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5 JOULE XENON BEACONS EExd, Weatherproof XB9 Range



H All GRP H Low Initial Cost H Greater Reliability H Minimal Maintenance Cost H Reduced Cost of Ownership


These compact and lightweight beacons have been designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and harsh environmental conditions. The beacon housing, including the amepaths, is manufactured completely from a UV stable glass reinforced polyester which is ideally suited for use offshore and onshore. Stainless Steel screws and mounting bracket are incorporated ensuring a totally corrosion free unit. Units can be painted to customer specication and supplied with identication labels.
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Zone 1 and Zone 2 use. EExd IIC T6. ATEX Approved, Ex II 2G. BASEEFA Certied. GOST 'R' Certied. Brazilian (Inmetro) Certied. IP66 and IP67. Certied Temperature -55C to +55C. Corrosion Free GRP. Various lens colours. Lens guard tted as standard. Optional gland plus cable tail. Stainless steel mounting bracket & screws.

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Certication: Materials: Finish: Voltage CENELEC EN50014 and EN50018. BASEEFA EExd II CT6 (T5). Cert. No. BAS00ATEX2031 Zone 1 and Zone 2. GOST 'R' Certication: 1 Exd IIC T5/T6 Brazilian (Inmetro) Certied: BR-Ex d IIC T5/T6 Body & Cover - Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP). Lens - Toughened Glass. Cover Screws & Bracket - Stainless Steel 316 Natural or painted to customer requirements. 12 5 0.74 29 DC 24 5 0.32 29 48 5 0.18 29 AC 50/60 Hz 110 240/254 5 0.1 29 5 0.06 29

Tube Energy (J) Peak Current Consumption (A) Effective Intensity (Cd)

Peak Intensity (Cd) Power Consumption (W)

22213 9

22213 8

22213 9

22213 11

22213 15

For Coloured Lenses:

Colour Red

NOTE: The above gures (Cd) are for a clear lens @ 1Hz ash rate. A report is available if required.
Blue Amber Green Yellow

Multiplying Factors (Approximate)






Ordering Requirements

Weight: 1.6kg. Certied Temperature: 55C to +40C(T6). 55C to +55C (T5). Ingress Protection: IP66 & IP67. Fire Retardancy: GRP is re retardant to ISO 1210. Terminals: 3 x 2.5mm2. Mounting: Wall mounted via bracket. Entries: 1 x M20 or PG 13.5. Optional: 1 x 3m cable tail and gland.

The following code is designed to help in the selection of the correct unit. Build up the reference number by inserting the code for each component into the appropriate box. Standard products available ex-stock as follows: Description XB9D02406RYNCBN ATEX approved Ex II 2G, certied EExd IIC T6, 24v d.c., 60 ashes/min, red lens, lens guard, M20 entry + gland + 3m cable, natural black nish. XB9D02406AYNCBN ATEX approved Ex II 2G, certied EExd IIC T6, 24v d.c., 60 ashes/min, amber lens, lens guard, M20 entry + gland + 3m cable, natural black nish. XB9D24006RYNCBN ATEX approved Ex II 2G, certied EExd IIC T6, 240v a.c., 60 ashes/min, red lens, lens guard, M20 entry + gland + 3m cable, natural black nish.
CertiModel cation Voltage XB9 Flash Rate Lens Colour Lens Guard Tag Label Entries/Cable Tail Body Colour

Y Flash Rate Code Colour Code R 60/min. 06 Red Blue B Other ash rates Green G available on Yellow Y request, please Amber A specify. Clear C Certication Code Lens Guard Uncertied W Yes EExd D GOST 'R' G Inmetro DM Code 012 024 048 110 240 254 Tag/Duty Code Label None N *Yes Y *(Please specify) Code Y Entries Code 1 x 20mm 1B 1 x PG 13.5 1P
Cable & Tail

Voltage 12V d.c. 24V d.c. 48V d.c. 110V a.c. 240V a.c. 254V a.c.

3m cable


Finish Code Natural Black N Red R Blue B Yellow Y Grey G White W Special Finish S

All the above specications, dimensions, weights and tolerances are nominal (typical) and MEDC reserve the right to vary all data without prior notice. No liability is accepted for any consequence of use.