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Dante walked into the laboratory trying to figure out why did his normally cool attitude shrank

the second he saw white. Good evening, how may I help you? asked a lady wearing white. h hello, my name is Dante !ilver" he said but was interrupted. h you are the boy #rofessor !ophu told me about !aid #rofessor $uniper behind him with a smile. %hm yeah that would be me. I&m supposed to report myself to you. 'e answered (ollow me, there&s someone I would like to present to you !aid the #rofessor. Dante followed behind her into the main room where a man sat while reading a small book. 'ey )ick this is Drake&s son, 'is name is Dante. !aid the professor to the man sitting. *ell hello there my name $ulian but $uniper here calls me )ick for some reason. !aid the man. 'i, $ulian? I think I have heard that name before. +nswered Dante. I would be hurt if you haven&t, after all I&m your father&s previous partner. and talking about your father he sent this gauntlet for you and another for that pokemon of yours said $ulian while handing Dante two gauntlets one big enough for his hand made out of silver with an intricate design of moons and what looked to be wolves with some ny, stones adorning the centre and knuckles. -he other seemed to have been made to fit with .upio&s claw design and for some reason it seemed heavier than it appeared. *ow -han" Dante tried to say but $ulian had vanished the second Dante took his eyes away from him. 'e was here a second ago right? asked Dante confused. /eah he likes to make a weird impression so he tends to appear and disappear out of tin air. +nswered #rof. $upiter. Dante looked down and placed the gauntlet in his hand and it seemed like it ad0usted itself to fit perfectly to his hand but Dante 0ust disregarded that fact and placed .upio&s gauntlet into the #ok1mon&s left hand. kay now, there&s some things I should give you before you go into route one. !aid the professor with a bo, in her hands. (irstly this is a 2"gear it can be used for many things, one of them it can be used as telephones to communicate to anyone you meet in your 0ourneys. -hen I got a map of the %nova )egion app for it so you don&t get lost and lastly your father sent you some money for food and other essentials !aid the #rofessor perfectly without skipping a beat. wow thanks& a lot, I promise to help in all I can with your research said Dante while bowing respectfully. I know you will son, I know your father and so I know that he raised you to be honorable which makes me happy to have you aiding me in this pro0ect, now remember scan every new pokemon you see and capture. #rofessor answered. +s Dante walked down route one $ulian had reappeared behind $uniper and said3 *hat an incredible power is sealed on that boy good thing one can&t feel it until you are very close to him. $uniper turned around and looked at him worried. 'e is 0ust like his father too, that could be a good or really bad thing. !he said worriedly. #eople should stop worrying about my son so much4 'is will is stronger than what any of you can imagine. !aid the 5,plorer over the intercom of the lab.

(or all our sakes I hope you are right, at least the gauntlet will hold the danger if he is released until he learns to control it !aid $ulian. 6ut why one for the wolf? asked $uniper curiously. -he power needs to go somewhere and the emotions and power of a trainer strengthening the pokemon is almost poetic if you think about it. $ulian e,plained. Dante started walking down route one with .upio right ne,t to him it all seemed peaceful until some lillipup, patrat and purrloins started showing up. +ll of witch where dispatched with ease and none where captured since they didn&t really seemed to leave much of an impression on either Dante or .upio. -hat was until Dante noticed a noise coming from a small river nearby. 'e walked up to the lake to the image of a serious looking shawott that was meditating over a perfectly s7uare rock. *ell that seems interesting. *hat do you think .upio? *ant to challenge him to a match Dante said with an eerie smile and .upio nodded approvingly with a similar smile. +s Dante approached the shawott stood and took the stance of a samurai. +lways ready for battle I presume. !aid Dante. .upio launched forward with his claws while the shawott blocked and parried the attacks using his scalchop as a blade. -he battle was intense and rapid yet no blows landed even with .upio&s incredible speed the shawott was able to block and try to counter attack but his attacks too where either blocked or parried. -his fight seems to be neck to neck eh .upio. !aid Dante. + ring sounded from Dante&s pocket and a mechanical voice said 8ew move learned, thunder punch. Dante was pleased at the great timing and ordered the wolf to use e,treme speed then finish with thunder punch. -he wolf disappeared witch seems to have broken the otter&s iron focus and then was struck in the face from the side sending the otter into a tree at incredible force. Dante threw his pokeball to capture the shawott which to be honest was glad to have been captured by a trainer with such strength. -he pokeball wobbled back and forth until it made the tell tale sign the capture had been successful and Dante cheered because he had caught his first pokemon and also was happy that it was such a powerful one. I think I shall name you 8obunaga. *hat do you think? Dante said after releasing the newly captured shawott. -he shawott bowed and it seems that he approved of the new name. +fter that Dante 0ust walked into +ccumula town without being bothered by anymore wild #okemon. *ell that was nice eh .upio, 8obunaga shall be a great addition to our 0ourney. Dante claimed. -he wolf barked in approval. +s Dante a man was walking and ended up bumping into Dante and instead of apologi9ing he insulted the trainer and actually decided to challenge him. I will show you how it&s done you brat: said the man as he releases an 5,cadrill from its #okeball. I guess I got no option but to fight, G 8obunaga: !aid the trainer as he releases the tter #okemon from his #okeball.

-his is our first match together 8obu, lets show this douche how it&s really done: said the trainer at the beginning of the match. 8obunaga launched forward with a7ua 0et and strikes the mole with incredible force and it cried out due to the super effectiveness of the move. -he mole recovered fast and tried to retaliate but was unable to land a blow to 8obunaga which angered the rude man even more. 'e is not even worth it so finish him with ra9or shell. rdered the trainer. -he otter clenched his scalchop now covered with a light blue energy and slashes away at the mole which was rapidly defeated. Guess you loose. !aid Dante. 8ot yet you fool. !aid the fool angering Dante a little. -he man released a ;ebstrika that looked to have a lot of scars around its body. (inish this punk for me. !creamed the man to its pokemon. -he 9ebra launched itself forward but his attack was avoided easily. use wild charge: commanded the man. the pokemon launched itself forward coated in a huge electric ball and collided with the otter almost defeating it but 8obunaga 7uickly stood its ground and a light blue aura covered the otter while his eyes shined a deep blue. *hat&s happening? asked the intimidated fool. 8obunaga&s ability -orrent had activated making any water move far more powerful. but his rage had gotten the best out of him so 8obunaga went into a relentless state in which he attacked with a barrage of attacks viciously damaging the ;ebra pokemon until it could no longer move. *hen it was over the torrent started to dissipate and 8obunaga almost fell down. the match was won and the rude douche was shown a lesson but Dante learned to be very careful whenever torrent activated. .ets go get some food and rest, you deserve it after that match 8obu. !aid the trainer smiling to the other witch responded with a smile too. Thank you to everyone who read my fic and to answer pikachu0311, yes they
started in a region I created called Lucraria but Lucraria doesnt have a pokemon league so is custom for trainers to go to another region to adventure.