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were seen during the Cingular Rollout on the RNC/RXI/RBS an d are still being seen in the Rogers HSDPA Rollout. This document will be updated any time new alarms with workarounds come in. If you come across an alarm that hasn t been reported please send the details to M ichael Cerulli (lmcmcer) so this document can be updated. ALARM: Synchronization (RBS) Mostly synchronization alarms are one of the following Loss of Tracking TU Synch Reference Loss of Signal PDH Loss of Signal or PDH Loss of Frame or only Loss of Signal or Loss of Frame In most cases, the node lost one of the synchronization references and the node needs to be resynched TU Synch Reference Loss of Signal: TUB or CBU doesn t get the signal ? check the input port, cables, boards themselves Loss of Tracking: Node is not in locked mode but in holdover mode ? resetLossOfTracking on Sync MO (use LDN of pp1 and pp2 which are the sync references PDH Loss of Signal/Frame or Loss of Signal/Frame: ET doesn t detect the signal ? check port, cables, board (put cable between Tx and Rx on the ET), if ev erything is ok, then remove this port from the sync reference ALARM: Loss of Cell Delineation This can happen for the IMA link or the separate T1 ? check status of T1s, their cross connection, configuration ? check the link performance (ES and SES) on E1PhysPathTerm for that link, if the numbers are increasing, then the network is not stable, if it is not inc reasing, then there might be a HW issue (ET board) ? ET port might be hanging, thus restart the port ALARM: Carrier_RXDiversityLost This alarm will cause a degraded carrier ? check whether the RU or FU is locked ? if connection is ok, try to restart the port for that sector lhsh 001200/ xxx restart ? might be combined with antenna alarm (AiDevice_AntennaSystemProblem or T maDevice_AntennaSystemProblem), see below for more info ALARM: AiDevice_AntennaSystemProblem or TmaDevice_AntennaSystemProblem Which alarm shows up depends on whether the antenna is connected to a TMA ? check the antenna, jumper cables, cable connections visually and also by swapping them among the sectors and see whether alarm moves ? check FU ? check the value of the supervision parameter (should be 49, but if set t o 0 no alarm is reported) ? restart the RU ALARM: Carrier_RejectSignalFromHardware This alarm is issued from several HW, mainly RU, TXboard and RRU ? insert new HW ? if this doesn t help reboot the RBS (there has been a CSR which requires r eboot)

ALARM: RuDeviceGroup_GeneralHWError This alarm indicates problems with the component (written at beginning of alarm, in this case RU) ? restart RU port, restart whole RU board ? if doesn t help, replace RU ALARM: AiDevice_ExternalUnitFailure This alarm appears if the feeder or jumper cable is connected incorrectly or dam aged or the TMA can be faulty ? check the antenna, jumper cables, cable connections visually and also by swapping them among the sectors and see whether alarm moves ? check the TMA ALARM: ExternalTma_LnaFailureBranchA This alarm comes up when the two transistors amplifying the RF signals in the TM A fail. The cell can still carry traffic as long as branch B is working, however , the RX might be degraded. => run script to modify the TMA parameters

ALARM: Nbap (in RNC) OR Equipment for RUDeviceGroup (in RBS) Check in EMAS the equipment view for the RBS Restart the specific RU/FU in RBSSubrack ALARM: Carrier_UL_GainProblem Check attenuation in BEMAS, RBS needs one of each, DPCL, TPA, TR ALARM: Carrier_UL_GainTruncated Check whether feeder loss is outside the acceptable range (max is 6db) Check power Are RU boards steady ALARM : AuxPlugInUnit_PiuConnectionLost Piu powered off? Cable problem? FU/RU? => Check cabx ALARM: Tma_LnaFailure Check voltage (what TMA gives out), if too low => check FU (bad or short circuit) => restart FU if 0 => check if internalpower is set to yes (in ExternalTma MO) check current (what antenna pulls out) => c heck if also AiDevice (antenna) alar m ALARM: CLU_LossofMain Lost power, node is in backup mode ALARM: FCU_DeviceGroup_NumberofHWEntitiesMismatch Was HW replaced? It then might have a different revision => restart PluginunitMO for that piece ALARM: FCU_DeviceGroup_FanFailure 1 FCU has fan, if enabled and unlocked, restart it ALARM: RXDiversityLoss Check if FU Is locked

