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Military Institute of science and technology Semester final Level-4 Subject: Air Field Procedure Section - A Total Mark:

105 Each question caries 02 mark except question number 53.Question number 53 caries 01 mark. I TE! "TI# "$ !EQ%I!EME T& ' I("#: 1.The la)s or re*ulations as )ell as the "ir)orthiness "uthorit+,s interpretations othe la)s -or the sa-e -l+in* o- the aircra-t constitute: a) Civil Airworthiness Legislation b) Civil air law c) Civil air Statutory Instruments d) Civil Aviation Rules 2.The /International (on.ention -or the !e*ulation o- "ir a.i*ation0 1I(" or the 2aris (on.ention3 )as hel4 in 2aris to pro.i4e -or certain minimum stan4ar4s o- sa-et+ on 13 #ctober: a) 1929 b) 1919 c) 1939 d) 19 2 3. Each (ontractin* &tate is un4er obli*ation o- re-lectin* the a4opte4 &tan4ar4 in its o)n national : a) law b) statutes c) both the above are correct d) none 5. The member countr+ o- I("# is calle4: a) Country o! origin" b) Contracting state" c) #ember" d) $ellow country" 5. The 6ea4 Quarter o- I("# is in: a) Lima" b) #e%ico city& #e%ico c) #ontreal& Canada" d) 'aris& $rance" ("!77785 9. ("! : 85 )ere publishe4 in suppression o- the "ircra-t !ules: a) 1(( b) 1(() c) 19*+ d) 19* ;. !ule73 o- ("!,85: a) S,eci!ies that the Chairman may ,ublish A-." b) /m,owers the Chairman to administer the rules" c) .utline the licensing re0uirements !or the maintenance ,ersonnel" d) .utline the $ees 1 Charges re0uired !or CAA2 ,ublications" 8. /"ppropriate person0 in relation to an+ maintenance o- 1ci.il3 aircra-t means:

a) A Certi!icate o! A,,roval holder or a ,erson wor3ing under such a holder b) An Authori4ed ,erson" c) A#/ License holder" d) All o! the above are correct" <. "n aircra-t operatin* )holl+ )ithin =an*la4esh is not require4 to carr+: a) Certi!icate o! Airworthiness" b) Certi!icate o! Registration" c) $light #anual" d) License in res,ect o! radio e0ui,ment" 10. The *rantin* ' extension o- "ME license issue4 b+ (""= is: a) 5he con!ormity o! ICA. Anne%6I" b) Issued in ,ursuance o! Rule639 1 'art6I o! CAR7()" c) 8iven as ,er A-. 'art 9:" d) All o! the above" 11. Me4ical -itness -or "ME license application is lai4 4o)n in ("! > 85 !ule:7 a) 1 ;2) b) 2 c) 1 ;1) d) 1 12. #n the basis o- aircra-t operation sur.e+in* -unction comes un4er: a) Commercial air trans,ort o,eration b) Aerial wor3 o,eration c) 8eneral Aviation o,eration d) Cargo $lt o,eration" 13. ?hich part o- ("!785 4eals )ith "ir)orthiness !equirements@ a) 'art 9 <III b) 'art 9 <II c) 'art 9 I= d) -one 15. The re*istration mark o- a =an*la4esh aircra-t is: a) S2 b) a grou, o! three letters c) Assigned during manu!acture o! aircra!t d) a& b& c all are correct" 15. The carria*e o- passen*ers or car*o -or hire or re)ar4 to or -rom an+ place: but )hich are not con4ucte4 in accor4ance )ith -ixe4 sche4ules o- aircra-t operations to an4 -rom -ixe4 terminal are kno)n as:7 a) 'rivate o,eration b) Aerial wor3 c) Charter o,eration d) none o! the above is correct" 19. The operatin* proce4ure an4 limitation o- aircra-t is a.ailable in the: a) $light manual b) #aintenance #anual c) Aircra!t log boo3 d) Crew manual " # 1;. E--ecti.e 4ate o- ". .# an4 subsequent re.ision o- ". .# shall come into -orce -rom the: a) date o! issue shown thereon b) date o! distribution c) Last day o! the month o! issue d) 1st day o! the ne%t month o! issue

