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Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868) Il barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville) Melodramma buffo in two acts Libretto by Cesare Sterbini

from the comedy of the same name by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais First performance: Teatro Argentina, Rome, February 20, 1816 English translation by James Meena Characters Count Almaviva, tenor Dr. Bartolo, physician, basso Rosina, his ward, mezzo-soprano Figaro, the barber, baritone Don Basilio, music master, basso Fiorello, Almavivas servant, baritone Berta, Bartolos maid, soprano A notary Ambrogio, servant Soldiers and Musicians Act I, scene i The courtyard before Dr. Bartolos house in Seville Fior. Softly -- very softly. Everyone gather around. Fior. Count Bravi. Well done! Your serenade will surely win her heart. aria The heavens smile on the dawn. Yet, you slumber still. Arise, my sweet hope. Come to me, my idol of perfection. Soothe the arrow of love, that has pierced my heart. Arise my love, and grant pity to this loving soul. Oh! Moment of joyous love! Fiorello! Did you see her? Signor -- no.

Count Ah! Every hope is gone! Fior. My lord, daybreak is near.

Count What shall I do now? Our efforts are in vain. You may leave. Fior. Yes, my lordship.

Count Here. For your efforts. No more music. No more singing. Every hope is gone. Musi. Good night. Leave. Were needed no longer. Thank you! Thank you, noble master. Count Quiet! Thats enough! Musi. Its our honor -- but you could be more generous! Count Damnation! Cursed peasants! Such ill-mannered peasants. Fior. Apologies, my lord, for their outburst. At least they are gone now. By your leave.

Musi. All right, well be quiet. Fior. Gather around here Its early, so be quiet! Good. No one is around to disturb us. Lets just hope our serenade doesnt wake the whole town.

Count Fiorello! Where are you? Fior. Here, my lord.

Count And the musicians? Fior. Awaiting your command.

Count (hearing Figaro singing as he approaches) Who could that be? How inopportune.

Id best leave before Im discovered. Dawn is breaking. . . but love will try again. Figaro All of Seville awaits my arrival. Quickly - to my shop! For dawn is near. Ah! Such a beautiful life I lead. Such pleasure for a barber of true genius. Ah! bravo, Figaro -- well done! Bravo! Blessed by fortune herself! Bravo! Always ready, day or night. To be of service, and to reap the reward. Razor and comb, scalpel and scissors are at my command. Then, of course, there are matters more delicate... Between the ladies and their gentlemen. Ah! Such a beautiful life for a barber of true genius. Everyone asks for me. Everyone needs me. Matrons and maidens Old ones and young ones. In this house -- A new wig. Then rush to that house for a daily shave. In that house Apply my leeches! Then in secret -- Carry this love note! Ahime! Too many demands on my precious time. One at a time -- wait your turn! Ah bravo, Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo! Blessed by fortune herself! All of Seville is at my feet, for no one can do without me! Count That fellow looks familiar. Figaro Who can this be?

Figaro As you wish. Ill be on my way. Count No, wait! You may be just the man I need. But first -- What are you doing in Seville? And looking so prosperous! Figaro Ah yes. My work is such a burden, signore. But someone must do it! Count You rascal! Still the same clever fellow. Figaro At your service! But now, tell me why youre in Seville. Count Well . . .One day in Madrid I saw the most beautiful girl, The daughter of some senile old doctor who was moving to Seville. . . It was love at first sight! So I left home to follow her. And here I serenade her day and night under this balcony. Figaro Under this balcony? A doctor you say? How lucky for you that Im here. Count Really? Figaro Absolutely! Im their barber, surgeon, botanist, druggist, veterinarian! In short -- Im indispensable! Count Ah! What luck! Figaro Thats not all. . . The young lady is the doctors ward, not his daughter! Count Thats even better!

