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Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 Issue

Let the crazy writer within you escape!

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Literary Lunes Magazine copyright 2012 Beth Ann Masarik & Literary Lunes Publications. All rights reserve ! inclu ing the right to repro uce this book! or portions thereo"! in any "or# $ithout $ritten per#ission e%cept "or the use o" brie" &uotations e#bo ie in critical articles an revie$s. 'or in"or#ation about reprinting! istributing! or other$ise sharing the contents o" this book! please contact Beth Ann Masarik at 'irst e ition! March(April 2012 )riginally publishe in paperback an e*book by Literary Lunes Publications +nterior e ite by Beth Ann Masarik ,over esign by Beth Ann Masarik -#ash$or s . ition Literary Lunes Magazine $$$ Literary Lunes Publications $$$


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Table of ontents Letter from the !ditor "y "eth Ann Masari# alendar of !$ents "y "eth Ann Masari# Argh% &'m a (irate% "y "eth Ann Masari# )ust *onsense "y ! +tilson The +,ord of +enac# "y ! +tilson "log Tours "y "eth Ann Masari# &ncomplete "y )amie -anzer -igits .f Lo$e "y April A$alon The /unt for Lo$e "y !rin -anzer 0ascal Matthe, 1ilson "ehind the +cenes ,ith 2ristin ast "y "eth Ann Masari# "ehind the +cenes3 An inter$ie, ,ith 2ristal Mc2errington onducted by Tony Angelo "ehind the +cenes ,ith +te$e -aniels onducted by Tony Angelo "ehind the +cenes ,ith )oseph 0indaldo onducted by Tony Angelo "ehind the +cenes ,ith Allison "runing iii

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 onducted by Tony Angelo "ehind the +cenes ,ith 4erald *eal onducted by Tony Angelo +i5 +entence Madness "y "eth Ann Masari# 1ac#y 1riters "y "eth Ann Masari# There 6ou /a$e &t% My .pinion "y3 ambria /ebert Luney 0e$ie,s "y "eth Ann Masari# A,esome "loggers The +taff Affiliates


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 Letter from the !ditor -ear 0eaders7 Than# you $ery much for do,nloading and or purchasing this issue of Literary Lunes Magazine. This is a $ery special issue7 because ,e are featuring an e5clusi$e inter$ie, ,ith /ouse of *ight author7 2ristin ast. &n the inter$ie,7 ,e as#ed her many 8uestions7 including ,hat her reaction ,as ,hen she and ( ast ,ere offered a mo$ie deal for this lo$ely 6oung Adult/9antasy series. +he and her agent ,ere :oys to ,or# ,ith7 and & ,ish them both luc# ,ith all of their future publications. 1e also ha$e a $ery heart;,arming and touching article titled )ust *onsense7 that ,as submitted to me by a business associate. 1hen & read through the article7 it had me crying at the $ery end. 1e also ha$e se$eral other e5citing features in this :am;pac#ed issue of Literary Lunes. 9or those ,ho don't #no,7 ,e changed ,ebser$ers for the ,,, ,ebsite7 and & am in the process of setting it up still. There are ne, email addresses7 and submission guidelines7 so please ma#e sure you chec# out the ne, ,ebsite and clic# that subscribe button% & ha$e also made a ne, ,ebsite for our publishing house and purchased the domain for that. The publishing house is officially called ,,, The ,ebsite is also being set up still7 but & ,ould li#e you all to please subscribe to it for the latest updates regarding re$ie,s7 submissions and all that :azz% & hope to open up submissions to full;length manuscripts come sometime in 201<. .nce & get e$erything legalized7 & ,ill be accepting manuscripts relating to 6oung Adult fiction7 and possibly children's boo#s. (lease #eep any eye out for announcements regarding that. .ne last note7 & ha$e some ne, boo# re$ie,ers on my team7 and they ,ill be re$ie,ing for the magazine starting in the May/)une issue of Literary Lunes. This is a full issue7 so & don't ,ant to ta#e up too much of your time% & hope you en:oy it7 and as al,ays7 re$ie,s and feedbac# of our issues are ,elcome and encouraged% +incerely7 Beth Ann Masarik

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

'uture issues $ill be release on May 5th. /ea line "or sub#issions "or May is April 21st. 0he the#es "or May1s issue are2 the en o" $inter(or beginning o" spring. March also has -t. Patrick1s /ay an April has April 'ool1s ay. 0he "ollo$ing issue $ill be release on July 7. /ea line "or sub#issions "or 3uly! is June 20th. 0he 0he#es "or 3uly1s issue are2 4eteran1s /ay! Me#orial /ay! Mother1s /ay! 'ather1s /ay! -u##er! an +n epen ence /ay. 0he ne%t issue $ill be release on September 8th. /ea line "or sub#issions "or -epte#ber! is August 20th. 0he the#es "or -epte#ber are -u##er an Labor /ay. 0he ne%t issue $ill be release on November 10th. 5or there about.6 Please re#e#ber that )ctober is #y $e ing #onth! an + $ill nee e%tra help an patience "ro# everyone "ro# -epte#ber*7ove#ber. + a# getting #arrie on )ctober 18th! an $ill be on #y honey#oon right a"ter that. 0he ea line "or sub#issions "or 7ove#ber! is O tober 27th. 0he the#es are ,olu#bus /ay! 9allo$een! 'all! an $e ings: 7ove#ber $ill be the last issue o" 2012. + a# going to nee 7ove#ber an /ece#ber to get accli#ate into #y ne$ li"e as a $i"e o" a soon to be $on er"ul husban : 0he ne%t issue a"ter 7ove#ber! $on1t co#e out until 3anuary o" 201;. + $ill post the the#es "or 201; in 7ove#ber1s an 3anuary1s issues.

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Argh% &'m a (irate% "y "eth Ann Masari# 1ith the rise of the e;boo# industry7 boo# pirating has unfortunately become significantly more common. & can't tell you ho, often & see =my boo#'s been pirated7> or =they stole my boo#%> on T,itter and 9aceboo#. &t brea#s my heart e$ery time & see something li#e that. /o, can someone be so heartless and steal from another? -oesn't the boo# pirate realize that they are not only infringing copyright la,s7 but also stealing money from the author and publisher? "ecause of your selfish reasons7 (irate7 you are robbing people of their hard;earned money. ".. 6.@7 (&0AT!% ".. 6.@% +o7 ho, can you protect yourself against pirating? 9or starters7 you should ma#e sure to ha$e either an attorney or an agent to bac# you up. & #no, that not e$eryone can afford attorney's7 but7 if you can7 they are ,orth the money. &f you can't afford either7 here is ,hat you can do3 0egister ,ith a ,ebsite called opyscape. & find them to be A!06 helpful7 and they also pro$ide helpful tips on ho, to fight against plagiarism. Their ,ebsite is ,,, & ha$e used them before7 and & can attest to ho, great this ,ebsite is. & ha$e also found another ,ebsite ,hich seems decent called +earch !ngine 0eports. Their ,ebsite is http3// The bottom line is that there are so many places out there that can help you fight against plagiarism. (lagiarism and (irating is a crime7 and ,hile it should be banned7 it is $ery difficult to stop completely. As long as you copyright your ,or#7 and act 8uic#ly7 you too can fight against the e$il pirates out there%


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

)ust *onsense% "y ! +tilson A note from Beth Ann Masarik: As soon as my good friend and publishing associate, Jennifer came to me with this and asked me to include this heart-warming article into this months issue, I found it impossible to say no I mean, how could I after I had read this! "his article had me in tears by the end of it because of how touching it is It is so nice to hear about people doing good deeds for others out of the kindness of their hearts #ithout further ado, I would like to introduce you to ! +tilson and Melynda $leury Melynda from razy 1orld lost her eyesight. 1eBre $ery good friends and her loss bro#e my heart. &f you donBt #no, ,hat &Bm tal#ing about7 please go here3 This may be goodbye for now +heBs gone legally blind in ".T/ eyes7 had surgery after surgery7 gotten depressed7 the list goes on. To top things off7 a fe, ,ee#s ago7 Melynda lost her house. Then7 Meaghan Cher daughterD almost died from a cyst that attached itself to an artery and lea#ed% *o, this. Melynda is ob$iously sad about losing her dri$erBs license and independence. +he 1&LL con8uer this and diabetes7 thoughE sheBs a sur$i$or. /er strength and resol$e astound me. &Bll ne$er forget ,hen someone tried brea#ing into my house. Melynda stayed up all night guarding my house from across the street. +he couldnBt see7 but still said sheBd B,atchB A*- listen. & laughed thin#ing she ,as :o#ing7 but come to find out7 she ,as serious. That ,oman stayed in her dri$e,ay ready to fight Lucifer if she had to. & as#ed her about it later. F1hy did you stay up? & #no, you couldnBt see.F F+o ,hat if & couldnBt see them% T/!6 could see me. & canBt imagine someone trying to brea# in7 ,hen someone else seems to be sitting there ,atching.F ThatBs :ust Mel7 classy and brilliant all the time. Any time & ,as sic#7 sheBd ma#e me food. & s,ear &Bd sneeze and sheBd ma#e me a lasagna. +neezing led to a good time% The point is7 sheBs really been there for me;;and sheBs epic;;but right no, itBs my turn to be there for her% Months ago & begged her to find her fa$orite blog posts she ,rote last year. 1e put a boo# together7 planned on editing it. & created a co$er and formatted it. /ereBs ,hat ,e came up ,ith3 &t ,as getting closer7 but her eyesight ,ent do,nhill fast after that and she ne$er got to really F+!!F her boo#. &nstead of her boo# getting published7 Melynda forgot about it and thought another dream :ust shattered. So, why am I here, telling you this sad story? Because it has a happy ending!

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 MelyndaBs first boo# has been released%%% And :ust bet,een the internet and me . . . & thin# sheBs pretty thrilled ,ith the surprise. )oshua Cfrom%i&e le 'erdD7 9ishduc#y Cthe goddess of a,esomenessD and & edited MelyndaBs boo#. 1eB$e surprised her ,ith it7 but the e5citement doesnBt stop there. 6ou can buy her ,or# onAmazon7 for #indle7 and on+mash,ords% Than#s to all of your support and generosity7 MelyndaBs boo#7 F)ust *onsenseF made it to the Hth best;selling boo# for family humor on Amazon last ,ee#end% +he made some money to buy supplies she needs. "ut more than that7 her boo# is spreading li#e ,ild fire;;so many people lo$e it. &snBt it amazing ho, helping someone can bring so much :oy7 so much peace?% 1e started this hoping to cheer her up and no, sheBs a best seller. The battle isnBt o$er and sheBs still trying to learn ho, to li$e life ,ithout her sight7 but sheBs getting there and &Bm so proud to call her my friend. (lease chec# out F)ust *onsense.F +he can still use all the support she can get. & hope youBll lo$e her boo# as much as & do.

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 *e, "oo# 0elease3 The +,ord of +enac# "y ! +tilson Aliya 9isher #no,s nothing about her true heritage until a $indicti$e sorceress #idnaps her brother and sister. The young ad$enturer must ta#e up her birthright7 battle strange creatures7 and find the +,ord of +enac# if she hopes to best the ,itch. "ut e$en if Aliya finds the famed ,eapon and sur$i$es the perilous oceanic :ourney7 the enchantress is far more than she appears. /o, does one defeat an immortal ,ho lusts for re$enge? 0e$ie,s of betas +tilson has created a cast of characters ,hose ad$entures #ept this reader eagerly turning the pages to disco$er ,hoBs ,ho among the e$ery shifting denizens ,ho inhabit her $i$idly realized under,ater ,orld. I-ee0eady Author of A at's Life3 -ulcy's +tory The +,ord of +enac# is a boo# & ,ould highly recommend to anyone ,ho lo$es reading. The colorful imagery7 and brilliant storyline7 pull one in faster than (ercy )ac#son and the Lightening Thief. ! +tilson truly has a gift for painting pictures ,ith her ,ords. The characters are endearing7 and rambunctious7 and ha$e you on the edge of your seat7 ,ondering if you ,ill end up frantic at their failures or cheering for their $ictories. This boo# is truly a ,or# of art. IMelynda 9leury Author of the best selling boo# )ust *onsense 9or more info about ! +tilson7 please $isit ec,

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

urrent "log Tours Literary Lunes is participating in The ne5t couple of pages are dedicated to some of the blog tours that Literary Lunes is participating in throughout the month of March. The 0hyn Trilogy Tour by Lizzy 9ord. Lizzy 9ord is a hyper; prolific author7 ,ho has sold o$er G07000 boo#s both nationally and internationally. & ha$e gotten to #no,n Lizzy through some mutual friends7 and & can not ,ait to read her boo#s% This is one tour 6.@ -. *.T 1A*T T. M&++% +he is gi$ing a,ay lots of goodies7 and the tour runs throughout the month of March. 9or more information about Lizzy7 her boo#s7 and her tour7 please $isit her ,ebsite at http3//,,,.guerrilla, +he is the author of the 0hyn Triology and the 4od of 1ar triology7 and se$eral other young adult fantasy boo#s. /ere is a little bit about Lizzy 9ord's 0hyn Triology3 2atie thin#s she's going crazy ,hen a baby immortal and death's personal assistant appear at her doorstep. +he's dra,n into a ,orld filled ,ith immortals li#e 0hyn7 an outcast half;breed ,ho claims her as his mate in a sho, of defiance to his brothers. 0hyn rescues her from /ell and disco$ers his little human has the gift of immortal immunity that ,ill help his brothers protect the immortal and mortal ,orlds. "ut 0hyn must #eep her ali$e from good and bad immortals determined to use her and her gift of immortal immunity to their ad$antage7 and 2atie must find a ,ay to trust the outcast of the immortal ,orld. Three ,ee#s after lea$ing 0hyn7 2atie learns the &mmortals ha$e no intention of letting her go despite her deal ,ith their leader. 0hyn disco$ers he can only protect her if he accepts his place among the &mmortals. /o,e$er7 doing so may cost him the only thing that matters. Mean,hile7 demons are closing in7 and -eath orders 2atie #illed. -eathBs assassin and the demons pursue them7 and 2atie ,ill ha$e to choose bet,een -eath or /ell to sa$e 0hyn from both.

