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Great thanks to Jiro Uchiha and Pikachu0311 for their continued support of this fanfiction.

They are both great fanfiction writers and would greatly recommend them both if you en oyed my writing Dante continued walking absentmindedly because he was thinking about what that lady had said to him. Nobunaga and Axew where resting in their pokeballs while Lupio was walking next to Dante making sure the trainer didnt end up walking off a cliff, but after a long hike Lupio got distracted by a wisp like butterfly who flied near his face. BA ! Dante had collided with another trainer who was also absentmindedly walking. "grrr# oh, $m sorry $ wasnt paying attention to where $ was walki% wow#& Dante said as he saw the young girl he had 'ust collided with. (he girl was around three inches shorter than Dante) her hair was ra*en black with a purple stripe, semi%curly and long. +er body was slim with light brown skin. +er beautiful eyes where deeply green and had what looked like a school uniform on. +er eyes widened when she saw Dante with his hand reaching out to try and help her up, his eyes bore a hole through her, his perfect pale skin and his long sil*er hair immediately enamored her and made her unable to speak. ",hm# $ didnt hurt you did $-& Dante asked, she woke from her trance but talked shakily. "N., no no no, $m okay you didnt hurt me.& /he said while blushing. "0ood, $ would hate to ha*e hurt you# uhm my names Dante) and what might yours be-& Dante asked while clearly flirting. "+e he# +i Dante, my name is Bonnie.& /he said while she giggled. "/orry about that, so before $ almost ga*e you a concussion where were you headed-& Dante asked. Bonnies eyes immediately widened when she remembered what she was supposed to be doing. "12A3!& /he yelled. "4+.A, whats wrong-& +e asked in shock. "(heres a ca*e around here and some of the kids nearby ha*e been saying they ha*e heard howls and scratching from that place so $ decided to in*estigate.& /he answered 5uickly as she was running off. Dante smirked, "A dark ca*e with mysterious howls and scratching, what do you say Lupio- (his is too good to pass up.& +e said. Lupio barked with enthusiasm and they both ran behind there new ac5uaintance. "$ can take care of myself you know& Bonnie said. "$m sure you do, this is curiosity and romance for ad*enture. Not chi*alry.& Dante answered. "4ell make sure you dont get in my way, okay.& /he said while throwing her head the other direction. "6es commander mum supreme.& Dante said to tease the girl. (hey reached the ca*e and found that it was pitch black. Dante took point with his flashlight and walked into the ca*e trying to find the source of the rumored howls. "/o

you decided to explore a ca*e with a potentially dangerous beast and didnt e*en bring a flashlight-& Dante asked. "4ell its middle of the day, $ didnt knew it was going to be so dark.& /he claimed with embarrassment in her *oice for looking somewhat foolish to Dante. "$ts a ca*e, kinds of hard for the sunshine to reach down here you know.& +e said with a winning smirk. (he two continued arguing about preparedness until Dante heard a soft howl. (hey immediately stopped and looked around. "4hat do you think it is-& /he asked scared. "No idea. $ cant identify it from 'ust the howl.& Dante answered. "(ake your pokemon out, we might be in trouble.& Dante told her. ",hmm# funny thing, $ got no 3okemon yet.& /he said. "4hat!-& Dante asked and he was going to continue arguing but before he could continue a shadow mo*ed and tried to attack Bonnie. "Lupio! $ntercept.& +e ordered and the wolf 'umped forward to sa*e the girl in danger. Lupio parried the attack and the attacker re*ealed himself. A /e*iper slithered forward and made itself look big. "4ow#& /he said as her eyes widened ama7ed by the beautiful snake. "$# $ want it# can you#& she muttered. "/ure, $ will get him for you but you will owe me.& Dante answered. "Deal& /he said as Lupio 'umped forward with his claws shinning. (he snake swung his blade forward but Lupio dodged it easily, /e*iper tried again but yielded no results. Lupio tried to pin the snake to the ground from the tail but the /e*iper was much too strong for his light body and so he slammed Lupio against a pillar. "4+A( A28 6., D.$N0- 6ou are loosing!& /he screamed at Dante. "Dont worry, that wont e*en scratch my Lupio.& Dante answered as Lupio stood up and barked as if nothing had happened. (he fight started once more. /e*iper was using poison tail against Lupio who was parrying the blows with his claws. (hen Lupio used 8xtreme speed and disappeared from in front of the /e*iper who was confused. (he snake cried out as Lupio attacked it from behind and send it flying against the wall. "+ere.& Dante says as he passes a 3okeball to Bonnie. /he thanked him and pelted the pokeball to the still confused /e*iper. (he snake was inserted into the pokeball and it wobbled from side to side three times before gi*ing off the signature "clack& of a successful capture. Bonnie screamed in 'oy as she captured her first 3okemon. "4ow there, calm down.& Dante said. "4hy- $ts a happy moment you are supposed to scream you know.& Bonnie claimed. "4e are in a dark ca*e, 9yurem knows what could 'ust pop out of the shadows and attack us.& +e argued. "L$98 4+A(-& /he shouted defiantly.

