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TITLE OF THE PROJECT: A study of Marketing Strategies, Distribution Channel and Buying Behavior in Rajasthan for Automotive Batteries industry . NAME AND DESIGNATION OF THE ORGANIZATION GUIDE: Sanjeev Srivastava , Area Sales Manager (Rajasthan) ,Tata Auto Comp GY Batteries Ltd. NAME AND DESIGNATION OF THE ACADEMIC GUIDE: Arpit Deora, Technical Advisor (Applications), Hilti India Pvt. Ltd.


1.1INDUSTRY PROFILE The Indian Automotive Battery Sector is approximately 30,000 crores in 2012 out of which around 18,000 crores is Organized sector and approx. 12000 crores unorganized sector with an estimated growth of approximately 20 %.The Battery market is divided in OEM market and Replacement market. The OEM market 30% is catered by major Brands like Exide,Amara Raja, Tata Green and Amco batteries. The replacement market shared equally by both organized and unorganized sector. 1.2 COMPANY PROFILE TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Ltd. (TGY) is a joint venture between TATA AutoComp Systems Ltd, India's leading auto component group and GS Yuasa International (GYIN), Japan, one of the world's largest automotive battery manufacturers. GS Yuasa International (GYIN) is the world leader in Two Wheeler batteries and Asia's number one in Four Wheeler batteries. TATA Green Batteries, by their sheer design and use of state-of-the-art technology are built to deliver highest performance for all kinds of vehicles (Bikes, Three-wheelers, Cars, UV's, Trucks and Tractors) and inverters, while being 90% recyclable.

2. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Objective To compare strategies and working methods of different brands in order to develop an effective Plan of Action to increase sale of TaTa Green Batteries.



Marketing Strategy - Marketing consists of all those activities designed to create exchanges which satisfy human or organizational needs or wants in a way that brings profit for the firm. It performs the task of both identifying and satisfying customer needs. This helps business enterprises in anticipating customer demand and creating satisfied customers through conception, production, promotion and physical distribution of goods and services. Marketing strategy: Marketing strategy should be based on: 1. Increasing awareness about brand TaTa Green Batteries. 2. Competitors marketing strategy. 3. Planned activities: the following factors should be discussed in this section 1)More and more activities should be planned to increase mass visibility. 2)How can distributor further expands promotional programmes at its own.

2.2. WHY IS THIS PROBLEM SIGNIFICANT / NEED FOR THE STUDY In todays Scenerio many new companies are entering in Battery market with lots of different schemes and approaches and unorganized sector is also going big in rajasthan and Tata Green batteries is trying to create its niche in rajasthan so with this study ,a more suitable approach may be implemented . 2.3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY There are two main Market Research Methodologies ,namely 1)Quantitative Research Method - generally used for exploratory purposes ,small number of respondents ,not generalizable to the whole population, statistical significance and confidence not calculated

2)Qualitative research method - generally used to draw conclusions, tests a specific hypothesis uses random sampling techniques so as to infer from the sample to the population, involves a large number of respondents. Here We will be using both these techniques to some extent so as bridge the gap between buyer and seller approach.

Tools and Techniques mainly used will be, Questionnaire Survey In-Person Interview Delphi Technique Experimentation Experiment by developing local schemes at Distributors end and collecting dealers and customers response about these schemes.

4. EXPECTED RESULTS OF THE STUDY: It is expected that this study will give a deep insight into buying behavior both in organized and unorganized sectors which can further be used in more appropriate strategy making. 5. LITERATURE REVIEW / RELATED RESEARCH OUTCOMES Author-Amol ritesh toppo (2012) Main Outcomes are: Provide good after sales service. Educate people about brand by organizing service and awareness camps. More advertisement in TV,Newspaper,FM etc.

Try to create demand in masses ,if people will ask for a brand, dealer have to sell it. 6. WORK DONE:The following can be mentioned under work done. This section is to specify the work done till date. visits to the company 10 times list of functionaries met Mr. Mohit Arha(Territory Sales Manager),Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava (Area Sales Manager),Mr. Santosh Tripathi (Service Head,Rajasthan), documents received from company Companies presentation , Price lists , Promotional Activities Schedule etc. field visits 25 times

7. BOOKS, SITES, JOURNALS, MAGAZINES REFERRED: Online Resources: Tata Green Batteries Company Website Available Slideshare Project Report on battery industry by Mr. Hari Prabhakar Available