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(Applicable for !e ba c!e" a#$i e# fro$ %&''(%&'%)
(I Year S*llab+" o,l*)


Ye,/apall*0 Moi,aba# Ma,#al0 1.O.Hi$a*a ! Na2ar0 R.R.Di" 0 H*#eraba#(3&& &43 Fa5.1!o,e No.6'&(78'9(%934390 Tel:&78'9(%934330%&'9&' ;eb"i e:<<<.=bie .e#+.i, > e($ail:pri,cipal?=bie .e#+.i,


Aca#e$ic Re2+la io," %&'' for B. Tec! (Re2+lar)

(Effec i@e for !e " +#e, " a#$i e# i, o I *ear fro$ !e Aca#e$ic Year %&''(%&'% o,<ar#") 1. Award of B.Te !. "e#ree A " +#e, <ill be #eclare# eli2ible for !e a<ar# of !e B. Tec!. De2ree if !e f+lfil" !e follo<i,2 aca#e$ic re2+la io,": $. %&r'&ed a o&r'e of '(&d) for *o( +e'' (!a* fo&r a ade,$ )ear' a*d *o( ,ore (!a* e$#!( a ade,$ )ear'. ii. -. /. Re#$'(er for -.. red$(' a*d 'e &re -.. red$(' S +#e, "0 <!o fail o f+lfill all !e aca#e$ic reA+ire$e, " for !e a<ar# of !e #e2ree <i !i, ei2! aca#e$ic *ear" fro$ !e *ear of !eir a#$i""io,0 "!all forfei !eir "ea i, B.Tec! co+r"e. Co&r'e' of '(&d) T!e follo<i,2 co+r"e" of " +#* are offere# a pre"e, for "pecialiBa io, for !e B. Tec!. Co+r"e: Bra,c! Co#e Bra,c! Ci@il E,2i,eeri,2 Elec rical a,# Elec ro,ic" E,2i,eeri,2 Mec!a,ical E,2i,eeri,2 Elec ro,ic" a,# Co$$+,ica io, E,2i,eeri,2. Co$p+ er Scie,ce a,# E,2i,eeri,2 Bio(Me#ical E,2i,eeri,2 I,for$a io, Tec!,olo2* Mi,i,2 E,2i,eeri,2 0. a,# a,* o !er co+r"e a" appro@e# b* !e a+ !ori ie" of !e -BIET Cred$(' I Year Se$e" er 1erio#" C Cre#i 1erio#" C ;ee/ " ;ee/ T!eor* &9 &D &9 &% &8 (( 1rac ical &9 &8 &9 Dra<i,2 &%TC&9D &8 &9 &D Mi,i (( (( (( 1ro=ec Co$pre!e, (( (( (( "i@e Ei@a Eoce Se$i,ar (( (( D fro$ i$e o i$e.

Cre#i " &9 (( &% &% &8 &% &% &%







"$'(r$2&($o* a*d 3e$#!(a#e of Mar4' i. T!e perfor$a,ce of a " +#e, i, eac! "e$e" er C I *ear "!all be e@al+a e# "+b=ec F<i"e <i ! a $a5i$+$ of '&& $ar/" for !eor* a,# 43 $ar/" for prac ical "+b=ec . I, a##i io,0 I,#+" r* orie, e# $i,i(pro=ec 0 "e$i,ar a,# pro=ec <or/ "!all be e@al+a e# for 3&0 3& a,# %&& $ar/" re"pec i@el*. ii. For !eor* "+b=ec " !e #i" rib+ io, "!all be %3 $ar/" for I, er,al E@al+a io, a,# 43 $ar/" for !e E,#(E5a$i,a io,. iii. For !eor* "+b=ec "0 #+ri,2 !e "e$e" er !ere "!all be % $i# er$ e5a$i,a io,". Eac! $i# er$ e5a$i,a io, co,"i" " of o,e ob=ec i@e paper0 o,e "+b=ec i@e paper a,# o,e a""i2,$e, . T!e ob=ec i@e paper i" for '& $ar/" a,# "+b=ec i@e paper i" for '& $ar/"0 <i ! #+ra io, of ' !o+r %& $i,+ e" (%& $i,+ e" for ob=ec i@e a,# D& $i,+ e" for "+b=ec i@e paper). Ob=ec i@e paper i" "e for %& bi " of F $+l iple c!oice A+e" io,"0 fill(i, !e bla,/"0 $a c!i,2 *pe A+e" io," F for !e '& $ar/". S+b=ec i@e paper of eac! "e$e" er "!all co, ai, 8 f+ll A+e" io," (o,e fro$ eac! +,i ) of <!ic!0 !e " +#e, !a" o a,"<er % A+e" io,"0 eac! carr*i,2 3 $ar/". Fir" $i# er$ e5a$i,a io, "!all be co,#+c e# for '(8 +,i " of "*llab+" a,# "eco,# $i# er$ e5a$i,a io, "!all be co,#+c e# for 3(7 +,i ". 3 $ar/" are alloca e# for A""i2,$e, " (a" "pecifie# b* !e co,cer,e# "+b=ec eac!er) F fir" A""i2,$e, "!o+l# be "+b$i e# before !e co,#+c of !e fir" $i#0 a,# !e "eco,# A""i2,$e, "!o+l# be "+b$i e# before !e co,#+c of !e "eco,# $i#. T!e (o(a+ ,ar4' 'e &red 2) (!e '(&de*( $* ea ! ,$d (er, e5a,$*a($o* are e6a+&a(ed for -1 ,ar4'7 a*d (!e a6era#e of (!e (wo ,$d (er, e5a,$*a($o*' '!a++ 2e (a4e* a' (!e f$*a+ ,ar4' 'e &red 2) ea ! a*d$da(e. Ho<e@er0 for fir" *ear0 !ere "!all be 9 $i# er$ e5a$i,a io," (eac! for %3 $ar/")0 along with 3 assignments i, a "i$ilar pa er, a" abo@e G'" $i# "!all be fro$ '(% +,i "0 %,# $i# fro$ 9(3 +,i " a,# 9r# $i# "!all be fro$ D(7 +,i "H0 a,# (!e a6era#e ,ar4' of (!e (!ree ,$d (er, e5a,$*a($o*' 'e &red (each evaluated for a total of 25 marks) $* ea ! '&28e ( '!a++ 2e o*'$dered a' f$*a+ ,ar4' for (!e $*(er*a+' 9 'e''$o*a+'. i@. For prac ical "+b=ec " !ere "!all be a co, i,+o+" e@al+a io, #+ri,2 !e "e$e" er for %3 "e""io,al $ar/" a,# 3& e,# e5a$i,a io, $ar/". O+ of !e %3 $ar/" for i, er,al0 #a*( o(#a* <or/ i, !e labora or* "!all be e@al+a e# for '3 $ar/" a,# i, er,al e5a$i,a io, for prac ical "!all be e@al+a e# for '& $ar/" co,#+c e# b* !e co,cer,e# labora or* eac!er. T!e e,# e5a$i,a io, "!all be co,#+c e# <i ! e5 er,al e5a$i,er a,# labora or* eac!er. T!e e5 er,al e5a$i,er "!all be appoi, e# b* !e -BIET e5a$i,a io, bra,c!. @. For !e "+b=ec !a@i,2 #e"i2, a,# C or #ra<i,20 ("+c! a" E,2i,eeri,2 Grap!ic"0 E,2i,eeri,2 Dra<i,20 Mac!i,e Dra<i,2) a,# e" i$a io,0 (!e d$'(r$2&($o* '!a++ 2e -1 ,ar4' for $*(er*a+ e6a+&a($o* (1. ,ar4' for da):(o:da) wor4 a*d 1. ,ar4' for '&28e ($6e ;a;er a*d 1 ,ar4' for o28e ($6e ;a;er) a,# 43 $ar/" for e,# e5a$i,a io,. T!ere "!all be <o i, er,al e" " i, a Se$e" er a,# a@era2e of !e <o "!all be co,"i#ere# for !e a<ar# of $ar/" for i, er,al e" ". Ho<e@er i, !e I *ear cla""0 !ere "!all be !ree e" " a,# !e a@era2e of !e !ree $i# er$ e5a$i,a io," <ill be a/e, i, o co,"i#era io,. @i. T!ere "!all be a, i,#+" r*(orie, e# $i,i(1ro=ec 0 i, collabora io, <i ! a, i,#+" r* of !eir "pecialiBa io,0 o be a/e, +p #+ri,2 !e @aca io, af er III *ear II Se$e" er e5a$i,a io,. Ho<e@er0 !e $i,i pro=ec a,# i " repor "!all be e@al+a e# <i ! !e pro=ec <or/ i, IE *ear II Se$e" er. T!e i,#+" r* orie, e# $i,i pro=ec "!all be "+b$i e# i, repor for$ a,# "!o+l# be pre"e, e# before !e co$$i ee0 <!ic! "!all be e@al+a e# for 3& $ar/". T!e co$$i ee co,"i" " of a, e5 er,al e5a$i,er0 !ea# of !e #epar $e, 0 !e "+per@i"or of $i,i pro=ec a,# a "e,ior fac+l * $e$ber of !e #epar $e, . T!ere "!all be ,o i, er,al $ar/" for i,#+" r* orie, e# $i,i pro=ec .




T!ere "!all be a "e$i,ar pre"e, a io, i, IE *ear II Se$e" er. For !e "e$i,ar0 !e " +#e, "!all collec !e i,for$a io, o, a "pecialiBe# opic a,# prepare a ec!,ical repor 0 "!o<i,2 !i" +,#er" a,#i,2 o@er !e opic0 a,# "+b$i o !e #epar $e, 0 <!ic! "!all be e@al+a e# b* !e Depar $e, al co$$i ee co,"i" i,2 of Hea# of !e #epar $e, 0 "e$i,ar "+per@i"or a,# a "e,ior fac+l * $e$ber. T!e "e$i,ar repor "!all be e@al+a e# for 3& $ar/". T!ere "!all be ,o e5 er,al e5a$i,a io, for "e$i,ar. T!ere "!all be a Co$pre!e,"i@e Ei@a(Eoce i, IE *ear II "e$e" er. T!e Co$pre!e,"i@e Ei@a(Eoce <ill be co,#+c e# b* a Co$$i ee co,"i" i,2 of (i) Hea# of !e Depar $e, (ii) <o Se,ior Fac+l * $e$ber" of !e Depar $e, . T!e Co$pre!e,"i@e Ei@a(Eoce i" ai$e# o a""e"" !e " +#e, "I +,#er" a,#i,2 i, @ario+" "+b=ec " !e C "!e " +#ie# #+ri,2 !e B.Tec! co+r"e of " +#*. T!e Co$pre!e,"i@e Ei@a(Eoce i" e@al+a e# for '&& $ar/" b* !e Co$$i ee. T!ere are ,o i, er,al $ar/" for !e Co$pre!e,"i@e @i@a(@oce. O+ of a o al of %&& $ar/" for !e pro=ec <or/0 3& $ar/" "!all be for I, er,al E@al+a io, a,# '3& $ar/" for !e E,# Se$e" er E5a$i,a io,. T!e E,# Se$e" er E5a$i,a io, (@i@a(@oce) "!all be co,#+c e# b* !e "a$e co$$i ee appoi, e# for i,#+" r* orie, e# $i,i pro=ec . I, a##i io, !e pro=ec "+per@i"or "!all al"o be i,cl+#e# i, !e co$$i ee. T!e opic" for i,#+" r* orie, e# $i,i pro=ec 0 "e$i,ar a,# pro=ec <or/ "!all be #iffere, fro$ eac! o !er. T!e e@al+a io, of pro=ec <or/ "!all be co,#+c e# a !e e,# of !e IE *ear. T!e I, er,al E@al+a io, "!all be o, !e ba"i" of <o "e$i,ar" 2i@e, b* eac! " +#e, o, !e opic of !i" pro=ec .



A((e*da* e Re=&$re,e*('> i. A " +#e, "!all be eli2ible o appear for Colle2e E,# e5a$i,a io," if !e acA+ire" a $i,i$+$ of 43J of a e,#a,ce i, a22re2a e of all !e "+b=ec ". ii. S!or a2e of A e,#a,ce belo< D3J i, a22re2a e "!all i, NO ca"e be co,#o,e#. iii. Co,#o,a io, of "!or a2e of a e,#a,ce i, a22re2a e +p o '&J (D3J a,# abo@e a,# belo< 43J) i, eac! "e$e" er or I *ear $a* be 2ra, e# b* !e Colle2e Aca#e$ic Co$$i ee. i@. A " +#e, <ill ,o be pro$o e# o !e ,e5 "e$e" er +,le"" !e "a i"fie" !e a e,#a,ce reA+ire$e, of !e pre"e, "e$e" er C I *ear0 a" applicable. T!e* $a* "ee/ re(a#$i""io, for !a "e$e" er C I *ear <!e, offere# ,e5 . @. S +#e, " <!o"e "!or a2e of a e,#a,ce i" ,o co,#o,e# i, a,* "e$e" er C I *ear are ,o eli2ible o a/e !eir e,# e5a$i,a io, of !a cla"" a,# !eir re2i" ra io, "!all " a,# ca,celle#. @i. A " ip+la e# fee "!all be pa*able o<ar#" co,#o,a io, of "!or a2e of a e,#a,ce. M$*$,&, A ade,$ Re=&$re,e*('> T!e follo<i,2 aca#e$ic reA+ire$e, " !a@e o be "a i"fie# i, a##i io, o !e a e,#a,ce reA+ire$e, " $e, io,e# i, i e$ ,o.< i. A " +#e, "!all be #ee$e# o !a@e "a i"fie# !e $i,i$+$ aca#e$ic reA+ire$e, " a,# ear,e# !e cre#i " allo e# o eac! !eor* or prac ical #e"i2, or #ra<i,2 "+b=ec or pro=ec if !e "ec+re" ,o le"" !a, 93J of $ar/" i, !e e,# e5a$i,a io, a,# a $i,i$+$ of 8&J of $ar/" i, !e "+$ o al of !e i, er,al e@al+a io, a,# e,# e5a$i,a io, a/e, o2e !er. ii. A " +#e, "!all be pro$o e# fro$ II o III *ear o,l* if !e f+lfil" !e aca#e$ic reA+ire$e, of /?cre#i " fro$ o,e re2+lar a,# o,e "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io," of I *ear0 a,# o,e re2+lar e5a$i,a io, of II *ear I "e$e" er irre"pec i@e of <!e !er !e ca,#i#a e a/e" !e e5a$i,a io, or ,o .


A " +#e, "!all be pro$o e# fro$ !ir# *ear o fo+r ! *ear o,l* if !e f+lfil" !e aca#e$ic reA+ire$e, " of o al <- re#i " fro$ !e follo<i,2 e5a$i,a io,"0 <!e !er !e ca,#i#a e a/e" !e e5a$i,a io," or ,o . a. T<o re2+lar a,# <o "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io," of I *ear. b. T<o re2+lar a,# o,e "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io," of II *ear I "e$e" er. c. O,e re2+lar a,# o,e "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io," of II *ear II "e$e" er.



#. O,e re2+lar e5a$i,a io, of III *ear I "e$e" er. i@. A " +#e, "!all re2i" er a,# p+ +p $i,i$+$ a e,#a,ce i, all %&& cre#i " a,# ear, !e %&& cre#i ". Mar/" ob ai,e# i, all %&& cre#i " "!all be co,"i#ere# for !e calc+la io, of perce, a2e of $ar/". @. S +#e, " <!o fail o ear, %&& cre#i " a" i,#ica e# i, !e co+r"e " r+c +re <i !i, ei2! aca#e$ic *ear" fro$ !e *ear of !eir a#$i""io, "!all forfei !eir "ea i, B.Tec! co+r"e a,# !eir a#$i""io, "!all " a,# ca,celle#. Co&r'e ;a((er*> i. T!e e, ire co+r"e of " +#* i" of fo+r aca#e$ic *ear". T!e fir" *ear "!all be o, *earl* pa er, a,# !e "eco,#0 !ir# a,# fo+r ! *ear" o, "e$e" er pa er,. ii. A " +#e, eli2ible o appear for !e e,# e5a$i,a io, i, a "+b=ec 0 b+ ab"e, a i or !a" faile# i, !e e,# e5a$i,a io, $a* appear for !a "+b=ec a !e "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io,. iii. ;!e, a " +#e, i" #e ai,e# #+e o lac/ of cre#i " C "!or a2e of a e,#a,ce !e $a* be re( a#$i e# <!e, !e "e$e" er C *ear i" offere# af er f+lfil$e, of aca#e$ic re2+la io,"0 <!erea" !e aca#e$ic re2+la io," !ol# 2oo# <i ! !e re2+la io," !e <a" fir" a#$i e#. Award of C+a''> Af er a " +#e, !a" "a i"fie# !e reA+ire$e, " pre"cribe# for !e co$ple io, of !e pro2ra$ a,# i" eli2ible for !e a<ar# of B. Tec!. De2ree !e "!all be place# i, o,e of !e follo<i,2 fo+r cla""e": C+a'' Awarded Fir" Cla"" <i ! Di" i,c io, Fir" Cla"" Seco,# Cla"" 1a"" Cla"" B of ,ar4' (o 2e 'e &red 4&J a,# abo@e Belo< 4&J b+ ,o le"" !a, D&J Belo< D&J b+ ,o le"" !a, 3&J Belo< 3&J b+ ,o le"" !a, 8&J Fro$ !e a22re2a e $ar/" "ec+re# for !e be" %&& Cre#i ".

