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See the Freewinds in Dry Dock in September From: freewinds@freewinds.org To: freewinds@freewinds.org Subject: Something Unique from the Freewinds! From: Michael Sander Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 Dear Scientologist, Below is a promotional e-mail about an entirely unique aspect of the Freewinds that a majority of Scientologists have never experienced but now will get an opportunity to. Once you have read the e-mail, please take a minute to answer these questions: 1. Are you interested in coming to the Freewinds while we are in dry dock? 2. Would you like more information about the various activities aboard and ashore while we are there? 3. If you are not interested in coming to the Freewinds when we are in dry dock, when would you be interested in coming and if so, for what service? Thank you. ARC, Michael Sander Freewinds Advance Scheduling Registrar

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