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Lead Senior Artist

Gear for sports does work with Hanes , Champion, and Under Armour. They create screen print artwork primarily for collegiate garments.

Concept Artists

there are concept artists, who create the artwork.

Concept Artists

then there are production artists like Jessica. she takes concepts and then creates a ushed out line clothing for a particular school. she checks all type and kerning is correct, and color ready for print. she is in charge of coordinating the outsourcing of projects to the night shift in Mexico and India.

an exciting and busy time is during the spring. theyll be there on sundays after midnight waiting to see who wins the next game so then they can take the prepped design for the winning team and send it out immediately to be printed and shipped out.

nd what you are interested in and not try and t into a mold of what you are supposed to do

some advice: is to nd what you are interested in and not try and t into a mold of what you are supposed to do she still does not know what exactly she want to do, but says its okay to move around. its important to be always learning and to have someone to always learn from.

Graphic Designer

Populous an innovator of architecture. A majority of their work is constructing ballparks and arenas, any space where millions unite.

way nding activation

she is currently the only graphic designer at the hq. she works independently and splits her time not 50/50 but 75/75 on way nding and signage then activation and branded environments.

kelly gets to travel to the location to oversee installation. and nds it a great reward seeing it all and how big it is, the di!erence from screen, its not the same.


some advice: and as a fellow kcai grad she stresses to always push the concept and thinking. try and focus your school projects on the projects you are interested in. and always keep connections, you never know when you will need somebody.

Visual Communication Manager

which is an urbn company. which also includes urban outtters, free people, terrain, and blhdn.

she gets to work in a pretty awesome space in philadelphia. the urbn campus is located in an old navy yard. theres a relaxed atmosphere with no dress code and where your pooch can roam freely. the space is open and airy to collaborate and work with di!erent teams.

kayte is on the retail visual team, responsible for concepting and prototyping all of the visual direction for the stores which includes the seasonal concepts and their written narratives. She rst does a ton of research, which then becomes a book of inspirational imagery to send to the stores, then she works on prototyping for the displays! Typically she is involved in a few seasons at a time and always working ahead to the next year! here are some brand new earth day windows with the concept of metamorphosis, a showcase of the monarch.

going inside is as important as looking outside

some advice: she loves trolling pinterest for inspiration but has a big word of caution to not rely on too much outside inspiration. being surrounded by ideas is great but its important to develop your own style and taste. She also says to make connections and always be willing to share information, you never know when the tables will be turned. and to be open to everything!! You never know when a task at your job could turn into a new opportunity.

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