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Gartner's 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Maps Out Evolving elationship !

et"een Humans an# Machines

2013 Hype Cycle Special Report Evaluates the Maturity of More Than 1,900 Technologies artner to Host Co!pli!entary "e#inar $E!erging Technologies Hype Cycle for 2013% Re&efining the Relationship,$ 'ugust 21 at 10 a(!( E)T an& 1 p(!( E)T The evolving relationship #et*een hu!ans an& !achines is the +ey the!e of artner, ,nc(-s $Hype Cycle for E!erging Technologies, 2013($ artner has chosen to feature the relationship #et*een hu!ans an& !achines &ue to the increase& hype aroun& s!art !achines, cognitive co!puting an& the ,nternet of Things( 'nalysts #elieve that the relationship is #eing re&efine& through e!erging technologies, narro*ing the &ivi&e #et*een hu!ans an& !achines( artner-s 2013 Hype Cycle Special Report provi&es strategists an& planners *ith an assess!ent of the !aturity, #usiness #enefit an& future &irection of !ore than 2,000 technologies, groupe& into 9. areas( /e* Hype Cycles this year inclu&e content an& social analytics, e!#e&&e& soft*are an& syste!s, consu!er !ar+et research, open #an+ing, #an+ing operations innovation, an& infor!ation an& co!!unication technology 0,CT1 in 'frica( The Hype Cycle for E!erging Technologies report is the longest2running annual Hype Cycle, provi&ing a cross2in&ustry perspective on the technologies an& tren&s that senior e3ecutives, C,4s, strategists, innovators, #usiness &evelopers an& technology planners shoul& consi&er in &eveloping e!erging2technology portfolios( $,t is the #roa&est aggregate artner Hype Cycle, featuring technologies that are the focus of attention #ecause of particularly high levels of hype, or those that artner #elieves have the potential for significant i!pact,$ sai& 5ac+ie 6enn, vice presi&ent an& artner fello*( $,n !a+ing the overri&ing the!e of this year-s Hype Cycle the evolving relationship #et*een hu!ans an& !achines, *e encourage enterprises to loo+ #eyon& the narro* perspective that only sees a future in *hich !achines an& co!puters replace hu!ans( ,n fact, #y o#serving ho* e!erging technologies are #eing use& #y early a&opters, there are actually three !ain tren&s at *or+( These are aug!enting hu!ans *ith technology 7 for e3a!ple, an e!ployee *ith a *eara#le co!puting &evice8 !achines replacing hu!ans 7 for e3a!ple, a cognitive virtual assistant acting as an auto!ate& custo!er representative8 an& hu!ans an& !achines *or+ing alongsi&e each other 7 for e3a!ple, a !o#ile ro#ot *or+ing *ith a *arehouse e!ployee to !ove !any #o3es($ $Enterprises of the future *ill use a co!#ination of these three tren&s to i!prove pro&uctivity, transfor! citi9en an& custo!er e3perience, an& to see+ co!petitive a&vantage,$ sai& Hung :eHong, research vice presi&ent at artner( $These three !a;or tren&s are !a&e possi#le #y three areas that facilitate an& support the relationship #et*een hu!an an& !achine( Machines are #eco!ing #etter at un&erstan&ing hu!ans an& the environ!ent 7 for e3a!ple, recogni9ing the e!otion in a person-s voice 7 an& hu!ans are #eco!ing #etter at un&erstan&ing !achines 7 for e3a!ple, through the ,nternet of things( 't the sa!e ti!e, !achines an& hu!ans are getting s!arter #y *or+ing together($ $ource% Gartner &ugust 2013 The 2013 E!erging Technologies Hype Cycle highlights technologies that support all si3 of these areas inclu&ing% 1' &ugmenting humans "ith technology Technologies !a+e it possi#le to aug!ent hu!an perfor!ance in physical, e!otional an& cognitive areas( The !ain #enefit to enterprises in aug!enting hu!ans *ith technology is to create a !ore capa#le *or+force( 6or e3a!ple, consi&er if all e!ployees ha& access to *eara#le technology that coul& ans*er any pro&uct or service <uestion or pull up any enterprise &ata at *ill( The a#ility to i!prove pro&uctivity, sell #etter or serve custo!er #etter *ill increase significantly( Enterprises intereste& in these technologies shoul& loo+ to #ioacoustic sensing, <uantifie& self, 3) #ioprinting, #rain2co!puter interface, hu!an aug!entation, speech2to2speech translation, neuro#usiness, *eara#le user interfaces, aug!ente& reality an& gesture control(

