’ names because that is a serious criminal
offense in the U.S., punished by years behind bars. Nor
did he ever explain details of an operation. Was the Chief
just an ill-informed, saber-rattling B-spy who served as
the pawn of powerful CIA interests and had nothing to
do with day to day operations and strategy of his Shadow
Company? The semi-secretiveness of Walt Blair Paterson
was an additional barrier to my curiosity while I worked
for him over the course of several years as his "comfort

It is not even sure if he knows all the names of the

countries his Shadow Company has clandestine operations

going, given the poor geographical knowledge Americans
are plagued with. I had sometimes doubt when the Chief
named countries – Africa or Wogadougou or some such
place - because he might have been confused. I suspect
that his alcoholism was an open secret within the CIA
and therefore he might not have had access to in-depth
intelligence reports within his own sub-contracting
company. His lukewarm knowledge always lacked details.

On the other hand: If the Chief knows something about

Paterson‘s university espionage, then he wouldn‘t talk
about details. If he would have talked much about details,
then he doesn‘t know anything. In other words: If the
Chief wouldn‘t have known, he would have told me!

My understanding was that he was feeling inferior about

his line of work, since he was doing his tasks so drunken
that he often had to hug the toilet bowl during office
hours. Undoubtedly, the Chief had a lot of great moments
on bathroom floor. However, the interviews are the kind
of CIA insider information not even told in whispers once

upon a time and never, never mentioned to a person
outside the secret service.

There are more questions than answers in the Paterson

Inc. case. The size of the Paterson Inc. spy and sabotage
force at universities around the world is cloaked in
secrecy. "None of our agents is aware of the size of our
operation". The true numbers and the budget might be
even hidden from most U.S. legislators. Or did the
American Congress simply not want to know about the
university spying program? This was the case in the
secret B-52 bombings of Cambodia and the ousting of its
President Sihanouk through a CIA coup, which the
American Congress opted to ignore or was just too
ignorant for.

Dating back to the National Security Act of 1947 the

U.S. has laws for a top secret category of covert action
programs which hides the role of America. For eight
years former vice-President Dick Cheney made use of this
law by operating an unidentified high priority program,

which was started shortly after the World Trade Center
conflagrations and continued until June 2009. The
enhanced counterterrorism hunt was withheld from the
American Congress to ensure the effectiveness of the
assassination program. America admitted to kidnappings,
secret jails and torture. The CIA assassinates Al-Qaeda
figures in Pakistan with missiles fired from unmanned
drones. So what is there left to hide? U.S. intelligence
analysts are fond to point out that longstanding U.S.
assassination programs predate the twin-tower nosedives
and Bush/Cheney’s time in power! Americans draw energy
from killing.

Let’s have a look at the CIA & Paterson contractor

sidebar: Is Paterson running an international hit squad out
of its university supply warehouses? My portrayal of what
exactly the Paterson program entails is, at best, ‘pillow
circumstantial’! My intellectual independence requires that
I am not a Paterson apologist, reeking with pro-American
cynicism. But in an ethical lapse of monumental
proportions it was America‘s press who failed to unmask

the CIA & Paterson conspiracy! It’s time that other
reporters have the sudden urge to get to that thing and
make Paterson the target of one of their withering
takedowns. But remember that closed CIA contractor
societies don’t want prying eyes.

Ugly American university policemen are beneath the

dignity of academics! The estimated CIA & Paterson Inc.
doppelgänger spies amount to roughly twice to ten times
the ‘regular’ Paterson Inc. employees, a number not
entirely unrealistic. Why? Secret police and espionage
armies are not unusual. Egypt maintains 1.4 million secret
police officers, four times the size of its regular army and
financed by U.S. foreign aid. A similar number of 1.5
million police snitches was set up by the pro-American
dictatorship of President Thieu in South Vietnam and
financed by America during the 1970s.

Even in his drunken stupor the Chief was unwilling to

disclose more information. He had learned not to indulge
in explaining his strategies. Therefore the pillow

interviews can be criticized for their lack of precision.
Observational evidence is hard to come by, since the
Shadow Company operates as a principle in the dark like
any other secret service. Further, Paterson Inc. stands in
the tradition of the U.S. espionage-industrial complex.
Should their secrets ever be unveiled they will cut and
run and then the culprit remains out of sight for ever.
Evidence of the Paterson Inc. spying, of course, can only
come from circumstantial evidence: the incriminating
interviews, the writing on the walls, the ringing bells.

Although I know meanwhile much about the Shadow

Company, the price of knowledge is sometimes
uncertainty. Do my questions and his confessions carry
enough weight to throw a monkey wrench in the gigantic
spying machine of Paterson Inc.? For the accuracy of his
answers speaks the old saying that drunkards and idiots
tell the truth. Or as a Russian proverb has it, what a
sober man has on his mind, a drunkard puts on his
tongue. And he was surely drunk each time when he
reached out for my underpants. The publication of the

101 tête-à-têtes with Walt Blair Paterson will do their part
to disperse any doubts in the evil nature of Paterson Inc.
That alone will cause an upheaval of staggering
proportions in the world of students and scholars, where
U.S. arrogance is not liked much.

Although the oral evidence from the pillow interviews

against the spy contractor is breathtaking, only the
Chief-of-spies him self or officers of the spy contractor,
or the CIA can expand through details the confessions
made during the interviews. No apologies or legal actions
will undermine the confessions made by the Chief. Due to
the nature of the pillow interviews, this investigational
booklet is comparable to putting a finger on a snowflake.
The more precise I try to be, the more the snow melts
away. This documentary is not about one single espionage
event that happened but rather about the way things work
in America.

What will investigative journalists find out about Paterson

Inc. and its perverse and trembling alcoholic blabbermouth

Chief who likes to swill whisky? Who are the secret
enablers of the Paterson Inc.’s spying contract? Is the
Shadow Company outsourcing part of their growing
intelligence business and to whom? The hunt is on for
culprits and scapegoats. Why did nobody inside Paterson
Inc. question the build-up of the Shadow Company? Who
is Walt Blair Paterson’s right hand man, the figure who,
from the shadows, makes all the decisions that matter?
Who runs the day to day spying business as operations
chief of the far flung spy network? What will conspiracy
theorists make of the CIA & Paterson double agents? Is
Paterson Inc. spying for other organizations? "I am
planning to provide our services also to industrial
companies". Why sell it once when you can sell it three

Is Paterson Inc. also spying for the ‘Defense Intelligence

Agency’ of the Pentagon? The Chief is a master
salesman. The Pentagon out-sources the largest share of
the U.S. government contracts, which has reached a
volume of four hundred billion dollars annually. A

company with experiences such as Paterson Inc. is in a
prime position to bid for intelligence collection and
analysis for the Pentagon, which is pushing its military
intelligence operations to unprecedented levels. For
example the Pentagons plans for cyber-warfare will funnel
billions of dollars in new defense contracts and into the
coffers of companies like Paterson Inc.

If you, the reader, want to get a little bit of a sense of

what the CIA's dark arts at universities are like, keep
reading the following pages of this book. Will this book
expose more secret operations by Paterson Inc.? Nobody
knows yet but future answers might be absolutely right.

It is not easy to say ‘drunkard’ in 101 different ways,

nor does it come easy to describe 101 times my own
disgust during unwanted homosexual encounters. I know
meanwhile a lot about university spying, but that doesn’t
make me an expert on CIA espionage.


What a Name can do for a CIA

Espionage Contractor

Walt Blair Paterson never endangered his attention
deficit disorder and made listening optional. He used to
dose off when people talked with him on the phone, their
words coming in to one ear of the Chief, went out the
other ear and there was not much in-between. To keep
himself awake he would scratch his unwashed private
parts. He had inherited a twenty percent ownership in
Paterson Inc. and had nothing accomplished except for
being a low-life alcoholic and marijuana hick with a
dog’s breath. But he had nearly three hours of
administrative work experience to his credit, which his
rubber-stamp board of directors and his Washington spy
masters took duly into consideration when they let him
and his cronies take control of Paterson Inc. and its
subsidiary, the CIA university espionage contractor.
Nepotism runs high at the Shadow Company.

The trickle-down corruption as a way of life in the

power-circle surrounding him must be more befitting for
the entourage of a Third-world dictator than a university
supplier. The Chief would perform any indignity

imaginable for green bucks [dollars]. Very few people are
crooks like him, only former U.S. President Nixon comes
to mind when one thinks in terms of ‘breaking in’ or
‘secretly taping’. The Chief’s golden rule was never to
step out of his den unless absolutely necessary. It is an
ancient trick of creating power by making few
appearances before underlings.

Coming out

The Chief’s Neanderthaler-face was usually expressionless

when he was sitting bent over on his office sofa, clinging
to the whisky bottle. But if my words contained only a
hint of deviating from the heterosexual world his mind

would spring into action. He would wipe his forehead and
his widened eyes, ready to pop out of their sockets,
would stare at me with excitement. Then his eyes winked
at me as if something of great importance was taking
place that need not be put into words. Instead of words
his jaw moved from side to side like a goat chewing
grass. Soon he became obsessed with touching me, first
as if by accident, later more and more tinged with his
homosexual desire. He must have imagined that all gay
men secretly demand to be touched in his office. Or
probably he thought that gay men are rent-boys, always
trying to make a sale. His sexual behavior had seemingly
waited for more than half a century to be changed in an
instant. He gave the impression of a religiously inspired
‘sworn homosexual virgin’ that broke his promissory
words and fell headlong for my uncut wiener.

Driven by his desperate need to make homosexual contact

with a man, the voice of a pansy suddenly spoke from
the mouth of the closeted and sex-starved spy Chief: "I
want to swallow your semen and drink your pee", he said

in the oily way of a salesman who is about to offer you
something you know you don’t want. Maybe I should
have packed some of my desired semen on dry ice and
send it via UPS to him. But his split personality wanted
man-on-man sex by any means possible. "Does romance
between men really exist?" he asked while his heart must
have been pounding wildly at gerbil speed, because his
hands were trembling as if before God. "I have never
dated a man before". Befitting for an American with a
puritan notion of moral while flirting with his homosexual
dark side, the only man the Chief ever came close to was
his homosexual skeleton in the closet.

To become a human being, was the Chief just missing a

penis up his behind? "I am in love!" he was yodeling
and I became the heartthrob in the mind of the lonely
spy Chief. The druggie-wuggie craved hanky-panky and
his brain was giving him the alcohol induced hallucination
that he was in a gay romantic relationship, hidden from
his estranged wife. He would employ every trick he knew
to please me, despite the fact that I told him to have his

first homosexual encounter with someone who would
appreciate it. "I will abandon my wife and career to be
with you", the simian offered, whereas I thought it more
romantic to hook up with a chimpanzee at the zoo. The
unmoved spy Chief found him self cold-shouldered, turned
into a crybaby and washed his face with tears. The Chief,
the CIA‘s hatchet man, was misting up over his own
tragedy! He mouthed unfortunate feelings of fondness and
affection while I felt revulsion.

The rejected Chief crawled on the floor direction desk,

his alcoholism urged him on. He came up on his knees,
rummaged on the wrong side of the desk for the whisky
bottles and cursed the furniture. Then he wobbled
carefully on his knees to the other side of the desk,
reached in, pulled the whisky out, opened it and took five
gluttonous swallows, his Adam’s apple popping up and
down. He must have felt dehydrated and whisky is the
stuff of his life. Teary eyed he held his hand out to me
and asked "Where do I go now?" I thought to suggest
the American Bible Institute. All hell was about to brake

lose soon after. One day he curled up into an oversized
ball and covered his balding head with his arms. His
knees suddenly started to vibrate in a most curious way
and a penetrating sweetish smell drifted up from the spy
Chief and soon filled the office air. Then he shot out of
the office and ran into the filthy bathroom across the
murky hallway, trailing what one can smell from the
sidewalks in the dark alleys of American cities – piss.

The gay freshman made a quick transition from the closet

to homosexual voracity. He suddenly behaved like an
animal on steroids, unable to quit his unquenchable
addiction. With his moon face and horny mind he could
have been on cortisone. He walked a thin line between
his masochistic inclinations and his aggressive behavior.
Working for the Chief of spies was a long and tortuous

American spies have long degenerated into organized

bandits. The CIA once bugged a Las Vegas hotel room to
find out for a mafia-boss if his girlfriend was having an

affair with a comedian. "I have investigated my ex-wives
because I believe I am not the biological father of all my
children", the Chief yelled with pink eyes, cupped his
hands like a megaphone and damned the female world in
his foul-mouthed way. "Fcuk you all, bitches!"

Caught with his pants down, he began to tell the story of

his own Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde double life. As if wanting
to introduce a new kind of undergarment, the Chief would
often sit on the sofa dressed-down into black rubber
underpants which stank to heaven, and a feather boa in
the delicate shade of dog-shit brown. He was not exactly
from the fashion police, his background was more like the

One cold January morning he slipped his drab cold-war

trench coat from his shoulders and dropped his greasy
looking pants. "Sometimes I am misbehaving on the
morning train". Pumped for a real stinker, the serial sex
offender reached into his crotch and pulled a not-so-clean
dildo from his squeaking ass. "I love these bumpy rides

on the train when I am packing", marveled the vulgar
flasher. Unceremoniously he had deflowered himself with
his favorite dildo. Even John Updike would have thrown

The Chief has always been drawn to the seamier side of

life, closer to reality television than to ‘Masterpiece
Theater’. His offices were located in a run-down building
in the seedy part of town. The upper-floors in that
building were not rented out and for that reason the
bathrooms there much cleaner than downstairs. This is
where I normally went to relieve myself. Running like a
pig, the Chief would follow me sometimes upstairs to get
a partial look of me sitting on the can. He would peek
through the crack between the frame and the stall door.
His lewd conduct in the men’s room was not unlike that
of former Senator Larry Craig, who later claimed the case
against him was misconstrued. Indeed, as everybody
knows by now it was the undercover restroom-policeman
who solicited Senator 'I Am Not Gay' Craig on an airport

toilet for sex between men by waving his hand under the
stall’s partition.

Standing in a wide stance outside the stall, the Chief

expanded his staring into a bold question one day. "Sir,
can I lick your boots?" his voice asked from beyond the
stall door. Did he want to dine on the wind and drink
the dew? Surprised I flipped the lock open, leaned back
and watched the closet-case go down on his knees,
breathing the dust or whatever there was on the floor as
he bent down to lick my boots. "Please don’t tell my
wife", pleaded the masochistic Chief while his tongue was
black from licking boots. Phlegm dribbled from his
distorted mouth and soiled his shirt. I actually enjoyed the
tickle coming to my sensitive toes from the Chief’s
swishing tongue. The creepy bootlicker unbuckled his belt
and opened his fly, pulled his knickers down to the knees
and reached for his cock inside the underwear. He began
masturbating until he announced the spilling of his seeds
with a groan, foaming up the bathroom floor. He pulled
his tongue off my boots, stood up, got his pants back on,

closed the stall door and walked away with a "I like that,
thank you Sir". The masochistic Chief must have left the
soiled men’s room floor behind with a feeling of bond
toward my boots that he might not be able to explain to
his wife.

The CIA should have him dishonorably discharged for

‘men’s room indiscretion’, since his preferences grew ever
more unworldly. He was about to turn himself into the
proverbial toilet. The other morning he was in the upstairs
bathroom kneeling next to the urinals as I stepped in.
Seeing the pig on the floor I made a wild guess what he
was waiting for – ‘Happy Hour: All You Can Drink’. As
nature was calling I raised my leg pantomiming a dog.
The frisky Chief looked like the caricature of a pit-bull -
thirsty for what is not yet the national drink of America.

During ‘tea-time’ Pee-Wee Paterson liked to guzzle ‘it’

with his eyes shut in ecstasy, which made me act rather
generously. I let fly, changing - Yes I Can! - between
fast spurting and slow dribbling. He caught most of it in

his gaping mouth with little drool on his chin and drank
it all with gusto. That soft-drink must have been a
watershed, something big and aquatic like a tsunami for
the Chief. The feelings of the tearoom-party really
flustered him, since afterwards moans of passion, a little
burp of after taste and a whiff of pecker breath rose from
the Chief‘s throat.

He acted in the office often very selfish, for example

when he rocked his nimble fist ferociously, masturbating
himself until he was red in the face. "Doesn’t my wiener
look like that banana-shaped magazine of an AK-47", he
asked while looking at the contours of his not-so-deadly
weapon. The laughingstock worked himself into a sweaty
frenzy, his thinning hair flailing while his eyes blinked
nervously. Occasionally he was mopping the sweat from
his forehead. Frantically, frenzied, heaven only knows how
he finished it! Finally a long string of jelly was dangling
from his cock, which had a repulsive odor. "I want to be
thought of as intelligent and honorable", mumbled of all
things the American spy Chief.

Bearing in mind the Chief is coming from a family who
invented academic lynching on a global scale, I got the
impression that the ‘Land of Opportunity’ is all but a
cruel joke. The semi-naked Olympic drinker hunched over
on the sofa and looked like a haunting gargoyle. Lost in
apathy his eyes stared empty on the floor while he was
sitting there vegetating. His brain had fallen asleep and
forgot to tell his body what to do.

Like a defecating pig with a besotted flabby belly, the

semi-obese stinker suddenly blurted out the CIA &
Paterson spying operations while smearing semen all over
his shaved pubic bristles as if icing on a cake. Observing
his jelly-masterpiece and with the corners of his mouth
sagging he finally emerged from his idiocy and
stammered: "I manage secret worldwide spying operations
at universities and research centers"! And so the code of
silence was broken by the uncombed helmsman. Paterson
Inc. is giving the CIA a thousand eyes on overseas
universities, academics, students, research, political
enemies, fingerprints, bank accounts and much more.