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 Literary Lunes is also participating in the "lind +ight blog tour that is also happening during March. &t is a ne, series7 by t,o up and coming debut authors named !rmilia and !liabeth. & am in the process of reading their boo#s7 and you can e5pect re$ie,s on them for our tour stop on March 20th. 9or more information on the tour and a list of tour stops7 please $isit their ,ebsite at http3//ermiliablog., About the boo#s3 "lind +ight3 Through the !yes of Leocardo 0eyes Author3 !rmisenda Al$arez A blind girl dra,ing is abnormal e$en on the magical island of !daion ,here lea$es brush themsel$es into piles in the middle of the night. As an immigrant7 Leocardo is not biased by accepted rules of magic and determines that .dette's dra,ings are premonitions. Aniela gre, up ,ith magic and #no,s premonitions are impossible. +he determines .dette is a medium channeling $oiceless spirits. &n this $olume3 +natched out of their life in +pain7 Leocardo and his blind sister .dette find themsel$es on an island ,ith no recollection of the trip. After foiled attempts to escape7 .dette's strange beha$ior gets ,orse. !$en after learning the island has besto,ed magic upon them both7 Leocardo faces the possibility his sister is ha$ing a mental brea# do,n. )ust as he thin#s he is settled in7 :ob and romantic life stable7 .dette disappears. "lind +ight3 Through the !yes of Aniela -a,son Author3 !liabeth /a,thorne A blind girl dra,ing is abnormal e$en on the magical island of !daion ,here lea$es brush themsel$es into piles in the middle of the night. As an immigrant7 Leocardo is not biased by accepted rules of magic and determines that .dette's dra,ings are premonitions. Aniela gre, up ,ith magic and #no,s premonitions are impossible. +he determines .dette is a medium channeling $oiceless spirits. &n this $olume3 1hile Aniela tries to escape a lifestyle ,here obligations ta#e priority o$er friendships7 she befriends .dette7 a blind girl ,ith the ability to dra,. Almost immediately7 concerns and 8uestions arise as Aniela suspects that .dette's gift is far stronger than any seen before. &n the middle of family turmoil and a complicated romantic relationship ,ith .dette's brother7 Aniela faces the realization that helping her comatose friend means disobeying her mother7 something she has ne$er done before.

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Poetry Palooza
&ncomplete "y )amie -anzer & donBt feel complete & #no, that &Bm not ,hole +omeday & hope that & 1ill be bac# in control &Bm so lost right no, -onBt #no, ,here to enroll To begin the search 9ind bac# the pieces of my soul &nstead all & ha$e left &s a large lump of coal And a piece of my heart That he has stole -igits .f Lo$e "y April A$alon &Bd send you a dream in another e;mail And open my heart to attach7 "ut it ,ould be hard to e5plore and un$eil7 +ince digits and feelings donBt match. The digits of lo$e are a changeable thing 1ithout a permanent code7 /o,e$er7 the $i$id emotions they bring +till fill the hand,ritten plain note. My messages turned to a terrible mess7 @nfiltered7 they bury the truth7 &tBs hard to conceal7 and itBs hard to confess They all are mista#es of my youth. A loo# through the glass bac# to ,inter of fate 0eminds me of beautiful times 1hen magical digits from zero to eight Appeared as lo$e fi5ed in rhymes.

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

The /unt for Lo$e "y !rin -anzer 0onnie Lambert a,o#e to sunlight streaming through the ,hite lace curtains on her ,indo,. +he blin#ed and pushed pieces of her long blac# hair out of her face7 grateful she'd put most of it into a braid before going to bed last night. A glance at the cloc# on the bedside table told her it ,as :ust nine o'cloc#. +he settled bac# into the pillo,s and comforter only to shoot out of bed as she suddenly remembered ,hat today ,as. Aalentine's -ay. 4a$in had promised her a fun;filled day today. 4rinning broadly7 she 8uic#ly changed into a pair of :eans and a ,hite turtlenec# s,eater before heading do,nstairs to the #itchen. =4ood morning7 s,eetie7> her mom greeted her as 0onnie sat on a stool at the island counter. =4ood morning7> she replied. /er bro,n eyes ,idened ,hen her mom set a ,ooden tray ,ith a steaming plate of 9rench toast on it in front of her. A s8uare ,hite en$elope sat ne5t to the plate under the sil$er,are. +he glanced at her mom7 but the ,oman had turned bac# to the counter to pour another cup of coffee. urious7 0onnie grabbed the en$elope and ripped it open. +he pulled out a piece of hea$y ,hite paper folded in half and immediately recognize 4a$in's scra,l across the page ,hen she opened it. My (earest )onnie, I know this was supposed to be a fun-filled day we could spend together, but I cant be with you right away I&e been sent on a mission Im sorry I cant be with you for most of the day "o dispel some of your boredom, I&e de&ised a game, a sca&enger hunt that will ensure you still ha&e fun without me I will see you tonight I lo&e you* +,+, 0onnie turned the paper o$er7 loo#ing for the note that said this ,as a :o#e. Tears ,elled in her eyes. /e'd said they could spend the day together. 1hat ,as more important than seeing her on Aalentine's -ay? 1hat could Alina7 Nueen of 2alearnia and ruler of 4a$in's home planet7 ira7 possibly ha$e for him to do that ,as this important? +he #ne, there had been strife ,ithin the +piral for months no,7 but surely the 8ueen could ha$e spared 4a$in for one lousy day. +he blin#ed rapidly as her mom laid a hand on her shoulder. =/e ,anted to be here ,ith you7 0onnie7> her mom declared. 0onnie s,allo,ed hard as she nodded7 running a hand o$er her hair. +he really ,anted to belie$e that. =/e also ,anted me to gi$e you this7> her mom added7 holding out another en$elope. 0onnie s,iped her fingertips under her eyes to catch any errant tears7 sniffled once and then tore open the en$elope. 1ith a hea$y heart7 she too# out the paper and read her first clue. A great day starts with a great breakfast, so eat up -our mom made your fa&orite After you eat, rela. with a good book (ont forget the mocha latte*


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 0onnie thre, the clue on her tray and :umped to her feet. +he ran bac# to her room7 pulled out the blac# communicator she used to tal# to 4a$in ,hen he ,as a,ay on another planet and pushed the buttons to reach him. To her surprise7 his face appeared on the $ie, screen moments later. =Are you mad at me?> he immediately as#ed. 0onnie sniffed7 hoping he didn't see the tears trying to fill her eyes again. =*ot at youE &'m mad at Alina for ta#ing you a,ay from me today. 1here are you?> =1e're about to lea$e for Mystica. The &rradians are causing problems there again.> 0onnie shuddered. The &rradians ,ere goblins and gremlins from the planet7 &rradia. They ,ere nasty creatures. =May the gods be ,ith you and #eep you ,ell7> she told him7 remembering his nati$e phrase for Obe careful. /e grinned at her7 ma#ing her heart pound a little harder7 and she ,ished she could reach through the communicator and #iss him goodbye. =1ill & see you tonight?> she as#ed as someone told 4a$in it ,as time to go. =& promise7> he replied and the screen ,ent blac#. 0onnie sighed and slid off her bed7 putting the de$ice in her bac# poc#et. 1ith a hea$y heart7 0onnie returned to the #itchen to eat brea#fast. !$en though she didn't li#e the idea of spending the most romantic day of the year alone7 she #ne, 4a$in meant for her to ha$e a good time on this hunt. +o the hunt she ,ould do. =6ou're going to ha$e a lot of fun today7> her mom promised as 0onnie slid onto her seat once again. 0onnie forced a smile and nodded as she started to eat. +he really hoped her mom ,as right. .nce she finished eating7 0onnie ,ent bac# upstairs to brush her teeth and do something ,ith her hair. +he really ,anted a sho,er7 but her mom had told her not to ta#e one yet7 ma#ing her thin# 4a$in had big plans in store for her later. +he felt some,hat better about the situation by the time she returned to the #itchen to grab her ,inter coat and scarf and put on her boots. 1ith a 8uic# #iss on her mom's chee#7 0onnie set out to find herself a good boo#. &t had sno,ed o$ernight7 co$ering the small to,n of 1ind La#e7 1isconsin7 ,ith four inches of sno,. 0onnie playfully #ic#ed at the ,hite po,der7 giggling as she meandered do,n her street to,ards to,n. "y the time she reached The 0eading orner fifteen minutes later7 she ,as in a much better mood. +he paused :ust inside the door7 memories of all the times she'd come here to escape her life flooding her mind. Ta#ing a deep breath7 0onnie headed to,ards the Teen 0eads section and perused the selection for something she hadnBt read before. /alf an hour later7 0onnie came out of the section carrying half a dozen boo#s. +he set them at the cash register and headed to the cafP to get the mocha latte 4a$in had mentioned in his note. =Are you 0onnie?> the barista as#ed as soon as 0onnie ordered her drin#. 0onnie nodded and the girl handed her a ,hite en$elope before turning to the counter behind her to ma#e 0onnie's drin#. !5cited no, to see ,here 4a$in ,as sending her ne5t7 she eagerly opened the en$elope and pulled out the clue. /now angels are fun* 0o to the park and make one


