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Sebastian Avenarius, 0807683

Vulgar Auteurism

Hayward, Susan: Cinema Studies. The Key Concepts (Second Edition), London / New York, NY 22001 (Orig. 2000) [auteur/auteur theory/politique des auteurs/Cahiers du cinma (S. 19 - 24); gaze/look (S. 156 - 159); gender (S. 159 - 165); genre/sub-genre (S. 165 - 171); psychoanalysis (S. 286 - 306); voyeurism/fetishism (S. 446 - 448)]
Pop- und/oder Hochkultur

Stanfield, Peter: Maximum Movies. Pulp Fictions. Film Culture and the Worlds of Samuel Fullner, Mickey Spillane, and Jim Thompson, Piscataway, NJ 2011 Hoberman, John: Vulgar Modernism. Writings on Movies and Other Media, Philadelphia, PA 1991
Autorentheorie / Kanonisierung

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Gender / Genre

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Zeitschriften- und Sammelbandartikel

Vulgar Auteurism / Vulgar Modernism

Adams, Tracy: Vulgar Auteurism, in: Cinema Scope, 40/2009, S. 25 - 30 Jenkins, Henry: I Like to shock myself in the Face`. Reconsidering Vulgar Modernism`, in: Goldman, Daniel / Keil, Charlie (Hg.): Funny Pictures: Animation and Comedy in Studio Era Hollywood, Berkeley, CA 2011, S. 153 - 174
Autorentheorie / Kanonisierung

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Beispiel: Paul W. S. Anderson

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Beispiel: Tony Scott

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Beispiel: Justin Lin

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