Count Yes, Im sure of it -- Figaro! Figaro Careful -- someones coming! Figaro Your servant -- Oh! Your excellency! Bart. Count Not so loud! I dont want anyone to recognize me. I will return shortly. Dont let anyone in! If Basilio arrives before me -- make him

wait! There is much to prepare. By tomorrow I will turn my ward into my wife! Count By tomorrow. . .His wife! Ah! You lecherous old goat! But tell me -- who is this Don Basilio? Figaro A true scoundrel who arranges marriages. Always broke -- always scheming And he instructs the young lady in the art of singing! Count That may be useful. But she must love me for myself! Figaro Better yet! Count Now, how to get her attention? Figaro Of course. Reveal your heart to her in a song. Count A serenade? Ive tried that already. Figaro Once more then. Heres my guitar. With feeling this time! Count Very well. Once more -- Avec talent! If my name your heart would know, hear it from the lips that adore you. I am Lindoro. A poor student who lives to love you-Who lives to call you mine. From the dawn to the evening, I will sing only for you. Rosina Continue. My heart would hear more. Figaro What did I tell you! Keep going. . .Another verse. Count An honest love is all Lindoro can give, my beloved. My only riches are a loving heart, and an honest soul. For you only I yearn from the dawn to the evening.

Rosina An honest love is all Rosina can give to her dear Lindo Figaro Someone must have surprised her! Count Ah! So close! Im aflame with love! I must see her - - Speak to her - - at any cost! You! You must help me! Figaro What fire! Of course, Ill help you. Count Bravo! You must get me into the house. Tell me -- How will you do it? Figaro How? -- Well . . .Lets see -- perhaps . . . Count All right! I understand you! Have no fear, you will be greatly rewarded. Figaro Truly? Count I give you my word. Now to work! Figaro Then Im ready. Ah, you have no idea. . . What my prodigious talent can achieve when fed by the sweet sound of gold! The mere thought of that powerful metal erupts in my brain like a volcano. And the ideas begin to flow. Count Well then Lets see what effect my gold has on you. Like a volcano its time for your genius to erupt, and devise a plan! Figaro You must go disguised. . .For example. . . As a soldier. Count A soldier? Whatever for? Figaro A regiment arrives today in Seville Count Yes, and the colonel is my friend.

Count You will not fail me? Figaro Good enough? Figaro I give you my word, my lordship. Count But what happens next? Figaro By order of the colonel, you will be lodged overnight in that house. Its the law. What do you think? Is it not brilliant? Count Such an exquisite plan! Beautiful! Bravo! Figaro Wait! Another eruption! See what money does to me? When you get there -- Pretend you are drunk! Count Pretend Im drunk? Figaro Yes, my lord -- a drunkard! Count A drunkard? Me! But why? Figaro Because when a man is drunk, he is less suspicious. Believe me -- Bartolo will not suspect! Both Such an exquisite plan! Beautiful! Bravo! Count And when were successful, I will give you a purse overflowing! Figaro You can depend on me! I can almost taste my gold. This morning I was poor -- but now Im rich. Count Loves flame brings me such joy. Love has turned my night into day. Act I, scene ii Inside Dr. Bartolos house aria A tender voice fills my heart. It was pierced by loves arrow. And Lindoro is the archer. Yes, Lindoro will be mine, and love will be victorious. My tutor will reject this match. I must sharpen my talents, so, in the end, he will accept. Yes, Lindoro will be mine, and love will be victorious. I am always well mannered, always respectful. I am always obedient, sweet and loving when left undisturbed. But, if he causes me trouble I am a viper. And I will lay a hundred traps for him before surrendering. Yes, love will win! If I could only get this letter to him But how? The doctor is always watching me; theres no one I trust. Enough of this. Yet, I saw Figaro with my Lindoro Figaro seems so good-hearted . . . perhaps he will help me.

Figaro Onward! Count To battle! Oh, I almost forgot. How can I find you? Where is your shop? Figaro My shop? Thats easy! Number fifteen -- On the left The white shop with four steps in front. Five wigs in the window With a sign, The Finest Ointments. And a modern sculpture lit by a lantern. Youll find me there with no trouble. Count Ive got it. Figaro Now quickly -- theres much to prepare.

Figaro Good morning, signorina. Rosina Good day, signor Figaro. Figaro What is this? Such a long face? Rosina Im dying of boredom. Figaro Not possible for such a spirited beauty! Rosina Thank you for making me laugh. But what good is beauty when hidden in a tomb? Figaro In a tomb? Perhaps, but not for long! Listen . . . Rosina Wait -- thats my tutor! Figaro He should not find me here! Rosina Quickly. Hide behind the screen.

Take that -- decrepit old goat! Exits Bartolo You see how gentle she is. The more she insults me, the more I love her. Yes, yes! It is that barber who is the cause of all my trouble! Ah! Barber from hell. . . You will answer to me. What! Don Basilio! Well, your timing could not be better. Listen. By love or by force I will marry Rosina by tomorrow. You understand? Basilio Of course. Indeed, I am here to warn you . . . But, secretly! Count Almaviva has been seen under your balcony! Bartolo What? He is Rosinas secret suitor?