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 The barista set her drin# in front of her and 0onnie than#ed the girl before turning a,ay to go pay for her boo#s. 1ith her bag of boo#s in her hands moments later7 she set out for the par# in the middle of to,n. 0onnie arri$ed at the par# and ,as surprised to find +ha,n Loc#hart7 one of her best friends7 ,aiting for her. +he grinned as soon as she recognized the sun;strea#ed blond ,a$es on top of his head and his bright blue s#i :ac#et. +ha,n turned as she approached and grinned bac# ,hen he sa, her. 0onnie's eyes ,idened ,hen she sa, the single red rose he held in his glo$ed hands. =Are you part of my surprise for the day?> she as#ed as she stopped in front of him7 her eyes ,andering to the rose. /e held it out to her. =/appy Aalentine's -ay7> he told her instead of ans,ering her 8uestion. +ha,n too# out his phone as she too# the rose from him and snapped a picture of her as she brought it to her nose to inhale its s,eet fragrance. +he ,atched his fingers mo$e on the #eypad of his phone7 curious about ,ho he ,as sending the picture to. A moment later7 he put his phone a,ay and lifted his head to sheepishly smile at her. =4a$in ,anted a picture7> +ha,n admitted7 his chee#s slightly pin#. /e reached into another poc#et and pulled out a ,hite en$elope. =/e also ,anted me to gi$e you this7 but not until you ma#e a sno, angel.> /is phone chimed ,ith a response from 4a$in as 0onnie handed him the rose7 her bag of boo#s and her latte. +he lay do,n in the po,dery sno, and mo$ed her arms up and do,n and her legs side to side7 creating her angel. +he giggled ,hen she ,as doneE she hadnBt made a sno, angel since she ,as a little #id. +he and Andi 4illespie7 her other best friend7 used to ma#e them all o$er her bac#yard. +till giggling7 she got up and made sure to put the halo o$er her angel's head before stepping bac# and admiring her ,or#. The communicator chimed from her bac# poc#et and 0onnie pulled it out before she could miss 4a$in's call. To her surprise7 his commanding officer's face appeared on the screen instead. =6ou're distracting my lieutenant7> 0ic# 4oodyear complained the moment 0onnie ans,ered his call. /is teal eyes narro,ed at the sight of her7 ma#ing 0onnie glare at him in response. =& ,ouldn't be a distraction if he ,as allo,ed to be here ,ith me7> she declared. 0ic#'s face reddened ,ith anger but she didn't care. +he ,anted e$eryone to #no, ho, upset she ,as. =/is duty first and foremost is to defend the +piral not play house ,ith you. 6ou'll do ,ell to remember that. *o, lea$e him alone. & ,ill allo, him to contact you ,hen the time is right.> The screen ,ent blac# before 0onnie could retort. +he gro,led as she sho$ed the de$ice into her bac# poc#et once more. This :ust suc#ed. And ha$ing to hear from 0ic# had not helped her mood anyE he ,as such a :er#% +he refused to admit he might be right7 that she ,as distracting 4a$in from doing his duty. =6ou o#ay?> +ha,n as#ed. 0onnie :umped at the sound of his $oiceE she'd forgotten he ,as still there. +he loo#ed up at him and nodded. =6eah7 &'ll be fine7> she told him7 forcing her $oice to be e$enE +ha,n ,asn't the one she ,as mad at.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 =Then maybe & should gi$e you this.> /e pulled a ,hite en$elope out of his poc#et and held it out to her. Their eyes met as 0onnie too# it from him and she suddenly felt a,#,ard as she gently opened the en$elope and e5tracted her ne5t clue. 1laying dress up is fun* 0o buy yourself something beautiful to wear tonight (ont forget to accessori2e* An image of the go,n she'd bought for /omecoming flitted through her mind and she pushed it aside. 4a$in ,anted her to buy something ne,. "esides7 she reminded herself7 she didn't ha$e access to that dress right no,. +he sighed and ,ondered ,hat "renda ,ould ha$e for her today as she refolded the clue and returned it to its en$elope7 ,hich she slipped into her bag of boo#s. =&'m going shopping7> she told +ha,n as she too# her items from him. +he couldn't resist another sniff of the rose and 8uic#ly put it to her nose. +he smiled as she inhaled. = an & ,al# you?> +ha,n offered. 0onnie grinned at him and too# his arm ,hen he offered it a moment later. The +hop +top ,as only a couple bloc#s from the par#. +ha,n left 0onnie at the door7 telling her to ha$e a great time and that he'd see her later before 8uic#ly ,al#ing off7 his hands stuffed deep into the poc#ets of his coat. 0onnie curiously ,atched him go7 ,ondering ,hy it seemed li#e he ,as running a,ay from her. A moment later7 she shoo# herself and ,al#ed into her second fa$orite store. "renda7 the o,ner7 greeted her from the chec#out counter at the bac# of the store. =4ood morning7> "renda said as she rounded the corner to come out on the floor ,ith 0onnie. 0onnie's eyes automatically scanned the ,all ,here "renda hung ne, merchandise. +he spotted a fe, things she li#ed and her feet started mo$ing in that direction only to be stopped by "renda's hand on her arm. =6ou can shop for yourself as soon as you find a dress for tonight7> "renda promised. =.#ay7 but can you pull out a fe, things from the ,all ,hile & loo# for a dress?> 0onnie as#ed. "renda grinned as she agreed. 0onnie pointed out ,hat had caught her eye and then turned to,ards the rac#s of formal go,ns in the bac# corner by the chec# out. Most of the dresses ,ere long and blac#7 something 0onnie #ne, she didn't ,ant. +he perused the colored dresses and gasped as she pulled out the perfect dress. &t ,as strapless ,ith a se8uined s,eetheart nec#line7 a satin rose on a sash around the middle7 and rhinestones on the tulle s#irt. And it ,as pin#7 ,hich ,ould loo# beautiful ,ith her tanned s#in. 0onnie loo#ed at the size and s8uealed ,hen she sa, it ,ould fitE it ,as the only one on the rac#. +he ran across the store to the fitting room "renda had already started for her7 her boots clun#ing on the hard,ood floor. 0onnie 8uic#ly changed into the dress and s8uealed ,hen she sa, herself in the mirror. A sudden flash made her spin around and her mouth fell open ,hen she sa, "renda ,ith a camera poised to ta#e another picture. = ome on7 pose for a pictureE it's for 4a$in7> "renda told her. That ,as all the persuasion 0onnie needed. +he grinned as she posed for multiple pictures7 absolutely in lo$e ,ith the ,ay her dress s,irled around her. +he loo#ed li#e a pin# cupca#e. 4iggling at the mental image of herself topped ,ith pin# frosting7 0onnie returned to the dressing room to try on the other things "renda had gathered for her.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 .$er an hour later7 0onnie had accessorized her dress7 bought three ne, outfits and ,as ready for her ne5t clue. .nce all of her items ,ere bagged and paid for7 "renda handed her the ,hite en$elope. All that shopping must ha&e made you hungry Meet an old friend at the hottest hangout in town 0onnie glanced at her bags as she tried to figure out ,here 4a$in ,anted her to go ne5t. /o, ,as she going to continue this hunt ,ith three bags to carry? "renda sa, her concerned loo# and offered a solution. =& can ha$e someone deli$er your bags to your house if you ,ant7> she told 0onnie. =That ,ould be perfect7> 0onnie agreed. /er brain still s,am ,ith the clue and she felt foolish for not being able to figure it out right a,ay. +he bit her lo,er lip and sighed. =1hat does it say?> "renda as#ed. 0onnie sho,ed her the clue. =1here's your fa$orite place to eat ,ith your friends?> 0onnie's eyes lit up as she figured it out and her chee#s ,armed ,ith double the embarrassment. *ot only should the "urger )oint ha$e been her first thought after reading the clue7 she couldn't help remembering the time she too# 4a$in there for lunch. "eing ne, to !arth7 he'd ne$er had a hamburger before that day. The memory made her s8uirm and she busied herself ,ith returning the clue to its en$elope so she ,ouldn't ha$e to loo# at "renda. =&'m off. Than#s for dropping off my bags7> 0onnie told "renda ,ith a grin and ,al#ed out of the store. &t too# ten minutes for 0onnie to ,al# to the "urger )oint. *er$ous butterflies attac#ed her stomach as she neared the popular hangout ,ondering ,ho she ,as eating ,ith. /er ner$ousness turned to e5citement ,hen she recognized a familiar petite blonde ,aiting outside the doors. Andi spotted 0onnie and ran do,n the bloc# to greet her ,ith a tight hug. = ome on7 & already ha$e a table for us7> Andi told 0onnie ,hen she stepped bac#. =/o, did you manage that?> 0onnie as#ed as Andi too# her arm and led her inside. They ,ound their ,ay through the red 9ormica tables and red $inyl booths filled ,ith families and #ids they #ne, from school to a booth in the corner. 0onnie gasped ,hen she sa, another red rose lying on top of a ,hite en$elope. =.h7 Andi7 you shouldn't ha$e7> 0onnie teased as they both sat do,n. Andi giggled. =They're from 4a$in7> Andi told her. 0onnie beamed as she sniffed the rose and then set it aside to open the en$elope7 ,ondering ,hy her ne5t clue ,as coming before she'd e$en eatenE all the other clues had come at the end of her pre$ious tas#s. +he pulled out the ,hite paper and her heart sped up as her eyes too# in 4a$in's familiar ,riting. &t ,asn't a clue. My (earest )onnie, I hope you are en3oying your day -our tasks are more fun than what I am doing right now4 I can promise you that -ou are halfway through your tasks ,nly a few more hours until we can be together I cant wait to see you I lo&e you +,+,


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 0onnie sighed as she read the short letter again. Tears misted her eyes as she folded it up and returned it to its en$elope. +he glanced at Andi and noticed her te5ting someone. Andi loo#ed up and her chee#s pin#ed ,hen she sa, she'd been caught. =&'m telling him you cried7> she admitted. 0onnie gasped7 ,iping her eyes as she shoo# her head. =-on't tell him thatE he'll thin# he made a mista#e7> 0onnie argued. Andi's phone chimed ,ith a reply and 0onnie reached across the table to snatch it out of her friend's hand. "ell her I understand /hes beautiful e&en when she cries 0onnie sniffled as she handed the phone bac# to Andi. +he couldn't belie$e he'd had time to recei$e the message let alone respond to it considering ,hat he ,as doing right no,. Andi read the message and typed something bac# to 4a$in before putting her phone a,ay7 gi$ing 0onnie another moment to collect herself. =Are you ha$ing fun today?> Andi as#ed as a ,aiter came to their table carrying a tray laden do,n ,ith food. 0onnie mo$ed her rose as he set a plate ,ith a hamburger and fries in front of her. Andi got the same7 they both got glasses of diet cola and the ,aiter left their table. 0onnie considered the 8uestion for a moment before responding. =&'m ,orried about him7> she admitted 8uietly. =/e's battling gremlins and goblins from &rradia and they aren't #no,n for fighting fair. &'m afraid something ,ill happen and he ,on't be able to come bac# to me tonight.> Andi reached across the table to hold 0onnie's hand7 sympathy in her blue eyes. =/e ,ill come bac# to you. /e ,ouldn't ha$e orchestrated this ,hole day for you if he ,asn't sure he ,ouldn't be ,ith you tonight7> Andi reassured her. 0onnie nodded7 blin#ing more tears out of her eyes. +he reached up to s,ipe them a,ay and too# a 8uic# drin# of her soda7 forcing herself to calm do,n. =& #no,7> she agreed. =+o7 other than being ,ithout my boyfriend on the most romantic day of the yearE yes7 & am ha$ing fun today.> Andi beamed at her. =4ood. Let's eat.> 0onnie and Andi spent an hour tal#ing and laughing ,hile they ate. 9inally7 Andi pulled out the en$elope that contained the clue and 0onnie eagerly tore it open. A picture is worth 5,666 words "his one is worth about 7 hours =The mo$iesE really?> 0onnie as#ed7 a little disappointed to be going to see a mo$ie alone. /er shoulders slumped as she returned the clue to its en$elope. =6ep7 and ,e're going to be late if ,e don't get going soon. The mo$ie starts at 123<H7> Andi told her. 0onnie's head snapped up and she grinned at her best friend. =6ou get to come ,ith me?> =&t ,ouldn't be as much fun if you had to go by yourself.> Andi's phone chimed again and she too# it out to read the message. +he grinned as she typed something bac# to the messenger and then loo#ed up at 0onnie. =+ha,n's already there and bought the tic#ets. Let's get going.> =+ha,n's coming7 too?> Andi nodded and grabbed 0onnie's hand to pull her out of the restaurant. 1hen 0onnie as#ed about paying for their meal7 Andi told her 4a$in had already ta#en care of it.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 Amazed at ho, much 4a$in had already done for her today7 0onnie happily speed; ,al#ed ,ith Andi to the to,n's only mo$ie theatre. Andi thre, herself into +ha,n's arms once they reached their destination. 0onnie loo#ed a,ay as they #issed7 once again ,ishing 4a$in ,as there to #iss7 too. =+o7 ,hat are ,e seeing?> 0onnie as#ed the other t,o as the three of them ,al#ed into the theatre. =%alentines (ay7> +ha,n told her. 0onnie rolled her eyes7 not sure she ,anted to see the romantic comedy if she had to endure her t,o best friends being all lo$ey;do$ey for t,o hours. The communicator in 0onnie's bac# poc#et beeped as they ,ere about to step into the theatre to find seats. 0onnie stepped bac# and pulled it out7 eagerly ans,ering it ,hen she sa, 4a$in's name flashing on the screen. 4rinning broadly7 she stepped into a shado,ed alco$e and ans,ered his call. =/i. /o, are things going?> she as#ed eagerly. /is face ,as co$ered ,ith blac# soot and a tric#le of blood trailed do,n his chee# from a cut near his right eye. "ehind him7 she could see plumes of blac# smo#e rising into the blue s#y. /e grinned at her7 his teeth blindingly ,hite in his dirty face. =4ood. 1e're going bac# to 2alearnia soon. Then ,e :ust ha$e to debrief7 &'ll get cleaned up andI> A loud e5plosion sounded behind 4a$in7 cutting off ,hate$er he ,as going to say ne5t. 0onnie screamed his name as the screen on the communicator ,ent blac#. 9rantically7 she dialed the numbers to call him bac# but nothing happenedE his communicator ,as dead. Tears streamed do,n her face as strong arms closed around her. +he lifted her head and sobbed ,hen she found +ha,n holding her. =1hat happened?> Andi as#ed as 0onnie's communicator suddenly sounded again. +he hit the buttons ,ithout loo#ing at the call screen7 praying it ,as 4a$in to e5plain ,hat :ust happened. &nstead7 it ,as his oldest sister7 .sirah. 0onnie s,iped her hands o$er her eyes7 clearing a,ay the tears as she cho#ed bac# her sobs. =1hat happened?> 0onnie cho#ed out at .sirah7 focusing on the girl's blue ,ings and blonde hair to distract herself from the fatal thoughts running through her head. =-ad said there ,as a snea# attac#. That's all he could say before his communicator cut out7> .sirah reported. 0onnie shuddered. =&'m sure e$erything's going to be o#ay. -id you hear from 4a$in?> 0onnie nodded7 tears coursing do,n her chee#s once again. =/e ,as tal#ing to me ,hen the blast hitE it loo#ed li#e he ,as right in front of it.> A sha#y breath left her lungs. Andi began rubbing her bac#. =My god7 .sirah7 ,hat are ,e going to do?> =1e ,aitE there's nothing else ,e can do right no,. & ,ill call you as soon as & #no, something.> =1hat am & supposed to do? /o, can & :ust ,ait?> 1as this ,hat she had to loo# for,ard to for the rest of her life ,ith 4a$in? Al,ays ,orrying he ,as hurt Q or ,orse? =&t's ,hat ,e do.> 0onnie ,anted to reach through the comm screen and sha#e .sirah. /o, could she be so calm about this? 0onnie ,anted to scream and rage7 though she #ne, it ,ouldn't do any goodE it ,ouldn't help 4a$in battling ,hate$er had attac#ed them on Mystica. +he too# a deep breath and sha#ily let it out7 forcing herself to calm do,n. "eing this upset ,ouldn't help herself either. 1J

