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Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration Mar!eting" Submitted B#$ S#ed Md Ehteshamul %asan &'MBA()*


Mr/ Farhad 'han


This is to certify that the Project entitled 0ANA12S.S OF MAR'ET.N3 STRATE3.ES A,OPTE, B2 %+TC% AN, COMPAR.SON 4.T% T%E R.-A1 ( A.R TE1/5 in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration (Marketing) is the original work of Mr. !hteshamul "asan and has #een accomplished under my guidance. $o part of this Project has #een utili%ed or su#mitted in the form of &egree or &iploma either in this uni'ersity or any other (nstitute. The performance of Mr. yed Md. !hteshamul "asan during works has remained satisfactory. yed Md.

M). *A)"A& +"A$ ( uper'isor)

(- yed Md. !hteshamul "asan- here#y- declare that the Project )eport entitled 0ANA12S.S OF MAR'ET.N3 STRATE3.ES A,OPTE, B2 %+TC% AN, COMPAR.SON 4.T% T%E R.-A1 ( A.R TE15 - which is #eing su#mitted to the MBA Programme- *aculty of !ngineering . Technology- /amia Millia (slamia- $ew &elhi- in the partial fulfilment for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration (Marketing) is the result of my indi'idual effort under the guidance of my super'isor Mr. *arhad +han. ( further declare that this report or any part of it has not #een su#mitted in any (nstitute for the award of any &egree- &iploma- Associate ship- fellowship or the similar title of recognition.

( yed Md. !hteshamul "asan)

( take pleasure in su#mitting the Project )eport entitled 0ANA12S.S OF MAR'ET.N3 STRATE3.ES A,OPTE, B2 %+TC% AN, COMPAR.SON 4.T% T%E R.-A1 ( A.R TE15 for the award of degree of MBA at /amia Millia (slamia- $ew &elhi. ( wish to e1press my gratitude to honoura#le super'isor for the Project Mr. *arhad +han. Because of his guidance only- the Project work could #e meaningfully accomplished. "e has always e1tended his 'alua#le ad'ices and suggestions during the Project and has always pro'ed to #e a source of inspiration for me. ( wish to put on record the same. ( also wish to e1press my appreciation to all the supporting staffs in MBA Programme- who were 'ery supporti'e throughout the course of study. ( am also greatly inde#ted to Prof. A#id "aleem (2o3ordinator 4 MBA Programme) whose thoughts and insights helped me in the furthering my knowledge and understanding throughout my course duration. ( also acknowledge my heartfelt gratitude to my friends for their e1cellent efforts and encouragements- which had #een pro'ided to me throughout this project work. My heart felt gratitude goes to my lo'ing *amily Mem#ers- especially my !ldest Brother Mr. . M. a#ahul "asan whose e'er growing lo'e and #lessings for me came a long way to achie'e the target and ha'e always #een appreciated me to do #etter- sweeping constantly all the o#stacles falling in my way and the de#t ( owe to them can ne'er #e redeemed throughout my life. *inally- ( am at loss of words as how to acknowledge and e1press the deepest appreciation of lo'e and respect to the person whom- ( owe my life and the main arranger of the study- of course my *AT"!) and M5T"!) for caring regularly and inculcating confidence in me which made possi#le to achie'e this. S#ed Md/ Ehteshamul %asan"

Page $os. C%APTER(7 .NTRO,+CT.ON 7(8

1.1 "istory of 2ellular Telephony in (ndia 1., 2ellular (ndustry in (ndia 1.0 2ellular Market tructure of (ndia 1.6 &elhi8s 2ellular Market 1.: The 2hurn in the 2ellular (ndustry

70 70 76 79 7;



0.1 )esearch &esign 0., &ata ources 0.0 )esearch (nstrument 0.6 Mode of ur'ey 0.: ampling 0.9 ample i%e 0.< ample =nit

17 17 17 17 11 11 11

0.; Place of tudy C%APTER() COMPAN2 PROF.1E



6.1The !'olution . the Marketing trategy of "utchison !ssar Telecom >imited 6., )oaming (nto (ndia 6.0 etting up )oaming 6.6 )ewards 1, 16 16 1:


:.1 Air Tel :., MT$> :.0 Birla AT . T

19 1; 1?

C%APTER(* OT%ER CE11+1AR OPERATORS .N .N,.A 9.1 pice Telecommunication 9., !scotel 9.0 hyam Telecom 9.6 )P@ 2ellular ,1 ,, &7(&; ,1 ,1

9.: Aircel &igilink (ndia >td. C%APTER(> T%E MO,E OF COMPAR.S.ON (Ten points- the so called 33Brand !Auity Ten)



<.1 >oyalty Measures <., Percie'ed Buality . >eadership Measures <.0 AssociationC&ifferentiation Measures <.6 Awareness Measures <.: Market Beha'iour Measures C%APTER(8 F.N,.N3S Based on Stru?tured @uestionnaire" &>(<& ,: ,: ,9 ,9


;.1 Break3up of the respondents (Age- e1 . 5ccupation),< ;., 2ellular 2onnection . The er'ice Pro'iders ;.0 2ategory of 2onnection used ;.6 )eason for the selection of ser'ice pro'ider ;.: Brand Awareness ;.9 2ustomer atisfaction ;.< Percei'ed Dalue (TariffsC)ental Plans) ;.; Price Premium ;.? Percei'ed Buality ,; ,? 07 0, 00 06 0? 66


;.17 >eadership . Popularity ;.11 Brand Personality ;.1, 5rgani%ational Association C%APTER(: AN ANA12S.S AFTER COMPAR.SON C%APTER(79 A NOTE ON T%E C+STOMERS= RESPONSE CONC1+S.ON 6;

6: 6<


<;(<) <<(<*





ANNE6+RE Anne1es pro'ide supporting information and details Buestionnaire 97






The cellular industry all o'er the world has #een witnessing 'ery high growth rates in su#scri#er #ase in recent years. *or de'eloping countries in particular- cellular ser'ices are #ecoming a 'ery significant proportion of the o'erall telecom infrastructure. The mechanics of competition within this market in'ol'e comple1 feed#ack effects #etween indi'idual ser'ice pro'iders and with their operating en'ironment- and these forces play an important role in go'erning the growth of this industry.

(n a country like (ndia which is not yet telephone3saturated and the ongoing changes in related areas are resulting in a rapidly changing profile of userspro'iders and their respecti'e needs- continuous re'ision of the telecom policy is imperati'e. @i'en the emerging new technologies and the integrating economies there must #e fairness among competitors. The tele3density in (ndia is a#out four per hundred people in respect of the fi1ed telephones and a little less than one in respect of the mo#ile telephony. The low densities are not #ecause there is no need for a telephone #ut #ecause of its high cost that many cannot afford that one. The situation here is nothing #ut holding true of the Elaw of demandF. (sn8t itG

The cost for the companies can come down if the re'enue share imposed on them as a condition of license is a#olished or drastically reduced. Today e'ery telephone company is #ound to pay a share out of its re'enue to the e1cheAuer. These cost are- howe'er- not to #e scheduled to take a step further in the de'elopment of the telecom. (n addition when we go through the telephone #ill there is a : to ;H ser'ice charge. This amount also does not go for the telecom de'elopment. (f these e1ternal cost are remo'ed there can #e seen a spurt in demand of not less then 67H as e1pected. Ihile taking the side of suppliers a lot of new company are coming into the #attlefield resulting in reduction of prices and hence a little less #urdensome on to the customer. The cost of interconnection with the incum#ent is pro'ing to #e contri#utory to the high cost of ser'ices pro'ided #y the competitors. The delay in the interconnection disregards the Auality of ser'ice and high cost will detract from afforda#ility. This is an area in which no consumer #ody can knowledgea#ly contri#ute unless it has the assistant of e1perts or economists who alone can disco'er all the rele'ant fact of all the contesting companies. (t indicates the pre3eminent domain of T)A( (Telecom )egulatory Authority of (ndia). As the dri'en down of the prices for long distance including international ser'ices reduces the amount a'aila#le for su#sidi%ing the local ser'ice- the rental for local ser'ices are #eing increased. 2onsidering that a#out ?7H of the long distance call are made #y less than ,7H of customers- ;7H of customer are ha'ing to pay higher rental this depresses the demand for telephones and afforda#ility. The ur#an #usiness su#scri#ers will #e #earing the #ond of the su#sidies to #e gi'en to the rural pri'ate consumers.


7/7 %istor# of Cellular TeleBhon# in .ndia$

The technology that gi'es a person the power to communicate anytime- anywhere 3 has spawned an entire industry in mo#ile telecommunication. Mo#ile telephones ha'e #ecome an integral part of the growth- success and efficiency of any #usiness C economy. The most pre'alent wireless standard in the world today- is @ M. The @ M Association (@lo#al ystem for Mo#ile 2ommunications) was instituted in 1?;< to promote and e1pedite the adoption- de'elopment and deployment and e'olution of the @ M standard for digital wireless communications. The @ M Association was formed as a result of a !uropean 2ommunity agreement on the need to adopt common standards suita#le for cross #order !uropean mo#ile communications. tarting off primarily as a !uropean standardthe @roupe peciale Mo#ile as it was then called- soon came to represent the @lo#al ystem for Mo#ile 2ommunications as it achie'ed the status of a world3 wide standard. @ M is today- the worldJs leading digital standard accounting for 9;.:H of the glo#al digital wireless market. The (ndian @o'ernment when considering the introduction of cellular ser'ices into the country- made a landmark decision to introduce the @ M standard- leapfrogging o#solescent technologies C standards. Although cellular licenses were made technology neutral in eptem#er 1???- all the pri'ate operators are presently offering only @ M #ased mo#ile ser'ices. The new licensees for the 6th cellular licenses that were awarded in /uly ,771 too- ha'e opted for @ M technology to offer their mo#ile ser'ices.