18. MaAor assemble o- a complete aircra-t: en*ine an4 propeller is calle4: a) A,,liances b) Com,onents c) 'arts d) 2oth a 1 b are correct 1<. =asic "ir)orthiness 4esi*n stan4ar4 in respect o- aircra-ts: en*ines an4 propellers are > a) $AR b) /ASA c) >5S. d) both a and b are correct 20. (ountr+* air)orthiness responsibilit+ -or the 4esi*n is calle4: a) Country o! origin b) Contracting state c) #ember state d) ICA. member 21. Bor aircra-t: en*ines or propellers* more than one basis o- certi-ication: the stan4ar4 a4opte4 b+ the: a) /%,orting country b) Contracting state c) Country o! origin d) Country o! manu!acture 22. The .ali4it+ o- a ( o- " shall be perio4: a) o! one year b) As s,eci!ied by the chairman c) not e%ceed one year d) 2oth b and c are correct 23. The ( o- " shall be 4eeme4 to be suspen4e4 )hen: a) the holder o! the certi!icate has given !alse in!ormation !or the ,ur,ose o! obtaining the certi!icate b) an aircra!t su!!ers damage and does not have a valid maintenance release c) the C o! R has been cancelled d) the chairman thin3s the aircra!t is not sa!e 25. ?here an aircra-t has been a4equatel+ inspecte4 )ithin the prece4in* 30 4a+s: the require4 sur.e+ inspection ma+ be )ai.e4 )hen: a) issuing the C o! A b) validating the C o! A c) Renewing the C o! A d) all the above are correct 25. ?hich application -orm is -or rene)al o- ( o- ": a) CA6 2 b) CA6 2* c) CA6 2?C d) A@S6 1( 29. ?hich airborne ra4ar beacon transpon4er pro.i4es tra--ic a4.isories an4 resolution a4.isories in .ertical plane@ a) AACAS IA b) AACAS IIA c) AACAS IIIA d) 2oth a and c are correct 2;. ?ho is responsible to aments: ) an amen4ment to I("# "nnex are issue4 an4 necessitates re.ision o- an+ " #Cs@ a) Chairman CAA2 b) :$SR A/L: c) :e,uty director A/L:

d) 2oth a and b are correct 28. The certi-icate o- re*istration is cancelle4 )hen: a) the aircra!t has been destroyed or ,ermanently withdrawn !rom service" b) C o! A has not been renewed c) C o! A has not been renewed !or two successive years d) both ;a) and ;c) are correct 2<. (erti-icate o- Bitness -or Bli*ht shall remain .ali4 -or: a) * months !rom the date o! ins,ection b) ? days !rom the date o! ins,ection c) ? days !rom the date o! ins,ection and shall be stated on the certi!icate d) 2 years !rom destroy or withdrawn !light 30. "ll aircra-t operate4 un4er "#( issue4 b+ the chairman shall compl+ )ith the noise stan4ar4s: a) ICA. Anne% 61*& <olume 1 b) $ARB >AR 'art 3* c) $AA B CAA d) /ither a or b is correct 31. Dali4it+ o- noise certi-icate is: a) Cnless sus,ended or cancelled b) .ne year c) as s,eci!ied by the chairman d) both a and c are correct 32. Bor aircra-t a44ress allocate4 b+ I("# comprise the national i4enti-ication co4e as: a) !irst 12 bits o! the address code out o! 2) bits b) last 12 bits o! the address code out o! 2) bits c) no code !or the state is allotted" d) none 33. Eroup > I aircra-t inclu4es all: a) ,ressuri4ed aero ,lane with a #a%imum total weight Authori4ed ;#5@A) o! less than ?++ 3gs" b) un,ressuri4ed aero ,lane c) un,ressuri4ed aero ,lane with a #5@A o! ?++3gs and less" d) ,ressuri4ed aero ,lane 35. The number $3F!1 a*ainst a particular subAect in the s+llabi i- "ME license examination in4icate4 the kno)le4*e requirement o-: a) :etailed 3nowledge !or L@5R and general 3nowledge o! 5y,e Rating" b) 8eneral 3nowledge !or L@5R and detailed 3nowledge o! ty,e Rating c) 'rinci,le o! o,eration !or L@5R general 3nowledge !or ty,e Rating d) :etail 3nowledge re0uired !or L@5R on cat61 Air!rame 35. " license )ithout T+pe !atin* 1$?T!3: a) Das certi!ication ,rivilege o! C o! C only b) Das no certi!ication ,rivilege c) remains valid !or one year only d) Das certi!ication ,rivilege !or minor wor3s 39. " hol4er o- a t+pe rate4 "ME license issue4 b+ (""= can issue the -ollo)in* certi-icates: a) !or !oreign registered aircra!t b) C o! C& #R" 1 C$$ c) C o! C only d) #R only" 3;. "ME examination s+llabus is prescribe4 in: a) A-. 9 :3 b) A-. 9 : c) A-. 9 2 d) 2CAR section6E