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 =.#ay7> she finally said to .sirah. =& ha$e to go7 but & promise to call if something happens.> =.#ay. Than# you.> 0onnie said goodbye and the screen ,ent blac# once more. 1ith another sha#y breath7 she turned into Andi's arms and let herself be held as silent sobs rac#ed her body. 1hy did this ha$e to happen today? =-o you ,ant to go home?> +ha,n as#ed. 0onnie nodded against Andi's shoulder. +he sniffled and stepped bac#7 ,iping her fingers under her eyes to clear a,ay her tears. +ha,n and Andi ,al#ed 0onnie home. /er mom as#ed ,hat had happened the moment 0onnie ,al#ed in and all 0onnie could say ,as that 4a$in might not be able to ma#e their date that night. +he despondently said goodbye to her t,o best friends and trudged up to her bedroom. /er eyes fell on her bags from The +hop +top and tears ,elled in her eyes once againE the last thing she ,anted right no, ,as to be reminded of all the fun she'd had before 4a$in had been attac#ed. *o, all she ,anted ,as to #no, he ,as o#ay. 0onnie spent the ne5t couple hours lying listlessly on her bed. +he occasionally tried calling 4a$in's communicator7 but he ne$er ans,ered. "y four7 she ,as pacing her room7 going out of her mind ,ith ,orry. 1hy ,asn't he ans,ering? 1hat had happened to him? The 8uestions s,irled in her mind until she thought she ,ould go crazy. +he must ha$e dozed off because the ne5t thing 0onnie #ne,7 her mom ,as gently sha#ing her a,ay. 0onnie blin#ed up at her mom7 curious about ,hy she ,as being ,o#en until she heard the doorbell ring. /er heart leapt into her throat as 0onnie :umped out of bed and tore do,n the stairs to ans,er the door. +he thre, the door open and nearly cried out loud ,hen all she found ,as a large ,hite bo5 on the doorstep. 9ro,ning7 she pic#ed it up and closed the door once she ,as bac# inside. /er eyes fell on a s8uare ,hite en$elope and she halfheartedly opened it. A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth ,hen she recognized 4a$in's hand,riting. -oull need this tonight I cant wait to see you +,+, 0onnie dropped the bo5 and ,hipped the door open once more7 loo#ing around for 4a$inE surely he must ha$e :ust dropped this at her door. Tears pric#ed her eyes ,hen she didn't see him or anyone near her house and she closed the door once more. =1ho ,as that?> her mom as#ed as she ,al#ed into the foyer. 0onnie bent do,n to pic# up the bo5 and open it. =+omeone dropped this off7> she said to her mom as she carefully lifted the lid off the top of the bo5. +he blin#ed at all the ,hite fluff she found inside. /er mom gasped and 0onnie did the same as she ran her hands o$er the soft fur and pulled it out. +he ,rapped the full length fur coat around her shoulders7 s8uealing as the satin lining brushed against her body. &t ,as the most e5tra$agant coat she'd e$er seen. +he couldn't belie$e 4a$in had gotten it for her. T,irling once more7 0onnie grinned at her mom as she came to a stop. +he stuffed her hands in the deep poc#ets and her heart sped up ,hen her fingers found a folded piece of paper. urious7 she pulled it out and opened it up. -our carriage awaits Meet me outside


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 0onnie's eyes had barely read the t,o short lines ,hen the doorbell rang again. +he grinned at her mom for a split second before turning to the door and pulling it open once more. +he ran onto the porch and s#idded to a stop at the edge of the front steps7 her mouth hanging open at the sight before her. 4a$in stood at the bottom of the steps ,earing a blac# tu5edo7 his hand lifted to help her do,n to him. /is dar# eyes crin#led in the corners as he smiled up at her. 0onnie stared at him for a moment7 unable to belie$e he ,as finally here and a,ed by the gorgeous sight of himE that tu5 fit his lean muscled physi8ue perfectly. =& ,as so ,orried about you%> she e5claimed and :umped do,n the stairs7 #no,ing he ,ould catch her. /is strong arms embraced her as her lips sought his. They #issed hungrily7 0onnie's hands tangling in 4a$in's blac# hair as his hands held her tightly against him. =&'$e missed you so much today7> she breathed ,hen they finally parted. =1hat happened? /o, did you get here? & ,as :ust out here t,o seconds ago and there ,as no oneInothing.> /er ,ords left her mouth so fast she ,asn't sure he understood e$erything she said. /er hands roamed his body ,hile her eyes searched his face7 loo#ing for any damage from the snea# attac# on Mystica. 1hen she found nothing7 she thre, her arms around him once again. =Than# god you're o#ay7> she murmured and reached up to chastely #iss his lips. A horse suddenly nic#ered and stomped behind them. 0onnie turned to see ,here the horse could be and gasped ,hen she sa, the ma:estic bro,n horse and gilded ,hite carriage ne5t to them. +he couldn't belie$e she hadnBt seen this first as she disengaged from 4a$in's embrace and ,ent to inspect the carriage further. +he rubbed a hand o$er the horse's bac#side as she loo#ed inside the carriage. &t ,as lined in plush burgundy $el$et ,ith a bench seat across the bac#. A bou8uet of roses and a ,ic#er picnic bas#et sat on the seat. The horse's reins reached as far bac# as the seat as ,ell. +he grinned as 4a$in came up behind her and ,ound his arms around her ,aist. =6ou're not e$en dressed yet7> he murmured against her hair. /is ,arm breath brushed against her nec#7 sending delicious shi$ers do,n her bac#. =& ,as a little preoccupied ,ith your safety to thin# about getting dressed up7> she pointed out as she turned around in his embrace. =4o get dressed no,E ,e'll spend the rest of the night together.> A bright smile stretched across her face. =4i$e me fi$e minutes. 6ou're going to lo$e ,hat & pic#ed out.> =& lo$e e$erything you pic# out7> he called after her as 0onnie dashed bac# inside and raced up to her bedroom to change into her ne, dress. 9ifteen minutes later7 0onnie returned ,earing the ,hite fur coat o$er her ne, pin# strapless go,n. +he'd brushed her hair out and then rebraided it7 ,inding the braid around her head and pinning it in place. +il$er and rhinestone sandals ,ere on her feet. =After you7 princess7> 4a$in said ,ith a flourish7 s,eeping his hand out to help her up as he opened the carriage door. 0onnie giggled as she too# his hand and stepped up to sit on the plush $el$et seat. +he scooted all the ,ay o$er7 ,rapping her coat around herself as 4a$in scooted in ne5t to her.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 =+o7 despite all the ,orrying you did about me today7 ho, ,as your day?> he as#ed as he slapped the reins against the horse's rump to get it mo$ing. 0onnie ,ound her arms around 4a$in's ,aist and laid her head on his shoulder. =-espite being sic# ,ith ,orry7 &'d ha$e to say this has been the best Aalentine's -ay e$er.> +he lifted her head and #issed his chee# as he ,rapped an arm around her ,aist7 pulling her closer. =4ood7 because for you and me7 this is :ust the beginning.>


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 0ascal Matthe, 1ilson Athens, 0reece 0ichard "ec#erman #ne, his holiday ,as o$er ,hen lea$ing the theatre ,ith the girl on his arm his smile dropped li#e the final curtain on the comedy as he spied his boss. /e ,as the #ind of guy ,ho ,ouldn't let himself stand out of a cro,d7 be noticed if he didnRt ,ant something. Lighting a cigarette7 he ,al#ed do,n an alley ,ay as if totally una,are of his e5istence7 0ichard groaned7 his plans for tonight on hold as he led the girl to a ta5i. F-a$id7 ,hat's ,rong?F F+orry honey7F he :abbed t,o notes to the dri$er through the rolled do,n ,indo, in the oppressi$e dus# heat and ,ished the ground ,ould s,allo, him up. +he had been so beautiful7 no, she ,ould be another's. F+orry7 Alice & don't feel so good7 must be something & ate7 donRt ,orry7 :ust go bac# to the hotel. &Rll pop by later.F FTa#e the lady home7F he slipped the dri$er a bo5 of matches gi$en free at the des# ,ith the hotels address on. F0ichard7 & donRt understand...F and she ne$er ,ould as the ta5i sped off7 disappeared round the bend. /e ,ould ne$er see her again. +ourly7 he dug his hands in his dinner :ac#et and ,aiting till the coast ,as clear ,as s,allo,ed into the dar# pee smelling alley till a hand on his shoulder stopped him dead by trash cans stin#ing of yesterday's lefto$ers. F ongratulations7 you ruined my date7 so you follo,ed me half ,ay across the ,orld7 & guess your phone ,asnRt ,or#ingF 0ichard ,inced as his boss ble, a blue decorati$e smo#e ring7 F areful7 boy. 6our still on my pay roll7 & ,as :ust in the area and ,anted to say hello.F +tomach #notted heRd spo#en rashly7 0ichard apologized li#e a scolded child7 unable to meet the eyes of a man he regarded as a father7 a teacher. And if he stepped out of line7 the death of him. F/elloF he stopped himself from adding a hopeful goodbyeE he bet other agents had more than forty eight hours $acation at one time7 man it suc#ed being popular. F/o, are you li#ing your $acation7 0ichard?F F&Rll let you #no, ,hen it's o$er.F .din hissed through his teeth sympathetically as if deli$ering bad ne,s7 F&Rm afraid it :ust did7 as you can gather & didn't come here for an idol chat or see your fascinating photo album.F .f course his name ,asnRt .din7 it ,as code for the .ld *orse 4od ,hoRd sold his eye so his remaining had the magic to see all across the #ingdom7 there ,as no tric# he missed. 0ichard held himself straight7 the tension still unbearable but he listened respectfully as the scars on his bac# had taught him. -in ,as someone ,ho only told you things once7 F+o & gathered. 1hat's the problem?F