(T!e $ar/" i, i, er,al e@al+a io, a,# e,# e5a$i,a io, "!all be "!o<, "epara el* i, !e $ar/" $e$ora,#+$) 1.. M$*$,&, I*'(r& ($o* "a)'> T!e $i,i$+$ i," r+c io, #a*" for eac! "e$e" er C I *ear "!all be 6&C'7& clear i," r+c io, #a*". 11. T!ere "!all be ,o bra,c! ra,"fer" af er !e co$ple io, of a#$i""io, proce"". 1-. Ge*era+> i. ;!ere !e <or#" K!eL0 K!i$L0 K!i"L0 occ+r i, !e re2+la io,"0 !e* i,cl+#e K"!eL0 K!erL0 K!er"L. ii. T!e aca#e$ic re2+la io, "!o+l# be rea# a" a <!ole for !e p+rpo"e of a,* i, erpre a io,. iii. I, !e ca"e of a,* #o+b or a$bi2+i * i, !e i, erpre a io, of !e abo@e r+le"0 !e #eci"io, of !e -BIET i" fi,al. i@. T!e -BIET $a* c!a,2e or a$e,# !e aca#e$ic re2+la io," or "*llabi a a,* i$e a,# !e c!a,2e" or a$e,#$e, " $a#e "!all be applicable o all !e " +#e, " <i ! effec fro$ !e #a e" ,o ifie# b* !e -BIET. M(M(M

Academic Regulations for B. Tech. (Lateral ntr! "cheme) (Effec i@e for !e " +#e, " 2e i,2 a#$i e# i, o II *ear fro$ !e Aca#e$ic Year %&''(%&'% a,# o,<ar#") 1. T!e S +#e, " !a@e o acA+ire '3& cre#i " fro$ II o IE *ear of B.Tec!. 1ro2ra$ (Re2+lar) for !e a<ar# of !e #e2ree. Re2i" er for 11. cre#i " a,# "ec+re 11. cre#i ". -. /. 0. S +#e, "0 <!o fail o f+lfil !e reA+ire$e, for !e a<ar# of !e #e2ree i, D co,"ec+ i@e aca#e$ic *ear" fro$ !e *ear of a#$i""io,0 "!all forfei !eir "ea . T!e "a$e a e,#a,ce re2+la io," are o be a#op e# a" !a of B. Tec!. (Re2+lar). %ro,o($o* R&+e> A '(&de*( '!a++ 2e ;ro,o(ed fro, (!$rd )ear (o fo&r(! )ear o*+) $f !e f&+f$+' (!e a ade,$ re=&$re,e*(' of 94 red$(' fro, (!e e5a,$*a($o*'. a. T<o re2+lar a,# o,e "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io," of II *ear I "e$e" er. b. O,e re2+lar a,# o,e "+pple$e, ar* e5a$i,a io," of II *ear II "e$e" er. c. O,e re2+lar e5a$i,a io, of III *ear I "e$e" er. Award of C+a''> Af er a " +#e, !a" "a i"fie# !e reA+ire$e, " pre"cribe# for !e co$ple io, of !e pro2ra$ a,# i" eli2ible for !e a<ar# of B. Tec!. De2ree !e "!all be place# i, o,e of !e follo<i,2 fo+r cla""e": Fir" Cla"" <i ! Di" i,c io, 4&J a,# abo@e Fro$ !e a22re2a e Fir" Cla"" Belo< 4&J b+ ,o le"" !a, D&J $ar/" "ec+re# for Seco,# Cla"" Belo< D&J b+ ,o le"" !a, 3&J '3& Cre#i ". 1a"" Cla"" Belo< 3&J b+ ,o le"" !a, 8&J (i.e. II *ear o IE *ear) (T!e $ar/" i, i, er,al e@al+a io, a,# e,# e5a$i,a io, "!all be "!o<, "epara el* i, !e $ar/" $e$ora,#+$) All o !er re2+la io," a" applicable for B. Tec!. Fo+r(*ear #e2ree co+r"e (Re2+lar) <ill !ol# 2oo# for B. Tec!. (La eral E, r* Sc!e$e)




B. TECH. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING I YEAR Code COURSE STRUCTURE L T/P/D C English 2 4 Mathematics - I 3 1 6 Mathematical Methods 3 1 6 Engineering Physics 2 1 4 Engineering Chemistry 2 4 Computer Programming & Data tructures 3 6 Engineering Dra!ing 2 3 4 Computer Programming "a#$ 3 4 Engineering Physics % Engineering Chemistry "a#$ 3 4 English "anguage Communication &ills "a#$ 3 4 I' (or&shop % Engineering (or&shop 3 4 'otal 1) 1* +, Subject COURSE STRUCTURE L 3 4 3 4 4 3 , , ! T/P/D 1 , 1 1 1 1 3 3 !! C 3 4 3 4 4 3 2 2 "

II YEAR I SEMESTER Code Subject -pplied .iochemistry Electronic De/ices & Circuits 0undamental o1 Electrical Engineering ignals and ystems -natomy and Physiology .ioelectricity and Electrodes Electronic De/ices and Circuits "a# Medical ciences "a# Total

II YEAR II SEMESTER Code Subject En/ironmental tudies !itching 'heory and "ogic Design Pulse and Digital Circuits .asic Clinical ciences I .iotransducers and -pplications Pulse and Digital Circuits "a# 'ransducers "a# .asic imulation "a# Total

COURSE STRUCTURE L 3 4 4 4 4 , , , !# T/P/D 1 , 1 1 1 3 3 3 !$ C 3 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 "


B. TECH. BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING III YEAR I SEMESTER Code Subject Managerial Economics and 0inancial -nalysis Principles o1 Communications Digital ignal Processing -nalog and Digital IC -pplications .asic Clinical ciences 2 II .io1luids and Mechanics -d/anced English Communication &ills "a# -nalog and Digital IC -pplications "a# Total COURSE STRUCTURE L 4 4 4 3 3 3 , , ! T/P/D , 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 !! C 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 "

III YEAR II SEMESTER Code Subject O%e& Elect'(e 3ospital ystem Management Intellectual Property 4ights 5anotechnology .iological Control ystems .iomedical ignal Processing Medical Imaging 'echni6ues .iomedical E6uipment .iomedical E6uipment "a# .iomedical ignal Processing "a# Medical Imaging 'echni6ues "a# Total I) YEAR I SEMESTER Code Subject Image Processing and Pattern 4ecognition 4eha#ilitation Engineering Computer 5et!or&s Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Elect'(e * I -rti1icial Intelligence -rti1icial 5eural 5et!or&s 'elemedicine Elect'(e * II Em#edded + Real T',e ystems 7" I Design D P Processors & -rchitecture Microprocessors and Microcontrollers "a# Image Processing "a# Total


3 1 3 4 1 4 4 1 4 4 1 4 , 3 2 , 3 2 , 3 2 !# !$ " COURSE STRUCTURE L T/P/D C 3 1 3 3 1 3 4 , 4 4 1 4 3 1 3

, , !

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I) YEAR II SEMESTER COURSE STRUCTURE Code Subject L T/P/D C Elect'(e * III 3 1 3 .iomaterials 'ransportation Phenomena in li/ing systems Physiological ystems Modeling Elect'(e * I) 3 1 3 4o#otics and -utomation Medical In1ormatics 8uantitati/e Engineering Physiology 4elia#ility Engineering 3 , 3 Industry 9riented Mini Pro:ect , , 2 eminar , 6 2 Ma:or Pro:ect , 1+ 1, Comprehensi/e 7i/a , , 2 Total # $ " Note -ll End E;aminations <'heory and Practical= are o1 three hours duration$ ' - 'utorial " 2 'heory P 2 Practical C 2 Credits


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. !. INTRODUCTIONIn /ie! o1 the gro!ing importance o1 English as a tool 1or glo#al communication and the conse6uent emphasis on training students to ac6uire communicati/e competence> the sylla#us has #een designed to de/elop linguistic and communicati/e competence o1 Engineering students$ 'he prescri#ed #oo&s and the e;ercises are meant to ser/e #roadly as students? hand#oo&s$ In the English classes> the 1ocus should #e on the s&ills o1 reading> !riting> listening and spea&ing and 1or this the teachers should use the te;t prescri#ed 1or detailed study$ 0or e;ample> the students should #e encouraged to read the te;ts%selected paragraphs silently$ 'he teachers can as& comprehension 6uestions to stimulate discussion and #ased on the discussions students can #e made to !rite short paragraphs%essays etc$ 'he te;t 1or non-detailed study is 1or e;tensi/e reading%reading 1or pleasure #y the students$ 3ence> it is suggested that they read it on their o!n !ith topics selected 1or discussion in the class$ 'he time should #e utili@ed 1or !or&ing out the e;ercises gi/en a1ter each section > as also 1or supplementing the e;ercises !ith authentic materials o1 a similar &ind 1or e;ample> 1rom ne!spaper articles> ad/ertisements> promotional material etc$. However, the stress in this syllabus is on skill development and practice of language skills. . OB5ECTI)ESa$ 'o impro/e the language pro1iciency o1 the students in English !ith emphasis on " 4( s&ills$ #$ 'o e6uip the students to study academic su#:ects !ith greater 1acility through the theoretical and practical components o1 the English sylla#us$ c$ 'o de/elop the study s&ills and communication s&ills in 1ormal and in1ormal situations$ $. SYLLABUSL'6te&'&7 S8'll69#:ecti/es 1$ 'o ena#le students to de/elop their listening s&ill so that they may appreciate its role in the " 4( s&ills approach to language and impro/e their pronunciation 2$ 'o e6uip students !ith necessary training in listening so that can comprehend the speech o1 people o1 di11erent #ac&grounds and regions Students should be given practice in listening to the sounds of the language to be able to recognise them, to distinguish between them to mark stress and recognise and use the right intonation in sentences. A "istening 1or general content A "istening to 1ill up in1ormation A Intensi/e listening A "istening 1or speci1ic in1ormation S%ea8'&7 S8'll69#:ecti/es 1$ 'o ma&e students a!are o1 the role o1 spea&ing in English and its contri#ution to their success$ 2$ 'o ena#le students to e;press themsel/es 1luently and appropriately in social and pro1essional conte;ts$ A 9ral practice A Descri#ing o#:ects%situations%people A 4ole play 2 Indi/idual%Broup acti/ities <Csing e;ercises 1rom all the nine units o1 the prescri#ed te;tD Learning English : A ommunicative Approach$= A Eust - Minute<E-M= essions$ Read'&7 S8'll69#:ecti/es 1$ 'o de/elop an a!areness in the students a#out the signi1icance o1 silent reading and comprehension$ 2$ 'o de/elop the a#ility o1 students to guess the meanings o1 !ords 1rom conte;t and grasp the o/erall message o1 the te;t> dra! in1erences etc$ A &imming the te;t A Cnderstanding the gist o1 an argument A Identi1ying the topic sentence A In1erring le;ical and conte;tual meaning A Cnderstanding discourse 1eatures A 4ecogni@ing coherence%se6uencing o1 sentences NOTE - !he students will be trained in reading skills using the prescribed te"t for detailed study. !hey will be e"amined in reading and answering #uestions using $unseen% passages which may be taken from the non&detailed te"t or other authentic te"ts, such as maga'ines(newspaper articles. T/P/D 0/0/0 2"!33!4 ENGLISH L C 1

9.'t'&7 S8'll6 9#:ecti/es 1$ 'o de/elop an a!areness in the students a#out !riting as an e;act and 1ormal s&ill 2$ 'o e6uip them !ith the components o1 di11erent 1orms o1 !riting> #eginning !ith the lo!er order ones$ A (riting sentences A Cse o1 appropriate /oca#ulary A Paragraph !riting A Coherence and cohesi/eness A 5arration % description A 5ote Ma&ing A 0ormal and in1ormal letter !riting A Editing a passage

1. TE:TBOO;S PRESCRIBEDIn order to impro/e the pro1iciency o1 the student in the ac6uisition o1 the 1our s&ills mentioned a#o/e> the 1ollo!ing te;ts and course content> di/ided into E'7/t U&'t6> are prescri#edD For Detailed study ! <'.6t Te=t boo8 e&t'tled >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad For Non-detailed study !. Seco&d te=t boo8 >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. -$ 'CDF M-'E4I-"D Cnit 2I !. C/a%te. e&t'tled Heavens Gate B.o, >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad C/a%te. e&t'tled Haragovind Khorana B.o, >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. Cnit 2II !. C/a%te. e&t'tled Sir CV Raman: A ath!rea"er in the Saga o# $ndian S%ien%e B.o, >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad C/a%te. e&t'tled Sam etroda B.o, >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. Cnit 2III ! C/a%te. e&t'tled &he Connoisseur B.o, >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad C/a%te. e&t'tled 'other &eresa B.o, >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. Cnit 2I7 !. C/a%te. e&t'tled &he Cuddalore ()*erien%e B.o, >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad C/a%te. e&t'tled Dr Amartya Kumar Sen B.o, >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. Cnit 27 !. C/a%te. e&t'tled +u!!ling ,ell Road B.o, >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad C/a%te. e&t'tled $ Have a Dream b? Ma.t'& Lut/e. ;'&7 B.o, >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. Cnit 27I !. C/a%te. e&t'tled -dds Against .s B.o, >E&jo?'&7 E(e.?da? E&7l'6/@A Publ'6/ed b? Sa&7a, Boo86A H?de.abad C/a%te. e&t'tled As" Not ,hat /our Country %an do #or you b? 5o/& < ;e&&ed? B.o, >I&6%'.'&7 S%eec/e6 a&d L'(e6@A Publ'6/ed b? Ma.ut/' Publ'cat'o&6A Gu&tu. G E;ercises 1rom the lessons not prescri#ed shall also #e used 1or classroom tas&s$ U&'t * )II E=e.c'6e6 o& 4eading and (riting &ills 4eading Comprehension ituational dialogues "etter !riting Essay !riting U&'t * )III P.act'ce E=e.c'6e6 o& Re,ed'al G.a,,a. co(e.'&7 Common errors in English> u#:ect-7er# agreement> Cse o1 -rticles and Prepositions> 'ense and aspect )ocabula.? de(elo%,e&t co(e.'&7 ynonyms & -ntonyms> one-!ord su#stitutes> pre1i;es & su11i;es> Idioms & phrases> !ords o1ten con1used$

RE<ERENCES 1$ I&&o(ate C't/ E&7l'6/- A Cou.6e '& E&7l'6/ Bo. E&7'&ee.'&7 Stude&t6A edited #y ' amson> 0oundation .oo&s 2$ English Brammar PracticeA Raj N Ba86/'A O.'e&t Lo&7,a&. 3$ EBBect'(e E&7l'6/A ed'ted #y E uresh Humar> - 4amaHrishna 4ao> P reehari> Pu#lished #y Pearson 4$ 3and#oo& o1 English Brammar& CsageA Ma.8 Le6te. a&d La..? Bea6o&A Tata Mc G.aC *H'll. +$ po&en EnglishA R.;. Ba&6al + 5B Ha..'6o&A O.'e&t Lo&7,a&. 6$ 'echnical Communication> Mee&a86/' Ra,a&A O=Bo.d U&'(e.6't? P.e66 )$ 9#:ecti/e English Ed7a. T/o.%e + S/oC'c8 T/o.%e> Pea.6o& Educat'o& *$ Brammar BamesA Re&u(olcu.' Ma.'oA Ca,b.'d7e U&'(e.6't? P.e66. I$ Murphy?s English Brammar !ith CDA Mu.%/?A Ca,b.'d7e U&'(e.6't? P.e66. 1,$ E/eryday Dialogues in EnglishA Robe.t 5. D'=6o&A P.e&t'ce Hall I&d'a P(t Ltd.A 11$ -.C o1 Common Errors N'7el D Mac M'lla& Publ'6/e.6. 12$ .asic 7oca#ulary Ed7a. T/o.%e + S/oC'c8 T/o.%e> Pea.6o& Educat'o& 13$ E11ecti/e 'echnical CommunicationA M A6/.aB R'D('A Tata Mc G.aC *H'll. 14$ -n Interacti/e Brammar o1 Modern English> S/'(e&d.a ;. )e.,a a&d He,lat/a Na7a.aja& A <.a&8 B.o6 + CO 1+$ - Communicati/e Brammar o1 English> GeoBB.e? Leec/A 5a& S(a.t('8A Pea.6o& Educat'o& 16$ Enrich your English> T/a8u. ; B P S'&/aA )'ja? N'cole I,%.'&t6 P(t Ltd.A 1)$ - Brammar .oo& 1or Fou -nd I> C. EdCa.d GoodA MacM'lla& Publ'6/e.6.