Figaro Perfect. Hides behind the screen Rosina Yes, Im sure I can trust him. Bartolo Ah! That wretched Figaro! Worthless villain! Curse him! Rosina You see? Always yelling. Bartolo Hes turned my house into a hospital . . . With his salves, leeches and enemas! Signorina, did you see our dear Figaro? Rosina Why do you ask? Bartolo Because I want know! Rosina Will it add to your troubles? Bartolo And why should it not? Rosina Very well. Ill tell you. Yes, I saw him. I spoke to him. I like him -- I enjoy his company and his youthful spirit!

Basilio Exactly! Bartolo Damnation! We must do something. Basilio Surely . . . But, with subtlety. We need to carefully invent a rumor That will capture the peoples imagination, So the Count will be discredited. I will assist you! And in a week, he will slither away In shame! aria The art of slander is like a gentle breeze. .. That imperceptibly, lightly, sweetly Begins with a whisper. First, a single word. . . Begins the journey. Softly at first. . . Gaining strength. It travels through the countryside buzzing along. From ear to ear it cleverly infects each brain, Swirling around the head, growing stronger with each day.

Innuendo grows into gossip. Gossip turns to scandal. It stops for nothing, and is impossible to handle. Until, like a storm in the forest, pounding, crashing it bursts from the mouth producing an explosion Like a shot from a cannon! A tumult that shakes the heavens! And the wretch who is slandered. . . Humiliated. . .like a worm, Beneath the heel of the people Slithers out of town! You didnt like it?

Rosina Really! Well, he will have to deal with me first. But, tell me. This morning, under my balcony, you were with a young man. . . Figaro Ah. My cousin! A smart young fellow. Hes in Seville to complete his studies, and to find his fortune. Rosina I am sure he will find it. Figaro Oh, I have my doubts. You see, he has one great problem. Rosina A great problem?

Bartolo No! It will take too much time. We will do it my way. Come to my study. We will write the wedding contract ourselves. Once she is my wife, all these childish affairs will end! Basilio As long as hes paying, Ill go along. Both exit to Bartolos study Figaro entering the room from behind the screen Bravo doctor! Now I know what youre up to. Poor old fool! Thinking well let you marry her! While theyre plotting I must speak with Rosina. Rosina Any news, signor Figaro? Figaro Great news, signorina. Rosina Truly? Tell me.

Figaro Ah, dreadful! Hes hopelessly in love. Rosina In love? Oh. You see, I thought he wasinteresting. Figaro You dont say. Rosina Dont you believe me? Figaro I do. Rosina Tell me. Does his beloved live far away? Figaro Oh, no. Here, a few steps away. Rosina But is she pretty? Figaro She is beautiful. How shall I describe her? Perfect figure. . .Graceful. . .Hair like satin. . .Rosy cheeks. . .Eyes that speak of love. Rosina And her name?

Figaro There will soon be a wedding! That is to say, your beloved tutor has decided to become your husband. Rosina Youre joking! Figaro Hes writing the contract as we speak.

Figaro Ah! Ive forgotten it. Lets see. . . Rosina Go on! What is it? Figaro Youll never guess. Let me spell it. R-O-S-I-N-A

