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As with the DC Method , we strongly suggest that you disconnect all other AC loadsfrom the

meter's circuit during all Magno- Brake test periods. That's ecausepulse height, width and energy may !ary considera ly etween strikes

and e!enhea!y filtering can let enough of a powerful strike reach other circuits and damagethem. "ote that we use the term #disconnect#

as opposed to #turn-$%%.# That's ecause we ha!e found that some Magno-Brake pulses will &ump switches ande!en transformer

windings and still damage turned$%% ut connectedupe'uipment.(e used a commercial photoflash unit called a

#)ynchro Tester# *"ationalCamera, now discontinued+. Check with your photo supply store on !arieties. $urunit outputs

a out ,-- !olts, . to /-msec. duration per #flash.#The %igure .0 circuit would work ade'uately. 1ou should e a le to control

!oltageusing a rheostat. )tep-up transformers can e reali2ed from two or more .0-3ACto .0-3AC isolation transformers. %or e4ample, to

construct a .0-3AC to 0,-3ACstep-up transformer, wire two .0-3AC isolation transformers in parallel on theprimary side

and in series on the secondary side *see %igure .5 +. The storagecapacitor discharge can e controlled y an electromechanical

or solid-state relay*))6+, a telegrapher7s key or a hea!y-duty push- utton switch *snap action muchpreferred+. The former two

can e electronically controlled to pro!ide consistentlyprogra mma le results. 3oltage le!el, duration and repetition rate

should initially elow and )8$(81 increased until the desired effects are achie!ed. 9atience andperse!erance are musts to get optimum results

with minimal telltale indications,and to gain !alua le e4perience and knowledge a out :(-;6 meters. "ote thatwhate!er changes that you

make in your meter using the Magno-Brake Method will likely e permanent changes.

$ne customer told us what really works well is to

use a mousetrap. ;e used the aras one contact and inserted a tack where the ar fell for the other contact. (henthe mousetrap goes off, the discharge

has a rise time of -.-< to -.<=msec. fromour e4periments. The 6C snu er wired across the contacts is not needed if theswitcher is dispensa le.(hen

using any of the methods descri ed herein, different timing schemes can eused. %or instance, there may e some periods that you find it highly

ad!antageousto stop or e!en re!erse your power meter while restoring it to normal operations

during other periods. Commercially a!aila le AC timers are e4cellent here. $r youmay feel more at ease to

physically remo!e your circuit completely etweenapplicatio ns.The capacitors descri ed herein can e found at commercial electronic

stores.$ften, you'll ha!e etter luck *and prices+ at surplus stores.;owe!er, enameled magnet wires in the si2es and 'uantities you will need for

thesepro&ects are not commonly a!aila le - not e!en in the some of the iggestelectronics parts houses. Magnet wire is a!aila le in

!arious coatings, gauges andlengths. ADD>T>$"A8 C$MM?"T)@) T$99>"A 9$(?6 M?T?6) is the culmination of years of

research work into the!ital area of meter design, testing and !ulnera ilities. (e thank our manycustomers for their contri utions,

insights and e4periences, and we are always opento such contri utions.Tho mas 9aine once wrote, B

These are the times that try men7s souls.C 9roud menand women e!erywhere are increasingly saying to us that they'!e already

takenenough from ig go!ernment, international corporations and gouging utilities andthey are not going to take any more. The ig shots aren't going

to stop ro ing andgouging the people until the people force them to stop.