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 .din spat out the first cigarette and lit a ne, one7 starting o$er clean he said7 =A daughter of a friend has had her eyes on a la,yer for some months no,7 ,eR$e #no,n the man to be a double agent and ha$e fed him useless information since the start7 a nice little bonus she gets her ,onder man and ,anton affair from an other,ise drab life and ,e lea# ,orthless &ntel to the right sources. *o, the dizzy dame seems to ha$e gro,n a taste for ad$enture and a trusted friend concerned for her safety told us she's planning to elope ,ith him7 & ,ant you to inter$eneF 0ichard ,as still four lines bac#7 FThatRs rubbish...F F+oldier%F .din and 0ichard #ne, heRd spo#en out of place. =That's not a re8uest. & ,as at her christeningE & ,onRt see this pun# ta#e her a,ay and abandon or #ill her ,hen she becomes of no use to him.F F&tRs not a mission.... sir7 it's a fa$or to a friend7 ,eRre not supposed to do those7 do the e5penses come out on agency papersF he laughed briefly. Trying to ma#e .din realize the absurdity of it7 =&f the agency find out youRll lose your pension7 theyRll put you a,ay for t,enty yearsF .din ,atched him a ,hile7 ho, he didn't ha$e cancer by his fourth fag7 0ichard didn't #no,. F&f they #no, about it.F 0ichard pic#ed some dust off his cuff. F)ust ,hen & thought youRd $isited because you couldn't stand to be ,ithout meF =6eah7 that tooF F-o & still get paid usual?F F+o long as she doesn't suffer.F F/o, do you ,ant this done7 hard or easy?F F-escribe the hardF F& beat se$en bells out her boyfriend7 a little eye gouging to #eep him a,ay7 then tell her...F F*o%F the horror on .din's face made 0ichard step bac# as if a Lions cage s,ung open7 re$ealing the beast7 F+he must ne$er #no,% &t ,ould destroy her. +he might #ill herself if she disco$ers the betrayal7 the double only using her for &ntel7 you must use that irritating 8uality you call charisma and steal her from him7 & ha$e no use for traitors7 dispose of the agent fittinglyF 0ichard felt an odd $ibe of lightning crac#le through him as .din pressed the appropriate photo in his hands ,ith instructions on the bac# to destroy it after burning it to memory. F& donRt ha$e to...F .din ,a$ed the idea off. F*o7 :ust ma#e her fall head o$er heels for you7 ta#e her out7 sho, her the sights7 and then let her do,n gently. After a ,ee# or so7 youRll find her on a ship called the 0ascal doc#ed in the harbor. Tomorro, at nineSso youRd best hurryE there are many miles bet,een here and there. +ee that the ship meets an accident. &Rm sure that any ne5t;of;#in ,ill be grateful for the compensation. (ersonally7 if she ,as my girl7 & ,ouldn't trust you ; ,ith her life7 or $irginity.F F.rders from her father?F 0ichard ,ondered ,ho ,as that high up the chain of command needing a fa$or. F/e as#ed for you personally7 considered you the best7 though & donRt see it7F he found this the height of humor. /e hadn't laughed since losing his .din eye and daughter. 0ichard sighed o$er dar# times7 FLoo#7 about +ophie...F


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 .din turned and 8uic#ly ,al#ed a,ay7 F& don't ,ant to hear about it7 complete your ob:ecti$e don't fail me7 & ha$e a train to catch.F F!n:oy your trip7F 0ichard called7 but at the speed .din ,al#ed doubted heRd heard7 F&Rm sorryF he mumbled to no one7 folding the picture of his ne5t lo$er into his poc#et7 breathed deep the less fragrant air of a ,ide Athens street7 hailed a cab handed o$er the address and a fifty dollar tip if the dri$er got him there by night fall7 and slept. /e needed the energy. The e5;racing ta5i dri$er got him there ,ith time to spare. +ome,here a seagull ,ith a gammy leg lost to the fisherman's net s8ua,#ed7 hungry at fish flying in the shallo,s beneath the morning sun foggy o$er the polluted Mediterranean ,aters. 0ichard felt li#e a fool ,ith the map slung round his nec# li#e a lost boy scout7 chee#s shallo,7 eyes dar# from a sleepless night to gi$e a pathetic fumbling appearance. /e happened upon the schooner ,hich ,as tied belo, the pier :ust as the runa,ay's ne, boyfriend climbed ashore for final pro$isions. The sea side store ,as far enough a,ay to gi$e him at least fi$e minutes7 if he played it right7 that's all he ,ould need. /e straightened his glasses too large for such a fine face and coughed as if struc# by passi$e smo#e. F!5cuse me miss7 & thin# &Rm lost7F he tinged the fine 9rench accent to each ,ord7 hea$ier on the last to get the point across he ,as far from home and embarrassed by that. 1omen lo$ed that #ind of $ulnerability. The brunette ,hose picture 0ichard thought did no :ustice gasped ,ith a hand to her heart as if caught in the coo#ie :ar about to #eel o$er. +he caught her breath and laughed at his comical appearance7 a #ind girl she 8uic#ly co$ered it ,ith a cough so as not to insult him. =9orgi$e me you startled me7 & thought you ,ere;F she stopped and started again7 Fho, can & help?F The boat boasting /M+ 0ascal in proud scra,ling blue in# on her small butt7 round and cute as the captains7 0ichard noted ,ith gro,ing interest7 rising and falling se$eral feet on choppy ,aters he dropped to a #nee apologetically li#e heRd dropped a contact and pointed to the map. F& am ho, you say lost7 can you tell me ,here is the nearest hotel?F +he smiled s,eetly7 al,ays ready to help7 F& donRt #no, ho, you ended up here but its bac# the ,ay you came7 first on the left7 a big old house you can't miss it.F F& am so clumsy7 you cannot sho, me yourself?F F.h7 &Rm terribly sorry but you see &Rm ,aiting for my boyfriend heRll be bac# any moment.F F6ou ; you ha$e a boyfriend? .h madam7 you brea# my heart. 6ou are such a pretty creatureS could you please sho, me? & promise not to be more than fi$e minutes.F /e too# off his large glasses and seemed 8uite useless ,ith his cross eyes. *o attac#er7 a good person ,ouldnRt trust him to cross the road by himself. The girl loo#ed around7 though by her red chee#s 0ichard #ne, it ,as not fear of being alone ,ith this madman but ner$es he should return and find them alone together7 she laughed softly at his foolishness7 F& don't #no,7 &;F F&f your boyfriend lo$es you surely7 he ,ill he ,ait7 no?F A good argument7 she reached up a hand and he pulled her ashore ,ith relish. 22

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 F+o long as it is fi$e minutes7 has anyone e$er told you your cute ,ithout glasses?F 0ichard found a smile easy in her company7 starting to li#e this mission more as she hoo#ed an arm through his leading the ,ay bac# so he didn't fall under a car as they headed for the road7 FMaybe & start ,earing the contact lenses7 yes?F F& don't thin# ,eR$e been introduce7 my names !mily 0obespeare.F 0ichard caught the laugh in his throat before it spreadE he #ne, the surname ,ell7 so did half the shades in the house of commons. +o that's ,ho ordered it7 good man heRd ob$iously had good taste in choosing him. 0ichard felt a sudden mad rage any man could use such a trusting creature7 self;loathing a familiar state of mind it deepened ,hen he realized he ,as doing that himself. /e slapped himself7 harder than the act needed7 feigning forgetfulness7 =.h no & forgot my map7 & left it by your boatF This did not trouble herE she ,as still smiling7 ta#en by his a,#,ardness. F*o problem7 & ,onRt be a moment.F 4ently he dre, her bac# ,ith his arm7 =*o7 & shant let such a delicate creature suffer for my mista#e7 please to ,ait hereF 0ichard ran7 and found heRd timed it right as !mily ,as safely out of $ie,. T,o bloc#s bac#7 he let his shado, fall across the stunned man7 zipping his fly as he came out the portable toilet. F1here the;?F /e loo#ed upE bloc#ing the sun ,ith one hand he noticed his sole audience ,ith disdain. =1hat you loo#ing at7 9renchyF? 0ichard ga$e a little 4aelic bo,7 F9orgi$e me7 you are 0ic#7 yes?F The agent studied him carefully7 FAnd if & am?F 0ichard leapt do,n into the boat7 =& ha$e message from !milyF he thre, his hands up noticing the map heRd dropped on the dec#7 =Ah7 there it is7 naughty thing. &Rm al,ays running li#e a dog off a leash yes7 honestly7 &Rd lose my head if it ,as not attachedF The agents hand tensed on the pistol in his poc#et7 noticeably younger then 0ichard he li#ed to #ill7 despite his boasting he had only t,o #ills to his credit7 but that ,as so easily changeable. FA message from !mily? 4i$e it to me.F .bligingly7 0ichards hand ,hipped up ,ith the map7 the blade inside punched up under 0ic#s chin gushing blood do,n his blac# :umper before 0ichard tugged it deeper7 t,isted. /e loo#ed round to ma#e sure curious passer;buy's ,ould only notice t,o friends hugging bye before one ,ent out on the blac# seas7 maybe ne$er to return. 0ichard ,iped the #nife clean on the corpses clothes. F6our dumped.F +ure7 they ,ere 8uite aloneE he casually tipped him o$er the side as if a discarded pac#et of smo#es. 0ichard leaned o$er the side7 ,ashed his hands in the cold ,aters staining red and thro,ing the fare,ell memento7 a beeping remote o$er his shoulder7 clattering to the bottom of the hold. 0ichard ran before the girl got cold7 he apologized to her7 al,ays hated #eeping a lady ,aiting. FA bite to eat maybe?F +ome,here in the distance7 a terrific e5plosion roc#ed the bay. F1hat ,as that?F !mily loo#ed round as if the first bombs of 1orld 1ar Three fell round her. 0ichard shrugged and scanned a menu7 casually ordered t,o coffees as soon as they sat do,n. F+ounds li#e thunder7 youR$e got to e5pect the odd storm in paradise.F


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Behind the Scenes with Kristin Cast (author of the NY Times best-selling House of Night series) onducted by "eth Ann Masari# & am $ery honored7 and pleased to announce7 that & ,as granted an e5clusi$e inter$ie, ,ith /ouse of *ight author7 2ristin ast. +he ,as a :oy to ,or# ,ith7 and her enthusiasm about the inter$ie, ,as $ery refreshing. 9or more information about the /ouse of *ight series7 please $isit ,,, and ( asts' blog /o, did you feel ,hen the /ouse of *ight series ,as offered a mo$ie deal? 1hat ,ere you doing the moment you heard the ne,s? I was sooooo excited! And I still am! The first thing I thought when I heard the news about our movie deal was about the dress I would wear on the red carpet !aha! But seriously, I feel so honored There are millions of boo"s out there and our series has been chosen, #heehee $hosen%, to come alive on screen -o you read any of the /ouse of *ight fanfictions that your fans ,rite? &f so7 do you ha$e a fa$orite one? &ope 1hat is it li#e ,riting and ,or#ing ,ith your mother? It's actually not that different from our regular life It's always been (ust the two of us, so we have a really close relationship But not living with her does ma"e it a lot easier! &f you had to choose bet,een li$ing in the modern day =real ,orld> or the ,orld you created for the /ouse of *ight series7 ,hich ,ould you choose? )efinitely the !ouse of &ight world! I would love to be a gorgeous ageless vampyre! And their adventures are much more exciting than mine *igure out what's for dinner or save the world? I'm totally going with saving the world! &f you could be anything besides a human7 ,hat ,ould you be and ,hy? If I could be anything besides human and besides a !o& vampyre, I would be one of my dogs Some people, #my husband and my mother%, thin" that they are very well ta"en care of and perhaps even a wee bit spoiled I (ust don't "now what they're tal"ing about


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

1hat inspires you to ,rite? A bunch of different things inspire me to write Anything from a boo" to a character in a movie to a certain song I thin" it's more about the mood that it puts me in 1hat are you currently ,or#ing on? +ight now I'm wor"ing on my own novel! ,ell I say novel, but it's actually going to be more li"e an adult fairy tale I chose to write it in a poetic form because I am in love with poetry and feel it's the best way to express myself


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 .*40AT@LAT&.*+ T. 20&+T&* A*- ( A+T .* T/!&0 LAT!+T 0!L!A+!3 L!*."&A'+ A.1% &* +T.0!+ *.1% About the boo#3 !$reu57 9rance7 1KLL3 "efore she is Toey's fa$orite professor and the /ouse of *ight's po,erful horse mistressS Lenobia is :ust a normal 1J;year;old girl Q ,ith enough problems to last a lifetime. As the illegitimate daughter of a po,erful baron7 she has ne$er 8uite belonged7 and instead has to ,atch her spoiled half;sister7 ecile7 get anything she ,ants. As if that's not enough7 her remar#able beauty dra,s un,anted attention ,here$er she goes. 9or once7 she ,ould li#e to :ust fit in. "ut ,hen fate inter$enes7 Lenobia suddenly finds herself surrounded by other girls7 on a ship bound for *e, .rleans7 ,here they ,ill be married off to the city's richest 9renchmen. And they're not aloneS. An e$il bishop ,ho is s#illed in -ar# magic ma#es the same :ourney. /is appetite for lo$ely young ,omen ma#es him dangerous Q most of all to Lenobia7 ,ho caught his eye bac# in 9rance. +o she remains hidden7 ma#ing secret $isits to the ship's stables7 ,here a handsome young man and his beautiful (ercheron horses soon capture her attention. 1ill they ma#e it to land before the bishop disco$ers her true identity and a po,erful e$il brea#s loose? And ,ill Lenobia follo, her heart7 e$en if it puts li$es at ris#? 9ind out more about one of your fa$orite professors in the ne5t heart;thumping /ouse of *ight *o$ella. Have you been marked?


