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Okay, this is my first fanfiction.

Another thing, English is my third language so I apologize for any grammar mistakes I commit in this story well enjoy On the morning of his birthday number twelve Dante Silverfang woke up earlier that he had ever done so before. Today marked the beginning oh his great journey across the grand world of Pokmon. e rapidly and almost desperately took a shower! put on his black and silver outfit! fi"ed his neck#long silvery hair and ate breakfast because he was e"cited to reach Prof. Sophu$s laboratory as soon as humanly or pokmonly possible. %hen finished Dante raced out the door where he immediately bumped into his &hildhood friend' Shen(i liona. )% O* easy there pup! remember the pokmon we are about to receive where specially picked for us by our fathers so there is no need for you to race down to the lab+ Said Shen(i with her characteristic feline like smile. ,True! but - had to wait twelve years to be able to start my journey and -.ll be dammed if - arrive late, said Dante. Then he rapidly turned around the back of his feet and said/ ,Don.t call me ,pup, you know - hate that., *s the future trainers walked to the laboratory professor Diana Sophu was debating whether giving Dante the pokmon Dante.s father sent for him was a good idea since it being both incredibly rare and possessed a rare color pattern. ,-s it a good idea to give a young trainer such a potentially powerful pokmon as their starter0, asked the professor to herself. ,%hat if it turns on Dante and ends up seriously hurting him or even killing him0, she added worried. ,Seriously Drake! what where you thinking when you send me the egg of a %olfwyrm alpha0, screamed the stressed professor to the air. ,This pokemon fits my son.s personality perfectly, said the famed e"plorer Drake Silverfang over the communicator surprising the professor. , ow long have you been there listening0, asked Diana. ,1ong enough to know that you worry about my son! there.s no need for that! Dante is perfect for the pokmon - selected, answered Drake with a smirk on his face. ,%ell could you at least tell me how in the hell are you so sure about this0, asked the professor with her hands on her face showing her disliking for the situation. ,This race of Pokemon are known for being notoriously powerful and they will not follow the orders of anyone who is weaker than them, rapidly added the professor. ,2o need for you to worry! my son will grow strong alongside his pokemon making sure there.s no problem, said the e"plorer with a laid#back attitude in his words and a satisfied smirk on his face. , ello 3iss. Diana, Shen(i said as the professor made it look as if there was nothing to worry. , ello children! you are here earlier than - e"pected you two to be! especially since - know Dante here sleeps until its time for lunch, said Donna the professor$s assistant who went to greet the young trainers. ,-s everything ready0, asked Dante with impatience on his voice. ,4es your starters have been fed! checked! and approved by both the professor and myself so just go ahead into the main room and say hello to your future pokemon, said the young woman with a friendly smile. Dante and Shen(i walked into the main room where five pokballs rested in table! two of which where different! one being black with a silver wolf symbol and the other being orange with a golden lion symbol. 5oth trainers immediately recogni(ed whose pokball was for who and looked at each other with a smile. ,Okay then who.s gonna go first0, asked Prof. Diana as she walked into the room with a clipboard in hand. ,1adies first6, said Shen(i with a mischievous face towards Dante who just grunted slightly. ,Okay then Shen(i! your father obtained your pokemon himself when he traveled to Sinnoh as you know. The 7olden pokball