Lindoro, my only true love. Rosina Then, it is true. Dont deceive me. I am his beloved? I knew it in my heart from the beginning. Figaro Its true. The lovely Rosina is the object of his affection. Oh, she is as clever as a fox. Rosina But tell me. How do we arrange for me to see him? Figaro Dont worry. Lindoro will be here soon to see you. Rosina Bravo! But, please tell him to be cautious. Im dying of impatience! Tell me, when will he be here? Figaro He is just awaiting a sign of your affection. Write him a letter. . . Ill deliver it. And, voila! He will be here! What do you say to that? Rosina Im not sure I can do it. Figaro Just two words for him. Rosina Im afraid to. What if . . . Figaro Why on earth be afraid? Quickly now. Write a letter to him. Rosina A letter? You mean . . .Like this one? Figaro Ah! Already written. I guess youve taught me a lesson. Rosina Fortune finally smiles on me. Bartolo A flower? Figaro When a woman makes up her mind, nothing can stand in her way. Rosina Remind him to be careful of my tutor. Figaro Never fear. He will be here soon. aria Rosina Fortune finally smiles on me. Such excuses cannot fool a man of my breeding. Rosina Of course. . .A flower. Bartolo Ah! How brazen! Enough of this -- listen well. Rosina The papers? . . . I used one to wrap a small present for little Marcellina. Bartolo How thoughtful. Then, what did you use the pen for? Rosina What a miser! The pen?. . . To draw a flower on my embroidery. Figaro When a woman makes up her mind, nothing can stand in her way. Exit Rosina What wonderful news. Figaro has turned out to be such a good friend. Re-enter Dr. Bartolo Bartolo Now, young lady. Be so kind as to tell me what the barber said to you. Rosina Who? Figaro? Nothing special. Bartolo But, you spoke to him? Rosina Oh yes. We spoke of trifles. New fashions from Paris; his niece Marcellina is sick. Bartolo How touching. But, I wager. . . What is this? You have ink on your finger! Rosina My finger? . . . I burned it and used ink to soothe it. Bartolo The devil! And what of these papers? There were six, now only five.

I would advise you, my dear, to devise better stories next time - much better! A present for Marcellina. . . A flower on my embroidery. . . Burned my finger. . . Come now -- such obvious excuses. It will take more than that to fool me - much more! Where is the missing paper? What intrigue are you devising? Where is the missing paper? Your smiles cannot fool me. Dont play games! You cannot fool me. No, my dear. No one can make a fool of Dr. Bartolo! Such excuses cannot fool a man of my breeding. Come now. . .Dont cry, my child. Tell me the truth. I will be gentle. I will forgive you. You wont tell me? Youre being obstinate? Well then. You leave me no choice. Signorina, the next time I leave this house, the servants will stand guard. No begging, crying, sighing will soften my resolve. And if I find you misbehaving again, I will lock you in your room! And there, sad little Rosina will sit and cry alone! Yes, yes, yes. Locked away in your room! A learned man like me cannot be fooled by such flimsy excuses. No. Innocent little Rosina will have to cry alone in her room until she tells the truth! Exit Bartolo, followed by Rosina Enter Berthe, the maid


Whatever was that noise? Oh. It must have been the doctor instructing his pupil again. These girls now-a-days just dont know how to behave! Loud knocking at the front door All right. In a minute! All this snuff will be my undoing. Enter Count disguised as a drunken soldier

Count Hey! Anyone here? Hey! Why dont you answer me? Bartolo What is this? Good God hes ugly! And hes drunk! Count Hey! The devil take you! Hey! Answer me! Bartolo Whats your business here? Count Ah! Finally! Am I addressing . . .Just a moment. Am I addressing Dr. Balordo? Bartolo What! Balordo! Count No, wait. Its Dr. Bertoldo! Bartolo What! Bertoldo! To hell with you! My name is Dr. Bartolo. . .Dr. Bartolo. . . Dr. Bartolo! Count Ah. Of course. Dr. Barbaro. Bartolo Oh! Hes an idiot! Count Oh well. A rose by any other name would still smell. Bartolo I could explode with fury. . . Count I dont see her. Ill have to stall him. But, I should avoid making a scene.

So. You are a doctor? Bartolo Yes, as I told you, signore. Count Wonderful. We are colleagues. Come embrace me! I am doctor for my regiment. . . Caring for all the horses. And your house will have the privilege of providing my lodging tonight. Its written right here! Ah, where is that beloved girl?. . . The object of my love. Bartolo Im exploding with fury. . . If I were younger, Id teach him a lesson. Rosina A soldier? My tutor. What can possibly be happening? Count (aside) Ah. Rosina, at last. Rosina Hes coming closer. Count Its me, Lindoro. Rosina How wonderful. But be careful. Bartolo Signorina, what are you doing? Go to your room this instant. Rosina Im going. No need to yell.

will show it to you. Count Aside to Rosina In case I cant stay, take this letter. Rosina Careful! Hes watching us. Bartolo Looking for his exemption paper Where the devil did I put it? Rosina Yes, hes watching. Bartolo Keep searching. Well find it. Count We must think of something. What in heaven can we do? Bartolo Ah! Here it is. Be it known by all here present, etc., etc., etc., Dr. Bartolo is exempt. . . Count To hell with your papers! No more -- out of my way! Bartolo What are you dong? Are you crazy? Count Quiet, Dr. Donkey! Im assigned to stay in this house and here I stay! Bartolo So, you insist? Count Insist I do!