"We are a covert operations contractor for the CIA".
Paterson Inc. had expanded its original university supplier
business beyond any legal and moral justification. "Our
affiliation with the CIA is classified information". The
brainchild of the CIA had grown into an ugly monster.
"We are kicking academic ass since five decades". He
held his juiceless balls and coughed as if testing for
hernia. "Our work is so sensitive that I am not allowed
to discuss it". He was about to divulge the spy
contractor’s secrets until his lips would grow blisters.

From Rags to Riches

The Chief’s line of the Paterson family had descended

from bootleggers, which provided illegal home delivery of
beer, wine and liquor during prohibition. They displayed
their provincial ignorance in tandem with their flashy new
wealth. Even today blood-drenched eruptions of gun
violence over turf are common among bootleggers in
Kentucky, because laws still do not allow for regular
sales of alcohol in that state.

The Chief’s ‘daddy’ started out as a street criminal and

never learned to control his brutish instincts. His clownish
son, preoccupied with homosexual shamelessness, inherited
this self-destructive trait by homosexually assaulting me
while I was his employee. "My daddy’s branch of the

family was so far removed from the line of inheritance
[at the university supplier] that all he got was the name
Paterson", said the privileged son of an unprivileged son.
This mundane reality explains why ‘daddy’ Walt B.
Paterson was so easy to tempt with the stock from other
Paterson Inc. shareholders, with which the corporate
fudger enriched himself. ‘Daddy’s’ pockets were as empty
as the coffers at Lehman that he developed a stock-based
kleptomania problem.

His ‘daddy’ looked like a midsized and paunchy

everyman with checkered sweaters and khaki pants.
‘Daddy’ climbed from rags to riches in less than a
decade. "I always like to tell that my ancestors were
British royals". The spy Chief might be as perverse as
some British royals, but this is as far as royal British
relations go. To signal the depth of his longings for a
blue-blooded ancestry, he scratched his from blue
hemorrhoids ridden behind!

"All told daddy cleared hundreds of millions of dollars in
stocks", recounted the inheritor of the spying bonanza,
who is as phony as a wooden penny. "My daddy was a
crafty, grasping guy who made quite a bit of it". If
‘daddy’ and son would hit the counter together, there
would be the hollow sound of counterfeit coins.

Under cover of Paterson Inc. the CIA unleashed its wild

dogs of espionage, hiring and using any American bastard
as long as he was anti-Communist. The two men, ‘daddy’
and son, would become the devil’s ass-kisser through their
journey into the hell of CIA espionage with no return.
Why is it that in the Paterson family bad people turned

According to the Chief, the reason why the Paterson clan

was able to keep control of the university supplier and
CIA contractor lies in the family’s small gene pool. Or
shall we say he is the unlucky winner in the genetic
lottery for an extremely small gene pool? Although the
Chief never mentioned incest for the narrow gene pool of

his family, he didn’t rule it out. Nevertheless, did genes
dictate the family’s fate? University scientists found out
recently that not only depression can be inherited. The
Paterson family seems to be exposed to the life
experience of university espionage, traceable to their
personalities that take similar risks. The Paterson’s small
gene pool consequently placed ‘daddy’ and son at the
much greater risk of being exposed to the CIA’s
aggressive environment. The Paterson family of academic
low-achievers was preoccupied with fantasies of violence,
fear of and revenge against intellectuals. The Paterson
family is suffering from an extreme obsessive-compulsive
spying disorder - because of their unglamorous small gene
pool! The essence of U.S. university espionage is nihilistic
violence, and only one family has embodied wreaking that
kind of damage to academia as effectively as the drunken
Paterson’s have.

The former Chief of Paterson Inc., ‘daddy’ Walt B.

Paterson, jumped from being a salesman for Paterson Inc.
supplies at American universities and colleges onto a

slippery slope sliding down into the hands of international
CIA espionage. "In the 1960s my daddy made a move to
become a CIA undercover guy". It‘s in his blood, the
small gene pool running like poison through his varicose
veins! "Daddy" Walt B. Paterson must have loved his
new gumshoe business. Why else did he want to spy into
the life of overseas students and scientists? "For my
daddy patriotism was the driving force to sign the
contract with the CIA". The lucrative new business
connection with the CIA prospered and made ‘daddy’
laugh all the way to the bank. "That was a sign of
development that struck me as impressive".

From that time on the evil empire CIA & Paterson with a
global reach began to develop their treacherous
relationship with foreign universities. Paterson’s attack on
academic freedom intensified the clash of cultures between
America and the world. "My daddy was not just a
McCarthy guy and virulent anti-Semitic". Haters keep
trying to enlist co-haters. "The communist challenge to
our country came not just from Hollywood, it came from

the Soviet Union and China and was very real for my
daddy; it made his hair stand on ends". That hair standing
up on end can turn people into beasts.

Daddy and son are products of the cold war era, yielding
a family portrait of paranoia, cynicism and despair. They
were instrumental in building what is now probably the
world's most hated corporation, Paterson Inc. "My daddy
always said we had to go study foreign universities as
our major battleground against communism". The
Paterson’s are the most selfish and miserable human
beings with ugly emotions! Like parasites they are sidling
through university laboratories.

Or was ‘daddy’ Paterson more concerned with grabbing a

free lunch from the CIA? After the pact with the devil
"the CIA pulled the strings at our company". American
representatives of Paterson Inc. might get arrested like
drug-dealers all over the world. "My daddy built our
family business and a secret university police on a global
scale". Daddy and son became masters of criminalizing

political differences for money. "Academics have been
pimped [a pimp is the boss of a prostitute] by us since
forty years". Students and professors have to live up to
their reputation as commie-prostitutes. "God bless
America", laughed the sociopath. The deep foreign wells
of ‘suspicious’ intellectuals would never run dry for the
CIA spies.

Is the Chief of spies Walt Blair Paterson trying to come

clear of the CIA-trap in one fell swoop through the
pillow interviews? Did his drinking and drugging lead him
to this son-of-a-dog act of betrayal? Was it his way of
asking sexual favors from me? Was he outing his spy
organization for political reasons? Was he once wronged
by the CIA? "My daddy always warned me about my
comrades from the CIA".

Did some political change in Washington endanger the

Paterson spying contract with the CIA? Inside the closed
CIA environment where trust is absent and internal
intrigue is rampant, it must have been a miserable job

and a miserable life for the Chief. But outside the
poisonous CIA environment there is nowhere for the
Chief to focus his anger and no American values worth
saving. In this vacuum, he finds no greater treasure than
alcohol and living out his fantasies as homosexual
predator. His own measurable response to all these
challenges was to drink more whisky, scratch his crotch
and take a whiff off his fingers.

This book is part character study of the Chief and part

espionage investigation. I will add to the Chief’s
statements with my own focal point on his place in the
CIA. Became Walt Blair Paterson an expendable spy-Chief
who has been slandered by the CIA with cold
ruthlessness? As an alcoholic and a closeted homosexual
the Chief was at a competitive disadvantage in the
Darwinian scheme of the CIA. Was he the weakest
drunken gay the CIA had and was the CIA ready to toss
him out to the wolves, because the CIA had more
important things to do? Slandering gays is an old method
by secret services to make agents look less trustworthy

should they want to go public with their former espionage

Was the spy-in-Chief playing out an arcane sub-plot in

the dog-fight between the CIA on one side and vice
president Dick Cheney and the Department of Defense on
the other side? Was the Chief driven to his pillow
confessions because of the fall of CIA director George
Tenet, his former boss? Dozens of high ranking CIA
agents left the agency in the wake of Tenet’s resignation
and began talking to journalists. During the Bush
administration there was a high level of intrigue and
treason among U.S. government officials as can be
witnessed by Scooter Libby’s outing of Valerie Plame,
Walt Blair Paterson’s former CIA colleague. It was
Plame’s husband who traveled to Niger and who
subsequently wrote an article in the New York Times that
the Bush administration’s evidence against Saddam
Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction was just hot
air. In short summary: everybody betrayed everybody else.

Nobody can tell what drove Walt Blair Paterson to his
treachery, but prove for his crookedness is in the pillow
interviews itself. "I consider myself one of the most gifted
leaders the CIA ever had". To underline his hooligan
mind he held his right hand up as if swearing and then
formed the hand into an obscene gesture. Paterson Inc. is
the invisible black hand of U.S. spies; its stinking fingers
reach into most every foreign university. "We are not the
Salvation Army; we are putting the big hurt on these
university guys". Is he a ‘deep throat’ imitator or a
blithering idiot? People who doubt his words can end up
in secret prisons or worse. Two generations of Paterson
spend their lifetime spreading savagery across universities
worldwide and perpetrate knowledge-looting on historical
proportions. "I should be writing copious self-criticism and
clean the toilets every day". Someone might suggest he
also buys the toilet paper.

Walt Blair Paterson’s confession would turn into

nauseating stench bringing tears to my eyes. During the
pillow interviews he often giggled uncontrollably and

saliva was dripping from the corner of his mouth. On this
day he drank more than usual and had to dig out a
second bottle of whisky from his emergency supply in his
desk. With bloodshot eyes he made remarks such as "I
treat you as one of my own" in an almost incoherent
stammer. He took another swig from the bottle. "You are
my confidante". With another swig he was about to
achieve glory in an alcohol poisoning. "I have something
to tell you".

Was he teetering on the brink to make another

alcohol-induced confession? "We make fat dossiers about
our key employees". Is Paterson Inc. snooping with
Orwellian intelligence methods on its own employees?
Walt Blair Paterson is a disciple of whisky which made a
spitting blabbermouth of him. That blabbing will put him
in the crosshairs of some groups that represent workers in
the U.S. as well as overseas. ‘Regular’ non-CIA
employees working in every corner of the earth are
treated like expandable scapegoats on the altar of Paterson
paranoia. "I know that from the 1960s on my daddy used

highly sophisticated and detailed surveillance methods on
our employees". Walt Blair Paterson proceeded cunningly
and systematically to undermine and bastardize the rights
of his company’s several thousand employees. The
American way of illegal collection of data on employees
will thrust Paterson Inc. into the public discussion more
than ever before.

"As soon as my daddy became Chief he used

eavesdropping". Secretly listening on employee
conversations at the workplace is a felony. "Daddy
became paranoid about his stock grubbing critics among
employees". It must have been a real life drama for his
‘daddy’, who had a poor-and-smart ‘PSD’ degree, coupled
with a deep desire to become rich. ‘Jackpot daddy’ rose
up to become major shareholder of Paterson Inc. and put
his imprimatur on the firm. "In response he created a
security operation which covers meanwhile every office in
our worldwide operations". After reading this book,
foreign governments are sure to open investigations into
the working environment at Paterson Inc. "Daddy would

fabricate and spread denunciations for these
son-of-a-bitches and let them find out indirectly through
company gossip". That is the main tactic of an old
demagogue technique: create a straw man and then tear it
down. The drunken spy Chief added another layer to the
scandal: "I personally picked through the trash of our key

With another swig from the bottle, the spy Chief reached
out to caress my behind. "I only do what my daddy
taught me" he defended himself by pushing the ‘daddy’
myth. "I secretly searched through offices; my daddy had
a contractor monitor homes when necessary". ‘Daddy’ and
son must be as rotten as a termite infested outhouse. "I
know of broken windows and break-ins". Will the victims
of this violence become vindicated by giving Walt Blair
Paterson a taste of his own medicine? "Our employee
monitoring system pays instant results up to this day were
we use more sophisticated methods". Paterson’s spying
will uncork an international debate over illegal employee
policing by employers and its political repercussions.

"We can intercept telephone conversations, supervise
e-mail messages and get through a contractor banking
information". The American agitator has no respect for
privacy. "We picked up massive details about some
suspect employees". He lifted the whisky bottle to his lips
as best as his shaky hand allowed. "Through an American
security contractor we collect fingerprints from overseas
employees". The empty whisky bottle slipped from his

The interviews are often filled with foggy details, given

while the Chief wobbled back and forward like a drunken
Japanese tip-over doll. The walls bumped into him, his
shoulder bumped into the bookshelf: "... Reported income
and expenses..." The spy Chief’s manners are extremely
winning, since he knows everything about his employee’s
financial situation, and treats his subsidiaries like
sweatshops. And Paterson Inc. is willing to use that
information against employees. "I want to know the truth".
Walt Blair Paterson is not terribly intelligent, but he is
certainly a vicious type. "... Details about the past five

employers..." The buttons of his shirt became undone
when he tried to unzip his pants. "…The previous three
addresses..." From his office one can hear once in a while
gunshots ring out, mingling with the sounds of beggars,
the homeless, the drunks and the contraband sellers,
sounds and smells of a typical American inner city.

Meanwhile his office smelled not much better than the

public toilets in the seedy neighborhood of his office
building. "…Medical records indicating any trouble..."
Today he had diarrhea and despite his stinky irritable
bowel syndrome, he would take greedy gulps from his
whisky bottle. "…Travel destinations for the past five
years..." The charlatan dropped his trousers and on the
backside of his underpants earthy streaks showed through.
"…Criminal records..." He didn’t mind his lack of
hygiene, and he cared less about clean underwear.
"…Political affiliation..." He was ready to flash his flaccid
penis again. "… Migration background and country of
origin..."He staggered through the office with the trousers
at his ankles, threatened to fall but caught himself. "I

have this information put together as soon as we acquire
a new company." The Chief always thinks first of himself
and never of the employees he has betrayed.

Fuck-a-duck! The fascist gasbags from Paterson Inc.

collect illegal employee information on biblical
proportions. The Chief’s mind must have hardened into
hatred against all his employees. Are there other facets of
the Paterson Inc. spying program? "…We gather user date
from everyone who visits our websites..." Russia and
China have lots of nationalistic hackers who are very
willing to take disruptive actions against the U.S. masters
of cyber crime at Paterson Inc. "…That’s in violation of
the privacy laws but improves our security..." The
headquarters of Paterson Inc. will get raided by the FBI
and their overseas offices by the local police forces.
"…Mixing commercial data with intelligence methods..."
Walt Blair Paterson passed out soon after and never
mentioned the scandal again. "Shame is for criminals", he
liked to say.

The Paterson family’s fear and paranoia has created a
spying network since two generations. Management and
board of Paterson Inc. are certain to circle the wagons
and set up palisades to counter any questions. But
Paterson Inc.’s leadership will be forced to come to grips
with that problem through a worldwide public debate
about spying on its employees. The outcries from Paterson
employees will come not only from blogs on the
‘smoking gun’ website. This labor violation will come
also to the attention of the European Commissioner for
Justice, Freedom and Security, and courts will issue
warrants for those responsible at Paterson Inc.

The CIA & Paterson university gumshoes and the

Paterson Inc. civilian employees "work side by side" in
the cyber-lynching of employees and academics. The
university supplier needs a special prosecutor to screen
thousands of employees for their possible collaboration
with the spy contractor. The CIA miscreants have to be
clearly identified and isolated, thereby sparing the innocent
from being implicated for complicity. A phenomenologist

is called for to differentiate between the spies and the
regular staff. Pity the innocent employees from tainted
Paterson Inc. when they go job hunting in this market,
convincing hiring managers that they are not damaged

Part and Parcel of the huge
American Espionage-Industrial

Visibly groggy, Walt Blair Paterson tried to get up on his

feet. "My daddy’s trademark was to cross boldly lines

that no other company ever blurred". Not even the
recordings of a high-speed camera would be able to show
the precise moment when Paterson Inc. turned itself
against its academic customers. But what a slow-motion
video would show indelibly is the terror on the face of
millions of students and intellectuals when they will
finally know what the CIA & Paterson spying did by
generating a huge volume of intelligence material about
their own life.

Even when CIA & Paterson took its first bite out of a
foreign university, it did so unseen, slipping in under the
cover of a Paterson Inc. supply salesman. Like all
devilish things, Paterson Inc. in the early days as a CIA
contractor looked innocent with a few outposts here and
there. One outlet in Central America, one in Europe, one
or two in the Middle East, one in South-Asia and one in
the Far East. But soon the ‘New Paterson & Spies Inc.’
began to resemble the KGB in its Soviet-style spy mania.
Soon every aspiring foreign student or academic critical of
the U.S. was branded a ‘communist’.

"Our government has the doctrine of preventive regime
change". CIA and Paterson Inc. set up a marriage of
convenience. "We have the doctrine of preventive ideology
change". The U.S. National Security Act of 1947
established the precursor of the CIA and laid the
groundwork for the Orwellian thought-control subsidiary of
Paterson Inc. "If we cannot change it, we have to police
it". The U.S. assault on foreign universities is an
unashamed deployment of American-arrogance, operating
under the slogan: Every step you do they are watching
you. "That is what my daddy taught me". Handed down
from father to son, these are his words to spy by. The
bastard offspring of a tyrannical spy followed his
‘daddy’s’ instructions to the letter.

Walt B. Paterson ("daddy") marks the transfer of Paterson

Inc. into its first trials and errors as a CIA outfit. His
son Walt Blair Paterson perfected and perverted what his
‘daddy’ had begun. "We have the muscle to enforce my
daddy’s vision". Walt Blair Paterson is as notorious for

being his father’s incompetent son as he is for his
homosexual impotence and his alcohol addiction.

"Didn’t my daddy offer a safe disguise for the CIA?

Didn’t he?" This was the question the prognosticator and
foolish figurehead of Paterson Inc. asked while giving me
a ‘knowing’ look. After the CIA had slipped under the
corporate cover of Paterson Inc., selling its regular
supplies became less important than establishing CIA &
Paterson university spy cells worldwide. "The financial
bottom line is that our performance is unrivaled". The
decision to become part of the U.S. government’s foreign
espionage strategy would turn into a runaway
money-maker and an expanding international franchise for
Paterson Inc. "My country has the power and my daddy
gave us the opportunity to use it". Paterson Inc. will
unleash a breath-taking propaganda to deny the
confessions by its spy Chief.

