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Geometry H Unit 7 Area and Volume 8.

3 Area Problems

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1) A bundle of hardwood flooring contains 14.5 ft2 and costs $39.90 a. How many square feet of flooring is needed to cover the kitchen and family room? Exclude the fireplace, hearth, and tiled area.

b. You should buy 5% extra flooring to account for waste. How many bundles of flooring should you buy? What will be the cost?

2) Kit and Kat are building a kite for the big kite festival. Kit has already cut his sticks for the diagonals. He wants to position P so that he will have maximum kite area. He asks Kat for advice. What should Kat tell him?

3) A rectangle has a perimeter of 42 and two sides of length 10. What is the area of the rectangle?

4) In the diagram to the right, ABCD is a square with diagonals BD and AC . The area of square 100 cm2. If EF BC and CF 3 2 cm, then find the area of the shaded region. Explain your reasoning.

5) The figure shows a swimming pool with a foot path of 2 meters wide surround it. If it costs $3 to tile each square meter of the foot path, how much will it cost to tile the entire path?

6) Mr. and Mrs. Simpleton are shopping for carpet for their living room and dining room. Their living room is 21 feet by 15 feet and their dining room is 12 feet by 9 feet. They have looked at two different priced carpets. One for $14.95 a square yard installed and another for $19.99 a square yard installed. How much would they save by choosing the cheaper carpet? Be careful of units!

7) Tammy is estimating how much she should charge for painting 148 rooms in a new motel with one coat of base paint and one coat of finishing paint. The four walls and the ceiling of each room must be painted. Each room measures 14 ft by 16 ft by 10 ft high. a. Calculate the total area of all the surfaces to be painted with each coat. Ignore doors and windows.

b. One gallon of base paint covers 500 square feet. One gallon of finishing paint covers 250 square feet. How many gallons of each will Tammy need for the job?

8) Harold works at a state park. He needs to seal the redwood deck at the information center to protect the wood. He measures the deck and finds that it is a kite with diagonals 40 feet and 70 feet. Each gallon of sealant covers 400 square feet, and the sealant needs to be applied every six months. How many gallon containers should he buy to protect the deck for the next three years?

9) Dareens family is ready to have wall-to-wall carpeting installed. The carpeting they chose costs $14 per square yard, the padding $3 per square yard, and the installation is $3 per square yard. What will it cost them to carpet the three bedrooms and the hallway shown?

10) A landscape architect is designing three trapezoidal flowerbeds to wrap around three sides of a regular hexagonal flagstone patio, as shown. What is the area of the entire flowerbed? The landscape architects fee is $100 plus $5 per square foot. What will the flowerbed cost?

11) If you fold a square paper vertically, the new rectangle has a perimeter of 39 inches. What is the area of the original square? What is the perimeter of the original square? What is the area of the resulting rectangle? Make a ratio of areas and perimeters.