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Shenzis journey had started at the same time than that of Dantes but she had already caught

five pokemon with the addition of her main pokemon, an odd colored Shinx (that evolved onto a luxio , she had befriended a bulbasaur that evolved into an ivysaur, then she captured a nidorina and a vulpix on the same day and finally she had received a mysterious egg that hatched into a dratini! "#re you sure about this gold$% Shenzi asks to her partner walking alongside her! "& too feel the presence of a powerful pokemon here but & think we are trying to bite far much than we can chew!% She added! Shenzi and 'old had arrived to a cave nearby cerulean city when 'old felt the presence of a powerful creature, and that made 'old decide that he must challenge the creature! 'old being the only creature able to convince Shenzi of doing something she doesnt want to do was able to convince her to enter the cave! "(kay then, heres hoping hes friendly!% She murmurs still not sure why in the hell she agreed to enter this accursed cave! )he air felt heavy and stale, the pitch darkness made it impossible for Shenzi to see normally but she had learned to focus her aura in her eyes like a luxio or luxray to see well in the dark! *ut neither the darkness nor the heaviness of the air scared Shenzi, what terrified her was the monstrous aura flowing from the deepest end of the cave! #fter a little walking Shenzi noticed that something was wrong, a second aura started to show itself, but this one was more docile yet she could feel the poison it carried! She noticed that the owner of the second aura was entering the cave and that he was clearly not an ally! She grabbed 'old and hid in a crevice as the second individual approached, she was sure he couldnt feel her aura+ her aura was much too insignificant when compared to the monster that lay beyond! "Shhh, someone is coming,% She whispered to 'olds ear who was wondering why he was violently dragged into a crevice! (ne set of footsteps neared in a peaceful rhythm, the entity seemed harmless to those who didnt know how to feel aura! -is monstrous aura started to push back the other aura, the stench of poison and acid saturated the cave and that told Shenzi that he was human, a very dangerous and powerful being but human none the less! )he slight clapping of his footsteps was echoed throughout the cave in a thundering that made Shenzis heart beat to his rhythm! )he man was getting closer and closer to Shenzi and gold but showed no evidence of noticing them! Shenzis eyes widened as he passed next to her, she didnt recognize him but his appearance was stunning! -e had a perfectly groomed curly beard and e.ually curly long hair well kept in a tight ponytail! -is eyes where grey just like Dantes real eyes and Dantes father too, he wore

a perfectly tailored black suit with golden lining decorations, over that a black coat lined with what looked like fur and also carried in his hand a matching top hat and a beautiful cane made out of ebony and decorated with ivory! #fter the man passed and his footsteps where no longer heard Shenzi got out of her hiding place and finally released 'old from her grip! "& know this is a bad idea but & must know who that was and what is he doing here, so it looks like you get what you wanted 'old!% She says very tiredly! 'olds eyes widened in excitement and what looked like a smile hinted his face at the thought of going hand to hand against the owner of such monstrous auras! Shenzi and 'old followed the man in the suit being very careful not to make any loud noises, fortunately now that they where close to the source of the aura+ the energy from the aura vibrated the air in the cave making a melody that strongly resembled a piano! "/hatever it is, it must be really powerful so that the aura he releases from just existing makes a bio0rhythm% She whispered very softly! "1ou are right and such a beautiful music too!% Says a deep voice behind Shenzi! Shenzi lost all color from her face, the hair behind her head stood up like a cat that had been startled and her body stiffened immediately! "-ello$ Did & scare you little lady$% )he man in a suit asks worried! "1, yeah,% She answers lamely! "2y apologies, it wasnt my intention to scare you! 2y name is 3obb 4uccy, but you just call me 4uccy!% -e says calmly! Shenzi had calmed down a little and then proceeds to take a step back! "-ow did you know & was here$% She asks sounding more determined but still scared! "(h easy, you might have hidden you aura but your 4uxio here is all pumped for battle and so & can feel his power!% -e answers with a slight smile! "5ow my turn, what is a pretty lady like you doing in a place like this$% -e asks mockingly fully aware of the clich6 in the .uestion! "1ou know exactly what am & doing here!% She answers now with vigor in her voice! 4uccy lifts his eyebrows in amazement, "So you came to investigate the cause of such a monstrous aura$% -e asks with a slight amazement in his eyes! "1e, yeah!% Shenzi answers now a little scared because she noticed that the gentlemans aura had grown more feral! "7erfect, & always love an audience!% -e says while turning around towards the center of the cave and continued walking at his normal leisurely pace! "-e, he is weird, dont you think gold$% She says out loud but receives no answer! "'old$% She asks again and turns around to see an empty space where gold was standing! "8'-9 )hat little fucker9% She screams as she runs towards the center of the cave knowing perfectly that 'old went there to try and challenge the owner of the monster aura before 4uccy beated him to it!