Did Paterson Inc. violate the U.S. Foreign Corrupt

Practices Act, which bars Americans from bribing foreign

officials? "We have bribed officials at overseas admission
offices to get all the student data for every semester".
The Chief seemed to relish the opportunity, sometimes for
hours on end, to discuss the spy organization's facts and
ideology. "Remind you, we as a publicly held company
are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act". That
is the new morality of the so-called ‘American
civilization’. "The Freedom of Information Act is the
freedom of us as a contractor to destroy any incriminating
information about our agents, analysts, linguists and data
on our computers". Paterson Inc. can destroy their records,
but the truth remains. "We are authorized by the White
House which ordered the mission".

‘Daddy’ and son are not coming from a family of

brainiacs, but they orchestrated the most chilling onslaught
against academia in the awful history of America.
"Collecting intelligence on our enemies is a moral victory
for us". To monitor their victims they use the Internet for
countless daily attacks on university and private
computers. "Knowing every day what is on thousands of

computer hard-drives is an important intelligence method
for us". Experts have described a massive increase in the
sophistication of American cyber-warfare competence.
Using these capabilities Paterson Inc. made-up their own
‘postal reforms’ and took it in their own hands to open
mail without warrants. "Go fuck your civil liberties, we
don’t need ‘national security letters’ to get banking,
telephone and e-mail information from suspects".
Paterson’s attacks basically amount to an act of war,
although cyber-war. The Shadow Company paves the way
for traditional attacks such as rendition, interrogation and
private security guards, in other words kidnappings, torture
and death squads.

Paterson Inc., the Shadow

The perpetrators at Paterson Inc. merged the university

supplier into the pay and supervision of one of the largest
Über-spy contractors the world has ever seen. Contractor
Paterson Inc. has front companies operating in dozens of
countries spying in particular on scientific and high-tech
developments inside university laboratories. The spymasters
from the CIA have outsourced to Paterson Inc. all
intelligence gathering related to foreign universities. "The
most secret government jobs such as our university
intelligence operations have been contracted out since a
long time".

Private contractors account for 70% - seventy percent –
of the U.S. intelligence budget of 50 billion dollars
annually. "The American government is basically run by
corporations like ours". American consulting companies
such as Booze, Allen, Hamilton, which get paid for their
‘services’ by foreign governments and industry, are known
to be part of the ‘shadow intelligence community’. "We
have mastered the special skill of selling intelligence to
our government".

Since the U.S. government is basically on a war footing

since 09-11-2001, the revenue in the contract spying
business has doubled and caused a sharp increase in the
number of secret service agents. How large is the
percentage of profits with intelligence collection for
Paterson Inc., I asked him once and his answer was:
"You are going to ruin me". The drunkard’s eyes blinked
nervously and his hands made fists for answers. "The
numbers don’t show up in our annual report". Contract
spying on students around the globe seems like washing

corpses for a living, occupying the bottom-most rung in

To exploit the tactical imbalance between careless

universities and the CIA, they use computer models and
an "integrated intelligence toolset" to attack. "The models
include strategic research targets which are vital for
America to remain competitive". The spies operate under
the protection of American security guards and descent
like swarms of locusts onto research laboratories and
classrooms of unsuspecting universities.

In a battle of egos "our agents are in a race and out-do

each other". The evidence of the nomadic spies will fuel
deep academic anger and helps fanning the flames of
anti-Americanism. "Our analysts at headquarters use the
feedback from the model to determine exactly what
additional intelligence is needed". Scientists should take
back the scientific wealth that Paterson espionage-criminals
have stolen from their laboratories. "Agents at different
universities share information within the same field of

targeted research". Flecks of foam began leaping from his
mouth. Paterson Inc. is not the first CIA Company of
organized gangsterdom.

He had another piece of conspiracy background to tell,

using cheap rhetoric. "Air America, the famous CIA
contract airline which played a crucial role during the
Vietnam War inspired our philosophy". He lectured like a
latter-day Viet Cong who likes to hide by day and
ambush at night. But the spy Chief, unlike Ho Chi Minh,
displayed more hatred than brains. And the Chief didn’t
achieve anything more than being a mere bandit, whereas
Ho Chi Minh was fighting for the independence and unity
of his country.

Knock off that phony victim act! "America is surrounded

by enemies", he blabbered in his irritable way, which was
quite common when he was drunk. "Our country has only
two allies in the world, its armed forces and our
intelligence community". It wasn’t exactly rocket science
what was dropping off his lips. He sounded more like an

uneducated chap swinging a sledge hammer to cause
maximum damage to universities.

The American mob psychology is mind-numbingly strange!

"We are the special people permitted everything". Was he
thinking about televangelist Jimmy Swaggart before he
was derailed by a sex scandal? "I am a sacrificial priest
of power". The spy Chief reminded me of a catholic
priest about to abuse an altar boy. "I love to give my
Congressman stacks of hundred dollar bills". Was that a
guy from the House or the Senate? Teams of FBI and
IRS agents will find out when they raid the headquarters
of Paterson Inc. in a mad-dash to get some of the loot
into their hands. "We organize for them male or female
prostitutes". U.S. Senators Larry Craig and David Vitter
might want to get on the Paterson prostitution list a top

To quote Walter Cronkite: And that’s the way it is! "I

call our headquarters the Lubyanka". The Lubyanka is the
former KBG building in Moscow. "My daddy was not

unlike Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the KGB". This
similarity would lead to a disastrous chain of results.
Historians will judge two generations of Paterson family
harshly for their decision to spy on universities instead of
selling their supplies to universities. Like a Tibetan prayer
mill, the Chief liked to repeat "We are the largest CIA

Making the CIA spy on foreign universities must have

been President Eisenhower’s or Kennedy’s decision. "We
are the fourth branch of the government". For prosecutors
around the world they are more like a criminal enterprise.
"Sometimes I wonder if we are still a private sector
company or already a government agency". For students,
Paterson Inc. will be just a low-hanging fruit. He smiled
viciously, stood up and walked between his desk and the
sofa, waving his whisky bottle as if he were a
country-western singer gesticulating with a microphone. He
must have felt for a minute like a TV-star in front of a
one-person audience.

A recipe for mayhem distinguished Paterson Inc. from a
regular university supplier. The aggressive pair CIA &
Paterson engages in worldwide research theft and is not
even paying pennies for a decade’s worth of ingenuity.
The Chief‘s vision is that America‘s past should bury the
future of overseas universities. America tries to build its
future on hostility to the best and the brightest at
overseas universities and the theft of their research results.
America has to steal to stay in power - not exactly signs
of intellectual strength.

Paterson Inc. has put out a shingle ‘Science for Sale’ and
from the lips of Paterson agents fall tips into the ears of
U.S. venture capitalist. "We are the supply line for many
of America’s venture capital financed start-up companies".
For example from overseas e-mail messages they can
distill future trends in research and alert their spies, U.S.
scientists and venture capital companies to it. "If we
would just watch impotent while great innovations are
made at overseas universities, we wouldn’t do our job".

This documentary will page by page drag the dark
criminality of Paterson Inc. into the sunlight.

The fascist plutocrat Chief is intrigued by the criminal

energy of Americans. "In a way we protect our industries
from unfair foreign competition". The spy Chief sent a
lump of mucus flying past me and nearly missed the
waste basket. His spying philosophy is rooted in socially
accepted ideas of his American tribe and is part of their
makeup. "I am a good soldier for my country". The
bigger problem is the persistence of that clubby culture
between private CIA contractors and the U.S. government.
The spy contractor had metastasized like cancer through
universities on every continent. "We are protecting our
homeland". Taking down the fake homeland protector
Paterson Inc. through the pillow interviews is exactly the
right thing to do.

Mile after mile of shame and infamy are stored in the

spying records of Paterson Inc. "We keep all intelligence
even if the information is unrelated to the reason of our

surveillance". These demonic files are important for
Paterson’s future operations. "The United States must
figure out what our international enemies are up to". If
there is a global conspiracy, then Paterson Inc. is part
and parcel of it. "Just imagine the same goat-fucker
shows up at another foreign university and we wouldn’t
know we had him under surveillance before". How many
of the 150.000 U.S. students at foreign universities work
actually for CIA & Paterson? After the publication of this
book U.S. students might get a warning from the State
Department to avoid studying at foreign universities.

It’s corruption on an epical scale between private U.S.

companies and the most powerful precincts in Washington.
The worst and the stupidest private enterprises are
showered with billions of U.S. government dollars. "Our
government pays us to act ahead of communists, Islamists,
environmentalists and peace activists so that our country
remains safe". The opponents to American aggression and
spying will take their fight first to the products of
Paterson Inc. "Political protesters are all registered with

us, leaders and participants". I could use that list to sell
more copies of this book. "If we would keep our roughly
250.000.000 records with a billion pages in file folders,
we would fill an enormous bookshelf". The CIA agents
fattened the spy-folders and the pockets of the Paterson
family. The knowledge about these records will infuriate
governments, students and professors worldwide.

Paterson Inc. is an espionage contractor as far as students,

professors and research results are concerned, but they are
a covert actions contractor when it comes to breaking all
rules and performing illegal and subversive actions against
America‘s enemies. "We would not do it different"
proclaimed the chauvinist Walt Blair Paterson. "We would
do exactly the same thing but with 150% more agents",
bragged the hawkish Chief when asked what he would do
different if he had to start the CIA spying program at
universities all over again. "The evil at foreign universities
is real and we Americans must confront it". Every
American needs an enemy at the center of his life, and
that enemy is declared evil, no matter what. For Paterson

I (‘daddy) and II (the Chief) it was the folks at
universities around the globe who had to be overrun with
U.S. spies, electronic snooping and cyber-warfare, private
security guards, guns, ammunition, kidnappers and
torturers. "I don’t lose any sleep over that contract". He
never expressed remorse or regret for his company’s
contract with the CIA.

He began his sentence with a controlled voice but in an

instant he was shouting: "I hate to visit universities with
all these stinking illiterates in one room". He cursed the
studied and not even he himself could understand the
choice of his words. "I hate academics!" When he went
out of his mind he sprayed hatred and contempt and his
profane and often un-intelligible ranting over students and
scientists was un-nerving. "Do you hear me?" he yelled
with raw ferocity in his voice. "I hate and hate that
university trash". If he hates students and professors they
must be doing something right. "University people are
late-term abortions who crawled out of classrooms". The

jaw-dropping profanity of the Chief is breathtaking in its
anatomical crudeness.

The dumb loser’s threats will encourage intellectuals to

put Paterson Inc. under a microscope and measure the
damage it did in the past and intents to do in the future
to academia. "My agents are in direct control of
universities and we can bring quick change to any
ongoing event on campuses worldwide". CIA & Paterson
violates the national sovereignty of dozens of countries.
"We help identify dangerous university people". Does his
branch of the CIA also kidnap and fly the academic
victims out to rouge countries which give shelter to the
CIA’s ‘black side’ prisons?

These prisons never ever officially exist, because they are

in the cellars of U.S. military bases in Afghanistan or in
the back rooms of some Middle Eastern jails. "Even if
we use Third-World tactics at foreign universities, we
only track terrorism suspects around the globe". His
paranoia about foreign students is not just hypocrisy.

"Every student is a potential terrorist". What fuels
Paterson’s fire of hate for academics? "At many
universities we have a real mess on our hands with the
fingerprints of Al-Qaeda all over the place". Al-Qaeda
might be considered part of the Paterson family jewels,
bringing in big bucks from the CIA. "That’s why we
have to get biometric data of every student". He thinks of
universities as re-education camps where mug-shots and
fingerprints of delinquent students must be taken.

Even prior to 9-11 and the U.S. Patriot Act, the CIA
used biometric technology to verify and identify persons.
Biometric data interfaced with databases makes abuse of
privacy easy and damaging if the system is in the hands
of crooks such as Paterson Inc. "We are in an ideological
conflict at universities that involves our armed special
operations teams, our intelligence agents and our lawyers".
He threw his head back and cried loudly "America I love
you but I have a real fear what the future is holding for
my country". He almost had a nervous breakdown and his
voice crackled with emotion.

"We make a point that our agents are articulate like
actors". Their kills are more like that of petty thieves.
Yet the Paterson-thieves install and operate vast electronic
spying networks which have infiltrated computers and
have stolen research documents from thousands of
university laboratories around the world. "But they stand
also out for their ordinariness". Not even the Dalai Lama
is unaffected from this kind of ‘ordinary’ espionage, as
Canadian researchers have found out in March of 2009.
"We recruit them often from first or second generation
immigrants who served in the armed force; they are never
mistaken for agents". CIA contractor Paterson lets the
sons of immigrant-nobodies become university James
Bonds, so to speak. If you spoke to one of the second
generation spies for a few minutes you will wonder
whether their IQ will ever reach room temperature. "They
have language skills and some cultural background about
their host country". Their language skills are probably not
unlike graffiti in restrooms and their cultural background
is soaked in blood, because America is arguably the most

dangerous country on earth and an insanely violent

The ignorance of Americans over academic, cultural,

historical and political realities in foreign countries is
legendary. The CIA as a cloak and dagger outfit is made
up of inglorious bastards and has a good reputation only
in Quentin Tarantino’s Hollywood, but they have a
terrible record in foreign countries, making up their
failures with lies. For example the collection of
second-rate soldiers of fortune which the pre-curser to the
CIA sent behind enemy lines against Germany during
World War II all died, according to Tim Weiner’s history
of the CIA!

The CIA guys are overwhelmed by the task of

understanding the world, with absolutely no grasp how the
fabric of foreign countries is woven. The CIA is often
not more than an agency of day old global news. "That
just shows how deranged and hate-filled America’s
opponents can be", was the bloated substance abusers’

answer as his face reddened with embarrassment and the
white of his eyes turned pink. Some French intellectuals
claim that America is the last primitive society on earth.
"They should be burned on the stake". The topics under
discussion made him so hot-headed he developed a
spectacular nosebleed. "The sun is shining from my
asshole" was the visionary conclusion of the anal-retentive
Chief. He spent five angry minutes shouting obscenities,
most of them biologically impossible. Then he walked out
of the office, still cursing like a drunkard from skid-row.

My estimates range from 3.000 to 30.000 spies at the

Chief’s command. "I expect an expansion of our
surveillance". In the CIA & Paterson battle at foreign
universities, every Paterson salesman is a soldier in
disguise and they are more powerful than a regular army.
"We go after the bad guys". The American ‘enemy’ spies
are acting like ‘enemy combatants’ and must be treated as
terrorists by other governments. "We don’t trust anybody".
After Guantanamo, foreign governments can argue they

have the authority to detain American ‘enemy combatants’
without criminal charges.

"We are called by God to do what we are doing". The

Chief, the ‘randy prayer spy’ deludes himself with his
‘God’ quotations as much as former U.S. secretary of
defense Donald Rumsfeld, who mailed Bible-quoting
defense reports to President Bush during their ‘holy wars’
against Afghanistan and Iraq. The Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld
triumvirate took their crusades as wars for American style
Christianity and against Islam, not to mention grabbing
Iraq’s oil while crusading. The Chief and his Christian
mob of hate-filled spies find a sectarian, radical religious
basis for America’s war on Arab universities.

"I will tell you something in the strictest confidence". The

Chief’s relentless confessions will push Paterson Inc.
pretty close to a public relations disaster. "When my
daddy signed the university intelligence contract with the
CIA he was betting the whole Paterson Company like a
high-stakes poker player, gambling all his chips in one

hand". Paterson Inc. gained academic legitimacy by selling
their products to universities, not by gambling in Las
Vegas. "But his gamble turned into a real haymaker".

Thanks to an obscure law allowing the CIA to block all

congressional and public inquiries into contractor Paterson
Inc., the recipient of vast amounts of government money
remains a CIA secret source for university espionage. "I
think my daddy was just playing the system". CIA &
Paterson broke international laws million times and never
faced punishment so far. "Our CIA engagement has paid
for itself and then some". The university spying, the war
of aggression against Iraq together with CIA kidnappings
and torture have taken away the legitimacy of the
military-political status of the U.S. and the financial crisis
has taken away the legitimacy of America’s economic
status. "Daddy doled out the cards and I play my hand".
Does he even understand what his problem is?

In his stubborn vainglory Walt Blair Paterson is

insufferable full of himself. He lit a joint and spat a gob

of green phlegm onto the grimy carpet. "Marijuana
enhances my brain", he said with a hoarse and cracking
voice. Suddenly his shoulders were heaving and he was
wracked by coughs, walked in circles and thumbed his
chest. "Let’s describe my role as bourgeois adventurism in
our historic university operations". The drugged and
swaggering king of university spies marveled about his
spy gangster story. "Our work has excellent reputation in
Washington", receiving thanks with mouthfuls of hypocrisy
from the U.S. government. Murky characters like he and
his ‘daddy’ were always favored by America. "Our
intelligence has become a brand name like coca-cola". His
spy brand left claw-marks on every student and every
professor around the globe since the 1960s. He held his
arms up in the air and looked like a vulture spreading its
wings from the roof of a university library!

The Dinosaurs went Two by
Two on Noah’s Arch

The Chief and his siblings are not the cream of educated
society and their stupidity isn’t staged. One of them was
kicked out from college and is to this day unable to write
a comprehensible sentence. He must have been
dumbstruck by his sudden exit from higher education.
Maybe he is less uneducated than it appeared, but he is
still as uneducated as before his college stint. The other
academic wunderkinder were left unfairly behind by
"rising academic standards" and graduated only because of
the generous donations made by their "daddy". In short,
they are blissfully detached from academic standards.

"The bible reflects the true history of the world and
provides me with all answers". The pillow interviews have
put one of the siblings in the imagined equivalent of
purgatory. "Only Christians have a place in heaven".
Through Walt Blair Paterson’s behavior, the devil teaches
the ugliness of men. "From the story of creation in the
book of genesis I know the earth is less then ten
thousand years old". Befitting for his position as a
university supplier, rocks, fossils and evolution show up
on his map of foes. "Not too long ago our children
played with dinosaurs". Will the Chief have pet dinosaurs
‘grow’ for his children? "The fossils in the rocks come
from Noah’s deluge", proselytized the drunken image of a
Neanderthaler. He must have imagined standing in front
of a Midwestern congregation, claiming to be last year’s
champion in a Bible quotation contest.