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L T/P/D $ !/0/0 MATHEMATICS * I C E

UNIT * I SeFue&ce6 * Se.'e6 .asic de1initions o1 e6uences and series 2 Con/ergences and di/ergence 2 4atio test 2 Comparison test 2 Integral test 2 Cauchy?s root test 2 4aa#e?s test 2 -#solute and conditional con/ergence UNIT * II <u&ct'o&6 oB S'&7le )a.'able 4olle?s 'heorem 2 "agrange?s Mean 7alue 'heorem 2 Cauchy?s mean /alue 'heorem 2 Benerali@ed Mean 7alue theorem <all theorems !ithout proo1= 0unctions o1 se/eral /aria#les 2 0unctional dependence- Eaco#ian- Ma;ima and Minima o1 1unctions o1 t!o /aria#les !ith constraints and !ithout constraints UNIT * III A%%l'cat'o& oB S'&7le (a.'able6 4adius> Centre and Circle o1 Cur/ature 2 E/olutes and En/elopes Cur/e tracing 2 Cartesian > polar and Parametric cur/es$ UNIT * I) I&'o& + 't6 a%%l'cat'o&6 4iemann ums > Integral 4epresentation 1or lengths> -reas> 7olumes and ur1ace areas in Cartesian and polar coordinates multiple integrals - dou#le and triple integrals 2 change o1 order o1 integration- change o1 /aria#le UNIT * ) D'BBe.e&t'al eFuat'o&6 oB B'.6t a&d t/e'. a%%l'cat'o&6 9/er/ie! o1 di11erential e6uations- e;act> linear and .ernoulli$ -pplications to 5e!ton?s "a! o1 cooling> "a! o1 natural gro!th and decay> orthogonal tra:ectories and geometrical applications$ UNIT * )I H'7/e. L'&ea. d'BBe.e&t'al eFuat'o&6 a&d t/e'. a%%l'cat'o&6 "inear di11erential e6uations o1 second and higher order !ith constant coe11icients> 43 term o1 the type 1<J=K e a;> and ; > e 7<;=> ; harmonic motion$


> in a;> Cos


7<;=> method o1 /ariation o1 parameters$ -pplications #ending o1 #eams> Electrical circuits> simple

UNIT * )II La%lace t.a&6Bo., a&d 't6 a%%l'cat'o&6 to O.d'&a.? d'BBe.e&t'al eFuat'o&6 "aplace trans1orm o1 standard 1unctions 2 In/erse trans1orm 2 1irst shi1ting 'heorem> 'rans1orms o1 deri/ati/es and integrals 2 Cnit step 1unction 2 second shi1ting theorem 2 Dirac?s delta 1unction 2 Con/olution theorem 2 Periodic 1unction - Di11erentiation and integration o1 trans1orms--pplication o1 "aplace trans1orms to ordinary di11erential e6uations$ UNIT * )III )ecto. Calculu6 7ector CalculusD Bradient- Di/ergence- Curl and their related properties Potential 1unction - "aplacian and second order operators$ "ine integral 2 !or& done 22- ur1ace integrals - 0lu; o1 a /ector /alued 1unction$ 7ector integrals theoremsD Breen?s - to&e?s and Bauss?s Di/ergence 'heorems < tatement & their 7eri1ication= $ TE:T BOO;S1$ Engineering Mathematics 2 I #y P$.$ .has&ara 4ao> $H$7$ $ 4ama Chary> M$ .hu:anga 4ao$ 2$ Engineering Mathematics 2 I #y C$ han&araiah> 7B .oo&lin&s$ RE<ERENCES1$ Engineering Mathematics 2 I #y '$H$ 7$ Iyengar> .$ Hrishna Bandhi & 9thers> $ Chand$ 2$ Engineering Mathematics 2 I #y D$ $ Chandrase&har> Prison .oo&s P/t$ "td$ 3$ Engineering Mathematics 2 I #y B$ han&er 4ao & 9thers I$H$ International Pu#lications$ 4$ 3igher Engineering Mathematics 2 .$ $ Bre!al> Hhanna Pu#lications$ +$ -d/ance Engineering Mathematics #y Eain and $4$H$ Iyengar> 5arosa Pu#lications$ 6$ - te;t .oo& o1 H4EF LIB? Engineering Mathematics> 7ol-1 Dr $-$ 4ama&rishna Prasad$ (I"EF pu#lications


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L $ T/P/D !/0/0 C E

MATHEMATICAL METHODS UNIT * I - Solut'o& Bo. l'&ea. 6?6te,6 Matrices and "inear systems o1 e6uationsD Elementary ro! trans1ormations-4an&-Echelon 1orm> 5ormal 1orm 2 olution o1 "inear ystems 2 Direct Methods- "C Decomposition- "C Decomposition 1rom Bauss Elimination 2 olution o1 'ridiagonal ystemsolution o1 "inear ystems UNIT * II - E'7e& )alue6 + E'7e& )ecto.6 Eigen /alues> eigen /ectors 2 properties 2 Condition num#er o1 ran&> Cayley-3amilton 'heorem <!ithout Proo1= - In/erse and po!ers o1 a matri; #y Cayley-3amilton theorem 2 Diagonoli@ation o1 matri;$ Calculation o1 po!ers o1 matri; 2 Modal and spectral matrices$ UNIT * III - L'&ea. T.a&6Bo.,at'o&6 4eal matrices 2 ymmetric> s&e! - symmetric> orthogonal> "inear 'rans1ormation 2 9rthogonal 'rans1ormation$ Comple; matricesD 3ermitian> &e!-3ermitian and Cnitary 2 Eigen /alues and eigen /ectors o1 comple; matrices and their properties$ 8uadratic 1orms- 4eduction o1 6uadratic 1orm to canonical 1orm 2 4an& - Positi/e> negati/e de1inite - semi de1inite - inde; - signature yl/ester la!> ingular /alue decomposition$ UNIT * I) - Solut'o& oB No&0 l'&ea. S?6te,6 olution o1 -lge#raic and 'ranscendental E6uationsD Introduction 2 'he .isection Method 2 'he Method o1 0alse Position 2 'he Iteration Method 2 5e!ton-4aphson Method$ I&te.%olat'o&- Introduction- Errors in Polynomial Interpolation 2 0inite di11erences- 0or!ard Di11erences- .ac&!ard di11erences 2 Central di11erences 2 ym#olic relations and separation o1 sym#ols- Di11erence E6uations - Di11erences o1 a polynomial-5e!ton?s 1ormulae 1or interpolation 2 Central di11erence interpolation 0ormulae 2 Bauss Central Di11erence 0ormulae 2Interpolation !ith une/enly spaced points-"agrange?s Interpolation 1ormula$ .$ pline interpolation - Cu#ic spline$ UNIT * ) - Cu.(e B'tt'&7 + Nu,e.'cal I&'o& Cur/e 1ittingD 0itting a straight line 2 econd degree cur/e-e;ponentional cur/e-po!er cur/e #y method o1 least s6uares$ 5umerical Di11erentiation 2 impson?s 3%* 4ule > Baussian Integration> E/aluation o1 principal /alue integrals> Benerali@ed 8uadrature$ UNIT * )I - Nu,e.'cal 6olut'o& oB I)PG6 '& ODE 5umerical solution o1 9rdinary Di11erential e6uationsD olution #y 'aylor?s series-Picard?s Method o1 successi/e -ppro;imationsEuler?s Method-4unge-Hutta Methods 2Predictor-Corrector Methods- -dams- .ash1orth Method$

UNIT * )II <ou.'e. Se.'e6 0ourier eriesD Determination o1 0ourier coe11icients 2 0ourier series 2 e/en and odd 1unctions 2 0ourier series in an ar#itrary inter/al 2 e/en and odd periodic continuation 2 3al1-range 0ourier sine and cosine e;pansions$ UNIT * )III Pa.t'al d'BBe.e&t'al eFuat'o&6 Introduction and 0ormation o1 partial di11erential e6uation #y elimination o1 ar#itrary constants and ar#itrary 1unctions> solutions o1 1irst order linear <"agrange= e6uation and nonlinear < tandard type= e6uations> Method o1 separation o1 /aria#les 1or second order e6uations -'!o dimensional !a/e e6uation$ TE:T BOO;S1$ Mathematical Methods #y P$.$.has&ara 4ao> $H$7$ $ 4ama Chary> M$.hu:anga 4ao> .$ $Pu#lications$ 2$ Mathematical Methods #y H$7$ uryanarayana 4ao #y citech Pu#lications$ RE<ERENCES1$ Mathematical Methods #y '$H$7$ Iyengar> .$Hrishna Bandhi & 9thers> $ Chand$ 2$ Introductory Methods #y 5umerical -nalysis #y $ $ astry> P3I "earning P/t$ "td$ 3$ Mathematical Methods #y B$ han&ar 4ao> I$H$ International Pu#lications> 5$Delhi 4$ 3igher Engineering Mathematics #y .$ $ Bre!al> Hhanna Pu#lications$ +$ Mathematical Methods #y 7$ 4a/indranath> Etl> 3imalaya Pu#lications$ 6$ - te;t .oo& o1 H4EF LIB? Mathematical Methods> Dr $-$ 4ama&rishna Prasad$ (I"EF pu#lications$


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L T/P/D !/0/0 C 1

ENGINEERING PHYSICS UNIT0I !. Bo&d'&7 '& Sol'd6- Ionic .ond> Co/alent .ond> Metallic .ond> 3ydrogen .ond> 7ander-(aal?s .ond> Calculation o1 Cohesi/e Energy$ . C.?6tallo7.a%/? a&d C.?6tal St.uctu.e6- pace "atticeA Cnit Cell> "attice Parameters> Crystal ystems> .ra/ais "attices> Miller Indices> Crystal Planes and Directions> Inter Planar pacing o1 9rthogonal Crystal ystems> -tomic 4adius> Co-ordination 5um#er and Pac&ing 0actor o1 C> .CC> 0CC> Diamond and hcp tructures> tructures o1 5aCl> Ln > CsCl$ UNIT0II $. :0.a? D'BB.act'o&- .asic Principles> .ragg?s "a!> "aue Method> Po!der Method> -pplications o1 J- ray Di11raction$ 1. DeBect6 '& C.?6tal6- Point De1ectsD 7acancies> u#stitutional> Interstitial> 0ren&el and chott&y De1ectsM 8ualitati/e treatment o1 line <Edge and cre! Dislocations= De1ects> .urger?s 7ector> ur1ace De1ects and 7olume De1ects$ UNIT0III ". Ele,e&t6 oB Stat'6t'cal Mec/a&'c6- Ma;!ell-.olt@man> .ose-Einstein and 0ermi-Dirac tatistics <8ualitati/e 'reatment=> Photon gas > (ein?s "a!> 4ayleigh-Eeans la!>> Planc&?s "a! o1 .lac& .ody 4adiation> Concept o1 Electron Bas> 0ermi Energy> Density o1 tates$ E. P.'&c'%le6 oB Hua&tu, Mec/a&'c6- (a/es and Particles> de .roglie 3ypothesis > Matter (a/es> Da/isson and Bermer?s E;periment> B$ P$ 'homson E;periment> 3eisen#erg?s Cncertainty Principle> chrNdinger?s 'ime Independent (a/e E6uation Physical igni1icance o1 the (a/e 0unction - Particle in 9ne Dimensional Potential .o;$ UNIT0I) I. Ba&d T/eo.? oB Sol'd6- Electron in a periodic Potential> .loch 'heorem> Hronig-Penny Model <8ualitati/e 'reatment=> 9rigin o1 Energy .and 0ormation in olids> Classi1ication o1 Materials into Conductors> emi Conductors & Insulators> Concept o1 E11ecti/e Mass o1 an Electron and 3ole$ UNIT0) J. Se,'co&ducto. P/?6'c6- 0ermi "e/el in Intrinsic and E;trinsic emiconductors> Intrinsic emiconductors and Carrier Concentration> E;trinsic emiconductors and Carrier Concentration> E6uation o1 Continuity> Direct & Indirect .and Bap emiconductors> 3all E11ect$ #. P/?6'c6 oB Se,'co&ducto. De('ce6- 0ormation o1 P5 Eunction> 9pen Circuit P5 Eunction> Energy Diagram o1 P5 Diode> I-7 Characteristics o1 P5 Eunction> P5 Diode as a 4ecti1ier <0or!ard and 4e/erse .ias=> Diode E6uation> "ED> "CD and Photo Diodes$ UNIT0)I !3. D'elect.'c P.o%e.t'e6- Electric Dipole> Dipole Moment> Dielectric Constant> Polari@a#ility> Electric uscepti#ility> Displacement 7ector> Electronic> Ionic and 9rientation Polari@ations and Calculation o1 Polari@a#ilities - Internal 0ields in olids> Clausius Mossotti E6uation> Pie@o-electricity> Pyro-electricity and 0erro- electricity$ !!. Ma7&et'c P.o%e.t'e6- Permea#ility> 0ield Intensity> Magnetic 0ield Induction> Magneti@ation> Magnetic uscepti#ility> 9rigin o1 Magnetic Moment> .ohr Magneton> Classi1ication o1 Dia> Para and 0erro Magnetic Materials on the #asis o1 Magnetic Moment> Domain 'heory o1 0erro Magnetism on the #asis o1 3ysteresis Cur/e> o1t and 3ard Magnetic Materials> Properties o1 -nti-0erro and 0erri Magnetic Materials> 0errites and their -pplications> Concept o1 Per1ect Diamagnetism> Meissner E11ect> Magnetic "e/itation> -pplications o1 uperconductors$ UNIT0)IIK ! . La6e.6- Characteristics o1 "asers> pontaneous and timulated Emission o1 4adiation> Meta-sta#le tate> Population In/ersion> "asing -ction> Einstein?s Coe11icients and 4elation #et!een them> 4u#y "aser> 3elium-5eon "aser> Car#on Dio;ide "aser> emiconductor Diode "aser> -pplications o1 "asers$ !$. <'be. O%t'c6- Principle o1 9ptical 0i#er> -cceptance -ngle and -cceptance Cone> 5umerical -perture> 'ypes o1 9ptical 0i#ers and 4e1racti/e Inde; Pro1iles> -ttenuation in 9ptical 0i#ers> -pplication o1 9ptical 0i#ers$ UNIT0)III !1. Acou6t'c6 oB Bu'ld'&76 + Acou6t'c Hu'et'&7- .asic 4e6uirement o1 -coustically Bood 3all> 4e/er#eration and 'ime o1 4e/er#eration> a#ine?s 0ormula 1or 4e/er#eration 'ime<8ualitati/e 'reatment=> Measurement o1 -#sorption Coe11icient o1 a Material> 0actors -11ecting 'he -rchitectural -coustics and their 4emedies$ -coustic 8uietingD -spects o1 -coustic 8uieting> Methods o1 8uieting> 8uieting 1or peci1ic 9#ser/er6A Mu11lers> ound-proo1ing$ !". Na&otec/&olo7?- 9rigin o1 5anotechnology> 5ano cale> ur1ace to 7olume 4atio> 8uantum Con1inement> .ottom-up 0a#ricationD ol-gel> Precipitation> Com#ustion MethodsM 'op-do!n 0a#ricationD Chemical 7apour Deposition> Physical 7apour Deposition> Pulsed "aser 7apour Deposition Methods> Characteri@ation<J4D&'EM= and -pplications$

TE:T BOO;S1$ 2$ 3$

-pplied Physics 2 P$H$Palanisamy < ci'ech Pu#lications <India= P/t$ "td$> 0i1th Print 2,,*=$ -pplied Physics 2 $9$ Pillai & i/a&ami <5e! -ge International <P= "td$> econd Edition 2,,*=$ -pplied Physics 2 '$ .hima han&aram & B$ Prasad <.$ $ Pu#lications> 'hird Edition 2,,*=$

RE<ERENCES1$ olid tate Physics 2 M$ -rmugam <-nuradha Pu#lications=$ 2$ Modern Physics 2 4$ Murugeshan & H$ i/a Prasath 2 $ Chand & Co$ <1or tatistical Mechanics=$ 3$ - 'e;t .oo& o1 Engg Physics 2 M$ 5$ -/adhanulu & P$ B$ Hhsirsagar2 $ Chand & Co$ <1or acoustics=$ 4$ Modern Physics #y H$ 7i:aya Humar> $ ChandralingamD $ Chand & Co$"td +$ 5anotechnology 2 M$4atner & D$ 4atner <Pearson Ed$=$ 6$ Introduction to olid tate Physics 2 C$ Hittel <(iley Eastern=$ )$ olid tate Physics 2 -$E$ De&&er <Macmillan=$ *$ -pplied Physics 2 Mani 5aidu Pearson Education



UNIT IElect.oc/e,'6t.? a&d Batte.'e6- Concept o1 Electro Chemistry> Conductance-Electrolyte in solution> Conductance- peci1ic> E6ui/alent and molar conductance> Ionic mo#ilities> Holrausch?s "a!$ -pplication o1 conductance$ EM0D Bal/anic Cells> types o1 Electrodes> 4e1erence Electrode < CE> 8uinhydrone electrode=> Ion electi/e Electrodes <Blass Electrode= 5ernest e6uation> Concentration Cells> Bal/anic series> Potentiometric titrations> 5umerical pro#lems$ .atteriesD Primary and secondary cells> <lead--cid cell> 5i-Cd cell> "ithium cells=$ -pplications o1 #atteries> 1uel cells 2 3ydrogen 2 9;ygen 1uel cells> -d/antages o1 1uel cells$ UNIT IICo..o6'o& a&d 't6 co..o6'o& co&t.ol D Introduction> causes and di11erent types o1 corrosion and e11ects o1 corrosion> theories o1 corrosion 2 Chemical> Electrochemical corrosion> corrosion reactions> 1actors a11ecting corrosion 2 5ature o1 metal 2 gal/anic series> o/er /oltage> purity o1 metal> nature o1 o;ide 1ilm> nature o1 corrosion product$ 5ature o1 en/ironment-e11ect o1 temperature> e11ect o1 p3> 3umidity> e11ect o1 o;idant$ Corrosion control methods 2 Cathodic protection> sacri1icial anode> impressed current cathode$ ur1ace coatings 2 methods o1 application on metals- hot dipping> gal/ani@ing> tinning> cladding> electroplating - 9rganic sur1ace coatings 2 paints constituents and 1unctions$ UNIT IIIPol?,e.6- 'ypes o1 Polymeri@ation> Mechanism <Chain gro!th & tep gro!th=$PlasticsD 'hermoplastic resins & 'hermo set resins$ Compounding & 1a#rication o1 plastics> preparation> properties> engineering applications o1D polyethylene> P7C> P > 'e1lon> .a&elite> 5ylon$ Conducting PolymersD Poly acetylene> polyaniline> conduction> doping> applications$ "i6uid Crystal polymersD Characteristics and uses 4u##er 2 5atural ru##er> /ulcani@ation$ Elastomers 2 .una-s> .utyl ru##er> 'hio&ol ru##ers> 0i#ers 2 polyester> 1i#er rein1orced plastics <04P=> applications UNIT I)9ate.- Introduction> 3ardnessD Causes> e;pression o1 hardness 2 units 2 types o1 hardness> estimation o1 temporary & permanent hardness o1 !ater> numerical pro#lems$ .oiler trou#les 2 cale & sludge 1ormation> caustic en#sittlement> corrosion> priming & 1oaming o1tening o1 !ater <Internal & e;ternal treatment-"ime soda> Leolite> Ion e;change process and 5umerical pro#lems= 4e/erse osmosis> electro dialysis$ UNIT )Su.Bace C/e,'6t.?D olid sur1aces> types o1 adsorption> "ongmuir adsorption isotherm> .E' adsorption e6uip$ Calculation o1 sur1ace area o1 solid & application adsorption> classi1ication o1 colloids> Electrical & optical properties micelles> applications o1 colloids in industry$ 5ano materialsD Introduction> preparation and applications o1 nano meterials UNIT )IE&e.7? 6ou.ce6- 1uels> classi1ication 2 con/entional 1uels <solid> li6uid> gaseous= olid 1uels 2 coal 2 analysis 2 pro;imate and ultimate analysis and their signi1icance "i6uid 1uels 2 primary 2 petroleum 2 re1ining o1 petroleum-crac&ing &noc&ing synthetic petrol 2 .ergius and 0ischer 'ropsech?s processM Baseous 1uels 2 natural gas> analysis o1 1lue gas #y 9rsat?s method Com#ustion 2 pro#lems> Calori1ic /alue o1 1uel 2 3C7> "C7> determination o1 calori1ic /alue #y Eun&er?s gas calorie meter$ UNIT )IIP/a6e .uleD De1initions 2 phase> component> degree o1 1reedom> phase rule e6uitation$ Phase diagrams 2 one component systemD !ater system$ '!o component system lead- sil/er system> heat treatment #ased on iron-car#on phase diagram> hardening> annealing$ UNIT )IIIMate.'al6 C/e,'6t.?D CementD composition o1 Portland cement> manu1acture o1 port land Cement> setting & hardening o1 cement <reactions=$ "u#ricantsD Criteria o1 a good lu#ricant> mechanism> properties o1 lu#ricantsD Cloud point> pour point>1lash & 1ire point>7iscocity$ 4e1ractoriessD Classi1ication> Characteristics o1 a good re1ractory$ Insulators & conductorsD Classi1ication o1 insulators characteristics o1 thermal & electrical insulators and applications o1 uperconductors <5#- n alloy> F.a 2 Cu3 9)-;=> applications$ TE:T BOO;S1$ 'e;t .oo&s o1 Engineering Chemistry #y C$P$ Murthy> C$7$ -gar!al> -$ 5aidu .$ $ Pu#lications> 3ydera#ad <2,,6=$ 2$ 'e;t o1 Engineering Chemistry #y $ $ Dara & Mu&&ati $ Chand & Co>5e! Delhi<2,,6= RE<ERENCE BOO;S 1$ Engineering Chemistry #y .$ i/a han&ar Mc$Bra! 3ill Pu#lishing Company "imited > 5e! Delhi<2,,6= 2$ Enginering Chemistry E$C$ Huriacase & E$ 4a:aram> 'ata McBra! 3ills co$> 5e! Delhi <2,,4=$ 3$ 4$ +$ Engineering Chemistry #y P$C Eain & Monica Eain> Dhanpatrai Pu#lishing Company <2,,*=$ Chemistry o1 Engineering Materials #y C7 -gar!al>C$P Murthy> -$5aidu> . Pu#lications$ Chemistry o1 Engineering Meterials #y 4$P Mani and H$5$Mishra> CE5B-BE learning$