7/& Cellular .ndustr# in .ndia

The @o'ernment of (ndia recogni%es that the pro'ision of a world3class telecommunications infrastructure and information is the key to rapid economic and social de'elopment of the country. (t is critical not only for the de'elopment of


the (nformation Technology industry- #ut also has widespread ramifications on the entire economy of the country. (t is also anticipated that going forward- a major part of the @&P of the country would #e contri#uted #y this sector. Accordingly- it is of 'ital importance to the country that there #e a comprehensi'e and forward looking telecommunications policy which creates an ena#ling framework for de'elopment of this industry.

7/; Cellular Mar!et Stru?ture in .ndia

As in other countries- in (ndia- the 2ellular Mo#ile er'ice Pro'iders (2M Ps) are licensed to operate in designated geographical operating areas. The ser'ice areas include four metro areas and 1; circles categori%ed as A- B and 2. (The categori%ation is #ased on the re'enue Proceedings of the 09th "awaii (nternational 2onference on ystem ciences). The potential with category 2 circles in the lower end of the scale. *or e1ample the metros account for 67H of the su#scri#er population- with 2ategory3A- B and 2 accounting for 00H- ,0H and 6H respecti'ely. The 2M Ps had to pay an entry fee and su#seAuently annual license fee as a percentage of their re'enue to the &epartment of Telecommunications. The entry and license fees 'aried according to the ser'ice area- highest for metros and lowest for 2ategory32 circles. ome of the 2M Ps could not fulfill their licensing o#ligations and their licenses were re'oked leading to a monopoly situation in certain areas. Apart from these charges- each 2M P has to share the re'enue with the long distance operators for carrying inter3ser'ice area calls. (n profita#le metros and circles- the competition is se'ere and the market is split #etween the two operators. (n a price3cap regulated market- the operators use appropriate pricing strategy to win customers and win market share.


(n highly price3elastic markets- such as in (ndia- as the ser'ice pro'ider reduces the price- the su#scri#er #ase increases considera#ly- and so is the network traffic. The increased network traffic decreases the performance and the Auality of ser'icein'iting customers to switch. Being a new entrant in a metro area- the go'ernment operator reduced the airtime charges to such an e1tent that the su#scri#er #ase increased suddenly leading to poor network performance. The operator did not ha'e enough network capacity to handle calls leading to #locking of calls- with frustrated customers switching o'er immediately to competitors. The operators also ha'e to resort to non3pricing competition strategies to win customers. (n (ndia- 2M Ps offer a 'ariety of ser'ice plans as a means to attract new customers. &ifferent ser'ice plans includeK pre3paid calling card schemesdiscounted airtime rates for e'ening and night time calls- discounted roaming charges- no or minimum acti'ation fees- and reduced mo#ile to mo#ile long distance call rates. The ser'ice pro'iders incur additional ad'ertising and infrastructure cost for implementing these plans. hort Message er'ice ( M ) and Iireless Application Protocol (IAP) ser'ice are fast catching up. *or e1ample- in (ndia- a#out :77-777 M messages are #eing carried #y a ser'ice pro'ider in one metro area alone. Ihen the sector mo'es o'er to an oligopoly market- the operators ha'e to pro'ide impro'ed Auality of ser'ice and 'alue added ser'ices in order to sur'i'e and gain market share. >arger operators who ha'e e1perience and infrastructure may #e a#le to pro'ide a higher Auality of ser'ice and other 'alue3added ser'ice at a lower price. They also ha'e access to larger project financing for enlarging their networks and ser'ices. *or e1ample- a single large operator now has license to operate in 16 ser'ice areas in the country with the largest footprint to co'er most of the areas of the country. Mergers and acAuisitions are commonplace as the operators are consolidating their re'enues to sur'i'e in the market places.


7/) ,elhi=s Cellular Mar!et$

2ityC2ircle &elhi

5perators Bharti 2ellular "utchison !ssar MT$> (dea 2ellular

5ctJ,77, <?190< ::::;9 1,9?;7 16<6,70

$o'J,77, ;1066: :<6,7: 1,;10, <:0;6 1:?1199

&ecJ,77, ;06,9? :;70,; 1,?;7? 1,;079 19<,<1,


2ellular su#scri#ers and those with a propensity to go mo#ile in &elhi ha'e ne'er had it so good. They now ha'e four ser'ice pro'iders to choose from- each offering an array of #oth pre3 and post3paid schemes. More importantly- a'erage tariffs across plans ha'e- #y some reckoning- dropped #y at least :7 per cent in the last si1 months. the entry of hutch saw a further drop in tariffs and the operators ha'e come out with new schemes to retain their su#scri#ers and attract fresh ones. Ihat does this mean for su#scri#ers and for the cellular industry in &elhiG All the four operators L "utchison !ssar >td.- Bharti 2elluar >td- MT$> and (dea 2ellular ser'ices. L are con'inced that the market will only e1pand and the su#scri#ers will #enefit e'en more. Their reasoning is that cellular penetration in &elhi- which traditionally occupies the third position in other areas- is less than fifty per cent. Therefore- entry of new players will only increase awareness a#out the facility- the companies say. Moreo'er- the state3owned MT$> has also #een playing with its cellular ser'ice for Auite some time. that- with the imminent launch of limited mo#ility using 2&MA (code di'ision multiple access) technology #y companies like Tata Teleser'ices will only add to the su#scri#er #ase- pro#a#ly result in further reduction of tariffs- and an e'en greater widening of the cellular market- according to officials in four cellular companies now ser'icing &elhi.


"owe'er- the companies also sound a note of caution L any further drop in tariffs will #e harmful to the companies- points out one of the officials taking care of the L ales . Marketing di'ision of the- "utchison !ssar >td- a'erage tariffs in &elhi across different plans ha'e fallen #y 07 per cent since &ecem#er with launching of the 2&MA ser'ices. Besides the fall in tariffs- what has really happened with the entry of 2&MA is a heightened awareness in the market. Mo#ile penetration in &elhi and its su#ur#s is estimated to #e less than twenty3fi'e percent of the population and the cellular operators #elie'e that this num#er should definitely go up. (t is here that "utch decided to target the customers with what it #elie'es are uniAue products and features. (ts emphasis has #een on 'alue proposition and #rand #uilding. Mo#ility is not only a#out carrying 'oice- as per the reports from the marketing department and adds that the unified messaging system for the post3paid customers of "utch is one such uniAue product. Accordingly- "utch signed in its su#scri#ers in lakhs from the year onwards it has #een launched in &elhi. (ndustry analysts say that a majority of them will #e pre3 paid customers- whose loyalty to a particular #rand is always in dou#t. "owe'erpre3paid for the cellular is nothing #ut the engine for growth and there is always a possi#ility that most of them will shift to post3paid once they are con'inced of the Auality of ser'ice pro'ided. 5n the other hand the entry of a new operator lends more 'isi#ility to the ser'ice and there is also increased trade acti'ity L that is the num#er of dealers will increase and more people will #e on the road trying to sell the ser'ice and product. There is also greater consumer awareness of what cellular ser'ice can deli'er and e1pectations go up in terms of pricing or ser'ice standards or network a'aila#ility.


7/< The Churn in the Cellular .ndustr#$

As like the other products 2ellular industry has not #een left untouched from the 2hurn (switching o'er). &uring the sur'ey this fact come to the fore. According to the cellular operators- there is a normal se'en to eight percent churn in the customers- especially in the pre3paid category. Among the post3paid customers- the 2hurn is much lower a#out two3three percent. They say that one significant change that has happened in the last few monthsmore so since lowering of the tariffs- is that the #ias in fa'our of incoming calls as far as call charges are concerned L incoming calls has #een set free while they are charging reasona#ly only for the outgoing ones L has changed. A tariff re3 #alancing has definitely taken place. This means that the cellular operators are encouraging their su#scri#ers to not just recei'e calls- #ut also make calls L increasing the usage of the ser'ice. Iith falling tariffs- cellular operators are con'inced that increasing usage is one way to ensure that a'erage re'enue per user (A)P=) does not fall 'ery low. The industry figure for A)P= is #elie'ed to #e a#out )s 1-177 while it may 'ary from operator to operator. The operators are also concentrating on introducing more 'alue added ser'ices to the customers. Dalue3added ser'ices ha'e not really taken off. 5nly the M (short messaging ser'ice) has really caught on- #ut operators like Bharti are #ringing in ser'ices like music messaging and concierge facility for its su#scri#ers.



The study has #een conducted with the following o#jecti'es K To study the present marketing strategies of "utch. To study the effecti'eness of the marketing strategies of "utch in comparison to Air Tel. To know something a#out the Brand of "utch i.e.- image- awarenessloyalty- personality etc. To propose the suggestions fully #ased on the findings of this Projectwhich may help to acAuire more market share. The study has also #een focused on the weaknesses and the loopholes of the company. The suggestions ad'ocated through this study will try to work out these weaknesses and the loopholes and will further help the company or the organi%ation to reach the target accordingly.




;/7 Resear?h ,esign A research design is purely and simply the framework or plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. The survey research was used in this project- #ecause consumer8s feed#ack was necessary for o#taining the data.

;/& ,ata Sour?es Primary data was collected #y the Auestionnaire #ased market sur'ey. Secondary data was o#tained from journals- maga%ines- newspapers- #ooks and of course the (nternet.

;/; Resear?h .nstrument *or doing the sur'ey research- structured questionnaire with #oth open3 ended and closed3ended Auestions was used.

;/) Mode of SurCe#


The mode of sur'ey was personal interview with the respondents during the filling up of the Auestionnaires.

;/< SamBling The sampling used for this study was probability sampling. ince the study is only meant for certain specific categories within the total population (cell phone users- in this case)- a stratified random sample was used.