Wasn’t the Chief reborn as a pig? His rebirth into the

CIA had taught him some simple American truths: Learn
the espionage customs and follow them. "In my heart I
am a born again Christian". He stopped talking and one

of his ears was twitching as he strained to listen to
voices in his head. Was he hearing chicken clucking? But
no, at that point he had an epiphany: "I represent Jesus".
The Chief’s gaseous halo stank instantly to Heaven. "I
reject the idea that I am a descendant from a hairy and
small brained ape". With his facial hair the
Bible-thumping prig gives the impression of a chimpanzee.
"I know my views are very provocative for the university
riffraff". His fist slammed the desk while he cursed with
unfiltered rage. "I give a fig about these
dumber-than-shrub ass-wipes". After two more violent
chops with his fist he had finally vented his hatred. He
lifted the whisky bottle to his quivering mouth and
emptied it, gulp by gulp.

Innocently convicted people get executed in the U.S. after

their rights have been trampled on and evidence is
knowingly obscured. The Chief’s cowboy-sense of higher
education was evident in his views on the American death
penalty. "I find it very disturbing to bad-mouth lethal
injection as cruel punishment". In September 2009 the

execution of an African-American prisoner in Ohio was
stopped after two hours because the executioner could not
find a usable vein for the injection of the lethal drugs!
"God wants the death penalty". The mastermind of the
spy contractor lost all control while his eyes took on a
death stare. "Lethal injection is a damn good way to die".
A deadly silence followed his cruel comments.

Suddenly he lunged onto me and slid down on his knees

as if he had lost his mind. "I want you to fcuk my
brains out". There wasn’t much left in that department
due to his alcoholism, which made him practically
brain-dead. Even a follower of necrophilia would have
rejected the Chief’s request to fcuk with a brain-dead.
While editing his statements I wondered if his morbid
sex-drive can be explained with the bondage scene of an
American execution chamber, which could have inspired
the sudden submissive sexual desire of the masochistic

The donkey Chief was born into America‘s permanent
wars around the world, his ‘daddy’ and the CIA had
taught him what to fight for and their banditry was his
calling until he became the King of university espionage.
His reactionary immorality had a wide spectrum, reaching
from homosexual predator to espionage with a religious

Universities will need purifying like sacred sites after the

bad spirits of Paterson’s spies and supplies have been
cleared out. The left-over fliers for products from supplier
Paterson should be wrapped in American flags like
corpses. Students in asbestos suits will use flame throwers
to burn the remnants on campus lawns to stop the spread
of the CIA & Paterson disease.

While writing this book I was professionally furious!


CIA & Paterson's Aggression reaches

from Argentina to Venezuela

The CIA & Paterson university espionage must be
seen in the larger historical framework of Latin America's
bloody relationship with the U.S., including such crimes
as the 1967 killing of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara
masterminded by the CIA. The U.S. has for decades
plundered natural resources and farmland in Latin America
and used the CIA to weaken or overthrow Latin
American governments it was opposed to. The U.S. can
only be at eye level with brutal dictators such as the
Somoza dynasty of Nicaragua or the other dozen military
dictatorships the U.S. installed and supported with military
aid as primitive protection rackets for American
corporations doing business in Latin America. Even
though this conduct of intervention is not tolerated in
Latin America anymore and its days of colonialism are
over, there are still Americans working in secret as they
did during the days of brutal dictatorships. I am not sure
through which legal loopholes the CIA can drive its
contract spies and their dozens of covert operations to
terrorize Latin America’s universities?

To uphold Latin America’s outrage, American espionage
must have a face. The Chief is that ugly American face
responsible for looting intellectual property from Latin
America’s universities and running amok among students.
But recently the winds of change are blowing through
Latin America, as can be seen from Cuba to Venezuela,
from Bolivia to Ecuador, from El Salvador to Nicaragua,
from Colombia and Peru to Argentina and Brazil: these
countries will bring change to both America’s and the
Chief’s arrogance.

One day the spy Chief expressed his concern about the
social mobility of the bare-chested children Central- and
South-America’s and had this outrageous message: "If the
Latino chicken pluckers want to move their children out
of their stinking tin-roof huts, make them study". He was
quite skilled in using words as weapons meant to
humiliate and hurt the two hundred million Latinos who
have to get by with less than two dollars per day. "For
that they have to get their unwashed lazy asses out of
their featherbed an hour earlier every day and get to work

hard". This language indicates that the Gordon Gekko of
university espionage has serious psychological problems.

In another disgusting display of these problems he filled

some of the empty whisky bottles with his own urine and
stored them in a lower drawer of his messy desk. I will
not engage in pop psychology and leave the
psycho-analysis of the Chief’s bottle habit to students of
the Viennese quack. Instead I am delivering a rare thing:
an extra slim book with just over 200 pages containing
the feather-pillow-interviews. They will open the door for
the Chief’s punishment.

Politically Motivated Assaults on
University Students in Argentina

Paterson agents physically assault students in Argentina

and permission to use these tactics must have been given
by some of the most senior figures in the U.S.
administration. One day the spy-in-Chief came back after
a long lunch to the office red faced and shouting: "Bad
students get hit over the head by my agents and can
loose a few teeth". Do the Paterson agent provocateurs
also supply names of ‘suspect’ students to right-wing
militias in Argentina? "To hell with the Argentine
cowboys". The U.S. is a violent, unjust country, where
the supposed leftist and liberal university supplier Paterson
is in fact the CIA‘s loose cannon, a sobering reminder of

America‘s infiltration of Argentina’s universities and
researcher network. "What the heck if some end up with
a black eye!" The Americans like to start a fight but they
don’t believe in paying for that conflict.

In February of 2009 ex-CIA boss Foggo was sentenced to

more than 3 years in prison for corruption charges. But
he remained free for beating a cyclist while assigned to
an overseas country. Foggo oversaw the CIA's day-to-day
worldwide intelligence-gathering operations and was for
two years Walt Blair Paterson’s boss. "We are fighting
for our American values". The Chief might have no
recollection of what he said, but the testament of the
interviews will outlast his hangover. "There are no checks
and balances when it comes to our operations outside the
U.S.". The unchecked and unbalanced university supplier
is a chilling example of America’s dirty morals. "We
don’t leave fingerprints on U.S. laws". Never in history
have so many universities been so violated by so much
stink and greed as by this one supplier.

The Role of U.S. Private Security
Contractors at Brazilian

Paterson Inc. will be a hot political issue in Brazil. "My

agents work in a powder keg at Brazilian universities".
The U.S. is using private security guards to protect its
spies at Brazilian institutions of higher education. Armed
security guards are the problem solvers who sit in tainted
glass trucks outside university buildings and come out as
needed by the U.S. spies! "There is a lot of anger at
Americans out there". American security guards ready to
open fire in foreign countries can be classified as
‘unlawful combatants’. "That’s why we have hired an

American security contractor to guard our intelligence
officers". Private security companies like ‘Blackwater’
often operate out of armored vehicles and carry
high-powered guns. "These radical university people could
bring an end to our American way of life". The private
security guards don’t respect the people and the laws of
their host country and can turn universities into shooting
galleries. Guards from the American security contractor
‘Blackwater’ unleashed an unprovoked attack on civilians,
killing 14 Iraqi civilians and wounding 20 others in a
barrage of bullets and grenade explosions.

On the payroll in Washington and manufactured by

thieves and crooks, the CIA‘s propaganda machine plants
stories in the press and in books through its own news
organizations and publishing houses. "I think of my
intelligence agents as law enforcement safeguarding foreign
universities". The war on Brazilian universities is a
conspiracy by the American shadow government. "Each
Brazilian university contains a bushel of rotten apples we
have to know about, expose and throw out". He wrinkled

his nose as if there was a nasty smell in the air. Flies
were buzzing above his disheveled hair. "Nobody likes to
do what we are doing but someone has to protect our
freedom". By purchasing products from the university
supplier Paterson, students and professors pay for their
own execution.

Subversion and Treachery
Paterson Style at Mexican

In his longing for the mud, the semi-overweight and

hateful Chief came up with more verbal trash as spit was

flying from his snout: "The Mexicans are a bunch of
crooked tomato pickers and semi-literate wetbacks". The
Chief’s breath stank of half-digested food and whisky. "I
wouldn’t mind seeing a curfew by ten pm for students
across Latin-America as we have for teenagers in most
American cities". This is America! You can't make this
stuff up. "Then our officers could finish their work
earlier". It’s hard to reason with a barbarian, especially if
he is one of the CIA‘s champion alcoholics.

The Chief is the CIA’s number one faithful running dog.

"In Mexico City one of my agents unleashed a dog on an
anti-American". There was thirst for blood in his
language. 9-11 changed the rules of conduct in the
espionage game, because America’s pit-bull agents can
now bomb and maim and torture to their heart’s content.
Unleashing vicious dogs is a common practice by vicious
Americans, seen on scary pictures from prisons in Iraq.
American troops carry out scary nighttime raids on houses
in Afghanistan and use dogs that bite and maim the
people inside their homes.

The Chief’s eyes were scanning the wrinkled crotch of
my jeans while his talk took on a new chill. "The
average Mexican student will shit in his pants when he
thinks of America’s world power". The U.S. works with
any son of a bitch against foreign universities. And
Paterson I and II fit that requirement.

I was sitting in my chair when the erratic, frightening and

self-destructive Chief came over, bent down on his knees
and pinned himself against my legs. I could feel his
womanish breast pressing against my knees. "Let me suck
your cock", his lips demanded. Contractor Paterson, which
operates as a government mouthpiece, will certainly assert
that the Chief did not collaborate with me, that his
statements are taken out of context and their authenticity
will be questioned by all three parties, Paterson Inc., the
CIA and the U.S. government. They all stand to lose
reputation over the affair, and are best off by portraying
the Chief as a cheat or as a neo-Nazi who was speaking
unauthorized of the American university Gestapo operating
on a global scale.

A Paterson Plot in Venezuela
worthy of Judas the Traitor

Marxist President Hugo Chavez congratulates the U.S.S.A.,

the United Socialist States of America for the
nationalization of their car industry, banks and health-care
industry. What’s good for General Motors is good for
Venezuela. "We are going to eliminate the next Hugo
Chavez before he can run his country on an
anti-American agenda". Secret services all over the world
have to ask themselves why they didn‘t unmask the
American traitor? All countries now have fair warning that
Paterson Inc. is a rogue espionage contractor.

"Venezuela needs bi-pass surgery". The Chief’s bellowing
is going medieval by regurgitating poisonous CIA
arguments from the 1950s. "We have plans in the drawer
to contaminate products with poison and mail them to
hate-mongers". Which persons the toxic mail orders were
supposed to exterminate remains a secret. "I am not a
revengeful person". Revenge was often his favorite topic
of conversation and the different ways it could be
delivered to academic dissenters. "But I have learned lots
of ways to wreak havoc". With cockiness in his voice he
likes to push his poison. "Our man in charge of global
security for our agents used to work for another secret
service". He picked a piece of rotting food from his teeth
and examined it with squinted eyes. "He taught me lots
of dirty tricks he has up his sleeve". The CIA‘s covert
actions include multinational publishing conglomerates,
investment banks to manipulate markets, printing
companies to print counterfeit money, a university supplier
and dozens of other businesses.

Today he wore a suit that shined with grease at his
collar, elbows and belly. He stuck a finger in his mouth
to pick out leftovers from his lunch while talking and
farting shamelessly. "We are a butt-kicking world power"
and the Chief is of the bloated variety like most of his
overweight fellow Americans. "I eat a lot, I fart a lot, I
shit a lot". He was laughing with tears. He laughed so
hard dandruff was seen snowing from his hair through the
slanting sun rays. His next confession arrived with spit
flying from his snout: "We have planted spies in
admission offices all over Latin America". The Chief’s
nostrils flared while he told that Latino students are under
constant surveillance. "Students admission offices are the
crucial gatekeepers", brainstormed the master of university
espionage across Central- and South American college
grounds. "If our masquerade came out we would need to
guard our offices in Latin America as heavily as our
embassies". How does that protection work out, practically


Rape is the precise Word for what

CIA & Paterson are doing in Europe

European privacy laws prevent anyone from
illegally obtaining and storing any personal information
that can be traced back to the individual. CIA &
Paterson’s spying is in violation of these laws, beginning
by taking down illegally names, birthdays and tens of
other personal data. They store and update that
information for decades to come. Braking and hacking
into foreign university networks for the U.S. brings
dollar-millions into the coffers of Paterson Inc. They have
engaged in deceitful and criminal behavior since 50 years
and cannot be trusted to bring change on its own. The
best chance to rein in on Paterson Inc. is to close all
their overseas subsidiaries and to bring the American
perpetrators to justice.

Walt Blair Paterson looked like a sick old man clenching

his teeth and a pen broke between his fingers. He must
have forgotten to put whisky into his morning coffee.
"Our strategy was always to exploit the security vacuum
at universities". For good reasons do academics all over
the world harbor deep seated resentments against the U.S.

"Universities are the world’s easiest spying targets". The
cyber thieves from CIA & Paterson, not much different
from Nigeria's online scammers, routinely filch every
computer at foreign universities. "They don’t protect their
intellectual property". Don't be surprised if the Paterson
Inc. espionage goons, dispatched to steal research results,
start showing up at your laboratory, university supplies in
hand. Universities are vulnerable to cyber attacks across
every department, leaving intellectual property unprotected
to the spy contractor. "Since the counter-terrorism money
from Washington went through the roof, we can keep an
eye on the crooks from Europe even after they graduate".
America is a dinosaur with huge printing presses minting
billions of dollars. It takes dedication even in the worst
of times!

Is the CIA university spy contractor Paterson placing

Wall-Street-like bets on the possibility of ordinary students
becoming terrorists? Has the profit-minded contractor
Paterson established a terrorist information exchange
market by spying on ordinary students, beefing up their

data with fraudulent extras and then selling this
information for millions of dollars to the U.S.
government? Is Paterson trading overseas student data in
the CIA commodity-exchange for America‘s war on
terrorism? The devil only knows how much misleading
information about innocent students is packed into these
bets? 50 billion dollars CIA money is at stake every year
for espionage contractors!

Paterson Inc. uses Mobile Spying
Vans in Austria

Paterson and the CIA view overseas universities through

the distorted lens of cultural, economic, ideological and
religious warfare - and if there would be such a thing as
scientific warfare.

The CIA & Paterson stalkers go high-tech in Austria to

intimidate their university victims. "We read every word
from the computer screen of targets just outside their
office windows in our secret surveillance vans". That is
VERBOTEN in the European Union! "It’s sort of an
online shakedown". The Kafkaesque cold war on
universities turned Paterson Inc. into the American 800

pound gorilla of higher education. "It’s all there for the
taking as long as there are so many security holes". The
spy moguls seem to know more about spying than about
their university supply business. "I don’t grub around in
civil rights booklets". That might have been the reason
why the CIA managed to bring the former mayor of
Vienna, Helmut Zilk, to spy for the American secret

The Chief walked into the office loud belching,

announcing his undigested food and a dull hangover. "We
need to win and that’s why we update our spying skills".
The overseas spy cells could probably not exist without
the large deployment of private security guards. "We take
the initiative to protect democratic values". They want to
impose ‘democracy’ CIA-style on foreign universities at
gunpoint. "Other governments have failed to protect the
innocent and take out the suspects". Thank you, but thank
you for any Guantanamo style protection. "That’s what we
are doing for them". Like horse-bees swarming to attack a
bear, swarms of students will force the spy masters off

campus. "My agents are the checkpoints, the surveillance
drones and gunner positions at universities just like in the
real wars in Afghanistan and Iraq". Nobody in the U.S.
government seemed to question the thuggery of the
unsavory CIA contractor Paterson.

Speaking of American gunners: How many American

presidents used the car in which John F. Kennedy was
gunned down in 1961, his blood and brain splattered all
over the car seats? Four! Lyndon Johnson. Richard Nixon.
Gerald Ford. Jimmy Carter. The grisly Americans finally
retired the rolling coffin in 1977.

Belgian Students Chant: ‘How
many Paterson Products are we
Buying? Zero’

Students have to become self declared sheriffs, forcing the

American cowboy-spies to open their huge arsenal of
private student data taken hostage inside CIA files. The
files are part of a deeply anti-democratic U.S. agenda.
America’s militant approach to foreign universities goes
back to Eisenhower and continues unashamed under
Obama - despite his brown-sugar coated rhetoric. The CIA
tyranny at universities worldwide is characterized through
the Chief‘s xenophobia, his hatred and intolerance toward
the educated – and financed by the White House.

A leitmotif for the whisky-tongued spy Chief was ‘student
terrorists’. "Our experts hacked in the national telephone
company in Belgium to get phone records". He laughed
hysterically in shrieks and kicked and tossed the garbage
bin back and forth, because a dirty office is a sign of a
stunning party. "We have specialists to get us wiretaps on
any university telephone". Rotting fast-food and empty
bottles scattered across the floor and made the air smell
sour. He slipped on some odorous chunks of leftover
grease-food and fell clumsily onto the dirty carpet where
he was sitting for some time, staring dumbstruck straight
ahead. Reeling from side to side on his hands and feet he
got up as fast as his whisky filled belly would allow.

The Chief‘s hemorrhage of secrets will cause shudders at

universities around the world. "Our communications team
analyses telephone conversations of high value targets", he
belched out loudly. The cold warriors from America are
never out of touch with their victims. "We use spy-ware
to collect and read e-mails". CIA & Paterson are

monitoring and intercepting also YOUR electronic
messages. "It can happen that our agents answer the
e-mails to fool the sender". Will international justice
prevail against the Americans? "Our agents have a
preference to target communications between ex-lovers or
domestic violence". Shamelessness did not so much touch
as inhabit him.