Bartolo Quickly, quickly. To your room. Rosina Ill be on my way now. Bartolo To the Count who follows Rosina Where do you think youre going? Count To bed! Where else? Bartolo Not in my house youre not. You cannot stay in this house tonight! Count I have my orders. Bartolo And I have an exemption! Signore, wait a moment and I Bartolo Well, either leave this minute, or youll get an old-fashioned beating! Count So -- you wish to do battle? Good! A battle you shall have! I shall instruct you in the glory of warfare. Now observe the rules of war. You are the enemy. . . Attention! And the friendly troops. . . To Rosina: (drop your handkerchief) . . .Our troops are here with me! Stand at attention!

Bartolo What is under the handkerchief? Count You miserable wretch! Rosina You could see it if it were a prescription . . . But, it is a letter. And a gentleman would never read a ladys letter. Bartolo How sweet. Now give me that letter! Rosina But this paper you asked to see. . . I simply dropped it. It is the laundry list. Bartolo Then give it to me right now! Ah! What is this? The laundry? What a quandary. Count Bravo, you old blockhead. Figaro Stop this fighting before it is too late! Bartolo Yes, I really was a blockhead. They caught me in their little trap. Rosina You fell right into our little trap. You see. Always the same story. Always misjudging and scolding me. Ah. What a life. Full of despair. I dont know how much more I can bear. Count What have you done to her? All Bartolo No, wait. Ive done nothing. Count You dog. Betrayer of innocent girls. Bartolo Stop! Signor soldier! Police enter Count I will kill him! All Someone help us! Chorus No one move! Everyone stay where you are! Whats the reason for this uproar? Youve disturbed half the town! Bartolo This beast of a soldier mistreated me, and beat me! Figaro I just came in to be helpful, and to stop them. Bartolo This soldier caused the uproar, and tried to kill the good doctor. The police! Good heavens! Now you have done it. But we are innocent. Yes, we are all innocent. But, for the love of God, what do we do now? All Loud knocking at the door Did you hear that? What can that be? Who is it? Bartolo You damned liar! Figaro Now listen here, mister soldier. Show the doctor respect. . . Or I will have to teach you some manners myself! My lordship, please calm down. Count To Bartolo You ugly old monkey! Bartolo You bastard from hell! I could just scream! Count I could kill him!

Chorus The police! Open this door immediately!

Figaro Entering from the street What is this, gentlemen? Why this uproar, for the love of God! Out on the street a crowd is gathering, Listening to the commotion in here! My lordship, please calm down. Count He is a scoundrel! Bartolo He is a monster!

Count This pompous ass refused to honor my orders for lodging. Rosina Forgive the young man, the wine must have made him do it. Captain Enough! I understand. To the Count: I place you under arrest! Come with us! Count You arrest me? Me? Stop where you are. The Count shows the Captain his royal emblem. His identity still concealed to everyone else, the Captain releases him and points his gun at Dr. Bartolo Rosina Still as a statue, Ill wait to see what happens next. Count Still as a statue, Lets see what he does next. Bartolo Still as a statue, I dont know what to do next. Figaro Look at old Bartolo! Dumbfounded -- I cant help but laugh at him! Bartolo But, let me say. . . Chorus Not another word from you! Bartolo But, listen to us. . .

Act II Il barbiere di Siviglia Dr. Bartolo, alone in his study Bartolo What a morning! That soldier -- who no one seems to know. I wonder. . . Ill wager Almaviva sent him to test Rosinas heart. Oh my! A person is not safe in his own house these days. But I. . . Who could that be? Ambrogio! Open the door. Enter Count disguised as Don Alonso, music master and assistant to Don Basilio Count Peace and joy be with you. Bartolo Thank you. Please come in. Count Peace and joy to you always. Bartolo You honor me. Count Peace and joy be with you. Bartolo Thank you so much. Count Peace and joy to you always. Bartolo You truly honor me. I have seen that face before. . . I can tell by that look on his face. . . I wish I could place him. Count Ive deceived the old blockhead.

Chorus Quiet! All of you! Now go about your business. This matter is finished! All My poor head beats like a hammer on an anvil. Ever louder, and never resting. Shouting -- Arguing Pounding unceasing in my ears. As twin hammers taking turns, striking my head like a blacksmith!

