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Silver lined shadows dance around the worlds protectors and destroyers.

The beasts of nature obey him and grow beyond time with him. His brethren fear that which resides within his heart. For not all is as black and white as they believed. The lines of humanity have faded and blurred. The true fear of the ancients has awakened. For only the true one can stop his rage. And to return him from the wrath. Its nature must be fought. And so you awaken my child. Dante waked up in the middle of the night damped with cold sweat covering his body. His body was tired and his eyes where sore. What was all of that about? asked Dante trying to recall the dream. He turned at what he thought was movement only too seeing his two companions sleeping comfortably next to him. Wake up boys we have to reach striaton city before noon and ! would like to catch a good pokemon before we reach there okay. Dante said to his pokemon who where surprised that the trainer woke up almost at the end of dawn. "he trainer placed #obunaga in his pokeball and started walking down route $ with pride in his heart. "he road was full of pokemon but sadly none that will really interest Dante which made him get stressed about not finding powerful pokemon or at least one that made his pokemon even break a sweat. %s he continued to walk forward dispatching any wild pokemon that challenged his pokemon or any trainer that challenged them to a battle he noticed that after a little while there was a rustling in the bushes every time he walked &how yourself before ! retaliate. Dante screamed. "he secret stalker moved out of the bushes. Dante expected another bandit trying to steal his pokemon but instead he found a small oddly colored %xew that seemed too tin to be healthy with what looked like a crude contraption round his 'aw. Dante looked to the dragon and immediately felt his pain. He walked up to the starved pokemon and offered it help. (ou) you must be very hungry. Dante said with his hand reaching out to the %xew. We need to remove that thing around your mouth so you can eat can ! get close? Dante said calmly. "he dragon nodded because he was hungrier that he was scared to the trainer. "he metal wire contraption around his mouth seems to have been designed to both harm and starve the pokemon which made Dante angry at whoever decided to place this monstrosity upon the poor pokemon. "he contraption was placed very tightly around %xew*s neck so Dante had to be extremely careful not to hurt the pokemon even more at one point he took out a titanium serrated knife he had in his bag witch made the axew nervous but he didn*t move trusting the trainer. %fter what seemed like hours Dante was able to release the pokemon from its portable prison and fed him a lot of pokemon food so it would retain its normal weight. (ou must

have been really hungry buddy. Dante said as the axew asked for seconds. Dante smiled to the pokemon and immediately recogni+ed the scars covering its body. (our previous trainer wasn*t really nice to you eh buddy. Dante stated. "he axew looked down in what looked to be shame. Don*t worry, you will never have to suffer from that ever again. &aid the trainer but that was not short lived as a biker looking trainer ran and grabbed the axew from the back of its neck. WH-.- "H- H-// H%0- (12 3--# (12 /!""/- W-%4/!#56? screamed the biker to its %xew. %#D WH1 &%!D (12 712/D .-810- "H%" "H!#5 (12 2&-/-&& /!9%.D. He :uickly added. Dante*s anger was rising with every word that came out the biker*s mouth. /et go of that %xew you worthless scum6 said Dante in a voice that wasn*t his own. %nd who the hell are you to tell me what to do? asked the trainer. ! will show you a world of pain you mongrel. He :uickly added. "he trainer reached to his pocket to take out his pokeball but was :uickly interrupted by Dante*s rapid fist into his throat. "he biker keeled over holding his throat trying to breathe. Dante stomped the punk*s head down before it could regain its composure and held him down. "H- 1#/( .-%&1# ! D1#*" 7.2&H (12. &42// !& 3-7%2&- !8 W-%.!#5 8( ;%01.!"- &H1-&. Dante screamed in a bloodlust voice. "he trainer :uickly reached for his opponents pokeballs and crushed them under his fist releasing all the pokemon under the 3iker*s property. "he biker lay silent on the floor because he was both afraid of Dante*s strength and in shock because he had 'ust lost all his pokemon which :uickly fled to the wild. Dante hoisted him upwards and said< !f ! ever see you again ! will destroy everything you stand for do we understand each other? "he scared biker nodded and Dante released him and he ran with tears on his eyes. %s ! said you will never have to deal with that Dante said to %xew who immediately hugged the trainer in gratitude for releasing him from that torment. Hey you want to come with us in my 'ourney? %n oddly colored %xew will most certainly be a fine addition to my team. Dante asked to axew with his hand extended to the %xew. "he dragon locked eyes with the trainer trying to figure out whether the trainer was serious about his offer almost as if he thought the trainer might be trying to pull his leg =or claw>. Why are you looking at me like that? Dante asked. !*m serious about it, ! would love it if we were able to have you around. He added with a smile. %xew almost cried out of happiness when those words came out of Dante*s mouth. What %xew wanted the most in his life was to be under the wing of a powerful trainer who would treat him like a pokemon should be treated his previous trainer used to abuse him and insult him every chance he got and now his rescuer from that hell on earth was asking him if he wanted to 'oin him. %n oddly colored %xew an 1shawott that demonstrate high rank abilities and his /upio that somehow is able to take down pokemon with a type advantage over him without breaking a sweat. 5illiana Harmonia said. He will soon have a really powerful team