6$ )$ *$

-pplied Chemistry 2 - te;t 1or Engineering & 'echnology 2 pringar <2,,+=$ 'e;t .oo& o1 Engineering Chemistry 2 hasi Cha!la> Dhantpat 4ai pu#lishing Company> 5e!Delhi <2,,*=$ Engineering Chemistry 2 4$ Bopalan> D$ 7en&atappayya> D$7$ ulochana 5agara:an 2 7i&as Pu#lishers <2,,*=$


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L T/P/D C $ COMPUTER PROGRAMMING AND DATA STRUCTURES UNIT 0 I Introduction to Computers 2 Computer ystems> Computing En/ironments> Computer "anguages> Creating and running programmes> o1t!are De/elopment Method> -lgorithms> Pseudo code> 1lo! charts> applying the so1t!are de/elopment method$ UNIT 0 II Introduction to C "anguage 2 .ac&ground> imple C Programme> Identi1iers> .asic data types> 7aria#les> Constants> Input % 9utput> 9perators$ E;pressions> Precedence and -ssociati/ity> E;pression E/aluation> 'ype con/ersions> .it !ise operators> tatements> imple C Programming e;amples$ election tatements 2 i1 and s!itch statements> 4epetition statements 2 !hile> 1or> do-!hile statements> "oop e;amples> other statements related to looping 2 #rea&> continue> goto> imple C Programming e;amples$ UNIT 0 III Designing tructured Programmes> 0unctions> #asics> user de1ined 1unctions> inter 1unction communication> tandard 1unctions> cope> torage classes-auto> register> static> e;tern> scope rules> type 6uali1iers> recursion- recursi/e 1unctions> Preprocessor commands> e;ample C programmes -rrays 2 Concepts> using arrays in C> inter 1unction communication> array applications> t!o 2 dimensional arrays> multidimensional arrays> C programme e;amples$ UNIT 0 I) Pointers 2 Introduction <.asic Concepts=> Pointers 1or inter 1unction communication> pointers to pointers> compati#ility> memory allocation 1unctions> array o1 pointers> programming applications> pointers to /oid> pointers to 1unctions> command 2line arguments$ trings 2 Concepts> C trings> tring Input % 9utput 1unctions> arrays o1 strings> string manipulation 1unctions> string % data con/ersion> C programme e;amples$ UNIT 0 ) Deri/ed types 2 tructures 2 Declaration> de1inition and initiali@ation o1 structures> accessing structures> nested structures> arrays o1 structures> structures and 1unctions> pointers to structures> sel1 re1erential structures> unions> typede1> #it 1ields> enumerated types> C programming e;amples$ UNIT 0 )I Input and 9utput 2 Concept o1 a 1ile> streams> standard input % output 1unctions> 1ormatted input % output 1unctions> te;t 1iles and #inary 1iles> 1ile input % output operations> 1ile status 1unctions <error handling=> C programme e;amples$ UNIT * )II earching and orting 2 search methods$ orting- selection sort> #u##le sort> insertion sort> 6uic& sort> merge sort> earching-linear and #inary 0/0/0 E

UNIT 0 )III Data tructures 2 Introduction to Data tructures> a#stract data types> "inear list 2 singly lin&ed list implementation> insertion> deletion and searching operations on linear list> tac&s-9perations> array and lin&ed representations o1 stac&s> stac& applicationin1i; to post1i; con/ersion> post1i; e;pression e/aluation> recursion implementation> 8ueues-operations> array and lin&ed representations$ TE:T BOO;S 1$ 2$ C Programming & Data tructures> .$-$0orou@an and 4$0$ Bil#erg> 'hird Edition> Cengage "earning$ Pro#lem ol/ing and Program Design in C> E$4$ 3anly and E$.$ Ho11man> 0i1th Edition> Pearson education$

RE<ERENCES1$ 2$ 3$ 4$ +$ 6$ C& Data structures 2 P$ Padmana#ham> 'hird Edition> .$ $ Pu#lications$ 'he C Programming "anguage> .$($ Hernighan and Dennis M$4itchie> P3I%Pearson Education C Programming !ith pro#lem sol/ing> E$-$ Eones & H$ 3arro!> dreamtech Press Programming in C 2 tephen B$ Hochan> III Edition> Pearson Eductaion$ C 1or Engineers and cientists> 3$Cheng> Mc$Bra!-3ill International Edition Data tructures using C 2 -$M$'anen#aum> F$"angsam> and M$E$ -ugenstein> Pearson Education % P3I )$ C Programming & Data tructures> E$ .alagurusamy> 'M3$ *$ C Programming & Data tructures> P$ Dey> M Bhosh 4 'here:a> 9;1ord Cni/ersity Press I$ C& Data structures 2 E 7 Prasad and 5 . 7en&ates!arlu> $ Chand&Co$


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. T/P/D C 0/0/$ 1 2"!33I4 ENGINEERING DRA9ING L

UNIT * I INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING DRA9ING - Principles o1 Engineering Braphics and their igni1icance 2 Dra!ing Instruments and their Cse 2 Con/entions in Dra!ing 2 "ettering 2 .I Con/entions$ Cur/es used in Engineering Practice & their Constructions D a= Conic ections including the 4ectangular 3yper#ola 2 Beneral method only$ #= Cycloid> Epicycloid and 3ypocycloid c= In/olute$ d= calesD Di11erent types o1 cales> Plain scales comparati/e scales> scales o1 chords$ UNIT * II DRA9ING O< PRO5ECTIONS OR )IE9S ORTHOGRAPHIC PRO5ECTION IN <IRST ANGLE PRO5ECTION- Principles o1 9rthographic Pro:ections 2 Con/entions 2 0irst and 'hird -ngle> Pro:ections o1 Points and "ines inclined to #oth planes> 'rue lengths> traces$ UNIT * III PRO5ECTIONS O< PLANES + SOLIDS- Pro:ections o1 regular Planes> au;iliary planes and -u;iliary pro:ection inclined to #oth planes$ Pro:ections o1 4egular olids inclined to #oth planes 2 -u;iliary 7ie!s$ UNIT * I) SECTIONS AND SECTIONAL )IE9SD- 4ight 4egular olids 2 Prism> Cylinder> Pyramid> Cone 2 -u;iliary /ie!s$ DE)ELOPMENT AND INTERPENETRATION O< SOLIDS- De/elopment o1 ur1aces o1 4ight> 4egular olids 2 Prisms> Cylinder> Pyramid Cone and their parts$ Interpenetration o1 4ight 4egular olids UNIT * ) INTERSECTION O< SOLIDS-0 Intersection o1 Cylinder 7s Cylinder> Cylinder 7s Prism> Cylinder 7s Cone$ UNIT 0 )I ISOMETRIC PRO5ECTIONS - Principles o1 Isometric Pro:ection 2 Isometric cale 2 Isometric 7ie!s2 Con/entions 2 Isometric 7ie!s o1 "ines> Plane 0igures> imple and Compound olids 2 Isometric Pro:ection o1 o#:ects ha/ing non- isometric lines$ Isometric Pro:ection o1 pherical Parts$ UNIT *)II TRANS<ORMATION O< PRO5ECTIONS - Con/ersion o1 Isometric 7ie!s to 9rthographic 7ie!s 2 Con/entions$ UNIT * )III PERSPECTI)E PRO5ECTIONS - Perspecti/e 7ie! D Points> "ines> Plane 0igures and <Beneral Method only=$ TE:T BOO; 1$ 2$ 3$ Engineering Dra!ing> 5$D$ .hat % Charotar Engineering Dra!ing and Braphics> 7enugopal % 5e! age$ Engineering Dra!ing 2 .asant -gra!al> 'M3


olids> 7anishing Point Methods

RE<ERENCES 1$ Engineering dra!ing 2 P$E$ hah$ $Chand$ 2$ Engineering Dra!ing> 5arayana and Hannaiah % citech pu#lishers$ 3$ Engineering Dra!ing- Eohle%'ata Macgra! 3ill$ 4$ Computer -ided Engineering Dra!ing- 'rym#a&a Murthy- I$H$ International$ +$ Engineering Dra!ing 2 Bro!er$ 6$ Engineering Braphics 1or Degree 2 H$C$ Eohn$



9#:ecti/esD 'o ma&e the student learn a programming language$ 'o teach the student to !rite programs in C to sol/e the pro#lems$ 'o Introduce the student to simple linear data structures such as lists> stac&s> 6ueues$ Reco,,e&ded S?6te,6/SoBtCa.e ReFu'.e,e&t6 Intel #ased des&top PC -5 I C Compiler !ith upporting Editors

9ee8 l$ a4 (rite a C program to 1ind the sum o1 indi/idual digits o1 a positi/e integer$ b4 - 0i#onacci e6uence is de1ined as 1ollo!sD the 1irst and second terms in the se6uence are , and 1$ u#se6uent terms are 1ound #y adding the preceding t!o terms in the se6uence$ (rite a C program to generate the 1irst n terms o1 the se6uence$ c4 (rite a C program to generate all the prime num#ers #et!een 1 and n> !here n is a /alue supplied #y the user$ 9ee8 $ a4 (rite a C program to calculate the 1ollo!ing umD umK1-;2%2O P;4%4O-;6%6OP;*%*O-;1,%1,O b4 (rite a C program toe 1ind the roots o1 a 6uadratic e6uation$ 9ee8 $ a4 (rite C programs that use #oth recursi/e and non-recursi/e 1unctions i= 'o 1ind the 1actorial o1 a gi/en integer$ ii= 'o 1ind the BCD <greatest common di/isor= o1 t!o gi/en integers$ iii= 'o sol/e 'o!ers o1 3anoi pro#lem$ 9ee8 1 a4 'he total distance tra/elled #y /ehicle in Qt? seconds is gi/en #y distance K utP1%2at 2 !here Qu? and Qa? are the initial /elocity 2 <m%sec$= and acceleration <m%sec =$ (rite C program to 1ind the distance tra/elled at regular inter/als o1 time gi/en the /alues o1 Qu? and Qa?$ 'he program should pro/ide the 1le;i#ility to the user to select his o!n time inter/als and repeat the calculations 1or di11erent /alues o1 Qu? and Qa?$ b4 (rite a C program> !hich ta&es t!o integer operands and one operator 1rom the user> per1orms the operation and then prints the result$ <Consider the operators P>->G> %> R and use !itch tatement= 9ee8 " a4 (rite a C program to 1ind #oth the largest and smallest num#er in a list o1 integers$ b4 (rite a C program that uses 1unctions to per1orm the 1ollo!ingD i= -ddition o1 '!o Matrices ii= Multiplication o1 '!o Matrices 9ee8 E a4 (rite a C program that uses 1unctions to per1orm the 1ollo!ing operationsD i= 'o insert a su#-string in to a gi/en main string 1rom a gi/en position$ ii= 'o delete n Characters 1rom a gi/en position in a gi/en string$ b4 (rite a C program to determine i1 the gi/en string is a palindrome or not 9ee8 I a4 (rite a C program that displays the position or inde; in the string !here the string ' #egins> or 2 1 i1 b4 (rite a C program to count the lines> !ords and characters in a gi/en te;t$ doesn?t contain '$

9ee8 J a4 (rite a C program to generate Pascal?s triangle$ b4 (rite a C program to construct a pyramid o1 num#ers$ 9ee8 # (rite a C program to read in t!o num#ers> ; and n> and then compute the sum o1 this geometric progressionD 1P;P;2P;3PSSSS$P;n 0or e;ampleD i1 n is 3 and ; is +> then the program computes 1P+P2+P12+$ Print ;> n> the sum Per1orm error chec&ing$ 0or e;ample> the 1ormula does not ma&e sense 1or negati/e e;ponents 2 i1 n is less than ,$ 3a/e your program print an error message i1 nT,> then go #ac& and read in the ne;t pair o1 num#ers o1 !ithout computing the sum$ -re any /alues o1 ; also illegal U I1 so> test 1or them too$

9ee8 !3 a4 2?s complement o1 a num#er is o#tained #y scanning it 1rom right to le1t and complementing all the #its a1ter the 1irst appearance o1 a 1$ 'hus 2?s complement o1 111,, is ,,1,,$ (rite a C program to 1ind the 2?s complement o1 a #inary num#er$ b4 (rite a C program to con/ert a 4oman numeral to its decimal e6ui/alent$ 9ee8 !! (rite a C program that uses 1unctions to per1orm the 1ollo!ing operationsD i= 4eading a comple; num#er ii= (riting a comple; num#er iii= -ddition o1 t!o comple; num#ers i/= Multiplication o1 t!o comple; num#ers <5oteD represent comple; num#er using a structure$= 9ee8 ! a4 (rite a C program !hich copies one 1ile to another$ b4 (rite a C program to re/erse the 1irst n characters in a 1ile$ <5oteD 'he 1ile name and n are speci1ied on the command line$= 9ee8 !$ a4 (rite a C programme to display the contents o1 a 1ile$ b4 (rite a C programme to merge t!o 1iles into a third 1ile < i$e$> the contents o1 the 1irst 1ile 1ollo!ed #y those o1 the second are put in the third 1ile= 9ee8 !1 (rite a C program that uses 1unctions to per1orm the 1ollo!ing operations on singly lin&ed list$D i= Creation ii= Insertion iii= Deletion i/= 'ra/ersal 9ee8 !" (rite C programs that implement stac& <its operations= using i= -rrays ii= Pointers 9ee8 !E (rite C programs that implement 8ueue <its operations= using i= -rrays ii= Pointers 9ee8 !I (rite a C program that uses tac& operations to per1orm the 1ollo!ingD i= Con/erting in1i; e;pression into post1i; e;pression ii= E/aluating the post1i; e;pression 9ee8 !J (rite a C program that implements the 1ollo!ing sorting methods to sort a gi/en list o1 integers in ascending order i= .u##le sort ii= election sort 9ee8 !# (rite C programs that use #oth recursi/e and non recursi/e 1unctions to per1orm the 1ollo!ing searching operations 1or a Hey /alue in a gi/en list o1 integers D i= "inear search ii= .inary search 9ee8 3 (rite C program that implements the 1ollo!ing sorting method to sort a gi/en list o1 integers in ascending orderD i= 8uic& sort 9ee8 ! (rite C program that implement the 1ollo!ing sorting method to sort a gi/en list o1 integers in ascending orderD i= Merge sort 9ee8 (rite C programs to implement the "agrange interpolation and 5e!ton- Bregory 1or!ard interpolation$

9ee8 $ (rite C programs to implement the linear regression and polynomial regression algorithms$ 9ee8 1 (rite C programs to implement 'rape@oidal and impson methods$

Te=t Boo86 1$ C programming and Data tructures> P$ Padmana#ham> 'hird Edition> . Pu#lications 2$ Mastering C> H$4$ 7enugopal and $4$ Prasad> 'M3 Pu#lications$ 3$ 'he pirit o1 C> an introduction to modern programming> M$Cooper> Eaico Pu#lishing 3ouse$ 4 Practical C Programming> te/e 9ualline>9?4eilly> PD$ 'M3 pu#lications$ +$ Computer .asics and C Programming> 7$ 4a:araman> P3I Pu#lications$ 6$ Data structures and Program Design in C>4$Hruse>C$"$'ondo>.$P$"eung>M$ hashi>Pearson Education$