ALARM: CarrierReject If HSDPA is enabled, disable it, the alarm will then go away ALARM: IMAGroupInsufficientLinks IMAGroupInsufficientLinksatFarEnd IMA is usually disabled, but IMA link is enabled => delete/recreate IMA, if that doesn t help, => or lock the active board (force it to go over to the redundant one), unlock a fter (so it goes back) => or reset the processor on board ALARM:PSUDeviceGroup_GeneralSWError ? restart PSUDeviceGroup ALARM:Carrier_SingalNotReceivedWithinTime i.e. Sector=1, Carrier=1 => is TXboard up? => disable HSDPA, txdevicegroup on slot 10 ALARM:Bfu_BatteryChargingFailure ? check voltage on battery, should be around 50V, if not AuxPlugInUnit (from PS1) acc restartAuxUnit

ALARM: UtranCell_NbapMessageFailure (in RNC) AIDevice_ExternalUnitFailure + CarrierRejectSignalFromHW (in RBS) Check if antenna feeder is too low in t&e Check FU ALARM: UtranCell_NbapMessagefailure (RNC) Ai_Device_ExternalUnitFailure (RBS, equipment malfunction, FU Carrier_RejectSignalFromHardware (RBS) In RBS t&e: antennafeeder low/high ? turn off TMA power


ALARM: RBS_LocalCellnotAdded (RNC) or NBapMessageFailure (RNC) RBS has no alarms ? cells are disabled, in RBS, txboard is down ALARM: UtranCell_InternalResourceUnavailable or UtranCell_NbapMessageFailure ? workaround to reload the module where the RBS is ? The module can be found in the properties of the RBS in EMAS under iub_l inks in the Radio Network view. ? Or it can be found using Moshell on the RNC >pr iublink Find the RBS in the list and do a get on it. Read the module based on above info. ALARM: AiDevice_AntennaSystemProblem Use the following RBS command: Moshell <rbs> lt antennabranch get antennabranch antennaSupervisionThreshold lt tma get tma power In the RBS there is feature to measure the VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio). I

n simple words, the VSWR is a measure of the reflection in the RF path caused by faulty equipment between the RBS and the Antenna. In case of non-TMA sites, the RBS has another feature call DC resistance. See the following table to see whic h features are used for the US market. Table: Valid for FU12 19 and FU12 08, - = not supported Configuration/Supervision Feeder Power Supply SV DC Antenna SV VSWR Ant enna SV TMA SV A B A B 1. Only antenna No No Yes Yes No 2. RET/RIU, no ASC/TMA Yes, branch A No Yes Yes No 3.TMA, external power supply No No No Yes No 4. TMA, power supply by FU/AIU Yes No No Yes Yes 5. ASC Yes No No No No Note: Observe that when TMA is defined Branch B has NO supervision. If the antennasupervisionthreshold is not set correctly (general value is 49) th en we see this alarm. The formula for the different types of supervision is in M OM and given below as well: When DC resistance supervision is used the threshold maps to a resistance (R), R = (101-antennaSupervisionThreshold)*0.15 ohm When VSWR supervision is used the threshold is mapped to a return loss (RL), when performed by ASC: RL = 4 + 0.1*antennaSupervisionThreshold dB when performed by FU: RL = 3.3 + 0.22*antennaSupervisionThreshold dB VSWR = (1+10^(-RL/20))/(1-10^(-RL/20)) The threshold value 0 means that the supervision is turned off. In this case ask the ASP to put dummy loads on the RBS to eliminate alarms with the Antenna.