;/* SamBle SiDe A sample si%e of 97 respondents is used for the study.

;/> SamBle +nit This study was #asically an opinion sur'ey of the residents of &elhi 4 who are cell3phone users 4 regarding their 'iews on the cellular ser'ice pro'iders.

;/8 Pla?e of Stud# &elhi and $2)




)/7 The EColution E The Mar!eting Strateg# Of %ut?hison Essar Tele?om 1imited$

"utchison esta#lished its presence in (ndia in 1??6- through a joint 'enture with Ma1 (ndia >imited. (n 1??:- "utchison Ma1 Telecom #ecame the first operator in (ndia to launch its cellular ser'ice. Today- "utchison is one of the largest pro'iders of cellular ser'ices in (ndia with presence in all the major regions 3 5range in Mum#ai and "utch in @ujarat- +olkata- Andhra Pradesh- +arnataka- &elhi and 2hennai. (t is also the countryJs largest roaming operator- with a more e1tensi'e network in (ndia and around the world than any other operator. They are known for their inno'ati'e approach and world class technology. Their goal is to pro'ide the su#scri#er the superior products and ser'ices- anytime and anywhere. "utchinson Telecom is accredited for #eing among the first cellular operators in the worldha'ing started its ser'ices way #ack in 1?;:.


terling 2ellular >imited is a joint 'enture of "utchinson Telecom and !ssar @roup offering cellular ser'ices in &elhi under the two #rand names3 "utch and peed. oon after the !ssar group acAuired a stake in terling 2ellular- the cellular operator in &elhi- it roped in wisscom #y selling it a 0:.:9H stake and e'en ceded management control to its no'ice wiss partner. Three years down the linewisscom decided to withdraw and "utchinson #ought o'er the stake. 2urrently !ssar holds :1H stake in terling and "utchinson holds the remaining 6?H.

(t is part of the "ong +ong #ased multinational conglomerate "utchison Ihampoa >imited- a *ortune :77 company- and one of the largest companies listed on the "ong +ong tock !1change. (ts operations span 09 countries across the Asia Pacific region- !urope and the Americas."utchison affiliates jointly account for the largest num#er of cellular su#scri#ers in (ndia num#ering o'er , million. "utch is #rought to us #y "utchison Telecom- one of the world8s leading cellular ser'ice pro'iders. But in &elhi- it is the follower with ,.1; lakh su#scri#ers to Air Tel8s 0.,; lakh su#scri#ers (Businessworld- May <-,771) .Today the total num#er of mo#ile su#scri#ers to "utch are 1.?9 million. (Business Today- :th /an ,770)

"utchinson !ssar presently offers a host of premier 'alue added ser'ices (DA ) including national and international roaming in o'er <7 countries in o'er 197 networks- Iireless Application Protocol (IAP)- short message ser'ice- 'oice mail ser'ice- auto roam- fa1 and data- cricket updates- M3#anking- general informationtarot line- etc. The company launched IAP in &elhi in 5cto#er ,777- much #efore its ri'al Bharti. (t has :777 IAP customers- as in &ecem#er ,777. The company has #een a prime mo'er in introducing these 'alue3added ser'ices in the &elhi circle. The 'alues are stated simply. To #e fair and transparent in what they do and how they do it. To pro'ide the Auality ser'ices with more customer friendly practices.


To make one8s communications e1perience simple- pleasura#le and fun. Ihere he doesnJt simply get technology 3 #ut technology that is rele'ant. Ihere solutions are not just promised in the future 3 #ut deli'ered in the present.

)/& Roaming .nto .ndia$

"utch has the widest roaming co'erage in (ndia. 5ne can roam in o'er 1,77 cities and towns across the country and stay connected e'en when you are tra'eling on the highways.

)/; Setting uB Roaming $

Ihen one comes into any "utchison network- there is need to switch off and restart his phone. (n case- the network is not registered automatically- he has to mo'e to the phone settings menu and select the network manually. Ihen "e can choose the network #y manual network selection- the on3screen display for the respecti'e state will #e as followsK

"utch "utch "utch "utch ( outh) "utch ( outh) "utch ( outh) 5range

&elhi +olkata @ujarat +arnataka Andhra Pradesh 2hennai Mum#ai

On S?reen
(67611C"utchC!ssar) (67607C"utchC2ommand) (6767:C"utchC2elforce) ($3;93+ ($3;:3A ($3;632 5range


)/) Rewards
5ne can add 'alua#le reward points to his airline- hotel or credit card loyalty programs- when he roams on any "utchison3affiliated networks. These include 5range in Mum#ai- and "utch in &elhi- @ujarat- +olkata- Andhra Pradesh+arnataka and 2hennai. Ihile roaming in these locations he has to dial :77 to register.

This offer is open to national roaming customers. Air (ndia (*lying )eturns) " B2 2redit 2ard American !1press "&*2 Bank ( a'ingsC2urrent Account) tandard 2hartered 2redit 2ards 5#eroi "otel (T5P)




</7 A.R TE1

Air Tel- in &elhi- comes from Bharti 2elluar >td.- a part of the Bharti !nterprises. ingtel holds 0,.:H stake and $)(s hold 6.:H stake in Bharti 2ellular- the remaining part rests with Bharati.

Air Tel launched its ser'ices in &elhi on $o'em#er 16-1??:. At present it has 0.,; lakh su#scri#ers (as on March3end ,771) in &elhi. Today- Bharti is the single4 largest pri'ate telecom ser'ice pro'ider in (ndia with operations in &elhi- Andhra Pradesh- "imachal Pradesh- 2hennai and Madhya Pradesh. (t has ;.6< lakh su#scri#er #ase thatJs #roken up into :.?; lakh cellular users- 1.7< lakh #asic ser'ice users and 1.6, lakh internet su#scri#ers. (Businessworld - May <,771).The total num#er of mo#ile su#scri#ers of Bharti is ,.9: million.(Business Today -/an : ,770).


Air Tel has redefined the #usiness through marketing inno'ations- continuous technological upgradation of the network- introduction of new generation 'alue added ser'ices (DA ) and the highest standard of customer care. Air Tel was the first to launch cellular ser'ice in &elhi. (t also re'olutionised the concept of retailing with the inauguration of Air Tel 2onnect (e1clusi'e show rooms) in 1??:. Today Air Tel has 1< 2ustomer 2are Touch Points and o'er 077 dealers in &elhi and $2) towns. (t was the first to e1pand its network with the installation of second mo#ile switching centre in April 1??< and the first in &elhi to introduce the (ntelligence $etwork Platform. *irst to pro'ide roaming to its su#scri#ers #y forming on association called Iorld 1 network. *irst to pro'ide roaming facility in the = A. Air Tel has the largest automatic roaming ser'ice mart )oam 4 $ational in 0:7 cities in (ndia and mart )oam (nternational in o'er 97 countries and ?: networks all o'er the world. Air Tel8s prepaid card- Magic has consistently held a dominant position in the market and has played a major role in cellular ser'ices. ome of the awards Air Tel has won are the Asia Pacific Award for most (nno'ati'e ") Practices ,777- the @olden Peacock $ational Training Award for e1cellence in training practices ,777- the @olden Peacock $ational Buality Award ,771.

(n August ,777- Bharti !nterprises had announced its #rand 'isionK Bharti as the reassurance dri'er- Air Tel as the 'olume and penetration dri'er- and MA@(2 as the image and re'enue dri'er. Air Tel is positioned of the mother #rand.

ome of the Dalue Added er'ices (DA ) which Air Tel pro'ides are mart mail*a1 facility- 2all hold- 2all waiting- Ie# message- information ser'ices- etc. to enhance the con'enience of its su#scri#ers. The latest DA offering is mo#ile #anking for "&*2 Bank- (2(2( Bank and Bank of Punja# customers. Air Tel is also tying up with $et Mcel and Air , we# for its :77 and <77 series information ser'ices. 2urrently a#out 97 to <7H of Air Tel8s su#scri#er #ase use DA .


Appro1imately 0.: to 6 million messages a month are #eing sent o'er Air Tel. 2urrently #esides M3#anking- Air Tel offers e3mail ser'ices and information ser'ices such as news- stocks- horoscopes- jokes- weather- TD listings- hospitalsflights- trains- mo'ies and ATMs. (!conomic Times- May 1- ,771).

</& MTN1

MT$> with world3class 'ision has introduced @ M 2ellular Mo#ile er'ice with a capacity of 177-777 su#scri#ers in each of the two metro cities of &elhi and Mum#ai under the #rand name dolphin. The ser'ice was launched in &elhi on *e#. <- ,771 and in Mum#ai on *e#. ,<- ,771. The cellular network- set up #y MCs (T( >td. C >ucent Technologies on turnkey #asis- supports (ntelligent $etwork er'ices such as prepaid- auto roaming ($ational as well as (nternational)- free phonepremium rate ser'ice etc.

MT$> has #een licensed to operate cellular ser'ices in $ational 2apital )egion ($2)) of &elhi ( including its four satellite towns of @ha%ia#ad- $5(&A*arida#ad . @urgaon ) and Mum#ai (including $a'i Mum#ai . +alyan).

MT$>- with its state3of3the3art cellular network at airtime rates like ne'er #eforehas #rought the world3class cellular mo#ile connecti'ity within e'ery#ody8s reach. Today MT$> can #oast of ,-09-777 mo#ile su#scri#ers.



er'ice under the #rand name ET)=MP8 has #een launched

simultaneously in Mum#ai and &elhi on 16.1.,77,. Already we ha'e achie'ed a

landmark of more than ,77-777 &olphin Mo#ile connections.

