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Ska ras In the name of Allah the most (Compassionate and Merciful In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the most merciful In this introduction we shall not speak of Saudi and U.S. military collaboration, grand and unrivalled purchase of arms; The continuous Saudi and American plots to plunder the middle-eastern oil reservoirs; of unruly sale of oil under the instruction of their American master in a way suprising even to themselves; of the loss of honor and integrity of the muslims and Arabs in exchange for American Security shield to protect Saudi dynasty; of their special relationship with American imperialism; of the faithlessness unmuslimness and demagogueries of Saudi Kings and princes; of the growth and appearence of western manifestations of Corruption from under the ashes of hypocritical Sacredness; of the unlimited pressure and discrimination imposed on Non-Wahabi muslims; and of the internal factions in the Saudi family and the dependence degree of each on America, because every line of documents Contained in this book and those of the world's daily news are good reasons for what we want to say. Instead, we shall speak of matters that probe