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science p3 1.Our Sense Organs And Their Uses 2.Living And Non-Living Things 3.Animals 4.Types Of Animals 5.

Materials 6.Magnets 7.Earth And Its Neighbours 8.Light p4 1.Matter 2.Heat 3.Let's Find Out About Electricity 4.Plants Around us 5.Plant Parts and What They Do 6.Our Wonderful Body (1) 7.Our Wonderful Body (2) p5 1.Different Types Of Changes 2.Changes Around Us 3.Water And Changes Of State 4.Forces 5.Life Continues 6.Plants Make New Plants 7.Living Together p6 1.Nature's Food Sources 2.Our Friends Or Foes 3.Energy 4.Simple Machines 5.Specially Suited To The Environment 6.Saving Our Earth