</; B.R1A ATET

>aunch date3($o'em#er <- ,77,- $ew &elhi )

(dea 2ellular >imited 3 formerly Birla Tata AT.T >td. 3 announces the launch of its mega cellular operations in $ew &elhi- introducing state of the art @P) ready!&@! upgradea#le and 0@ compati#le network for the first time in the cellular ser'ice industry here. Iith an entire range of first time e'er and 'alue3enhanced ser'ices on the mo#ile- all elegantly packaged to suit the e'er increasing demands of consumer- ne'er #efore offered #y anyone in $ew &elhi- (dea promises to change the way one li'es- works and plays. (dea has the #est to offer- #esides its ad'anced cellular network and e1clusi'e range of products and ser'ices. As part of their product offering (dea 2ellular would #e launching #oth its Post3paid and Pre3paid products along with a host of 'alue added ser'ices.


5ne of (ndiaJs premier and fastest growing cellular company- (dea is promoted #y the countryJs largest #usiness houses 3the Aditya Birla @roup- the Tata @roup- and the worldJs largest telecom giant 3AT.T Iireless- = A. The company already has its footprints in the 9 states of Andhra Pradesh- 2hattisgarh- @oa- @ujarat- Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra (e1cluding Mum#ai) and it is now launching its ser'icesas the fourth operator in the flagship circle of $ew &elhi.

Birla Tata AT .T un'eiled its new corporate identity that personifies its promise to (ndian cellular consumers. The company will henceforth shed the a##re'iated moniker BTA> and #e known as N (&!A 2ellularN The (dea logo captures graphically the spirit of inno'ation #y the manner the word is written. (t comes ali'e in the superior technology that its users access- and grows through the inno'ati'e ser'ices that (dea 2ellular offers. The power of (dea lies in its a#ility to transcend age- gender- geography and mindsets and to #e easily understood across all languages.




*/7 SBi?e Communi?ations 1imited

(s presently operating 2ellular Phone +arnataka. er'ices in the states of Punja# and picecorp

pice 2ommunications is a :1K6? joint 'enture #etween

((ndia)3 the flagship company of &r. B.+. Modi group that first introduced (ndia to mo#ile phone ser'ices and has interests in the field of telecommunications- office automation and information technology and &( TA25M ("ong +ong)3a company with o'er ,7 years of e1perience in mo#ile communication which was responsi#le for #ringing mo#ile telephony to "ong +ong along with "utchison Telecom. pice Telecom- which operates in Punja# circle with 9,1-,06 mo#ile su#scri#ers.

*/& Es?otel
5perates cellular phone ser'ices in state circles of =ttar Pradesh (Iest)- "aryana and +erala. The company offers cellular ser'ices under the #rand name of !scotel. Ihich has :-<,777 mo#ile su#scri#ers.

*/&Sh#am Tele?om
Ihich has its presence in #asic and cellular telephony in )ajasthan with 1-19-,,6 mo#ile su#scri#ers.


*/) RP3 Cellular

(s the cellular licensee for the 2hennai Metro and operates under the #rand name N)P@ 2ellularN.)P@ today has a total of 1:7-,;6 mo#ile su#scri#er8s. The )P@ @roup has promoted )P@ 2ellular er'ices >td ()2 >) in association with two of the largest @ M cellular operators in the world 3 AirTouch 2ommunications (nc.- =. .A. and Dodafone @roup Plc.- =+. AirTouch is one of the worldJs largest wireless communication companies with glo#al interests in cellular- paging and personal communications ser'ices. The 2ompany is the largest cellular ser'ice operator in the world with o'er 1< million su#scri#ers. Dodafone is a leading glo#al pro'ider of mo#ile telecommunications ser'ices in =.+. and Australia and se'eral other countries across !urope and Asia and has o'er 17 million customers worldwide. The 2ompany also has participation in the @lo#alstar atellite 2ommunication ystem.

*/< Air?el ,igilin! .ndia 1imited

Pro'ides cellular ser'ices in the circles of "aryana- )ajasthan and =P(!ast) under the #rand name N!ssarN with @ M technology. The !ssar @roup is one of (ndiaJs leading #usiness conglomerates- with an asset #ase of o'er = O 6 #illion ()s. 1<7 #illion). The @roup is committed to the de'elopment of core sector and infrastructure #usinesses in (ndia and a#road. !ssar @roup is acti'ely in'ol'ed in fi'e principal #usinesses 'i%.- teel- hipping- 5il . @as- Power and Telecommunications.!ach of !ssarJs #usinesses has #een carefully synergised with the others to form one single integrated whole.


The company uses world3renowned technology from

iemens in #uilding and

operating its $orth (ndian $etwork. A&(> offers a #asket of @ M Phase ( and Phase (( features. (t offers 'oice- fa1- data and other facilities. Aircel &igilink (ndia limited (A&(>)- was incorporated in March 1??: and was su#seAuently inducted into the !ssar group in 1??9. =P (!ast) $ A&(> launched its =P(!ast) ser'ices in May 1??<. "aryana K A&(>Js ser'ices in "aryana commenced in /une 1??<. )ajasthan K A&(>Js ser'ices in )ajasthan were started in &ecem#er 1??9.Aircel has a total of 6:?-?09 mo#ile su#scri#er8s. The company launched its pre3paid ser'ices under the #rand name NTringN.




The So Called Brand EGuit# Ten"

The Brand !Auity Ten (B!T) is ten sets of measures- grouped into fi'e categorieswhich attempt to gauge the strength of the #rand. These are Aualitati'e measureswhose credi#ility is #ased upon empirical e'idence and a track record. The first four categories represent customer perceptions of the #rand along the four dimensions of #rand eAuity 4 loyalty- percei'ed Auality- associations and awareness. The fifth includes two sets of market #eha'iour measures.

This project- which intends to compare the #rand eAuities of "utch and Air Tel- is #ased on the #rand eAuity ten.

>/7 1o#alt# measures i) Pri?e Bremium K A #asic indicator of loyalty is the amount a customer will pay for a product in comparison to other compara#le products. A price premium can #e determined #y simply asking consumers how much more they would #e willing to pay for the #rand. ii) Customer satisfa?tion F lo#alt#$ atisfaction or liking is a direct

measure of how willing customers are to stick to a #rand. (t can #e applied only to e1isting customers. The focus can #e last use e1perience or simply the use e1perience from the customer8s 'iew.


>/& Per?eiCed Gualit# and leadershiB measures iii) Per?eiCed Gualit#$ Percei'ed Auality is one of the key dimensions of #rand eAuity and has #een shown to #e associated with price premiumprice elasticity- #rand usage and stock return. This measure can #e applied across product classes and calculated #y asking customers to directly compare similar #rands. i') 1eadershiB and BoBularit#$ (t has three dimensions. *irst- it reflects the Enum#er oneF syndrome 4 the sales leader must ha'e merit. econdleadership taps the dynamics of customer acceptance reflecting that people want to #e on the #andwagon are uneasy going against the flow. Third- it can also tap inno'ation within a product class- that is- a #rand mo'ing ahead technologically. This can #e measured #y asking consumers a#out the product8s leadership position- its popularity and its inno'ati'e Aualities.

>/; Asso?iation F ,ifferentiation Measures ') Per?eiCed Calue$ This dimension simply in'ol'es determining whether the product pro'ides good 'alue for money and whether there are reasons to #uy this #rand o'er competiti'e #rands. 'i) Brand Bersonalit#$ This element is #ased on the #rand3 as3person perspecti'e. *or some #rands- the #rand personality can pro'ide links to the #rand8s emotional and self3e1pressi'e #enefits as well as a #asis for customer relationships and differentiation. This will in'ol'e a set of specific dimensions uniAue and rele'ant to the #rand. 'ii) Organisational Asso?iations$ This dimension considers the type of organisation that lies #ehind the #rand especially when #rands are similar with respect to attri#utes- when organisation is 'isi#le and when a corporate #rand is in'ol'ed.


>/) Awareness Measures 'iii) Brand Awareness$ Brand awareness reflects the salience of the product in the consumers mind and in'ol'es 'arious le'els including recognition- recall- #rand dominance- and #rand knowledge and #rand opinion.

>/< Mar!et BehaCiour Measures i1) Mar!et Share$ The performance of a #rand as measured #y the market share often pro'ides a 'alid and dynamic reflection of the #rand8s standing with customers. This is reflected from secondary data sources. 1) Mar!et Pri?e and ,istribution CoCerage$ Market share can pro'e decepti'e when it increases as a result of reduced prices or promotions. 2alculating market price and distri#ution co'erage can pro'ide a more accurate picture of the product8s true strength. Market share or sales data are also e1tremely sensiti'e to distri#ution co'erage. The gain or loss of a major outlet or a mo'e into another geographical region may dramatically affect sales.



Based on the Stru?tured @uestionnaire"

A sample si%e of 97 respondents was used for o#taining the information for this study. 8/7 The Brea! +B$ The #reak up of the respondents is shown as follows on the #asis of Age- e1 . 5ccupationK Age ()efer ta#le 1) 1:3,: ,:30: 0:36: 6: and a#o'e SeH ()efer ta#le ,) Males *emales O??uBation ()efer ta#le 0) Business tudent @o't. er'ant "ousewife elf employed 5thers 17H :7H 1:H 7H 9.9<H 1;.00H <:H ,:H 99.9<H :;.00H 0.00H 1.99H


8/& Cellular Conne?tions And The SerCi?e ProCider$ The first Auestion of the study intends to find out a#out the Cellular Connection and the service provider. ince the target segments are the cellular users- all the respondents ha'e cellular connections.