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L 3 T/P/D 0/$/0 C 1 ENGINEERING PHYSICS / ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY LAB ENGINEERING PHYSICS LAB 2A&? tCel(e e=%e.',e&t6 co,%ul6o.?4 1$ 2$ 3$ 4$ +$ 6$ )$ *$ I$ 1,$ 11$ 12$ 13$ 14$ 1+$ Dispersi/e po!er o1 the material o1 a prism 2 pectrometer Determination o1 !a/elength o1 a source 2 Di11raction Brating$ 5e!ton?s 4ings - 4adius o1 cur/ature o1 plano con/e; lens$ Melde?s e;periment 2 'rans/erse and longitudinal modes$ 'ime constant o1 an 4-C circuit$ "-C-4 circuit$ Magnetic 1ield along the a;is o1 current carrying coil 2 te!art and Bees method$ tudy the characteristics o1 "ED and "- E4 sources$ tudy the characteristics o1 p-i-n and a/alanche photodiode detectors$ .ending losses o1 1i#res$ E/aluation o1 numerical aperture o1 gi/en 1i#re$ Energy gap o1 a material o1 p-n :unction$ 'hermo electric e11ect 2 ee#ec& e11ect and Peltier e11ect$ 'orsional pendulum$ ingle slit di11raction using laser$ ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY LAB L'6t oB E=%e.',e&t6 2A&? ! oB t/e BolloC'&74T't.',et.?a$ Estimation o1 hardness o1 !ater #y ED'- method$ <or= Estimation o1 calcium in limestone #y Permanganometry$

M'& A&al?6'62 Determination o1 percentage o1 copper in #rass 3 Estimation o1 manganese dio;ide in pyrolusite$ I&6t.u,e&tal Met/od64$ Colo.',et.?Determination o1 1errous iron in cement #y colorimetric method$ <9r= Estimation o1 Copper #y Colorimetric method$ +$ Co&ducto,et.?Conductometric titration o1 strong acid 7s strong #ase$ <or= Conductometric titration o1 mi;ture o1 acids 7s strong #ase$ 6$ Pote&t'o,et.?'itration o1 strong acid 7s strong #ase #y potentiometry$ <or= 'itration o1 !ea& acid 7s strong #ase #y potentiometry$ P/?6'cal P.o%e.t'e6)$ Determination o1 /iscosity o1 sample oil #y red!ood%os!ald?s /iscometer *$ Determination ur1ace 'ension o1 lu#ricants$ Ide&t'B'cat'o& a&d'o&6I$ Identi1ication o1 1unctional groups present in organic compounds$ 1,$ Preparation o1 organic compounds -sprin <or= .en@imida@ole ;'&et'c611$ 'o determine the rate constant o1 hydrolysis o1 methyl acetate catalysed #y an acid and also the energy o1 acti/ation$ <or= 'o study the &inetics o1 reaction #et!een H2 29* and HI$ 12$ Demonstration E;periments < -ny 9ne o1 the 1ollo!ing= D a$ Determination o1 dissociation constant o1 !ea& acid-#y P3 metry #$ Preparation o1 'hio&ol ru##er c$ -dsorption on Charcoal d$ 3eat o1 reaction TE:T BOO;S1$ Practical Engineering Chemistry #y H$ Mu&&anti> etal> .$ $ Pu#lications> 3ydera#ad$ 2$ Inorganic 6uantitati/e analysis> 7ogel$ RE<ERENCE BOO;S1$ 'e;t .oo& o1 engineering chemistry #y 4$ 5$ Boyal and 3arrmendra Boel$ 2$ - te;t #oo& on e;periments and calculation Engg$ $ $ Dara$ 3$ Instrumental methods o1 chemical analysis> Chat!al> -nand> 3imalaya Pu#lications$


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L 3 T/P/D 0/$/0 C 1

ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION S;ILLS LAB 'he La&7ua7e Lab 1ocuses on the production and practice o1 sounds o1 language and 1amiliarises the students !ith the use o1 English in e/eryday situations and conte;ts$ Object'(e6!. To e=%o6e t/e 6tude&t6 to a (a.'et? oB 6elB0'&6t.uct'o&alA lea.&e.0B.'e&dl? ,ode6 oB la&7ua7e lea.&'&7. . To /el% t/e 6tude&t6 cult'(ate t/e /ab't oB .ead'&7 %a66a7e6 B.o, t/e co,%ute. ,o&'to.A t/u6 %.o('d'&7 t/e, C't/ t/e .eFu'.ed Bac'l't? to Bace co,%ute.0ba6ed co,%et't'(e e=a,6 6uc/ GREA TOE<LA GMAT etc. $. To e&able t/e, to lea.& bette. %.o&u&c'at'o& t/.ou7/ 6t.e66 o& Co.d acce&tA '&to&at'o&A a&d ./?t/,. 1. To t.a'& t/e, to u6e la&7ua7e eBBect'(el? to Bace '&te.('eC6A 7.ou% d'6cu66'o&6A %ubl'c 6%ea8'&7. ". To '&'t'ate t/e, '&to 7.eate. u6e oB t/e co,%ute. '& .e6u,e'o&A .e%o.t C.'t'&7A Bo.,at0,a8'&7 etc. SYLLABUS 'he 1ollo!ing course content is prescri#ed 1or the E&7l'6/ La&7ua7e Labo.ato.? sessionsD 1$ Introduction to the ounds o1 English- 7o!els> Diphthongs & Consonants$ 2$ Introduction to tress and Intonation$ 3$ ituational Dialogues % 4ole Play$ 4$ 9ral Presentations- Prepared and E;tempore$ +$ QEust - Minute? essions <E-M=$ 6$ Descri#ing 9#:ects % ituations % People$ )$ In1ormation 'rans1er *$ De#ate I$ 'elephoning &ills$ 1,$ Bi/ing Directions$ M'&',u, ReFu'.e,e&tT/e E&7l'6/ La&7ua7e Lab 6/all /a(e tCo %a.t6i= T/e Co,%ute. a'ded La&7ua7e Lab 1or 6, students !ith 6, systems> one master console> "-5 1acility and English language so1t!are 1or sel1- study #y learners$ ii= T/e Co,,u&'cat'o& S8'll6 Lab !ith mo/a#le chairs and audio-/isual aids !ith a P$- ystem> a '$ 7$> a digital stereo 2audio & /ideo system and camcorder etc$

S?6te, ReFu'.e,e&t 2 Ha.dCa.e co,%o&e&t4omputer network with Lan with minimum )* multimedia systems with the following specifications: i= P 2 I7 Processor a= peed 2 2$* B3L #= 4-M 2 +12 M. Minimum c= 3ard Dis& 2 *, B. ii= 3eadphones o1 3igh 6uality Su77e6ted SoBtCa.eA Cam#ridge -d/anced "earners? English Dictionary !ith CD$ A 'he 4osetta tone English "i#rary$ A Clarity Pronunciation Po!er 2 Part I$ A Mastering English in 7oca#ulary> Brammar> pellings> Composition A Dorling Hindersley series o1 Brammar> Punctuation> Composition etc$ A "anguage in Cse> 0oundation .oo&s P/t "td !ith CD$ 9;1ord -d/anced "earner?s Compass> )th Edition$ A "earning to pea& English - 4 CDs$ A 7oca#ulary in Cse> Michael McCarthy> 0elicity 9?Den> Cam#ridge$ A Murphy?s English Brammar> Cam#ridge !ith CD$ English in Mind> 3er#ert Puchta and Ee11 tran&s !ith Meredith "e/y> Cam#ridge

Boo86 Su77e6ted Bo. E&7l'6/ La&7ua7e Lab L'b.a.? 2to be located C't/'& t/e lab '& add't'o& to t/e CD6 oB t/e te=t boo8 C/'c/ a.e loaded o& t/e 6?6te,641$ A Ha&dboo8 Bo. E&7l'6/ La&7ua7e Labo.ato.'e6 2 Pro1$ E$ uresh Humar> P$ reehari> 0oundation .oo&s$ 2$ EBBect'(e Co,,u&'cat'o& + Publ'c S%ea8'&7 #y $ H$ MandalA Eaico Pu#lishing 3ouse$ 3$ E&7l'6/ Co&(e.6at'o& P.act'ce #y Brant 'aylor> 'ata McBra! 3ill$ 4$ S%ea8'&7 E&7l'6/ eBBect'(el? #y Hrishna Mohan> 5$ P$ ingh> Mac Millan Pu#lishers$ +$ Co,,u&'cate o. Colla%6e- A Ha&dboo8 oB EBBBect'(e Publ'c S%ea8'&7A G.ou% D'6cu66'o&6 a&d I&te.('eC6 > #y Pushpa "ata & HumarA Prentice-3all o1 India$ 6$ Lea.& Co..ect E&7l'6/A G.a,,a.A U6a7e a&d Co,%o6't'o& #y hi/$ H$ Humar & 3emalatha 5agara:an> Pearson "ongman )$ S%o8e& E&7l'6/ #y 4$ H$ .ansal & E$ .$ 3arrison> 9rient "ongman$ *$ E&7l'6/ La&7ua7e Co,,u&'cat'o&- A Reade. cu, Lab Ma&ual Dr - 4ama&rishna 4ao> Dr$ B$ 5atanam & Pro1$ $ -$ an&aranarayanan> -nuradha Pu#lications> Chennai$ I$ EBBect'(e Tec/&'cal Co,,u&'cat'o&> M$ -shra1 4i@/i> 'ata McBra!-3ill$ 1,$ A P.act'cal Cou.6e '& E&7l'6/ P.o&u&c'at'o& > <!ith t!o -udio cassettes= #y E$ ethi> Hamlesh adanand & D$7$ Eindal> Prentice-3all o1 India P/t$ "td$> 5e! Delhi$ 11$ A te=t boo8 oB E&7l'6/ P/o&et'c6 Bo. I&d'a& Stude&t6 #y '$ .alasu#ramanian> Mac Millan 12$ S%o8e& E&7l'6/- A Bou&dat'o& Cou.6eA Pa.t6 ! + A ;a,ale6/ Sada&a&d a&d Su6/eela %u&'t/a> 9rient "ongman DISTRIBUTION AND 9EIGHTAGE O< MAR;S (nglish 0anguage 0a!oratory ra%ti%al a*er: 1$ 'he practical e;aminations 1or the English "anguage "a#oratory shall #e conducted as per the Cni/ersity norms prescri#ed 1or the core engineering practical sessions$ 2$ 0or the "anguage la# sessions> there shall #e a continuous e/aluation during the year 1or 2+ sessional mar&s and +, year-end E;amination mar&s$ 91 the 2+ mar&s> 1+ mar&s shall #e a!arded 1or day-to-day !or& and 1, mar&s to #e a!arded #y conducting Internal "a# 'est<s=$ 'he year-end E;amination shall #e conducted #y an e;ternal e;aminer% or the teacher concerned !ith the help o1 another mem#er o1 the sta11 o1 the same department o1 the same institution$


I Yea. B.Tec/. BME. L T/P/D C 3 IT 9OR;SHOP/ ENGINEERING 9OR;SHOP Object'(e6 'he I' (or&shop 1or engineers is a training la# course spread o/er +4 hours$ 'he modules include training on PC 3ard!are> Internet & (orld (ide (e# and Producti/ity tools including (ord> E;cel and Po!er Point $ PC Ha.dCa.e introduces the students to a personal computer and its #asic peripherals> the process o1 assem#ling a personal computer> installation o1 system so1t!are li&e M (indo!s > "inu; and the re6uired de/ice dri/ers$ In addition hard!are and so1t!are le/el trou#leshooting process> tips and tric&s !ould #e co/ered$ T/e 6tude&t6 6/ould Co.8 o& Co.8'&7 PC to d'6a66e,ble a&d a66e,ble to Co.8'&7 co&d't'o& a&d '&6tall 9'&doC6 a&d L'&u= o& t/e 6a,e PC. Stude&t6 a.e 6u77e6ted to Co.8 6','la. ta686 '& t/e La%to% 6ce&a.'o C/e.e(e. %o66'ble. I&te.&et + 9o.ld 9'de 9eb module introduces the di11erent !ays o1 hoo&ing the PC on to the internet 1rom home and !or&place and e11ecti/ely usage o1 the internet$ Csage o1 !e# #ro!sers> email> ne!sgroups and discussion 1orums !ould #e co/ered$ In addition> a!areness o1 cy#er hygiene> i$e$> protecting the personal computer 1rom getting in1ected !ith the /iruses> !orms and other cy#er attac&s !ould #e introduced$ P.oduct'('t? tool6 module !ould ena#le the students in cra1ting pro1essional !ord documents> e;cel spread sheets and po!er point presentations using the Microso1t suite o1 o11ice tools and "a'eJ$ < Reco,,e&ded to u6e M'c.o6oBt oBB'ce 33I '& %lace oB MS OBB'ce 33$4 PC Ha.dCa.e 9ee8 ! * Ta68 ! - Identi1y the peripherals o1 a computer> components in a CPC and its 1unctions$ Dra! the #loc& diagram o1 the CPC along !ith the con1iguration o1 each peripheral and su#mit to your instructor$ 9ee8 * Ta68 - E/ery student should disassem#le and assem#le the PC #ac& to !or&ing condition$ "a# instructors should /eri1y the !or& and 1ollo! it up !ith a 7i/a$ -lso students need to go through the /ideo !hich sho!s the process o1 assem#ling a PC$ /ideo !ould #e gi/en as part o1 the course content$ 9ee8 $ * Ta68 $ - E/ery student should indi/idually install M !indo!s on the personal computer$ "a# instructor should /eri1y the installation and 1ollo! it up !ith a 7i/a$ 9ee8 1 * Ta68 1 - E/ery student should install "inu; on the computer$ 'his computer should ha/e !indo!s installed$ 'he system should #e con1igured as dual #oot !ith #oth !indo!s and "inu;$ "a# instructors should /eri1y the installation and 1ollo! it up !ith a 7i/a 9ee8 " * Ta68 " - Ha.dCa.e T.ouble6/oot'&7 - tudents ha/e to #e gi/en a PC !hich does not #oot due to improper assem#ly or de1ecti/e peripherals$ 'hey should identi1y the pro#lem and 1i; it to get the computer #ac& to !or&ing condition$ 'he !or& done should #e /eri1ied #y the instructor and 1ollo!ed up !ith a 7i/a 9ee8 E * Ta68 E - SoBtCa.e T.ouble6/oot'&7 - tudents ha/e to #e gi/en a mal1unctioning CPC due to system so1t!are pro#lems$ 'hey should identi1y the pro#lem and 1i; it to get the computer #ac& to !or&ing condition$ 'he !or& done should #e /eri1ied #y the instructor and 1ollo!ed up !ith a 7i/a$ I&te.&et + 9o.ld 9'de 9eb 9ee8 I 0 Ta68 ! D O.'e&tat'o& + Co&&ect'('t? Boot Ca,% - tudents should get connected to their "ocal -rea 5et!or& and access the Internet$ In the process they con1igure the 'CP%IP setting$ 0inally students should demonstrate> to the instructor> ho! to access the !e#sites and email$ I1 there is no internet connecti/ity preparations need to #e made #y the instructors to simulate the ((( on the "-5$ 9ee8 J 0 Ta68 - 9eb B.oC6e.6A Su.B'&7 t/e 9eb - tudents customi@e their !e# #ro!sers !ith the "-5 pro;y settings> #oo&mar&s> search tool#ars and pop up #loc&ers$ -lso> plug-ins li&e Macromedia 0lash and E4E 1or applets should #e con1igured$ 9ee8 # 0 Ta68 $ D Sea.c/ E&7'&e6 + Net'Fuette - tudents should &no! !hat search engines are and ho! to use the search engines$ - 1e! topics !ould #e gi/en to the students 1or !hich they need to search on Boogle$ 'his should #e demonstrated to the instructors #y the student$ 9ee8 !3 0 Ta68 1 - C?be. H?7'e&e - tudents !ould #e e;posed to the /arious threats on the internet and !ould #e as&ed to con1igure their computer to #e sa1e on the internet$ 'hey need to 1irst install an anti /irus so1t!are> con1igure their personal 1ire!all and !indo!s update on their computer$ 'hen they need to customi@e their #ro!sers to #loc& pop ups> #loc& acti/e ; do!nloads to a/oid /iruses and%or !orms$ 0/$/0 1