Bartolo But, that face -- that face! I cant remember where Ive seen it. Count My new disguise. . . Will work where the other failed. Peace and joy, joy and peace. Bartolo I heard you the first time! Count Peace and joy fill your heart. Bartolo Enough. Enough! Enough!! Please!!!

Enough! I heard you the first time! What a horrid day. . . Count He doesnt recognize me. Im in luck this time. Bartolo Its my fate to be tormented. Be brief. What do you want? Who are you? Count I am Don Alonso. Music professor and assistant to Don Basilio. Don Basilio is ill today, poor man, and sent me. . . Bartolo Ill? Ill go immediately to attend him. Count Wait. His illness is not so severe. Bartolo I dont trust this one. Alright then. Out with it. Count Whispering. But signore. Bartolo Dont speak so softly. Count Very well. As you wish. Yelling: If that is your attitude. . . I will go speak with Count Almaviva! Bartolo No, no. Speak as softly as you want. Count This morning, he was at his hotel, and I saw this letter from your pupil. Bartolo What is this? Her handwriting!

That we have her letter as proof that he is playing with her affections. . . Bartolo Aha! Start a rumor? You have learned well from Don Basilio. Yes. This is a good idea. I will go get Rosina. You will not find me ungrateful. Count Your servant, dear doctor. Aside: I fear that business with the letter was a mistake. But what else could I do? I can now reveal my plan to her. And if she consents, all will work out. Here she is. My heart dances at the mere sight of her. Bartolo Come, come, signorina. Don Alonso is here for your music lesson. Rosina recognizes Lindoro Whats wrong? Rosina Oh. A cramp in my foot. Count Come sit next to me, my child. If you wish, we will begin your lesson. Rosina It would be my great pleasure. Count What will you sing? Rosina Well. If acceptable. I will sing the rondo from the popular opera, The Useless Precaution. Count Brava. Let us begin, then.

Count Don Basilio was at the lawyers. .. And knows nothing of this. Since he is sick, Ive come to give Rosina her singing lesson. And to get into your good graces. Bartolo And how might you do that? Count If I can speak to the girl. . . I could suggest to her that her lover has been unfaithful,

Rosina What can contain the unconquerable light of love? Though well-armed, the tyrants cruel power shall fail to stop it. Love alone shall be victorious! Ah, Lindoro, my Lindoro. If you knew how I suffer, At the hands of this dog of a tutor. Ah, beloved. Have pity on me. Save me.

Count Be reassured, and dont be afraid. Fortune is our friend. Rosina Then, I can have hope? Count Your heart will soon rejoice! Rosina Sweet image of love, smiling, bringing new hope. You inflame my heart. Joy illumines my soul. Ah, beloved. Save me. You inflame my heart with the light of love. Ah, beloved. Save me. Count Beautiful singing. Bravissima! Rosina Oh. You are too kind. Bartolo Of course she has a lovely voice. But that aria -- so much noise! Now, when I was young the music was so much better. Yes. . . When Caffariello sang that glorious aria. Here, Don Alonso. Accompany me. Imitating a castrato When my love is near, my heart sings the name Rosina. Yes, I know. The aria says Giannina. But I changed it to Rosina. When my love is near, my heart sings the name Rosina. She brings new delight, as a brilliant minuet. Meanwhile, Figaro has entered and dances to Bartolos tune Very clever, signor Figaro!

Bartolo I dont want a shave today! Figaro No? What a clientele! I arrive this morning, and the house is in an uproar. I come back only to hear Not today! What do you take me for? I am an artist. Not a slave! Find someone else to do your bidding. I -- am leaving! Bartolo These artists. So temperamental. All right. Go in the next room and get the towels. No! Ill go myself. Figaro Ah. If I could get my hands on that key. Rosina. Which key opens the balcony window? Rosina The newest one on his key ring. Bartolo No. It would be a mistake to leave that devil of a barber here alone. You go and get the towels. But. Dont touch a thing! Figaro Of course not. (Victory!) Ill go and come right back. Count Thats the rogue who delivered Rosinas letter to the Count. He seems a rascal of the first order. Bartolo Yes. But Im more clever. Loud noise from the other room Ah! What is that? What an uproar! That clumsy oaf! I should have known better than to trust him. Going to the room to investigate.

