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Dantes dream consisted of moving shadows and whispering in another language Dante couldnt recognize.

He felt different almost like if he was taller and his hair was heavier? Even through out all the nonsense around him he kept moving towards something. Something familiar and even it seemed as if it was calling to him. He moved faster than ever, he did not get tired not even a little winded. hatever was calling to him sounded like a voice, and a !eautiful one too. "inall# he was a!le to make out what the voice was sa#ing. $Dante?% &he voice asked. $'es?% he answered. $ ake up.% &he voice ordered. $How? ( dont know how to wake up.% Dante #elled. ) flash of light appeared. *ike a star in the darkest sk# it shinned like a thousand suns. Dante growled at how !right the little light was !ut then it e+panded and engulfed him. (n the real world his e#es opened so fast he scared ,onnie who was sitting right in front of him. $ hoa Dante, how do #ou feel? 'ou slept all da# #esterda#. ( started to worr#.% ,onnie said while helping him up. $( have !een asleep for a da#? ughhh hat happened?% Dante asks. $'ou almost gave me a !lood# heart attack #ou twat-% ,onnie claims angril# while punching him in the shoulder. $.ww- ,ipolar much eh. E+actl# ten seconds ago #ou where nursing me in m# sleep.% Dante screams in pain. $( didnt think #ou cared that much though.% Dante sa#s with a sl# smile. $/haa- Dont get in over #our head #ou twat, (f #ou where gone with who will ( go in m# 0ourne# with?% She sa#s. Dante laughs !ut he is then interrupted !# his stomach rum!ling ver# loudl#. $ ow, its sounds like #ou are hungr#.% ,onnie sa#s. $ ell of course he is hungr#1 he missed lunch and dinner #esterda# plus its eleven thirt# so he missed !reakfast toda# too.% Sa#s 2e#na who is covered in what looks like flower and different t#pes of salsas. $.h, !# the looks of it #ou have !een cooking a lot again.% Dante sa#s a little worried. $&hats right m# !o#, so #ou !etter come down and eat !ecause ( went to town with this meal.% She answers. Dante changes his clothes to put a fresh pair of sweat pants and a t3shirt he reserved for sleeping. hen he walks down the stairs he is received violentl# !# )+ew who couldnt !e happier to see his trainer in one piece. $.h he# )+ew, ( guess ( gave #ou 4uite a scare eh.% Dante sa#s tr#ing to remove the tin# dragon from his face. Dante then looks to the ta!le and the second he does it was like if he had grown a second even hungrier stomach. &he ta!le was littered with different plates filled with food. &here was fresh fruit like oranges, !ananas, pineapple and grapes well placed ne+t to a plate with a huge well3cooked 56 ounce stake with a delicious home made stake sauce ne+t to

it. &hen there was a freshl# tossed salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucum!er, !anana pepper and raisins with salad dressing ne+t to it. Some "rench fries ne+t to the chicken pot pie that was in front of a whole well cooked turke# $How do #ou two eat this t#pe of food all the time?% Dante ask at the verge of tears at seeing so much delicious food. $ e dont !o#, we normall# serve most of it as lunch in the da#care close !#.% 2e#na e+plains. $So some of thi% He tries to sa# !ut is interrupted !# 2e#na sa#ing7 $8ormall# #es !ut this whole meal is for #ou and #our pokemon% $#ou must !e hungr# enough to eat it all. 8ow go and hurr# !efore it gets cold.% ,onnie sa#s. Dante sat down and started eating rapidl#. He started with the stake which he had craved the second he saw it. 9eanwhile )+ew was eating fruits from the !owl, 8o!unaga was patientl# ni!!ling at the salad and *ucroark was viciousl# attacking a whole turke#. $,est meal of m# life% Dante and his pokemon thought to themselves. $So what happened after the ra# of power from Salamence? ( cant seem to remem!er much.% Dante asks. $'ou dont remem!er? *upio evolved into *ucroark and one hit :..ed m# mothers Salamence.% She e+plains while Dante pushes another handful of fries into his mouth. $.hhh ( wonder what new attack #ou learned *ucroark.% Dante sa#s. $'ou called it $*unar Howl% or something.% ,onnie said while she ate the chicken pot pie. $.h *unar Howl, it confuses #our opponent while hurting it and increases the users attack and special attack !ut harshl# reduces the users mo!ilit# while using it and the defense is lowered too.% E+plains 2e#na. $ ow, #ou know more a!out #our pokemon than ( do.% Dante claims. $( have seen m# fair share of powerful and rare pokemon throughout m# time child. )nd the olfw#rms evolutionar# line has alwa#s !een an interesting one.% 2e#na sa#s. $*ets see.% Dante sa#s while taking out his ;okede+ to scan *ucroark who had alread# finished the whole turke#. $*ucroark, the ,eta olf ;okemon. &his powerful ;okemon uses *unar Howl to immo!ilize his pre# while a group of *upios rapidl# finish the 0o!. &his *ucroarks known moves are7 9idnight slash, E+treme speed, *unar Howl, &hunder punch and )erial ace.% &he mechanical voice of Dantes ;okede+ sa#s. Dante almost swallows his fork at seeing how much powerful his *ucroark has !ecome. $<uess taking the ne+t g#m will !e childs pla#.% Dante sa#s. $8ot if #ou are fighting m# good old friend it wont.% Sa#s 2e#na. $( will take that as a challenge then.% Dante sa#s as he finishes his monstrous meal. ,onnie and Dante sa# their good!#es to 2e#na as the# walk from awa# from their home. $,e sure to feed #our pokemon well, also dont overdo it and if possi!le onl# travel !# da#, understood?% 2e#na sa#s. $'es mother, do not worr# it will all !e alright oka#.% ,onnie sa#s for the hundredth time that morning. &hen after a long conversation Dante and ,onnie go off into route =.

