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1 Shay Townson Abby Wright Penelope Cox Josh Jeter Computer Programming Warren Fourth Period 07 March 2014



After long hours of brainstorming, research and calculations, our proposal for the Universal Education Services network operations center is complete. This overview of our proposal will cover the plans and solutions UES set out for us to resolve, plus details on technical specifications and financial data. I. Graphics and Animation a. The graphics teams demands were to have 90 computers running Macintosh OS X and the remainder be Windows machines. After conducting research into the technical specifications of various Apple systems, our team determined the best option in favor of performance and longevity would be to provide these Mac users with Mac Pros running Macintosh OS X Mavericks and Thunderbolt displays. Every Mac Pro will support up to five Thunderbolt displays. This arrangement will be productive, allowing the users to run complex processes on high-performance machines. As for the Windows users, they will be provided with Lenovo C560 Touchscreen desktop computers running Windows 7 Professional. II. General Business and Administration a. The hardware for this division consists of 200 computers and 30 laptops to suit their needs. The general business computers are Dell Inspiron Ones, and the laptops are Asus Notebooks and MacBook Airs. Thesecomputers are not the most powerful to be found, but they get the job done and are decently priced. III. Software Development

2 a. The software development and programming team will be provided with 100 Lenovo C560 Touchscreens, due to their high performance and general reliability. IV. Software a. All users will be provided with Microsoft Office. Windows 7 users will have Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium Suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, and Lync Mobile. Mac OS X users will have Office 365 Home Premium for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. The

graphics and animation team will also be provided with Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Muse, Adobe Audition, Bridge, Edge Tools & Services, Encore, Fireworks, Flash Builder Premium, Flash Professional, InCopy, Lightroom, Media Encoder, Prelude, and SpeedGrade. V. Servers Room a. Our team developed a simple floor plan for the server room, based on these suggestions: a) AC plugs are close to the servers, b) servers are somewhat spread out so that their proximity does not accumulate excess heat, c) the servers have internal cooling systems (fans, et cetera), and d) external cooling systems such as an individual air conditioning unit for the room would be beneficial. b. As for security, simple keypads locks will secure all doors to and from the server room as well as the entrance to the network operation center itself. c. The servers themselves are Dell Poweredge 1955 blade enclosure with 10 configured blades. A system of two will be sufficient to run the business thanks to virtualization, which allows one server to do two tasks like dual operating systems. There will be a total of four of these enclosures, with two being for normal business processes, one being for e-mail management and data backup, and another being entirely devoted to data backup. To reduce time for workstations it would be best to have most of the data backed up on the server and then placed back when fixes can be made. Downtime can be easily reduced, due to the fact there are ten small servers in each backup system. The Dell Poweredge comes with a Doss system with only as much user interface as required to lower the risk of hacking. It also comes with a firewall and security

3 system protect its contents. It is recommended that additional units be used as well, due to standardization. VI. Internet a. For Internet connectivity we went with Verizon, because of their relatively low cost for the high-speed Internet needed for the size of this company. efficient for online management and heavy e-mail traffic with 110 mbps. It is


Technical Specifications




Server Room: Floor Plan


Server Room: Security Plan