Figaro Oh, it was nothing. I couldnt help myself. Bartolo Well then. Why are you here? Figaro What? Youve forgotten it is your day for a shave.

Count Figaro is a grand fellow. Now that were alone, tell me. Could you love a poor student like me? Truthfully. Rosina Oh, my Lindoro.

There is no other. Bartolo Everything in shambles. My dishes. Crystal wineglasses. My good serving bowl. Figaro Youre lucky its not worse. Fortunately I held on to the keys. . . And balanced myself against the wall. But that hallway is so dark. Bartolo No more, please. Can we begin now? Figaro Be careful. Bartolo Im ready. Enter Don Basilio Rosina What now? Don Basilio! Count Heaven help us! Figaro A new obstacle! Bartolo How is it youre here? Basilio I am here at your service, as always. Bartolo Could he have some news for me? Rosina What will become of us now?

has been arranged. Isnt that true? Bartolo Yes, yes. You did. Basilio But, Don Bartolo. I dont know what youre talking about. Count Hey, good doctor. Just a word, if you please. I must explain something in private. If he discovers our ruse with the letter, it could all fall apart. Rosina I fear well be discovered. Figaro Everything will be alright. Count To Bartolo Remember, Basilio knows nothing of the letter. Basilio Ah. Im certain something fishy is going on here. Bartolo To Don Alonso Yes. You are right. We must get him out of here. Don Basilio. You appear to be running a fever. And how dare you come here today to teach when youre still sick? Basilio A fever?

Count We will have to improvise. Count You cant tell? Youre pale as a corpse! Figaro And invent something new. Basilio Im pale as a corpse? Bartolo Don Basilio. Are you feeling better? Basilio Am I better? Figaro Another delay? Make up your mind! Will we ever get this shaving done? Bartolo Just a moment. Well. What news about the lawyer? Basilio The lawyer? Count I told the doctor that everything Figaro Your pulse -- Racing. Your skin -- Shivering. Good God, man. You have scarlet fever! Count Here is a purse of gold to help cure you. Its the best medicine. Take it before its too late. All Quickly. Off to a warm bed. Off you go! Home to bed!

Basilio A purse-full! And Im off to bed! Could life get any better? All Quickly. Quickly. Off to bed!

You and that barber! Im so angry I could explode! Out of this house with you! Figaro His head is spinning. But, calm down, dear doctor. All Exit Berta Poor old Bartolo. They are driving him crazy. But, its his fault this house is in such turmoil. Yes. Theres never a moments rest with such a disagreeable old miser. When old men look for a wife, and young girls want a husband, both suffer from the same affliction. Yes. They both have lost their minds. But what is this thing we call love? This disease that afflicts us all? It is a universal malady. A craze -- an itch - a tickle -- a torment! Poor Rosina. Even I know what its like. Yes. Even I have felt loves madness. And it makes me want to cry! Damned old age! You are despised by everyone who has been in love. Yes. We can all agree on that. Exit re-enter Bartolo and Basilio Bartolo Then you have no idea who Don Alonso is? Basilio None whatsoever. I am sure Almaviva sent him here. Bartolo What new plot are they hatching? Basilio I believe Alonso is the Count himself!

Basilio No more pleading! I may be sick, but Im not deaf! Figaro Youre getting worse by the minute. Basilio Well then. Off I go. All Good evening, Don Basilio. Quickly off to bed. Tomorrow youll be right as rain. Oh. This damned fool just wont leave!


Figaro And now, signor Don Bartolo. Bartolo All right. Im ready. Figaro ties an apron around his neck Tighter! Thats perfect! Count Rosina. Rosina. Listen carefully. Rosina Yes, my darling. What is it? Count At midnight I will come to rescue you. Now that we have the key to the balcony, our plan cant fail. Bartolo What is it now? Figaro Somethings in my eye.. . Can you see it? Dont touch it! Just blow on it, and it will come out. Rosina My soul awaits the stroke of midnight. With all my heart, I will wait for you, beloved. Count I must tell you about your letter. He was going to discover my disguise. . . Bartolo Overhearing Your disguise! Aha! Bravo Don Alonso. Now I have you! Scoundrel! Thief! Devil!

Bartolo The Count? Basilio Yes. His money spoke very clearly.