(n terms of the ser'ice pro'ider- the #reak up is 4 Air Tel "utch 0, ,; :0.00H 69.9<H

Hutch 47%

Airtel 53%


8/; The Categor# Of Conne?tion +sed$ The second Auestion is to find out the category of connection used. 5'erall- the results show3 Post paid P 0;.00H Pre paid P 91.9<H

Post-paid 38%

Pre-paid 62%

This #reak up in terms of ser'ice pro'iders is as shown. ()efer ta#le3 6) %ut?h Post paid Pre paid Air Tel Post paid Pre paid 06.0;H 9:.90H 6,.;9H :<.16

The results clearly show that there is a larger su#scri#er #ase in the pre3paid segment- which is in consonance with the industry figures.


8/) Reason For The Sele?tion Of The SerCi?e ProCider$ The third Auestion intends to find out the reason for the selection of the service provider 3 in other words- the consumer #eha'iour.

Air Tel ()efer ta#le :) Awareness of the ser'ice pro'ider *riends recommended )etailer influenced Ad'ertisements influenced Market share of the ser'ice pro'ider 5ther reasons 67.91H ,1.;;H 9.,:H 1,.:H 7H 1:.90H

Almost 61H at the Air Tel customers were aware of the ser'ice and so chose it. 5ther reasons gi'en #y the respondents 'aried from gifts #y relati'es to company pro'ided phone. These accounted for 1:.90H of su#scri#ers.

%ut?h ()efer ta#le3:) Awareness of the ser'ice pro'ider *riends recommended )etailers influenced Ad'ertisements influenced Market share of the ser'ice pro'ider 5ther reasons 0,.16H ,1.60H 16.,?H 16.,?H 0.:<H 16.,?H

Again- awareness of the ser'ice pro'ider was the main determinant (0,.16H) for selection. The other reasons- which accounted for 16.,?H of the customers- were 'aried- like company pro'ided to #eing a relia#le ser'ice pro'ider.


Selection of service provider

45 40 35 30 25 20 5 0 5 0
A!A"#$#SS %"&#$'S "#()*+ "#,A&-#"S A'.,+ */, SHA"# ),H#" "#AS)$



8/< The Brand Awareness$


The fourth Auestion was to check the brand awareness of the customers. (t would reflect the presence of the #rand in their minds. The options gi'en were3 %ut?h Airtel .dea MTN1

The ser'ice pro'iders of &elhi are Air Tel- "utch- &olphin (MT$>) . Birla AT.T. 5nly 07H of the customers were aware of this. ()efer ta#le3 9).The majority- :0.00H of the respondents- said that only Air Tel and "utch operated in &elhi. A#out 9.9<H felt only "utch operated- while another :H felt only Air Tel operated. The remaining :H ga'e multiple options- which included #oth Air Tel and "utch.

Airtel 5%

1rand A2areness Airtel3 Hutch

4 )thers 5%

Airtel3 Hutch 4 'olphin 35%

Airtel 4 Hutch 55%

8/* The Customer Satisfa?tion$


The fifth Auestion was to measure the customer satisfaction in terms of the ser'ice pro'ided #y the cellular operators ()efer ta#le3 <). OBtions i) ii) Dery satisfied atisfied Airtel ?.0<H 9,.:H ,;.10H 3 3 %ut?h 0.:<H 97.<1H ,1.60H <.16H <.16H

iii) $either satisfied nor dissatisfied i') &issatisfied ') trongly dissatisfied

(usto5er Satisfaction
80 60 40 20 0 6+37 3+57 0
2 3 4


60+7 28+ 3 2 +43

% of su7scri7er

7+ 4 0

7+ 4




(n terms of satisfaction le'el- we ha'e ?.0<H of Air Tel customers who are 'ery satisfied compared to only 0.:<H of "utch. The majority of the su#scri#ers are a satisfied lot with 9,.:H of had. 8/> The Per?eiCed -alue$ The si1th Auestion was to find out the perceived value in terms of the tariffs C rentals for the cellular ser'ices ()efer ta#le3 ;) Air Tel and 97.<1H of "utch.(n terms of dissatisfaction- Air Tel fared #etter with no su#scri#ers dissatisfied while "utch


TariffsF Rentals 1. ,. Dery high "igh

%ut?h ,:H 6,.;9H

Air Tel ,:H :0.10H

0. 6.

>ow 2annot say

3 0.:<

3 3

Perceived .alue
60 50 40 30 20 0 0
53.13 42.86 25 25 21.43 9.38 7.14 12.5 0 3.57

% of su7scri7er




The o#ser'ations from this Auestion are that Air Tel is percei'ed to #e e1pensi'e #y its customers. :0.10H of Air Tel8s customers consider the tariffs high-


compared to 6,.;0H of "utch. The consistent responses #y "utch8s customers show that they percei'e it as a 'alue 3for 3 money ser'ice. %+TC% TARR.FSI The talk plans are de'ised to meet one8s #udget and usage. Talk *le1i for e1amplereduces the applica#le airtime rate as the usage increases. To complement the talk plans- they ha'e also introduced a whole lot of Dalue Adds as well. Talk *le1i is a single tariff that8s #ased on the airtime that one could ha'e used in a month. Ihich means- the more airtime he uses 3 the lower his applica#le rate #ecomes. This plan was easy to understand and use. (t still e1ists depending on the will of the 5ld customers- in particular. (n this tariff plan- the system automatically calculates the minutes used in the home network and determines the applica#le airtime rates. Myself is using Talk *le1i #y paying monthly rentals of )s. ,?: only. Minutes usedCmonth Airtime rateC07 secs ()s.) Qou (ncomingC5utgoing (H) a'e

7 3 ,77 minutes

)e. 7.?? 17H 0:7 3 minutes 6:7

,77 3 0:7 minutes )e. 7.;?

)e. 7.;61:H 6:7 3 ::7 minutes )e. 7.<? ::7 3 9:7 minutes )e. 7.<6 R 9:7 minutes )e. 7.9?

,7H ,:H 07H



,al8346 S+ $o+ PA",&(0-A"S *e57ership %ee9non refunda7le: 9$ot Applica7le for price plan chan;e: .olu5e 'iscount 000

,al8366 000

,al8566 000

,al8666 000 $&-

,al8 666 000 $&-

"s+ 50<5onth "s+ 00<5onth "s+ 50<5onth for 0 5onths for 2 5onths for 0 5onths on airti5e on airti5e on airti5e 346 366 346 250

*onthl= char;es9co5pulsor=: a+"entals 7+Plan enroll5ent fee 2 *onthl= char;es9optional: i+ (-&P ii+ &ta5i>ed 7illin;9o<; call details: 3 4 5 Pulse rate for local calls 9in sec+: &nco5in; call char;es for all t=pes of calls )ut;oin; (all char;es9 60 sec+ Pulse : 5a:+ -ocal calls to ?S* 9 60 sec+ Pulse : 57:+ -ocal calls to 1asic9%: 4 !---*9 60 sec+ Pulse: 5c:+ $ational lon; distance 5ci:+ (alls to ?S* %or an= operator in &ndia9 60 sec+ Pulse: %ree ?S* to ?S* S,' call pulses 5cii:+ (all to 1asic9%: 4 !---*9 60 sec+ Pulse: 50-200/* 20 -500/* @500/* 6 &nternational lon; distance calls 9 60 sec pulse: %ree &S' call pulses +66 +66 +66 +66 200 +66 250 +75 +66 +66 0+5 0+5 0+75 0+4 0+6 46 46 60 $il 46 46 60 $il 46 46 60 $il 46 46 60 $il 46 46 60 $il 346 650 346 350

2+66 2+66 3+66 5+66

2+66 2+66 3+66 5+66

2+66 2+66 3+66 5+66

2+66 2+66 3+66 5+66

2+66 2+66 3+66 5+66 40

The a#o'e rates are all inclusi'e rates. er'ice Ta1es !1tra. Dolume &iscount is applica#le on airtime and will not #e carried forward. A.RT.ME C%AR3ES FOR T%E %+TC% PREPA2 CAR, SPEE," 5utgoing call rateK ,.67 C 97 sec pulse. All (ncoming calls are set *)!! from any network (i.e. @ M C Basic C I>>3M). A.RTE1 TARR.F( >i'e more


Monthly )ental (ncoming . 5utgoing $ight 4 17pm to ; am . undays ((ncomingC 5utgoing) S S S

)s. ,6: )s. 1.,7C 07 sec )e. 7.,:C07 sec

>owest monthly rental >owest rates (night . sunday) @oing mo#ile and are not sure of your le'el of usageG Iith the lowest monthly

rentals this plan is the one for you. 2all more Monthly )ental (ncoming 5utgoing S S S )s. 6?: )e. 7.:7C 07 sec )s. 1.,:C 07 sec

>owest (ncoming rates /ust the right plan if you are likely to recei'e more calls than you would make. (f you need to #e connecta#le all the time- #y your family or for #usiness then this is the right plan for you peak more

Monthly )ental (ncomingC 5utgoingK S S S

)s. ,?: )e. 7.??C 07 sec

!njoy up to 07H off on your monthly airtime #ills The more you speak- the less you pay. /ust right if you are a hea'y user- who is likely to recei'e and make more calls

AirTel tandard Monthly )ental )s. 6<: (ncoming . 5utgoing )ates (per 07 seconds) td "ours(7?77 hrs 3 ,777 hrs) )s. 6.77 2oncession "rs ((,777 hrs 3 7?77 hrs) )s. 1.:7 undays . $ational "olidays (all ,6 hours) )s 1.:7 for ,6 hrs. Ieekdays are Monday to aturday. $ational "olidays are 1:th Aug- ,9th /an . ,nd 5ct. The #illing pulse is 07 seconds on all days.