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Behind the Scenes: n inter!iew with Kristal "cKerrington onducted by Tony Angelo Tell me a little bit about your life? 0osh, well I suppose you could say I8m a normal /cottish woman I drink tea, write my books I suppose what makes me stand out, is that a lot of my work comes to me when I8m in the bath with hundreds of candles around me I am a huge fan of #restling I ha&e some serious soft spots for the men that go out there and risk their li&es to entertain us I8m 79 years old and ha&e eight books on sale in ma3or retailers of :books Including Ama2on I8m a bestseller in Ama2ons )eference and ;ollection I e&en got into the top 766,666 on Ama2on8s paid best sellers list in the <= I ne&er thought I would get there I8m a full time writer of #restling )omance, -oung Adult )omance, :rotica, >ip >op, 1aranormal and some alternati&e books ,hen did you start to write? I started to write when I was a child, I actually started writing a story one night cause my Auntie was coming to &isit me in the hospital I didn8t ha&e anything for her I wanted her to come back and &isit me again I wrote her a story and it was the first time I e&er wrote a story I belie&e she still has it All I can remember about it was that it had a 0iraffe in it and a man called /hane >elms ,ho Inspires you? I ha&e to spilt this answer into two $or writing its easy )achel ;aine, ;atherine ;ookson and ;elia )eece "hose three women ga&e me the inspiration to continue on writing when things are too hard to keep picking up the pen and seeing where it would take me In the sense of #restling, I ha&e to say =id =ash, /hane >elms, "he >ardy Boys for without them I wouldn8t ha&e been such a fighter against my Arthritics as I am now ,hat are you wor"ing on now?


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 #orking on the second book of my telling of dealing with Arthritics Its called ?)A /a&iours 0uilt: >ow I #anted "o (ie@, which follows the successful book called 8Burning $rom #ithin: Inside =ristal Mc=errington, ;onAuering )A and (ysle.ia8 #e are also working on #restling )omance still #e are coming to the end of the A (ifferent Bife series #e are doing three short spin off series and these are going into 1rint in March 'o fi. dates yet #e ha&e also got some more -oung Adult stuff coming that isn8t #restling )omance related /hetlands Immortals is also looking to be in print &ery shortly #e are starting with the first four ebooks and will be doing e&ery four ebooks into one big print book It will be the longest series I do #e ha&e a map that states it will be o&er 97 ebooks Are there any future pro(ects in the wor"s? #ith any future pro3ects then you need to know there set in stone, as of yet #riting is my main goal I lo&e writing and hope to see some of it going towards film in the near future, but nothing is set in stone #e are also working on other things I hope by the end of 7659 I8ll be a screenplay #riter 1rofessionally and an Author "hat8s the goal anyway


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Behind the Scenes with Ste!e #aniels onducted by Tony Angelo & ,as born in 1ilmington7 * in 1MGJ. My father ,as in the Army during 11&& and after getting out7 :oined the *a$y. 1hen & ,as G ,e mo$ed to /a,aii. Most of my younger years ,as spent on or around a military base. /a,aii7 +an 9rancisco and Maine. -ad ,as stationed on an icebrea#er for t,o years in the Antarctic and ,as on se$eral e5peditions to une5plored areas there. Mom and & stayed7 at that time7 ,ith my grandparents in linton7 * and that is ,here & :oined the i$il Air (atrol. & al,ays had a lo$e for a$iation and spent all my free time hanging around the airport. 4ot to fly in many small aircraft. The A( had an old L;H and & fle, as an obser$er on se$eral search and rescue missions. 1e mo$ed to 1ilmington ,here -ad retired and & graduated from my hometo,n high school. *ot only ,as & in the i$il Air (atrol7 & ,as also in Army 0.T in high school. 1hile in high school & began ma#ing a li$ing painting artist concepts for architects. +tarted to go to college for art but they didn't ,ant to teach anything but abstract at that time so & too# mechanical drafting at a )r. ollege. 9i$e days after graduating7 & :oined the Air 9orce. This ,as during Aiet *am. 1hen the Air 9orce found out & ,as a draftsman and illustrator7 & ,as sent to Langley Air 9orce "ase and assigned to Tactical Air ommand. & did artist concepts of top secret aircraft. After spending four years in the Air 9orce & mo$ed to harleston7 + ,here & became the art director for the publications department of the Medical @ni$ersity. -esigned e$erything that ,as printed for the eight colleges. After t,o years7 a friend in 0aleigh7 * called and said * ,as building three marine science centers/public a8uariums on the coast and need someone to design and build all the e5hibits. This :ob re8uired a Masters degree or e8ui$alent e5perience. .ut of <00 applicants7 & ,as hired. & became an under,ater photographer and on the side ran an under,ater search and rescue team. -uring this time7 & ,as in$ited to ta#e photographs and do a fe, illustrations for an under,ater archaeology site in +outhern 9lorida. !$ery time & ,ent there something unusual happened. !ncounters ,ith the spirit ,orld7 drug smugglers in the area7 murders all ,ere an e5perience & ,ould ne$er forget. & began ta#ing notes about e$erything that ,as happening. After my last trip there7 & had a big pile of notes. At that time7 & ne$er considered ,riting so & called (eter "enchley7 author of =)a,s> to see if he might be interested. /e said he ,ouldn't ha$e time because he ,as ,or#ing on fi$e no$els. Then he said something that changed my life. /e said7 =1hy don't you ,rite it yourself.> & ne$er e$en considered that but one e$ening7 sat do,n and started. 1o,% & couldn't belie$e it7 & ,rote the entire story in less than a month. & li$ed it7 & ,as there ,hen e$erything happened. 1riting from a personal perspecti$e ,as easy. &t has been through se$eral re;,rites but finally polished. 9or o$er <0 years & sent it to many publishers and got re:ection slips. ThenS.along came 2indle. &t is selling $ery ,ell and7 & no, ha$e hard copies. )ust had to re;order because & ,as running out. -uring this time & began ,riting children's stories and illustrating them. & no, ha$e three published and they are selling fast. & no, illustrate children's boo#s and no$el co$ers for other ,riters. 9or the past 2M years my ,ife and & ha$e run an art studio in the mountains of 2M

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 * . & still ha$e a lo$e for a$iation and am a member of the American +ociety of A$iation Artists. & do paintings of aircraft for aircraft companies7 pilots and a$iation museums. /o,e$er7 & am still ,riting more children's boo#s. /a$e 1L ,ritten and ,ill illustrate them someday. &'m also ,or#ing on four more no$els7 about my di$ing e5periences and one on a$iation. .ne of my children's boo#s7 = ubby to the 0escue> is about a little airplane that sa$es the life of a child by flying a heart to another to,n. &'$e ,ritten 1G episodes and this one may become a -A- series. & than# (eter "enchley for those ,ords7 =Try ,riting it yourself.>


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Behind the Scenes with $ose%h &indaldo onducted by Tony Angelo Tell me a little bit about your life & am married7 the father of a ,onderful young ,oman ,ith -o,n syndrome7 and a credit/ finance manager for an /AA distributor :ust outside of *ash$ille7 Tennessee. &n my spare time7 & en:oy boating7 fishing7 and .hio +tate "uc#eye sports. ,hen did you start to write? &t ,as about 200<7 during a period of unemployment. & read about *icholas +par#sB million;dollar ad$ance for one of his boo#s7 and & thought7 Bif he can do it7 so can &%B ,ho Inspires you? My family and any author ,ho can actually ma#e a li$ing ,riting. ,hat are you wor"ing on now? & am in the editing stages of my third release7 Mountain Meado,s Aftermath7 a scathing fictional e5pose of the Mormon church and their sanctioning of the abuse of ,omen. & also :ust completed the first boo# trailer &B$e doneE itBs for A +py At /ome7 and & hope to ha$e it up on 6ouTube C,here it ,ill naturally go $iralD in a fe, days. Are there any future pro(ects in the wor"s? & ha$e fi$e other boo#s to edit and release7 and as time and funds permit7 & ,ill be releasing them.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Behind the Scenes with llison Bruning onducted by Tony Angelo Tell me a little bit about your life? & am a historical fiction author. My husband and & are currently restoring our Aictorian home ,ith hopes to turn it into a bed and brea#fast. & lo$e to tra$el7 attend cultural e$ents7 photography7 and read. &Bm a member of the -aughters of American 0e$olution. 1hen did you start to ,rite? & de$eloped my lo$e of ,riting in 2indergarten. .ne day & had brought a tiny boo# home that ,e had made in school. My grandmother had recognized my lo$e for ,riting and decided to foster that lo$e. +he bought ,riting and art supplies then as#ed me to ,rite her a story. 9or years & ,ould ,rite her a story then & ,ould read it to her. "y the time & ,as in /igh +chool & had made my o,n boo#s. &n college7 a fe, professors had noticed my potential to ma#e it in the literary ,orld and urged me to see# publication. 1hat are you ,or#ing on no,? &'m currently ,or#ing on 0ose7 ,hich is boo# t,o of the = hildren of the +ha,nee> series. 0ose ta#es place :ust after (ierre has returned 0ose to 9rance. &n boo# t,o7 (ierre ,ill ma#e a brief appearance. 6ou learn more about (ierre's life in 9rance. 6ou ,ill meet his 9rench ,ife and children. 6ou'll learn ,hy (ierre7 although a 9rench du#e7 has oli$e s#in and ra$en blac# hair. 6ou'll also be introduced to a ne, character7 Thomas. Anna had mentioned him in boo# one. 6ou ,ill recall Ale5ander had found her eltic ,edding band on Anna's dresser and Anna had as#ed him to find her. &n boo# one7 Ale5ander had also hinted to the reader of (ierre's marriage to hristine ,hile he ,as married to ree#. The reader also ,as introduced to a character by the name of Melinda in boo# one. +he only appeared in one chapter ,hen alico ,as ill ,ith childbed fe$er. Melinda had told alico7 0ose ,as engaged to her brother. alico had recognized her. &n 0ose7 you ,ill meet Melinda and her family. 6ou'll learn more about the connections bet,een her family and alico's. There are tiny details in all my boo#s that ha$e significance in later boo#s. &Bm also ,or#ing on another historical fiction series called FThe +ecret /eritageF. FThe +ecret /eritageF ta#es place during the early 20th century in Marion7 .hio. The series is loosely based on my great great grandmotherBs life. Are there any future pro:ects in the ,or#s? & ha$e se$eral boo#s that & ha$e started. & plan to finish my t,o series and possibly ,rite some spin offs.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 Behind the Scenes with 'erald Neal onducted by Tony Angelo 1hen did you start ,riting? & first thought of ,riting a boo# bac# in 1MKG but ,or#ing full time as a graphic artist in ad$ertising and my time ,as e5tremely limited. &t ,asnBt until 1MMJ ,hen & retired from ad$ertising did & start ,riting full time. My first attempt at a no$el ,as as & suppose as most budding authors try7 semi;autobiographical. This & soon put on hold as a plot idea e$ol$ed and & began ,or# on M@- my first real no$el. 1ho inspired you? My first inspiration ,as of course my parents. My father fought in the +econd 1orld 1ar ,ith the "ritish !ighth Army throughout *orth Africa and !urope before settling do,n to raise our family and ,or# as a commercial artist in London to support us. /e taught me a lot of ,hat & #no, today about art and painting among many other important essentials. My mother7 al,ays an e5tremely strong impressi$e person7 dro$e an ambulance throughout the ,ar years in the London blitz. &n later years she became ,ell #no,n for her interest in breeding and sho,ing pedigree dogs7 becoming a "est .f "reed hampion ,inner at rufts. .ther important people ,ho enthused me throughout my life ,ere the great thin#ers such asE )ung7 -ar,in7 !instein7 *e,ton7 arl +agan and artists such as +al$idor -ali and 0enP Magritte. Music ,as also important to me during my formati$e years ; my enduring fa$ourites being (in# 9loyd and Led Tepplin. 1ho do you li#e reading? My tastes ha$e changed many times o$er the years but one strand stays throughout that time ; a good story that #eeps my interest. & began reading a lot ,hen & first left school and began ,or#. & had an hours train :ourney to my :ob in London from my hometo,n so & got into the habit of ta#ing a boo# to ,or# ,ith me e$ery day. My first big interest ,as science fiction and my probable fa$ourite there ,as Arthur . lar#. Then my interest turned to Tom +harpe ,ith his satirical collection of ,or# based on apartheid +outh Africa and the !nglish aristocracy before & ,as completely hoo#ed on horror ,ith The .men by -a$id +eltzer ; then ,ith many other authors such asE )ames /erbert7 +tephen 2ing7 &ain "an#s and -ean 2oontz. Another fa$ourite author of mine is ). 4. "allard ,ho ,rote rash7 ocaine *ights and many others. 1hat are you ,riting no,? Another supernatural thriller based in an old abandoned 1MJ0Bs holiday camp in !sse5 @2. -uring the fifties and si5ties there ,ere a lot of these camps scattered around the @2 after the ,ar because fe, people could afford foreign tra$el at that time7 so this ,as an ine5pensi$e and easy holiday option for the ,hole family. "ut ,hen cheap flights became a$ailable in the se$enties a lot of these camps closed a,aiting rede$elopment. -y history. & ,as born in +treatham7 south London @2 1Kth )une 1MH<. The family then mo$ed to +outhend;on;+ea !sse5 in 1MHJ ,here & subse8uently ,ent to 9airfa5 /igh +chool and ,as educated to a Bgeneral standardB before lea$ing at the age of fifteen ,ithout a lea$ing <<