P.oduct'('t? tool6 LaTe: a&d 9o.d 9ee8 !! * 9o.d O.'e&tat'o&D 'he mentor needs to gi/e an o/er/ie! o1 "a'eJ and Microso1t <M = o11ice 2,,)% e6ui/alent <09 = tool !ordD Importance o1 "a'eJ and M o11ice 2,,)% e6ui/alent <09 = tool (ord as !ord Processors> Details o1 the three tas&s and 1eatures that !ould #e co/ered in each> using "a'eJ and !ord 2 -ccessing> o/er/ie! o1 tool#ars> sa/ing 1iles> Csing help and resources> rulers> 1ormat painter$ Ta68 ! - U6'&7 LaTe: a&d 9o.d to create pro:ect certi1icate$ 0eatures to #e co/eredD-0ormatting 0onts in !ord> Drop Cap in !ord> -pplying 'e;t e11ects> Csing Character pacing> .orders and Colors> Inserting 3eader and 0ooter> Csing Date and 'ime option in #oth "a'eJ and (ord$ 9ee8 ! 0 Ta68 -'&7 %.oject a#stract 0eatures to #e co/eredD-0ormatting tyles> Inserting ta#le> .ullets and 5um#ering> Changing 'e;t Direction> Cell alignment> 0ootnote> 3yperlin&> ym#ols> pell Chec&> 'rac& Changes$ 9ee8 !$ 0 Ta68 $ -'&7 a NeC6lette. D 0eatures to #e co/eredD- 'a#le o1 Content> 5e!spaper columns> Images 1rom 1iles and clipart> Dra!ing tool#ar and (ord -rt> 0ormatting Images> 'e;t#o;es> Paragraphs and Mail Merge in !ord$ E=cel 9ee8 !1 0 E=cel O.'e&tat'o&- 'he mentor needs to tell the importance o1 M o11ice 2,,)% e6ui/alent <09 = tool E;cel as a preadsheet tool> gi/e the details o1 the t!o tas&s and 1eatures that !ould #e co/ered in each$ Csing E;cel 2 -ccessing> o/er/ie! o1 tool#ars> sa/ing e;cel 1iles> Csing help and resources$ Ta68 !-'&7 a Sc/edule. 0 0eatures to #e co/eredD- Bridlines> 0ormat Cells> ummation> auto 1ill> 0ormatting 'e;t 9ee8 !" 0 Ta68 - Calculat'&7 GPA - $0eatures to #e co/eredD- Cell 4e1erencing> 0ormulae in e;cel 2 a/erage> std$ de/iation> Charts> 4enaming and Inserting !or&sheets> 3yper lin&ing> Count 1unction> "99HCP%7"99HCP> orting> Conditional 1ormatting LaTe: a&d MS/eFu'(ale&t 2<OSS4 tool PoCe. Po'&t 9ee8 !E 0 Ta68! - tudents !ill #e !or&ing on #asic po!er point utilities and tools !hich help them create #asic po!er point presentation$ 'opic co/ered during this !ee& includes D- PP' 9rientation> lide "ayouts> Inserting 'e;t> (ord -rt> 0ormatting 'e;t> .ullets and 5um#ering> -uto hapes> "ines and -rro!s in #oth "a'eJ and Po!er point . tudents !ill #e gi/en model po!er point presentation !hich needs to #e replicated <e;actly ho! it?s as&ed=$ 9ee8 !I0 Ta68 - econd !ee& helps students in ma&ing their presentations interacti/e$ 'opic co/ered during this !ee& includes D 3yperlin&s> Inserting 2Images> Clip -rt> -udio> 7ideo> 9#:ects> 'a#les and Charts 9ee8 !J 0 Ta68 $ - Concentrating on the in and out o1 Microso1t po!er point and presentations in "a'eJ$ 3elps them learn #est practices in designing and preparing po!er point presentation$ 'opic co/ered during this !ee& includes D- Master "ayouts <slide> template> and notes=> 'ypes o1 /ie!s <#asic> presentation> slide slotter> notes etc=> Inserting 2 .ac&ground> te;tures> Design 'emplates> 3idden slides$ RE<ERENCES 1$ Introduction to In1ormation 'echnology> I'" Education olutions limited> Pearson Education$ 2$ "a'eJ Companion 2 "eslie "amport> P3I%Pearson$ 3$ Introduction to Computers> Peter 5orton> 6%e Mc Bra! 3ill 4$ Cpgrading and 4epairing> PC?s 1*th e> cott Muller 8CE> Pearson Education +$ Comde; In1ormation 'echnology course tool &it 7i&as Bupta> (I"EF Dreamtech 6$ I' Essentials PC 3ard!are and o1t!are Companion Buide 'hird Edition #y Da/id -n1inson and Hen 8uamme$ 2 CI C9 Press> Pearson Education$ )$ PC 3ard!are and -P3and#oo& 2 Hate E$ Chase P3I <Microso1t= ENGINEERING 9OR;SHOP !. TRADES <OR E:ERCISES At lea6t tCo e=e.c'6e6 B.o, eac/ t.ade1$ 3ouse (iring 2$ Carpentry 3$ 'in- mithy and De/elopment o1 :o#s carried out and soldering$ 4$ 0itting . TRADES <OR DEMONSTRATION + E:POSURE1$ Metal Cutting <(ater Plasma= 2 Po!er 'ools in Construction> !ood !or&ing> Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering TE:T BOO;1$ (or& shop Manual - P$Hannaiah% H$"$5arayana> 2 (or&shop Manual #y 7en&at 4eddy citech Pu#lishers$


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L T/P/D C $ !/0/0 $ APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY

UNIT0I Properties o1 !aterD p3 & .u11ers> Physiological #u11er$ 'he 3anderson 3assel#alch e6uation> determination o1 pHa /alues$ tructural aspects o1 car#ohydrates > amino acids and lipids$ UNIT0II .iochemistry o1 "i/ing Cell- types o1 cells> pro and eu &aryotes$ u#-cellular - 0ractionation using the Di11erential Centri1ugation Method$ 0unctions o1 each 9rganelle> Chemical Composition o1 cell !alls Mem#rane lipids$ 'ransport o1 u#stances across .iological Mem#rane$ UNIT0III 4edo; potential> components in electron transport systems in mitochondria> respiratory chain$ 9;idati/e phosphorylation Energetics > UNIT0I) Chemical nature o1 En@ymes - study o1 the Properties o1 En@ymes and &inetics #y pectrophotometer$ Diagnostic and therapeutic uses o1 En@ymes$ UNIT0) Car#ohydrate meta#olismD respiration-types$ glycolysis and &re#?s cycle and energetics in/ol/ed> Protein & "ipid meta#olism <.rie1ly=$ UNIT0)I 5ucleic -cid chemistryD Protein synthesis$ 'ranscription and 'ranslation> 4eplication> Polymerase Chain 4eaction<PC4= Immunological 'echni6ues or Immunoassay 2 4adio Immuno -ssay <4I-=> En@yme- "in&ed Immunosor#ent -ssay <E"I -=> Chemiluminiscence$ UNIT0)II .lood ChemistryD Chemical Composition o1 .lood> eparation o1 erum Proteins and lipoproteins #y Electrophoresis and Cltracentri1ugation -cid .ase .alance and .iochemical Measurements o1 -cid-.ase and Electrolyte status o1 the patients> Crine -nalysis$ UNIT0)III Beneral methods o1 #iochemical analysis carried out in the estimation o1 #lood constituents> such as glucose etc$ Principles and di11erent methods o1 chromatography 2 1luorometry> 1lame photometry> -utomation and .iochemical -nalysis$ -pplications o1 isotopes in #iochemistry$

TE:T BOO;S 1$ "ehninger -$"> 5elson 9$?"$ M$M$ Co;> Principles o1 .iochemistry 3rd edition> 2,,, C. 2$ 4o#ert Murray> Peter -$ Mayes> 7ictor ($ 4od!ell> Daryl H$ Branner> 3arper?s .iochemistry> 26th Edition> McBra!-3ill Companies> 0e#ruary 2,,3$ RE<ERENCE 1$ 4ao> 5$ Malli&ar:una> Medical .iochemistry> 5e! -ge International P/t "td>2,,2$ 2$ "alit M$ ri/asta/a> 5i#hriti Das & u#rata sinha> Essentials o1 practical .iochemistry> C. Pu#lishers> Ist edition> 2,,2$


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L T/P/D C 1 ELECTRONIC DE)ICES AND CIRCUITS U&'t0 I- %0& 5u&ct'o& D'ode 8ualitati/e 'heory o1 p-n Eunction> p-n Eunction as a Diode> Diode E6uation> 7olt--mpere Characteristics> 'emperature dependence o1 7I characteristic> Ideal /ersus Practical 2 4esistance le/els < tatic and Dynamic=> 'ransition and Di11usion Capacitances> Diode E6ui/alent Circuits> "oad "ine -nalysis> .rea&do!n Mechanisms in emi Conductor Diodes> Lener Diode Characteristics$ 0/0/0 1

U&'t0 II- Rect'B'e.6 a&d <'lte.6 'he p-n :unction as a 4ecti1ier> 3al1 !a/e 4ecti1ier> 0ull !a/e 4ecti1ier> .ridge 4ecti1ier> 3armonic components in a 4ecti1ier Circuit> Inductor 0ilters> Capacitor 0ilters> "- ection 0ilters> V- ection 0ilters> Comparision o1 0ilters> 7oltage 4egulation using Lener Diode$ U&'t0 III- B'%ola. 5u&ct'o& T.a&6'6to. 'he Eunction 'ransistor> 'ransistor Current Components> 'ransistor as an -mpli1ier> 'ransistor Construction> .E' 9peration> .E' ym#ol> Common .ase> Common Emitter and Common Collector Con1igurations> "imits o1 9peration > .E' peci1ications$ U&'t0 I)- T.a&6'6to. B'a6'&7 a&d Stab'l'Dat'o& 9perating Point> 'he DC and -C "oad lines> 5eed 1or .iasing> 0i;ed .ias> Collector 0eed#ac& .ias> Emitter 0eed#ac& .ias> Collector - Emitter 0eed#ac& .ias> 7oltage Di/ider .ias> .ias ta#ility> ta#ili@ation 0actors> ta#ili@ation against /ariations in 7 .E and W> .ias Compensation using Diodes and 'ransistors> 'hermal 4una!ay> 'hermal ta#ility$

U&'t0 )- S,all S'7&al LoC <.eFue&c? B5T Model6 .E' 3y#rid Model> Determination o1 h-parameters 1rom 'ransistor Characteristics> -nalysis o1 a 'ransistor -mpli1ier Circuit using h-Parameters> Comparison o1 C.> CE> and CC -mpli1ier Con1igurations$ U&'t0)I- <'eld EBBect T.a&6'6to. 'he Eunction 0ield E11ect 'ransistor <Construction> principle o1 operation> sym#ol= 2 Pinch-o11 7oltage - 7olt--mpere characteristics> 'he E0E' mall ignal Model> M9 0E' <Construction> principle o1 operation> sym#ol=> M9 0E' Characteristics in Enhancement and Depletion modes$

U&'t )II- <ET A,%l'B'e.6 0E' Common ource -mpli1ier> Common Drain -mpli1ier> Benerali@ed 0E' -mpli1ier> .iasing 0E'> 0E' as 7oltage 7aria#le 4esistor> Comparison o1 .E' and 0E'$ U&'t )III- I&du6t.'al Elect.o&'c De('ce6 a&d A%%l'cat'o&6 5egati/e resistance de/ices> Cni :unction 'ransistor <CE'=> CE' rela;ation oscillator> Programma#le CE' <PC'=> ilicon Controlled 4ecti1ier < C4=> 'ransient e11ect in C4> "ight acti/ated C4<"- E4=> I"IC95 Controlled s!itch< C =$ TE:T BOO;S 1$ Millman?s Electronic De/ices and Circuits 2 E$ Millman> C$C$3al&ias> and atya#rata Eit> 2ed$> 1II*> 'M3$ 2$ Electronic De/ices and Circuits 2 4$"$ .oylestad and "ouis 5ashels&y> I ed$> 2,,6> PEI%P3I$ 3$ Introduction to Electronic De/ices and Circuits - 4o#er '$ Paynter> PE$ RE<ERENCES 1$ Integrated Electronics 2 E$ Millman and Christos C$ 3al&ias> 1II1 ed$> 2,,*> 'M3$ 2$ Electronic De/ices and Circuits - H$ "al Hishore> 2 ed$> 2,,+> . P$ 3$ Electronic De/ices and Circuits 2 -nil H$ Maini> 7arsha -gar!al> 1 ed$> 2,,I> (iley India P/t$ "td$ 4$ Electronic De/ices and Circuits 2 $ ali/ahanan> 5$ uresh Humar> -$7alla/ara:> 2 ed$> 2,,*> 'M3$



Object'(e'his course introduces the #asic concepts o1 circuit analysis !hich is the 1oundation 1or all su#:ects o1 the Electrical Engineering discipline$ 'he emphasis o1 this course is laid on the #asic analysis o1 circuits !hich includes ingle phase circuits> magnetic circuits> theorems> transient analysis and net!or& topology$ .N$& 1 $ $ntrodu%tion to (le%tri%al Cir%uits Circuit Concept 2 4-"-C parameters 2 7oltage and Current sources 2 Independent and dependent sources- ource trans1ormation 2 7oltage 2 Current relationship 1or passi/e elements 2 Hirchho11?s la!s 2 net!or& reduction techni6ues 2 series> parallel> series parallel> star-to-delta or delta-to-star trans1ormation$ .N$& 1 $$ 'agneti% Cir%uits Magnetic Circuits 2 0araday?s la!s o1 electromagnetic induction 2 concept o1 sel1 and mutual inductance 2 dot con/ention 2 coe11icient o1 coupling 2 composite magnetic circuit - -nalysis o1 series and parallel magnetic circuits .N$& 1 $$$ Single hase A2C Cir%uits 4$M$ and -/erage /alues and 1orm 1actor 1or di11erent periodic !a/e 1orms> teady state analysis o1 4> " and C <in series> parallel and series parallel com#inations= !ith sinusoidal e;citation 2 Concept o1 4eactance> Impedance> usceptance and -dmittance 2 Phase and Phase di11erence 2 concept o1 po!er 1actor> 4eal and 4eacti/e po!ers 2 E-notation> Comple; and Polar 1orms o1 representation> Comple; po!er 2 "ocus diagrams 2 series 4-"> 4-C> 4-"-C and parallel com#ination !ith /ariation o1 /arious parameters 2 4esonance 2 series> parallel circuits> concept o1 #and !idth and 8 1actor$ .N$& 1 V &hree hase Cir%uits 'hree phase circuitsD Phase se6uence 2 tar and delta connection 2 4elation #et!een line and phase /oltages and currents in #alanced systems 2 -nalysis o1 #alanced and Cn#alanced 3 phase circuits 2 Measurement o1 acti/e and reacti/e po!er$ .N$& 1 V$ Net3or" theorems 43ithout *roo#s5 'ellegen?s> uperposition> 4eciprocity> 'he/enin?s> 5orton?s> Ma;imum Po!er 'rans1er> Millman?s and Compensation theorems 1or d$c$ and a$c$ e;citations$ .N$& 1 V$$ Dc Machine- Principle & operation o1 DC Benerators and DC Motors > Di11erent types o1 generator and motors> characteristics o1 generator and motor> simple pro#lems$ UNIT * )III AC ,ac/'&e6 Principle> construction and operation i1 1-X trans1ormer> e6ui/alent circuit> DC & -C test on 1-X trans1ormer> trans1ormer regulation> 1-X synchronous generator> principle> construction & operation> characteristics$ Principle operation construction o1 1-X induction motor> characteristics$ TE:T BOO;S1$ Electrical Engineering 0undamental #y 7incent Dertoro$ P3I$ 2$ Electrical Circuits #y Cha&ra/athi> Dhanapat 4ai & son$ 3$ .asic Electrical Engg$ 5agasar&ar u&hi:a> 9;1ord Pu#lishers 2%e RE<ERENCE BOO;S1$ 5et!or& -nalysis #y 7an/al&en#urg> P3I$ 2$ 5et!or& -nalysis BH Mithal> Hhanna Pu#lishers 3$ 3igher Electrical 'echnology> mith> Pearson$


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L T/P/D C 1 2"$3 !4 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS U&'t I - S'7&al A&al?6'6 -nalogy #et!een 7ectors and ignals> 9rthogonal ignal pace> ignal appro;imation using 9rthogonal 1unctions> Mean 6uare Error> Closed or complete set o1 9rthogonal 1unctions> 9rthogonality in Comple; 1unctions> E;ponential and inusoidal signals> Concepts o1 Impulse 1unction> Cnit tep 1unction> ignum 1unction$ U&'t II - <ou.'e. Se.'e6 Re%.e6e&tat'o& oB Pe.'od'c S'7&al6 4epresentation o1 0ourier series> Continuous time periodic signals> Properties o1 0ourier 'rigonometric 0ourier eries and E;ponential 0ourier eries> Comple; 0ourier spectrum$ eries> Dirichlet?s conditions> !/0/0 1

U&'t III - <ou.'e. T.a&6Bo.,6 Deri/ing 0ourier 'rans1orm 1rom 0ourier eries> 0ourier 'rans1orm o1 ar#itrary signal> 0ourier 'rans1orm o1 standard signals> 0ourier 'rans1orm o1 Periodic ignals> Properties o1 0ourier 'rans1orm> 0ourier 'rans1orms in/ol/ing Impulse 1unction and ignum 1unction> Introduction to 3il#ert 'rans1orm$ U&'t I) - S'7&al T.a&6,'66'o& T/.ou7/ L'&ea. S?6te,6 "inear ystem> Impulse response> 4esponse o1 a "inear ystem> "inear 'ime In/ariant <"'I= ystem> "inear 'ime 7ariant <"'7= ystem> 'rans1er 1unction o1 a "'I system> 0ilter characteristics o1 "inear ystems> Distortion less transmission through a system> ignal #and!idth> ystem #and!idth> Ideal "P0> 3P0 and .P0 characteristics> Causality and Paley-(iener criterion 1or physical reali@ation> 4elationship #et!een .and!idth and 4ise time$ U&'t ) - Co&(olut'o& a&d Co..elat'o& oB S'7&al6 Concept o1 con/olution in 'ime domain and 0re6uency domain> Braphical representation o1 Con/olution> Con/olution property o1 0ourier 'rans1orms> Cross Correlation and -uto Correlation o1 1unctions> Properties o1 Correlation 1unction> Energy density spectrum> Parse/al?s 'heorem> Po!er density spectrum> 4elation #et!een -uto Correlation 1unction and Energy%Po!er spectral density 1unction> 4elation #et!een Con/olution and Correlation> Detection o1 periodic signals in the presence o1 5oise #y Correlation> E;traction o1 signal 1rom noise #y 1iltering$ U&'t )I - Sa,%l'&7 ampling theorem 2 Braphical and analytical proo1 1or .and "imited ignals> Impulse ampling> 5atural and 0lat top 4econstruction o1 signal 1rom its samples> E11ect o1 under sampling 2 -liasing> Introduction to .and Pass sampling$ ampling>