As you read these pages, spies from the National Security

Agency NSA are busy reading your latest e-mails, since
spy contractor Paterson‘s list of e-mail addresses of
millions of students and professors worldwide are not only
used to intercept your e-mails by the CIA, but also for a
second surveillance program by the NSA - and archived
by its secret ‘Pinwale’ database. The database allows the
spies to read XX-large volumes of e-mail traffic and
analyze the pattern of who is e-mailing to whom.

Where did the CIA payments end up for Paterson during

50 years of espionage? Was he hiding the value losing
dollars under his mattress soiled with body fluids - as a

safer alternative to Lehman certificates? I slept once in
the Chief‘s bed and verified he has no filthy money
stuffed under his uniquely stained mattresses. Besides, for
all his CIA-dollars he would need mattresses several times
the size of a football field. Did he pile the cold cash
inside frozen food containers and stored it in a freezer to
keep the 1.000-dollar bills fresh and crispy? He has
definitely not enough freezer capacity in his house. Were
the spy-dollars sent off-shore to bank accounts in the
Cayman Islands and exchanged into Euros, gold, or Yen,
which tend to hold their value better? Off-shore bank
accounts have a long tradition for secretive Americans.

Even General Motors knows about it. To prevent its

German Opel subsidiary from going bankrupt in tandem
with GM, Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s government agreed
to rescue the ailing car maker with billions of taxpayer‘s
money. In a concealed amendment to the fat contract
between the two parties, GM tried to tuck away a
provision for funneling 325 million Euros of the first aid
money instantly to a bank account - not in Detroit - but

in the Cayman Islands! Those roughly five hundred
million bail-out dollars must have been a major issue for
Obama‘s car czar and/or the GM management, otherwise
there would have been no coated amendment and no
Cayman bank account. To the consternation of the
American money-skimmers the stealthy dig into the rescue
coffers got detected and removed from the contract just
hours before it was signed.

Plundering and Looting Denmark
by all the Rules of American

A gurgle rose in his throat and he was so drunk he

could hardly stand. He leaned against his desk and
bragged in his deafening vulgarity: "In Denmark we broke
hundreds of times in computers of professors and students
without getting caught". His bluntness offered another
glimpse into the psyche of an American who does not
understand civilized behavior. "We attach GPS senders to
cars so our agents can follow the movements of suspects".
The U.S. is using its sick technology in every nook and
cranny. "We target a widening circle of Muslim students

in Europe with our intelligence". Is that the reason why
radical Muslims hate the U.S. more than they love their
own children? "For practical reasons our university survey
group lumps Muslim students and member of Al-Qaeda
together since a real distinction cannot be found". The
American government seems to feed their spies on
gunpowder and hot pepper, exactly as urban thugs do
with their menacing pit-bull dogs to make them extra

Paterson and his spies are extremists who succeeded in

"taking the fight back to foreign universities" where they
ruthlessly increased their serious violence. They were
vandalizing laboratories and scientific data, took
photographs or videotape of students and professors,
perpetrated acts of physical violence including abductions
and torture, and send out death threats. The Paterson
espionage goons singled out persons whom they monitored
closely, they knew where the person studies, works or
gives lectures, where the person and its friends live and

where the person shops or drinks coffee. Paterson‘s spies
are nothing less than terrorists.

Perfidious American Stalkers and
Troublemakers in France

Do I have something new to say about America‘s mean

spirit? I am European like Alexis de Tocqueville, but I
understand that America is different from Europe because
of America’s uneducated arrogance; theirs is a society of
unskilled people where money borrowing is the dominant
ethic; U.S. government-paid sexual predators run amok in
foreign prison-camps and at overseas universities drunks

are laying in the offices of CIA spying contractors.
Americans display a lack of culture which the French
regard as central to civilization.

For Tocqueville nineteenth century America is a nation

larger than selfish desires. In the twenty-first century
America‘s megalomania is running huge budget and trade
deficits, its economy is based on housing and credit
bubbles. $6.55-per-hour fast-food employees, who work for
a paycheck that will barely pay for dog food, were
unable to fend off loans for houses in the days of
America’s mortgage madness. They were ‘buying’
mind-boggling overpriced and stunningly dilapidated
houses with zero dollars down and sub-prime mortgages
they would never be able to pay back.

Today these fast-food waiters have been laid off with no

new jobs in the recession. Their shoddy houses are falling
apart rapidly and there is nothing to eat in their
refrigerators. Why? There is no such thing as an
American safety net. A gun permit granted for a lifetime,

that is America's homicidal Social Security! If the waiters
apply for welfare it’s like being arrested by the police:
mug shots, fingerprints, long interrogations and their
personal data are shared with sheriff offices. In the
American culture of poverty it‘s better to borrow money
from a poor man than to rely on food stamps from the
U.S. government.

The masters of Wall Street had to be bailed out with 2.5

trillion borrowed dollars from China and freshly minted
dollars from the Federal Reserve Bank – money not
worth the paper it is printed on! The time-bomb U.S.
insurer A.I.G. keeps imploding and has burned up so far
180 billion dollars! The American white-collar thieves
pushed the entire global economy over the cliff! Justice
against America has yet to be served!

The Midwest, once a symbol of stability in the so-called

heartland of America, is today a wasteland of pale
zombies, of a ravaged people with minimum-wage jobs,
no medical insurance, but addicted to snorting

meth-amphetamines. An expert calls the Midwest
Methland, a gruesome social and medical catastrophe of
Chernobylish dimensions! When retired judges or
policemen need dental care, Midwestern medical insurers
will not pay for anything beyond tooth extractions. Clinics
that are the only health providers for miles around will
close because of empty state coffers, and what comes
next anybody can guess! The Soviet Union collapsed
anyway. And America is the next can't-do nation!

For Tocqueville the nineteenth century America would

rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom. In the
twenty-first century America‘s small-town economies turn
often around the criminal justice system, employing tens
of thousands sheriffs and guards. Why? The U.S. has 5%
of the world population, but incarcerates 25% of the
world’s prisoners at a rate five times the world average.
About 2.400.000 Americans are currently in prison, and
another 5 million were released early on probation. That
amounts to 1 in every 31 adult Americans is in jail or
on supervised release one in nine young black men are in

prison. Sexual abuse is part of their punishment, making
prison guards and probation officers often the worst
man-on-man or woman-on-woman rapists with little fear
of justice. BANG! BANG!

According to Fox News reports, building concentration

camps is part of America‘s totalitarian agenda – and I
may perhaps add: its business agenda. The U.S.
penologists are spending $55 billion per year on jails and
guards, exactly as much as the U.S. spyologists spend on
espionage. To squeeze more profits from the prison
business, inmates are being served only two substandard
and often inedible meals three out of seven days - leading
to increased violence and riots by prisoners. Shorting the
food supply allows sheriffs to keep food money not spend
in their own pockets, often hundreds of thousands dollars
per year!

Take for example Hardin, a small backwater city in

Midwest Montana. With the town council’s greedy
support, Hardin built a $27 million barbed wire camp to

take the Guantanamo prisoners - because of human rights?
Ha-ha. That’s a good joke! Their agenda was to earn
federal dollars to house, feed, and guard and rape the
prisoners – not to proof their guilt. No need for such
annoyances in America!

But the jail has been empty since it was opened for
business. Why? "To bring the worst of the worst terrorists
inside the United States would be cause for great danger
and regret in the years to come" snarled former
vice-President Dick Cheney. Montana’s Democratic
senators went ballistic over transferring Guantanamo
inmates into a Montana jail. In a new kind of gangster
story to fit the times, Americans do not want the
kidnapped and wrongly imprisoned ‘terrorists’ on
American soil. Why? Because the prisoners might take
avenge by giving America taste of its own medicine?
Americans are easy to piss in their pants with fear for
what they have done to other people!

With American audacity the first Guantanamo prisoner
was transported to ‘Old Europe’ and onto French soil,
shadowed by CIA agents. Zombie Cheney and the pale
Montana senators are slapping their knees, point their
trembling fingers at French President ‘On-The-Box’
Sarkozy and bend over shrieking with laughter!

Or should the Americans in a Catch-22 just stick to their

laws? U.S. law forbids deporting someone to a country
where they are likely to face torture!

The CIA & Paterson espionage profilers dig up garbage

and analyze their gatherings like river rats. The spy Chief
pulled his crooked mouth toward the left side of his face,
deep wrinkles running through his cheek. He harbored an
uncontrollable anger toward France. "The French
students?" he asked mockingly. "A great fuck!" The Chief
will lose all his cover, but my uncircumcised cock was
worth for him to keep blabbering. "We Americans have
the moral authority to police that trash at French
universities not only since we fcuked the French troops in

Egypt in the 1950s". The Chief is a bottom-up historian!
His verbal firepower and the intimidating presence of his
contract spy-thugs in French universities will be
extinguished and chased out by French students with

The drunken fascist Chief stumbled on his heels with his

arms stretched out and his fingers pantomimed scratching
the air. His voice had a strange hoarse sound as if
coming up with phlegm. "Jean Marie Le Pen is very
popular with our agents". America’s reputation took on
another stain as if from the Chief’s underpants. "We keep
an eye on Jose Bove because of his contacts to radical
students". CIA & Paterson’s war on universities is waged
at the expense of the rule of law in France. "He is
anti-McDonald’s and a danger to American business
interests in France". Decades of illegal acts by Paterson
Inc. are not only directed against academics. "We collect
massive intelligence on our competitors not only in
France". He coughed violently and staggered out of the
office and into the bathroom where he threw copiously

up. There wasn’t anything unusual about that. He was
frequently retching over the toilet-rim, his knees resting in
a puddle of human waste that stank beyond believe.

Synergy between Industrial and
University Espionage in Germany

The breakup of the Soviet Union has resulted in CIA

resources focused more directly to enhance American
economic competitiveness. Members of Congress and
business leaders have called upon the CIA to spy on
behalf of American corporations; otherwise U.S. firms will
be at a decided disadvantage in the global market. The

essential goal of Paterson’s spying is plundering and
reselling to the highest bidder among U.S. interests. "We
have access to classified research at a large chemical
company in Germany". That would be a synergy between
the CIA branches of industrial and university espionage.
"What is important to understand is that the trade deficit
has left our industry with declining production and
innovation skills". His string of confessions reads like the
criminal history of a mafia operation but mirrors the
thievish minds within the American government. "To get a
head-start with crucial technologies we are strip mining
foreign research". The CIA contract must be a gold mine
for Paterson Inc.

The pillow interviews shed a rare light into a world of

university espionage and subversion that usually persists in
secret. "We operate in Germany since a long time". They
are hunting in Hamburg for what George W. Bush
dubbed ‘islamofascists’. "We have doubled our German
station to more than six hundred officers since 9-11".
Now they turned their worldwide espionage on academics

into a full-blown crusade against universities. "We had to
hire temporary agents from a large American intelligence
consulting company". Who might that be? If I had the
resources, I would let Booze Allen Hamilton find out for
all to know! "The office in Hamburg has the largest
budget of our fifty offices in Germany". Is there
Paterson‘s handwriting pre-9-11-2001 on the walls of
Hamburg University?

In the hush-hush world of international espionage, the

unthinkable is happening: secrets are spilling into the
open. For 25 years, Ali al-Jarrah managed to be in
southern Lebanon a high-value spy for Israel. Ziad
al-Jarrah was one of the 19 hijackers who carried out the
terrorist attacks of 9-11. He was Ali al-Jarrah’s cousin.

"The violent demonstrations in Berlin were the early

target of our surveillance". Ghosts of the Cold War came
alive when he gave a short lecture. "The anti-Vietnam
war movement in America and at West European
universities was financed by Moscow". In a strange

coalition left-wing anti-war demonstrators and the large
German chemical company will take up actions against
the American contract spies. "My daddy thought this was
a coordinated worldwide conspiracy against our country".

Not much was known about Paterson Inc. before the

Chief literally dropped his pants and pushed me against
the wall and rocked himself against me. A burst of foul
smell came from his mouth with each rocking movement.
"That was about the time when my daddy ordered me to
attend a CIA training program". The Chief must have
belonged to the ‘new left’ within the CIA when he grew
his hair long and infiltrated the American peace
movement. Is this book going to force him to take a
haircut? "They tested me until I was considered politically
reliable". In that CIA environment showing any apparent
weak spot or femininity was not tolerated. Hatred was his
job pre-requisite for the destabilization of higher education
around the world.

Cold-War Spying Attack on
Academic Freedom in Great

Walt Blair Paterson walks, talks and acts like a

lower-class thug, which is his real background, not that of
British royalty as he likes to claim. The fool took off his
dirty knockoff gum shoes and propped his feet up on the
table - which smelled royally bad. "We have to keep our
Brit poodles on the leash". Which leash? The lurid details
of the Chief’s sex life will certainly give some readers
with S/M inclinations an erection without resorting to
magic pills. "This job is nothing for sissies, this is a
tough guy job", he liked to brag macho-style.

"We traditionally pressure the Brits to be our allies
because their nuclear missiles wouldn’t find their targets
without our guidance satellites". What a coincidence, I got
an educated Chief-of-university-spies – he must have
grubbed that piece of information out of a public library.
"The Brits still believe in their special relationship with
us – ha-ha". That’s the American’s way of getting to the
root of anti-Americanism. "Our undercover teams in
Britain observe activists from anti-war groups". In 2003
undercover detectives from New York’s City Police
Department were masquerading as peace activists while
spying in London on ‘American peace activists’.

The U.S. cowboys have a knack to alienate virtually the

entire world. How will the world look without American
duplicity? "We observe hate-mongers from university
chapels which are in opposition to our death penalty".
The Chief claimed that a group of his agents works in
England on "non-spying solutions to turn these wannabe
terrorists around". One of the CIA techniques evidently

involves establishing a seemingly natural friendship with
adversaries - everything is possible in the vast U.S.
spying network. "Do you want to know how we show
these anti-American dreamers what we think?" America is
the moral bottom-feeder of the world. "Our agents make
friends with them". The spy-Chief was proud that his
espionage-underlings manufactured ‘Astroturf’ (fake grass
roots) friends. "We go out for fish and chips together
because we can fight terrorists only when we have good
intelligence". This book will open countless investigations
into Paterson Inc., since in the age of Internet-bloggers
everyone is an investigative journalist cranking out facts,
guesses and rumors, which will ricochet through hundreds
of blogs.

The Chief’s head was framed by a cloud of marijuana

smoke when he dropped his pants down to his ankles,
eyed his genitals and grinned. He was observably going
through a phase when he thought everybody wants to see
his flaccid thingy. It looked rather unappealing, to say the
least, when a couple of flies landed briefly on his stained

underpants. Some perverts are into unwashed body-parts
and stained underwear, and Peewee Paterson was sure one
of them. "I dream of licking your butt-hole when I spank
my monkey". For that statement alone he could be
prosecuted by a court for sexual harassment at the
workplace. "Let me suck your cock and eat your balls".
He lives on drugs and alcohol and doesn’t know the
meaning of the word ‘shame’.

CIA & Paterson's Information
Warfare in Holland

The Chief was of an impish insincerity, a duplicitous

drunkard, and a chronic sexual predator. In his bottle
there was about half a liter of whisky left, which he
drank up quickly. He was sitting on the sofa, a goofy
smile on his face while his lips flared back, indicating his
sexual excitement was on the rise. He stared with bulging
eyes at my crotch as he began to roll his greasy pants up
to his thighs. The skin on his legs looked like plucked
chicken legs with blue shimmering varicose veins. Seeing
his skin my eyes were getting sore. His brain must have
told him that his employee’s meat was right in front of
him, and if he didn‘t go for it, my boyfriend will. The

Chief’s homosexual drive is comparable to a stray pit-bull
on steroids, and his miserable alcoholism is bringing him
one day into a mental asylum.

The subversive CIA contractor is continuing its hunt at

universities: "In Holland we build profiles and do social
network analysis of professors, students and their
homosexual associates". Rank hypocrisy is nothing new
for right-wingers.

What made the two-faced gay Chief shout vicious anti-gay

denunciations? Other American moral watchdogs sing the
same song: Congressman Mark Foley loves teenage
Congress errant-boys dressed in tight uniforms; Senator
Larry Craig loves men’s restrooms at airports
Congressman David Vitter loves prostitutes Governor Mark
Sanford loves his extramarital affair and cried for a
woman from Argen-Tina and promptly said that God
wants him to stay in office - God had spoken to him!!
Conservative stalwart, ideologue and Senator John Ensign
loves his election-campaign secretary and paid her

pimp-husband hush-money. Hypocrite Ensign made himself
a name by demanding President Bill Clinton’s resignation
over the Lewinsky oral affair. All of these pathetic
politicians fan the flames of culture-wars and oppose gay
marriage, abortion, stem-cell research and are ingloriously
strong on family values and parenting - while always
ready for adultery.

Growing up homosexual was a crime punishable by

castration in many God-fearing American states until
recently. No federal laws protected gay applicants from
being denied jobs in the CIA. The Chief’s parents of
blue-collar bootleggers background would have thrown him
out into the street before he could have finished saying
the word ‘homosexual‘. For his ‘daddy‘ the ‘gay agenda‘
was probably the greatest threat to the freedom of
America! And so it happened that the right-wing, all-white
mob from Paterson Inc. came to the 'defense' of the "real
America" by its march on universities around the globe!

The reputation of Paterson Inc. will not withstand the
public airing of its dirty CIA laundry. "Our officers have
a healthy appetite for gossip and dirt". How much crap
do they put into their spying reports? With their
espionage reports these ‘officers’ were busy planting seeds
for revenge and hatred toward the U.S. around the globe
for the past half a century. "Our agents indulge in
rumors". Rumors can backfire! In an interconnected world
where rumors fly around the planet by Internet, the
Chief’s revelations made during drunken pillow interviews
will ricochet through his own company and from there
into overseas universities.

What will be the consequences of this documentary?