ALARM: ExternalTMA_degraded/Failed Moshell <rbs> cabx # The cabx printout has PORT information at the end. # For a 3 sector site there are 6 PORT information. One line for # RU and FU devices (3 RU+3FU). The printout shows the port, for example, ==================================== SMN APN PORT BOARD ==================================== 0 12 port_0_dev_8 RU22 0 12 port_0_dev_8 FU 0 12 port_4_dev_9 RU22 0 12 port_4_dev_9 FU 0 12 port_8_dev_10 RU22 0 12 port_8_dev_10 FU -----------------------------------lhsh 001200/port_x_dev_yy fui get devstat # get port information from cabx Ensure that the devstat printout from above has ~16000mV for each sector and current is between 50mA-200mA, if and only if the site has TMAs defined and being powered by the UMTS RBS (MO:externalTMA, Attribute:internalpower). Each RBS in the US market, has threshold when this alarm is generated. These esholds are input into the RBS using scripts. The thresholds vary for single d TMAs and dual band TMAs. Make sure that the right threshold is set for the e of TMA. Below is the threshold script for quick reference.

the is thr ban typ

acc SystemConstants=1 writeConst y 300 00001 acc SystemConstants=1 writeConst y 301 135 acc SystemConstants=1 writeConst y 302 270 acc SystemConstants=1 writeConst y 303 135 acc SystemConstants=1 writeConst y 304 270 For more information about the thresholds please see the following document.

ALARM: Carrier Diversity Failed/Degraded In the two RX signal these ) then RBS antenna branch A is TX/RX while branch B is RX only. Hence there are paths (RX diversity). The RBS monitors the two RX paths and compares the received from both of these paths. If there is significant mismatch between paths (like TMA failure on branch B. Remember branch B has no supervision this alarm is generated.

This alarm is suppressed if there is a higher priority alarm such as the AI_Devi ce_antenna_system_problem. Give lgar command in moshell to see if this alarm was raised and suppressed. ALARM: IMA UNUSABLE Alarms on RBS Symptom: Warn IMA Link Reception Unusable at Far End remote_node_transmission_error ImaGr oup=1-1-ima1,ImaLink=3 Warn IMA Link Reception Unusable at Far End remote_node_transmission_error ImaGr oup=1-1-ima1,ImaLink=4 Warn IMA Link Transmit Unusable at Far End remote_node_transmission_error ImaGro up=1-1-ima1,ImaLink=3 Warn IMA Link Transmit Unusable at Far End remote_node_transmission_error ImaGro up=1-1-ima1,ImaLink=4 Warn Remote Defect Indication on IMA Link remote_node_transmission_error ImaGrou p=1-1-ima1,ImaLink=3 Warn Remote Defect Indication on IMA Link remote_node_transmission_error ImaGrou

p=1-1-ima1,ImaLink=4 Solution: Make a cv on the RBS and cold restart RBS to clear alarms for imalink=3 and imal ink=4. cvms <cv name> <user> <comment> acc 0 restart Alarm: Carrier_ULGainTruncated Symptoms The RBS sectors which have long feed cables with feeder loss bigger than 6db get alarm Carrier_ULGainTruncated, Bad Coverage on UE The parameter ulfeederAtteunation should be set according to the actual feeder l ength, even if the feeder attenuation is greater than 6db.The TRs HG19495 and HG 67667 (WRNad12085) have been opened in PLM. The problem occurs at sites with feeder losses bigger than 6dB and it is the ent ered feeder loss value that triggers this alarm. The alarm doesn't point out a real error (except in the case that the operator e nters a value that are bigger than 6dB by mistake), its more of an information t hat the feeder are large and performance can get degraded with large feeder loss es. REMEDY: This is a warning alarm issued when the UL amplification internally in the RBS c annot compensate for the attenuation in the Antenna Feeder Cable. Optimal sensit ivity is no longer obtained. Nothing in the RBS changes state because of this situation and trafic handling c ontinues. The external attenuation, that is the combination of the gain of the T MA and the UL Attenuation of the Antenna Feeder (AntFeederCable), is larger than what the Low Noce Amplifier (LNA) on the FU can compensate for. When that situa tion arise, the alarm Carrier_ULGainTruncated is issued. Accept the presence of the warning alarm. The ulAttenuation of AntennaFeederCabl e shall not be changed to a false value, as that impacts the power measurements. This alarm is planned to be removed in a later sw revision on the RBS. The correction to this fault, WRNad12085, will be delivered by CR WRNad14794 in RBS CXP 901 0809 R30A, included in RAN 4.0.12 which is planned to be released on June 22. The P5ED package name is not known at the moment but will be released at the same time as the P4 package. ALARM: Loss of Tracking & Loss of Synch Reference Redundancy RBS> alt 1969-12-31 21:44:18 M Loss of Tracking replaceable_unit_problem Synchronization= 1 1969-12-31 21:45:18 w Loss of Synch Reference Redundancy replaceable_unit_proble m Synchronization=1 RBS> lpr sync 060810-10:16:56 ================================================== ============================= === Proxy MO ================================================== ============================= === 102 Equipment=1,Subrack=1,Slot=1,PlugInUnit=1,Cbu=1,Ti mingUnit=1,TuSyncRef=1 1035 TransportNetwork=1,Synchronization=1 1102 NodeBFunction=1,RBSxxxSynchronization=1 1164 NodeBFunction=1,Iub=RBS,NodeSynchTp=1

