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Compare Visual Studio 2013 Editions

See how the various Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 editions compare for development capabilities or by specific feature. MS Visual Studio 2013 Capabilities Visual Studio editions are tailored to specific team needs and sizes, as well as the roles of individual team members. Find the one that's right for you. Visual Studio Categories and capabilities 2013 with MSDN Work in the same IDE to create solutions for the web, desktop, cloud, server, and phone Take your apps to the cloud, Windows and Windows Phone Stores with included services as subscription benefits Get access to Microsoft platforms and tools past and present, with new releases added all the time, including Visual Studio Get access to Microsoft platforms and tools past and present, with new releases added all the time Organize and define your test plans with test case management and exploratory testing Provision and manage virtual lab environments for testing with consistent configurations Improve code quality with a peer code review workflow within Visual Studio Improve developer productivity Visual Studio 2013 with MSDN

Visual Studio 2013 Test Professional with MSDN

Visual Studio 2013 Professional with MSDN

Visual Studio Online Professional

Ultimate Premium

when multitasking with task suspend and resume Automate user interface tests to validate application UI Find and manage duplicate code in your code base to improve your architecture Determine how much code is being tested with code coverage analysis Reliably capture and reproduce bugs found during manual and exploratory testing to eliminate "no repro" bugs Collect and analyse runtime diagnostic data from production systems Perform web performance and load testing Design architectural layer diagrams to then validate that code implements the architecture Maximum number of users on a Visual Studio Online account Host team projects on-premises or in the cloud Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10

Cloud only

Application Lifecycle Management

The following table shows how Microsoft tools can be used throughout the application lifecycle.

Application Lifecycle
Source code management (TFVC or Git) Build

Visual Studio Visual Studio Visual Studio Visual Studio Test Professional 2013 Premium 2013 Ultimate 2013 Professional 2013



Collaborate (work item tracking and Agile planning tools) (2) Architecture, modeling, and design Diagnostic tools Deploy/Lab Management Notes
1. 2. Microsoft Test Manager, a separate Team Foundation client, lets you manage and execute test cases and create and manage physical or virtual environments. It installs with select Visual Studio editions. Access to select tools and features, such as Agile portfolio management and test management from TWA requires Full access.