Nobody knows, of course, but the threat posed by the
apocalyptic Chief-of-university-spies with blood on his
hands is a disturbing sign of an ever growing American
arrogant radicalism. Paterson is operating an espionage and
covert operations mill, supported with hundreds of millions
of U.S. government dollars. The Chief is not part of the

lunatic fringe in America which kills abortion doctors -
Paterson is mainstream Washington, D.C.

A Subtle Vestige of Criminal
Spying floats in the Atmosphere
above each Paterson Product in

Fact is nobody in the whole world, including China and

India, was willing to give Chrysler a penny for their
rundown factories producing an outdated vehicle lineup

with a lousy quality. That‘s why the Americans bet on
the Italians to show them how a technological advanced
small car is build, giving car-maker Fiat (Fix It Again
Tony) in return a chunk of bankrupt Chrysler for free.

Like an eunuch who produces ear-piercing thunderous

farts, the Chief is a creature of soul-piercing hatred.
"There is not much sophisticated research or high-tech at
Italian universities, considering that Italian students have
to bring their own toilet-paper if they want to take a
shit", snickered the godfather of the spy mafia. His
belligerence has been a real asset for the CIA.

How closely is Paterson Inc. related to the CIA’s system

of kidnappings of terrorist suspects in Italy, known as
extraordinary renditions? "Our agents are cooking up
political vendettas among that university riffraff parading
through campus". There is a growing risk that the U.S.’
monstrous actions will lead to a spirit of vendetta among
Italian students. "We take revenge on commie students
who demonstrate against our war on terror". Nobody can

predict which role Italian students will play in their
vendetta against the CIA & Paterson mafia? "These
small-time Red Brigades are sullying America’s image".
What ends up in Paterson‘s files about innocent academics
is a patchwork of pure falsehoods. Based on that sort of
fabrication the CIA kidnaps, tortures and imprisons foreign
nationals unlawfully. "We don’t tolerate autonomous
political activism by students". Someone should have
slapped the Chief in the face before he finished the

The second-rate provocateur took another gulp of whisky

from the bottle. The alcohol turned the proletarian thug
again into a sex-maniac in heat prowling for me with
pillow-talk, which was hard on my ears and more than I
deserved. Short hacked coughs emerged from his throat,
indicating the presence of phlegm, but he was all
American gentleman – something that cannot be faked -
and swallowed the offensive material. He pushed his
goat-face into my face and my eyes were draped with the
fat-folds under his chin and I nearly puked. His pigness

and his homosexual desires rose and fell like the tides of
his blood-alcohol level.

Organized Gangsterdom in
Poland Paterson-Style

The Chief is of peasant stock and his head hints of a

potato, but don’t ask him to spell potato. It is lice season
in the American West and his balding head was infected,
since he had scratched it bloody. When he caught a louse
he pinched it between thumb nails and smeared the little
carcass on the back of his pants. "These days we are
even getting active in some dinky Eastern European

backwater states like Poland". On the list of great dangers
facing universities worldwide, Paterson Inc. is the front
runner. "My daddy got us into that game when he set up
shop in Russia a quarter century earlier". Is that the ‘dirty
little secret’ of organized gangsterdom in Eastern Europe?
"A disorganized, overcrowded and poor university is the
ideal place for us". Every student or professor in Poland
is fair game for the USA Patriot Act, the sweeping
surveillance laws extended also to foreign universities.
"There is not much covert operation needed when we
work among the Polish potato-faces". Students in Poland
have to become schoolyard bullies and make the U.S.
goons turn over their lunch money.

The Chief, the CIA apparatchik, paced the office as if

someone was chasing him. "My agents are good at
picking locks, that’s all it often takes". Throwing balloons
filled with urine has tradition in Poland, and throwing
them into the face of U.S. agents will make heroes out
of Polish students. "We are the men in the front lines
while our National Security Agency just listens to phone

calls". Septic tanks are currently converted in Poland into
holding facilities for leftover Paterson Inc. supplies.

In 2009 a battle erupted over the question who selects the

top American spy in every country overseas: the CIA,
widely regarded as inept, or the director of National
Intelligence? How this struggle will affect the Chief‘s
contract spies is not yet clear. Will they get competition
from a second contractor and reduce Paterson‘s role in
the global university espionage empire? Influential
lawmakers support a reduced role of the CIA, which
means a second university espionage contractor from the
Defense Intelligence Agency is lurking in the wings of
the American Congress. The Pentagon is controlling a
much larger part of the secret intelligence budget than the

The Light of Science in America
is a Borrowed Light from Russia

The semi-obese Chief had stripped down to his undersized

but overused underpants. He was a tremendously creepy
and unhinged homosexual offender at the workplace. "I
was never fucked by a man", he intoned. "My wife
pushed her fist up my ass a few times; it was very
painful for me". I tossed him his greasy pants and said
it’s time for a nap. He shook his head vigorously in
disapproval and was close to tears. He took off my
Birkenstock shoes and began licking my feet because he
was so eager for body-contact. Bending down he was
exposing his discolored gorilla buttocks.

The secret of his position was to have everyone believe
that he is an ordinary family-man and unassuming heir to
a global business empire. Just like most Americans he
will tell with a straight face he is a moral idealist. He
maintains his cover by donating to philanthropic causes of
two dozen charities. What a charm offensive by the
Chief! "God blessed us Americans with superior morals".
Given all their baggage of wars of aggression, borrowed
money from other countries with no intention of paying it
back, their torture and rape of prisoners, America’s moral
place is in the gutters.

"We infiltrated the Soviet Union and China under the

leadership of my daddy". The Chief changed his position,
turned around and offered his ass, moon-walked
backwards, bent over, grabbed his ankles and tried to rub
his butt against my knees. "My daddy made contact with
the Chechen mafia for a lasting relationship when he
visited the Soviet Union". Had his ‘daddy’ out-bandied the
bandits? "Even today we plumb the offices of Russian
scientists with the help of our Chechen friends". Do CIA

& Paterson agents trade Russian research intelligence for
the blood of Russian school children from Beslan? In
Beslan hundreds of Russian school children were taken
hostage and murdered by Paterson’s Chechen friends. "Our
Chechen plumbers are better than Nixon’s plumbers".
Muslim Chechnia is today a renegade former Soviet
province striving for independence in a bloody battle with
Russian forces. "We have achieved enormous success with
our global intelligence network".

The CIA crowd control at major universities is not on

campus to write traffic tickets, because they carry
weapons that not only stun victims. "We Americans are
now writing history" - in Russia. The criminal Paterson
Inc. espionage organization ultimately cooperates with

Scandinavian Students Recoil
from Paterson Products and call
them Evil

After reading this book, the CIA espionage crooks are

going to rip in temper tantrums the Paterson-P’s from
their own computer keyboards. Just as former President
Clinton in the last of his legendary behind-closed-doors
rages removed all W’s from the White House computers
before he left office and the George W. Bush crew

Over a period of 18 months in a complicated drama in

which I, remorseful Yours Truly, was pursued by the

Love Spy, I finally gave the Chief access to my most
precious body part. The Chief greedily fumbled with the
belt buckle and the zipper of my jeans. Soon I was stark
naked from my hips on down, but still reluctant to let his
disgusting mouth pollute my butt. Hesitantly I squatted
over the face of the spy-master, who had positioned
himself flat on the carpet. According to American
folk-wisdom, a butt fits precisely onto a bucket. Now
there was only one way he could put his oily mouth to
use. The Chief drooled like Pavlov’s dogs, salivating over
the prospect of his tongue licking fiery at the flesh of my

After that performance the Chief could be a winning

contestant on the TV show "American Idol". A cloud of
rank air hung as usual over the Chief as he began
touching up his face with crumbled toilet paper. The
shyster was dressed in a pair of soiled khaki pants as he
let out a squeal of unconcealed hatred: "Like their
ancestors Swedish students have piratical and thievish
characters". The slightly educated Chief pointed his finger

at Swedish students and denounced them as copyright law
breakers. "My agents are strong enough to take on any
Swedish riffraff and do some sort of social engineering
there". Was he proposing a final solution for universities?
He flashed an evil smile, hinting that his slanderous
outburst had driven the hatred momentarily from his brain.

Major surgery is required to bring Paterson Inc. to reason,

and their classroom supplies are the place where the
Swedish student-anesthesiologists have to sink their
needles. If his company's stock were traded on Wall
Street, I'd short it!

There is a snapshot aesthetic to my interviews and

therefore the ‘Swedish’ pillow-interview were censored to
keep the Chief and his company anonymous. Yet
censoring contradicts the message of anger in this book
about my American journey. Is Paterson Inc. not a
historical mistake anyway? Fuhgeddaboudit, as they say in
the grimy industrial neighborhoods in Hoboken!

Paterson’s Tactics are not unlike
Planting Bombs in Spanish
Commuter Trains

Paterson’s toxic and poisonous imprint on university

supplies will be declared unsafe to use for any student.
"We have conducted sabotage attacks against Spanish
professors by contaminating their research data with fake
data". That would be an incredible scoop against the
baffled scientists. "This is sort of reverse censorship we
practice". It’s high time for academics to kick Yankee
ass. "When we enter databases and it gets discovered all
they know it was done by hackers". He lives in a world
of deception and deceit that runs surprisingly deep.

The Chief feels giddied by his ephemeral mastery of the
university espionage: "What I personally like about
intelligence operations is that they are more an art than
science". He got so excited that a fart slipped from his
ass. "People don’t understand the artistic part of me".
Now the whole office smelled like an unwashed chamber
pot. "I spend much time writing my long-range plan for
intelligence gathering". The interview book will force him
to remake his ‘philosophy’ on global spying. "I make my
people global players of my vision", which isn’t worth a
dog’s fart. Did the Chief watch too many TV reality
shows or read too many headlines in supermarket
magazines? Inspired by political or media demagogues,
hate speech and extreme violence against overseas
academics seems like pornography for the Chief.

One has to acknowledge that for decades the university

supplier never gave any hint of subversive activities. But
this is not completely out of character for anyone who
knows Americans. One could even argue that Paterson‘s

work at universities displayed intellectual curiosity. They
were open to all kind of new research. It went so far
that Americans were admired for their intelligence – or
was it espionage? Many people have a tendency to
believe in Santa Claus. Now it will take years to
investigate how much damage to university research and
academic freedom has been done by the CIA contractor.
They have worked as experts in their undercover and
supply business simultaneously since 50 years.

De-Americanization of Swiss
Universities is Crucial to Liberate
Higher Education

Isn’t it time for Americans to apologize for World War

II? Why? Former U.S. vice-President Dan Quayle called
the Nazi dictatorship 'an obscene period in our nation's
history'. Quayle: 'I didn't live in this century'.

The Chief-in-spy is coming out waving his pitchfork in

protest against the distant past of a small mountainous
European country. "The Swiss Nazi collaborators should
better look into their responsibility for laundering dirty

money up to this day". Switzerland’s history makes a
comeback and stirs up the anger of the spy Chief.

America’s monitoring of students in Switzerland is

mysterious phenomenon. "Kurdish Al- Qaeda is operating
inside many Swiss universities and some professors and
students play right into their hands". Some CIA agents
classified Al-Qaeda and other anti-American groups as
part of a single movement. With that attitude spying
became a true license to print money for Paterson Inc.
"The intelligence we collect flows into a sort of gigantic
encyclopedic software in our computers". This is where
the spies pool their spy-harvest, share information and
compare notes about their high-value university targets.

The interviews deliver a trove of evidence laid out in a

powerful Teutonic narrative, collected over 18 months
with German efficiency in hundreds of hours to build a
mosaic of espionage details. "The software guarantees that
we can stitch together information from far apart as
Switzerland and Pakistan". The evidence of the pillow

interviews for Paterson’s contract spying is sufficient to
publish this book. "That keeps our chance for intelligence
gaps as small as possible". The corrupted Chief and his
Mafia-like spy cohorts are best described as a messianic
and apocalyptic cult. "The encyclopedic information lets us
forecast future events at universities and in the terrorist
environment". The Chief-prognosticator sounds like a
fundamentalist preacher predicting fire and brimstone to
rain down on universities. "We have to use tactics
outsiders will call illegal". He liked to speak with a
straight face about decency, God and morality. "What we
need is time to fulfill our mission". The Chief, chuckling
and bragging, mistakes espionage for reality: Mission Not

In the CIA espionage world, Paterson Inc. is a giant. In

the real university world, they are not. When Paterson’s
university supplies were last seen in Switzerland, they
piled up in second-hand stores.


Project for the New totalitarian

American Century

Put your hands up! The leaders of Boy Scouts of
America are ratcheting up the group’s missions and are
training ‘true-blooded’ American semi-literates to ‘confront
terrorism’. 16-year old American-boys like the discipline
of the program and bloated boy-faces scream ‘separate
your feet!’ before handcuffing a ‘terrorist’ dressed up in
traditional Arab clothes. Shooting terrorists makes even
obese American-girls excited: ‘I like the sound they
make’. The only problem the training faces lately is
American police officers conducting the exercises have
been charged with sexually molesting dozens of these
boys and girls. BANG! BANG!

Sexual violence by Americans is a direct product of

America‘s ‘war on terrorism‘, to which university
espionage belongs. Widespread sexual predation by
Americans is not just in Iraq ‘normal‘, in which the
Christian U.S. government, the Bible quoting U.S. armed
forces and the religious right-wing U.S. secret services
join together and are responsible for sexually abusive
exploitations of Muslims of both genders. Pictures from

the Abu Ghraib scandal had the effect of stripping the
Americans of their ‘moral authority‘, which they toothless
claimed in the past. Saddam‘s torture chambers are under
new American management and stuffed with sex-starved
male and female guards from the U.S.

Working in the Chief‘s office was like coming to a war

zone where sexual violence and mass rapes persist. The
rape of pre-teen girls and boys during war is also
common, and I wonder if the drunken and abusive Chief
raped also his little daughter, to which he once - in a
meditation on the bestial side of human nature - indirectly
alluded. The Chief - a physical danger and moral affront
to civilized society - was retelling with pornographic
relish the lurid details of the assault. Is the ethically
challenged spy Chief guilty of yet another outrage?
Unfortunately all the shelters for survivors of sexual
violence have been closed in the Chief’s Western U.S.
state, which is by now a broke state.

One does not have to be Sigmund Freud to see that the
Chief needs a psychologist. The crux with American
psychologists is they are renowned for developing
measures to defeat the resistance of kidnapped U.S.
enemies in the Guantanamo concentration camp. These
American-shrinks are not the kind of ‘therapists‘ one
would recommend to a friend. They are NOT known to
heal a psycho like the Chief. American Nazi-psychologists
are teaching 'learned helplessness’ and introduced
waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other harsh methods
to the CIA goons as interrogation techniques. One should
not underestimate the mission of American psychologists
to teach brutality and cynicism also to the CIA
contractors and its private security guards. One does not
have to be a psychoanalyst to understand the use of
American ruthlessness at universities around the globe.

The Chief introduces a new Line
of Edible Canned Learning Tools
for the African Market

What is the difference between Somali pirates hijacking

ships and the pirating business of the American university
spies? Without a functioning central government,
anti-pirate Islamic sheiks of the pirate-infested Somali
coast would like to cut off the hands of the Somali
pirates for justice. In stark contrast, the thieving, violent
CIA contractor pirates from Paterson Inc. with their
American sanctuary have the financial support and
protection of the U.S. government. One is inclined to
conclude that Americans are below eye-level of Somali

pirates who dash up the sides of commercial ships with
an AK-47 in hand. The Somali economy has imploded
after two decades of war. The American economy was
crushed under a staggering load of debt just last year but
the Americans are pirating foreign universities since five

The Chief is a worst-case neo-conservative who likes to

use obscene expressions. He is also promoting race
discriminations in an evil way. His latest idea of
proposing canned edible Paterson Inc. supplies for the
African university markets will turn into a real can of
worms for him. "With my great invention of canned
edible learning products I have solved the African hunger
and illiteracy problems for everyone not suffering from
bulimia and learning disorders". In America people seem
to think it's cool to be stupid.

The Chief was sliding off his chair and tried hard to
push himself back up again. His racial joke amused him
so much that he burst into laughter and whisky sprayed

out from his mouth. "I want to bring edible education
tools to them Negroes". The First Amendment to the
American Constitution covers his hate speech and makes
the Chief an honorary Ku Klux Klan member, where such
racism flourishes. "I know another one", he announced
with tears of laughter in his eyes. "Do you know the
colonial law of the plantations in Africa?" His vulgarities
continued: "21 on the ass to make the lazy nigger work
again". He shrieked and was shaken with laughter. It's the
same old filthy racism that has been there in America all

Looking into a crystal ball one can have doubts that

Paterson Inc. agents will be greeted by African students
as liberators. "We stay on the sidelines in Black Africa".
He clenched his fists and yelled: "Because
anti-Americanism is getting nastier every day at African
universities". African students must be dangerous because
they disbelieve in American values. "I can’t forget the
pictures of our dead soldiers in Somalia". Americans live
in a dangerous world. "These black apes think they can

besmirch us with impunity". Paterson Inc. might have to
recall its contaminated edible canned education products.
"These baboons think of my country as a power from
yesterday". The U.S. hopes that thanks to Obama its
worldwide reputation will improve. National image and
reputation are in a globalized world more important then
ever before.

Paterson Inc. has built a hidden espionage archipelago

stretching across the world. "We need to go back to the
good old days and support dictators like Idi Amin", he
philosophized about the last King of Scotland. "Selling
our products in Africa is like throwing pearls before
swine". He became more and more bad tempered. "They
don’t have the brains of human beings". He talked
himself into a mind-boggling rage. "These dumb black
hate mongers". The Chief insists he is not a racist. "I am
not one of those people". He slapped his knee and
gurgled with laughter and sent more whisky gurgling
down his throat. He will learn the hard lessons of the
instantaneous digital world very soon. Chatter on the web

makes outrage spread virally faster and hotter across this
world than Paterson Inc. could wish for.

