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Introduction 9

Part One: Wax‑Based Traditional Colored Pencils

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Waxy Colored Pencils 14
Chapter 2: Compatible Surfaces for Waxy Colored Pencils 24
Chapter 3: Getting the Most Out of Color 36
Chapter 4: Applying and Lifting Waxy Colored Pencil 46
Chapter 5: Creating and Enhancing Textures with Colored Pencil 60

Part Two: Water-Soluble Colored Pencils

Chapter 6: Water-Soluble Colored Pencils and Compatible Surfaces 86
Chapter 7: Brushes for Water-Soluble Drawing Products 100
Chapter 8: Water-Soluble Pencil Techniques 110

Part Three: Wax Pastels and Combining Colored Drawing Media

Chapter 9: Wax Pastels, Compatible Surfaces, and Techniques 130
Chapter 10: Combining Color Drawing Media 144

Afterword 154
Appendix 156
Bibliography 174
Index 175
1 Getting Started Some brands, such as Sanford Prismacolors, offer
more than one hundred colors and an extended

with Waxy range of grays: French grays, warms grays, and

cool grays. Such a broad range of grays appeals to
Colored Pencils the artist who prefers the bold or quaint look of
black-and-white images, as well as photographers
who specialize in reproducing and restoring old

When an artist uses the term colored pencil ,

Previous Page: Bierstadt
Trail, Jeannette Swisher Buckley,
generally the wax-based permanent, traditional CPSA, 2001, 36” x 16”, colored pencil on vellum-finish
Bristol board.
pencil comes to mind. Such non-aquarelle pencils
Bierstadt Trail is in the Rocky Mountain National
are the most prevalent type and can be found in a Park—a great subject since it is a favorite hiking spot
variety of styles, thicknesses, and hardnesses. The for Jeannette Swisher Buckley and since she loves
portraying trees and rocks. Jeannette used Prismacolor
colored pencil—whatever its form—is nontoxic, pencils on Strathmore Bristol paper, vellum finish, one
portable, and affordable. It is also beautifully suited of her favorite papers.
Next Page: Kathakali,Portrait of an Indian Dancer; Ranjini
to color delivery, control, and precision.
Venkatachari, CPSA, 2007, 141/2” x 24”, colored pencil,
Quality art begins with quality art materials. pastel, and gold leaf pen on Pastelbord.
With such a large variety of pencil brands, it can Ranjini Venkatachari created this work as a tribute
to Kathakali, meaning “story play,” an art form that
be difficult to decide what products to buy. No
originated in south India more than five hundred years
matter what your budget, you should always aim ago. Combining literature, music, painting, acting, and
dance to portray stories from the Hindu epics, the dancer
for quality above quantity as you build a collec-
uses concentration, skill, and stamina to present a
tion of colored pencils. A small basic set of qual- spectacular performance. Ranjini applied an initial layer
of pastels on Pastelbord, lightly sprayed it with a fixative,
ity colored pencils can be gradually expanded
and followed with colored pencils on top of the pastels to
by purchasing additional hues from open stock add more details. She then created raised areas with Art
Spectrum Colourfix Primer, allowing it to dry overnight;
of individual colors. Look for a range of suitable
her final step was to apply gold leaf pen to these raised
colors based on preferences and subject matter. areas to add a vivid effect.

Traditional Waxy Pencil Collections and Traits

Number of
Product Name Price Level Key Characteristics

Bruynzeel Wax-based, excellent pencil construction and laydown

48 Budget-friendly
Design qualities, no wax bloom
Outstanding lightfastness, very concentrated color and
Caran d’Ache
76 High-end coverage, great pigmentation combined with quality art
Wax-based, combines a soft feel (equivalent to that
Caran d’Ache
120 High-end of a 6B pencil) with excellent coverage of the tooth of
the paper
Cretacolor Wax-based, crisp-feeling, very lightfast pencils, not
36 Moderate
Karmina widely distributed nor available in open stock
Great color selection, crisp laydown sensation; pencils
Derwent Artist 120 Moderate
are slightly oversized for many sharpeners
Derwent Very soft and creamy wax-based pencils in a brilliant
72 Budget-friendly
Coloursoft selection of colors
Derwent Drawing 24 High-end Soft wax-based pencils in muted colors of nature
Long-established line of wax-based pencils with sharp,
Derwent Studio 72 Moderate
crisp characteristics
Faber-Castell Excellent pigmentation and construction, smooth and
120 Moderate
Polychromos buttery laydown; formula includes soybean oil
Outstanding range of highly pigmented hues, no wax
Irojiten 90 High-end bloom, arranged in book-like volumes of color families,
including ideal landscape colors
36 Budget-friendly Oil-based pencils that feature a creamy laydown quality
Lyra Rembrandt Beautiful palette, no wax bloom, and a smooth, silky
72 Moderate
Polycolor gliding sensation of color laydown
Huge range of colors, waxy composition, popular, widely
150 Moderate available, often on sale; tend to have some quality
control flaws

Getting Started with Waxy Colored Pencils 23

1 2

3 4
Yellow Rose, Kristy Ann Kutch, CPSA, 2013, 117/8” x 91/2”,
colored pencil on Stonehenge paper.

Applying and Lifting Waxy Colored Pencil 57

This book is dedicated to my dear family:
Ed, Mary, Joe, and Eddie. You are the loves of my life!

Copyright © 2014 by Kristy Ann Kutch

All rights reserved.
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WATSON-GUPTILL and the WG and Horse designs are registered
Mutual Admiration, Ranjini Venkatachari, CPSA,
Page 2:
trademarks of Random House LLC
2008, 34” x 24”, water-soluble wax pastel and colored
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data pencil on Pastelbord. Collection of Beth and Terry
Kutch, Kristy Ann. Gatto-Russeff.
The new colored pencil : create luminous works with innovative
In this piece Ranjini Venkatachari balances the visual
materials and techniques / Kristy Ann Kutch. — First [edition].
weight of the objects by arranging them around the
pages cm
center of the composition, deliberately overlapping to
1. Colored pencil drawing—Technique. I. Title.
create depth and further emphasize the design effect.
NC892.K885 2014
Ranjini chose a textured surface, blending water-soluble
Neocolor II wax pastels on it, followed by layers of
colored pencils; the overall effect is a full, saturated
ISBN: 978-0-770-43693-3 painting with lots of detail.
eISBN: 978-0-770-43447-2
Page 6: Chambered Nautilus, Karen Coleman, CPSA,
Printed in China 2005, 10” x 8”, colored pencil on Pastelbord. Collection
Design by Chloe Rawlins of Merv and Judith Rosen.

Cover art by Kristy Ann Kutch This piece by Karen Coleman makes dynamic use of
Back cover art by Ranjini Venkatachari, Kristy Ann Kutch, negative space. She captures the play of light on the
Jeannette Swisher Buckley, and Jackie Treat colorful patterned exterior of the shell and creates
contrast with the rich blue background, evoking the
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
deep sea where it makes it home. Fuzzy La Carte pastel
First Edition paper also allowed a dense and speedy buildup of colors.