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Discussion One

1. What do you think of when you hear the word social studies?

When I think about the word social studies, I think bout civic advocates, families, community programs, and all the skills that are necessary to fit nicely into society. Skills like manners, effort, and forgiveness also come to mind. Pretty much, I think of social studies as the study of human interaction. 2. Describe you elementary school.

My elementary school was an upper middle class elementary school on the west side of Las Vegas. The school held a lot of events that included community involvement. They held events like bike rodeos, candy sales, family game nights and plays and productions. I remember the school being a big part in my community. 3. What did you remember about your elementary school social studies experiment?

I am not sure if this is a social studies assignment, but in the third grade, the teacher gave each student a specific Indian Tribe that we had to write a report on. I got the Hopi Indians and I also remember all the help I received from my family, especially from my grandma and mom. If I really think about it, I think they did most of the work. The school also took a lot of field trips. I remember a trip to Red-Rock, museums, and one to a college. 4. Share a little about yourself.

My name is Brian Trenholm and I have about a year until I graduate. I have two daughters, 9 and 17, two dogs, one big orange cat and a spider. My girls and I like to play board games, and, as of late, weve been making random improve sketches to amuse ourselves. They are my motivation to keep on keeping on. Unfortunately during the school year, my time with them is limited, as I work a full time grave-yard position. I am excited to finish school and become a daytime person again. 5. What do you want to learn or improve in this class?

I want to get better at writing lesson plans. Ive already had a class with Mrs. Powell and my understanding of them improved from taking that class. So I want to continue improving that specific skill. Also, I see in the syllabus that we get to do a wiki assignment. I look forward to using the skills I learned from my last wiki assignment, to make a better one. I hope to add more graphics and basic variety to the wiki to make it improved over the last one. 6. Done Please update your web campus profile with your e-mail address and a photo of you.

Discussion Two
Interesting Quote

Quote- Standards serve to enrich and enhance education, but only if they are used intelligently. (p. 17 1) This quote stood out to me because it is saying that teachers need to know what they are doing. They need to intrgrate thematic standards into the curriculum. Teachers also need to have good pedagogical skills and actively engage students in activities that will enable their learning. A teacher that doesnt do these practices or other practices intelligently is not doing their part to enrich and enhance education. So I choose this quote because it is a blunt reminder that reminds teachers to make thought provoking and meaningful activities, as well as lessons that address the standards effectively Big Idea Pedagogical standards are some of the guidelines that help teachers make sure students our developing their essential skills. One of the NCSSs essential skills is reading and understanding vocabulary. Another NCSS essential skill is thinking and having the ability to use their thinking skills to summarize information. I selected pedagogical standards as m y big idea concept because it helps support my thoughts behind why I picked the quote I picked previously as a favorite. If a teacher isnt teaching to the pedagogical standards, then the essential skills arent being addressed intelligently. The pedagogical standard of Activate learning and motivation, when used properly, helps build the students thinking and their summarizing skills. For example, a student will able to think about historical events and then summarizetheir findings about those historical events if the teacher is teaching to the pedagogical standards. Make a connection Synthezizing the diverse ideas of the people of the world is something I believe creates great and unique ideas. Science and technology is growing extremely fast and people today have the ability to communicate with diverse people from all around the globe. For example, people are skyping with friends in Japan and online classes are filled with extremely diverse people, from all parts of the world. The Science and technology standard asks that our students understand science and technologys role in culture. Culture is the thematic standard that asks students to understand the diverse people that surround them. I believe that an instructor that teaches to these two standards will help students synthesize the diverse ideas of our culture

Discussion Three This video presents an interview done with a group of elementary students. The students are getting asked questions like, "What would you do if you were President? Do you know what unemployment is?

What is tax? Why are people afraid of losing their homes?. Although the questions being asked are deep, the interviewee does a great job making the interview easy-going but still getting the child to give answers with substance. This video could be used in an anticipatory set when teaching the interest, saving and borrowing theme, the unemployment and inflation theme , or the Economic growth theme. These themes lie within the, E10.0 The U.S Economy as a whole, standard. I think watching the kids in the interview will help keep a serious topic serious, but at the same time, make it more inviting to the students, since they saw kids addressing the topics in the interview already.

Discussion Four
Under the history strand H3.0- Social responsibilities and change 1. History strand: H3.0- Social responsibilities and change The first website I choose was . This website brings awareness to children living in poverty around the globe. Students could use the case studies, that profile different children and advocates in an impoverished nation, as a way to teach to the standard- H3.3.1 explain how the actions of heroes and heroines make a difference.

1. Geography- Geography standard ( G7.0- The humane System) is a website with interesting facts about how, and why, our highway system was built, The facts also tell how the system impacted our country. For example, the highway system created quite a few jobs and stimulated growth. New bridges were being built and roads were being paved, making transport of goods and services into, and out of our ports much more efficient for trade.

1. Civics The website that I picked for the Civics Strand is This website helps educate students the processes of Democracy. It has links to other resources that support interactive learning, visual learning and reading. For example, it has a link to the famous How does a bill become a law? video. It is a very simple site that I plan to use with children when developing lessons in the civics strand.

1. is a good website to use throughout the economics strand. It has links to activities that will help kids learn economic topics that range from how to use a piggy bank, too creating

a budget for a family. When working with-in the economics strand. An integration of math standards could also be supported by the material presented in this website.