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3. 1. What is your assessment of Parson's performance?

Please use the data in the case to complete the Evaluation and Development Summary in Exhibit 3 of the Rob Parson (A) case. Should he be promoted?

In my opinion, Parsons performance can be viewed from different angles depending on the metric he is being judged. If he is judged on attitude, respect, teamwork and the Morgan Stanley way, then he clearly fails his performance. On the other hand, if he is judged with the business and monetary spectacles, then he outperforms and must clearly be promoted.

In a business like investment banking, being volatile, aggressive and individualist is totally normal,. The problem is that Morgan Stanley is not used to this type of behavior. I believe Parson should not be judged with the same metrics as some of his colleagues. He needs to break some procedures in order to be effective. On the other hand I think being disrespectful and questioning others work should not be tolerated.

I believe Nasr should try to convince the evaluators to measure him and any new investmentbanking employee with a different metric. Tell them to delay the promotion six months and give him another opportunity to prove himself and show that he is willing to change his attitude. The company clearly needs him and keeping him motivated would be very beneficial.

2. If you were Paul Nasr, how would you plan to conduct the performance review? What would your goals be? What issues would you raise and why, and how would you raise them?

First of all I would try to relate to him as much as I could, I will tell him we are both new fishes in the Morgan Stanley bowl and that we must learn how to swim in new waters. I would be very direct with his evaluation, tell him I understand how things in investment banking work but there are clearly some aspects he needs to change.

I would also blame myself for not being honest with him since the issues were raised in the first place and explain to him that the promotion is being jeopardized because of the selfish and disrespectful behaviors. I would explain I spoke to the evaluators and proposed an extended promotion if he showed progress and tell him to wait patiently, with a new attitude and continue to show the results in the area.

3. If you were Rob Parson, how would you conduct yourself in the performance appraisal conversation? What would your goals be? What issues would you raise and why, and how would you raise them?

I am clearly aware, that I need to be patient, and less aggressive when working with others. I probably knew that I was going to be low in that area in the evaluation, but also I would try to raise my points of how I am starting to get involved with some team members and specially focus on my clients and business achievements. I would try to pursue Nasr to help me get support for the type of work that is needed to be prepared in IB and change the metrics I am being judge now. I would raise the importance of becoming a Managing Director and the willingness to do everything possible to achieve my goal.