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Alan J.

MBA Longmont, CO 80501


Healthcare Leadership ~ Financial Management ~ Operations Improvement ~ Cultural Transformation

Senior leader experienced at improving patient experiences, enhancing consumer services, streamlining workflow, and increasing value to the community ACHIEVEMENTS
Strategic Value
Collaborated on regional strategy development for Elder care Drove business case and operational execution for $8.6 million multispecialty clinic Defined sustainable Medical Home model targeted at refugees and the underserved Automated alignment between care plans and actual care delivered Designed end-to-end solutions for $5 million to $65 million revenue lines Launched electronic health startup in less than six months from concept to delivery Automated physician recruiting and onboarding to reduce 0.5 FTE and save $56,000 Improved nursing recruitment to better utilize resources across multiple departments Secured multi-million dollar funding for multiple start-up projects and businesses Facilitated operational plans to reduce provider service losses by over $10 million Set vision for how team members would add value to service delivery Attracted, motivated, and retained excellence-oriented professionals Mentored cross-functional teams for project budgets of $100,000 to over $12 million Initiated transition of nursing home to a resident-driven delivery model Improved care quality outcomes by over 50 percent compared to national average Led environment of care improvement for successful TJC accreditation


Team Development

Patient Safety

CHE Trinity Health - Saint Alphonsus Medical Center 2011 2014 Critical Access Hospital integrated with 4 outpatient clinics and a nursing facility serving rural, eastern Oregon. Improved quality outcomes, patient experiences, and financial outcomes Developed coalitions that improved care continuity Delivered quality business intelligence to board governance Transformed culture based on collaboration, crucial conversations, mutual trust, team recognition, and development of organizational capabilities Assessed resource requirements, redefined staff roles, and created standardized work systems Created finance, personnel, and capital budgets and controls to maximize market value Led Environment of Care Committee as Safety Officer and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Coordinated space planning and directed renovations for medical center facilities Supervised team of 50 that included director of nursing, facilities engineering, facilities manager, environmental services manager, sleep lab, social services, activities, clinical records, and housekeeping Reported directly to hospital CEO as P&L-accountable, member of senior leadership team Trinity Health Saint Alphonsus Health System 2010 2011 Delivering urban and rural care, with 4 hospitals, 40 outpatient clinics, 285 employed providers, 1,000 network providers, and 4,000 colleagues serving Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada Engaged in strategic planning, solution development, and financial analysis of provider recruitment, physician relationships, referral processes, accountable care networks, and medical home development Projects emphasized system growth, operational improvement, system innovation, TJC accreditation, legislative advocacy, and board governance Preceptors included health system CEO, medical group CEO, and VP of strategic planning

Administrative Fellow

Financial Services Manager

Financial Brokerage 2003 - 2010 Start-up business serving families and small businesses with comprehensive retirement planning, financing, insurance, and long-term care coverage Directed recruitment, retention, training, licensing, and supervision of 10-person team while pursuing MBA in Health Administration Analyzed and devised financial solutions to improve investment returns, manage risk, and reduce debt

Vice President

Inpriva Inc. 2002 - 2003 Start-up offering breakthrough technology to improve automation of healthcare security and confidentiality Piloted system for automated contractual and business relationship tracking Developed and directed public relations, branding, and web site design Delivered quality business intelligence to board governance, investors, and executives Kronos Inc. 1997 - 2002 Deployed mission-critical, enterprise solutions for workforce automation Led project management and operations consulting for major US and multinational clients Increased operations productivity and reduced total cost to customers Developed coalitions that enhanced value-add services

Business Development Manager

Prior Experience

HeurisTec Inc., EIS International, Hewlett Packard Commercialized technology solutions through strategic planning, market research, life cycle management, distribution, and promotions to create millions in profits Identified competitive forces and created sustainable competitive advantages in growth markets Built corporate strategy, consulting services, and product management Improved systems, operations, and customer support Reduced logistical and training complexities

Developed business relationships and technology solutions in Europe, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand

Gifford, Blair, Carrie Y. Paykoc, and Alan Romero. Boulder Community Hospital A Simple Path to Sustainability Green Business Strategies for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses. Ed. Fred Andreas, et al. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, ABC-CLIO, 2011. 82-105. Print.


Master of Business Administration, Health Administration Nursing Home Administrators License Certified Instructor Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
University of Colorado Denver Oregon, Idaho & Colorado Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Colorado State University 2009 Current 2013 1982

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Alan J. Romero