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The night of the same day Dante had obtained Lupio he decided to stay up all night with Lupio

since it was full moon and the wolf couldnt sleep during a full moon thanks to all energy he obtained from it. So you and I are linked to each other psychically allowing me to feel your emotions and vice versa eh. Dante stated while walking with the wolf through the forest near their town. The wolf agreed with a small growl like sound! tomorrow morning we will be going to "rofessor #unipers laboratory in $nova. %an you imagine the adventures we will have over there& Said the trainer with his e'citement showing in his eyes. Lupio cried out trying to show his trainer something peculiar. (hat is it& asked the trainer. )ou want to show me something& he added. The wolf nodded and then proceeded charging the shadows in his arm as if attempting the *idnight slash move but then the shadows became stronger and bigger covering most of the wolf pokemon. The moonlight enhances your attacks& asked Dante. The wolf nodded with agreement! good! not let me see what you can do. $nleash your power Lupio. %ommanded the trainer. Lupio barked as he unleashed a barrage of slashes into the air showing off his reach then he aimed to a huge boulder that e'ploded into ruble the second the wolf touched it. +reat power now do it again! I want to see what you are made out of. %laimed the trainer while smiling greatly. This child would be incredibly strong Said "rofessor Sophu while watching Dante and Lupio from a distance. Lets hope he can manage so much power since it can corrupt a person, -dded her assistant right ne't to her. .e will be alright/ did you forget whose son is he& Said "rof. Sophu. Do you think he will find out& "eople in town know not to talk about it but people in $nova will notice he is not normal. Said the assistant grimly. I dont know Donna! the hair wont be a problem since its common for teens to dye their hair and the eyes are hidden with contacts. Lets 0ust hope he doesnt undergo too much stress or the effects could reverse. -nswered the professor. The time had arrived for Dante to mount the plane to $nova and Shen1i the one to 2anto. This is goodbye for now eh! dont worry we will see very soon and then I will defeat you with my stronger team. Said Shen1i with her confident smirk. Dante laughed and said3 %hallenge accepted I cant wait until ne't time we see each other. (.) DID4T )5$ T6LL *6 -75$T )5$8 S54 769586 I .-4D6D 5:68 D-*4 L$"I5 T5 .I*;& Screamed the "rofessor to the e'plorer over a communication panel with anger in her voice. (ell! I wasnt sure until now. -t first it was 0ust a possibility to Dantes huge amount of life energy. Drake answered very calmly. (ell what are you going to do about it& If his energy is released violently everyone within a s<uare mile could be reduced to ashes. The professor asked. 4othing really! eventually he will find out by himself and then I will get him a teacher so he can learn to control it. .e answered. 8eally& Do nothing until it actually becomes a problem& )our procrastination is literally going to shake the world to its core claimed the professor in e'asperation. 8ela'! his powers wont become that powerful until he

reaches the age of fifteen to seventeen answered the e'plorer with a laidback attitude. (ell its your son and so it will be your problem She said finally giving up on argument. It took almost si' hours to get to $nova from Lucraria in a direct plane! thankfully due the previous night Dante didnt get any sleep so he was able to sleep soundly throughout the whole trip until the plane met some turbulence before reaching the airport near the 4uvema Town. -s Dante noticed that he was nearing his destination he was unable to hold his e'citement. This is it! the start of my 0ourney with you Lupio. .e said to the pokemon sitting ne't to him fi'ated upon a lady that looked like she was used to flying and so was not amused. (hat is it& Something bothering you Lupio asked the worried trainer. Lupio pointed to the woman and Dante looked trying to see why his pokemon was so interested in her. I dont see anything wrong. .e said finally. 7ut that didnt deter the (olf and so he kept staring into her. -s Dante waited for professor #uniper who was supposed to pick him up and introduce him to the $nova region somebody approached him from behind. 6'cuse me! is your name Dante Silverfang& asked the woman that was on the plane with them. )es! is everything okay& answered the surprised trainer. 9ollow me. She commanded while walking to an alleyway ne't to the airport. (hats going =said the trainer as he discovered he was being surrounded by "urrloins and "awniards looking at him. *y name is +illiana .armonia and I will be taking that pokemon if it isnt much trouble dear. Said the woman with an almost seductive tone to her speaks. I would rather eat glass before letting you take my "okemon. Said the trainer with anger behind his words L$"I5 use midnight slash barrage and finish this weaklings. .e commanded. $gh guess we are gonna have to take them forcefully. Said the woman annoyed. The fight started and Lupio was defeating the purrloins and pawniards with a combination of *idnight slash and e'tremespeed but their foes 0ust kept on coming and advancing until an 6mboar appeared from the middle of nowhere intimidating the still conscious part. -ttack you coward; ordered the woman. $gh I>m gonna have to do this myself then! +o 7isharp; $se aerial ace she commanded angrily. (ait for him then use hammer arm Said a blonde trainer with an angry look in her eyes. The bisharp approached at incredible speed but the instant he came in range to the emboar it received a monstrous impact from the beast and was immediately defeated. I would recommend you go away missy; said our Dantes rescuer. She immediately reached for a flash bomb and blinded everyone. 7y the time they where able to see the woman and her pokemon disappeared. -re you okay& "rof. #uniper asked me to come pick you up and then I noticed you where being attacked. (hat happened& asked the brunette trainer. uhm, she asked me

to hand over my pokemon and when I refused she sent her pokemon against me but its okay my Lupio was able to hold them off until you arrived! thanks for that he said shyly because he noticed how beautiful his rescuer was. There is nothing to thank me for! 0ust doing what every trainer should do. She answered while smiling towards the blushing trainer. The ride to the laboratory was pretty <uiet! partly because Dante was embarrassed that he needed rescuing and also because he was interested in knowing the name of the strange pok?mons that roamed the wilderness around him. So! whats the story with that pokemon of yours& 4ever seen one of those pokemon before. (hat is it& she asked trying to break the silence in the car. $hm... .is name is Lupio! he is known as the gamma wolf pokemon and they are only found in the twilight island off the coast off Lucraria. Thats where I come from. The trainer answered. 5h and how come you started your 0ourney here instead of in Lucraria& She proceeded to ask. (ell! Lucraria doesnt have a pokemon league or gyms so it is custom that when a child starts their pokemon 0ourney they choose another region and compete there. It is also a great way for the people of Lucraria to learn about the other regions since the children first hand e'perience from other regions. .e answered monotonously like if he had said that sentence a thousand times. .mm, that sounded rehearsed you know. She commented. I know! its the e'act same lines our social studies teacher feed us every year during school. .e answered with a smile. They both laughed a little. .ere we are. Said the female trainer as they parked outside a huge laboratory! roughly twice the si1e of professor Sophus laboratory. (5(; Its enormous. %laimed the surprised trainer. )eah! we get that a lot. 4ow I have to go! I have some other business to attend to okay. #ust walk in and tell the receptionist your name. she said. (ait before you go! I never got your name. asked the shy trainer. 4ames (hite! now dont be a stranger okay. )ou are too cute for that. -nswered the trainer with a smile that made the trainers face both pale and blush somehow. Yeah, I chose a really bad time to start writing my fanfiction so it might be rather shaky so I apologies if a lot of time goes by without updating it. Also, almost 20 persons actually read the first chapter. Thats more than I e pected to happen and somebody e!en added to their fa!orites. This makes really happy