Bartolo In any event, go to the lawyer and arrange the wedding for tonight. Exit Basilio - Enter Rosina Oh, Rosina. I have news of your lover. Poor darling. You are so nave. Your Lindoro has been playing you for a fool. Here is the proof. Rosina Whats this? My letter to Lindoro. Bartolo Alonso and the barber cant be trusted. They are plotting to give you to their master. Count Almaviva! Rosina To Count Almaviva! Ah, Lindoro. How could you betray me? Ah, yes! I will show you that Im not some stupid plaything. Tell me, dear doctor. Do you still want to marry me? Bartolo I should say so! Rosina Very well. Yes, well be married. But first, listen. At midnight that fiend will be here with Figaro. Bartolo Ah! Villains. I will lock the doors. Rosina That wont work. They have the key to the balcony window. Bartolo Then I will not move from this spot. But, what if they have guns? My dear, now that youve come to your senses please follow my instructions. Lock yourself in your room, and I will go for the police. I will tell them that there are robbers in the house. Dear. You go to your room. I must be off now. Rosina How cruel fate can be.

Thunderstorm Figaro Climbing in the window from the balcony Finally, we are in! Count Figaro! What terrible weather. Figaro But, perfect to hide in the darkness. Hey! Wheres the lamp? Count I dont see Rosina. Enter Rosina Here she is. Ah, my beloved. Rosina Get away, you villain! I am here only to undo my shame. To show you that I cant be fooled by a worthless soul like yours. Count Im speechless. Figaro I dont get it. Count But, listen to me. . Rosina Silence! You pretended to love me Just to give me to your vile master, Count Almaviva! Count The Count! No, you are mistaken. Hear me, beloved. I am Almaviva. Not Lindoro. Rosina Ah! I could not have imagined such a joyous moment. I was not betrayed? Oh heavens. Blessed moment. Love shines on my life, bringing me immense joy. Figaro She is breathless with happiness. And filled with contentment. You see what my great talent can achieve! Count I could not imagine such a joyous moment. My darkness has turned to light.

Ah! All of lifes glory we shall discover together. Figaro He is breathless with joy. Love fills him with contentment. You see what my great talent can achieve! Rosina But, your lordship. Could you really want someone of my station? Count Ah, say no more, my love. Nevermore your lordship. But call me husband. Rosina Call you husband? What joy engulfs my heart. Count Are you happy? Rosina Beyond words. The sweet bond of marriage repays all my sorrows. Figaro Can we please hurry? Count The sweet bond of marriage repays all my sorrow. Figaro Quickly. Lets get out of here! Togeth. Love ends all our sorrows. Figaro Quickly. Lets be off! Hearing someone coming Ah! Damnation! Someones approaching the door! Count Someones at the door? Figaro Yes, my lord. All What shall we do now? Quickly. Quickly. Down the ladder, and away we go.

Figaro The ladder is gone! Count Who could have moved it? Figaro Someone tricked us! Count How disastrous! Figaro Quiet! Someones opening the door. Count My Rosina, have no fear. I will protect you. Don Basilio. But whos with him? Figaro Look. Its the lawyer. Excellent! Leave everything to me. My dear signore. As you recall, I summoned you this evening To sign the wedding contract between my niece and Count Almaviva. Here is the happy couple. Did you bring the contract? Bravissimo! Basilio Now, just a moment. Where is Don Bartolo? Count Hey Don Basilio! This ring is for you. Basilio But I. . . Count And also for you are two bullets in the head if you protest. Basilio I see. In that case, Ill take the ring. Who are the witnesses? Count You -- and Figaro. At last, she is mine! Rosina Oh, what joy. My heart belongs to you. Enter Bartolo with the police Bartolo No one move! Here they are.

Figaro Ah! A new dilemma! Figaro Youre looking well, dear doctor. Count What now? Bartolo Here are the thieves.

Arrest them at once! Captain Signore. Who are you? Count I am Count Almaviva, my good man. Bartolo It would seem I am the fool here. Figaro Yes, it would seem so. Bartolo To Basilio You traitor! You witnessed this contract! Basilio Ah, Don Bartolo. The Counts pocketbook was very, very persuasive. Bartolo And stupid me moved the ladder to stop this whole affair. Rosina That is what is called All The Useless Precaution.

Figaro And now, dear friends, the footlights go dark, as our work comes to an end. All Love will reign eternally in our hearts.

Rosina My soul sings at this happy moment. All Love will reign eternally in our hearts.

Count I will always remember the humble Lindoro, who brought me her love. All Love will reign eternally in our hearts. End