An Arrogant Message of Power
from the Spy Chief for Arab

The agents from Paterson Inc. are out in the world to

settle scores and they are more radical than Nazis. "We
believe in permanent intelligence for permanent dominance
of these goat-fuckers". CIA & Paterson spying is based
on hatred, racism and religious intolerance. "We will wipe

anybody off the campus-map who is threatening the
global interests of the United States". You are doomed if
you don’t believe those who threaten to wipe you out.
The U.S. raped foreign universities for the past 50 years
and is ready to extend the ‘battlefield’. "We need better
intelligence on students we suspect have knowledge about
terrorist plans to harm my country". The U.S. and its
henchmen from Paterson Inc. are permanently committing
crimes in the Arab world which will bring Arab hatred of
everything American to a boil. "We have unique
capabilities and unmatched power; intelligence is the
mother lode, the tool to get to know what we want",
bullied the water-boy for American aggression.

In the next moment he wanted to strip me of my t-shirt.

He pulled and wouldn’t let go and insisted on lying
together on the filthy sofa. "I know this is sin; I know I
am going to hell for this". He rubbed his flaccid dick
against my leg, short up and down movements, trying to
make his lifeless thing hard and asked: "Are you going to
shoot your jizz into my mouth?" He must have thought

this will fortify his psyche. "I need uncut cock". He is a
looser who thinks of himself as a winner-gets-it-all. "You
must let me suck you off", he grunted and moaned ever
more loudly as his mouth began to drool. I told him it’s
not the right time and he began sobbing like an old
woman. The serial sex offender felt snubbed and began
drinking up his whisky bottle noisily. That whisky is
putting the gasoline back into his ego-tank. It’s the juice
of his brain.

He was at the mercy of alcohol and he had no strength

to resist it. The more whisky he guzzled the more
talkative he became. The criminal conspiracy of Paterson
Inc. unfolding at Middle Eastern universities knows no
end. "We are the gloves", unveiled the ticking roadside
bomb. He is an outspoken fan of the late Michael
Jackson, the former white Obama: "When our agents take
the gloves off there will be man-hunts at these
goat-fucker universities", brooded the resentful King of
Racism. He sure is a product of the American culture of
ignorance, brutality and death. "Our agents are a little

sadistic in pursuing Muslim students". The agitator looked
out the window, seemingly speechless with perverse pride
for a moment. "They only understand the language of the
electric cable on their backs; that’s part of the Arab
civilization, isn’t it?" The use of torture instruments by
the ham-handed hoodlums from Paterson Inc. in their
‘global war on terror’ was under Obama renamed into
'overseas contingency operation’. As opposed to First
Dude Obama’s smooth words, American actions remain
unashamed and without regard for international law.

What's the difference between the Chief and Osama bin

Laden? Osama is thin and not addicted to whisky. "We
fuel political splits, Muslim rivalry and ethnic tensions at
Arab universities". His donkey braying will turn into cries
of mercy one day. "Our tactics are like erecting walls on
campus to keep the good and the bad students apart", he
screamed like a TV preacher. He tipped the bottle up and
slugged down the whisky. Wherever Americans show up
without an invitation, they end up dividing countries,
cities, families and universities.

Moments later the whisky must have helped the Chief’s
coarse homo-sexism to come out of the closet again. "I
have to hide my relationship with you from my wife and
children", he complained. Hello! What relationship? "But I
want you; I want to have your lips on my mouth". There
was a deranged quality to his stinking snout that wants to
kiss but had stammered obscene speech and praised
violence just moments ago.

The Chief Confirms Extraordinary
Renditions in Egypt

Did Obama give a speech? This chapter will help change

the last misperceptions that Muslims from Cairo
University to Iran have about America. Obama’s message
of a Muslim father and grandfather and his grassroots
approach to Egyptian students not withstanding, the U.S.
still buys the sympathy of Egypt‘s government with
billions of dollars every year, while Egypt‘s population
hates the Americans. Egyptian’s intellectual opposition is
putting the lie on the black American face and his
rhetoric of reconciliation of Abu Ghraib with the Islamic
world. Political Islam is the growing voice of Muslim
anger and identity. This section of the book will touch

upon the violent aggression of America‘s military and
secret services in the Muslim world. Its message will be
heard particularly among young people.

In April 2009 the U.S. ‘Justice‘ Department made public

that the CIA, its contractors and U.S. medical personnel
are known to use cruel, inhumane and degrading torture
on their Muslim religious-political enemies. "With the
helping hands from security guys we have snatched an
Al-Qaeda guy from a campus and had him interrogated
by Egyptian secret police". In 2006 a representative from
the CIA contractor 'Jeppesen DataPlan' admitted: ‘We do
all of the extraordinary rendition flights -- you know the
torture flights; let's face it.’ One CIA contractor such as
Paterson Inc. gets a helping hand from another CIA
contractor. "We are stepping on these cockroaches" - his
screams rocked the office. CIA contractors are known to
be eager proponents of coercion through grueling torments,
calling themselves ‘Masters of the Mind Fcuk‘! These
contractors made themselves internationally a name
through alcohol excesses, sexual assaults, the hiring of

known mercenaries, the use of excessive force, mock
executions and the cover-up of killing innocent civilians.

More than 100 suspected terrorists died in U.S. military

prisons and secret CIA jails. They were allegedly kicked
to death, shot, suffocated or drowned. What will the
young radicals, and the not-so radicals in internet
chat-rooms have to say about Walt Blair Paterson? He
seems to be in the dark about the saying that the laptop
is mightier than the sword. "We have some marked for
elimination". The ex-military guys Paterson is hiring for
‘security’ have often just recently returned from U.S. wars
in Afghanistan or Iraq with mental problems and had to
see American psychologists.

There was only one Way for the
U.S. to get its bloody Hands on
Iraq’s Oil

The leading medical journal ‘The Lancet‘ reported that

America’s ‘democracy’ campaign in Iraq has taken the
lives of 655.000 Iraqis since 2003. The outburst of
‘democracy’ American style in Iraq was a slap in the face
of the Arabs and brings bad luck to the world in the
name of ‘freedom‘. "I expect that our Iraq business and
our [CIA] contract work will grow into the largest in the
Middle East", was the Chief’s forecast in 2003. Of
course, Paterson’s Iraq business will measure up to the

LARGEST embassy in the world built by the U.S. in

The Chief’s opinions can be called fascist without the hint

of an exaggeration. "First we must destroy a country
before it can be re-build", said the demolition man. Will
Paterson Inc. move its headquarters from America to Iraq
for the same reason? "I love the waves of disturbance we
Americans create, because I am bored by peace".
Everything that reminds an American of peace contradicts
America’s nuclear strategy of world dominance.

But the American aggressors don’t know how to stand

their ground. Six years after their lawless invasion the
big-snout American occupiers are banned into military
camps on Iraqi soil, just like the British occupying troops
were banned into military camps on Iraqi soil back in the
1920s. This time around the British troops took the tails
between their legs and rushed home!

"We went into Iraq to take revenge for 9-11", the Chief
said with ugly pride while unaware of the fact that Iraq
had nothing to do with 9-11. The U.S. helped to mock
and hang the number one gangster of Iraq and legitimized
even greater gangsters, religious zealots and brutal corrupt
officials. This is an old tradition of U.S. foreign policy.
They can be at eye level only with the worst scum.
"America is discriminated by the rest of the world", the
Chief lamented.

Attacking Iraq for no reason and initiating a pre-emptive

war against that country compares to America‘s
pre-emptive espionage on students. Students have to ask
how to protect themselves from a brutish 13th-century
America that tortures and makes a mockery of academic

An inflammatory Message from
the Chief to the Palestinian
Students of the Third destroyed

The paranoid Chief-of-spies often called attention to a

world conspiracy to bring change to U.S. Constitutional
rights. Without that fear there would be probably no
reason for Paterson to operate disguised as university
espionage contractor and deal with faux university
supplies. The Chief is afraid ‘someone’ will take away
American guns, break into American houses, rape, kill and
take away American property as a best case scenario.

"Who is running the world?" he often asked rhetorically.
Taking guns away ain’t about losing hunting rights! In
the Chief’s worst-case scenario, a reverse Vietnam War
escalation on American soil will happen, My-Lai-genocide
in American cities so to speak. He fears a Waco/Texas
memorial massacre of entire metropolitan regions. His
nightmare is an All-Mighty fiery hurricane ripping a path
of destruction through the heartland of America: Houston,
Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma-City, and Wichita: ravaged!
Lincoln and Omaha in Nebraska, South Falls, and Fargo:
leveled! He fears Janet Reno, the former "lesbo-female"
U.S. attorney general who ordered the FBI raid on the
far-right religious doomsday group in Waco will "come
out of retirement!" The Chief liked to crack sexual jokes
about former presidential daughter Chelsea Clinton and
Janet Reno. Shut your filthy mouth!

His bulging bloodshot eyes looked piteously hideous, a

reflection of his conspiracy nightmares. In agony he went
down on the floor and rolled like an early case of swine
flu on the carpet while he engaged empty whisky bottles

in further conversation of plots against America. Let’s
take that glorious moment while spastic ripples run
through his body and he was gasping for breath to
fine-tune the Chief’s world conspiracy theory! I can speak
as an authority, having been a long-term illegal alien on
American soil! I am an investigative rent-boy with a
pillow-CIA background, pulling a chair up to a global
debate! I am trained in the analysis of strange satellite
images! America has to implement less corrupt
governance, but who will be expert at regime change and
in redrawing the American map as part of a world

American conspiracy theorists will feel justified when their

country is taken over by a United Nations led
international army and the entire 310 million Americans
are forcefully deported into two narrow but roughly
rectangular territories - walled, fenced, blockaded and
road-blocked! What will America look like broken into a
duo of Stripe-states? Pretty much like the two parts of
Palestine look, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip! This

break-up will make the two American-Stripes ready for
the 21st century when little will be the new big!
Smaller-is-better and stripes are fashionable in these
meager recession-times. The Northern American-Stripe will
be wedged between Canada and the former U.S. of A.,
and the Southern American-Stripe borders Mexico.

The Northern and Southern Stripes resemble on closer

inspection two XX-Long worm-like voting districts in
racially segregated America. Or in a reference to Obama’s
African heritage, the two Stripes look strikingly similar to
the two narrow banks along the Gambia River in West
Africa which make up the state of Gambia, with breeding
grounds for swarms of flies - to keep fly-Terminator
Obama busy one blow at a time.

The world’s population is ready to violate America’s most

basic right in the name of fighting U.S. terrorism! All
American-guns will be confiscated, including those of state
militias, turning the American-Stripes into two pitiful
archipelagoes of defenselessness. No state (Texas!) can

reserve the right to secede from the two American-Stripes,
because states no longer exist! As if by a dictate from
God the separation into Stripes will help ease tensions
between the North and the South of bygone America!

Watch towers, barbed wire and gunner positions will

make it more palatable for Americans to perfect the art of
sitting it out in the Stripes during the next two centuries.
They will be sentenced to 200 years inside the
American-Stripes for pulling off their enormous offenses
worldwide. The sentence is warranted by the extraordinary
dimensions of their crimes.

The liberal East and West Coast establishments will make

arrangements as U.N. collaborators to keep their houses,
or to take over the best real estate in the
American-Stripes – or to emigrate to countries speaking in
foreign tongues!

It‘s time for retribution, not reflection, and the very act of
deportation, however violent, will be seen by the

non-American world-population as purely defensive. No
more bombing of other countries Americans cannot
pronounce and cannot find on a map! The Stripes will be
the geo-political punishment for dozens of wars of
aggression, global university espionage and causing the
world financial system to collapse under the American
Ponzi-debt, which was built up by decades of American
addiction to debt, of no-money-down home-loans and
shopping on credit-cards only. Americans borrow from
Peter to pay Paul; they borrow from China to pay the
interest on their loans from Japan and Korea and Russia!

Along the roughly 4.000 mile border with Canada, 155

million Americans or half of the U.S. population will
need only a 3.5-mile wide Stripe to live with a
population density of 4.270 Americans per square
kilometer – comparable to the Palestinian population
density in the Gaza Strip! Along the 2.200 miles of the
Mexican border a less than 7-mile wide Stripe will be
sufficient for the other half of the Americans at an equal
population density. Revenge is never a straight line and

therefore the Stripe’s barriers will be made of huge metal
plates and concrete walls with barbed wire on top.
Thousands of U.N. border guards from Afghanistan,
Algeria, Cuba, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North
Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria and Venezuela will be
deployed along the entire stretch of the borders.

The world loves America so much that everyone will be

happy to see two Americas, although literally stripped
down. The humanitarian situation in the two
American-Stripes inside tent cities with no running water,
no sewers or electricity and not enough to eat for the
coming ten generations will be exactly as it should be.
Human Rights Watch will certainly negotiate on American
behalf that neither Canada nor Mexico will fire too many
white phosphorus shells into the densely populated

Overt displays of misplaced patriotism with the old gory

American flag will not be tolerated and met by torturous
waterboarding, because the country is no longer theirs.

Only flags wrapped around XX-Tall dunce hats of a new
design with two stars for the two American-Stripes will
be permitted! As a symbol the 2-star flag represents lost
sovereignty of the Americans run off their former country
- not unlike American Indians who were concentrated at
gunpoint into reservations in the awful history of

Have you heard? Everyone's favorite duo of

American-Stripes has gotten new names! Giving way to
America’s love for acronyms, ugly U.S.A. has been
stripped down and re-initialized into N.A.S.T.Y. A.S.S.:
"Northern American Stripe Territory" and "American

Stripe South". The new America - the can't-do nation!

A preventive regime change, a new drawn map, a new

designed flag and a new name for America! Let’s be a
bit recession-tightfisted and make them re-use the hellish
lyrics of their old national anthem. Why? Because "The
Star-Spangled Banner" is all about bombs and war and

bloodshed - values commonly associated with N.A.S.T.Y.
A.S.S. Americans!

No more revisionist interpretations of American history

necessary! That‘s the end of American history as the
world has known it – known it most often better than
Americans them selves! No more violent demonstrations
with burning U.S. flags and signs reading "Death to
America!" 2-star dunce hats and T-shirts with N.A.S.T.Y.
A.S.S. America imprints will be the new fashion
manifestation at pro-American-Stripe demonstrations around
the globe!

And what will happen to the worldwide victims of

American aggression and Ponzi-debt? The U.N. will
declare to seize power in America, exert its claim to rule
America and will entitle the victims to claim ownership
of America. The victims are promised by the U.N. to live
happily forever on their free land for the taking - in the
apartments, houses and backyards of the expelled
Americans! The new owners of America will also build

new settlements on hilltops with million dollar views -
inside the American-Stripes of course! The new
Stripe-settlers are entitled by the U.N. to 80% of the
drinking water in the A.S.S., the arid Southern Stripe –
the remaining 20% water shall trickle down to the
Stripe-Americans! Americans take notice: criticizing the
expanding settlements into the American-Stripes will not
be helpful at all if the expelled Stripe-Americans fantasize
about a peace process with the new owners of America!

Every journey begins with the first step! It’s going to be

a long march through poverty and misery into the sorrow
of the American-Stripes, comparable to Mao Tse Tung’s
long march into the caves of Northern China in the
1940s! But let’s come back to Palestine and the Chief’s
unsurpassed prejudice and his foul spittle spraying the air
with white phosphorous hate!

The treacherous CIA Chief will become the symbolic

American for all anti-American rage – and the pillow
interviews will hack another crack into the crumbling

image of America. "Look at the Palestinians", the Chief
stammered as the whisky flowed down his throat. His fast
drinking had him gasping for air and he said with a
wheezy voice: "They hang out at Gaza beaches all day
long". Chief Paterson drank as if competing for a bottle
of absinthe on skid-row. "I would chase them with
Apache helicopters to the library". The Chief glanced
longingly into the direction of my genitals and winked
with one eyelid suggestively. One should throw that
drunken, puffed up and shabby pig off the adultery cliff.

By now the Chief was totally drunk, but his urge to go

on drinking was still strong. "I have no patience with
these lazy pigs". He held the bottle up to the sunlight to
check if nothing was left. "We don’t sell our products to
Palestinian terrorists". The drunken fool had missed the
fact that Palestinian universities had been closed for
decades by America’s closest ally. The Chief’s hate-tirades
betrayed the Palestinian students as much as Judas the
Betrayer betrayed Jesus. "We Americans only want to be
loved", he declared while liquor stench from the Chief‘s

mouth fouled the office air. What could I say to a moron
like him? He is the gift that keeps on giving!

U.S. Wild West Methods in
Saudi Arabia

Mission accomplished! Today he had five full bottles of

whisky lined up on his desk as an emergency supply in
case of a natural disaster. "We take the fight to our
enemies" - often with medieval American methods. As he
floated along on a stream of intoxication, his wolfish
howls bared more ugly details about his Shadow
Company’s mission. "We want to slaughter these pigs in

Saudi Arabia before they fly again into New York". 9-11
was just a tiny taste of their own medicine the U.S. likes
to give to other nations. "We are forced to act as a
secret police in Saudi universities", he barked aggressively.
Students in Arab countries are reduced by the Chief to
demons. "We have to keep these rag-heads from falling
into Jihad’s hands". The Shadow Company conducts its
crimes at Arab universities in the spirit of ‘mob
vengeance’ against academics. "Arabs are incapable of
democratic culture". Where there is oppression by
Americans, there will be resistance by students!

The Chief’s harsh testimonies about attacks on students

and the destruction of property conveyed an atmosphere in
which the American spies feel entitled to use unrestricted
force against Arabs. "Our agents use arson as an
intimidation tactic to deliver a political message". Paterson
Inc. pyromaniacs are committing more than academic
arson, leaving a smoldering trail in their wake. Are Arab
students going to witness Paterson’s agents dashing off

campus with singed eyebrows and hands, some of them
still smelling like gasoline?

