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Salient Features incorporated on the billing application a) b) c) !) e) ) g) h) i) ,) Cater to DM-LL, DM-R, DM-U, CM-R, CM-U type consumers Meter type : Single & III phase or both !omestic an! commercial Cut o !ate or "o#t$ subsi!y an! M%C& are ta'en into consi!eration Minimum units consumption un!er each category type is chec'e! Due !ates are #ali!ate! against holi!ays (as per )I &C*) an! Sun!ays +ro#ision or &irier charges an! earlier !ues , i any Coin a!,ustments on "ross an! )et amount or one time an! monthly sche!ule -ption to accept only meter rent in or!er to regulari.e the billing cycle/last erroneous meter rea!ing 0ully parameter !ri#en, tari charge etc$ can be han!le! 1ithout changing the application source co!e Can han!le cases 1here billing not starte! up to time line o 2 months

Wor Flo! on *he application 1or' lo1 along 1ith LCD screen #ie1 is !etaile! belo1 : S+-* 7ILLI)" S8S*4M 0or De#elope! by 4nter +ass1or! CCCC
=;/;>/3;== =?:=; ####

*he opening screen contains system in ormation ollo1e! by pass1or! or logging into the system$ *he last line contains system !ate an! time along 1ith battery charge in!icator$ *he pass1or! is irst our character o the Machine-i!$ It has been mas'e! rom #ie1ing$ *hree tries are allo1e! in a single instance, i aile! then application closes$

  "enerate "enerate 7ill 7ill +rint +rint 7ill 7ill Daily Daily Report Report
0 0< < Up Up " "< < Do1n Do1n =;/;>/3;== =;/;>/3;== =?:=; =?:=; Cancel Cancel < < 45it 45it #### ####

*he 3n! screen contains the menu 1ith an arro1 hea! to point the option$ 0 an! " 'ey rom 'ey pa! can be use! or na#igation 1hen the arro1 hea! pointer 1ill mo#e accor!ingly$ +ress 4nter to select the option$ +ress Cancel button to e5it application

C-) C-) ID ID $%$&'()*+ $%$&'()*+ R&@&* R&@&* DU** DU** :>AB=3; :>AB=3; C (%-*&++ CD D ++,'+ ++,'+ (%-*&++ U)* S&%4(8/)) U)* >; >; S&%4(8/))
=;/;>/3;== =;/;>/3;== =?:=; =?:=; #### ####

6hen "enerate 7ill option is selecte!, C-) ID is !isplaye! an! user has to 'ey in the Con-I!$ *he recor! is etche! an! consumer name an! last rea!ing 1ill be !isplaye!$ *hen C D (Contract Deman!) 1ill be sho1n on the !isplay screen an! user has to 'ey in the #alue along 1ith current meter rea!ing$ )o1 units consume! 1ill be calculate! an! the bill !etails 1ill be generate! or sa#ing$ I 8 is presse! rom 'eypa!, then !e!uce! !ata 1ill be sa#e! an! print 1ill come out rom the thermal printer instantly$ I ) is presse! !ata is re,ecte! an! screen is cleare! or resh entry$ Other options" I current rea!ing is less or e9ual to pre#ious rea!ing then it 1ill !isplay as incorrect input an! 1ill as' the user 1hether to continue or not$ I 8 is presse! then !ata 1ill be sa#e! an! a bill print 1ill come out 1ith meter rent only so that pre#ious 1rong meter rea!ing is recti ie!$ I ) is presse! !ata is re,ecte! an! screen is cleare! or resh entry I C-) ID is not oun! in the !atabase then it 1ill !isplay error message

C-) C-) ID ID $%$&'()*+ $%$&'()*+ R&@&* R&@&* DU** DU** :>AB=3; :>AB=3; C (%-*$$+ CD D ++,'+ ++,'+ (%-*$$+ 6R-)" 6R-)" I)+* I)+* C-)*(8/)) C-)*(8/))
=;/;>/3;== =;/;>/3;== =?:=; =?:=; #### ####

