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Name : Najwa Binti Zaninudin Year : 3 Delima Topic : The Holidays Lesson summary:

Date : 7 April 2014 Theme : World of Knowledge Duration : 60 minutes


Day : Monday No. of students : 31 students Time : 10.30 - 11.30 a.m.

Teacher begins the lesson with showing the video of Ministry of Tourism Malaysia Visit Malaysia 2014, Truly Asia. Pupils will be randomly selected to answer the questions about the video. For presentation stage, teacher shows a slide power point about the conversations at the airport, at the hotel and asking the directions.. Then, teacher shows slide power point about facts of sea creatures. Then, pupils will do an activity in pairs. They need to put the conversations stripes in correct order. For production, pupils need to do an exercise in English Year 3 Modul Book. For closure, teacher ask pupils to make short summary about topic learnt. Content standard: 1.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal situations for a variety of purposes. Learning standard:


Able to participate in daily conversations : e) talk about oneself.

Pupils previous knowledge: Pupils have basic knowledge about interesting places in Malaysia Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1) Put the conversation stripes in correct order (at the airport, at the hotel and asking for directions). Content : Daily conversations. Focus skill : Listening and speaking skills. Educational emphasis: Thinking skills, value and citizenship and assessment. Moral values: Cooperation, tolerance and respectful.

Teaching aids : LCD, komputer, A4 paper, pictures, slide power point, advertisements video, English Year 3 Modul book. Stage / Time Content focus / skills Activity : Advertise ments video : Malaysia, Truly Asia. Teacher plays advertisements video : Visit Malaysia 2014, Truly Asia. A: Teacher ask INDUCTION SET + 5 minutes questions about the video. 1. Interesting place in Malaysia. 2. National Science centre Q: 1. What do you understand about the video? 2. What others interesting places that you know? 3. What can you do at the place mentioned earlier? Lego land, Genting Highland, etc. 3. Lego land : Family fun activity during school holidays. National Science centre : For getting more information about science. PRESENTAT ION STAGE +15 minutes Activity : My vacation : Teacher shows pupils slide power point of conversations At the airport LCD Komputer Introduce pupils to Conversations : Teaching aids : Cooperate with teacher Respect others. Pupils answer teachers questions. Teachers strategy Pupils activity Teaching Aids / values Teaching aids : LCD Komputer Advertisem ents video : Malaysia, Truly Asia. Speaker Having fun Introductio n to interesting place.

Remarks / Teachers notes

Teacher asks pupils to sit in groups.

Pupils will be randomly picked to answer the questions.

Values :

Conversati ons at airport, at hotel and asking directions

that happen during vacation.

At the hotel Asking directions

Picture Slide power point

formal and informal conversati ons.

Teacher asks pupils to read the text together.

Values : Pupils read the text together. Cooperate Tolerate with others.

Activity : In pairs: Read and put the conversatio ns stripes in correct order.

Teacher asks pupils to work in pairs.

Pupils work in pairs.

Teaching aids : A4 Papers Conversati ons stripes. Values : Cooperate Tolerate with others LO 1 Drilling through pair work. Encourag e pupils to speak.

At the airport Teacher explain about the task. A: Good morning. Can I have your ticket, please? B: Here you are. A: Would you like a window or an aisle seat? B: An aisle seat, please. A: Do you have any baggage? B: Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag. A: Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight. B: Thank you. At the hotel A: Good evening. Can I help you? B: Yes, please. I'd like a room for the night. A: Would you like a single room, or a double room? B: A single room, please. How much is the room? A: It's $45 per night. Can I see your passport? B: Yes, here it is. A: Here's your

Instructions : Each pair puts the one travel conversations into the correct order. Each

PRACTICE STAGE +15 minutes

conversation has eight cards consisting of an eight-line conversation. Teacher ask different pairs to read out their conversations to the class.

key. Your room number is 1408. B: Thanks. Good evening. Asking for directions A: Excuse me. Is the beach near here? B: Yes. Its nearby. A: How do I get there? B: At the traffic lights, take the first left and go straight on. It's on the left. A: Is it far? B: Not really. A: Thank you B : Dont mention it. Activity : PRODUCTIO N STAGE +20 minutes Individual : Exercise in English Year 3 Modul Book. Teacher discuss the answer with pupils. Teacher asks pupils to do the exercise about sea creatures in English Year 3 activity book. Pupils complete the exercise and discuss the answers with teacher. Values : Cooperate Tolerate with others Teamwork Pupils listen to teachers explanation. English Year 3 activity Reinforce ment through exercises. Teaching aids :

Activity : CLOSURE +5 minutes Short summary of topic

Teacher guide pupils to make short summary on today lesson.

Pupils make short summary in today topic with teacher guidance.

Teaching Aids : book. Drilling pupils with Values : Cooperate. facts.