$So wh# dont #ou tell me what #our mother was too afraid to sa#?% Dante asks. $ hat do #ou mean?% She asks !ack. $'our mother is afraid of me or m# dad and something happened when ( !lacked out right.% Dante sa#s seriousl#. ,onnie sighs and sa#s7 $9# mother knew #our father when she was #oung and she sa#s that as amazing as he was, he is dangerous.% $Hmmm that sounds like m# father. <reat to !e around !ut #ou !arel# know him and people get hurt.% Dante sa#s. $)nd when ( !lacked out?% He adds. $'our face seemed dark and evil. )nd after *ucroark evolved #ou defeated m# mothers Salamence with ease.% ,onnie answers. $&hat doesnt scare #ou?% Dante sa#s little surprised. $8ot reall#, when ( was #oung ( met a man, a ver# dark man.% She answers. &he two walked down the long road while doing some chat a!out their lives to get to know each other !etter. ,onnie took point and fought almost ever# wild pokemon that got in their wa# !ecause she desired to get some practice with her Seviper. $So it seems #ou and #our Seviper get along well.% Dante sa#s as Seviper defeats a patrat !# slashing it with his tail. $He is o!edient and it seems that he likes me a lot. ( have that effect on poison and dragon pokemon #ou know.% (ris sa#s as she puts Seviper !ack in his poke!all. $So #ou are going to challenge *enora to a !attle?% ,onnie asks. $'eah of course, ( think it will !e eas# seeing how strong *ucroark is !ut #our mother said that it wont !e that eas#.% Dante answers. $.h no, *enora is though as nails. 9# mother and *enora where friends when #oung and she knows her wa# around normal t#pe pokemon.% ,onnie claims. $ooohh that sounds interesting.% Dante sa#s with his eerie smile. Dante and ,onnie arrive to 8acrene cit# with little to no pro!lem. $Directl# to the g#m?% asked ,onnie. $Damn right% )nswered Dante with his e#es straight ahead. )fter some investigation ,onnie and Dante found out that the g#m was at a li!rar# in town. $ hat is with this g#m leaders and masking their g#ms?% Dante asked particularl# to no one. $"irst those !rothers with their restaurant and now this woman with a li!rar#, whats ne+t? ) !lood# laundr# mat for a water g#m% He added stressed. ,onnie giggled at Dantes comments and rants as the# !oth walked to the g#m. Dante kicks the doors open and looks around to see if he finds the g#m leader. hat he finds sends a chill down his spine !ecause he saw the onl# person in the whole world that could trul# scare Dante, his own father drinking tea ne+t to a woman with dark skin, an apron and a giant smile in her face. $ ell look at that Hun, he finall# arrives and it seems he has the same attitude as #ou when it comes to stress% *enora sa#s to Drake. $Hello Dante, how have #ou !een?% Drake sa#s while taking a sip from his tea. $D)D-? hat are #ou doing here?% Dante

