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1. W HAT IS THE PURPOSE OF CONTROL ? E XPLAIN WITH HELP OF SUITABLE EXAMPLE FROM THE GARMENT INDUSTRY . Control systems in project management measure progress versus the plan and then, through an adjustment, correct any observed deviations. The steering mechanism in a car, when connected to your eyes is a control system. The eyes and brain assess the current trajectory of the car and compare it to the desired trajectory and by adjusting the steering wheel; we alter the progress of the car. Project controls are the data gathering, data management and analytical processes used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program; through the communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision making. EXAMPLE: When an order is to be processed in a garment industry the time, cost and risks should be managed in an efficient manner. The order can be considered a project in the garment industry and time, cost and risks are factors that are needed to be controlled. Project controls professionals work with the team and other stakeholders to plan the optimum way of accomplishing the work, so that the order is processed within the time frame, they also measure the actual performance of the team against the agreed plan and use this data to recommend future actions and predict outcomes. 2. D ESCRIBE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MOTIVATION AND CONTROL . H OW THE MOTIVATION

The relationship between motivation and control is that control is very important for the success of the project; to achieve control project teams performance should be up to the mark and for that the employees should be motivated to do their work. The behaviour of an employee is influenced by the environment in which they find themselves. When the project manager is motivated and has a positive attitude towards his work he will project his motivation and positivity on to his team, thus encouraging them to work more efficiently. When the project manager himself is not motivated to do his work how can he expect the project team to be motivated to do work.

3. T AKING THE BASE OF A CYBERNETIC CONTROL SYSTEM DEVISE A PLAN FOR N IFT K ANGRA FOR IMPROVING ITS INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES AVAILABLE IN THE CAMPUS . G IVE RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS AFTER EVALUATING THE PRESENT SCENARIO , LOOK FOR PROBLEMS AND GAPS AND THEN SUGGEST . A cybernetic control system can be used in Nift Kangra library to track the issuing of library books by students. The books in the Nift library are issued manually where the library in charge maintains a register in which all records are maintained but this can be improved with the help of a cybernetic control system


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