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Why would you make your sons gym match more difficult? Professor Sophu asked.

I was curious Drake answered as he took a ite of an apple. !urious of what? If your son could wipe the floor with one of your own pokemon? She asks. "ope# I was e$amining the flow of energy throughout his ody. %e answers. What did you find out? She asks. &hat my son is going to e either this worlds sa'ior or destroyer. %e answers with a tone of sadness in his 'oice. In the darkness sat four people in front of a huge round ta le with a fifth person eing pro(ected in a screen. What is the status of the target? ) man wearing a leather coat and a lot of piercings on his face and ody asked. &he rat has three pokemon thus far* an oddly colored a$ew# a samurai like Dewott and his main pokemon a freshly e'ol'ed +ucroark with a different color. )nswered ,illiana with itterness in her 'oice. Why the ad attitude princess? Still angry ecause you got your ass kicked twice y a fucking twel'e year old? asked a dark skin muscular man wearing a tank top and cargo pants. )s if you are one to talk# might I remind you of the time you got pinned down y that woman. Said the pierced man. -ou want to fight you cheese like motherfucker.? shouted the muscular man. I would gladly tear that steroid filled ody of yours anytime %e answered while holding his two knifes. /reak show put down the lades and 0dward# sit down too. &he man with a deep purple suit with an e ony cane and a matching top hat orders. Dont call me 0dward you wanna1 e1pimp# the names Pain. &he man in the tank top shouts ack. S%2& 2P -32 &%400 53&%04/2!604S I !32+D %)70 &)60" &%)& 84)& D3W" I/ I %)D 5- 40)+ P36053". ,illiana Shouts at the three. 0'ery ody starts shouting insults and threats at each other. SI+0"!0. &he man in a suit shouts o'er the communicator and e'ery ody goes silent and waits for their oss to speak. ,illiana# I wanted you to loose the fight ut make no mistake# the child would ha'e tear you apart if I hadnt sent for you to e picked up. %e says. /reak Show# the target already defeated +enora of "acrene city ut he will likely spend the night in there. I need you too go and challenge him to a fight# he will likely defeat you e'en if you try so worry a out getting data for me and also make sure he gets angry. %e orders. Pain# stop picking fights and go to Sinnoh# I need you too do some research for me and finally +uccy. %e says -es oss? &he man in the top hat answers. I need you to o tain a 'ery powerful pokemon for me# something that can destroy a city if necessary. %e says. I know e$actly what you need ut I will need a ticket to 6anto and a few weeks. +ucy answers. I will e a le to intercept the target efore the night ends my +ord. /reakshow adds. &he meeting ends and the four lieutenants of &he Suit walk away to do as ordered. Dante and 8onnie arri'e at a restaurant to rest and eat after Dantes 'ictory. Dante orders the ten ounce steak with a side of house cut fries and large drink#

8onnie orders the chicken soup and a smoked ham for her Se'iper. )ll of Dantes pokemon ate human food since they rather ha'e that than the normal pokemon food# +ucroark was eating the same as his master# "o unaga was eating yellow tail sushi and )$ew was eating some well1cooked pork chops. So why where you so ama9ed at that 2rsaring? 8onnie asks and Dante almost chokes on a piece of steak when she asks. %e calms himself down and answers: &hat wasnt any old 2rsaring. &hat one was my fathers 2rsaring that I (ust fought. %er eye widened and asks: Why would your father lend +enora his 2rsaring for? Dante didnt really know the answer to that. %e wondered whether to trust his hypothesis that Drake was either testing Dante or making Dantes (ourney harder so he would ecome stronger. &hat not knowing his own fathers intentions made him uncomforta le and it showed. 8onnie noticed Dantes discomfort on the ;uestion and decided to ;uickly change the su (ect. So I can see you are 'ery fit# do you work out or something? She asks and immediately regrets that ;uestion. I trained a lot to e a good fighter and to e in shape so when I get to (ourney I dont get in trou le ecause I cant clim a ladder or something. Dante answers. 3h right# Dante might e smart# powerful# cute and funny ut there isnt really any ad su (ects to talk a out. 8onnie thought to herself and asks: So tell me a out your mother. She died a year after I was orn# I dont really remem er her ut my dad told me a lot a out her. Dante says proudly. -ou moron. 3f course his mother is dead or something# his father tra'els a lot and this is the first time I hear anything a out her. 8onnie says in her head. 3h sorry a out that I didnt mean to say anything ad. 8onnie says shyly. Dont worry a out it# I ne'er really knew her ut I know she was a great woman# here I got a picture of her. Dante pulls out his wallet and shows the picture to 8onnie. Dantes mother was more than eautiful# she was almost impossi le. %er icy lue eyes matched perfectly with her eautifully flowing light lue hair that got lighter the lower it went. %er perfect smile glowed with her pearl like teeth and she was wearing a eautiful white dress that resem led snow flakes perfectly placed together. Wow 8onnies eyes widened. She is eautiful# now I see how come you look oth intimidating and se$y. She adds. What? Dante asks as if he didnt hear the last part. 8onnie reali9ed what she had said and tried to co'er it up while lushing. &hey all finished their meals and decided to go to the pokemon center to spend the night. 8ut as they where walking down to the pokemon center they noticed a crowd cheering and laughing. &hey oth looked at each other then shrugged as they went to in'estigate the crowd.