U&'t )II - La%lace T.a&6Bo.,6 4e/ie! o1 "aplace 'rans1orms <"$'=> Partial 1raction e;pansion> In/erse "aplace 'rans1orm> Concept o1 4egion o1 Con/ergence <49C= 1or "aplace 'rans1orms> Constraints on 49C 1or /arious classes o1 signals> Properties o1 "$'> 4elation #et!een "$' and 0$' o1 a signal> "aplace 'rans1orm o1 certain signals using !a/e1orm synthesis$ U&'t )III - L*T.a&6Bo.,6 0undamental di11erence #et!een Continuous and Discrete time signals> Discrete time signal representation using Comple; e;ponential and inusoidal components> Periodicity o1 Discrete time signal using comple; e;ponential signal> Concept o1 L'rans1orm o1 a Discrete e6uence> Distinction #et!een "aplace> 0ourier and L 'rans1orms> 4egion o1 Con/ergence in L'rans1orm> Constraints on 49C 1or /arious classes o1 signals> In/erse L-trans1orm> Properties o1 L-trans1orms$ TE:T BOO;S1$ ignals> ystems & Communications - .$P$ "athi> 2,,I> . P$ 2$ ignals and ystems 2 -$4ama Hrishna 4ao 2 2,,*> 'M3$ 2$ ignals and ystems - -$7$ 9ppenheim> -$ $ (ills&y and $3$ 5a!a#> 2 ed$> P3I$ RE<ERENCES1$ ignals & ystems - imon 3ay&in and 7an 7een>(iley> 2 ed$ 2$ Introduction to ignal and ystem -nalysis 2 H$Bopalan 2,,I> CE5B-BE "earning$ 3$ 0undamentals o1 ignals and ystems - Michel E$ 4o#ert> 2,,*> MB3 International Edition$ 4$ ignals> ystems and 'rans1orms - C$ "$ Philips> E$M$Parr and E/e -$4is&in> 3 ed$> 2,,4> PE$


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L T/P/D C 1 !/0/0 1 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY

UNIT0I &eletal systemD classi1ication o1 .ones> Eoints and Muscles- tructure and 1unction$Ma:or Muscles o1 "im#s and their -ctions$ 0unctional Concept o1 the 3uman #ody> .one and Muscle Physiology> UNIT0II 5er/ous system and special sensesD .rain and spinal cord> Peripheral and -utonomic 5er/ous Electroencephalogram and Electrocorticogram$ -natomy and physiology o1 Eye and Ear$ ystem> ner/e physiology>

UNIT0III Cardio/ascular systemD heart> arterial and /enous system> Per1ormance Characteristics o1 3eart and Ma:or .lood 7essels> Electrocardiography UNIT0I) 4espiratory systemD 'rachea and "ungs$ 4espiratory Physiology$ UNIT0) Endocrine ystemD Endocrine Blands> Physiology o1 Endocrine 4egulatory ystem$ UNIT0)I Digesti/e ystemD 9esophagus> tomach> Intestines> "i/er> Ball .ladder and Pancreas UNIT0)II "ymphatic systemD pleen> glands and "ymph nodes UNIT0)III 4eproducti/e and Crinary ystemsD Male and 0emale$ Counter Current Concept and its -pplication o1 Concentration 91 Crine TE:T BOO;S 1$ Charles E$ 'o#in> .asic 3uman -natomy> McBra! 3ill> 1I*,$ 2$ E Bi#son> Modern Physiology & -natomy 1or 5ursesM .lac&-!ell cienti1ic Pu#lishers> 1I*1$ RE<ERENCE1$ .est and 'aylor> 'he "i/ing .odyM .$I Pu#lication> 1I*,$ $ 2$ C$ 'andan & Dr$ ChandhramoliM 'e;t#oo& o1 physiology 1or Dental studies$ Dorpan Pu#lications$ 3$ Borden ears> ($ & (in!ood ($ M-natomy & Physiology 1or 5urses> 4e/ised edition


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L $ T/P/D !/0/00 C $

BIOELECTRICITY AND ELECTRODES UNIT0I .ioelectricity generation at the cellular & su# cellular le/el$ Di11erent #iopotentials and their characteristics$ UNIT0II 5ernst E6uationD Deri/ations and its signi1icance$ 4e1ractory Period> Characteristics o1 Electrical e6ui/alent circuit o1 -;on$ Mem#rane time and space constants$ timulus$ trength-Duration relationship$

UNIT0III 3odg&in- hu;ley 1ormulation> Mem#rane conductance> 5er/e conduction> mem#rane properties 1rom current /oltage relations> Models o1 s6uid a;on$ Propagation o1 impulses in unmyelinated and myelinated ner/e 1i#er$ Electrical properties o1 receptors$ Intensity-1re6uency relationship$ Electrical properties o1 synaptic :unctions - EP P and IP P$ UNIT0I) Characteristics o1 -ction potentials at - 5ode> -tria> - 7 5ode> Pur&in:e 1i#ers and 7entricles$ ECB Comple;es$ 12 lead ECB$ tandard leads o1 Eintho/en$ Pericardial leads and -ugmented lim# leads$ 4elationship #et!een unipolar e;tremity leads and standard .ipolar leads$ UNIT0) .iopotential electrodesD classi1ication & characteristics$ Electrode-Electrolyte- 'issue Inter1ace> E6ui/alent Circuit Properties o1 5eedle & Micro Electrodes UNIT0)I Electrodes 1or surgery> physiotherapy and -nalytical Instruments> Ion-sensiti/e electrodes used in .iochemistry analysers$ UNIT0)II Electrical acti/ity o1 s&eletal muscles> Motor unit potentials> neuromuscular transmission> EMB !a/e 1orm$ ur1ace and needle electrodes 1or EMB$ 7elocity and their changes in normal and a#normal states$ 0atigue and conduction> chemical signi1icance$ Bradation o1 muscular acti/ity$ UNIT0)III -pplication o1 .ioelectric phenomena- 0or!ard> In/erse pro#lems$ Electro Encephalogram$ Impedance Plethysmography> Measurement o1 'issue 4esistance$ TE:T BOO;S 1$ 4o#ert Plonsey and 4oger .arr> .ioelectricity> McBra! 3ill> 1I*6$ 2$ Eohn (e#ster$ Medical Instrumentation$- -pplication and Design$ Eohn (iley and ons$ Inc$> 5e! For&$ 'hird edition 2,,3$ RE<ERENCE 1$ "$ - Beddes> Principles o1 -pplied .iomedical Instrumentation> Eohn (illy & ons>1I*I$ 2$ Plonsey 4o#ert and 0lemming Da/id B$ .ioelectrical phenomena> McBra! 3ill> 1I6I$


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L 3 T/P/D 0/$/0 C

ELECTRONIC DE)ICES AND CIRCUITS LAB PART A- 2O&l? Bo. )'(a0(oce E=a,'&at'o&4 E"EC'495IC (94H 39P P4-C'ICE <in 3 la# sessions= D 1$ Identi1ication> peci1ications> 'esting o1 4> "> C Components <Color Codes=> Potentiometers> !itches < PD'> DPD'> and DIP=> Coils> Bang Condensers> 4elays> .read .oards> PC.?s 2$ Identi1ication> peci1ications and 'esting o1 -cti/e De/ices> Diodes> .E'?s> "o! po!er E0E'?s> M9 0E'?s> Po!er 'ransistors> "ED?s> "CD?s> C4> CE'$ 3$ tudy and operation o1 A Multimeters <-nalog and Digital= A 0unction Benerator A 4egulated Po!er upplies C49$ PART B- 2<o. Labo.ato.? E=a,'&at'o& * M'&',u, oB !3 e=%e.',e&t64 1$ 0or!ard & 4e/erse .ias Characteristics o1 P5 Eunction Diode$ 2$ Lener diode characteristics and Lener as /oltage 4egulator$ 3$ Input & 9utput Characteristics o1 'ransistor in C. Con1iguration$ 4$ Input & 9utput Characteristics o1 'ransistor in CE Con1iguration$ +$ 3al1 (a/e 4ecti1ier !ith & !ithout 1ilters 6$ 0ull (a/e 4ecti1ier !ith & !ithout 1ilters )$ 0E' characteristics *$ Measurement o1 h parameters o1 transistor in C.> CE> CC con1igurations I$ 0re6uency 4esponse o1 CE -mpli1ier$ 1,$ 0re6uency 4esponse o1 Common ource 0E' ampli1ier 11$ C4 characteristics$ 12$ CE' Characteristics 13$ 'riac Characteristics 14$ -pllication in Po!er control 'riac$ PART CEFu'%,e&t .eFu'.ed Bo. Labo.ato.'e61$ 2$ 3$ 4$ +$ 6$ )$ *$ I$ 4egulated Po!er supplies <4P = C49?s 0unction Benerators Multimeters Decade 4esistance .o;es%4heostats Decade Capacitance .o;es -mmeters <-nalog or Digital= 7oltmeters <-nalog or Digital= Electronic Components ,-3, 7 ,-2, M3@$ ,-1 M3@$

,-2, Y-> ,-+,Y-> ,-1,,Y-> ,-2,,Y-> ,-1, m-$ ,-+,7> ,-1,,7> ,-2+,7 4esistors> Capacitors> .E's> "CDs> C4s> CE's> 0E's> "EDs> M9 0E's>diodes Be& i type> 'ransistors 2 npn>pnp type=


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * I Se, L T/P/D C 3 0/$/0 MEDICAL SCIENCES LAB

1$ 3istology Practicals$ ho!ing the slides o1 Primary tissues$ 2$ 4ecording o1 .$ P$ and E11ects o1 Physical E;ertion and Posture on this Parameter$ 3$ Demonstration o1 Dissecting Cpper lim#s> "o!er lim#s> Pel/is and Pel/ic 9rgans -#domen and -#dominal 9rgans$ 4$ Demonstration o1 Dissecting thora; 2 sho!ing heart & ma:or #lood /essels> lungs and respiratory system$ +$ 4ecording Mechanical 4esponse o1 the Muscle on -pplication o1 Induced Electric ignal> 6$ tudy o1 4ate o1 Conduction o1 5er/e Impulse$ )$ 8uantitati/e estimation o1 glucose> Crea and creatinine$ *$ 8uantitati/e estimation o1 erum proteins> -%B 4atio I$ 'est 1or presence o1 <a= 4educing ugars <#= Proteins$ <c= Hetone .odies$ 1,$ 'est 1or presence o1 <a= .lood$ <#= .ile alts$ <c= .ile Pigments$ 11$ -nalysis o1 5a and H in an un&no!n sample <Demonstration=$ 12$ Plasma protein electrophoresis$ EFu'%,e&t .eFu'.ed 1$ 2$ 3$ 4$ +$ 6$ )$ *$ I$ 1,$ 11$ 12$ 13$ microscope sphygmomanometer stethoscope &ymograph 1lame photometer 'uning 0or&s o1 di11erent resonant 1re6uencies poly graph Electrophoresis apparatus Chromatograph Colorimeter$ pectrophotometer$ p3 meter 0lame photometer


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * II Se, L T/P/D C $ !/0/0 $ EN)IRONMENTAL STUDIES

UNIT0I - ECOSYSTEMS- De1inition> cope and Importance o1 ecosystem> Concept o1 ecosystem> Classi1ication o1 ecosystems> tructure and tructural Components o1 an ecosystem> 0unctions o1 ecosystem> 0ood chains> 1ood !e#s and ecological pyramids$ 0lo! o1 energy> .iogeochemical cycles> 3omeostasis % Cy#ernetics> 0ood chain concentration> .iomagni1ication> ecosystems /alue> ser/ices and carrying capacity$ UNIT0II- NATURAL RESOURCES- Classi1ication o1 4esourcesD "i/ing and 5on-"i/ing resources> 4ene!a#le and non-rene!a#le resources$ (ater resources- use and o/er utili@ation o1 sur1ace and ground !ater> 1loods and droughts> DamsD #ene1its and pro#lems$ Mineral resourcesD use and e;ploitation> en/ironmental e11ects o1 e;tracting and using mineral resources 2 case studies$ Energy resources- gro!ing energy needs> rene!a#le and non rene!a#le energy sources> use o1 alternate energy sources 2 case studies$ "and resourcesD land as a resource> land degradation> man induced landslides and land use % land co/er mapping$ UNIT0III- BIODI)ERSITY AND BIOTIC RESOURCES- Introduction> De1inition> genetic> species and ecosystem di/ersity$ 7alue o1 #iodi/ersityD consumpti/e use> producti/e use> social> ethical> aesthetic and intrinsic /alues$ 3ot spots o1 #iodi/ersity$ 'hreats to #iodi/ersityD ha#itat loss> poaching o1 !ildli1e> man-!ildli1e con1licts> conser/ation o1 #iodi/ersityD In- itu and E;-situ conser/ation$ 0ood and 1odder resources> 'im#er and non-tim#er 1orest products$ UNIT0I)- EN)IRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND CONTROL- Classi1ication o1 pollution and pollutants> causes> e11ects and control technologies$ -ir PollutionD Primary and secondary pollutants> -utomo#ile and Industrial pollution> -m#ient air 6uality standards$ (ater pollution- Point and non-point sources o1 pollution> Ma:or pollutant o1 !ater and their sources> drin&ing !ater 6uality standards> (aste !ater treatment methodsD e11luent treatment plants <E'P=> e!age treatment plants < 'P=> common and com#ined e11luent treatment plants <CE'P=$ oil PollutionD oil as sin& 1or pollutants> Impact o1 modern agriculture on soil> degradation o1 soil$ Marine PollutionD Misuse o1 International !ater 1or dumping o1 ha@ardous !aste> coastal pollution due to se!age and marine disposal o1 industrial e11luents$ 5oise PollutionD ources> Industrial 5oise- 9ccupational 3ealth ha@ards> standards> Methods o1 control o1 5oise$ 'hermal PollutionD 'hermal Com1orts> 3eat Island e11ect> 4adiation e11ects$ 5uclear PollutionD 5uclear po!er plants> nuclear radiation> disasters and impacts> genetical disorders$ olid !asteD types> Collection processing and disposal o1 industrial and municipal solid !astes composition and characteristics o1 e-(aste and its management$ UNIT0)- GLOBAL EN)IRONMENTAL PROBLEMS AND GLOBAL E<<ORTS - Breen house e11ect> Breen 3ouse Bases <B3B=> Blo#al (arming> ea le/el rise> climate change and their impacts on human en/ironment$ 9@one depletion and 9@one depleting su#stances <9D =$De1orestation and deserti1ication$ International con/entions % ProtocolsD Earth summit> Hyoto protocol and MontrZal Protocol> UNIT0)I- EN)IRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT 2EIA4 AND EN)IRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN- De1inition o1 ImpactD classi1ication o1 impacts> Positi/e and 5egati/e> 4e/ersi#le and irre/ersi#le> light> moderate and se/ere> methods o1 #aseline data ac6uisition$ Impacts on di11erent componentsD such as human health resources> air> !ater> 1lora> 1auna and society$ Prediction o1 impacts and impact assessment methodologies$ En/ironmental Impact tatement <EI =$ En/ironmental Management Plan <EMP=D 'echnological olutions> pre/enti/e methods> Control technologies> treatment technologiesD green-#elt-de/elopment> rain !ater har/esting> 4emote sensing and BI methods$ UNIT0)II- EN)IRONMENTAL POLICYA LEGISLATIONA RULES AND REGULATIONS 5ational En/ironmental Policy> En/ironmental Protection act> "egal aspects -ir <Pre/ention and Control o1 pollution = -ct- 1I*1> (ater< Pre/ention and Control o1 pollution = -ct-1I)4> (ater pollution Cess -ct-1I))> 0orest Conser/ation -ct> Municipal solid !aste management and handling rules> #iomedical !aste management and handling rules> ha@ardous !aste management and handling rules $ UNIT- )III 00 TO9ARDS SUSTAINABLE <UTURE Concept o1 ustaina#le De/elopment> 'hreats to ustaina#ility> Population and its e;plosion> Cra@y Consumerism> 9/ere;ploitation o1 resources> trategies 1or -chie/ing ustaina#le de/elopment> En/ironmental Education> Conser/ation o1 4esources> Cr#an pra!l> ustaina#le Cities and ustaina#le Communities> 3uman health> 4ole o1 I' in En/ironment> En/ironmental Ethics> En/ironmental Economics> Concept o1 Breen .uilding> Clean De/elopment Mechanism <CDM=$ SUGGESTED TE:T BOO;S1$ En/ironmental studies > 0rom crisis to cure #y 4$4a:agopalan> 2,,+ 2$ 'e;t #oo& o1 En/ironmental cience and 'echnology #y M$-n:i 4eddy 2,,) 3$ En/ironmental studies #y Erach .harucha 2,,+> Cni/ersity Brants Commission> Cni/ersity Press$ RE<ERENCE BOO;S1$ En/ironmental cienceD to!ards a sustaina#le 1uture #y 4ichard '$(right$ 2,,* P3" "earning Pri/ate "td$ 5e! Delhi 2$ En/ironmental Engineering and science #y Bil#ert M$Masters and (endell P$ Ela $2,,* P3I "earning P/t$ "td$


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME * II Se, L 1 T/P/D 0/0/0 C 1

S9ITCHING THEORY AND LOGIC DESIGN UNIT I Nu,be. S?6te,6 + Code6 - Philosophy o1 5um#er ystems> Complement 4epresentation o1 5egati/e 5um#ers> .inary -rithmetic> .inary Codes> Error Detecting & Error Correcting Codes> 3amming codes$ UNIT II Boolea& Al7eb.a a&d SC'tc/'&7 <u&ct'o&6 - 0undamental Postulates o1 .oolean -lge#ra> .asic theorems and Properties> !itching 0unctions> Canonical and tandard 1orms> -lge#raic simpli1ication Digital "ogic Bates> Properties o1 J94 gates> Cni/ersal Bates> Multile/el 5-5D%594 4eali@ations$ UNIT III M'&','Dat'o& oB SC'tc/'&7 <u&ct'o&6 - Map method> Prime implicants> Don?t care com#inations> Minimal 'a#ular Method> Prime 2Implicant chart> impli1ication rules$ 9P and P9 1orms>

