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100 Benefits of Meditation

By @INeedMotivation

image from All Posters There are so many advantages to meditation. When I first originally thought of this post, I indeed wanted to make it 1 !enefits long "think !ig right#$, however, I wasn%t sure I &ould find more than perhaps ' (') !enefits. Well, I made it happen# Meditation is as powerful as I thought it would !e. *ere is the definitive list of !enefits that meditation &an provide you with+ Physiological benefits: 1( It lowers o,ygen &onsumption. '( It de&reases respiratory rate. -( It in&reases !lood flow and slows the heart rate. .( In&reases e,er&ise toleran&e. )( /eads to a deeper level of physi&al rela,ation. 0( 1ood for people with high !lood pressure. 2( 3edu&es an,iety atta&ks !y lowering the levels of !lood la&tate. 4( 5e&reases mus&le tension 6( *elps in &hroni& diseases like allergies, arthritis et&. 1 ( 3edu&es 7re(menstrual 8yndrome symptoms.

11( *elps in post(operative healing. 1'( 9nhan&es the immune system. 1-( 3edu&es a&tivity of viruses and emotional distress 1.( 9nhan&es energy, strength and vigour. 1)( *elps with weight loss 10( 3edu&tion of free radi&als, less tissue damage 12( *igher skin resistan&e 14( 5rop in &holesterol levels, lowers risk of &ardiovas&ular disease. 16( Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier !reathing. ' ( 5e&reases the aging pro&ess. '1( *igher levels of 5*9:8 "5ehydroepiandrosterone$ ''( prevented, slowed or &ontrolled pain of &hroni& diseases '-( Makes you sweat less '.( ;ure heada&hes < migraines ')( 1reater =rderliness of Brain >un&tioning '0( 3edu&ed Need for Medi&al ;are '2( /ess energy wasted '4( More in&lined to sports, a&tivities '6( 8ignifi&ant relief from asthma - ( improved performan&e in athleti& events -1( Normali?es to your ideal weight -'( harmoni?es our endo&rine system --( rela,es our nervous system -.( produ&e lasting !enefi&ial &hanges in !rain ele&tri&al a&tivity -)( ;ure infertility "the stresses of infertility &an interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation$. Psychological benefits: -0( Builds self(&onfiden&e. -2( In&reases serotonin level, influen&es mood and !ehaviour. -4( 3esolve pho!ias < fears -6( *elps &ontrol own thoughts . ( *elps with fo&us < &on&entration .1( In&rease &reativity .'( In&reased !rain wave &oheren&e. .-( Improved learning a!ility and memory.

..( In&reased feelings of vitality and re@uvenation. .)( In&reased emotional sta!ility. .0( improved relationships .2( Mind ages at slower rate .4( 9asier to remove !ad ha!its .6( 5evelops intuition ) ( In&reased 7rodu&tivity )1( Improved relations at home < at work )'( :!le to see the larger pi&ture in a given situation )-( *elps ignore petty issues ).( In&reased a!ility to solve &omple, pro!lems ))( 7urifies your &hara&ter )0( 5evelop will power )2( greater &ommuni&ation !etween the two !rain hemispheres )4( rea&t more Aui&kly and more effe&tively to a stressful event. )6( in&reases one%s per&eptual a!ility and motor performan&e 0 ( higher intelligen&e growth rate 01( In&reased @o! satisfa&tion 0'( in&rease in the &apa&ity for intimate &onta&t with loved ones 0-( de&rease in potential mental illness 0.( Better, more so&ia!le !ehaviour 0)( /ess aggressiveness 00( *elps in Auitting smoking, al&ohol addi&tion 02( 3edu&es need and dependen&y on drugs, pills < pharma&euti&als 04( Need less sleep to re&over from sleep deprivation 06( 3eAuire less time to fall asleep, helps &ure insomnia 2 ( In&reases sense of responsi!ility 21( 3edu&es road rage 2'( 5e&rease in restless thinking 2-( 5e&reased tenden&y to worry 2.( In&reases listening skills and empathy 2)( *elps make more a&&urate @udgements 20( 1reater toleran&e 22( 1ives &omposure to a&t in &onsidered < &onstru&tive ways 24( 1rows a sta!le, more !alan&ed personality 26( 5evelops emotional maturity

Spiritual benefits: 4 ( *elps keep things in perspe&tive 41( 7rovides pea&e of mind, happiness 4'( *elps you dis&over your purpose 4-( In&reased self(a&tuali?ation. 4.( In&reased &ompassion 4)( 1rowing wisdom 40( 5eeper understanding of yourself and others 42( Brings !ody, mind, spirit in harmony 44( 5eeper /evel of spiritual rela,ation 46( In&reased a&&eptan&e of oneself 6 ( helps learn forgiveness 61( ;hanges attitude toward life 6'( ;reates a deeper relationship with your 1od 6-( :ttain enlightenment 6.( greater inner(dire&tedness 6)( *elps living in the present moment 60( ;reates a widening, deepening &apa&ity for love 62( 5is&overy of the power and &ons&iousness !eyond the ego 64( 9,perien&e an inner sense of B:ssuran&e or CnowingnessD 66( 9,perien&e a sense of B=nenessD 1 ( In&reases the syn&hroni&ity in your life