Ihen the (ncoming 2alls are set *)!! from any network then- The Air Tel launches *reedom Plans to gi'e the customers freedom from incoming call chargesK


Freedom 349 Monthly Rental (Rs.) Outgo ng!m n #n$om ng!m n From any mo% le& Others Free Mo% le to Mo% le& '()m n!month Free #') m n!month (* rt me+#') a$$ess $harges) #') ) s$ounts a$$ess $harges) (* rt me+#') 20, 20, 20, 20, 349 1.99 "l 0.5 Freedom 599 599 0.5 "l 0.5 Freedom 999 999 0.5 "l "l 50 m n Freedom 1699 1699 "l "l "l 100 m n 25 m n

T (nterconnect charge as per Telecom )egulatory Authority of (ndia8s order. Applica#le on calls from all major @ M C Basic C I>>3M operators. )ates applica#le on 97 secs. Pulse.

A.RTE1 MA3.C A.RT.ME RATES 5utgoing calls K )s. ,.67 per 97 seconds (ncoming callsK *ree from any ser'ices anytime

8/8 Pri?e Premium$ The ne1t Auestion intends to find out the loyalty measures in terms of price premium- i.e. the price the customer will pay for the #rand in comparison to other #rands. The Auestion asked was- Eif your ser'ice pro'ider increases the tariffs C rentals #ut gi'es more 'alue added ser'ices- what would you doGF The comparison of results #etween Air Tel and "utch ()efer ta#le3 ?) OBtions (1) 2ontinue with the same company Air Tel 06.0;H %ut?h 69.60H


(,) 2ontinue with the same company e'en if you 1:.90H are dissatisfied (0)2hange o'er to the other company (6)&iscontinue using cellphones altogether 0<.:H 1,.:H

16.,?H 0:.<1H 0.:<H

Price Pre5iu5
46+43 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 5 0 5 0 34+38 37+5 35+7



2+5 3+57




Iith all incoming calls from all sources is set *ree from 1 st of May. That8s a lot of ser'ices to attract people. As the )emarks marked #y a loyal customer when asked a#out the ser'ices of the Air3Tel (in his own words)K

Air Tel in &elhi is a cellular pro'ider. (t #elongs to Bharti Telecom. ( don8t like the Bharti group. "owe'er- Air Tel ser'ice is good.

T Their network co'erage is adeAuate in &elhi. T 2ustomer ser'ice is not too #ad T Billing is nominal and ( don8t think they o'ercharge or cheat while Billing.


% of su7scri7er

T They pro'ide !mail facility on their cell phone- which is really good. T They send us reminders etc. of our #ills on the cell phone itself- they don8t #ug with mails in the post#o1. T All in all ( am impressed and satisfied with their ser'ice. $etwork AualityK @ood33Iorks e'en in congested areas BillingK $e'er had any disputes er'ice and upportK "elpful.

Almost same answer has #een gi'en #y one of the loyal customers of the Essar Cell Bhone %ut?h" with some negligi#le change. "e pro'ided the following informationK

"utch is the #est in &elhi as a cellular pro'ider. ( like its Punch >ine. (t is so simple as one is offering someone the most 'alua#le thing in the world i.e.U E M(>!F. ( simply like "utch- the most- #ecauseU T Their network co'erage is adeAuate in &elhi. T 2ustomer ser'ice is also good. T Billing is nominal and ( don8t think they o'ercharge or cheat while Billing. T They pro'ide !mail facility on their cell phone- which is really good. T ( am really impressed and satisfied with their ser'ice.

$etwork AualityK Dery good33Iorks e'en in congested areas BillingK $o pro#lem occurred yet. er'ice and upportK "elpful- a #it.


The TR.K M model (used #y MB> Techno

earch) used in the research to

measure the performance of the cellular pro'iders employs an interesting classification to map the cellphone users. The Auadrants for this model are satisfaction on the Q3a1is and loyalty on the M3a1is.

2ontinue with the same company 4 APOST1ES &u##ed apostles- their satisfaction is high and also loyalty is high. They are highly contented- loyal customers whose contact with potential customers is more 'alua#le than that of any sales person.

2ontinue with the same company- e'en if you are dissatisfied 4 %OSTA3ES &u##ed hostages- their satisfaction is low- #ut loyalty is high. These are dissatisfied customers who are still loyal. They are major targets for new entrants.

2hange o'er to the other company 4MERCENAR.ES &u##ed mercenaries- their satisfaction is high- #ut loyalty is low. They are the satisfied customers who are not loyal and tend to Vshop around8 and compare. They are always on the lookout for a #etter opportunity.

&iscontinue using cell phones all together 4 TERROR.STS &u##ed terrorists- their satisfaction as well as loyalty is low. They are customers who are unhappy with the company and tell e'ery#ody a#out their #ad e1perience.




M!)2!$A)(! 0:.<H (satisfaction high- loyalty low)

Apostles 69.60H (satisfaction high- loyalty high)


Terrorists 0.:<H (satisfaction low- loyalty low)

hostages 16.,?H (satisfaction low- loyalty high)



M!)2!$A)(! 0<.:H (satisfaction high- loyalty low)

Apostles 06.0;H (satisfaction high- loyalty "igh)

(satisfaction high- loyalty "igh)


Terrorists 1,.:H (satisfaction low- loyalty low)

hostages 1:.90H (satisfaction low- loyalty high)


*rom the findings- we see that #rand loyalty is higher for "utch users and they are willing to pay a price premium for it. Their respondents are 69.60H to Air Tel8s 06.0;H. They (The loyal 2ustomers) are a 'alua#le asset for the ser'ice pro'ider.

But in terms of dissatisfied customers continuing with the same company- Air Tel leads with 1:.90H to "utch8s 16.,?H. $ot much of difference here.

There is a marked difference #etween Air Tel and "utch in terms of those customers whose satisfaction as well as loyalty is low. The NterroristsN account for 1,.:H in Air Tel while "utch has only 0.:<H of them.

Air Tel in spite of #eing the market leader will ha'e to control its EmercenariesF and EterroristsF- which "utch can target. Iith the possi#ility of a fourth player coming in- it should worry the company.

8/: The Per?eiCed @ualit#$


Another Auestion intends to find out the perceived quality of the cellular ser'ice pro'ider- #y gi'ing ratings on different parameters of the ser'ice.

Air Tel 2larity !ase of connecti'ity $etwork 2ustomer er'ice Dalue added ser'ices 0.0 0.: 0.0 0.0 0.9

%ut?h 0.: 0.1 0.1 0.6 0.6

The semantic differential scale shows the differences in percei'ed Auality #etween the two ser'ice pro'iders. Air Tel edges out "utch in terms of connecti'itynetwork and 'alue added ser'ices. There is not much of difference in the ratings #ecause the respondents mostly ga'e a'erage ratings.

8/79 The 1eadershiB And PoBularit#$ The ne1t Auestion was framed to find out the leadership and popularity dimensions of the two #rands from the respondents. (t reflects the Enum#er oneF syndrome and leadership taps the dynamics of customer acceptance. The Auestion gi'es a clue a#out &elhi8s su#scri#er #ase (more than : lakhs) and seeks the opinion of the respondents on the su#scri#er #ase of the two operators.

The correct figures for Air Tel is 0.,; lakhs (036 lakhs) and "utch is ,.1; lakhs (,3 0 lakhs). The sur'ey shows that 0:H of the respondents were right in gi'ing Air Tel8s su#scri#er #ase (036 lakhs) while 61.9<H of them answered correctly for


"utch (,30 lakhs)- ()efer ta#le317.1). *or Air Tel- 67H of respondents felt that it lies in the ,30 lakhs #racket while for "utch- 07H felt it lies in the 13, lakhs #racket.

Air ,el
4-5 -a8hs 3% 0p to -a8h 5% -2 -a8hs 7%

3-4 -a8hs 35%

2-3 -a8hs 40%



0p to 4-5 -a8hs 5%

-a8h 3%

-2 -a8hs 30%

3-4 -a8hs 0%

2-3 -a8hs 42%

The response when considered from the company su#scri#er8s 'iew gi'es interesting findings W)efer ta#le3 17.,(a)X. Almost 60.<:H of Air Tel8s su#scri#ers were right (036 lakhs)- while 67.90H thought it was #etween ,30 lakhs. *rom among the same respondents (Air Tel su#scri#ers)- 69.;;H rightly said "utch8s su#scri#er #ase is #etween ,30 lakhs. Another 67.90H said it is #etween 13, lakhs. The responses from "utch 2ellphone users were also as interesting. W)efer ta#le3 17.,(#)X The correct answer of ,30 lakhs was chosen #y 0:.<1H of respondents. The remaining were distri#uted #etween the other choices. But when selecting Air Tel8s su#scri#er #ase- only ,:H could gi'e the correct answer (036 lakhs). A majority- 0?.,?H felt it is #etween ,30 lakhs.

5'erall- one thing is clear though 3 respondents percei'e that Air Tel is the market leader. (t is shown #y the fact that <:H of respondents allotted the su#scri#er #ase #etween ,36 lakhs. *or "utch- <1.9<H allotted the su#scri#er #ase #etween 130 lakhs.


8/77 The Brand Personalit#$ The ne1t Auestion was put as an open3ended Auestion for the respondents. (t is #asically to find the brand personality- which pro'ides links to the #rand8s emotional and self3e1pressi'e #enefits as well as a #asis for customer relationship and differentiation.

Being an open3ended Auestion- 'arieties of responses were o#tained. )espondents were asked to write what come to their mind when they thought of Air Tel . "utch.

A majority of the respondents said that "utch was a cellular ser'ice pro'ider of &elhi. The other responses were di'ided. *or many it was their mo#ile phone company. "utch8s ad'ertisements a#out its low rentals also had many takers who felt that "utch was gi'ing 'alue for money #y its rentals. ome respondents said that "utch was a good competitor with Air Tel- e'en though it was the $o., 2ompany. 5ther responses were clear and swift ser'ice- emotional feeling- makes the world more compact that #rings relationship closer and makes things easypositi'e attitude as a ri'al company- etc.

"utch- in spite of #eing the follower in terms of market share- comes across as a sincere and competent #rand.