UNIT I) Co,b'&at'o&al Lo7'c De6'7& Design using con/entional logic gates> Encoder> Decoder> Multiple;er> De-Multiple;er> Modular design using IC chips> MCJ 4eali@ation o1 s!itching 1unctions Parity #it generator> Code-con/erters> 3a@ards and 3a@ard 1ree 4eali@ations$ UNIT ) P.o7.a,,able Lo7'c De('ce6 + T/.e6/old Lo7'c - .asic P"D?s-49M> P49M> P"-> P-"> 4eali@ation o1 !itching 1unctions using P"D?s> Capa#ilities and "imitations o1 'hreshold gate> ynthesis o1 'hreshold 1unctions> Multigate ynthesis$ UNIT )I SeFue&t'al C'.cu't6 0 I - Classi1ication o1 se6uential circuits < ynchronous> -synchronous> Pulse mode> "e/el mode !ith e;amples=> .asic 0lip-0lops> 'riggering and E;citation ta#les> teps in ynchronous e6uential Circuit Design> Design o1 modulo-5 4ing & hi1t counters> erial #inary adder> e6uence detector$ UNIT )II SeFue&t'al C'.cu't6 0 II - 0inite tate Machine-Capa#ilities and "imitations> Mealy and Moore models> Minimi@ation o1 Completely speci1ied and Incompletely peci1ied e6uential Machines> Partition 'echni6ues and Merger chart methods> Concept o1 Minimal co/er ta#le$ UNIT )III Al7o.'t/,'c State Mac/'&e6 - alient 1eatures o1 the - M chart> imple e;amples> ystem design using data path and control su#systems> Control implementations> E;amples o1 (eighing Machine and .inary multiplier$ TE:TBOO;S 1$ !itching & 0inite -utomata theory 2 L/i Hoha/i> 2 ed$> 'M3$ 2$ Digital Design 2 Morris Mano> 3 ed$> 2,,6> P3I$ 3$ !itching 'heory and "ogic Design 2 -$ -nand Humar> 2,,*> P3I$ RE<ERENCES 1$ -n Engineering -pproach to Digital Design 2 0letcher> P3I$ 2$ 0undamentals o1 "ogic Design 2 Charles 3$ 4oth> + ed$> 2,,4> 'homson Pu#lications$ 3$ Digital "ogic -pplications and Design 2 Eohn M$ Far#rough> 2,,6> 'homson Pu#lications$



U&'t0I L'&ea. 9a(e S/a%'&7 D 3igh pass and lo! pass 4C circuits and their response 1or inusoidal> tep> Pulse> 6uare> & 4amp inputs> 3igh pass 4C net!or& as Di11erentiator> "o! pass 4C circuit as an Integrator> -ttenuators and its application as a C49 Pro#e> 4" and 4"C Circuits and their response 1or tep Input> 4inging Circuit$ U&'t0 II No&0L'&ea. 9a(e S/a%'&7D Diode clippers> 'ransistor clippers> Clipping at t!o independent le/els> Comparators> -pplications o1 7oltage comparators$ Clamping 9peration> Clamping circuit ta&ing ource and Diode resistances into account> Clamping Circuit 'heorem> Practical Clamping Circuits> E11ect o1 Diode Characteristics on Clamping 7oltage> ynchroni@ed Clamping$ U&'t0III SC'tc/'&7 C/a.acte.'6t'c6 oB De('ce6 D Diode as a !itch> Piece!ise "inear Diode Characteristics> Diode !itching times> 'ransistor as a !itch> .rea& do!n /oltages> 'ransistor in aturation> 'emperature /ariation o1 aturation Parameters> 'ransistors!itching times> ilicon-controlled-s!itch circuits$ U&'t0I) Mult'('b.ato.6D -nalysis and Design o1 .ista#le> Monosta#le> -sta#le Multi/i#rators and chmitt trigger using 'ransistors$ U&'t0) T',e Ba6e Ge&e.ato.6 D Beneral 1eatures o1 a 'ime #ase ignal> Methods o1 Benerating 'ime .ase (a/e1orm> Miller and .ootstrap 'ime #ase Benerators-.asic Principles> 'ransistor Miller 'ime .ase generator> 'ransistor .ootstrap 'ime .ase Benerator> 'ransistor Current 'ime .ase Benerators> Methods o1 "inearity impro/ement$ U&'t0)I Sa,%l'&7 Gate6 D .asic operating principles o1 ampling Bates> Cnidirectional and .i-directional ampling Bates> 0our Diode ampling Bate> 4eduction o1 pedestal in Bate Circuits> i; Diode Bate> -pplication o1 ampling Bates$ U&'t0)II S?&c/.o&'Dat'o& a&d <.eFue&c? D'('6'o&- Pulse ynchroni@ation o1 4ela;ation De/ices> 0re6uency di/ision in !eep Circuit> ta#ility o1 4ela;ation De/ices> -sta#le 4ela;ation Circuits> Monosta#le 4ela;ation Circuits> ynchroni@ation o1 a !eep Circuit !ith ymmetrical ignals> ine !a/e 1re6uency di/ision !ith a !eep Circuit> - inusoidal Di/ider using 4egeneration and Modulation$ U&'t0)III Real'Dat'o& oB Lo7'c Gate6 U6'&7 D'ode6 + T.a&6'6to.6- -5D> 94 and 59' Bates using Diodes and 'ransistors> DC'"> 4'"> D'"> ''" and CM" "ogic 0amilies and its Comparison$ TE:T BOO;S1$ Millman?s Pulse> Digital and !itching (a/e1orms 2E$ Millman> 3$ 'au# and Mothi&i $ Pra&ash 4ao> 2 ed$> 2,,*> 'M3$ 2$ olid tate Pulse circuits 2Da/id -$ .ell> 4 ed$> 2,,2 P3I$ RE<ERENCES1$ Pulse and Digital Circuits 2 -$ -nand Humar> 2,,+> P3I$ 2$ 0undamentals o1 Pulse and Digital Circuits- 4onald E$ 'occi> 3 ed$> 2,,*$ 3$ Pulse and Digital Circuits 2 Mothe&i $ Pra&ash 4ao> 2,,6> 'M3$ 4$ (a/e Beneration and haping - "$ trauss$



UNIT0I 5EP349"9BFD Principles o1 dialysisM 3aemodialysis> -cetate dialysis> .icar#onate dialysis$ Peritonial dialysis> Chronic am#ulatory peritoneal dialysis> 3aemoper1usion> e6uential ultra 1iltration$ 3aemo1iltration> -de6uacy o1 dialysis> Clearance> dialysance> UNIT0II Components o1 dialysing system> Dialysate> composition o1 dialysate> 'ypes o1 dialysers> controls and monitoring de/ices 1or dialysers$ Clinical signi1icance$ 4enal transplantationD .asic principles$ UNIT0III 5EC49"9BFD Diseases o1 ner/ous system> spinal cord lesions> motor ner/ous disease> Prolapsed intra/erte#ral disc> 5europathies> Myasthenia gra/is> Diseases o1 muscle$ UNIT0I) DI-B59 'IC I57E 'IB-'I95 I5 5EC49"9BF$ Electro encephalography$Computeri@ed a;ial tomography> -ngiography> Pneumoencephalography> neuromuscular stimulation> Electromyography$ Clinical applications$ Clinical signi1icance> Diseases o1 muscle> Motor neuron disorders> 'he electrical study o1 re1le;es$ 'he silent period$ 'he 0 response> 'he 3 re1le;> 'he a;ion re1le;es$ Disorders o1 neuromuscular transmission UNIT0) C-4DI9"9BFD 3eart structure and 1unction> Cardiac cycle> /arious /al/es and their 1unction> Cardio /ascular measurements$ Prosthetic de/ices$ Monitors$ 3eart lung machine applications and clinical signi1icance$ C7P and (-5 catheters$ Electro cardiographyD ource o1 ECB potentialsD Dipole theory> conduction system> 5ormal and a#normal ECB?s$ Diagnostic applications> interpretation o1 ECB$ Cardiacpacing$ Diagnostic indications$ Criteria 1or selection$ 'herapeutic indications$ Complications$ 'emporary pacing$ Permanent pacing$ UNIT0)I C-4DI-C - I ' DE7ICE D -rterial and 7entricular 1i#rillation> application o1 cardiac assist de/ices$ Cardiac catheterisation$ Echocardiography> Cine angiography> 'readmill and Ergometer -pplications and Clinical signi1icance$ Diagnostic usage o1 ultrasound scanners$ Doppler ultrasound measurement$ Clinical signi1icance$ 9pen heart surgery gra1ts> #ypass surgery$ Instrumentation used 1or open-heart surgery> 9rgani@ation o1 I$C$C$C Clinical aspects$ UNIT0)II BE5E4-" C4BE4FD urgical patient$ Clinically signi1icant in/estigations> Pre operati/e preparation$ surgical e6uipment$ laproscopy and its use in /arious surgeries tudy and operation o1

UNIT0)III B- '49E5'49"9BFD -natomy and physiology o1 B$I$'$ clinically signi1icant symptoms> signs and diseases$ 5utritional support and parenteral therapy$ 3eight and !eight estimations according to age$ Intra/enous cannulae> I$ 7 ets> In1usion pumps> stomach !ash tu#es$ 7arious endoscopic procedures> li/er #iopsy etc$ TE:T BOO;S1$ trauss> Maurice .$ &"ouis B$(elt$ Diseases o1 &idney> /ol$ 1&2 "ittle .ro!n$1II) 2$ Eames B$ Mcleod> Physiological -pproach to Clinical 5eurology> .utter!orth-3einemann "td> 3rd edition$ RE<ERENCES1$ D$Boldstein> mehmet 9@> Cardiac -ssist De/ices> .lac&!ell 0uture>2,,2$ 2$ 4o#ert 0 4ushmer > Cardio /ascular Dynamics$(. aunders> 1I)6$ 3$ '$" Dent$ ($E$ todel> E$B$turcotte> urgical Endoscopy> year #oo& Medical pu#>1I*+$ 4$ Eones D.>(u E > oper 5E> "aproscopic surgeryD Principles and Procedures2nd ed> Marcel De&&er> 2,,4$



UNIT0I I5'49DCC'I95D Classi1ication> .asic re6uirements o1 #io transducers> 8uasi state e11ects <linearity> 3ysterisis=> -mplitude distortion> Phase distortion> ampling errors> Input and 9utput impedance e11ects> 0actors in1luencing the choice and design o1 the transducer in Measuring the Physiological Parameters$ UNIT0II 'EMPE4-'C4E '4-5 DCCE4 <Measurement Principle> Design and -pplications=D 'hermo resisti/e> 'hermo electric> P5 :unction diode- 'hermometers> 1re6uency change temperature 'ransducers> Chemical 'hermometry> 4adiation 'hermometry$ UNIT0III DI P"-CEME5'> '4-5 DCCE4 D Potentiometric 'ransducersD 4esisti/e> 4esisti/e strain gauges$ " 7$ D$ '> Inducti/e displacement transducer> Capaciti/e displacement transducers> Cltrasonic methods$ UNIT0I) 094CE & 7E"9CI'F '4-5 DCCE4 D Di11erentiation and Integration methods> Doppler system> Methods #ased on the mass #auer e11ect> Electro magnetic methods$ -cceleration transducersD Pie@o electric transducers UNIT0) P4E C4E '4-5 DCCE4 D 9cclusi/e cu11 methods$ 0orce #alance methods$ Direct hydraulically coupled Catheter transducer system> Diaphragm displacement pressure transducers$ Electrical transduction methods 1or Catheter tip transducer$ 9ptical transducers$ Implanta#le pressure transducer> Micro pressure transducer$ UNIT0)I 0"9( '4-5 DCCE4 D 0lo! pro#e design and applicationD Catheter tip electromagnetic Intra /ascular pro#e & electronic system$ Doppler shi1t 1lo! meters> Pressure gradient techni6ue> Intra /ascular 'hermistor pro#e> (ater 1illed plethysmography> -ir 1illed plethysmography> 0ic& & 4apid in:ection indicator dilution methods$ UNIT0)II .ioelectric -mpli1iers - Di11erent types o1 .ioelectric ampli1iers> Principle o1 9perational -mpli1ier> Instrumentation -mpli1ier characteristics> Integrator> Di11erentiator> "og -mpli1ier and -ntilog -mpli1ier$ ignal Conditioning UNIT0 )III .I9'E"EME'4FD 4adio 'elemetry principles> 0M> -M> PCM$ 'ransmission o1 #iological data through radio telemetry$ channel> multi channel systems$ .loc& diagrams and 1unctions o1 #io signal transmitters and recei/ers$ ingle

TE:T BOO;S1$ "$ - Beddes> "$E$.a&er> Principles o1 -pplied .iomedical Instrumentation> Eohn (iley India$ 2$ 'atsuo 'oga!a> 'oshiyo 'amura & P> -&e 9#erg> .iomedical 'ransducers and Instruments> C4C Press> .oca 4aton> 1II)$ 3$ Introduction to Measurements and Instrumentation> second edition> -run H Bhosh> P3I> 5e! Delhi 2,,) RE<ERENCE1$ 4ichard$ $ C$Co##oldM 'ransducers 1or .iomedical Measurements- principles and applicationM Hrieger pu# Co> 2$ Eohn (e#ster$ Medical Instrumentation$- -pplication and Design$ Eohn (iley and ons$ Inc$> 5e! For&$ 'hird edition 2,,3$



M'&',u, TCel(e e=%e.',e&t6 to be co&ducted1$ "inear !a/e shaping$ 2$ 5on "inear !a/e shaping 2 Clippers$ 3$ 5on "inear !a/e shaping 2 Clampers$ 4$ 'ransistor as a s!itch$ +$ tudy o1 "ogic Bates & some applications$ 6$ tudy o1 0lip-0lops & some applications$ )$ ampling Bates$ *$ -sta#le Multi/i#rator$ I$ Monosta#le Multi/i#rator$ 1,$ .ista#le Multi/i#rator$ 11$ chmitt 'rigger$ 12$ CE' 4ela;ation 9scillator$ 13$ .ootstrap !eep Circuit$ EFu'%,e&t .eFu'.ed Bo. Labo.ato.'e61$ 2$ 3$ 4$ +$ 4egulated Po!er upply - , 2 3, 7 C49 - , 2 2, M 3@$ 0unction Benerators - , 2 1 M 3@ Components Multi Meters


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME 0 II Se, L T/P/D C 3 0/$/0 TRANSDUCERS LAB

1$ "$7$D$' & '4-I5 B-CBE Designing o1 9scillator & proportional ampli1ier 2$ 4esistance 'hermometry <4$ '$ D= 3$ 'hermister & 'hermocouple Designing o1 .ridge Circuit & 4e1erence Eunction Compensation Circuit 4$ Photo ensorsD Photo Diode> olar Cell> and Photo 'ransistor +$ p3 Measurement 6$ Pressure Measurement Designing o1 Instrumentation -mp (ith Di11erent Bains )$ "e/el Measurement *$ P$ I$ D P$I> P$D> P$ I$ D Designing 91 Integrator & Di11erentiator Csing Components I$ 9p--mp -s -dder u#tractor Designing o1 -dder & u#tractor Csing Components 1,$ peed Measurement 11$ "$ D$ 4 & Pie@o Electric 'ransducers 12$ Inducti/e & Capaciti/e Pic&up T/e t.a&6duce.6/ eFu'%,e&t .eFu'.ed to do t/e abo(e e=%e.',e&t6 1$ "$7$D$' 2$ '4-I5 B-CBE <cantile/er strain gauge= 3$ 4esistance 'hermometry <4$ '$ D= 4$ 'hermister +$ 'hermocouple 6$ Photo ensorsD Photo Diode> olar Cell> and Photo 'ransistor> "$ D$ 4 )$ p3 Meter *$ ealed pressure transducer 1or Pressure Measurement I$ Micro controller #ased "e/el Measurement system 1,$ P$ I$ D setup 11$ Electric pic&up and magnetic pic&up 1or peed Measurement 12$ Pie@o Electric 'ransducer 13$ Inducti/e & Capaciti/e Pic&up 14$ ignal generators 1+$ C$4$9 16$ Digital storage C$4$9 1)$ Multimeter


II Yea. B.Tec/. BME 0 II Se, L T/P/D C 3 BASIC SIMULATION LAB L'6t oB E=%e.',e&t61$ 2$ 3$ 4$ +$ 6$ )$ *$ I$ 1,$ 11$ 12$ 13$ 14$ 1+$ 16$ 1)$ 1*$ .asic 9perations on Matrices$ Beneration o1 7arious ignals and e6uences <Periodic and -periodic=> such as Cnit Impulse> Cnit tep> 6uare> a! tooth> 'riangular> inusoidal> 4amp> inc$ 9perations on ignals and e6uences such as -ddition> Multiplication> caling> hi1ting> 0olding> Computation o1 Energy and -/erage Po!er$ 0inding the E/en and 9dd parts o1 ignal% e6uence and 4eal and Imaginary parts o1 ignal$ Con/olution #et!een ignals and se6uences$ -uto Correlation and Cross Correlation #et!een ignals and e6uences$ 7eri1ication o1 "inearity and 'ime In/ariance Properties o1 a gi/en Continuous%Discrete ystem$ Computation o1 unit sample> unit step and sinusoidal responses o1 the gi/en "'I system and /eri1ying its physical realia@a#ility and sta#ility properties$ Bi##s Phenomenon 0inding the 0ourier 'rans1orm o1 a gi/en signal and plotting its magnitude and phase spectrum$ (a/e1orm ynthesis using "aplace 'rans1orm$ "ocating the Leros and Poles and plotting the Pole-Lero maps in -plane and L-Plane 1or the gi/en trans1er 1unction$ Beneration o1 Baussian noise < 4eal and Comple;=> Computation o1 its mean> M$ $ 7alue and its &e!> Hurtosis> and P D> Pro#a#ility Distri#ution 0unction$ ampling 'heorem 7eri1ication$ 4emo/al o1 noise #y -utocorrelation % Cross correlation$ E;traction o1 Periodic ignal mas&ed #y noise using Correlation$ 7eri1ication o1 (einer-Hhinchine 4elations$ Chec&ing a 4andom Process 1or tationarity in (ide sense$ 0/$/0