6%M" 2E!B#!M" (E ' $IMIT"TI# & 38. ?hich o- the -ollo)in* components come un4er so-t)are@ a) 5he manuals& machineries& engineers and !light crews" b) social climate& cabin crews& aircra!ts etc" c) ins,ection ,rocedures& the manuals& rules etc" d) machineries& engineers and !light crews" 3<. The attributes o- human -actor inclu4e: a) human ,hysiology b) wor3 ,lace design c) human6machine inter!ace d) all the above are correct 50. " stu4+ )as carrie4 out 1<89: in the %&" about the <3 aFc acci4ents: in )hich the maintenance errors )ere: a) 12 F b) 21 F c) 9 F d) 13 F 51. The 4ominant role pla+e4 b+ human per-ormance in aircra-t acci4ents is: a) ?+ F b) 12 F c) 33 F d) 2* F 52. The acci4ent* "loha -li*ht in "pril 1<88 in.ol.e4: a) A loss o! oil ,ressure on both engines" b) 5he le!t windscreen was blown out under the e!!ects o! cabin ,ressure" c) 3+ !eet o! the u,,er cabin structure suddenly being ri,,ed away in !light due to structure !ailure" d) 1( !eet o! the u,,er cabin structure suddenly being ri,,ed away in6!light due to structure !ailure" 53. I- )e can break Aust one link o- the error chain: the acci4ent: a) will ha,,en b) may have been ,revented c) does not ha,,en d) both b 1 c are correct ?" G#ur,hy7s lawH can be regarded as the notionI a) GI! something can go wrong& it willH b) GI! it can ha,,en& one day it willH c) GIt will never ha,,en to meH d) both a and b are correct 55. ?hich part o- the e+e is responsible -or bet)een ;0G an4 80G o- the total -ocusin* abilit+@ a) Lris b) 'u,il c) Cornia d) Lens 55. ?hich part o- the e+e controls the amount o- li*ht that is enterin* the e+e@ a) Lens b) 'u,il c) Retina d" Iris 59. The -unction o- (ones isF are: a) Ca,able o! detecting !ine detail and colour sensitive b) good at detecting movement in the edge o! the visual !ield" c) Sensitive at lower light levels"

d) all the above are correct 5;. (oncentration o- mental e--ort on sensor+ or metal e.ent is calle4: a) ,erce,tion" b) arousal c) attention d) both b and c are correct 58. Bor .isual acuit+ the -i*ure 20F50 means that: a) the observer can read !rom 2+ !t and a normal man can read !rom )+ !t b) the observer can read !rom )+ !t and normal man can read !rom 2+!t c) the observer can read !rom 2+ !t with a ,owered glass and normal man can read at )+ !t" d the observer can read !rom 2+ !t with a ,owered glass and normal man can read at 2+ !t" 5<. The accommo4ation is kno)n as: a) the change o! sha,e o! the lens b) varying the si4e o! the ,u,il c) adJusting the si4e o! the iris d) varying the si4e o! the cornea 50. ?hich muscles help to protect the ear -rom soun4s abo.e 80 4= re4ucin* the noise le.el b+ up to 20 4=@ a) .ssicles b) /ardrum c) Acoustic or aural re!le% d) Cochlea d) all the above are correct 51. The color 4e-ecti.e .ision a--ects about. a) +" F o! men and ( F o! women b) ( F o! men and +" F o! women c) F o! women and ( F o! men 52. "ction not carrie4 out as inten4e4 or planne4: can be thou*ht as: a" #ista3e b" La,ses c" Sli,s d" /rror 53. Mistake occurs at the: a" 5as3 e%ecution stage b" Storage ;memory) stage c" 'lanning stage d" 5as3 ending stage

7777E H7777

Militar+ Institute o- science an4 technolo*+ &emester -inal $e.el75 &ubAect: "ir Biel4 2roce4ure &ubAect co4e751; &ection 7 2 Total Mark: 105

"ns)er an+ three questions. 1Mark is sho)n a*ainst each question3 1" a) @hat do you understand by Airworthy and Airworthiness LegislationK 1 b) @hen and where Chicago convention was signedK Dow many articles are there in the convention and relating to whatK 1+ c) Dow many ,arts and rule are there in the CAR7() K Dow A-.s are arrangedK 1+ 2" a)@hat are the categories o! A#/ license Chairman CAA2 may grantK 1+ b) @hat do you understand by du,licate ins,ection and airworthiness directiveK 1 c) @hat are the obJective and obligations o! human ,er!ormance and limitationsK 1+ 3" a) @hat do you understand by !erry !light and e%,lain the di!!erent ty,es o! !erry !light K 1 b) @hat are the mandatory and ,ermissive clauses !or the ,ur,ose o! A-.sK -ame the di!!erent ,arts o! the A-.s" 1+ c) @hat is service bulletin and e%,lain di!!erent ty,es o! S2K 1+ )" a) @hat are the re0uirements to issue a C o! R and @hat are the reasons to cancel or sus,end a certi!icate o! airworthiness K 1 b) @hat are the re0uirements to a,,ly !or L@5RK 1 c) /%,lain about I&6E$, model 6666/-:6666