Bonnies shout shook the ca*e and e*erything went completely 5uiet, then out of nowhere hundreds of woobats flied angrily to them. "Like that.& Dante said as he grabbed Bonnies hand and made a run%for%it to the exit of the ca*e. 4hen they where safe outside the ca*e they reali7ed it was almost sundown. Dante whistled and said: "4ow, we where there a while, its already fi*e thirty.& "12A3!& Bonnie yelled. ".h ca77o, whats wrong now-& Dante asked. "$ was supposed to be back by three o clock.& /he answered "+ey before you run off, do you know where $ can spend the night- $m too tired to continue walking to the next city.& Dante asked as he grabbed her by her hand once more. Bonnie blushed and said: "4hy dont you come with me to my house, my mother would lo*e to ha*e you for dinner.& "(hats a plan.& Dante said smiling. "But $ warn you, $ got three hungry 3okemon and an appetite myself.& +e added. ".h, do not worry. y mother cooks a lot all the time. ;ust let me call her before we arri*e.& /he answered. As bonnie touched the communicator to call her mother it immediately exploded in an angry *oice. "B.NN$8!- 4+828 +A<8 6., B88N- 6., 4+828 /,33./8D (. 1. 8 BA19 =2. (+A( 1A<8 (4. +.,2/ A0.!& 6elled the person on the other side of her communicator. " other, calm down. $ met a friend and he needs somewhere to pass the night and a meal for him and his pokemon, +e helped me a lot in the ca*e and $ want to repay him.& Bonnie said to her mother. ".h darling, why didnt you say so in the first place-& Bonnies mother said in a sweet *oice. "/ure, tell him he is welcomed here. And its good that $ made such a big meal today.& 4hen Dante and Bonnie arri*ed he was surprised to see such a well decorated house in front of the woods. "6ou sure its okay for me to be here-& Dante asked. "/ure silly, $ owe you one, remember.& Bonnie said while pointing to /e*ipers pokeball in her belt. A woman in her late thirties was in the kitchen angrily muttering to herself, her hair was long and curly well placed in a perfect ponytail. +er body was well built and her skin was perfectly dark with only one imperfection) a scar coming from the left side of her mouth down to her chin. her brown eyes where big with perfectly grown eyelashes decorating her eyes. "+i mom, this is Dante. +e is the friend $ told you about.& Bonnie said to her mother. ".h hello there chi% 6A.+!& +er mother was surprised as she notices Dantes sil*er hair. " other, that was rude.& Bonnie claims. "/orry Dante, 'ust that its the first time $ see such a thing. $s it dyed-& /he asks. ".h no, $ got it from my father. Apparently its common for e*ery fi*e or six generations for a sil*er haired male to appear.& Dante answers. "(hats nice sweetie, now $ bet you two and Dantes pokemon are hungry.& /he said.

(he meal consisted of roasted chicken that was tender and delicious, some well cooked rice, fresh a*ocado salad and all ser*ed with a huge glass of pomegranate 'uice freshly s5uee7ed. "4ow, this is delicious!& Dante says as he puts another piece of chicken in his mouth. "(hank you boy, $ lo*e it when somebody appreciates my cooking& she answered. "/o tell me Dante, where are you from-& Bonnie asked. "$m from the northern islands in Lucraria.& +e answered. "Lucraria- Ne*er heard of it.& /aid Bonnie. "(hats pretty far away my boy, but $ ha*e been there when $ was younger. Do you know of the famous Drake /il*erfang-& /he asked. "6eah of course, +e is my father after all.& +e answered. (he woman fro7e and what looked like fear clouded her face. "6ou are the son of Drake /il*erfang-& /he asked. "6up, my name is Dante /il*erfang.& Dante answered without noticing that the woman might be scared of him. ".oohhh, your father is famous Dante. 4hat is he- A mo*ie star- A rock star-& Bonnie asked. "Neither, he is an explorer. +e is famous for helping 3okemon professors by going to dangerous places to study pokemon.& Dante answered. "4ell enough of that now tell me boy. 4hat did you guys do in the ca*e-& Bonnies mother asked. "Apparently the noises where made by a /e*iper that was there.& Dante answered. "And not only that mother, Dante here helped me capture the /e*iper for myself.& Bonnie said grinning. "(ake him out then, theres enough food here for e*eryone.& /he said. Bonnie took out her /e*iper and placed some food for it. Dante took out his pokedex to see what mo*es it knew. +is eyebrows raised and said: "wow, he knows 3oison tail, =lamethrower, dig, glare and iron tail.& (he meal was done and Dantes eyes where hea*y with sleep, Bonnie took him to the guest room and they talked for a while. "/o why dont you go in a 'ourney-& Dante asked while lying on the bed. " y brother went out in a 'ourney six years ago, $ ha*e been planning on going out a lot but could ne*er get a pokemon from professor ;uniper and well $ cant really take a stick and catch one myself.& /he answered. "4ell now with your /e*iper you can go if you want.& +e said. "6eah but $ dont want to go alone. +86, what if $ go with you- $ll 'ust need you to stay tomorrow so $ can get my stuff ready.& Bonnie proposed. "4hat will your mother say-& +e asked. ".h nothing, she will be glad ha*ing me off her hair for a while.& /he answered. "$ dont know, with that much food if $ stay here one more day $ will gain like twenty pounds for sure.& Dante 'oked. (hey both laughed and then she begged. "Alright then, its decided. 6ou can come with me if you want& Dante said before closing his eyes. "6ou sure about this honey- 0oing on a 'ourney like this can be dangerous you know.& Bonnies mother said worried. "Do not worry mother, $m going with Dante and his

pokemon are strong.& Bonnie said as she was packing her backpack with two changes of clothes, fi*e pokeballs, some money, beauty products, a toothbrush and finally a flashlight.