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WOW, I didnt expect to have been unable to update for so long.

Im on final exams right now and will be unable to update much and I apologize for it. The battle started with Gilliana releasing a Liepard from its pokeball. Is this going to be a regular thing now? Dante asked while Lupio stepped forward. The Liepard launched forward but was intercepted by Lupio using e tremespeed and sent flying into a boulder on the side of the road. !ice cat" but it looks like my #olf is stronger than it. Dante said with a smirk. Liepard" Destroy him. $he shouted. The feline went forward with claws glowing but was unable to land the hit on Lupio who was dodging the attacks with ease. %ssist. $he ordered and The Liepard shot flames from its mouth that hit the #olf directly. Lupio was en&eloped in flames yet it seemed that he was not harmed by it" 'ust angered. (se )idnight $lash Lupio. Dante ordered. The flames where dispelled and shadows co&ered the right claw of Lupio. Ice beam. Gilliana said. #hat? Liepard can*t use ice beam. Dante claimed. %n ice beam struck Lupio from the trees completely free+ing the wolf. ,-( %./ ($I!G %!-T0/. 1-2/)-!3 T0%T*$ 40/%TI!G. Dante shouted in the &oice. Gilliana and her Liepard where paraly+ed due to the shock. Dante*s eyes where glowing a bright sil&er. The ice melted around Lupio who was annoyed by the stunt yet still unharmed. % 5roslass charged from the woods to Lupio but his attack was parried by the wolf that had both claws co&ered in shadows. Lupio slashed and slashed against both Liepard using shadow claw and scratch and the 5roslass using ice shard and ice beam. Lupio attacked rapidly and mercilessly at both his attacker who where barely able to block and parry his attacks. 5rom afar the battle seemed like a &iolent dance. #ith each parry and block the foes mo&ed slower and slower. Lupio stroke forward and the Liepard tried to parry the attack but he was unable to do so. The Liepard was struck directly in the stomach" The Liepard laid on the ground defeated and critically in'ured. The 5roslass stood there in shock until Gilliana ordered it to snap out of it and she attacked. Lupio blocked and snarled at it but Lupio seemed to ha&e been en&eloped in a thin shadow aura. Impossible3 The Lupian. 5roslass said in the pokemon tongue. 5inish her" but don*t lea&e her in'ured like Liepard. Dante ordered. Lupio used his other claw to strike the 5roslass and was immediately defeated her. Gilliana growled and said. Damn child" so freakishly o&erpowered. Go $colipede. $he said while releasing her final pokemon. $colipede used poison tail and struck Lupio to the side sending Lupio flying to a tree at incredible speed. That should keep that dog down. Gilliana said with a smirk.

!o it won*t. Dante said. Lupio stood up and shrugged the attack off as if nothing had happened. Good boy" now finish this. Dante ordered. Lupio nodded and then launched itself forward with e tremespeed and struck the bug. $colipede cried out as Lupio striked it in the stomach with his claws and fell defeated. (ghh6 see you later sweetie" ha&e to catch my ride. Gilliana said while blowing a kiss to Dante. !o you don*t. Tell me why you are bothering me so much7 what*s so special about all of this? Dante ordered. !o time sweetie" my ride is here. $he said while a giant staraptor flew down and she 'umped to get a hold of the massi&e 1okemon. ,our son*s readings indicate that he got angry today and released some power" good thing 8ulian ga&e him that gauntlet or there could be a crater at the beginning of route 9. 1rofessor $ophu said to the e plorer o&er the communicator. #hat was he angry about? %sked Drake. %pparently an agent of The $uit cheated in a match while trying to steal his pokemon. $he answered. The $uit? I thought nobody but we knew about your son*s true nature. 8ulian said. $adly that*s not the case" I might ha&e only told you two but a good handful of organi+ations know about the e istence of the Lupian" and also all pokemon young and old await his arri&al. Drake e plained. #ell" what does The $uit want with your son anyways? It is said he is impossible to tame. 8ulian asked. !o idea but it doesn*t matter that psycho wants with my son Dante will be able to tear him apart when he learns how to control it. Drake answered. Dante continued walking down route 9 after &enting his anger on a tree which ended up torn apart at his hands. /&erything was routine" any wild pokemon where dispatched with ease and trainers that challenged Dante left with the pride beaten out of them. #hy do I feel like we are too powerful for this stage in our 'ourney? Dante asked to !obunaga walking alongside him instead of Lupio who was taking a nap inside his pokeball. !obunaga shrugged as to say: I don*t know. )eanwhile Dante was walking down the road there was something waiting for him to cross his path. %n old lady with grey eyes sat in the middle of the road with a 1ersian lying ne t to her. Dante looked at her and immediately felt odd about her presence. %re you okay mum? Dante asked with respect. I*m fine child of the moon" actually better know that you are here. $he answered. )e? 0ow did you know I was gonna come through here? #ho are you? %re you with that Gil; 4hild" 4hild how do you e pect me to answer so many <uestions? The old lady interrupted. $orry 0e muttered. %s to whom I am" my name is not important. I knew