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 certificate. & then :oined a small print company as a messenger and trainee graphic artist. 1ithin a year & had mo$ed to a ri$al company and ,as ,or#ing full;time on Bthe dra,ing boardB as a graphic artist. At the age of nineteen & left +outhend7 mo$ed bac# to London and continued to ,or# as a freelance graphic artist ,ith many ad$ertising studios and agencies including +aatchi and +aatchi Ad$ertising London for si5 years until & finally retired from ad$ertising at the age of forty;fi$e to ,rite full time. -y interests. reati$e 1riting7 Art7 Music7 (hotography7 4raphics7 91 and -ragster 0acing7 *atural /istory7 +cience7 Tra$el7 and 4eneral /istory.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

+i5 +entence Madness Are you mad enough to write books! To participate in this feature7 please send me information on one boo# at a time. Ma#e sure to include purchase information7 the publisher7 release date7 and the boo# co$er. ALL 4!*0!+ 1&LL "! A !(T!- Cincluding non;fiction as ,ell%D. (lease $isit ,,, for information on ho, to participate in +i5 +entence Madness. F.fficer7 ,hy donBt you adopt him?F by Lee 1est ,,,.officerlee, !boo# copy U10.MH (rint copies U1<.MH a$ailable for purchase from his ,ebsite. March 1G7 1MJL7 )ac#son (ar# /ospital7 hicago7 &llinois Q =6ou loo# good holding that baby7 .fficer 1est. 1hy don't you adopt him?> -r. 2aufman said to me. =1hy should & adopt him?> & ans,ered sarcastically. ="ecause & can see the affection you ha$e for him7 and besides7 he has no one.> & thought -r. 2aufman's comment had been meant as a :o#e7 but & sensed the seriousness in his tone of $oice ,hich caused me to pause. & ,as ,or#ing that e$ening at )ac#son (ar# /ospital7 my second :ob as a security super$isor7 ,hen t,o hicago officers & recognized from the ad:oining police district arri$ed carrying a small bundle ,rapped in an old blan#et.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

The 1orld Among @s3 (rince of -ar#ness "y "eth Ann Masari# 9ormats3 (apberbac#7 /ardco$er7 and all e;boo# formats. (rices3 U1L.MH7 U2L.MH7 and U2.MM respecti$ely. ,,, The !arth rumbled and ripped open as it spat out a tall7 cloa#ed ,oman. /er stiletto boots ,ere surprisingly 8uiet as they hit the soft ground beneath her. /er petite body strutted across the la,n as a cool fall breeze caressed and hugged her body. The ,oman let do,n her hood as she neared a small country cottage7 and her glo,ing red eyes scanned her surroundings. &f anyone had seen her7 they might thin# her pale face ,as floating amidst a dar#er and thic#er cloa# of night7 ma#ing her seem in$isible. *e$ertheless7 no one ,as there to ,itness her appearance7 and she mo$ed li#e a lioness hunting its prey. As she approached the house7 the feline;li#e stal#er felt along the ,alls in an attempt to find an opening to the d,elling7 ,hile remaining hidden in the shado,s.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

1ac#y 1riters
&n honor of Mother's and 9ather's -ay7 ,rite about a mother or father Cor parent figureD that has touched your life. This can be e5pressed in the form of a poem7 short story7 letter7 or any ,ay you ,ish. 6ou may include pictures of your lo$ed ones if you ,ish. The deadline is April 21st.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

There You a!e It! My "pinion! "y ambria /ebert Title3 /allo,ed C@nearthly V2D Author3 ynthia /and (ublisher3 /arper Teen 2012 9ormat3 !boo# and (rint 4enre3 6oung adult fantasy 9or months part;angel lara 4ardner trained to face the raging forest fire from her $isions and rescue the alluring and mysterious hristian (rescott from the blaze. "ut nothing could prepare her for the fateful decisions she ,ould be forced to ma#e that day7 or the startling re$elation that her purposeIthe tas# she ,as put on earth to accomplish Iis not as straightfor,ard as she thought. *o,7 torn bet,een her increasingly complicated feelings for hristian and her lo$e for her boyfriend7 Tuc#er7 lara struggles to ma#e sense of ,hat she ,as supposed to do the day of the fire. And7 as she is dra,n further into the ,orld of part angels and the gro,ing conflict bet,een 1hite 1ings and "lac# 1ings7 lara learns of the terrifying ne, reality that she must face3 +omeone close to her ,ill die in a matter of months. 1ith her future uncertain7 the only thing lara #no,s for sure is that the fire ,as :ust the beginning. -escribed by 0ichelle Mead as =utterly capti$ating7> @nearthly recei$ed outstanding re$ie,s7 garnered accolades from *e, 6or# Times bestselling authors7 and ,as named an &ndie *e5t (ic#. &n this heart;,renching se8uel7 ynthia /and e5pertly captures the all;consuming :oy of first lo$eIand the agony of loss. This beautifully ,o$en tale ,ill appeal to fans of Lauren 2ate7 "ecca 9itzpatric#7 and Aprilynne (i#e. & had high e5pectations for this boo# because @nearthly ,as my top pic# out of all the boo#s & read last year. &t ,as a really great boo# and not at all ,hat & ,as e5pecting. 9irst let me say that ynthia /and is a gifted ,riter. /allo,ed is a beautifully ,ritten boo# that the author must be incredibly proud of. The amount of emotion that it made me feel ,hile & ,as reading it surprised me. lara is a $ery real character and & li#e that. /er mother's secrecy is annoying a fact that ,as actually made more tolerable because lara felt frustrated about it too. A lot of the time she $oiced a lot of the feelings that & ,as feeling throughout the boo#. &t made e$erything going on $ery credible. +he gro,s throughout the no$el as ,ell. +he ma#es decisions Q hard ones Q ones that hurt but in her heart she #no,s they are the right ones. /e handles a lot of the things happening on around her ,ith grace Q & li#e that she doesn't ,hine. /er connection to hristian is something that gets harder and harder to ignore. And & really li#e hristian. & ha$e to say that my fa$orite moments of the boo# ,ere ,hen he <L

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 ,ould fly up and sit on the ea$es outside her bedroom ,indo,. A lot of times lara ne$er opened up the ,indo,7 ne$er spo#e a ,ord but his presence alone ,as more than enough. )ust the fact that someone ,ould do that Q ,ould sit in the sno, Q #no,ing they ,ould be ignored and do it any,ay really got to me. & also thin# that the lo$e triangle ,as ,ell played in the boo#. 1hen & read @nearthly & ,as firmly on team Tuc#er. Lol. & #ind of got stuc# in the middle as & ,as reading /allo,ed. & lo$e Tuc#er Q & really do but & did start to ,onder if him and lara belong together. & ,as a little sad because Tuc#er ,asn't in the boo# as much as the first but & understood ,hy. &t's the thing & li#e least about triangles someone al,ays gets hurt. EC The setting and scenery in this boo# is something that & :ust really lo$e. The sno,7 the mountains7 the s#iing and fishingS it's so simple yet something that really adds to the story. A lot of times the settings in fantasy/paranormal boo#s are o$er the top and this is a reminder that they don't ha$e to be. & mentioned earlier that this boo# ,as $ery emotional. & usually don't read emotional boo#s C&'m a big chic#en li#e that Q lolD but & didn't #no, this ,as going to be as emotional as it ,as. & ha$e to say it ,as my least fa$orite thing. &t doesn't ma#e sense and & am not really complaining about that because Ms. /and did her :ob. +he created an incredibly beautiful boo# that made me feel strong emotions. "ut7 personally7 & didn't li#e the feelings it brought up. &t ,as too sad and & really felt li#e the sad part C&'m not going to tell you ,hat it is because it gi$es to much a,ayD ,as dra,n outS & felt li#e & spent most of the boo# Cas lara did7 ,hich ,as the pointD ,aiting for something bad to happen. &t :ust ,asn't pleasant for me7 but that is probably because of my o,n personal e5periences. A part of this boo# & ,as slightly disappointed by ,as )effery. & came into this boo# really e5cited to learn more about him. To get a bigger glimpse into his head. That didn't happen. 1e did find out a little bit to,ard the end but nothing li#e & ,as hoping. /e ,as angry and sullen through the ,hole boo# ,hich & actually thought ,as #ind of immature e$en if & did understand his feelings. Maybe if & had been gi$en a bigger loo# at him Q ,hat he ,as e5periencing from his point of $ie, & ,ould ha$e thought different. And ,hy are his ,ings the color they are? 1e got no e5planation for that and & ,ant to #no,. &n all & am e5cited for the ne5t boo# to see ,here lara's :ourney ta#es her ne5t because & thin# it's going to be a $ery interesting an e5citing :ourney ,atching her come into herself. +o there you ha$e it. My opinion.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Title3 -estined C/ouse of *ight VMD Author3 (. . and 2ristin ast 9ormat3 !boo# and (rint 4enre3 6oung Adult 9antasy (ublisher3 +t. Martin's (ress 2011 &n -estined7 the forces of Light and -ar# collide as their epic struggle focuses on TulsaBs /ouse of *ight. Toey is home ,here she belongs7 safe ,ith her 4uardian 1arrior7 +tar#7 by her side and preparing to face off against *eferet. 2alona has released his hold on 0ephaim7 and7 through *y5Bs gift of a human form7 he and +te$ie 0ae are finally able to be together if 0ephaim can truly ,al# the path of the 4oddess and stay free of his fatherBs shado,. "ut is Toey really safe? -oes she truly #no, those ,ho are closest to her? And ,ill lo$e ,in ,hen it is tested by the $ery soul of -ar#ness? 9ind out ,hat is destined in the ne5t thrilling chapter of the /ouse of *ight series. +o & actually read the other boo#s in this series before & started ,riting re$ie,s so this is my first official /ouse .f *ight re$ie,. Lol. Let me start out by saying that & ha$e an odd relationship ,ith this series. & thin# that & am probably not the only one. & li#e it but there ha$e been times ,hen & considered not reading anymore. To be honest Toey #ind of gets on my ner$es. +ometimes she's ,hiny and throughout the series she has had her share of lo$e triangles Csometimes it ,as ,ith more than three guysD and & really got tired of her falling for e$ery single guy ,ho loo#ed at her. Long about the time & ,as really gro,ing tired of the story line +te$ie 0ae got her o,n plot and 0ephaim entered the picture. & #ept reading for that7 because & thought the plot line ,as pretty original and & li#ed it and ,anted to see ,hat ,ould happen. And let it be #no,n that & am a big /eath fan. L.L. 6es7 he's merely a human but & li#e him. +o that's a little of my history ,ith /.*. & gotta tell you7 -estined ,as better than & thought it ,ould be. & ,as one of the better /.* boo#s since early in the series. & felt li#e the plot actually mo$ed a little bit and & en:oyed reading about more of the characters than :ust Toey. Toey ,as still a big part of the boo# as & thin# it should be because she is a /igh (riestess and a possibly to be Nueen. +he didn't annoy me as much in this boo# as in the past. & li#e that she and +tar# are together7 & li#e him and they ma#e a great pair Q & thin# they are stronger together than they are apart. &n fact & thin# a lot of people ,ill li#e Toey more because she finally has settled on a guy and he's a great guy. & thin# the fact that +tar# lo$es her ,ill ma#e her more li#able to the reader. There ,ere still times that & thin# she acts ,hiny. +he says that she doesn't ,ant to be the /igh (riestess she is Q she doesn't ,ant to be fighting dar#ness and e$il. & get that she's a teenager and that she ,ants to be normal7 & do. & also thin# that ,ith e$erything that's happened to her she has a right to complain and be upset. & :ust feel li#e after nine boo#s in this series Toey should ha$e e$ol$ed a little more. +he's clearly a strong person dealing ,ith e$erything that she has so ,hy ,hine and ta#e a,ay from the strength that she clearly can e5hibit ,hen she has too? G0

Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 & really en:oyed the appearance of Thanatos in the boo# and & really thin# that she is going to be a great character in the coming boo#s. +he sees a lot and ta#es in a lot ,ithout really choosing sides. & li#e the ,ay she forms her opinions 8uietly and holds her obser$ations close to the chest so she doesn't gi$e a,ay her plans. +he definitely is there for a reason and & thin# she ,ill instrumental in ta#ing do,n *eferet. *eferet is 8uite the character. +he's e$il and $ile and beautiful. & li#ed that her plot in this no$el ,as merely to create chaos. +o simple but yet & thin# $ery effecti$e. &f & ,ere an e$il $illain that ,ould be something & ,ould probably do Q create chaos Q because ,ithin chaos is ,here the real trouble begins. Auro5 is a ne, character in this boo# and & don't ,ant to gi$e much a,ay about him but & ,ill say & ha$e a lot of hope for him. &f you read this boo# and the beginning of my re$ie, you ,ill #no, e5actly ,hy & am hopeful for Auro5. E;D & li#e ho, he had internal debates ,ith himself. They ,ere simple7 him 8uestioning himself and his feelings and beliefs but & found it #ind of profound. /e ,as disco$ering himself and & li#ed ho, throughout the boo# he ,as on an internal :ourney. & also li#e the ne, plot t,ist bet,een !rin and +haunee Q the =t,ins>. & thin# it's about time they get their o,n identities and & thin# it's a good lesson to teenage girls ,ho are li#e the other half of a ,hole ,ith a "99. "eing your o,n person and ha$ing your o,n feelings is o#ay and you shouldn't be afraid to be yourself. Aphrodite is a spoiled7 selfish girl but & li#e her. &n fact she's probably one of my fa$orite characters. & thin# that the spoiled7 nasty personality that she puts on is :ust a front to protect the e5tremely $ulnerable girl she is inside. & li#e that she has -arius to lo$e her because & thin# she needs that. & can't ,ait to see ,hat else is in store for her in the series. & thin# the best part of the boo# ,as to,ards the end ,ith the t,ist that happens ,ith 2alona and let me :ust say again that & thin# Thanatos is going to be a big player in the ne5t boo#. E;D & thin# that 2alona is going to be an interesting character in the boo#s to come as ,ell. 1ho doesn't li#e a bad boy reformed? A hot baddie gone good? &t ,ill be interesting to see if he #eeps his conscience. & for one7 hope he does if only for 0ephaim's sa#e. "y the ,ay did & mention that & really li#e 0ephaim??? All in all7 -estined7 is an impro$ement from some of the /.* no$els as of late. &t seemed to ha$e more of a plot and & li#ed that all the characters seemed to be in$ol$ed at some point or another. The boo# #ept me entertained and reading and that ma#es it a success. & ,ould recommend this series for anyone ,ho has some patience and li#es to really get in$ol$ed ,ith the characters. This is a 6A series but & ,ould recommend it on the higher end of the young adult age range because there are some se5ual references. +o there you ha$e it. My opinion.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

Title3 "loodrose C*ightshade V<D Author3 Angela remer (ublisher3 (hilomel7 2012 9ormat3 !boo# and (rint 4enre3 6oung adult fantasy/paranormal alla has al,ays ,elcomed ,ar. "ut no, that the final battle is upon her7 there's more at sta#e than fighting. There's sa$ing 0en7 e$en if it incurs +hay's ,rath. There's #eeping Ansel safe7 e$en if he's been branded a traitor. There's pro$ing herself as the pac#'s alpha7 facing unnamable horrors7 and ridding the ,orld of the 2eepers' magic once and for all. And then there's deciding ,hat to do ,hen the ,ar ends. &f alla ma#es it out ali$e7 that is. &n the final installment of the *ightshade trilogy7 *e, 6or# Times bestselling author Andrea remer creates a no$el ,ith t,ists and turns that ,ill #eep you on the edge of your seat until its final pages. A dynamic end to this breathta#ing trilogy. Ahhh7 the final boo# in the *ightshade series. & ha$e really en:oyed reading this series. Most people #no, ,hat a ,ere,olf lo$er & am and these boo#s really pro$e that something that has been ,ritten about a million times before can be done in a fresh ,ay. Angela remer is a ,onderful ,riter. +he paints a picture ,ell ,ith her ,ords and creates characters that really gro, on you Q characters that you really come to lo$e. "loodrose is the conclusion to the *ightshade series and it really didn't disappoint. & really7 really en:oyed this boo#. The characters ,ent on ad$entures and the reader got to go ,ith them. They ,ent from the :ungle to the sno, all by tra$eling through doors that a magical ,ea$er created. &t ,as #ind of li#e tra$eling the ,orld in a single boo#. & lo$ed the setting and the $ariation of the setting. &t #ept things interesting and & #ept ,ondering ,here ,e ,ould go ne5t. & li#ed the different creatures and shifters in the boo# from the bats Ccreepy%%D to the bears and panthersSThere ,as something e5citing around e$ery corner and it #ept me thoroughly entertained. & en:oyed alla's internal :ourney throughout the series and e$en more so in this final boo#. & li#e that she #ne, ,ho she ,as and she made no apologies for it. +he faced many hard decisions and & thought that she handled them all $ery ,ell. +he is for sure a true Alpha and she deser$ed the respect that she got. 0en Q ahhh 0en. /e is a fa$orite of mine. +o strong and stubborn. /e ,as dealt a lot of crap in this series and had to face a lot of personal issues. /e ,as also a character to really had to disco$er ,ho he really ,as. /e had to push past ,ho he thought he ,as Q ,ho he ,as told he had to be to figure out ,hat he belie$ed in. &n the beginning of the series & ,asn't a big +hay fan. &n fact in the first boo# & really didn't li#e him at all. & thin# he ,as one of the characters that gre, the most throughout this series. /e really found out ,ho he ,as and he o,ned it. /e became a lot stronger than & thought he could be and he too gre, into a great Alpha. & definitely understood alla's predicament in trying to choose the alpha for her. As far as lo$e triangles go this one ,as one of the better ones. &t ,as hard for all of them and & thin# that made it hard yet someho, easier to read. & guess & say that because & felt li#e


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 they ,ere all hurting and there ,asn't one ,ho seemed to ,ield the po,er and use it to hurt the other. & thought alla ,as smart to not choose until the $ery end. -id & li#e her choice? & understood it. & thin# that she did ma#e the choice for her and & honestly felt her pain at ma#ing it. &'$e heard some rumbling that a lot of people aren't happy ,ith alla's choice7 they thin# that Ms. remer too# the easy ,ay outS & don't thin# that's true. & thin# that Ms. remer is connected to her characters in ,ays that a reader can only begin to understand. & thin# she #no,s alla $ery ,ell and that alla made her o,n choice7 and the author :ust follo,ed alla's lead. 1as it easy to read? *o7 not really. "ut it ,as a 4..- read. &t really grabbed me. & ,as surprised by the ending Cand not :ust alla's lo$e choiceD by the ,ay the series came to a close. & ,as not e5pecting that at all. A lot of people ,ere angry at the ,ay e$ents transpired. & say that e$en eliciting such a strong negati$e reaction is ,hat ma#es it a good read. *ot e$ery boo# is going to end the ,ay the reader ,ants but isn't that life? *ot e$erything in life goes according to plan so & thin# that this boo# is a $ery real portrayal of that. &t definitely tied e$erything up neatly and the reader came a,ay #no,ing that e$eryone in$ol$ed ,as ,here they ,ere meant to be but & ,as still a little shoc#ed. Lol. & ,as definitely compelled and & thin# that by ending it the ,ay she did she made a name for herself in the ,riting ,orld. A name that ,on't be forgotten easily. & thoroughly en:oyed this series. & ,ould recommend it to any fantasy/paranormal lo$er. & can't ,ait to see ,hat this talented author comes up ,ith ne5t. +o there you ha$e it. My opinion.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012 Luney 0e$ie,s "y "eth Ann Masari# Title3 Legacy of the /ighlands Author3 /arriet +chultz (ublisher3 ottage (ar# (ress -ate 0eleased3 *o$ember 17 2011 &+"*3 MKL;1GJKM10H<L +ynopsis3 Legacy of the /ighlands is a capti$ating tale that lin#s a murder in 21st century "oston to a $o, made in 1<20 by the $ictimBs +cottish ancestor. 1hen 1ill ameron's body is disco$ered in a "oston alley7 the only clue to the thirty;four; year;old's murder is a pristine +cottish sgian dubh dagger left beside it. /is de$astated ,ido,7 Ale5andra7 flees "oston to find refuge in the Miami $illa of 1ill's best friend7 -iego *a$arro7 ,ho has the means7 po,er and temperament to sol$e the puzzle and to a$enge the senseless #illing. -iego7 a handsome and ,ealthy Argentine7 is e8ually determined to ,in the grie$ing ,ido,'s heart. They find it increasingly difficult to resist a gro,ing attraction to each other as they follo, leads that ta#e them from Miami to "uenos Aires and +cotland unra$eling the ameron family's secrets and the Legacy of the /ighlands. 0ating3 H out of H stars My 0e$ie,3 & ,ill be perfectly honest...,hen & first chose this boo#7 & ,asnBt sure if & ,as going to li#e it. &t ,as out of my comfort zone7 and & ,as a little bit ner$ous about reading it. &Bm used to reading paranormal and 6oung Adult boo#s. /.1!A!07 & ,as pleasantly surprised ,hen & read the boo#. /o,e$er7 because it ,as out of my comfort zone7 it too# me a little ,hile to get into the boo#. "@T once & ,as hoo#ed & 1A+ /..2!% The characters really came to life7 and & actually found myself A0&*4 about them. & felt terrible for Ale57 the leading female M 7 and & fell instantly in lo$e ,ith -iego. *o sooner ,as & hoo#ed7 did & start -0!AM&*47 yes7 -0!AM&*4 about /arrietBs characters. &f you are into 0omance Thrillers7 and li#e a little history lesson in bet,een7 T/&+ &+ T/! "..2 9.0 6.@% & canBt ,ait to read more of /arrietBs boo#s in the future% 9or more information about /arriet +chultz7 please $isit her blog at3 http3//,,, ,hich also has purchase information. &t is currently a$ailable in both paperbac# A*- eboo# formats.


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

A,esome "loggers & ha$e come across some pretty amazing bloggers o$er the last year and a half. These bloggers that are listed belo,7 all ha$e something to do ,ith the literary ,orld. They either host blog tours7 do boo# re$ie,s7 guest posts7 etc. 6ou should sho, these a,esome people some lo$e and $isit their blogs. &f you ha$e a literary blog7 and ,ould li#e to be posted on this list7 please send an email to Misty 0ayburn http3//,,,.the;top; !rin -anzer ,,, -iAnne !be:er ,,, Ali ,,, MaryAnn ,,,.chapter;by; -anielle +miley ,,,.#no, 0ichard Thomas http3//, Aanessa "oe#ie http3//,,,.boe#iesboo#re$ie, Mic#ey 0eed ,,, *atasha http3// ambria /ebert ,,,


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012

The +taff "eth Ann Masari#7 is the founder and chief editor of Literary Lunes. +he created this magazine7 because people are al,ays coming to her for literary ad$ice7 and she ,anted to be there for all aspiring ,riters. +he is the author of her debut no$el7 The 1orld Among @s7 a young adult7 urban fantasy no$el. /er boo# ,ill be released on August 1M7 2011. &n addition to running Literary Lunes7 "eth also runs her blogs7 1riter's Ad$ocate7 and /allo,ed 1riters. 9or more information about "eth7 you can $isit her full ,ebsite at ,,, Ashley Laura is dedicated to gi$ing ,riters a $oice outside of their ,or#. 9or Literary Lunes7 she assists ,ith the accepting of article submissions and the formatting of the magazine. .utside of Literary Lunes7 she is also the Municipal Liaison for Memphis *ational *o$el 1riting Month C*A*.10&M.D. 6ou can follo, her on Tumblr at sparro,lu$ ambria /ebert7 is a ne, edition to our staff7 and our current boo# re$ie,er. &n addition7 she is also a debut author ,ho ,rites young adult fantasy no$els. /er first no$el7 Mas8uerade7 comes out on -ecember 1J7 2011. 1e are $ery e5cited to ha$e her on board% 6ou can follo, her at ,,, !rin -anzer ,rites regularly for Literary Lunes7 and is an &ndie author. Li#e "eth and ambria7 she also ,rites for young adults. !rin not only contributes her o,n short stories7 but sometimes she e$en contributes articles on ho, to ,rite literature as ,ell. 6ou can follo, her at ,,, 6ou can li#e us on 9aceboo# and follo, us on T,itter Cif the T,itter lin# doesn't ,or#7 follo, us @literarylunesD


Literary Lunes Magazine March/April 2012


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