C-) C-) ID ID $%$&'()*) $%$&'()*) )-* )-* 0)D 0)D C-)*(8/)) C-)*(8/))

=;/;>/3;== =;/;>/3;== =?:=; =?:=;

#### ####

an! as' the user to continue or not$ I 8 is presse! !ata is re,ecte! an! screen is cleare! or resh entry I ) is presse! then it 1ill return to pre#ious menu options$ I : ;s are gi#en as C-) ID then error message is thro1n an! it 1ill return to pre#ious menu options$

C-) ID +++++++++
I)%&LID I)+U*

=;/;>/3;== =?:=;


! "* R)0 ==================== 11.4! N!* B!fo-! G-o)) R) ".Rdn+: 98005898 "a*!:11'A.+'11 #n* Cn) d:100 (C"/ 0050 (R"/ 0000 BILL En-+% C1-+: 227000 23d" nd C1: 10000 Add40" nd : 0000 255CA : 78000 $6CA : 0000 A7-7!.'A&-'11 C.8000 $on*14% Sc1!d.0000 E-4. Return to Supply o ice De-crypt the up!ate! billing !ata on S7D Uploa! that !ata rom S7D to S&+ !atabase ser#er thru 0ront-en! S 7 D &.C1+: 0000 E4!c " nd 0000 Go8*0S9)d%: 0000 $!*!.usting any pre#ious bills unsettle! amount 7illing scenario or a) Domestic Li e-Line DM-LL b) Domestic Rural DM-R c) Domestic Urban DM-U !) Commercial Rural CM-R e) Commercial Urban CM-U can be han!le! through this Spot billing system S0ste/ Flo! $.5.000 R!9a*! : .Ad: * : 0030 ========= N!* A * R)0 3.Ad: *: 0000 '1000 ========= G-)0A * R)0 35. %isit Consumer premise 1ith S7D 0ee! meter rea!ing into S7D an! generate the bill Fan!o#er the bill to the consumer Sa#e the !ata as lat ile(encrypte!) in S7D S 7 D Consumer +remises 1here meter is place! . Con )ame an! Units consume!/bille!$ 0ig$ ta'en rom .030 B!f.-.7 Sample 7ill generate! rom *he spot bill is sho1n on the right han! si!e$ *he bill contains all the necessary parameters along 1ith "ross an! )et &mount$ Coin a!. 0ront-en! appl$ connects to S&+ !atabase ser#er Retrie#es re9uisite !ata o consumers nee!e! or spot billing$ Do1nloa! the !ata as lat ile (encrypte!) to S7D using SC+ (secure! copy) S 7 D +C at +C at Supply Supply ice .ustments ha#e been !one t1ice$ -nce at "ross &mount calculation an! the other at )et &mount calculation 'eeping in min! that a monthly sche!ule on both )et an! "ross has to be maintaine!$ *he last line contains month co!e an! machine i! !elimite! by colon 1hich i!enti ies the ollo1ing: a) to access the perio! o calculation b) to 'no1 the S7D 1hich has pro!uce! the bill &irier charges iel! is use! to ta'e any pre#ious outstan!ing lying or this consumer 4arlier Charges helps in a!. 21/09/11 118 ).+rint 7ill option. 22/08/11 118 11.". i selecte! 1ill print the last bill generate!$ & !uplicate copy o the bill can be ta'en out through this option$ Daily Report option 1ill print the total no o bills !eli#ere! on that !ate along 1ith ConDi!.! "*:22/08/11 O*1.R!n*: .onsu/er Bill ==================== ELECTRICITY BILL ==================== E/S Ofc : GARIA Con Id : 181259370 Con Na !:"#$$Y "#$$Y $ETER T%&! :"$'R (1"E La)* Rdn+: 98005798 "a*!:1. 21/10/11 118 ==================== < T=AN> # < 5:97213.