you where going to cross this path because I knew it. %nd no" I*m not with that lady that keeps harassing you and your pokemon. $he said. $omehow you answered my <uestions and I still didn*t get an answer. Dante said. #ell maybe because you are not asking the right <uestions. $he said. -kay then" what is it that you want with me? 0e asked. !othing I want" I*m here to do you a fa&or. $he answered. That Lupio of yours is special" 0e is stronger" faster and a different color than any other Lupio I ha&e seen. The lady stated. .eally? I ha&e had this feeling that winning battles that easy wasn*t normal. Dante said as he sat in front of the old lady. $he nodded and said: =ut it seems you are also responsible for such great power. $he said. )/? I*m not that good of a trainer" I 'ust started my 'ourney. Dante shouted. The lady hit Dante in the head with a fan she had hidden in her clothing. 0ush boy" I know as a trainer you still ha&e much to learn. #hat I mean is that you are somehow feeding your Lupio some of your aura. $he said rapidly. Dante rubbed his head and said: )y aura? 5eeding? #hat are you talking about old woman and why in the hell you hit me so hard for? Dante said right before the old lady hit him e&en harder with the fan once more. .espect your elders boy" I assumed Drake taught you some manners you little pup. $he said. -uch3 #hat in the; #ait. ,ou know my dad? he said. -f course I know him" e&er since he was a pup 'ust like you" before he was known as the great e plorer Drake the claw of the wolf. $he answered. Dante*s eyes widened and he wondered how many things about his father could this old woman tell him" e&en his own son didn*t knew much about him. #ell now boy" here*s what I will tell you. #ithin you lay a great power that can le&el mountains and drain seas. That much I ha&e seen. ,ou must search the elder samurai married to the powerful nin'a. They shall teach you what you must know. $he said in a soft &oice. #here can I find them? Dante asked. ,our path will cross with them e&entually" 'ust continue your 'ourney but keep an eye out. They are not e actly what you imagine my boy. $he answered. That night the old lady 'ust reached her home and was startled by the presence of an old friend. I heard you met my son" I also heard you pointed him to them. Drake said to the old woman. ,ou should call instead of 'ust popping up" my ner&es where not what they where before. The woman said. %re you sure that was wise? Their methods are &ery

dangerous. Drake asked. -f course I*m sure7 I swear you fi&e get more territorial and paranoid e&ery time I see one of you. $he said while shrugging. #e all ha&e reasons to be paranoid7 your son is not the one being persecuted by &arious criminal organi+ations. $aid Drake. Let*s change the sub'ect old man" you ne&er told me about his mother. #ho is she? The woman said while sitting down. ,our heart won*t be able to take it if I tell you. %nd old man? ,ou are to talk. Drake said while snickering. %t least I appear my age" unlike you immortals I am proud of my grey crown. $he said all puffed up. #ell" it matters not. %s old as I am if I where to look my age all that would be before you are dust and bones. Drake said. 0ow old are you Drake? $he asked with fear of the answer in her &oice. /ight hundred and si ne t month. Drake answered.