asks surprised. $ ell ( was in town and wondered if #ou where near!# so ( could cheer for #ou in #our second g#m !attle.% Drake answers calml#. )s much as Dante loved his father he alwa#s felt unnerved when he was around him, Dante knew the e+plorer had more in his mind that 0ust !eing there for his son. hether his intentions where good or !ad didnt matter now though. $( come here to challenge #ou to a g#m !attle *enora.% Dante sa#s while holding *ucroarks poke!all in his hand. $( accept #our challenge1 if #ou win ( will present #ou with the !asic !adge as per pokemon league rules.% Dante chose to star the fight with *ucroark as he desired to show his wolfs strength !# winning the !attle onl# with one pokemon. *enora released her first pokemon and as the first pokemon was revealed Dantes e#es grew !ig in surprise. )n >rsaring stood !efore him and not 0ust an# >rsaring, Dante recognized it immediatel# !ecause instead of a circle in his chest this >rsaring had an $?%. &his was his fathers >rsaring. Dante kept silence !ecause the second he saw his fathers >rsaring in the ring he understood wh# his father was there. He was testing him !ecause Drake knew 0ust how powerful Dante had gotten and so he tilted the scales against him. Dante called for E+tremespeed and so *ucroark disappeared 0ust to reappear !ehind >rsaring, &he wolf struck the !ear right in the !ack of the neck with an incredi!le force that made the whole arena shake, !ut the !ear didnt loose his footing at all. *enora ordered the !ear to gra! him and smash him against the floor. &he !ear complied and gra!!ed the wolf !# his right hind leg and swiftl# crashed him against the arena. Dante ordered for *ucroark to get out of there. *ucroark used e+tremespeed to get out of the range of the !ear. Dante was thinking, tr#ing to remem!er all he knew a!out his fathers powerful >rsaring. $<ot it-% Dante claimed as he ordered *ucroark. He remem!ered that his fathers >rsaring was ver# patient and so he waited for his enem# to get close to then crush them with his powerful moves, !ut he was also ver# slow. $Dont sta# close too long *ucroark, get in and out fast so he cant do an#thing.% Dante instructed. *ucroark used e+tremespeed to get close and tried to slash the >rsaring in his face. &he >rsaring caught *ucroark !# his right paw and once again he smashed the wolf against the ground. Dante was distraught1 he didnt know what to do against his fathers >rsaring. &houghts where racing throughout his mind, he looked around the arena and finall# saw ,onnie looking straight to him and then one idea popped in his head. $9idnight slashes from afar-% Dante ordered. *ucroark immediatel# caught on to his plan and he cloaked himself in shadows. *ucroark then !egan a savage !arrage of midnight slashes which he placed all his strength upon the special attack properties.

&he >rsaring saw all of those powerful attacks coming at full speed1 he lost concentration and tried to !lock the incoming storm. )n e+plosion occurred as the !arrage made contact1 the e+plosion shook the whole !uilding to its foundation. *enora was amazed at the sheer force of the attack. hen the dust of the e+plosion cleared, >rsaring laid on the floor defeated and most likel# seriousl# in0ured. *enora returned >rsaring to his poke!all and then pelted the poke!all !ack to Drake who was smiling proudl#. Dante was happ# !ut could feel his *ucroarks e+haustion even though he was too proud to show it. $ ell done Hun, defeating that !east was no eas# feet.% *enora sa#s while releasing her Stoutland. $<.-% &he# !oth sa# in unison. *ucroark went forward with midnight slash prepared while Stoutland ran using take down. &he midnights slash made contact first directl# in the Stoutlands a!domen sending the hound fl#ing. $Shake it off Hun.% *enora ordered and her pokemon stood !ack up, she then ordered her dog to use giga impact and her pokemon complied. &he Stoutland went forward surrounded !# the energ# of his attack. $ ait for it% &he Stoutland got closer to *ucroark, $a little more% &he dog was less than five feet awa# from the wolf. $8. -% Shouted Dante. *ucroark 0umped out of the wa# and gra!!ed the Stoutland !# his moustache. $Dont let go-% Dante ordered as the Stoutland ran in circles around *ucroark. $Smash him now.% He said as *ucroark lifted the dog !# his moustache and repeatedl# threw him against the floor. )fter the fifth impact to the floor the Stoutland was defeated and Dante was declared victorious. *ucroark was !e#ond e+hausted and Dante could feel it and thought to himself7 $&he old lad# said ( was feeding *ucroark some of m# aura, ma#!e ( can give him some more so he can feel !etter.% Dante concentrated upon his ;okemon, he tried to imagine his aura !eing passed to *ucroark, and He concentrated and concentrated until he felt a relief. 8ot his relief though, it was *ucroark rapidl# recuperating his stamina and !eing healed !# Dante. Dante was a!out to shout !ecause he was proud of what he did even though he didnt know what he did !ut his father placed his hand on his shoulder and he 0olted !ack to real life. $)re #ou oka# son? 'ou where not pa#ing attention.% Drake said and Dante noticed that *enora was tr#ing to hand him his second !adge and congratulate him on well done match. $Sorr#.% Dante said as he 4uickl# gra!!ed the !adge and he then thanked *enora for her time. $Damn Dante, its like #ou where not even there #ou know.% ,onnie said. $8o wonder we met !# #ou crashing into me.% She then added. $.hh shut up1 lets go get something to eat. ( !et *ucroark is hungr#, m# treat oka#% Dante said !ecause he could

feel *ucroarks appetite growing. $&hat sounds great ( feel like getting some steak.% ,onnie answered with a smile. $ ell ( will !e going now, good luck on the other g#ms Dante ( would go with #ou too cheer #ou up !ut it seems #ou alread# have a cheerleader on #our team.% &he e+plorer said with his characteristic evil smile, ,onnie !lushed and was slightl# angered !# the comment Drake said !ut she decided not to act upon it. &he e+plorer took out a poke!all and released a Dragonite, !ut not an# Dragonite, this one was more muscular instead of the normal round !ell# Dragonite and his wing span was enormous when compared to a normal Dragonite. &he e+plorer then mounted the !east of a dragon that then disappeared as he flied at ma+imum speed towards the moon. Im sorry I didnt update this fanfiction earlier, this chapter was by far my longest chapter and to make things worse I lost everything and so had to start to start from scratch this chapter and the next. Chapter nine coming up soon.