RBS> get 1035 ================================================== ============ 1035 TransportNetwork=1,Synchronization=1 ================================================== ============ SynchronizationId 1 degradationIsFault 0 (degrNotFault) syncRefActivity i[8] = 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 syncRefPriority i[8] = 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 syncRefStatus i[8] = 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 syncReference [8] = >>> syncReference = Equipment=1,Subrack=1,Slot=1,PlugInUnit=1,Cbu=1,Et mc1=1,T1P hysPathTerm=pp1 >>> syncReference = Equipment=1,Subrack=1,Slot=1,PlugInUnit=1,Cbu=1,Et mc1=1,T1P hysPathTerm=pp2 >>> syncReference = >>> syncReference = >>> syncReference = >>> syncReference = >>> syncReference = >>> syncReference = systemClockA 2 (lockedMode) systemClockB 7 (notApplicable) systemClockRedundancy 0 (SYSTEM_CLOCK_USERS_USE_PLANE_A) userLabel ================================================== ============================= === Total: 1 MOs RBS> acl 1035 ================================================== ============================= === Proxy MO Action Nr of Params ================================================== ============================= === 1035 Synchronization=1 addSyncRefResource 2 1035 Synchronization=1 changeSyncRefPriority 2 1035 Synchronization=1 removeSyncRefResource 1 1035 Synchronization=1 resetLossOfTracking 1 ================================================== ============================= === RBS> acc 1035 resetLossOfTracking ================================================== === 1035 TransportNetwork=1,Synchronization=1 ================================================== === Are you Sure [y/n] ? y ================================================== === Proxy MO Action Nr of Params ================================================== === 1035 Synchronization=1 resetLossOfTracking 1 ============================= ============================= ============================= =============================

Parameter 1 of 1, syncReference (moRef-ManagedObject): Enter mo LDN: Equipment=1,Subrack=1,Slot=1,PlugInUnit=1,Cbu=1,Et mc1=1,T1PhysPat hTerm=pp1 >>> Return value = null ================================================== =============================

===Total: 1 MOs attempted, 1 MOs actioned RBS> acc 1035 resetLossOfTracking ================================================== ===1035 TransportNetwork=1,Synchronization=1 ================================================== === Are you Sure [y/n] ? y ================================================== === Proxy MO Action Nr of Params ================================================== === 1035 Synchronization=1 resetLossOfTracking 1 ============================= ============================= ============================= =============================

Parameter 1 of 1, syncReference (moRef-ManagedObject): Enter mo LDN: Equipment=1,Subrack=1,Slot=1,PlugInUnit=1,Cbu=1,Et mc1=1,T1PhysPat hTerm=pp2 >>> Return value = null ================================================== ============================= === Total: 1 MOs attempted, 1 MOs actioned RBS> alt Alarm should be gone. Similar Threads: RNC alarm document Ericsson 3G Alarm Handling Ericsson LTE Advanced Feature descriptions Huawei LTE eNODB 3900 Reffrence Parameters Descriptions Cingular Radio Parameters Consistency Check (C3) Tool BTS Alarm Troubleshooting HUawei BSC Alarm Reference