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Describe the technique of data mining? Discuss the applications of data mining in telecommunication Sector? How are the terms Data Mining and Knowledge discovery in databases related? Explain phases of Knowledge discovery in databases? Explain the neural network and genetic algorithm techniques of data mining? Discuss the applications of data mining in marketing? Which are the industries deploying more data mining tools? Why? Suggest the changes required on data for applying data mining tools? Discuss the applications of Data mining in retail sector? Discuss the applications of Data mining in Human Resources management? Explain the relationship between OLAP and Data Mining?

1 What are the hardware and software requirements to build the Decision Support System? 2 Explain the term groupware. How is it linked to the term group Decision Support System? 3 Differentiate among structured decisions, semi structured decisions and unstructured decisions. What type of decisions are supported by DSS and Why? 4 Explain the difference between MIS and DSS? 5 Draw and explain the architecture of an expert system? 6 Describe the components of Decision Support System. Explain the Simons Model of decision making? 7 How is Information Technology support group decision making? 8 What are features of DSS? 9 Discuss the characteristics of Decision Support System. Discuss the situations when linear programming model is applied to make decisions? 10 How is Groupware helpful in group decision making?

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What is the role of checkpoint process in SQL Server? Explain the syntax of create table? Describe the data types supported by SQL Server? Consider the table Employee (Empid, Ename, Job, Salary, Hiredate, Deptno). Write the SQL for following: a) Find the average salary of each deptno. b) Display the employees who work in deptno 10 & 20. c) Display the employee names who were hired in year 2007. d) Add a new record to the employee table. Draw and explain the data warehouse architecture for banking sector? What are the advantages of partitioning of the factual table in data warehouse? What are the roles of summary tables and meta data in the data warehouse? Why is star flake schema desired in data warehouse? Differentiate between factual data and reference data? How are databases created in SQL Server? Explain the syntax of Create table command? Why are summary tables created in Data Warehouse? Explain? List and explain the CODDs rules of relational database management system?

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How are the terms Knowledge Discovery in databases and Data mining linked? Explain the phases of KDD? Explain the terms knowledge synthesis, knowledge storage and knowledge maps? Describe the technologies associated with knowledge generation? Describe the role of information technology in Knowledge management? How can the knowledge management systems be helpful for insurance Sector? What are the differences between knowledge bases and databases? What are the knowledge assets of an organization? Explain the technologies associated with Knowledge generation? What are different processes of Knowledge Management? How are data warehousing, data mining, and expert system technologies associated with knowledge management? What are the different knowledge management initiatives can be taken by management institutions? Differentiate between Information and Knowledge?