*ack in 8nova Dante was watching the stars out his window trying to absorb all that he had learned today! -is pokemon where sleeping, #xew was in the end of Dantes bed sleeping, 5obunaga was sitting in a meditating position and seemed to actually be in a trance rather than asleep and 4ucroark was curled up next to where Dante was supposed to sleep! )here was a slight knocking in the door but Dante was able to hear it clearly due to his aura! "Still thinking about what & told you$% *onnie asks after Dante opens the door and allows her in! "1eah, well my whole knowledge of the world and myself has been fucked up the ass so its kind of hard to take it all in!% Dante answers with a smile+ *onnie giggles and places her hand in his shoulder! "Dont worry+ its always hard when one finds out, especially in a case as uni.ue as yours!% She says while reaching upwards to play with the hair behind Dantes ear! "& think my body changed a little when, whatever happened last night happened!% Dante says out of the blue! *onnie looked up to him, she had noticed the changes+ his hair was longer and ticker, his skin was paler, he was taller but most impressive of all where his eyes, his eyes where a deep brown color but now they where a perfect grey that shone silver in the light of the moon! "1our body is changing and becoming stronger with every passing second!% Says a familiar voice behind them! Dante immediately turns around pushing *onnie behind him and extending his claws at his sides, his actions where pure instinct and he didnt knew why or how had his nails extended slightly! "/hoa there pup, its just me!% Says the figure while stepping out of the shadows and revealing to be :ulian, Drakes old partner! "/ho are you and how did you get in$% *onnie asks while leaning down and placing her right hand behind her as if she was holding a ball! "Sir :ulian$ /hat the hell are you doing here$% Dante asks while placing a hand in *onnies shoulder to calm her down! "/ell what happened yesterday was hard to ignore so & had to investigate,% :ulian begins to explain! "/ait, how did you know what happened$% Dante interrupts! :ulians eyes meet the floor he then turns around and points towards Dantes gauntlet! "& forged that gauntlet out of a special silver alloy that allows me to monitor aural fluxes around it! #nd last night it damn nearly blew apart, good thing that is self repaired!% -e explains with a tone of shame in his voice! "1ou told me that my father sent it for me!% Dante says gravely! "1es he did, he ordered me forge it and give it to you as soon as possible!% :ulian answers! *onnie crosses her arms and studies :ulians face! "-e is telling the truth, his aura is that of hammer and anvil! )hose with that type of specialized aura are horrible liars!% She finally states! :ulian turns towards *onnie, his eyes concentrated on the young witch! "-ow did you know that$ /ait, is by any chance your mother named 3eyna$% :ulian asks with a smile as if he was about to start laughing! *onnie looks away and answers meekly at the mans

.uestion! "/ow, by the looks of it you got yourself a very useful friend here! 5aga witches can identify peoples aura by looking at them for a second or so!% -e says! ")hats not the subject of this conversation!% Dante says very seriously, his eyes where growing dark and the veins around his eyes where also turning black! :ulian swallowed nervously at the sight and decided to talk about something else! "1our father asked me to make sure you where okay, and by what & see you are better than ever! & will go now% -e says while turning around and taking out a pokeball out of his belt! "/ait! & have to ask you something that you might know!% Dante says but now with a less menacing voice! "Shoot!% :ulian answers now with a cooler tone in his voice! "Do you know about a special couple, one is a samurai and his wife is supposed to be a ninja!% -e asks! :ulians eyebrows lift wondering where such knowledge came from, he smiles and says; ")hey should be in pinwheel forest very close to here! )ake some sake or that old man wont even look at you twice!% :ulian then proceeds to toss his pokeball out the window and a giant purple headed 8nfezant spread its wings as :ulian jumped out the window to be caught by the huge bird pokemon! "-e could have just walked out the building you know!% *onnie says while looking out the window! "Seems like my fathers style has really rubbed up on him,% Dante answers while lying down in his bed! *onnie looks back at him and is surprised by how fast was he able to go to sleep! "(h well!% She says while throwing her hands in the air and laying down next to him because during the whole commotion Dantes pokemon had moved to *onnies bed! Somewhere in the distance! "/e got a problem!% :ulian says to his communicator as he flies around in his 8nfezant! "/hat is it$% Says 7rofessor Diana at the other end of the call! )iredness and grogginess was obvious in her voice and appearance since she was in her pajamas and her hair was a mess! "*oth Dante and 4ucroark are growing exponentially+ & think we will need 5athaniels help on this one!% -e answers! ")hats going to be hard, Sir Drake send him to <anto to investigate why the most powerful lieutenant of )he Suit is going there!% She explains! ")hings are getting very interesting here my dear, first Dante is growing at a dangerous rate, then she meets 3eynas daughter and then my old friend 4uccy is poking around <anto,% -e begins to say while trailing off a little at the end! ")hings will get dangerous from now on!% Drake claims as he butts in the conversation without anyone noticing! Okay, I actually wrote this chapter last week but then my family and I went to Disney land and well I might have left my laptop behind