Air Tel
A majority of the respondents said that the ad'ertisements of Air Tel came to their mind when they thought of Air Tel. The print and media ad'ertisements 4 NTouch TomorrowN and N@ood >ifeN- were recalled. (nterestingly- some respondents could Auote the e1act word used in the TD ad'ertisements 4 E awaal life ka ho- ya lifeline kaF and E(t8s a girl Y 4 Bharti C Air Tel.F Another common response was that Air Tel is a good ser'ice pro'ider- if not the #est. ome just thought of it as their mo#ile phone company. The other responses were ser'ice pro'ider that helps connect people- technically ad'anced company- good co'erage- power to connect people- making communication easy- user friendly- etc. 5ne respondent e'en said Mr. unil Mittal (2hief of Bharti !nterprises) comes to his mind. 5'erall- Air Tel comes across as a competent and exciting #rand.

8/7& The OrganiDational Asso?iations$ The ne1t Auestion was framed to find out the organizational associations and also the brand awareness. @i'ing fi'e different captions of different companies- including Air Tel and "utch did this. )espondents had to figure out the correct ones 4 Touch Tomorrow (Air Tel) and mile ("utch). Many respondents had gi'en multiple answers and that posed pro#lems for e'aluation. $onetheless- 99.9<H of respondents were correct in choosing Air Tel8s caption 4 ETouch Tomorrow.F (nterestingly- a#out 01.9<H of respondents felt that 2onnecting People ($okia8s caption) was Air Tel8s caption. *or "utch8s caption 4 E mileF- 91.9<H of the respondents answered correctly. The remaining was distri#uted among the other captions. 2omparing #oth the cellular operators- it is seen that Air Tel8s ad'ertising message is #eing passed on #etter to the people than "utch8s 4 though just marginally more. o the #rand as an organi%ation is rele'ant and 'isi#le to the people.


There are Two More Sets of #rand eAuity ten under market #eha'iour measureswhich ha'e not #een included in the Auestionnaire. These two reAuire secondary data- unlike the pre'ious eight.

Mar!et share (n the &elhi market- Air Tel is the market leader with 0.,; lakh su#scri#ers (as on March end ,771). "utch had ,.1; lakh su#scri#ers (as on March end ,771).

Mar!et Bri?e and distribution ?oCerage The market price of the cellular ser'ice #y the two operators 4 is more or less the same. Air Tel . "utch-



2omparing "utch and Air Tel on the Brand !Auity Ten- the following points can #e taken note ofK


Pri?e Premium

"utch leads in terms of satisfied and loyal customers willing to pay a price premium. Air Tel leads with loyal #ut dissatisfied customers.



(n terms of satisfaction- Air Tel leads with #oth 'ery satisfied as well as satisfied customers. &issatisfaction le'el is low.


Per?eiCed @ualit#

"ere again- Air Tel edges out "utch in terms of connecti'ity- network and 'alue added ser'ices. "utch leads in terms of clarity of sound and customer ser'ice.


1eadershiB and PoBularit#

The results showed that majority of respondents chose Air Tel as the company with larger su#scri#er #ase compared to "utch. This reflected the Enum#er oneF syndrome where the leader must ha'e merit.



Per?eiCed -alue

The consistent responses #y "utch users show that they percei'e it as a 'alue3 for3money ser'ice. Air Tel is percei'ed to #e e1pensi'e #y its customers.


Brand Personalit#

The #rand personality of Air Tel comes across as an e1citing and competent #rand. (ts 'i#rancy appeals to the customers who relate to the ad'ertising messages. "utch comes across as a sincere and competent #rand- which in spite of #eing a follower gi'es Air Tel a run for its money. o #oth ha'e their own distinct #rand personality.


OrganiDational Asso?iations

Air Tel8s corporate #rand is more 'isi#le than "utch. More respondents recognised the caption of Air Tel 4 Touch Tomorrow- than "utch8s 3 mile.


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness of the respondents was high with most #eing aware of #oth Air Tel and "utch. o the spoils are e'en for #oth the operators here.


Mar!et Share

The information o#tained from secondary data shows that the Air Tel is a clear market leader in &elhi with 0.,; lakhs su#scri#ers to "utch8s ,.1; lakhs.


Mar!et Bri?e and ,istribution CoCerage

The market prices of the cellular ser'ice gi'en #y "utch and Air Tel are 'ery similar. The difference if any is 'ery marginal and is not considered. Also the distri#ution co'erage is properly esta#lished. Therefore- there is not much to choose #etween the two operators and the spoils are e'en.


2omparing the o'erall findings we see that Air Tel leads in fi'e #rand eAuity measures (satisfactionCloyalty- percei'ed Auality- leadership . popularityorgani%ational associations- market share) while "utch leads in two measures (price premium- percei'ed 'alue). The other three measures (#rand personality#rand awareness- market price and distri#ution co'erage) ha'e #een shared.




Ihile talking with consumers regarding their 'iews on the cellular ser'ices pro'iders8 marketing strategies and the current trend of the emerging price illusion that has made them- the consumer- a #it indifferent while choosing for the efficient cellular pro'iders. (t has #rought forward the strong consumer mo'ement to #e led #y the consumers8 association designed for the purpose. The telephone consumer mo'ement in (ndia is Auite weak. (n the years of the go'ernment monopoly the ser'ice use to #e terri#ly unsatisfactory and almost all important cities used to ha'e telephones su#scri#ers association mainly comprising of 'ersed #usiness men #itterly complaining against the poor ser'ice to the telephone department- mem#er of parliament and ministers. (n last few years #oth #ecause of competition and large scale of moderanisation (digital- electronic e1changes- jelly3field under ground ca#le for su#scri#ers network- optical fi#er and micro wa'e radio system for junction and intercity network computarisation etc.) ha'e pro'ed to #e fruitful in impro'ing the ser'ices. "owe'er- the Auestions rose from knowledgea#le consumer- which pro'ides us the fact a#out costs and Auality of ser'ice that still need a lot of impro'ement in the Auality of ser'ice and the rates that are charged. The knowledgea#le consumer mo'ement and the association working in the field without any Eprofit3as their targetF- they ha'e to ha'e analysts and researchers #ut this reAuires finances. The company must take a friendly attitude to properly organi%ed research and staffed consumers8 associations as a counter'ailing power for such forces which within any company or system tend to neglect consumer


welfare- costs and of course the Auality of ser'ice. =ltimately unlimited competition is the remedy. But that may take a long time to come. ince the supplier e'ol'e scores of segmented price ser'ice packages- it really #ecome 'ery difficult for the indi'idual customer to choose the most #eneficial price package. (t could #e one of the functions of the consumers association to #ring information #ulletin in this regard in cooperation with the ser'ice pro'ider. Technologies like 2&MA3I>> are reducing capital costs to pro'ide the last mile connecti'ity- that is access or connection of the users communications terminals (telephones- PBM- P2- TD with set top #o1) to the telecom network. The costs for cellular mo#ile system are also coming down. 2ompetition from the most efficient is dri'ing down the prices for customer. But apparently to protect the inefficientthe regulator is fi1ing floor prices for ser'ices. This will thwart the passing of the #enefit of the competition #y way of reduce prices to the customers. (n telephone unsaturated country like (ndia- where we ha'e a long tradition of monopoly and manipulations- policies need to #e continuously re'ised in relation to the realities that are #rought forth as a result of li#eralisation- demonopolisation and competition. Telecom and information technology policies are changed freAuently in tune with the furious technological changes taking place. Therefore- we should not #e deterred from re'ising e1isting policies often. (n the light of e1periences and emerging new technologies and the need arising from rapidly integrating and international economies of trade- there must #e fairness as #etween competitors and also fairness for consumers.


Iith the steep fall in the cost of pro'iding cellular ser'ices- and increasing deregulation and competition- de'eloping countries are witnessing rapid growth in cellular su#scri#er #ase. (ndian cellular industry has #een witnessing a 2ompounded Annual @rowth )ate of a#out 17:.,H. (t is a O: #illion industry today- and the cellular su#scri#er #ase in the country has increased to 9.6 million from a mere ,;-::7 in 1??9. According to reports- (ndian mo#ile su#scri#er #ase is e1pected to grow to 1:.9; million in the current year- i.e.U ,770. "owe'er- the penetration rate of cellular ser'ices is 'ery poor in de'eloping countries. (n (ndiathe cellular density is 7.:9 per 177 population compared to <<.;6 in *inland. !conomic conditions- market structure- policies regarding tariffs and interconnect agreements- and customer characteristics are some of the significant forces affecting the growth of cellular ser'ices. ince it takes a#out 036 years for cellular operators to attain financial pay#ack on their projects- estimates of market si%e can #e useful for network and in'estment planning. Bualitati'e narrati'es and descripti'e statistics of the cellular sector for many countries are a'aila#le from a 'ariety of industry sources. "owe'er- rigorous empirically #ased studies of cellular market growth are much more limited in num#er. Moreo'er- these studies do not pro'ide much insight into the mechanics of growth in cellular markets. uch insights can inform policymakers a#out the process #y which growth occurs and help de'elop policies that can impro'e cellular penetration in de'eloping countries. They are also useful to ser'ice pro'iders in planning their network rollouts and ser'ices in the face of market competition. Iith the introduction of new pro'iders- the incum#ents face erosion of their su#scri#er #ase. They can take preempti'e measures to impro'e the Auality of their ser'ices offerings- reduce prices and increase the #readth of their ser'ice offerings. The new operators ha'e to #attle against the ad'antages of the incum#ents such as


e1isting su#scri#er #ase- economies of network operations- network infrastructure and their financial strength. There are other idiosyncrasies that may also need to #e considered. (n case of (ndia for instance- some of the entities that ha'e recei'ed licenses to operate as the fourth operator in metro areas- ha'e prior cellular network pro'isioning e1perience in selected parts of the country. They can reduce the roaming charges when the su#scri#er roams in the operatorJs other areas. *urther- the go'ernment owned third operator- was erstwhile monopoly operator in #asic and domestic long distance ser'ices. This operator has e1tensi'e long distance network and a sound financial #ase that will ena#le them to cross3su#sidi%e the cellular ser'ice and reduce prices.



atisfaction le'els of "utch customers are comparati'ely lower than Air Tel customers. They should introduce reward3#ased schemes for its customers.