Surrounded y the cheering crowd was a magician ne$t to a %ypno with a doorknocker piercing in its nose# a Solrock and a +unatone flying around. 0'eryone laughed as the magician took Pido'es out of his pockets and a 8uneary from his hat. %e was charismatic and funny ut something a out him othered Dante# he couldnt put his finger on what e$actly othered him# as if he was surrounded y something the eyes couldnt see. What is it? -ou got a serious face on. 8onnie asks Dante. I dont know why ut something others me a out him. %e answers. %es perfect. She says. What? 0$plain. Dante asks. -ou see the Solrock and +unatone there. &here eyes are always shining which means they are using their physic powers on something. 5ost likely making their master look different and thats why he looks like that. 8ut the fact that you can tell is ama9ing. 8onnie e$plained. Well its not like I can tell# it (ust ot1 Dante is interrupted y the magician who asks 8onnie to e a 'olunteer. "ow +adies and ,entlemen# I will make my eautiful 'olunteer here do something ama9ing. &he magician said to the audience. "ow look my lo'ely lady# you will feel a slight tingling followed y complete num ness okay. %e says with e$citement in his 'oice. uhmm alright. She says. &he magician e$tended his arm and a lanket appeared etween them. %e then co'ered 8onnie with the lanket and started to count down from fi'e. < three# two and 8)D)8I5 8)D)825. an e$plosion rang and do9en of pido'es flied away. &he crowd was ama9ed y the act* they applauded and cheered for the magician ut Dante wasnt cheering at all. %e was growling while showing his are teeth. &he magician looked ack at Dante and he smiled ecause he had accomplished his o (ecti'e. %e had angered Dante y a ducting 8onnie right under his nose. Dante knew something was wrong# he didnt knew why or how he knew that the magician had a ducted 8onnie he (ust knew that 8onnies presence wasnt near y and that dark intentions masked the magician. %e was pu99led* what to do? %ow do I help 8onnie? Who is this creep? )nd how the hell can I (ust feel this stuff? all those thoughts ran in circles within Dantes head. )nd now for my final act. I present to you* /reak shows e$ecutioner re(oice in the mar'el of ages. &he magician shouted. Dantes eyes widened as a large metal contraption of saws# scythes# spikes and crushers in the shape of a hooded man appeared in front of his eyes ut the most ner'e racking part of it was that 8onnie appeared strapped to that same contraption. Dante tried to shout for her ut his screams where drowned y the crowds cheering. 8onnie was dressed as a show1girl in a white swan like costume that was clearly uncomforta le.

"ow ladies and gentlemen# I will use my magic to destroy my assistant then ring her ack unscathed right efore your eyes. &he magician said# ut he was lying. %e planned on killing 8onnie and then produce a illusion of her to make it look like he sa'ed her. 8ut only he and Dante knew that. &his was no simple magic show# this was a trap for Dante and he stepped right on it. Dante was thinking as fast as he could on how to sa'e 8onnie. %e couldnt (ust attack the magician* he would e arrested or e'en killed y the security. %e needed to unmask the magician and sa'e 8onnie in one swift mo'e. %aha got it. Dante said under his reath as an idea popped in his head. Dante ran towards the stage at full speed then (umped using one of the security officers face as a trampoline. 8ut he didnt aim to the magician* instead he aimed to the +unatone. Dantes knee collided against the +unatones ody at great force se'erely shattering the pokemon and possi ly killing it. &he magicians Solrock lost concentration and the magicians disguise and contraption disappeared completely. &he crowd was in shock. 8onnie landed on a net safely ut seriously hating the outfit she was on# the magicians true face was re'ealed. %e was ald and scrawny at est* his pale grey skin was co'ered with piercings all o'er* from two in his eye rows# three in each ear# one going right through his nose and finally one in his tongue. %e was wearing a lack leather coat that was decorated with grey metallic eads all o'er. Well look at the mess you (ust did oy# first you killed one of my pokemon# then you get rid of my master contraption and now you try to steal the attention off me with that sil'er head of yours. &%)&S 2")!!0P&)8+0. &he magician screamed with a dark hollow 'oice at the end. Who the hell are you? Dante asks purposely disrespecting him. W%3 &%0 %0++ )5 I.? !hild dont you watch &.7? Im (ust the est illusionist in show i9 since the dawn of time# Im the pinnacle of entertainment# and Im the est you will e'er get to see in a stage. 5y name is /40)6 S%3W. &he magician shouted as his wand that somehow worked as a microphone. 4emind me ne'er to ask you any ;uestions if not I will ha'e grown a eard y the time you are done talking. Dante said mocking /reak Show. I will only ask this once. Why are you trying to kill my friend here? Dante added with a dark look in his face as if he was ready to tear the freaks head off right out of place. 3h you got it all wrong child# Im not here for your second rate assistant. Im here to teach you a lesson for messing with my elo'ed %armonia. /reakShow said while pointing Dante with his wand. 3h that e$plains it* you are with that hag that keeps annoying me. ,uess she went and tell you to get rid of me. Dante said as he crosses his arms. -ou will pay for that insult oy. Im /reakShow# the immortal of Illusion. %e shouted.