Does a statistic from the State of California serve as a

playbook for the Chief’s contract arsonists? In California
burn about 20.000 arson fires annually, on average 55
ethnic arson conflagrations per day in a state with 38
million people. If one takes their arson statistics and
combines it with the U.S. murder rate, which is about ten
times higher than in Germany, the conclusion is that a
civil war rages in America. But Americans can’t be
bothered by their problems; instead they pretend to police
the world. "We do whatever it takes to fulfill our
mission". Paterson Inc., the university supplier, is a
symbol for everything that is barbaric in America!

Cold Turkey Spying Operations

Paterson’s agents conceal their espionage and subversion

by selling Paterson supplies at universities as if they were
riding inside Trojan horses. "The Greek military coup of
1967 was carried out by my fellow CIA men". One can
imagine the cheering of the American CIA barbarians
when they celebrated their bloody monkey victory in
Greece. "To bad the Turks caused the Greek junta to
collapse when they invaded Cyprus". That brings to mind
the Greek musician Mikis Theodorakis and his famous
utterance: ‘I hate Americans and everything American’.

"We are having a foothold across the Bosporus". What

the fcuk for? Paterson Inc. protects its crusaders in
Turkey with armed American security guards. "Since 2003

we consider the Turks and Kurds the strategic front for
our intelligence operations". Espionage is closely related to
power, and abuse of power is the central theme of this
book. "By the way did you know that Kemal Ataturk was
a cross dresser", the Chief asked snickering. Mocking the
founder of modern Turkey seems very popular with the
religious right in America, especially since it supports the
ongoing conflict between Greece and Turkey. "Did Ataturk
ban the head-scarf because he wanted to be the only
veiled lady?" He was poring whisky into his mouth and
smacked his lips like a castrated boar. The Chief is the
typical insensitive and insulting American, unaware of
Turkey’s historic and moral sensitivities.


American neo-Fascism comes with a

smile to the Far East

The Chief‘s perverse characterization of students
must be shared with ‘Big Ears’ within the White House,
since Paterson’s global espionage on students and
professors shows the American belief that there is
something basically illegitimate about universities outside
the U.S. The CIA tyranny at universities worldwide is
characterized through the Chief‘s ringing cynicism, his
hatred and intolerance toward the educated.

Top-Secret Spying with a
Vengeance in China

Since five decades Paterson Inc. is wrapping fire in paper.

"Our top spy in China was a woman". Paterson’s supplies
create a noxious smoke-screen to hide their reality as a
global spy contractor. "Way back we had a Peace Corps
volunteer working for us in China". It will not take long
before China will order a crackdown on Paterson Inc. "He
later moved on to work in a U.S. jail to recruit juvenile
murderers for a special CIA program". The pillow
interviews will do permanent damage to the Paterson spy
network but the Chief had nothing better to do than undo
his pants and stand there in the office legs apart as if
urinating. "Let’s have a contest and see who has the

bigger pecker", he blurted out giggling. He made my
pubic hair stand on end and prickle at its roots.

"China’s military-industrial complex was hiding in the

mountains from our nuclear bombs". The business of
Paterson Inc. is an excellent window-dressing for their
CIA-sponsored intelligence program. "Not before the late
eighties could we send some of our agents into this
region under the disguise of volunteer teachers for the
Peace Corps". Even when totally drunk he was able to
make mental redactions to his confessions and suppress
city names as direct evidence. "Our top priority is to
expand our intelligence to all major Chinese universities".
A Chinese proverb would call this ‘carrying fire’ between

He came back from his ‘lunch’ as if coming from a

Chinese new years feast, totally drunk. As he walked he
stumbled from side to side at a greater distance than he
made progress forward. "In the U.S. we have quite a
following for our products among the bucktoothed Asian

nerds, but the slanted market in China needs more yellow
students reaching out for our products". The Chief’s
fondness for nastiness must go way back in his life. One
can sense that he wasn’t his parent’s favorite. He must
have been fed hatred instead of milk and was
de-sensitized by his upbringing, unable to have feelings
for other people’s feelings. A person who has that kind
of parental punishment inflicted on him suffers to a great
extent psychologically.

"My hero is Deng Xiaoping because he liked to spit on

the floor". The Chief sent a lump of green mucus flying
onto the carpet to underline his admiration for Mr. Deng.
"He really has shown how to kick the ass of Chinese
students during their 1989 demonstrations. Marvelous! I
love the man! They will not pirate our products
anymore". He sank to his knees, laughed hysterically and
clutched a Paterson Inc. product to his chest. A moment
later he exploded in a rage and smashed an empty
whisky bottle on the floor, making shards of broken glass

fly across the carpet. His eyes puffed out like cherries
and filth poured from his mouth. "Fcuk the Chinese"!

The Chinese Communist Party claimed in 1989 that the

student uprisings have been orchestrated by foreign agents
to stir a complot by counter-revolutionaries during the
Tiananmen Square demonstrations. Is there Paterson‘s
anti-communist agenda written with the blood of Chinese
students onto the walls of the Forbidden City? It’s time
for China to close the chapter on Paterson Inc. once and
for all.

Bubbling sounds came from the Chief’s mouth. This

indicated he was on the brink of throwing up after he
had poured lots of whisky down his throat. The sour
stench of his puke would be disgustingly nauseous. "The
Chinese are a bunch of damned copy cats worse than the
Japs". Doubts might be expressed whether the statements
of the foolish Chief benefit the image of Paterson Inc. in
China. "They haven’t changed since 300 years; one should
make the Chinese eat their shit copies".

Maybe Chinese students will get a hold of the Chief one
day, stuff some Paterson Inc. products into his dirty
mouth, shut his snout and make him swallow like a
dog-trainer teaches a dog to devour medication. "They can
greet each other with ‘have you eaten shit yet?", giggled
the Chief in reference to the Chinese habit of greeting
with the question if one has eaten already.

"I understand the thievish Chinese mind and their fcuking

commie economy very well". The Chief is holding a very
simplistic view of the world outside the U.S. "What they
need is another Opium War and another conflagration of
a Summer Palace". He pantomimed the execution of his
Chinese enemies with a pointed finger and added sound
effects of shots being fired. Is the Summer Palace
Yuanmingyuan a symbol for what Paterson Inc.
perpetrated at overseas universities, namely occupying,
looting and burning cultural-academic values? Victor Hugo
would have said: I hope the day will come when
America has to give back the looted booty.

Vandalizing, Burning, Looting
Japan and the Chief’s Sense of

Even on days when he was not drunk he was never

sober. The Chief is just another American right-winger
who can‘t stay zipped up. He unzipped his pants and
reached inside to expose his flaccid penis. "Since the
landing of [American] Commander Perry in Japan we
Americans always fcuked the Nip bastards into doing
business with us". Had the insulting Chief made the
blunder of telling his spy secrets just to expose his male
flesh in front of me, an illegal alien hoping for
immigration papers?

The wily Chief collects (unread) books to give the
impression he is smart, but his oversized GM truck is a
sign of his low intelligence. "I understand our atomic
bombs dropped over Japan as a kind of third Opium
War". In the 19th century British companies paid for their
China tea-trade with opium until the Chinese stopped the
drug trafficking, causing the Brits to respond with
gunboats to reopen and protect their opium trade. Just like
the British drug mafia 160 years ago, the Americans like
to dictate the terms of trade nowadays.

"We dropped the atomic bombs on the Nips not to end

the war, but to show everybody who rules the Pacific and
the rest of the world". The Japanese Emperor Hirohito
had offered peace talks with America through a Russian
envoy long before the U.S. atomic bombs incinerated
hundreds of thousands of elderly, women and their
children; all Japanese men were on the battlefield and not
in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. "We are defending our way of
life with the best armed forces and intelligence officers in

the world". The interviews will level the playing field,
and the rest is history for Paterson Inc.

"Since Nip students protested the U.S.-Japan security

treaty in 1960 we keep an even tighter watch over the
Japs". He leaned over to me in the manner of a Yakuza
gangster and said: "For these slant-eyed yellow bug eaters,
crushing force is a valid tool to get what we want".
There will be raw anger among Japanese students. "I once
took a geisha to Mount Fuji to get a blow job", he
grimaced with pleasure. "Because of this bitch I got
gonorrhea". His eyes turned bloodshot from the sudden
anger rising in him. "But now you are my comfort
faggot". He was as ever profoundly upsetting by using the
Japanese euphemism for sex slave for Yours Truly. The
Chief smiled in a reptilian way and spat out these words
one by one in his snarling voice: "Thank God for the
atomic bomb".

According to the Chief, the Japanese society is "full of

gays". But unlike the Japanese who find sexual

satisfaction after work in dim lit bars, the Chief unloaded
his sexual urge right in the office. Spittle oozed from the
corner of his mouth and his slurred speech was barely
intelligible. He stripped naked and sickened me with the
look of his fatty skin. His buttocks hang down soft and
fleshy as if a eunuch’s. He was pleading with me for
anal sex. He ran his fingers over his flabby skin where
he had shaved his gray pubic hair.

While this documentary is an inquiry into a very serious

subject, it is also, line by filthy line, a satiric thrust on
the Chief‘s mores. As evidence of the Chief gone
primeval, you, the reader, may feel a little unclean after
reading this chapter. But as you know, spies offer no
apologies! In fact, why should the Chief be any different
from the rest of his fellow Americans? Let‘s go for a
visit to one of the Chief’s great moments - and I promise
he has never looked worse.

After my rebuff the Chief pulled stubbornly a dildo from

his desk drawer and dipped it into the ever present Crisco

can of grease. He dipped also his middle finger into the
lubricant and greased up his hole. He staggered to the
edge of the sofa, reclined, lifted both legs with his butt
up in the air and used his indecent exposure to engage in
personal homosexual activity with the dildo. His spinal
cord must have been aching from the itchy act!

"I am using my favorite dildo", explained the shameless

exhibitionist. Even a squid exhibits more behavior of
shyness in scientific experiments than the undressed Chief
showed in his office! He screwed the dildo into his hole
and it disappeared up to the handle with a squishy sound.
The cheap stunt of the Chief was rather distasteful. "I am
all in", he announced. But he wasn’t speaking in poker
terminology his ‘daddy’ had used when ‘daddy’ put all
the Paterson Inc. chips on the table to bet on the CIA

With a performance which would make masochistic

acrobats turn green with envy, the spymaster began to
pump his behind with the dildo. During the revolting act

he moved the sex toy with a slurping sound in and out
while he entertained me with descriptions of anal sex
from gay porn flicks, lurid details and all, which he had
watched with admiration. "I will blow my load soon",
screamed the Chief and clenched his womanish ass
cheeks. As the American master-of-the-espionage-universe
was clutching his sphincter, there was an unforgettable
swinish yell in the office as his pecker dribbled a few
drops jelly onto the bristles of his shaved abdomen. With
that squeal and the few drops he didn’t want to be alone;
the demonic damned pig wanted to drag me down into
the filth with him.

It was disgusting, very disgusting! I nearly wet myself!

While taking pleasures in his sado-masochism the Chief
must have been thinking he is up for a Golden Globe
award! The outrageous porn will give the reader a
righteous indignation.

The Chief‘s CIA handlers should take a page from the

41st President Bush and his administration and how they

treated vice-President Quayle: 'Put him in a blue suit.
Make him look dignified‘.

For how long can American
Occupiers deceive the Korean

American anti-communist propaganda in South Korea has

long poisoned the minds of students there. Instead of
rising against their brothers in North Korea, there is
growing anti-Americanism in the South. The South
Koreans long realized that the American occupation and

corruption forces are nothing more than god-fathers for
the South Korean dictators, which ruled the country with
iron fists for more than 30 years. In 1980 in Kwangju
2.000 South Korean students were killed. The murdered
students were part of a massive crowd of students
demonstrating for democracy. The mass murder took place
right under the eyes of Americans stationed in Seoul,
which may have given their implicit consent to the
military orders. Soldiers of an American puppet-general
parachuted during a coup d‘état into the city of Kwangju
and started a killing-spree until student bodies piled up
throughout the city.

Is there Paterson‘s anti-democratic handwriting with the

blood of students on the streets of Kwangju visible? Was
it the CIA contractor who focused on plotting attacks
against the students and was the contractor seizing on the
ensuing turmoil at universities to strengthen the hand of
the military in South Korea?


Paterson Inc. is a Dirty Name at

Universities in South- and

Reading the Chief’s statements is a radicalizing
experience. His opinions are the moral high ground
Americans like to claim. America’s values are just faked;
the American himself doesn't believe in those values and
defends his ugliness with torture. They take pleasure in
cruelty and cannot feel remorse. Based on the facts
provided in this book, the Chief and his co-Americans fit
the established profile for anti-social personality disorder
(APD). Persons diagnosed with APD are commonly
referred to as a ‘psychopath’.

Paterson Agents are on a Fishy
Expedition in Australia

The rising tide of anti-American hatred in countries where

Paterson Inc. operates under the disguise of a university
supplier will cause a real crisis for the Shadow

The Chief-muckraker wore his brown pants today. They

were the color of pig shit and he performed a
buttock-swinging dance in them. "How do you like my
Australian Aborigine dance?" Walt Blair Paterson is no
ordinary guy; his striking characteristic is his hate-filled
intolerance. "We have made intelligence gathering more
humane". He farted in his drunken stupor. "The Aussies

trade their meager research results for a bottle of whisky".
As if possessed by demons he laughed hysterically, but as
often he sounded more like an old women sobbing. "The
trailer park trash they call scientists are driven to us by
alcoholism, bitterness, jealousy and underpay". While the
Chief was likely to die laughing, he sobbed in shrieks as
he began to run in circles, his arms were flapping up and
down as he acted like a gigantic flightless emu-bird.

Untouchable Paterson Products
Offend India’s Sense of

There are not only many ways in which America stalls

India‘s exports, there are also many ways in which
America steals India‘s research. This will be seen by
many Indians with indignation. At the same time the U.S.
makes India dance on issues such as student visas and
cotton trade to increase tensions with India, which bends
over backward to accommodate arrogant Americans.

When the American spies are done, Indian scientists are

paid nothing and, indirectly, told to get lost. America

owes them gratitude, but American gratitude? Are you
kidding? The overseas scientists are lucky they aren’t
harassed, or worse, hijacked and, based on their race and
religion, tortured by the American spy masters.

The Chief’s office was filled with the smell of night soil.
He was lying sprawled on his stomach on the office
floor, sleeping in his soiled underpants. The hump above
his butt indicated he had slipped a butt-pluck into his
behind once again. After waking up from his
slumber-party in underpants he recalled his ‘daddy’: "My
daddy served his presidents on every continent". Will
India shake an angry finger in the ugly American face?
"Our overseas work took off during the Vietnam War
when we began to watch students around the world who
were opposed to the war". Opposition to the war and
socialist ideas often go hand in hand, so these student
groups could be watched in one operation by the
university spies.

"Our activities in India could inflame longstanding
tensions between us and them". The heir to the low-cast
university supplier is absolutely right! The simmering
distrust in India toward America will boil over in a
coalition between Hindu and Muslim students over the
Paterson Inc. spying. "The Indians had ripped-off our
business in the past and we had to get even with the
brownies". The opaque corporate contract spies from
Paterson Inc. developed a toxic relationship with its
university business partners in India. "That is why we use
our intelligence also as a business tool". In an age-old
Indian tradition the untouchable Paterson Inc. products will
be dipped in cow urine to mark them as unclean

The worst Thoughts of the
Americans are Unleashed in a
Sort of Neo-Colonialism in the

A growing number of crimes have been committed by the

CIA & Paterson agents under the influence of alcohol and
drugs, where Philippine children of both sexes have been
used for sexual pleasure. "Child-prostitutes satisfy any
rough sex-desire our agents pay for". Are Paterson’s
agents taking turns beating and raping their teenage
victims, most likely while they were tied up? The Chief

himself is the kind of an aging creep lurking in the dirty
magazine section at the Betrayers' Hall of Shame.

Students don’t have the right to remain silent, they have

the moral responsibility to speak up and act out against
the Shadow Company. "When we collect intelligence, we
can’t have mercy with the children of our enemies". His
possessed comments border on lunacy. The Paterson Inc.
agents are unleashed from moral guide lines and the rules
of law. The CIA & Paterson ‘war on universities’ takes
place in the extra-territoriality of their overseas spying
fiefdoms. "The Philippine authorities are of exotic-erotic
insignificance for us". He lapped at the whisky bottle like
a dog and stuck his tongue into it. "We target the
Muslim minority students in the Philippines". Paterson’s
agents are not just trained in taking surveillance pictures;
during their acts of counter-sabotage, they are going
ballistic. The Chief reached out with his veined hand and
closed it around my genitals, then run his paw-like dirty
fingernails up and down my thighs. "Sometimes the
passions of my intelligence officers are running high". The

Chief, half man, half monkey, stared at the nether regions
of my body.

Paterson’s Agents are more
Insensitive than Singapore’s

The CIA is using Paterson Inc. as a sub-agent, as a

deputy to spy on universities. "In Singapore our
intelligence gets used in politically motivated lawsuits
against professors and students". During the interviews it
became clear that the agitators from Paterson Inc. support

dictators and suppress democratic movements. "We are
using our intelligence strategically and sometimes it is
sent straight to police departments". The Chief is not
interested in the truth; he will grab any crazy conspiracy
theory posing as an "existential threat" to America that
feeds his hatred of the academic community.

Is Uncle Sam going to be Uncle Sucker? "We are not

only sucking in information, we play hardball with some
guys". The Chief prefers bold, tactical attacks. Paterson
Inc. is also recklessly revealing the identity of political
active students to governments known to use torture.
Torture in America is called ‘eliciting information’, and
waterboarding comes to mind. "When I stay for too long
among the rice-eating makakas in Singapore I feel like
getting slanted eyes". With squinted eyes he staggered out
of the office toward the staircase where he had tumbled
down before.

The scary U.S. of A. is for many reasons the most

unpopular nation on the face of the earth!