The company should #uild the #rand on its price platform- where it enjoys an ad'antage o'er Air Tel in terms of customer8s perceptions.

The ad'ertising for its pre3paid #randgrowing in the market.

P!!& is 'ery negligi#le. This

should #e pushed aggressi'ely as the pre3paid segment is the largest

$ow in the market there is not much differentiation in terms of the #asic mo#ile ser'ice. The only way to stand out is to gi'e more onus on the Dalue Added er'ices (DA ) like IAP where "utch is the pioneer.

"utch should focus on those customers whose satisfaction is high #ut low loyalty. >oyalty #ased programs should #e introduced- which the company has introduced now in terms of )ewards programmes. Also an alarming proportion of its customers are those with low satisfaction and low loyalty. This category poses a threat and their loyalty should #e esta#lished.

The company together with the consumers8 associations should agitate that the re'enue share must #e a#olished as they were imposed not to pay for


the su#sidi%ing some- not so affluent telephone users or for putting pu#lic telephones in 'illages. A cellular #ecomes more and more useful as its reach increases- that ismore are connected to network- and then the re'enue share so utili%ed has atleast a redeeming feature. 5nly then the cellular prices can #e #rought down to make it a'aila#le to the ma1imum num#er of the users. Adding more customers to the network to enhance the network 'alue to users or #y a#olition or reduction of prices and there more people affording the ser'ice. The reach ness of ser'ice must #e deepened so as to make a list of strong and loyal customers- which will #e pro'ed successful while making ad'ertisement through indirect channel. The cost of the afforda#ility of the cellular ser'ices should #e #rought down as such to pro'ide a chance to more people in general that can help in #roadening of the customer #ases. The cost should #e designed in such a way that can gi'e a look of #enefit or rather profit- if any consumer tries take the comparison with the landline tariff. Try to create the need with the help of its ad'ertisement campaign to make it for more usage.



Managing Brand !AuityK 2apitali%ing on the 'alue of a #rand name 4 &a'id A Aaker (The *ree Press 4 1??1)

Building trong Brands 4 &a'id A. Aaker (The *ree Press 4 1??9)

trategic Brand Management 4 /ean $oel +apferer (+ogan Page 4 outh Asian !dition ,777)

The !conomic Times 1 T May,771- etc Businessworld <T" May ,771 Business Today :th /an ,770 2ompany #rochures of Air Tel 2ompany #rochures of !ssar 2ellphone The (nternet (Iorld Iide Ie#)


AnneHes BroCide suBBorting information and details/

tatistics 2ityC2ircle Metros &elhi 5perators Bharti 2ellular "utchison !ssar MT$> (dea 2ellular BP> Mo#ile "utchison Ma1 MT$> Bharti 2ellular )P@ 2ellular Bharti Mo#inet "utchison !ssar Bharti Mo#itel "utchison Telecom B $> 5ctJ,77, <?190< ::::;9 1,9?;7 16<6,70 ::9;<1 :<009: 17<6?0 1<<670 161:10, 1:7,;6 1;71,9 671,7 0<7:07 19<<,; ,01<1? 1000; 61,<;: 09<,9:7 1?:,<7 0?1,,? ;;:;; 1,,<7 9;<0:< 0;;<:6 ,,:7,9 6:?,? <777 999<7? 0100?6 07,;?9 669,; 997?1; 079<1; ,7791? 610?: :6;<0, 1::0<7 1?;119 <7<6, 9;00 601791 ,??6<<< ,6:7:, 16<;7? 976;6 970, 6:?0<< 6176?; 1<9?79 669 :;<;:7 17,0<1 1?960 0:<?? 17: 1:<?1; ,1;,,< $o'J,77, ;1066: :<6,7: 1,;10, <:0;6 1:?1199 :967;, :?6??9 17<9:, 1??,;1 1699711 1:9<<: 1;0106 :71?? 0?717; 1<;;?0 ,67<06 1:79, 6069;? 0;;1?<6 1?:067 67,,<0 ?;997 :;00; <:6911 67,?77 ,01617 91,7; 0?:77 <0:71; 01,;;0 076,?0 :7996 ,6:61 9?,0;1 01<0?7 1??,?6 :7,,7 ,1:70 :;;67< 1:<,00 ,,,::1 <0,<; 167<1 69<100 0,0<::7 ,66909 16<;;6 96119 09<91 6?00?< 6,1?67 ,70;,0 ,,999 96;6,? 17,9?< 1;0?< 6,10< 10101 1<909, ,,,;9? &ecJ,77, ;06,9? :;70,; 1,?;7? 1,;079 19<,<1, :<0;<< 91:;09 117,<? ,1,076 1:1,,?9 19907: ,77<,; :1;0, 61;;9: 1;;,0< ,6<0,< 16??< 6:7:91 67:6606 1?;76: 0?9:70 17:,7? 1,<?;7 ;,<<0< 6,7,:: ,67,11 9,?,9 <:0:7 <?;<6, 07;,17 07:;<? :06;? <,9<: <67,:0 0,?,1? 1??0?1 ::1?: 9:<<? 96?:;6 1:?6,, ,,?,16 <:76; 0:000 6??71< 0:1:000 ,6670, 16<?9? 990<? <07;6 :01696 609,:: ,01<,6 :;<;7 <,9<:? ?96?; 19:;7 6:996 0990, 1?:0<6 ,,<?;7




All Metros AJ 2ircle Maharashtra BP> 2ellular (dea 2ellular Bharti 2ellular B $> *ascel (dea 2ellular Bharti 2ellular B $> (dea 2ellular Bharti Mo#ile "utchison !ssar B $> Bharti Mo#ile pice 2omm. "utchison !ssar B $> BP> 2ellular Aircel >imited Bharti 2ellular B $> !scotel Mo#ile BP> 2ellular Bharti 2ellular B $> pice 2omm. Bharti Mo#ile B $> !scotel Mo#ile Aircel &igilink Bharti 2ellular B $> !scotel Mo#ile





AJ 2ircle BJ 2ircle






Bharti 2ellular B $> =.P.(!) Aircel &igilink +oshika B $> Aircel &igilink "e1acom B $> (dea 2ellular )eliance Telecom Bharti 2ellular B $> )eliance Telecom B $>

$ A
:<,97 ,<:6;< ?00;0 $A <096 177<6< 00796 176079 <7; 10;7<; 1,70<7 10??1; ,:67< <1<6 ,?,;9? :<9;0 177 :<<;0 ,7<717? ,0;<? ;6;7 0,0:? $A 109,71 1<?:, 1:61:0 $A :<661 :<661 0<9<: 0<9<: 9<<1 $il 9<<1 ,;;0?? 5ctJ,77, ?7,:?0:

91?7: 16,,; ,??77, 17,6:: $A ,6<<7 1,<,,: 0,697 17;17< 16<?; 1::09: 1,:10; 1606,1 ,<:1, 1?777 01:7<1 9:<06 9109 <1;<7 ,,;9<,1 ,:096 ;06< 6?:7 0;991 $A 1:10<0 1;0?0 19?<99 $A 91:;< <??: 9?:;, 0?191 0?191 <1,; $il <1,; 0,6,?; $o'J,77, ?<07:60

9,?97 01?19 0,,;:9 17??;; $A 9107: 1<1,?0 ,?<99 111::9 0;0,, 1<?966 101110 169<<, ,;,;, ,;71; 0061;: <7:11 1;10< ;;96; ,::7,,0 ,:<07 ;7?9 11769 66;<, $A 1967<: ,6?;< 1;?79, $A 9,??, 1:0:0 <;06: 67<,; 67<,; <600 $il <600 097667 &ecJ,77, 176;7607



I.B. BJ 2ircle 2J 2ircle ".P.

Bharti Telenet )eliance Telecom B $> +oshika )eliance Telecom B $> +oshika )eliance Telecom B $> )eliance Telecom )eliance Telecom "e1acom



Assam $.!. 2J 2ircle All (ndia


1. $ameKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ,. AgeK 1:3,: 0. e1K Male 6. 5ccupationK Businessman "ousewife :. @o't. er'ant tudent elf3employed 5thers *emale ,:30: 0:36: 6: and a#o'e

Ihich cell phone3ser'ice you are usingG "utch Air Tel (dea MT$>


Ihich ser'ice of "utch you are using nowG Pre Paid Post Paid


Ihat did you consider most while going for the cellular ser'icesG Awareness of the er'ice Pro'iders Ad'ertisement Market hare of the ser'ice Pro'iders )ecommended #y *riends )etailer (nfluenced Any other reason


"ow do you rate your atisfaction >e'elG Dery atisfied &issatisfied atisfied $either atisfied $or &issatisfied trongly &issatisfied



)ate the Buality of ser'ices you are usingK )eception 2ustomer er'ice !ase of 2onnecti'ity Dalue Added er'ices $etwork


Ihat a#out the )ental PlansG Dery high Moderate "igh >ow $iether high nor low 2ann8t say


(f your ser'ice pro'ider increases the tariffs C rentals #ut gi'es more 'alue added ser'ices- what would you doG 2ontinue with the same company 2ontinue with the same company e'en if you are dissatisfied 2hange o'er to the other company &iscontinue using cellphones altogether


Any uggestion- PleaseY

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