and probably try to become the new unova champion. &aid a man in a pitch black gold lined and -nglish cut suit. !f you give me new more powerful pokemon ! should be able to take that /upio away from him and we will be able to use it to our advantage. claimed 5illiana. #o if you try to take his pokemon away from him his power might tear you limb from limb. He said. We don*t know if he can control himself in that state yet and besides maybe we can convince him to work for us. He added with an eerie smile. H%0- H!8 W1.4 ;1. 2&6? 5illiana shouted witch made the 5entleman*s mood turn sour. H%0- (12 ;1.51""-# WH%" H!& ;%"H-. D!D "1 8-? she :uickly added. His eyes glowed a sickly purple and grabbed 5illiana by the throat !*m the one that gives the orders here and ! hope that you haven*t forgotten that. He said calmly while applying pressure to her throat. #ow go to striaton city ! need you to annoy him some more. %nd take some level $? pokemon from the vault. He added lightly. Why do you want me to annoy him again? &he asked. "hat might speed things up. He answered. Dante reached striaton city without any difficulties his team couldn*t deal with and that placed him in a rather good mood. How about we go to a restaurant and feast before challenging the leader in striaton city? Dante proposed. or we can get ourselves a badge and then have another reason to celebrate. What about that? he added. His pokemon gave him a look that could only mean one thing in the world. "hat does it then to the gym6 Dante said. Dante arrived to the gym and opened the doors expecting to see a battle ground full of pokemon and a gym leader waiting for him to arrive. but to his confusion all that greeted him was a restaurant full of women and three waiters with different colored hair. uhmm) ! think ! got the wrong address could anyone point me to the striaton gym please. Dante said with shame in his voice. #o need to worry my boy this is the striaton gym welcomed. 8y name is cilan. &aid the green haired waiter. We really need to do something about this you know. people keep getting confused about where to go for a battle. &aid the blue haired waiter. Well what do you propose? we put a giant banner that says 5(8? asked the red haired waiter. Well if this is the gym ! come here for a battle which one of you is the gym leader? Dante said in a battle position. 7alm down kid first you have to decide, which one of us are you gonna battle? said 7illan. "here*s me 7hilli the fire master my brother 7ress the water master or 7illan here "he grass master. &aid the red haired trainer. Dante looked to the three trainers and started thinking. ! have decided my opponent shall be) all three of you. ! will take down all three of you to earn my badge. Dante claimed. well that is most unusual boy it has been some time since we got to fight all three of us. 7illan admitted. How do you want to play this? asked 7hilli. How about this? a triple battle. 7ress proposed. ! will use three

pokemon and you get one each how about that. Dante proposed. We accept. "he brothers said in unison. "he battle started and Dante released all his @okemon with %xew in the left #obunaga on the right and /upio in the centre all ready for battle. "he brothers released their pokemon and the three elemental monkeys came out. %ll seemed strong and ready but that didn*t bother Dante one bit. Dante commanded /upio to use extremespeed against @ansage #obunaga used a:ua 'et against @ansear and so %xew used Dual chop on @anpour. %ll attacks landed but only /upio*s and #obunaga*s moves seemed to have made an effect as both @ansage and @ansear where sent flying back but @anpour was able to hold his ground. 7ress ordered to use ice beam on axew but /upio used extremespeed to block the ice beam while axew switched his target to a barely recuperating @ansage who was defeated with a dual chop rather easily. How is that possible? 7illan asked confused and shamed because his pokemon was the first to fall. 7hilli ordered @ansear to use ;lamethrower on /upio who was busy blocking the stream of ice beam @anpour was sending. #obu use a:ua 'et again :uick6 Dante ordered. "he 1tter stormed rapidly all covered in water to strike the @ansear who was about to unleash flames upon /upio. "he monkey was struck to the side with a second a:ua 'et that sends him flying across the gym and laid defeated on the ground. @ansear6? How is that possible? 7hilli shouted. /et*s finish this /upio 2se 8idnight slash on @anpour. Dante ordered. "he wolf completely broke the stream of ice beam and charged forward with his right claw shinning with shadow like energy and struck the monkey who was immediately defeated by the monstrous attack from the wolf. "he leaders where in shock they had 'ust witnessed their main pokemon get crushed by Dante*s team who all came out unscratched. Due to your victory in the striaton gym we present you with the trio badge. 7illan said as he gave Dante the badge. Dante was about to smile and celebrate when he noticed that #obunaga was shinning. !t can*t be) said Dante. #obunaga was evolving into Dewott. He grew and instead of one scalchop he possessed $ now. H% today is 'ust getting better looks like ! captured you pretty soon from evolving eh #obu. Dante said with excitement obvious in his eyes. "hank you for the battle but now ! must go and celebrate with my @okemon. He said to the trainers as he walked out of the gym into the hotel he was staying. %fter a night of celebration and a great sleep Dante was prepared to leave striaton and continue his 'ourney. 3ut as Dante reached the outsides of the city he saw an image that made his blood boil. Hello sweetie ready for a rematch? 5illiana said as she stood in the middle of the road. Sorry it took long to update, got some internet problems. Hope you enjoy and always thanks for reading. if you enjoy please leave a review.