is for you! now go ahead and claim -t., stated the professor. Shen(i walked to the table and picked up the pokball then proceeded to release her starting pokemon who turned put to be a male shin". , 8 1OO9S SO &:T86, claimed Shen(i. ,- think his name should be 7old since his yellow fur actually looks golden., The professor handed the feline looking girl a Pokde" and five spare pokballs. ,okay then Dante! its your turn now., said the professor ,but before you release your pokemon - must tell you something' the pokemon species your father sent for you is e"tremely dangerous to handle! you must not falter in front of him! do not act weak! 5ecause if you do he will no longer respect you and destroy you. Do we understand each other0, added grimly. Dante looked down for a second! with a smirk which then became a huge mischievous smile he said/ ,3y father sure picked the perfect pokemon for me! eh0, The boy walked up the pokball! he held it in his hand feeling the weight in his hand and finally tossing up the pokball releasing his pokemon. *t first when the pokemon was released everyone thought it was a riolu with an odd color pattern but then Dante noticed it was just similar to the jackal! it was around the same si(e and weight of a riolu but had the hair of a ;oroark! a flowing tail! silver armor# looking plates on shoulders! chest and knees. The pup had more canine features than the jackal and had a black and silver color pattern witch really brought out the e"tremely sharp claws on both hands and feet. %hen the pokemon opened his eyes he instantly locked eyes with Dante and e"tended his right paw as if to trying to touch the trainer. Dante reached back to him and when they touched both the trainer.s and Pokmon$s eyes shine bright silver light. 8very one in the room was in shock as waves of silver aura energy pulsated from both the pokemon and trainer. 5ut it didn.t last long! when things settled down Dante looked up and said/ ,what you just saw was 1upio and - forging a physic bond, everyone looked worried including Shen(i who earlier was admiring his Pokmon$s cuteness. ,1upio0, asked the professor. ,4es! uhm... that.s the name of the first stage in their evolutionary line. e told me that and his wild name., answered Dante while scratching the back of his head and smiling. 3eanwhile the 1upio looked around the laboratory until he locked eyes with Shen(i.s Shin". *fter one <uick look 1upio decided they should battle and become friends. *s 1upio growled to 7old Dante reali(ed that he had the same thought too. Dante.s first battle with his new friend will be against his most beloved friend and said/ )Shen(i! - challenge you to a pokemon battle with my 1upio., Shen(i smirked with confidence. )- accept your challenge! pup., said Shen(i with a huge smile on her face. 5ut before they could start the battle they where interrupted by the professor. )Okay then! at least let me finish giving you both your stuff. =irst things first., said the professor as she placed herself in between of the trainers and their pokemon. )This is a pokde"! a very important computer for the trainer. -ts water! shock! heat and electricity proof but don.t loose it because it cannot be replaced, said the professor with an authoritarian tone in her voice. ,=irst - need you both to scan your pokemon., She added. Dante opened the pokde" and scanned Shen(i.s 7old first ,Shin"! the =lash Pokmon. %hen Shin" fle"es its muscles! it generates electricity. %hen sensing danger! its fur glistens. Type/ 8lectric. 9nown moves/ Thunder fang! tackle and leer, said the machine. ,%ow! now you 1upio, said Dante as he turned to his Pokemon. ,1upio! The gamma wolf pokemon. %hen in a full moon the male 1upio grow stronger and faster! especially when part of a strong pack. Type/ Dark. 9nown moves/ 3idnight slash! e"treme speed and owl, claimed the machine in a robotic female tone. ,3idnight slash0, asked the trainers to the

professor. ,%ell you see each stage in this species have a powerful special move. This move consists of charging the claw with Dark or psychic energy then attacking the enemy with it. :nlike most pokemon! 1upio must find balance between his physical strength and his special strength to reach their ma"imum strength., answered the professor incredibly matter of fact way. ,%ow, both trainers e"pressed being surprised by Dante.s 1upio.s potential of strength. ,4up! now that both of you have what you came here to do. 4ou can go outside and battle to your heart.s content, said the professor. 5oth trainers looked at each other and their pokemon did the same. -n a matter of seconds both trainers found themselves outside ready to battle. ,:se thunder fang gold, ordered the female trainer and the Shin" ran towards 1upio with light blue sparks on his mouth. ,1upio! dodge then use howl to get stronger, said Dante. *s the Shin" closed in the wolf jumped at incredible speed and when reached the top he howled with great vigor. ,7reat now use e"treme speed to knock back your opponent, added Dante. The wolf disappeared in mid#air due to the speed he was moving and reappeared behind Shin" then proceeds to tackle the lion pokemon sending him across the field. Shen(i frowned as she asked for tackle. *nd 7old hurled himself towards the wolf which attempted to hold his ground before being sent off and slamming into a tree. ,1et$s try midnight slash now, said Dante. The Pokmon$s claws where covered with a shadow like energy then 1upio charged forward a great speed striking the Shin" which fell to the ground defeated. 5oth Trainers where surprised and speechless at the sheer power of the wolves$ main attack. ,That 1upio of yours is gonna wreck havoc wherever you go! - will be going to kanto and start my journey there. ave you decided where to go0, remarked the female trainer while returning her defeated Shin" to his pokball. ,4es - will be going to Sinnoh since that might give me a chance to meet the chaos pokemon., answered the male trainer. ,*lthough if - go unova - might get to meet (ekrom... ughhh you know what let me ask 1upio what he think., he added in distress. e asked the pokemon which replied with a shrug. ,*lright then that decides it! i.m going to unova and then to Sinnoh and try to capture 7iratina when i$m stronger, stated the trainer in a matter#of#fact way. ,&apturing 7iratina0 Seriously Dante when you get this ideas you really don.t hold back do you, stated Shen(i while laughing whole heartedly. Well thats the end of the first chapter. ell me what you think and any tips and criticism would !e accepted. "e#t chapter coming out pretty soon