(igure 1' Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies) 2013

2' Machines replacing humans There are clear opportunities for !achines to replace hu!ans% &angerous *or+, si!pler yet e3pensive2to2perfor! tas+s an& repetitive tas+s( The !ain #enefit to having !achines replace hu!ans is i!prove& pro&uctivity, less &anger to hu!ans an& so!eti!es #etter <uality *or+ or responses( 6or e3a!ple, a highly capa#le virtual custo!er service agent coul& fiel& the !any straightfor*ar& <uestions fro! custo!ers an& replace !uch of the custo!er service agents$volu!e$ *or+ 7 *ith the !ost up2to2&ate infor!ation( Enterprises shoul& loo+ to so!e of these representative technologies for sources of innovation on ho* !achines can ta+e over hu!an tas+s% volu!etric an& holographic &isplays, autono!ous vehicles, !o#ile ro#ots an& virtual assistants( 3' Humans an# machines "or*ing alongsi#e each other Hu!ans versus !achines is not a #inary &ecision, there are ti!es *hen !achines *or+ing alongsi&e hu!ans is a #etter choice( ' ne* generation of ro#ots is #eing #uilt to *or+ alongsi&e hu!ans( ,=M-s "atson &oes #ac+groun& research for &octors, ;ust li+e a research assistant, to ensure they account for all the latest clinical, research an& other infor!ation *hen !a+ing &iagnoses or suggesting treat!ents( The !ain #enefits of having !achines *or+ing alongsi&e hu!ans are the a#ility to access the #est of #oth *orl&s 0that is, pro&uctivity an& spee& fro! !achines, e!otional intelligence an& the a#ility to han&le the un+no*n fro! hu!ans1( Technologies that represent an& support this tren& inclu&e autono!ous vehicles, !o#ile ro#ots, natural language <uestion an& ans*ering, an& virtual assistants( The three tren&s that *ill change the *or+force an& the every&ay lives of hu!ans in the future are ena#le& #y a set of technologies that help #oth !achine an& hu!ans #etter un&erstan& each other( The follo*ing three areas are a necessary foun&ation for the synergistic relationships to evolve #et*een hu!ans an& !achines% +' Machines ,etter un#erstan#ing humans an# the environment Machines an& syste!s can only #enefit fro! a #etter un&erstan&ing of hu!an conte3t, hu!ans an& hu!an e!otion( This un&erstan&ing lea&s to si!ple conte3t2a*are interactions, such as &isplaying an operational report for the location closest to the user8 to #etter un&erstan&ing custo!ers, such as gauging consu!er senti!ent for a ne* pro&uct line #y analy9ing 6ace#oo+ postings8 to co!ple3 &ialoguing *ith custo!ers, such as virtual assistants using natural language <uestion an&

ans*ering to interact on custo!er in<uiries( The technologies on this year-s Hype Cycle that represent these capa#ilities inclu&e #ioacoustic sensing, s!art &ust, <uantifie& self, #rain co!puter interface, affective co!puting, #iochips, 3) scanners, natural2language <uestion an& ans*ering 0/:>'1, content analytics, !o#ile health !onitoring, gesture control, activity strea!s, #io!etric authentication !etho&s, location intelligence an& speech recognition( -' Humans ,etter un#erstan#ing machines 's !achines get s!arter an& start auto!ating !ore hu!an tas+s, hu!ans *ill nee& to trust the !achines an& feel safe( The technologies that !a+e up the ,nternet of things *ill provi&e increase& visi#ility into ho* !achines are operating an& the environ!ental situation they are operating in( 6or e3a!ple, ,=M-s "atson provi&es $confi&ence$ scores for the ans*ers it provi&es to hu!ans *hile =a3ter sho*s a confuse& facial e3pression on its screen *hen it &oes not +no* *hat to &o( M,T has also #een *or+ing on ?is!et, a ro#ot that senses social cues fro! visual an& au&itory sensors, an& respon&s *ith facial e3pressions that &e!onstrate un&erstan&ing( These types of technology are very i!portant in allo*ing hu!ans an& !achines to *or+ together( The 2013 Hype Cycle features ,nternet of Things, !achine2to2!achine co!!unication services, !esh net*or+s% sensor an& activity strea!s( .' Machines an# humans ,ecoming smarter The surge in #ig &ata, analytics an& cognitive co!puting approaches *ill provi&e &ecision support an& auto!ation to hu!ans, an& a*areness an& intelligence to !achines( These technologies can #e use& to !a+e #oth hu!ans an& things s!arter( /:>' technology can i!prove a virtual custo!er service representative( /:>' can also #e use& #y &octors to research huge a!ounts of !e&ical ;ournals an& clinical tests to help &iagnose an ail!ent or choose a suita#le treat!ent plan( These supporting technologies are foun&ational for #oth hu!ans an& !achines as *e !ove for*ar& to a &igital future an& enterprises shoul& consi&er <uantu! co!puting, prescriptive analytics, neuro#usiness, /:>', #ig &ata, co!ple3 event processing, in2!e!ory &ata#ase !anage!ent syste! 0)=MS1, clou& co!puting, in2!e!ory analytics an& pre&ictive analytics( '&&itional infor!ation is availa#le in artner-s $Hype Cycle for E!erging Technologies, 2013$ at http%@@***(gartner(co!@res,&A2BC1D2E( The Special Report inclu&es a vi&eo in *hich Ms( 6enn provi&es !ore &etails regar&ing this year-s Hype Cycles, as *ell as lin+s to all of the Hype Cycle reports( The Special Report can #e foun& at http%@@***(gartner(co!@technology@research@hype2cycles@( Mr( :eHong an& Ms( 6enn *ill provi&e a&&itional analysis &uring the artner *e#inar $E!erging Technologies Hype Cycle for 2013% Re&efining the Relationship$ on 'ugust 21, at 10 a(!( E)T an& 1 p(!( E)T( To register for one of these co!pli!entary *e#inars, please visit http%@@!y(gartner(co!@portal@server(ptF openAB12Go#;,)A202G!o&eA2GHage,)ABBB3Gres,&A2BEDC19GrefA"e#inar2Calen&ar(