&he fight started with Dante releasing "o unaga who was ready to fight in his fighting stance and /reakShow sending his Solrock forward. &he solrock was clearly angry ecause of lunatones death. Solrock went forward using rollout towards "o unaga. Dante instructed "o unaga to (ump then to use ra9or shell against Solrock. &he otter (umped an instant efore the impact and successfully e'ading the foes attack. &hen the otter gra ed oth his scalchops and a light lue energy surrounded them# "o unaga then went towards the still rolling Solrock and struck it. &he solrock cried out when struck y the super effecti'e mo'e. -ou cant win oy# Im one of the new immortals oy. I5 &%0 +34D 3/ I+2SI3"S. /reakShow shouted. Dont you e'er shut up? I dont care who you think you are# ut no ody messes with me or my friends. Dante shouted ack and then ordered "o unaga to use ra9or shell again. &he otter went forward with lue energy co'ering his lades and struck the foe directly# an e$plosion rang from the hit and the Solrock fell to the ground defeated. Damn. ,uess ,illiana was correct* you are an o'erpowered rat that needs to e taught a lesson. /reakshow as he took out a poke all from his coat. /reakshow released the poke all and an 0$eggutor came out ready for attle and a mean look in his face. Dante firs worried that the 0$eggutor had a type ad'antage o'er his "o unaga ut he decided to trust on his pokemons a ility. 2se energy all and you etter not miss. Said /reakshow. Do your est. Dante ordered. &he 0$eggutor created a all of energy in front oh his central head and released it towards "o unaga ut the otter (ust placed himself in a fighting pose with his eyes closed. &he energy all neared its target and yet "o unaga didnt mo'e and right efore the all struck him the otter used his scalchops to cut through the sphere and so he a'oided damage. &hen the otter ran with his lades to his sides towards the 0$eggutor and used =1scissor to instantly defeat his opponent. )ll without opening his eyes again. %mmm< We could continue this attle ut you might (ust defeat my pokemon and I dont want that. /reakshow said. &hen how a out you gi'e up and ne'er other me again? Dante answered. "o child I cant do that<. hmm<. I 6"3W. &he strange man said. &he man clapped his hands together and started concentrating# a pink aura started to emanate from him and then he pooled that aura in his palms to form a sphere. "o unaga felt the power and placed himself in his fighting stance. "ot aiming at you. /reak show said as he released the sphere in "o unagas direction. &he otter prepared himself to cut the sphere in half like he did with the 0$eggutors attack ut as the attack closed in on him it parted in two and formed again ehind "o unaga. Dante was struck y the attack and 'iciously sent flying into a tree. Dante laid there unconscious.

%)# I should ha'e done that to egin with. &his powers the master ga'e me are (ust magnificent. /reakshow claimed. D)"&0. 8onnie screamed as she went to his aid ut was slowed down y the high heels she was wearing. /reakshow e$tended his arm and the same pink aura co'ered 8onnie. She was then suspended in midair and was una le to speak. %mmm<. I guess now that I defeated this oy here I could keep you as my new assistant darling# ut not for long. 5y assistants dont tend to sur'i'e more than a couple shows you see. /reakshow said with a male'olent tone in his 'oice and laughter followed that statement. "o unaga tried to attack /reakshow ut was rendered motionless y the %ypno who was ignored the whole match. "ow lets see# may e I should gi'e the oss all your pokemon as a gift with your head too. /reakshow said as he re'ealed a long snake like tongue with a piercing in the center. I dont think so. Dante said. Wait arent you unc1 &he magician tried to say ut was too surprised as he looked towards Dante who was no longer there.